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Volume 16, issue 3, 2015

Conversation with Mark Mizruchi:“There is Very Little Organizational Theory Left in Sociology Departments” pp. 14-25 Downloads
Mark Mizraki
“Eastern Tourist”: A Review of Images of Russian Consumers in Finnish Media pp. 26-45 Downloads
Olga Gurova and Saara Ratilainen
Sensemaking in State-Owned Enterprises: The Case of “Russian Post” pp. 46-73 Downloads
Elena Konobeeva
A Marketing Approach to the Study of Megacity: Necessity, Principles and Prospects pp. 74-109 Downloads
Kirill Rozhkov
The Price of Free Music: Valuation and Evaluation Processes in Pay-What-You-Want-Services pp. 110-142 Downloads
Lev Kalinichenko
Premises for the Economic Sociology of Law in Classical Sociological Theories pp. 143-162 Downloads
Maxim Markin
Re-Examining the Role of Business Associations in Russiaand Post-Communist Countries: From Interest Groups to Defensive OrganizationsBook Review: Duvanova D. (2013) Building Business in Post-Communist Russia,Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: Collective Goods, Selective Incentives,and Predatory States. New York: Cambridge University Press pp. 163-172 Downloads
Anton Kazun
Placing Culture into the “Lifeless” Business WorldBook Review: Spillman L. (2012) Solidarity in Strategy:Making Business Meaningful in American Trade Associations, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press pp. 173-182 Downloads
Alexey Spirin
Practices of Law Enforcement in Russia: Rules of the Game De Jure and De Facto. XVI April International Academic Conference on Economicand Social Development, April 7–10, 2015 pp. 183-190 Downloads
Anastasia Kazun
Sociology of Entrepreneurship and Beyond:An Interview with Gyorgy Lengyel pp. 191-202 Downloads
Gyorgy Lengyel
Poverty and Shared Prosperity in Russia: Income Dynamics and Social InequalityXVI April International Academic Conference on Economicand Social Development, April 7–10, 2015, Russia, Moscow pp. 203-208 Downloads
Marina Spirina

Volume 16, issue 2, 2015

Exodus: How Migration is Changing Our World pp. 12-23 Downloads
Paul Collier
Organizational Specifics of the Volunteer Movement: Comparing the Experience of Russia and France pp. 24-54 Downloads
Marina Spirina
Academic Dishonesty in Modern Universities: A Review of Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Findings pp. 55-79 Downloads
Evgeniia Shmeleva
Trust and Uncertainty: How to Communicate Successfully Book Review: Gambetta D. (2011) Kody kriminal'nogo mira. Kak obshñhayutsya mezhdu soboy prestupniki [Codes of the Underworld: How Criminals Communicate], Cheboksary: Perfektum pp. 80-89 Downloads
Olga Griaznova
A Sociological View of the Economy and the State: From Economy-State Dualism towards Economy-State Embeddedness Book Review: Bandelj N., Sowers E. (2010) Economy and State: A Sociological Perspective, Cambridge: Polity Press pp. 90-100 Downloads
Maxim Markin
International Conference “Interfaces between Legality and Illegality in Markets” pp. 101-109 Downloads
Zoya Kotelnikova
Conversation with Mark Mizruchi: “There is Very Little Organizational Theory Left in Sociology Departments” (interviewed by Igor Chirikov) pp. 110-118 Downloads
Mark Mizruchi

Volume 16, issue 1, 2015

Interview with Alya Guseva: How Markets for Credit Cards were Created in Postcommunist Societies pp. 12-21 Downloads
Alya Guseva
Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change (an excerpt) pp. 22-37 Downloads
Edmund Phelps
“Legitimacy Worlds”: Prosaic Writers’ Strategies of Legitimation in Russian Literary Field pp. 38-62 Downloads
Anastasiya Golovneva
Why do Breadwinners Leave Home? Book Review: Plusnin Ju. et al. (2013) Otkhodniks, Moscow: Novyy khronograph (in Russian) pp. 63-69 Downloads
Svetlana Barsukova
The Free Market and the Moral Limits Book Review: Sandel M. J. (2012) What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets, London: Allen Lane pp. 70-80 Downloads
Kirill Makarov
Relational Exchange in Supply Chains and Its Constitutive Elements pp. 81-99 Downloads
Vadim Radaev
Bad Jobs as a Core Driver of Growing Social Inequality in the United States. Book Review: Kalleberg A. (2011) Good Jobs, Bad Jobs: The Rise of Polarized and Precarious Employment Systems in the United States, 1970s to 2000s, New York: Russell Sage Foundation pp. 100-109 Downloads
Tatiana Karabchuk
A Review of the Study “Measurement and Analysis of Corruption Using Objective Data” by T. V. Natkhov and L. I. Polischuk pp. 110-114 Downloads
Ivan Aymaliev

Volume 15, issue 5, 2014

Social Construction of Quality in Moscow Dental Market pp. 9-14 Downloads
Elena Berdysheva
Citizens’ Guide to the Budget: Find a Receiver pp. 54-84 Downloads
Natalia Bogatyr
An Economic Sociological Look at Relationship Marketing pp. 85-103 Downloads
Zoya Kotelnikova
Empirical Encyclopedia of Informal Workers Book Review: In the Shadow of Regulation: Informality in the Russian Labor Market (eds. V. Gimpelson, R. Kapeliushnikov) (2014), Moscow: HSE (in Russian) pp. 104-112 Downloads
Svetlana Barsukova
Price in the Eye of the Beholder Book Review: Mears A. (2011) Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model. Berkeley: University of California Press pp. 113-122 Downloads
Tamara Kusimova
The Small World of Russian Studies in Gender Relations: An Interview with Sarah Ashwin pp. 123-127 Downloads
Sarah Ashwin

Volume 15, issue 4, 2014

Growing Job Insecurity and Inequality between Good Jobs and Bad Jobs: An Interview with Arne Kalleberg pp. 11-19 Downloads
Arne Kalleberg
Russia’s Accession to the WTO in the Mirror of Russian Print Media pp. 20-44 Downloads
Svetlana Barsukova and Anastasia Korobkova
Returning to Capitalism in order to Escape Crises (an excerpt) pp. 45-52 Downloads
Pascal Salin
Portability of Pension Rights in the EurAsEC Countries and the European Union pp. 53-67 Downloads
Anna Almakaeva and Veronica Kostenko

Volume 15, issue 3, 2014

Interview with Victor Nee: Sociology Should be Open to Intellectual Trade with Ally Disciplines (Part 2) pp. 11-23 Downloads
Victor Nee
Consumer Expectations of Russian Population (1996?2009): How are Cohort, Generation and Age Related? pp. 24-69 Downloads
Dilyara Ibragimova
Pretrial Detention in Russian Criminal Justice: Sociological Analysis of the Probability of Pretrial Detention and its Influence on Court Decisions pp. 88-118 Downloads
Kirill Titaev
What do We Know about Consumers’ Price Perception? Research Findings of Studies in Sociology and Marketing Science pp. 119-148 Downloads
Elena Berdysheva
Explaining Economic Growth in China: Testing Sociological Tools for Validity A Review on Book: Nee V., Opper S. (2012) Capitalism from Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press pp. 149-159 Downloads
Alexander Kurakin
Current State and Prospects of the Social and Market Research in Russia pp. 160-168 Downloads
Marina Spirina,

Volume 15, issue 2, 2014

Interview with Victor Nee: “Sociologists Always Want to Reinvent the Conceptual Map and to Come up with the New Conceptual Scheme that Identifies Something as Important” (Part 1) pp. 11-21 Downloads
Victor Nee
Institutionalization of the Sociology of Consumption in Russia pp. 24-74 Downloads
Olga Gourova
Surface Modernities: Open-Air Markets, Containment and Verticality in Two Border Towns of Russia and China pp. 76-98 Downloads
Franck Bille
Cohort Analysis of Consumer Expectations of Russian Population (1996–2010): Theoretical and Methodological Backgrounds pp. 99-118 Downloads
Dilyara Ibragimova
Contemporary Studies in Entrepreneurship: All Inclusive. A Review on Book: Contemporary Classical Theorists of Entrepreneurship: Laureates of the International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research (1996–2010). 2013. Moscow: HSE Publishing House pp. 119-126 Downloads
Tatyana Alimova
Is It Possible to Save Russian Textile and Apparel Industry? pp. 137-143 Downloads
Regina Resheteeva

Volume 15, issue 1, 2014

“Organic” Gift-Giving and Organ Transplantation, the Development of Economic Sociology and Morality in a Super-Monetized World: An Interview with Philippe Steiner pp. 11-19 Downloads
Philippe Steiner
Patterns of Alcohol Consumption as a Social Group Indicator in Modern Russian Cities pp. 20-42 Downloads
Yana Roshchina and Petr Martynenko
Experimental Methods of Research on Corruption in Economic Theory and Sociology pp. 61-88 Downloads
Alexei Belyanin, Nina Bobkova, Henrik Egbert and Leonid Kosals
How to Evaluate the Value of Human Life? pp. 89-106 Downloads
Tatiana Karabchuk, Marina Nikitina, Victoria Remezkova and Natalia Soboleva
Uniting, Leading, and Ruling: Social Skill and the Construction of Local Social Orders A Review on Book: Fligstein N., McAdam D. 2012.A Theory of Fields. New York: Oxford University Press pp. 107-115 Downloads
Anna Chernysh
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