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Volume 29, issue 1, 2017

Sampling the Functional Kolmogorov Forward Equations for Nonstationary Queueing Networks pp. 1-17 Downloads
Jamol Pender
Dynamic Pricing for Network Revenue Management: A New Approach and Application in the Hotel Industry pp. 18-35 Downloads
Dan Zhang and Larry Weatherford
Solution of Monotone Complementarity and General Convex Programming Problems Using a Modified Potential Reduction Interior Point Method pp. 36-53 Downloads
Kuo-Ling Huang and Sanjay Mehrotra
Pricing Problems Under the Nested Logit Model with a Quality Consistency Constraint pp. 54-76 Downloads
James M. Davis, Huseyin Topaloglu and David P. Williamson
Strengthened Benders Cuts for Stochastic Integer Programs with Continuous Recourse pp. 77-91 Downloads
Merve Bodur, Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay Günlük and James Luedtke
Combating Prerelease Piracy: Modeling the Effects of Antipiracy Measures in P2P Networks pp. 92-107 Downloads
Il-Horn Hann and JooHee Oh
Linear Reformulation of Polynomial Discrete Programming for Fast Computation pp. 108-122 Downloads
Han-Lin Li, Yao-Huei Huang and Shu-Cherng Fang
A Backward Sampling Framework for Interdiction Problems with Fortification pp. 123-139 Downloads
Leonardo Lozano and J. Cole Smith
Efficient Computational Analysis of Stationary Probabilities for the Queueing System BMAP / G /1/ N With or Without Vacation(s) pp. 140-151 Downloads
A. D. Banik and M. L. Chaudhry
Planar Maximum Coverage Location Problem with Partial Coverage and Rectangular Demand and Service Zones pp. 152-169 Downloads
Manish Bansal and Kiavash Kianfar
Constraint Aggregation in Column Generation Models for Resource-Constrained Covering Problems pp. 170-184 Downloads
Daniel Porumbel and François Clautiaux
A Machine Learning-Based Approximation of Strong Branching pp. 185-195 Downloads
Alejandro Marcos Alvarez, Quentin Louveaux and Louis Wehenkel

Volume 28, issue 4, 2016

( s, S ) Inventory Systems with Correlated Demands pp. 603-611 Downloads
Jianqiang Hu, Cheng Zhang and Chenbo Zhu
Automated Multilateral Negotiation on Multiple Issues with Private Information pp. 612-628 Downloads
Ronghuo Zheng, Tinglong Dai, Katia Sycara and Nilanjan Chakraborty
Efficient VaR and CVaR Measurement via Stochastic Kriging pp. 629-644 Downloads
Xi Chen and Kyoung-Kuk Kim
Convex Relaxations for Gas Expansion Planning pp. 645-656 Downloads
Conrado Borraz-Sánchez, Russell Bent, Scott Backhaus, Hassan Hijazi and Pascal Van Hentenryck
The Surgical Patient Routing Problem: A Central Planner Approach pp. 657-673 Downloads
Sepehr Nemati, Oleg V. Shylo, Oleg A. Prokopyev and Andrew J. Schaefer
A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Solving the Hamiltonian p -Median Problem pp. 674-686 Downloads
Ahmed M. Marzouk, Erick Moreno-Centeno and Halit Üster
Computing Near-Optimal Stable Cost Allocations for Cooperative Games by Lagrangian Relaxation pp. 687-702 Downloads
Lindong Liu, Xiangtong Qi and Zhou Xu
An Exact Algorithm for the Two-Dimensional Stage-Unrestricted Guillotine Cutting/Packing Decision Problem pp. 703-720 Downloads
Krzysztof Fleszar
Optimal Learning in Linear Regression with Combinatorial Feature Selection pp. 721-735 Downloads
Bin Han, Ilya O. Ryzhov and Boris Defourny
Modeling Two-Dimensional Guillotine Cutting Problems via Integer Programming pp. 736-751 Downloads
Fabio Furini, Enrico Malaguti and Dimitri Thomopulos
A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for the Close-Enough Traveling Salesman Problem pp. 752-765 Downloads
Walton Pereira Coutinho, Roberto Quirino do Nascimento, Artur Alves Pessoa and Anand Subramanian
Local Cuts and Two-Period Convex Hull Closures for Big-Bucket Lot-Sizing Problems pp. 766-780 Downloads
Kerem Akartunalı, Ioannis Fragkos, Andrew J. Miller and Tao Wu
An Adaptive Flex-Deluge Approach to University Exam Timetabling pp. 781-794 Downloads
Edmund K. Burke and Yuri Bykov

Volume 28, issue 3, 2016

Decomposition Algorithms for Risk-Averse Multistage Stochastic Programs with Application to Water Allocation under Uncertainty pp. 385-404 Downloads
Weini Zhang, Hamed Rahimian and Güzin Bayraksan
A Game Theoretic Model for the Optimal Location of Integrated Air Defense System Missile Batteries pp. 405-416 Downloads
Chan Y. Han, Brian J. Lunday and Matthew J. Robbins
Fast Approximation Algorithm for Maximum Lifetime Aggregation Trees in Wireless Sensor Networks pp. 417-431 Downloads
Xiaojun Zhu, Guihai Chen, Shaojie Tang, Xiaobing Wu and Bing Chen
A Constraint-Programming-Based Branch-and-Price-and-Cut Approach for Operating Room Planning and Scheduling pp. 432-448 Downloads
Seyed Hossein Hashemi Doulabi, Louis-Martin Rousseau and Gilles Pesant
Iterative Refinement for Linear Programming pp. 449-464 Downloads
Ambros M. Gleixner, Daniel E. Steffy and Kati Wolter
A Horizon Decomposition Approach for the Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problem with Setup Times pp. 465-482 Downloads
Ioannis Fragkos, Zeger Degraeve and Bert De Reyck
Improving the Integer L-Shaped Method pp. 483-499 Downloads
Gustavo Angulo, Shabbir Ahmed and Santanu S. Dey
Duality in Two-Stage Adaptive Linear Optimization: Faster Computation and Stronger Bounds pp. 500-511 Downloads
Dimitris Bertsimas and Frans J. C. T. de Ruiter
Modeling and Optimization of a Spatial Detection System pp. 512-526 Downloads
Fang Lu, John J. Hasenbein and David P. Morton
Risk-Averse Shortest Path Interdiction pp. 527-539 Downloads
Yongjia Song and Siqian Shen
Using GPU Computing for Solving the Two-Dimensional Guillotine Cutting Problem pp. 540-552 Downloads
Marco A. Boschetti, Vittorio Maniezzo and Francesco Strappaveccia
Multistage Adjustable Robust Mixed-Integer Optimization via Iterative Splitting of the Uncertainty Set pp. 553-574 Downloads
Krzysztof Postek and Dick den Hertog
Optimization-Based Very Large-Scale Neighborhood Search for Generalized Assignment Problems with Location/Allocation Considerations pp. 575-588 Downloads
Ahmed Ghoniem, Tulay Flamand and Mohamed Haouari
Exact Solution Methods for a Generalized Assignment Problem with Location/Allocation Considerations pp. 589-602 Downloads
Ahmed Ghoniem, Tulay Flamand and Mohamed Haouari

Volume 28, issue 2, 2016

Dynamic Sampling Allocation and Design Selection pp. 195-208 Downloads
Yijie Peng, Chun-Hung Chen, Michael C. Fu and Jian-Qiang Hu
Cutting Plane Algorithm for Convex Generalized Disjunctive Programs pp. 209-222 Downloads
Francisco Trespalacios and Ignacio E. Grossmann
Importance Sampling for Option Greeks with Discontinuous Payoffs pp. 223-235 Downloads
Shaolong Tong and Guangwu Liu
Providing Consistent Opinions from Online Reviews: A Heuristic Stepwise Optimization Approach pp. 236-250 Downloads
Zunqiang Zhang, Guoqing Chen, Jin Zhang, Xunhua Guo and Qiang Wei
Developing Effective Service Policies for Multiclass Queues with Abandonment: Asymptotic Optimality and Approximate Policy Improvement pp. 251-264 Downloads
Terry James, Kevin Glazebrook and Kyle Lin
Service Provisioning Problem in Cloud and Multi-Cloud Systems pp. 265-277 Downloads
Mauro Passacantando, Danilo Ardagna and Anna Savi
A Commonsense Knowledge-Enabled Textual Analysis Approach for Financial Market Surveillance pp. 278-294 Downloads
Xin Li, Kun Chen, Sherry X. Sun, Terrance Fung, Huaiqing Wang and Daniel D. Zeng
The Minimum Spanning k -Core Problem with Bounded CVaR Under Probabilistic Edge Failures pp. 295-307 Downloads
Juan Ma, Foad Mahdavi Pajouh, Balabhaskar Balasundaram and Vladimir Boginski
Approximation of the Quadratic Knapsack Problem pp. 308-318 Downloads
Ulrich Pferschy and Joachim Schauer
Bilevel Knapsack with Interdiction Constraints pp. 319-333 Downloads
Alberto Caprara, Margarida Carvalho, Andrea Lodi and Gerhard J. Woeginger
Branch-and-Price for Personalized Multiactivity Tour Scheduling pp. 334-350 Downloads
María I. Restrepo, Bernard Gendron and Louis-Martin Rousseau
Sequential Bounding Methods for Two-Stage Stochastic Programs pp. 351-369 Downloads
Alexander H. Gose and Brian T. Denton
The Minimum Expected Penalty Relocation Problem for the Computation of Compliance Tables for Ambulance Vehicles pp. 370-384 Downloads
Thije van Barneveld

Volume 28, issue 1, 2016

Modeling with Metaconstraints and Semantic Typing of Variables pp. 1-13 Downloads
Andre A. Cire, John N. Hooker and Tallys Yunes
A Bucket Indexed Formulation for Nonpreemptive Single Machine Scheduling Problems pp. 14-30 Downloads
Natashia Boland, Riley Clement and Hamish Waterer
Exploiting Binary Floating-Point Representations for Constraint Propagation pp. 31-46 Downloads
Roberto Bagnara, Matthieu Carlier, Roberta Gori and Arnaud Gotlieb
Discrete Optimization with Decision Diagrams pp. 47-66 Downloads
David Bergman, Andre A. Cire, Willem-Jan van Hoeve and J. N. Hooker
Solving the Pricing Problem in a Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Graph Coloring Using Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagrams pp. 67-82 Downloads
David R. Morrison, Edward C. Sewell and Sheldon H. Jacobson
Decomposition Methods for the Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Setups pp. 83-95 Downloads
Tony T. Tran, Arthur Araujo and J. Christopher Beck
An AO* Based Exact Algorithm for the Canadian Traveler Problem pp. 96-111 Downloads
Vural Aksakalli, O. Furkan Sahin and Ibrahim Ari
Multilevel Optimization Modeling for Risk-Averse Stochastic Programming pp. 112-128 Downloads
Jonathan Eckstein, Deniz Eskandani and Jingnan Fan
Classification, Ranking, and Top-K Stability of Recommendation Algorithms pp. 129-147 Downloads
Gediminas Adomavicius and Jingjing Zhang
Application of Submodular Optimization to Single Machine Scheduling with Controllable Processing Times Subject to Release Dates and Deadlines pp. 148-161 Downloads
Akiyoshi Shioura, Natalia V. Shakhlevich and Vitaly A. Strusevich
Robust Critical Node Selection by Benders Decomposition pp. 162-174 Downloads
Joe Naoum-Sawaya and Christoph Buchheim
Dual Inequalities for Stabilized Column Generation Revisited pp. 175-194 Downloads
Timo Gschwind and Stefan Irnich
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