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Volume XXI, issue Special1, 2018

Formation of an Adaptive Personnel Training System as a Factor of Ensuring Financial Stability of Leasing Companies pp. 3-15 Downloads
N.G. Vovchenko, A.A. Alukhanyan, L.Yu. Andreeva and G.A. Buryakov
Improvement of Financial Literacy as a Crucial Factor of Economic Development pp. 16-24 Downloads
N.G. Vovchenko, S.S. Galazova, E.A. Danchenko, O.B. Ivanova and E.D. Kostoglodova
Legal Standards of Free Utilization of Intellectual Property in the Sphere of Digital Economy pp. 25-33 Downloads
T.V. Shatkovskaya, T.V. Epifanova, A.N. Pozdnishov and N.V. Fedorenko
Legal and Economic Components of Modern Accounting Transformation pp. 34-40 Downloads
A.I. Belousov, G.V. Mihajlova, F.M. Uzdenova and L.V. Blizno
The Formation of Constitutional Economics as a Scholarly Direction pp. 41-50 Downloads
L.G. Berlyavskiy, A.G. Golovko, L.Yu. Kolushkina and M.Yu. Ponezhin
Residents’ Interest to Form a "Green" Territory Brand pp. 51-62 Downloads
V.A. Bondarenko, S.N. Dianova, T.A. Joom and M.A. Dubinina
Formation of an Integrated Accounting and Analytical Management System for Value Analysis Purposes pp. 63-71 Downloads
L.N. Usenko, I.N. Bogataya, N.V. Bukhov, T.B. Kuvaldina and A.V. Pavlyuk
Innovative Approaches in Assessing Social and Economic Damage from Road Accidents pp. 72-85 Downloads
V.P. Bychkov, M.V. Drapalyuk, I.Yu. Proskurina and E.N. Busarin
The New Profession of "Business Analyst" and the New Occupational Standards: The Case of Russia pp. 86-94 Downloads
Chernysheva Yu.G. and Shepelenko G.I.
Electronic Democracy as a Technological Platform for Government Electoral Process Management in Russia pp. 95-102 Downloads
Chistoborodov I.G.
Financial Engineering in a Mechanism of Public-Private Partnership in Realization of the Regional Investment Projects pp. 103-116 Downloads
E.O. Mirgorodskaya, G.A. Buryakov, O.V. Andreeva and A.S. Orobinsky
The Role of Сrypto-Currencies in the Development of the Global Currency System pp. 117-124 Downloads
I.N. Efremenko, T.V. Panasenkova, D.A. Artemenko and V.A. Larionov
Business Processes’ Reengineering in the Context of Increasing the Firm’s Value pp. 125-135 Downloads
E.M. Evstafyeva, Charaeva M.v, G.E. Krokhicheva and A.V. Paleev
The Role of Greek Culture Representation in Socio-Economic Development of the Southern Regions of Russia pp. 136-147 Downloads
T.V. Evsyukova, I.G. Barabanova, O.V. Glukhova and E.A. Cherednikova
National Competitiveness as the Object of Indicative Planning in the Context of Re-industrialization pp. 148-155 Downloads
N.A. Nevskaya, A.P. Garnov, A.V. Brykin and E.V. Malakhova
«Green Economy»: Emerging National Models, Estimations, Trends in EU and CIS pp. 156-166 Downloads
V.I. Gissin, K.F. Mekhantseva, T.I. Putilina and M.A. Surzhikov
Institutional Formation to Develop Tourism and Recreation Clusters pp. 167-177 Downloads
I.G. Kazaryanz, I.A. Eremenko, M.A. Tkachenko and A.V. Suhovenko
Development of Internal Control Methodology by Using Statistical Methods of Variability Assessment of Material Flow Business Processes pp. 178-186 Downloads
N.N. Khakhonova, T.A. Koltsova, L.F. Shilova and A.S. Kovalev
Problems of Implementation of Public-Private Partnership in Russia pp. 187-197 Downloads
Yu.A. Kolesnikov, A.V. Pavlyuk, Yu.N. Radachinsky and N.D. Rodionova
Gambling Taxation in Today’s Russia: Principles, Practices and Actual Figures pp. 198-205 Downloads
T.A. Koltsova, Y.A. Yukhtanova, O.V. Lukyanenko and N.G. Khayrullina
Cognitive Principles and Persuasiveness of Social Anti-Drug Advertising pp. 206-218 Downloads
E.G. Kulikova and L.A. Brusenskaya
Comparative Analysis of Taxation for Special Economic Zones in Russia and APEC Economies pp. 219-242 Downloads
O.A. Kuzmenko, S.V. Pelkova, O.V. Lukianenko and I.Y. Fomichev
Legal Defense of Foreign Citizens and Non-Citizens’ Economic Rights and Interests from Criminal Offense and Other Incidents pp. 243-249 Downloads
E.B. Luparev, R.M. Dzidzoev, E.V. Epifanova and N.Yu. Embulaeva
Research of the Russian Companies’ Potential and the Success Factors pp. 250-260 Downloads
Yu.V. Lyandau, I.A. Kalinina, A.P. Garnov and Y.Yu. Garnova
Conceptual Approaches in Providing the Effective and Responsible Management of State Programs Management pp. 261-272 Downloads
T.F. Romanova, L.V. Bogoslavtseva, O.I. Karepina and O.Y. Bogdanova
Risk Management: Comprehensive Analysis of Key Approaches on Academic Literature and Professional Certifications pp. 273-286 Downloads
D.A. Milenkova
Sustainable Import Substitution in Russia: Institutional Conditions and Efficiency Imperatives pp. 287-295 Downloads
E.Yu. Cherkesova, D.D. Mironova, I.I. Slatvitskaya and T.D. Popova
Legal Encouragement of Entrepreneurial Activity pp. 296-302 Downloads
S.V. Miroshik, V.N. Linkin, O.E. Nemykina, E.V. Tutinas and K.N. Ostroukhova
Export Potential and Measures to Support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises pp. 303-314 Downloads
S.S. Morkovina, V.V. Malitskaya, E.A. Panyavina and I.V. Sibiryatkina
Legal-Institutional Typology of the Subject of Economic Security pp. 315-323 Downloads
I.G. Napalkova, A.N. Pozdnishov, S.I. Ulezko and E.E. Barinov
Indicators of Financial Security on the Micro-Level: Approach to Empirical Estimation pp. 324-332 Downloads
L.I. Nivorozhkina, E.N. Alifanova, Y.S. Evlakhova and A.A. Tregubova
Development of Risk-Oriented Technologies of the Corporate Financial Controlling System pp. 333-349 Downloads
A.S. Orobinsky, A.A. Alukhanyan, R.A. Sychev and M.G. Kholina
Space and Time in the Context of Social Measurement pp. 350-358 Downloads
I.G. Paliy, O.A. Bogdanova, T.V. Plotnikova and I.V. Lipchanskaya
Food Security Problems and Imperatives of the North Caucasus Macro-Region Subjects pp. 359-370 Downloads
G.I. Panaedova, T.A. Kulagovskaya, T.N. Cheprakova and E.V. Yakubova
Methodological and Analyical Provision of Region Monitoring pp. 371-376 Downloads
I.A. Polyakova, D.A. Mikhailin, V.A. Guzey and A.A. Rudyaga
The Role of Social-Ethical Marketing and Information and Communication Technologies in Response to Challenges of Oncology pp. 377-386 Downloads
Y.V. Przhedetsky, N.V. Przhedetskaya, V.Y. Przhedetskaya, V.A. Bondarenko and K.V. Borzenko
Contemporary Challenges of State’s Financial Policy in the Social Sphere pp. 387-396 Downloads
T.F. Romanova, A.V. Maksimov, O.V. Andreeva and M.O. Otrishko
Impact of Technological Blockchain Paradigm on the Movement of Intellectual Property in the Digital Space pp. 397-406 Downloads
T.V. Shatkovskaya, A.B. Shumilina, G.G. Nebratenko, Ju.I. Isakova and E.Yu. Sapozhnikova
The Role of Retraining Technologies of Personnel in Ensuring Financial Stability of Transport and Industrial Companies pp. 407-422 Downloads
L.Yu. Andreeva, V.V. Aksenov, A.V. Andreeva and M.L. Somko
Innovations and Support for Quality in Agriculture: A Case Study pp. 423-431 Downloads
T.A. Skvortsova, I.P. Denisova, N.G. Romanenko and A.V. Sukhovenko
Formation and Development of the Legal Regulation of Foreign Investments in Russia pp. 432-442 Downloads
T.A. Skvortsova, T.A. Mosiyenko, Yu.V. Fedorenko and L.M. Dzyuba
Rational Use of Forest as a Renewable Natural Resource pp. 443-454 Downloads
Yu.N. Stepanova, I.S. Zinovyeva, T.L. Bezrukova and I.V. Kuksova
Regional Development and Banking Activities pp. 455-465 Downloads
G.A. Batischeva, M.Yu. Denisov, I.V. Rybchinskaya and M.B. Stryukov
Issues of the World Economy’s Assessment: The Demographic Factor pp. 466-478 Downloads
V.Yu. Sutyagin, Ya.Yu. Radyukova, E.A. Kolesnichenko and T.M. Kozhevnikova
Public-Private Partnership in the Russian Educational System pp. 479-485 Downloads
A.S. Takmazyan, S.N. Rukina, K.N. Samoylova and K.A. Gerasimova
Financial Policy and Stabilization: The Case of Russia pp. 486-495 Downloads
G.V. Popova, Yu.V. Nerovnya, V.V. Terentieva and V.Yu. Shirshov
Principles and Methods of Efficient Organization of Vertically Integrated Structures in the Agro-Industrial Sector pp. 496-505 Downloads
I.V. Terrenina, D.D. Kostoglodov, N.A. Osadchaya and E.V. Mikhailichenko
Responsibility for the Organization, Distribution and Use of Substances and Methods Prohibited for Use in Sports pp. 506-517 Downloads
A.R. Kutuev, L.A. Bukalerova and S.I. Ulezko
Methodology and Results in Bank Capital Assessment pp. 518-524 Downloads
E.A. Posnaya, S.V. Tarasenko, I.G. Vorobyova and E.V. Dobrolezha
Higher Education Competitiveness: Definition, Assessment and Ways of Growth pp. 525-534 Downloads
A.A. Voronov, V.E. Garkovenko, A.M. Safonov and S.N. Kosnikov
Monitoring Regional Development Based on "Green" Indicators pp. 535-543 Downloads
E.A. Yakovleva, A.Yu. Nebesnaya, N.N. Fomina and N.A. Azarova
Theoretical and Methodological Grounds for the Modernization of the Tax Administration System pp. 544-552 Downloads
A.I. Ponomarev, A.M. Ponomareva, M.A. Ponomarev and I.V. Toporov
Clustering as an Integration Pattern of Business Activity pp. 553-563 Downloads
T.V. Kushnarenko, A.V. Kaplina, A.N. Tabakov and I.B. Fomina
Economic and Mathematical Modelling of Food Exports’ Turnover in Russia on a Mid-Term Horizon pp. 581-589 Downloads
Borisovskaya K.A.
Foreign Economic Supranational and National Interests: Structure and Priorities pp. 590-597 Downloads
Borisovskaya K.A.

Volume XXI, issue Special 3, 2018

Development of Integration Processes in the Agro-Industrial Complex of the Russian Regions pp. 3-15 Downloads
A.V. Glotko, I.N. Sycheva, A.N. Dunets, A.L. Poltarykhin, P.V. Zhuravlev and A.A. Tubalets
Economic and Political Fundamentals for the Establishment of the Cabinet-Owned Metallurgical Complex in Siberia in the 18th Century pp. 16-27 Downloads
A.V. Kontev, O.E. Konteva, A.V. Kremneva, O.Yu. Voronkova, A.L. Poltarykhin and P.V. Zhuravlev
Organizational and Economic Transformations towards the Greening of Agro-industrial Production pp. 28-38 Downloads
O.Yu. Voronkova, D.F. Islamutdinovа, O.G. Gordeyeva, I.I. Frolova, I.V. Fedulova and A.E. Zhminko
Formation of Zonal Agro-eco Clusters as a Mechanism for the Development of Rural Areas pp. 39-49 Downloads
O.Yu. Voronkova, Alexey Sitnov, L.V. Kashirskaya, V.I. Marchuk, M.G. Kudinova and I.N. Sycheva
Directions to Improve Economic Efficiency of Regional Production pp. 50-61 Downloads
I. N. Sycheva, O. Yu. Voronkova, Tatiana Vorozheykina, G. R. Yusupova, A. N. Semenova and A. E. Ilyin
Economic Concept of Food Development of Russian Market pp. 62-72 Downloads
V.A. Kozlov, O.A. Moiseeva, V.G. Ponomarev, L.E. Popok, O.A. Filippova and F.F. Sterlikov
Formation of Human Capital as a Key Factor in Ensuring the National Security of Agriculture in the Digital Economy pp. 73-83 Downloads
I.G. Kuznetsova, O.Yu. Voronkova, S.Y. Bakhvalov, I.R. Ruiga, G.N. Zhuruli and V.E. Levichev
Formation of a Single Innovation Space in the Agrarian Sector of the EAEU Member States pp. 84-95 Downloads
A.G. Paptsov, V.I. Nechaev and P.V. Mikhailushkin
Prospects for the Implementation of the "Digital Government" Project of the Russian Federation pp. 96-106 Downloads
V. N. Ivanova and A. L. Poltarykhin
Development of Human Capital in the System of Economic Categories of Work pp. 107-117 Downloads
P. V. Zhuravlev, I. A. Epishkin, G. N. Chernukhina, M. V. Zavyalov, V. V. Varlamova and O. Yu. Voronkova
Statistical Methods for Analyzing Financial Statements of Russian Organizations in the Context of IFRS Implementation pp. 118-129 Downloads
E.M. Akhmetshin, L.N. Demidova, N.A. Prodanova, O.V. Savchina, L.B. Trofimova and K.S. Ratnikov
Institutional Analysis of the Regulatory and Legal Framework for Financial Reporting Control in Russia pp. 130-141 Downloads
E.M. Akhmetshin, N.A. Prodanova, L.B. Trofimova, P.S. Probin, O.G. Grigorieva and V.V. Smirnova
Current Issues of Corporate Integrated Reporting Development in Russia pp. 142-153 Downloads
E.M. Akhmetshin, N.A. Prodanova, S.S. Shevchenko, I.P. Ratnikova, Y.Y. Gazizyanova and O.N. Zherelina
Institutional Methodology of the Formation of the Public Sector Reporting Concept in Accordance with IPSAS pp. 154-165 Downloads
E.M. Akhmetshin, N.A. Prodanova, L.B. Trofimova, S.G. Kamolov, K.Z. Trapaidze and A.V. Pavlyuk
The International and Legal Framework for Transregionalization of Trade and Economic Cooperation of the BRICS Countries pp. 166-176 Downloads
T.V. Luzina, E.A. Dudareva, E.M. Akhmetshin, V.V. Yankovskaya, Y.S. Berdova and G.E. Emaletdinova
Non-economic Characteristics for the Accounting in Projects’ Appraisal pp. 177-187 Downloads
A. S. Puryaev
Formation and Development of the Processing Industry in the AIC of the Region pp. 188-199 Downloads
A.V. Glotko, I.N. Sycheva, L.I. Petrova, Tatiana Vorozheykina, A.V. Tolmachev and D.F. Islamutdinovа
Spatial Development of Tourism Based on the Structure Model of the Territorial Tourist Complex pp. 200-210 Downloads
A.N. Dunets, A.G. Muhamedieva, I.N. Sycheva, E.G. Perepechkina, I.B.Vakhrushev and A.V. Kulchytskiy
Company’s Efficiency and Its Impact on Performance: A Study on State Owned Non-Financial Company Listed on Indonesian Stock Exchange pp. 211-226 Downloads
Augustina Kurniasih and Heliantono
Brand Promise and Reputation Against the Campaign of a Political Party pp. 227-240 Downloads
Janfry Sihite, Sofjan Assauri and Rizal Edy Halim
Budget Hotel Performance Based on Customers’ Perspective and Competitive Strategy pp. 241-252 Downloads
Christina Catur Widayati and Sri Vandayuli Riorini
Motivation of Work and Organizational Culture on Employees’ Performance pp. 253-264 Downloads
Ryani Dhyan Parashakti
Zakat Accounting Information System in Private Higher Education pp. 265-275 Downloads
Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralina and Zakaria Bahari
Leadership Style, Career Development and Work Satisfaction to Employee’s Performance pp. 276-291 Downloads
Agus Arijanto
Social and Economic Background of Digital Economy: Conditions for Transition pp. 292-302 Downloads
M.A. Afonasova, E.E. Panfilova and M.A. Galichkina
Innovative Intellectual Property Products: The Case of Russian Federation pp. 303-316 Downloads
E.M. Akhmetshin, A.V. Pavlyuk, V.V. Ling, D.V. Medovnikova and R.H. Azieva
Education Management in Ukraine in the Context of Global Economic Transformations pp. 317-332 Downloads
I.A. Markina, Y.N. Safonov, O.I. Zhylinska and T.V. Gaidai
Impact of Fiscal, Monetary and Structural Economic Policies on the Growth Rates of Leading Economies: 2000-2016 pp. 333-343 Downloads
V. Ponkratov, A. Karaev, S. Solyannikova, O. Gorlova, D. Smirnov and O. Makashina
Innovative Value Creation in BRICS pp. 344-356 Downloads
I.A. Maslova and L.V. Popova
The Role of Governance and Political institutions for Budget Deficit for Low and High Income Countries: A Panel Data Analysis pp. 357-366 Downloads
Asma Arif and Mujahid Hussain
Determinants of Unemployment in Regency City in Special Province Yogyakarta pp. 367-380 Downloads
Nur Feriyanto
Internal Audit Function and Application of Good Corporate Governance at Public Indonesian Commercial Banks pp. 381-388 Downloads
R.A. Novatiani, N.N. Afiah, R. Soemantri and H. Ritchi
Person-Organization Fit, Person-Job Fit, and Innovative Work Behavior: The Role of Organizational Citizenship Behavior pp. 389-402 Downloads
S. Suwanti, U. Udin and W. Widodo
Empowering Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Roles of Psychological Empowerment and Emotional Intelligence in Medical Service Industry pp. 403-412 Downloads
Moh. Ali Shahab, Agus Sobari and Udin Udin
Message Framing and Source Credibility in Product Advertisements with High Consumer Involvement pp. 413-422 Downloads
Euis Soliha and Suzy Widyasari
The Performance of Islamic Rural Banks in Indonesia: 2010-2015 pp. 423-440 Downloads
Muhamad Nadratuzzaman Hosen and Sabrina Fitria
Digital Branch: Competitive Advantage of Banking in Indonesia Through Information and Communication Technology to Face the 4th Industrial Era pp. 441-454 Downloads
Agus Riyanto, Ina Primiana, Yunizar and Yudi Azis
The Determinant Factors of Strategic Fraud pp. 455-469 Downloads
Tjiptogoro Dinarjo Soehari, Iffah Budiningsih, Umi Kawiryani Tjiptoningsih and Rosita Komala Hanum
The Influence of Price Perception, Service Quality and Variation Behavior on Electronic Banking pp. 470-487 Downloads
Zulfitri, Surachman and Fatchur Rohman
The Existence of Risk Culture in Risk Management Implementation on the West Java Provincial Government pp. 488-502 Downloads
Deni Suardini, Mudiyati Rahmatunnisa, Widya Setiabudi and Catur Budi Wibowo
Financial Literacy and Work Engagement as Mediating Variable to Bank Agent's Performance pp. 503-518 Downloads
Shelfi Malinda, Dian Masyita, Sulaeman Rahman and Mokhamad Anwar

Volume XXI, issue Special 2, 2018

Current State, Problems and Priority Areas of Social Policy in Contemporary Russia pp. 3-10 Downloads
A.U. Albekov, T.F. Romanova, O.V. Andreeva and A.A. Sukhoveeva
Conceptual Approach to the Development of Financial Technologies in the Context of Digitalization of Economic Processes pp. 11-20 Downloads
N.G. Vovchenko, O.B. Ivanova, O.V. Andreeva and E.D. Kostoglodova
Principles of the Development of Medical Legal Framework in Russia: Economic Factors and Legal Realities pp. 21-26 Downloads
E.B. Luparev, G.E. Adygezalova, E.V. Epifanova and T.V. Faroi
Cenological Measurement of Productive Efficiency pp. 27-36 Downloads
Kuzminov A.N., Dzhukha V.M., Ternovsky O.A. and Mikhnenko T.N.
The Priority Choice in the Process of Strategy Working-out of the Social Economic Micro Region Development pp. 46- 52 Downloads
Dimitriadi N.A., Ivanova E.A., Voskanov M.E. and Brelik A.
Development of Health Care Financial Provision System: Experience in the Russian Federation and in Other Countries pp. 53- 62 Downloads
S.S. Galazova, T.F. Romanova, M.O. Otrishko and A.L. Malyuga
Marketing Management of the Territory in the Aspect of the Regional Brand Formation pp. 72-78 Downloads
Bondarenko V.A., Kalieva O.M. and Pisareva E.V.
The Role of the Constitution Court of Russian Federation in the Mechanism of Human Rights Provision and Support: International and Domestic Aspects pp. 79-88 Downloads
E.S. Khozikova, K.L. Yakovlev, D.O. Ezhevski and Y.L. Korabelnikova
Innovative Approaches to the Organization of Social Service of Elderly People in a Management of the Social Work: Regional Experience pp. 89-95 Downloads
O.S. Fisenko, V.K. Khegay and G.L. Stepanyan
Formation of Non-State Pension System in the Russian Federation on an Example of the Activities of Non-State Pension Fund "Sberbank" pp. 96-103 Downloads
M.V. Iashina, N.V. Petukhov and S.V. Lazarev
Innovative Technologies of Management of Social Work in the Russian Federation pp. 104-111 Downloads
O.S. Fisenko, V.V. Nikitina and Sh.Sh. Sokolova
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Public Health Financing Based on Financial and Non-Financial Indicators in Terms of the Knowledge Economy pp. 112-123 Downloads
S.N. Yashin, N.I. Yashina, E.V. Poyushcheva, E.S. Malysheva, N.N. Pronchatova-Rubtsova and O.I. Kashina
Managing the Advertising Activities in the System of Integrated Brand Promotion of an Enterprise pp. 124-136 Downloads
O.G.Vdovichena, A.A. Vdovichen and V.A.Chychun
Towards Secure Economic Development: Russian-EU Cooperation against Organized Crime and Terrorism pp. 137-143 Downloads
Anna Y. Marchenko
More than Supervision: Identifying Opportunistic Bank Behavior through Marketing Tools pp. 144-157 Downloads
Natalia V. Koshel
Small Innovative Business Development Experience pp. 158-170 Downloads
A. Gudkova, G. Rodionova, T. Turko and V. Fedorkov
Total Quality Management: A Strategic Management Model pp. 171-186 Downloads
Agustinus Hariyadi
Information Culture of the Mass pp. 187-194 Downloads
Agapova E.A., Agapova S.G., Gushchina L.V. and Finko M.V.
Planning of Tax Payments as a Factor of Economic Growth pp. 195-206 Downloads
Aguzarova L.A. and Aguzarova F.S.
Application of IT in the Formation of Sustainable Reporting of Business Entities pp. 207-217 Downloads
I.V. Alekseeva, O.N. Fedosova, E.A. Pryadkina and S.V. Troshkova
The Сonstitutional Foundations of Antitrust Regulation: A Comparative Analysis pp. 218-229 Downloads
Alimov D.A., Barinov E.E., Berlyavskiy L.G. and Golovko A.G.
Functioning of Tourist Recreational Special Economic Zones as Institutional Tools to Include Tourist Clusters in the World Economy pp. 230-237 Downloads
Bagiryan V.a, Basenko A.M., Kudiniva G.N. and Surzhikov M.A.
Accounting Procedures in the System of Searching and Generating the Balance Sheet of Accounting Information by Various Stakeholder Groups pp. 238-245 Downloads
A.I. Belousov, G.V. Mihajlova, N.A. Rumachik and E.A. Shelukhina
Finding a Point of Growth For Domestic Producers: Focus on Food Products with a Short Shelf Life pp. 246-252 Downloads
Bondarenko V.A., Remeta A.A., Reva D.P. and Suryanto T.
Acquisition, Storage and Dissemination of Socially Dangerous Information: Theoretical and Methodological Issues of the Legal Prohibition pp. 253-262 Downloads
A.S. Klementev, O.V. Khlopkova, E.V. Chervonnykh and V.N. Sizova
Russian Practice of Macro Marketing Concept Implementation in the Sphere of Market Institutes’ Perfection and Solution of the Problems Concerning Import Replacement pp. 263-272 Downloads
Fedko V.p, Prosandeeva T.I., Gumba C.V. and Turdzhan Y.R.
Pension Fund of The Russian Federation: Challenges and Prospects of the Development under Modern Conditions pp. 273-284 Downloads
K.V. Ekimova, O.Y. Bogdanova, O.I. Karepina and E.V. Kravchenco
Social Correlation of Professional Educational Services and Labor Market as a Vector of Successful Social and Economic Development pp. 285-293 Downloads
V.I. Rodionova, L.A. Shvachkina and V.A. Ivashova
Individual Personality Traits as Predictors of Intra-organizational Vertical Career Growth of Employees pp. 294-304 Downloads
I.V. Belasheva, V.K. Shapovalov, D.A. Ershova, A.D. Lozhechkina and E.V. Tereschenko
Logistics Outsourcing in Russia: Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Decisions and Market Prospects pp. 305-311 Downloads
Dmitry Stapran
Methodological Basis for Justification of the Risk-Oriented Strategy Development: The Case of a Grain Trading Company pp. 312-322 Downloads
O.Yu. Gavel, A.Yu. Usanov, V.I. Barilenko, V.V. Rokotyanskaya and N.V. Valuiskov
Human Development and Income Inequality as Factors of Regional Economic Growth pp. 323-337 Downloads
D.G. Rodionov, T.J. Kudryavtseva and A.E. Skhvediani
Model of Assessing the Impact of Factors on Cash Flow Multiplicators pp. 338-347 Downloads
N.N. Natocheeva, V.B. Frolova and T.V. Belyanchikova
Issues of Forensic Inquiries and Preliminaries in Investigating Ecological Crimes pp. 348-355 Downloads
Lavrov V.P. and Vasilyeva M.A.
The Role and Future Outlook for Renewable Energy in the Arctic Zone of Russian Federation pp. 356-368 Downloads
Kirsanova N.Y., Lenkovets O.M. and Nikulina A.Y.
Dialogue of Cultures in the Context of Globalization: An Ethnic Aspect pp. 369-376 Downloads
Lipets E.Y., Serdyukova E.V. and Agapova E.A.
Rationale for the Use of Benchmarking in Territorial Development pp. 37 - 45 Downloads
Kuznetsov N.G. and Golota P.A.
Formation of an Integrated Financial Regulation System of Transport Corporations’ Economic Development pp. 377-387 Downloads
V.A. Makeev, M.V. Belikova, A.K. Isaev and D.I. Stratan
Youth Social Policy in the Russian Federation pp. 388-395 Downloads
M.V. Parshina, S.V. Smirnova and N. Grashchenkov
Phraseological System of Russian: How to Train Foreigners? pp. 396-403 Downloads
N. Semenova, L. Katsyuba and E. Shorkina
B1 Plus Exam: A Key to Higher Education in Russia pp. 404-413 Downloads
A.V. Dolzhikova, N.V. Pomortseva, M.N. Kunovski and M.A. Bragina
The Effect of Audit Tenure and Firm Size on Financial Reporting Delays pp. 414-422 Downloads
Rina Yuliastuty Asmara and Rini Situanti
Environmental and Economic Damage from the Development of Oil and Gas Fields in the Arctic Shelf of the Russian Federation pp. 423-433 Downloads
M. Kruk, A. Semenov, A. Cherepovitsyn and A. Nikulina
Application of Norwegian and Russian Legislative Basis during Collaborative Development of Transboundary Hydrocarbon Fields pp. 434 - 441 Downloads
N. Smirnova *, A. Cherepovitsyn and A. Ilinova
Public Procurement’s Legal Regulation through the Medium of Competitive Procurement in the Republic of Kazakhstan pp. 442-452 Downloads
N. Dairabayeva *, Zh. Ibragimov and S. Kapsalyamova
Current Status and Prospects of Implementation of European Public Administration Principles in Ukraine pp. 453-459 Downloads
Artem G. Solomakha
Mutual Insurance of Transport Infrastructure Construction Risks as an Inherent Part of Competitive Environment pp. 460-473 Downloads
Logvinova I.L., Rubin Y.B. and Sherstiuk A.e
Development Trends for the Insurance Industry in Russia pp. 474-484 Downloads
Nerovnya Yu.V., Romanov D.G. and Shirshov V.Yu.
Influence οf Households’ Borrowings οn Consumer Spending During the Escalation of the Crisis pp. 485-496 Downloads
Nivorozhkina L.I., Tregubova A.A. and Batashev R.V.
Theory and Practice of Capital Estimation Methods: An Application in Bank Management pp. 497-505 Downloads
E.A. Posnaya, M.I. Kaznova, I.E. Shapiro and I.G. Vorobyova
Implementation of the Russian State Armaments Program 2011-2020: Economic and Financial Analysis pp. 506-517 Downloads
Martynenko E.V. and Parkhitko N.P.
Global Promotion of Integrated Reporting by Enhancing its Informative and Analytical Value for Stakeholders pp. 518-530 Downloads
Zenkina I.V.
Conceptual Approaches on Economic Security as a Political and Legal Institution pp. 531-539 Downloads
I.G. Napalkova, A.N. Pozdnyshov, N.V. Fedorenko and A.N. Paremuzov
Innovative Production Accounting Segmentation in a Globalized Economy pp. 540-550 Downloads
Sharovatova E.A., Chukhrova O.V., Scherbakova E.P. and Martirosyan T.R.
Compensation for Losses as a Result of Bringing a Legal Entity to Administrative Liability: Problems of Harmonization of Industrial Approaches pp. 551-560 Downloads
Mogilevsky S.D., Vanin V.V., Shmaliy O.V. and Dushakova L.A.
Design of Control Systems: Top Management Priorities when Choosing a Business Model pp. 561-566 Downloads
Smirnov S.A.
Financial Monitoring as the Key Element of the Mechanism for Ensuring Economic Security pp. 567-575 Downloads
Surnina K.S. and Denenberg Yu.M.
Digital Economy, Information Society and Social Challenges in the Near Future pp. 576-586 Downloads
Malakhova E.V., Garnov A.P. and Kornilova I.M.
Constitutional Economy in the Context of the Concept of Electoral Democracy in Modern Russia pp. 587-597 Downloads
Markina E.V., Kolyushkina L.U., Tkachenko M.A. and Vertij O.U.
Linguoculturological Approach to Training of Foreigners in the Phraseological System of Russian pp. 598-605 Downloads
N. Chernova and V. Mokashov and O. Kharitonova
Strong-Willed Character Traits in Students' Career Orientation in the Labor Market and Self-Realization pp. 606-613 Downloads
E. Polyanskaya, O. Fisenko and V. Kulakova
Monetary Policy Influence on Companies’ Competitiveness through Credit Channel pp. 614-623 Downloads
V. Kolmakov, K. Ekimova, K. Ordov, A. Aliev and N. Tchuykova
A Model of Regional Economic Space Modernization pp. 624-634 Downloads
Aleksandra Polyakova, E.M. Akhmetshin, L.V. Goloshchapova, I.I. Rakhmeeva, E.E. Noeva and V.I. Rakovskiy
The Role of Marketing Environment and Target Audiences in the Process of Territory Brand Formation pp. 63 - 71 Downloads
Kalieva O.M., Ivanchenko O.V. and Mirgorodskaya O.N.
Russian Nietzsche: Question about Linguistic Commenting of Texts of V.V. Rozanov in Foreign Audience pp. 635-642 Downloads
N. Rumyantseva and O. Fisenko and E. Suvorova
The Creation of Methodology of Technical Universities Students’ Intellectual Skills Formation and Development in the Foreign Language Course pp. 643-651 Downloads
L. Adonina, L., O. Bondareva, O.S. Fisenko and K. Ismailova
Promotion in Emerging Markets pp. 652-665 Downloads
E.M. Akhmetshin, R.H. Ilyasov, E.A. Sverdlikova, A.A. Tagibova, A.V. Tolmachev and A.V. Yumashev
Conceptual Model of Adaptive Management of Strategic Marketing: A System Approach pp. 666-677 Downloads
Osovtsev V.A., Przhedetskaya N.V. and Sagidullaeva M.S.
The Foreign Language Trademarks and Axiological Code Transformation Under the Host Culture Influence pp. 678-689 Downloads
Evsukova T.V., Barabanova I.G., Glukhova O.V. and Kotelnikova E.V.
Language Issues within Forced Migration at Borders and Temporary Settlements: An Integrated Content Analysis pp. 690-700 Downloads
Anastasia Atabekova and Tatyana Shoustikova
Development of National Innovation Systems in Developed Countries pp. 701-712 Downloads
O. Karasev, A. Beloshitsky, S. Trostyansky, A. Krivtsova and V.N. Valerievna
National Innovation Systems: A Case Study of the Leading Developing Countries pp. 713-723 Downloads
O. Karasev, A.V. Beloshitsky, S.S. Trostyansky and A.O. Krivtsova
Financial Provision for the Implementation of State Programs with a Scientific and Technical Component pp. 724-732 Downloads
E.V. Dmitrishina, D.A. Uskov, V.A. Yagovkina and A.A. Mikhaylova
The Principle of Equal Rights for Women and Men in Family Relationships pp. 733-743 Downloads
F.S. Khayrulloev, S.Y. Alimov, A.V. Zolotukhin, K.M. Umedov and D.S. Alimov
Perspective for the Development of the Bioplastics Market in Russia: Key Products and Technologies pp. 744-753 Downloads
A.A.Volchok, E.D. Shapovalova1 and A.G. Osmakova1
Predicting the Market Value of Shares Using Financial Data: A Study from the Iraqi Stock Exchange pp. 754-766 Downloads
S.S. Rahi AL-Hisnawy and A.A. Shareef Al-Morshed
The Influence of Innovation on Social and Economic Development of the Russian Regions pp. 767-776 Downloads
E.M. Akhmetshin, D.K. Dzhavatov, E.A. Sverdlikova, M.S. Sokolov, O.A. Avdeeva and G.P. Yavkin
Integral Valuation of an Enterprise’s Competitiveness in the Industrial Economy pp. 777-787 Downloads
O.V. Yamova, M.S. Maramygin, I.V. Sharova, J.N. Nesterenko and N.V. Sobina
Competitiveness-based Typology of the Russian Regions pp. 787-796 Downloads
M.P. Loginov, E.E. Noeva, G.A. Volkovitckaia, A.A. Murinovich and A.I. Serebrennikova
Integrating Migrant Children into Host Country Community: Target Audiences Survey in Russia pp. 797-805 Downloads
E. Zvereva, K. Chilingaryan and R. Gorbatenko
Financial and Marketing Monitoring in Power Selling Sector pp. 806-813 Downloads
Bondarenko V.A., Voronov A.A., Zimina A.A. and Penyugalova A.V.
Understanding the Underground Economy pp. 814-822 Downloads
Andreev A.S., Andreeva O.V., Bondareva G.V. and Osyak V.V.
Prospects for the Development of Sea Transport of the Russian Federation in World Trade pp. 823-832 Downloads
Brikota T.B., Delenyan B.A., Ksenz M.V. and Fedorova N.B.
Formation, Operation and Development of Local Markets: A Case Study pp. 833-840 Downloads
Denisova N.I., Dubinina M.A., Erok A.D. and Shtezel A.Yu.
Competitive Strategies of Modern Enterprises: Definition, Content and Results pp. 841-851 Downloads
Bespalko V.A., Veklova E.V., Diyanova S.N. and Shtezel A.Yu.
Development Issues and Demand for HR-branding in Modern Business pp. 852-860 Downloads
Dzotsoeva K.A., Efremenko I.N., Remeta T.V. and Sarkisyan I.S.
Digital Marketing and Digital Logistics in Consumer Communication pp. 861-867 Downloads
Erokhina T.B., Mitko O.A. and Troilin V.V.
Nature and Classification of Costs of a Commercial Bank pp. 868-873 Downloads
Germanyuk D.S., Mamiy E.A., Penyugalova A.V. and Pyshnogray A.P.
Development of Eurasian Economic Integration in the Agro-industrial Sector pp. 874-885 Downloads
Gospodarev A.N.
Actualization of Decisions to Expand the Distribution of Food Products pp. 886-892 Downloads
Emelyanenko I.S., Guzenko N.V., Kostoglodov D.D. and Dadayan N.A.
Logistics Systems of Warehousing and Materials Handling pp. 893-902 Downloads
Khalyn V.G.
Foreign Direct Investment in Intangible Assets of Tourism and Recreational Companies pp. 903-913 Downloads
Egorov M.V., Kiyanova A.S., Egorova E.M. and Egorova L.I.
G20 Competitiveness in Human Development pp. 914-922 Downloads
Petrovskaya N.E., Kozyr N.S. and Nasybullina V.P.
Content Generation in Social Media Based on Consumer Behavior pp. 923-935 Downloads
Pokul V.O., Voronina L.A. and Malkova E.M.
Current Trends in the Development of Gaming Market pp. 936-945 Downloads
Popov M.V. and Popova N.V.
Labor Market Regulation Policy: Methodological Aspects pp. 946-953 Downloads
Morkovina S.S., Serebryakova N.A., Sirotkina N.V. and Dorokhova N.V.
Сrime Analysis of Illegal Gambling Promotion in the Light of Amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation pp. 954-961 Downloads
Seryogina E.V., Zaytseva L.A., Ryabko N.V. and Serogodskaya E.S.
Marketing and Managerial Competitiveness in Modern Organizations pp. 962-969 Downloads
Bespalko V.A.., Peshkova I.G., Shalimova V.U. and Filin D.V.
Identifying Branding Features of Products for Children pp. 970-984 Downloads
Е.V. Shelepova and Samofalov V.I.
Economic Strategies of Innovative Development of Intangible Assets of Russian Exporters pp. 985-993 Downloads
Egorov M.V., Soltan K.D., Egorova E.M. and Egorova L.I.
Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators of the Criminological Characteristic of Hindrance to Electoral Rights pp. 994-1000 Downloads
Ulezko S.I., Lesnikov G.Y., Korunenko E.Y. and Spiridonov A.I.
Development of Social Investment in Regional Indicative Planning: Possibilities of “Social Bonds” in Public-Private Partnership pp. 1001-1012 Downloads
Vertakova Y.V., Polyanin A.V. and Golovina T.A.
Influence of Corruption in Public and Political Life of Russia pp. 1013-1020 Downloads
Volkonskaya O.A., Kovalyova A.V., Petrasheva N.V. and Diatlov E.O.
Peculiarities of the Process of Digitalization of Economies in the Eurasian Economic Union States pp. 1021-1033 Downloads
Voronina T.V., Yevchenko N.N., Yatsenko А.B. and Madiyarova D.M.
Modern Approaches Assessing Global Competitiveness pp. 1034-1041 Downloads
Kozyr N.S., Petrovskaya N.E. and Zazimko V.L.

Volume XXI, issue 4, 2018

Analysis of Tourism Infrastructure Development Projects in the Context of "Green Economy" pp. 20-30 Downloads
K. Miloradov and G. Eidlina
Institutional Bureaucracy and Real Sector Movement pp. 31-39 Downloads
Cicih Ratnasih
Effective Enterprise Communication and Learning Attitude in Business Performance: A Case Study on SMEs pp. 55-68 Downloads
Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto
Financial Assistance, Marketing Assistance and Export Commitment to Improve Export Performance pp. 69-91 Downloads
S. Purwanto, M. Setiawan, F. Rohman and N.K. Indrawati
The Impact of Service Offering on Business Performance in Electrical Engineering Companies pp. 92-108 Downloads
Lucie Kanovska and Eva Tomaskova
Materiality in Audit of Financial Reporting Party Conducting Accounting of Joint Activity pp. 109-118 Downloads
A.K. Zhukova and A.L. Zhukov
Algorithm of Identification and Search for New Market Applications of Unique Technological Competences pp. 119-128 Downloads
A.I. Kashirin
The Recognition and Valuation of an Asset\'s Productivity in Business Accounting and Reporting pp. 129-141 Downloads
M.A. Shadrina, N.N. Shelemekh, V.V. Mizyureva, V.E.O. Kerimov and B.V. Lukyanov
Organization and Management of Clusters in Russia in the Context of Import Substitution pp. 142-150 Downloads
M.Y. Veselovsky, T.V. Pogodina, E.N. Lobacheva, P.P. Pilipenko and G.A. Rybina
Synergy Effect in Innovative Activities and its Accounting in the Technological Competencies of an Enterprise pp. 151-161 Downloads
A.A. Chursin and V.V. Strenalyuk
Diversification of Transit Risks of Russia as a Basis for Economic and Energy Security in European Countries pp. 162-173 Downloads
A.M. Chernysheva, N.P. Gusakov and A.A. Trofimova
A Socio-economic Study of the Food Sector: The Supply Side pp. 174-185 Downloads
I. Kulikov and I. Minakov
Socio-Economic Stratification and the Penitentiary System pp. 186-194 Downloads
A.V. Vilkova and E.A. Timofeeva
The Socioeconomic Development of Russia: Some Historical Aspects pp. 195-207 Downloads
A.E. Skhvediani and T.Y. Kudryavtseva
An Efficient Strategy for the Development of Tourism at Regional Level pp. 208-221 Downloads
K.A. Miloradov, T.S. Romanishina, A.A. Kovalenko, N.G. Bondarenko and J.V. Andrianova
Sustainable Technologies in Greek Tourist Accommodation: A Quantitative Review pp. 222-238 Downloads
A.N. Menegaki and George Agiomirgianakis
Economic Assessment and Strategic Potential of Agro Industries: The Case of Sugar Industry pp. 239-254 Downloads
I.Fazrakhmanov, M. Lukyanova, V. Kovshov, A. Farrakhetdinova and J. Putyatinskaya
Implementation of Leasing Contract in Non-Banking Finance Institutions pp. 255-267 Downloads
Lina Maulidiana
Economic and Mathematical Modeling of Regional Industrial Processes pp. 268-279 Downloads
O.Y. Voronkova, А.M. Zadimidcenko, L.V. Goloshchapova, Aleksandra Polyakova, S.G. Kamolov and E.M. Akhmetshin
Economic Mechanism of Regulating Land Relations in the Agricultural Sector of Russia pp. 280-291 Downloads
O.Yu. Voronkova, E.M. Akhmetshin, I.N. Sycheva, R.N. Shpakova, E.Yu. Pashkova and A.L. Poltarykhin
Economic Potential and Development Prospects of Small Businesses in Rural Areas pp. 292-303 Downloads
I.N. Sycheva, Y.L. Ovchinnicov, O.Yu. Voronkova, E.M. Akhmetshin, V.V. Kolmakov and A.G. Vasilieva
Financial Reporting in Maltese Voluntary Organisations pp. 3 - 19 Downloads
Peter J. Baldacchino, Matthew Abela and Simon Grima
Current Problems of Banking Supervision and Regulation: A New Evidence pp. 40-54 Downloads
E.V. Kruglikova, T.K. Blokhina and O.A. Karpenko
Perceptions of Kazakhstan as a Tourist Destination pp. 304-316 Downloads
G. Nametova and A. Tolymbek
Social Equity: A Route to Progressive Taxation of Individuals pp. 317-330 Downloads
N.V. Philippova, Ravil Akhmadeev, O.A. Bykanova and L.A. Chaykovskaya
Peculiarities of Development of Innovative Enterprises in Kazakhstan pp. 331-342 Downloads
A.S. Temirgaliyeva, K.K. Shadiyev, T.Zh. Demessinov, S.K. Iskendirova, G.A. Orynbekova, O.V. Kopylova and M.M. Valieva
Comparative Analysis of the Competitiveness of Food Markets: The Case of Kazakhstan, Russia, France and Belarus pp. 343-355 Downloads
A.Rasulova, S. Bolatkyzy, R. Elshibaev, A. Raiymbekova and D. Tursynbayeva
Labour Relations in Research of Socio-economic Systems pp. 356-367 Downloads
I.N. Sycheva, E.M. Akhmetshin, A.N. Dunets, I.A. Svistula, T.A. Panteleeva and I.Yu. Potashova
Effect of Government Investment and Capital Participation on Local Own-Source Revenue: The Case of Indonesia pp. 368-377 Downloads
Suratno and Ardita Putriani Soerjo
How Culture, Training Standard and Discipline on the Employee Performance Affect Hotel Management pp. 378-385 Downloads
Mochamad Soelton
Development of Risk Insurance Area for Russian High-Technology Enterprises pp. 386-399 Downloads
O.N. Dmitriev and S.V. Novikov
Transformation of Russian Tax System as Part of the Integration of the Economy into International High-Technology Production Field of Socio-economic Systems pp. 400-413 Downloads
O.N. Dmitriev and S.V. Novikov
Evaluating the Impact of Russian Excise Duty on Oil Products on the Development of Oil Refining and Oil Industry pp. 414-425 Downloads
Vadim Ponkratov, Andrey Pozdnyaev and Nikolay Kuznetsov
The Effect of Internal Auditor Competency on Internal Audit Quality and Its Implication on the Accountability of Local Government pp. 426-434 Downloads
Nurdiono and Rindu Rika Gamayuni
The Impact of Information and Communication Technology Investments on the Performance of Lebanese Banks pp. 435-458 Downloads
R.M. Mahboub
How to Enhance Society\'s Income through Entrepreneurship, Information and Legislation Policy pp. 459-469 Downloads
Wier Ritonga
Prospects for the Development of the Green Economy of Russian Federation pp. 470-479 Downloads
A.L. Poltarykhin, A.E. Alekseev, V.V. Kudryavtsev, T.A. Makhanova, O.Yu. Voronkova and H.T. Aydinov
Antecedents and Outcomes of Corporate Governance: Evidence from Indonesia pp. 480-492 Downloads
I.Khajar, H. Hersugondo and U. Udin
A Systematic Literature Review of Altruism: Challenges, Outcomes and Future Research Directions pp. 493-501 Downloads
A. Yuniawan, U. Udin, A. Abdurrahman and R. Puji Suci
Current State, Tendencies and Peculiarities of Development in Higher Education: The Case of Russia pp. 502-511 Downloads
A.V. Voloshin, J.J. Suslova, E.A. Batrayeva, L.V. Baguzova and N.V. Ananeva
Russian Banking in the Global Economic System: Historical Experience of Integration (1991-2017) pp. 512-523 Downloads
Vitaly F. Ershov
Prospects for Using Cryptocurrency in the Economy of Kazakhstan and the Attitude of the National Bank pp. 524-532 Downloads
Tolendi Ashimbayev and Sarkyt Tashenova
Dynamics, Peculiarities and Financial Factors for the Industrial Development of the South of Russia pp. 533-544 Downloads
O.V. Berezhnaya, E.V. Berezhnaya, N.V. Solovyova, E.A. Karapetyan and V.I. Berezhnoy
Development of the Land Market in the Republic of Kazakhstan pp. 545-556 Downloads
A.S. Kulmaganbetova, K.K. Abuyov and N.Z. Akhmetova
Aspects of Transactions by Business Entities in Civil Legislation pp. 557-566 Downloads
L.B. Sitdikova, S.J. Starodumova and M.A. Volkova
The Legislative Innovations in Educational Funding pp. 567-576 Downloads
D.A. Smirnov, V.P. Pavlov and M.S. Trofimov
Assessing the Potential of Small Business Development in the Northern Region of Russia Based on Correlation Analysis pp. 577-587 Downloads
I.V. Takmasheva and D.V. Sannikov
The Influence of Addiction to Gambling on the Civil Capacity of Citizens pp. 588-599 Downloads
A.M. Zatsepin, M.N. Zatsepin, O.V. Filippova, R.M. Allalyev and A.A. Fatkullina
Problems of Innovative Development of the Northern Territories of Russia pp. 600-610 Downloads
A.B. Zelinskaya, L.L. Bogomolova and E.I. Kushnikov
Economic and Environmental Activities of an Economic Entity in the Regional Economy pp. 611-621 Downloads
M.M. Makhmudova, A.M. Koroleva and I.V. Denisova
Credit Market and Economic Growth of Russia: Modeling Mutual Influence pp. 622-636 Downloads
V.A. Byvshev and N.E. Brovkina
The Impact of Sustainability Reports toward the Firm Value pp. 637-647 Downloads
Hadri Mulya and Herbayu Prabowo
Top Management Vision Through Role Models, Determination and Dicsiplines pp. 648-661 Downloads
Dewi Nusraningrum
Geographical Economics and Income Disparities Across Ecuadorian Regions: Analysis for the period 2007-2014 pp. 662-687 Downloads
Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez and Jorge Guido Sotomayor-Pereira2
Managing NPEs Under Financial Crisis Conditions: A Synthetic Quick Approach pp. 688-713 Downloads
Konstantinos J. Liapis
Sustainable Development, Technological Singularity and Ethics pp. 714- 725 Downloads
Vyacheslav Mantatov and Vitaly Tutubalin
Unconditional Demand based on Information Networks pp. 726-734 Downloads
O.S. Kuljamina, V.P. Leonova and V.A. Vishnyakova
Internet Piracy and Vulnerability of Digital Content pp. 735 - 743 Downloads
V.A. Oganyan, M.V. Vinogradova and D.V. Volkov
Reliability of Cryptographic Information on Fiscal Data pp. 744-753 Downloads
D.V. Volkov and A.N. Maloletko
Formation of Bounded Consumers' Rationality Based on Micro Segmentation pp. 754-762 Downloads
D.V. Volkov, A.N. Maloletko and O.V. Kaurova
Legislation Response to Use of Minors' Self-generated Sexual Content for their ICT-facilitated Sexual Coercion pp. 763 - 772 Downloads
A. Atabekova and V. Filippov
Legal Status of Artificial Intelligence Across Countries: Legislation on the Move pp. 773 - 782 Downloads
A. Atabekov and O. Yastrebov
Analysis of the Investment Activity Regulation in Priority Sectors of the Economy: A Case Study of China pp. 783 - 793 Downloads
M.V. Melnichuk
Interest Groups Incentives to Cooperate in the Production of Information in the Context of the EU Policy-Making pp. 794-804 Downloads
A. Garcia-Lorenzo, Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez and J.M. Barreiro-Vinan
Intergenerational Discourse on the Problems of Russian Education and Creation of Bilingual Environment pp. 805-817 Downloads
O.A. Maximova, V.A. Belyaev, O.V. Laukart-Gorbacheva and I.V. Larionova
Clustering as a Basis for an Innovative Development Strategy pp. 818-830 Downloads
V.V. Kookueva and J.S. Tsertseil
Devaluation in Kazakhstan: History, Causes, Consequences pp. 831-842 Downloads
M. Zholamanova, M. Arzayeva R. Doszhan and A. Turlybekova A. Kukiev
Women's Entrepreneurship in the Innovative Regions of Russia in the Mirror of Qualitative Sociological Research pp. 843-858 Downloads
Svetlana Martynova and Polina Sazonova
The Impact of Finance on the Level and the Quality of Life: The Case of Kazakhstan pp. 859-874 Downloads
R.K. Serkebayeva, G.K. Kazbekov, R.K. Sabirova, R.S. Utaliyeva and L.B. Izbassarova
Business Valuation and Equity Management When Entering the IPO Market pp. 875-886 Downloads
A.B. Tastulekova, R.K. Satova and U.Zh. Shalbolova
Transregional Coordination of Modernization Processes in Implementation of Import-substituting Policy in Russia pp. 887-898 Downloads
V.Yu. Chernova, Z.G. Golodova, E.A. Degtereva, A.M. Zobov and V.S. Starostin

Volume XXI, issue 3, 2018

Determinants of the Level of Non-Performing Loans in Commercial Banks of Transition Countries pp. 3-13 Downloads
Ibish Mazreku, Fisnik Morina, Valdrin Misiri, Jonathan V. Spiteri and Simon Grima
Germany and Greece pp. 14-42 Downloads
A Mapping of their Great Divide and its EU Implications
SMEs' Alternative Financing: The Case of Latvia pp. 43-52 Downloads
Ramona Rupeika-Apoga
Islamic Bank Credit Risk: Macroeconomic and Bank Specific Factors pp. 53-62 Downloads
Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono and Kharisya Ayu Effendi
Emerging Trends and Opportunities for Industry 4.0 Development in Russia pp. 63-76 Downloads
S. Vasin, Leyla Gamidullaeva, E. Shkarupeta, I. Palatkin and T. Vasina
Network Economy as a New Economic System pp. 77-89 Downloads
Elena Ustyuzhanina, Sergey Evsukov and Irina Komarova
Investment Development of Russian Regions Backed up by Natural Monopolies pp. 89-99 Downloads
S.N. Silvestrov, N.V. Kuznetsov, V.V. Ponkratov, D.A. Smirnov and N.E. Kotova
Social Outreach Model and Efficiency in Sharia Micro Finance Institution: Literature Review pp. 104-122 Downloads
Purwanto, Ina Primiana, Dian Masyita and Erie Febrian
Application of Proportionality Principles on Creditor and Debtor Interests in Banking Credit Agreement pp. 123-131 Downloads
Galang Prayogo and Faisal Arif
Corporate Governance and HRM Practice on Consumption Product Sector Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange pp. 132-142 Downloads
Prihatin Tiyanto Priagung Hutomo and Emiliana Sri Pudjiarti
Social Mapping for a Popular Economic Improvement in an Industrial Area pp. 143-154 Downloads
Iha Haryani
Russian Industry in Global Value-Added Chains pp. 165-178 Downloads
V.Yu. Chernova, Z.G. Golodova, E.A. Degtereva, A.M. Zobov and V.S. Starostin
Tools for Estimating the Effectiveness of Import-Substituting Modernization: Case in the Agriculture of Russia pp. 179-191 Downloads
V.Yu. Chernova and B.A. Kheyfets
Adaptation of Market Strategies of TNCs in Russia pp. 192-205 Downloads
B.A. Kheyfets and V.Yu. Chernova2
A Dynamic Model in the Labor Market: Reasons of Imbalances at the Transition Stage of the Economy pp. 206-217 Downloads
L. Matraeva, E. Vasiutina, S. Erokhin and O. Kaurova
The Role of Corporate Governance on the Effect of State Ownership on Audit Findings at State-Owned Enterprises pp. 218-229 Downloads
A.C. Furqan, M.I. Abdullah, M. Iqbal and R. Masdar
Technological Factors and Management Transformation in Social and Economic Systems pp. 230-241 Downloads
Kh.Sh. Mullakhmetov
Transformation of the Tax System During the Middle Ages: The Case of Russia pp. 242-253 Downloads
A.Z. Nigamaev, A.R. Gapsalamov, E.M. Akhmetshin, A.V. Pavlyuk, N.A. Prodanova and D.V. Savchenkova
Tourist's Re-visit Intention from Perspective of Value Perception, Destination Image and Satisfaction pp. 254-265 Downloads
Dudi Permana
Quality Certification and Customer Satisfaction pp. 266-279 Downloads
A.H. Sutawijaya, I.L. Mochtar and L.C. Nawangsari
The Effect of Competence, Training, and Compensation to Employment Performance pp. 280-292 Downloads
Purwanto Katidjan, Suharno Pawirosumarto and Tyas Yuliani
ASEAN Tourism Destination: A Strategic Plan pp. 293-298 Downloads
Arissetyanto Nugroho and Janfry Sihite
Brand Name and Customers' Intention pp. 299-315 Downloads
Yuli Harwani, Budi Suharjo, Rita Nurmalina and Gendut Suprayitno
The Influence of Fundamental Analysis on Stock Prices: The Case of Food and Beverage Industries pp. 316 - 326 Downloads
Aty Herawati and Angger Setiadi Putra
Managerial and Supervision Competence at Junior High School Level pp. 327-336 Downloads
Farid Wajdi Ibrahim
Economic Growth and Financial Intermediation in Southest Asia pp. 337-347 Downloads
R. Parianom
Factors Affecting the Consumers\' Willingness to Claim Product Replacement pp. 348-361 Downloads
Agus Salim
The Strategy of Independent Entrepreneurship Management pp. 362-370 Downloads
Novianty Djafri
Personality, Relation to Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior pp. 371-377 Downloads
Anik Herminingsih and Reza Kasuri
The Role of Feedforward Control System in Improving SMEs\' Performance pp. 378-390 Downloads
Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak
Impersonal Trust and Perceived Organizational Politics on Organizational Commitment pp. 391-403 Downloads
M. Nurhayati, A. Thoyib, Noermijati and D.W. Irawanto
Focusing on Complaints Handling for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: The Case of Indonesian Public Banking pp. 404-416 Downloads
A. Salim, M. Setiawan, R. Rofiaty and F. Rohman
Audit Tenure and Quality to Audit Report Lag in Banking pp. 417-428 Downloads
L.S. Wiyantoro and F. Usman
Trends and Prospects for the Development of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in the Digital Economy pp. 429-445 Downloads
M. Dorofeyev, M. Ksov, V. Ponkratov, A. Masterov, A. Karaev and M. Vasyunina
Measuring the Non-Tangible Legacy of Sport Events: The Case of the 2018 FIFA World Cup pp. 457-464 Downloads
Tatiana Skryl and Elena Gureeva
Culinary Trends in the Republic of Croatia as Part of Gastro Tourism Development pp. 465-475 Downloads
Tatiana Skryl, Marina Gregoric and Valentina Dugi
Enhancement of Accounting of the Agrο-Industrial Sector pp. 476-487 Downloads
R. Livanova, E. Stepanenko, L. Postnikova, B. Lukyanov and J. Chutcheva
Risk Management and Prospects for the Transition of Penitentiary System: The Case of Kazakhstan pp. 488-495 Downloads
D. Lamasharipov
Internet Marketing as a Diversity Management Tool in Education pp. 496-505 Downloads
M.N. Pevzner, P.A.Petryakov, I.A. Donina and N.A. Shaydorova
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China pp. 506-515 Downloads
M.S. Reshetnikova
Enhancing the Efficiency of Oil and Gas Complex as a Basis for Ensuring Energy Safety pp. 516-529 Downloads
M.V. Chernyaev and T.F. Kreydenko
Social Differentiation Under Complex Economic Conditions pp. 530-538 Downloads
M.M. Makhmudova, A.M. Koroleva and I.V. Denisova
An Investigation into the Advisability of Using Concessional Taxation to Galvanize Innovation-Driven Economic Development pp. 539 - 551 Downloads
A.S. Dosmanbetova, K.A. Kenenova and A.A. Makenova
Student Contests on Negotiation and Mediation: A Tool to Foster Specialists\' Social and Professional Interaction Skills pp. 552 - 566 Downloads
A.A. Atabekova, K.P. Chilingaryan, I.I. Kruze and L. Lutskovskaya
Intercompany Relations of Stakeholders of Investments and Projects pp. 567-578 Downloads
N. Usmanova, N. Orlova, T. Shindina, G. Vlasova and N. Knyazeva
Language of International Migration: Terminology and Concept Analysis pp. 579-590 Downloads
N.N. Udina and V.V. Stepanova
Small Innovative Business Development Experience pp. 591-606 Downloads
A.A. Gudkova, G.G. Rodionova, T.I. Turko and V.F. Fedorkov
Functions of the Bank of Indonesia as Lender ofLast Resort for Banks\' Safety pp. 607 - 621 Downloads
Zulfi Diane Zaini
Finding out Shared Expert Opinion on the Development of Inbound Medical Tourism: The Case of Russia pp. 623-635 Downloads
O.A. Nikitina
Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism: International Practices pp. 636-647 Downloads
E.A. Blinova, M. Gregoric, E.A. Dedusenko and M.M. Romanova
Enhancing a Mechanism of Transition to Sustainable Development: Environmental Justice and the Inherent Value of Nature pp. 648 - 658 Downloads
K. Gunzenova and A. Nasibulina
Language Management in Humanitarian Contexts: Unscheduled Migration pp. 659-674 Downloads
A.A. Atabekova, N.M. Belenkova, N.Radic and T.V. Shoustikova
Efficiency of Managerial Control Systems: The Optimal Model pp. 675-689 Downloads
M. Chuvashlova and V. Nikolaev
Science Education: Development of Environmental Thinking pp. 690-704 Downloads
S.I. Gilmanshina, R.N. Sagitova and I.R. Gilmanshin
Russia\'s North Regions as Frontier Territories: Demographic Indicators and Management Features pp. 705-716 Downloads
V.P. Samarina, T.P. Skufina and A.V. Samarin
Economic and Legal Assessment of Tax Evasion Countermeasures pp. 717-726 Downloads
O.V. Kostina, E.N. Razdrokov and V.V. Korosteleva
Prospects and Development of Tourism in Kazakhstan and the Impact of Incentive Tours on Efficiency pp. 727-737 Downloads
S. Trusheva and B.U. Syzdykbaeva
Investigation of Financial Mechanisms of Trade in Military Products in Collective Security Treaty Organization Countries pp. 738-750 Downloads
A.M. Chernysheva, E.A. Degtereva and A.A. Trofimova
Theoretical Basis of Import Substitution in the Agro-Industrial Complex pp. 751-759 Downloads
I.L. Vorotnikov, M.V. Muravyova and K.A. Petrov

Volume XXI, issue 2, 2018

The Payment Services Directive II and Competitiveness: The Perspective of European Fintech Companies pp. 3-22 Downloads
Inna Romanova, Simon Grima, Jonathan Spiteri and Marina Kudinska
Family Enterprises and their Support through Subsidies pp. 23-37 Downloads
Andrea Tomaskova and Karel Havliaek
Testing for Stochastic Convergence: The Case of the Cohesion Countries pp. 38-47 Downloads
X. Chapsa, A.L. Athanasenas and N. Tabakis
The Impact of Sharia Compliance on the Adjustment to Target Debt Maturity of Malaysian Firms pp. 48-61 Downloads
H.I. Hussain, M.F. Shamsudin, N.A.M. Anwar, M.A. Salem and N.H. Jabarullah
Top Management Characteristics and Company Performance: An Empirical Analysis on Public Companies Listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange pp. 62-76 Downloads
Lailah Fujianti
Alternative Dispute Settlement Regarding Investment in Some Asia Pacific Countries pp. 77-82 Downloads
Ade Saptomo and Edy Lisdiyono
Education Financing in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Problems of Ensuring Efficiency and Effectiveness pp. 83-94 Downloads
A.A. Aryn and P.B. Issakhova
Consumer Behavior in the Context of Global Economic Transformations pp. 95-109 Downloads
Y.Yu. Deputatova, Y.I. Pshenitsyna, S.B. Ilyashenko, V.A. Baskakov and A.O. Zvereva
A Study of the Determinants of Sports Participation by Maltese Nationals pp. 110-133 Downloads
Simon Grima, Alan Grima, El Thalassinos, Sharon Seychell and Jonathan V. Spiteri
6Forecasting Production Performance pp. 134-146 Downloads
D.T. Akhmetova, G.B. Utibayeva, B.S. Utibayev, R.M. Zhunusova, A. Baidakov and B.I. Tukenova
The Impact of IFRS Adoption on Earnings Management in Russia pp. 147-164 Downloads
T.N. Malofeeva
Measuring the Openness of Land Investment Policy Related to Housing or Residential Ownership by Foreigners in Indonesia pp. 165-177 Downloads
Amad Sudiro
Restriction and Incentives of Investment in Indonesia: Considering the Provisions of Basic Agrarian Law and Capital Market Law pp. 178-188 Downloads
Nyoman Putu Budiartha
Abuse of Circumstances as a Reason for the Cancellation of Financing Agreements pp. 189-199 Downloads
Rudyanti Dorotea Tobing
State Programs for Sustainable Rural Development pp. 200-213 Downloads
O.B. Dordzhieva, B.V. Dordzhieva and S.O. Siptits
Status and Contemporary Development of Employee Inventions Ownership in G-20 Countries pp. 214-224 Downloads
K. Roisah, Y.J. Utama, R. Saraswati and Y. Whidari
Impact Evaluation of Community Empowerment Programs with the Farmer Managed Extension Model pp. 225-235 Downloads
A. Rahmat and A. Izudin
The Direct and Indirect Influence of Leadership, Motivation and Job Satisfaction Against Employees’ Performance pp. 236-243 Downloads
Bambang Bernanthos
Intensive Investment Activity for the Development of Recreational Areas pp. 244-255 Downloads
Z. Altaibayeva, G. Nurmukhanova and R. Alimkhanova
Analyzing the Degree of Social-Economic Transformation of Displaced Community Using Probit Model: A Case Analysis pp. 256-264 Downloads
N. Mangun, C. Anwar, M. Moelyono and E. Jokolelono
Production Planning with Parameters on the Basis of Dynamic Predictive Models: Interconnection and the Inertness of their Interaction pp. 265-281 Downloads
Leonid Mylnikov and Rustam Fayzrakhmanov
Health Care Financing System in the Republic of Kazakhstan pp. 282-288 Downloads
G.Zh. Doskeyeva, A.E. Rakhimbekova, M.K. Zhamkeyeva, I.D. Saudambekova and R.Zh. Bekova
Comparative Analysis of Marketing Techniques in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Ukraine pp. 289-306 Downloads
A. Duisebayeva
Innovative Financing for Enterprises pp. 307-317 Downloads
G.T. Kaliyeva, S.S. Arystanbaeva, N.N. Zhanakova, A.Z. Kapenova, A.T. Djumabekova and A.G. Orazbaeva
Trends and Developments in Housing: The Case of the Republic of Kazakhstan pp. 318-338 Downloads
Z.Z. Kenzhegaliyeva, U.Zh. Shalbolova and D.N. Silka
Financial Statements of a Company as an Information Base for Decision-Making in a Transforming Economy pp. 339-350 Downloads
E.A. Osadchy, E.M. Akhmetshin, E.F. Amirova, T.N. Bochkareva, Yu.Yu. Gazizyanova and A.V. Yumashev
Index Insurance as a Tool to Improve the Russian System of Insuring Risks of Agricultural Organizations with State Support pp. 351-361 Downloads
K.A. Naminova, N.T. Pavlova, M.P. Sarunova and D.V. Idzhilova
Monitoring and Forecasting the Development of Local Food Systems: A Case Study pp. 362-377 Downloads
N.I. Pyzhikova, D.V. Parshukov, E.Yu. Vlasova and E.V. Pyhanova
Problems and Main Mechanisms to Increase Investment Attractiveness of Agricultural Production pp. 378-400 Downloads
Alexander Semin, Alikhan Kibirov and Usman Rassukhanov
Crowdfunding in Russia: An Empirical Study pp. 401-410 Downloads
Dmitrii Ilenkov and Valeriya Kapustina
Identifying the Factors that Contribute to Sustainable Development of the National Economy pp. 411-425 Downloads
N.M. Abdikeev, Yu.S. Bogachev and M.V. Melnichuk
Poverty's Characteristics and its Reduction Strategies: A Case Study pp. 426-440 Downloads
T. Tahir and M. Hasan
Euro and Corporate Management in Czech Republic pp. 441-452 Downloads
Roman Mentlík and Mojmír Helísek
Barriers to the Internationalization of Czech SMEs pp. 453-462 Downloads
Miroslav Pavlák
Financial Management Information System: An Empirical Evidence pp. 463-475 Downloads
H.N. Hartikayanti, F.L. Bramanti and A. Gunardi
Investment Instruments to Stimulate Depressed Regions’ Development pp. 476-488 Downloads
Yu.P. Maidanevych, T.S. Romanishina, L.E. Rysakova, N.G. Bondarenko and O.V. Mihailuk
Innovative Quality Improvements in Hotel Services pp. 489-498 Downloads
E.Y. Nikolskaya, N.I. Kovaleva, M.E. Uspenskaya, N.I. Makshakova, E.N. Lysoivanenko and K.A. Lebedev
Foreign Relations and Inter-Civilizational Interaction from a Social-Political Perspective: The Case of Russia, Iran and Egypt pp. 499-513 Downloads
M. Kameneva, G. Lukyanova and D. Tavberidze
The Principles of International Trade Contract as Reference of Indonesian Contract Law pp. 514-526 Downloads
Mona Minarosa
Improving the Efficiency of University Management: Teacher’s Performance Monitoring as a Tool to Promote the Quality of Education pp. 527-540 Downloads
M.G. Leontev, N.G. Bondarenko, T.A. Shebzuhova, S.S. Butko and L.I. Egorova
Situational Analysis of Socio-Cultural Interaction of States Under Conditions of Globalization pp. 541-550 Downloads
N.I. Anufrieva, A.V. Kamenets, I.S. Kazakova, E.A. Morozova and N.S. Yushchenko
Opportunities for Assessing the Implementation of the Strategies for the Development of Russia's Macroregions pp. 551-563 Downloads
O.V. Berezhnaya, E.V. Berezhnaya, K.S. Chikaeva, M.A. Polivina and V.I. Berezhnoy
The Impact of Accounting Standards Utilisation on Internal Credit Rating pp. 564-574 Downloads
Gabriela Dlasková and Petr Budinský
Loan Product Policy and Rentability Based on Interest Rates in Czech Republic pp. 575-585 Downloads
Eva Cipovová and Petra Jílková
Integration in Higher Education Institutions in the Global Educational System pp. 586-600 Downloads
L.A. Krokhmal and N.L. Simutina
Minimum Living Wage as a Basic Aspect for Managing the Population`s Life Quality in Russia pp. 601-610 Downloads
E. Nakhratova, I. Ilina, O. Urzha, E. Kryukova and E. Potekhina
Cooperatives and Economic Growth in Indonesia pp. 611-622 Downloads
Muhammad Halilintar
Managerial Competencies in Agriculture pp. 623-629 Downloads
Mohamad Ikbal Bahua
Market Anomalies and Effect on Returns pp. 630-649 Downloads
N.N. Sawitri and P. Astuty
Determining the Efficiency and the Level of Innovative Development in Agriculture: The Case of Kazakhstan pp. 650-664 Downloads
D. Rustemov*, M. Abikayeva, G. Rakhimova, A. Omarkozhayeva and A. Temirova
Pricing Mechanism of Banking Products pp. 665-677 Downloads
A. Mussina, S. Albekova and J. Shakirova
Influence of Logistics Efficiency on Economic Growth of the CIS Countries pp. 678-690 Downloads
K. Sharipbekova and Z. Raimbekov
The Mechanism for Building a Corporate Management Model pp. 691-704 Downloads
J.S. Tsertseil and A.N. Savrukov
Optimisation of Capital Structure and Firm Value pp. 705-713 Downloads
L. Uzliawati, A. Yuliana, Y. Januarsi and M.I. Santoso
Capital Market Products and Investor Protection pp. 714-727 Downloads
Hamzah and Aripin Ahmad
Internal Control System in Enterprise Management: Analysis and Interaction Matrices pp. 728-740 Downloads
Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin, Vladimir Lvovich Vasilev, Denis Sergeevich Mironov, Elena Ivanovna Zatsarinnaya, Marina Viktorovna Romanova and Alexei Valerievich Yumashev
Foresight Technologies in the Formation of a Sustainable Regional Development Strategy pp. 741-752 Downloads
Artjom Rafaelevich Nagimov, Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin, Valeriy Pavlovich Slanov, Raisa Nikolaevna Shpakova, Mikhail Prokopievich Solomonov and Dmitry Pavlovich Il'yaschenko
Increasing Interstate Integration in the Agro-Industrial Complex of the EAEU Countries pp. 753-771 Downloads
Anatoly Altukhov and Alexander Semin
Improvement of Tools for Government Regulation of Tourist Activity Based on Analysis of Simplicial Complexes pp. 772-789 Downloads
Olga Almukhamedova, Marianna Yakimenko and Sergey Goryainov

Volume XXI, issue 1, 2018

Competitiveness Enhancement of International Financial Centres pp. 5-17 Downloads
Irina Solovjova, Ramona Rupeika-Apoga and Inna Romanova
Diagnostics of Projects pp. 18-30 Downloads
Maxim A. Maron
Employees' Performance in Islamic Banking pp. 31-42 Downloads
Bambang Bernanthos
Export Patterns of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises pp. 43-51 Downloads
Pavla Breckova
Role of Culture and Law Enforcement in Determining the Level of IFRS Adoption pp. 56-64 Downloads
Supriadi Laupe
The Economic Impact of Relationship Bonding Tactics: A Research Agenda pp. 65-81 Downloads
Rizal Edy Halim
Diversity Management Globalization in Central and Eastern Europe: The Case of Pharmaceutical Industry pp. 82-89 Downloads
Emil Velinov
Influence Factors toward Financial Satisfaction with Financial Behavior as Intervening Variable on Jakarta Area Workforce pp. 90-103 Downloads
Agus Zainul Arifin
Negotiation in SMEs' Environment Analysis with Game Theory Tools pp. 104-114 Downloads
Radim Valenaik and Jan Aervenka
The Factors Affecting Board Stock Price of Lq45 Stock Exchange 2012-2016: Case of Indonesia pp. 115-124 Downloads
Rudi Bratamanggala
Risk Audit of Marketing Communication pp. 125-132 Downloads
Vaclav Kupec
Developing the Reputation of Distribution Network to Increase the Buying Interest of Electronic Payment: An Empirical Study pp. 133-143 Downloads
Endi Isnarno, Harry Soesanto and Andriyansah
VAT Rates and their Impact on Business and Tax Revenue pp. 144-152 Downloads
Petr Mach
Financialized Commodities and Stock Indices Volatilities pp. 153-164 Downloads
Rangga Handika and Sania Ashraf
Management Performance in Islamic Senior High School Education: An Empirical Study pp. 165-175 Downloads
Siti Patimah
Debt Maturity and Shari'ah Compliance: Evidence from Malaysian Panel Data pp. 176-186 Downloads
Hafezali Iqbal Hussain, Mohd Farid Shamsudin, Shahrullizuannizam Salehuddin and Noor H. Jabarullah
Misinvoicing Analysis in ASEAN-China Free Trade Aggrement (ACFTA) pp. 187-205 Downloads
Mahjus Ekananda
Stabilization Factors of Family Enterprises in the Context of Macroeconomic Performance pp. 206-220 Downloads
David Mares and Nadazda Petra
The Goals of Industrial Policy of the Russian Federation: State Intervention into the Economy as a Factor of Industrialization pp. 221-229 Downloads
Pavel V. Butakov
Green CSR and Brand Attitude: The Role of Stereotype Content Model pp. 230-249 Downloads
Tengku Ezni Balqiah
Investigating the Catching-Up Hypothesis Using Panel Unit Root Tests: Evidence from the PIIGS pp. 250-271 Downloads
Xanthippi Chapsa, Nikolaos Tabakis and Athanasios L. Athanasenas
The Effect of Service Quality and Marketing Mix Strategy towards Local Sustainable Economic Growth pp. 272-284 Downloads
Conditionally University Student Readiness of the Person to Self-Development by Means of Physical Education pp. 285-294 Downloads
Valery D. Panachev, Leonid A. Zelenin, Anatoly A. Opletin, Aleksandr N. Legotkin, Rafily F. Kusykova, Svetlana V. Annenkova, Nikolai L. Ponomarev and Sergey L. Panchenko
The Components of Managerial Alacrity of Government Executives pp. 295-308 Downloads
Yury V. Sinyagin
Agricultural Production and its Implications on Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction pp. 309-320 Downloads
Darwati Susilastuti
Banking Responsibility to Customers pp. 321-330 Downloads
Faisal Santiago
Do Efficiency of Taxes, Profitability and Size of Companies affect Debt? A Study of Companies Listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange pp. 331-339 Downloads
The Innovative Technologies of Education in the Higher Economic Education of Ukraine pp. 340-351 Downloads
Rostyslav V. Kostenko, Oleg V. Zakharchenko, Iryna A. Topalova, Natalia V. Zakharchenko and Olesya Balakhonova
Motivation of Personnel in an Innovative Business Climate pp. 352-361 Downloads
Elvir Akhmetshin, Ivan Morozov, Albert Pavlyuk, Alexei Yumashev, Nataliya Yumasheva and Sergey Gubarkov
The Optimum Level of Tax Compliance Based on Power of Authority and Trust in an Antagonistic Climate pp. 362-373 Downloads
Wiwiek Prihandini
Specificity of Theoretical Approaches to the Definition of Professional Subjectivity pp. 374-382 Downloads
Anna Sejtkanova, Nadezhda Maslennikova, Alexander Gryaznukhin, Mikhail Leontev and Rasul Mamadaliev
Effectiveness of the Housing Policy: A Comparative Analysis pp. 383-392 Downloads
Valerii O. Omelchuk
Improving Tourism Quality by Islamic Finance pp. 393-401 Downloads
Surya Bintarti and Mohammad Hatta Fahamsyah
Social Media Marketing Toward Perceptual Consciousness and its Impact on Online Purchasing Intention pp. 402-416 Downloads
Sri Vandayuli Riorini
The Basic Concept of the Resource-Potential Approach in Social Security in Russia and International Experience pp. 417-433 Downloads
Zinaida Petrovna Zamaraeva, Konstantin Anatolievich Antipyev, Stanislav Ivanovich Reutov, Galina Aleksandrovna Telegina, Valeria Andreevna Ledentsova and Ksenia Andreevna Voronova
Methods and Tools of Scenario Planning in Areas of Natural Resources Management pp. 434-446 Downloads
Alexey Evgenievich Cherepovitsyn and Alina Alexandrovna Ilinova
Innovational Management of Industrial Enterprises in the Energy Sector pp. 447-458 Downloads
Katrina Benikovna Dobrova, Nadezhda Grigorevna Danilochkina, Natalia Vladimirovna Cherner, Victor Petrovich Dobrov, Peter Petrovich Dobrov and Ekaterina Nikolaevna Sepiashvili
International Practices to Improve Economic Security pp. 459-467 Downloads
Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin, Irina Juraevna Fedorova, Lyubov Alexandrovna Ploticina, Timur Maratovich Tokmurzin, Mariya Vladimirovna Belyaeva and Andrey Borisovich Ilyin
Economic Profit as Indicator of Food Retailing Enterprises' Performance pp. 468-479 Downloads
Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin, Nikolay Vasilievich Lyasnikov, Konstantin Yurievich Reshetov, Olga Olegovna Smirnova and Nataliya Vladimirovna Vysotskaya
Monetary Policy and Clustering for Achieving Competitiveness in National Bussiness pp. 480-490 Downloads
N.V. Gryzunova, J.S. Tsertseil, V.V. Kookueva and Dg.S. Zaharova
Does Value Creation Drives Growth Illusion? An Evidence from Indonesia Stock Exchange pp. 491-506 Downloads
Agus Satrya Wibowo and Imam Ghozali
Trust Dimensions Model in Creating Loyalty Stage for Service Consumers of Sharia Rural Banking pp. 507-518 Downloads
Sri Murni Setyawati and Mahardhika Cipta Raharja
Corporate Culture in Management Systems pp. 519-528 Downloads
Khanif Sharifzуanovich Mullakhmetov, Ruslan Duferovich Sadriev and Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin
The Far-East Vector for Russian-Japanese Investment Cooperation pp. 529-541 Downloads
Zhanna Valerayanovna Petrunina, Daraya Valeraevna Kiba and Galina Alekseevna Shusharina
The Role of Chains in the Russian Retail Sector pp. 542-554 Downloads
Aleksandr Victorovich Sigarev, Mikhail Evgenievich Kosov, Olga Borisovna Buzdalina, Roman Alexeevich Alandarov and Inna Nikolaevna Rykova
A Quantitative Analysis of the Image of Russia in the Asia-Pacific Region Media pp. 555-569 Downloads
N.S. Vinogradova and S.A. Denisova
Competence and Discipline on Work Motivation and the Implication on Working Performance pp. 570-587 Downloads
S. Suyanto
A Regional System to Forecast the Social-Economic Development: The Case of the RF Regions pp. 588-601 Downloads
Svetlana Vasilievna Khusainova and Sergey Yurevich Bakhvalov
Promotion Analysis of Marine Tourism in Indonesia: A Case Study pp. 602-613 Downloads
Rizki Briandana, Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralina and Danto Sukmajati
Peculiarities of Financial Provision for the Implementation of State Programs with Scientific and Technical Components pp. 614-623 Downloads
Elena V. Dmitrishina, Denis A. Uskov, Vita A. Yagovkina and Anna A. Mikhaylova
Russia's Integration in the World Economy and its Economic Security pp. 624-635 Downloads
Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin, Vadim Nikolaevich Zasko, Elena Olegovna Chernyh, Elena Ivanovna Sukhova, Maria Vladimirovna Sedova and Ulugbek Saidkarimovich Ziyadullaev
Developing the Accounting Concept in the Public Sector pp. 636-649 Downloads
Olga Kachkova, Maria Aramovna Vakhrushina, Irina Dmitriyevna Demina, Taisiya Krishtaleva, Marina Sidorova, Elena Nikolaevna Dombrovskaya and Lyudmila Vasilyevna Klepikova
Use of Investment Project Implementation Mechanism under Production Sharing Agreement for the Development of Oil and Gas pp. 650-662 Downloads
Julia Luebeck and Dmitry Petrov
Innovation Process and Control Function in Management pp. 663-674 Downloads
Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin, Vladimir Lvovich Vasilev, Denis Sergeevich Mironov, Alexei Valerievich Yumashev, Aidar Sultangalievich Puryaev and Vladislav Valerevich Lvov
The balance of the budget system, as well as the reality of economy development planning contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of the state. By achieving a balanced budget system is a guarantee of the financial stability of the state. In this context, the search for a mechanism and tools to ensure the balance of the budget system confirms the relevance of the present study. The article analyzes the financial state of the budgets of the Russian Federation regions, and the ways of achieving balance of regional budgets and tax policy as a tool for its implementation through the analysis of data of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Federal Tax Service, as well as foreign and domestic scientific literature. In consequence of the expert survey, the conclusions are drawn about the ways of reforming tax legislation and tightening fiscal management, which include changing the mechanism of establishing tax benefits, as well as reforming the taxation of individuals and small businesses pp. 675-685 Downloads
Orzu Osmanovna Yushkova, Lyudmila Sergeevna Kirina, Nina Ilinishna Malis, Olga Valentinovna Mandroshchenko and Natalya Aleksandrovna Nazarova
Tendencies of Interaction between Russian Universities and Companies Implementing Innovative Development Programs pp. 686-707 Downloads
Vladimir A. Pastukhov, Nikolay S. Kliman and Dmitry S. Alekseev
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