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Volume 65, issue 1, 2017

Supply Function Equilibrium with Taxed Benefits pp. 1-18 Downloads
Keith Ruddell, A. B. Philpott and A. Downward
Robust Product Line Design pp. 19-37 Downloads
Dimitris Bertsimas and Velibor V. Mišić
Optimizing Performance-Based Internet Advertisement Campaigns pp. 38-54 Downloads
Radha Mookerjee, Subodha Kumar and Vijay S. Mookerjee
Cross-Selling Investment Products with a Win-Win Perspective in Portfolio Optimization pp. 55-74 Downloads
Özden Gür Ali, Yalçın Akçay, Serdar Sayman, Emrah Yılmaz and M. Hamdi Özçelik
Information Elicitation and Influenza Vaccine Production pp. 75-96 Downloads
Stephen E. Chick, Sameer Hasija and Javad Nasiry
Technical Note—Path-Dependent and Randomized Strategies in Barberis’ Casino Gambling Model pp. 97-103 Downloads
Xue Dong He, Sang Hu, Jan Obłój and Xun Yu Zhou
Intertemporal Pricing Under Minimax Regret pp. 104-129 Downloads
René Caldentey, Ying Liu and Ilan Lobel
Auctions with Dynamic Costly Information Acquisition pp. 130-144 Downloads
Negin Golrezaei and Hamid Nazerzadeh
Capacity Investment with Demand Learning pp. 145-164 Downloads
Anyan Qi, Hyun-Soo Ahn and Amitabh Sinha
Fare Evasion in Transit Networks pp. 165-183 Downloads
José Correa, Tobias Harks, Vincent J. C. Kreuzen and Jannik Matuschke
The Travelers Route Choice Problem Under Uncertainty: Dominance Relations Between Strategies pp. 184-199 Downloads
Marie Schmidt, Leo Kroon, Anita Schöbel and Paul Bouman
Percentage and Relative Error Measures in Forecast Evaluation pp. 200-211 Downloads
Victor Richmond R. Jose
0/1 Polytopes with Quadratic Chvátal Rank pp. 212-220 Downloads
Thomas Rothvoß and Laura Sanità
Optimal Resource Capacity Management for Stochastic Networks pp. 221-241 Downloads
A. B. Dieker, S. Ghosh and M. S. Squillante
Impact of Delay Announcements in Call Centers: An Empirical Approach pp. 242-265 Downloads
Zeynep Akşin, Baris Ata, Seyed Morteza Emadi and Che-Lin Su
Rank Centrality: Ranking from Pairwise Comparisons pp. 266-287 Downloads
Sahand Negahban, Sewoong Oh and Devavrat Shah

Volume 64, issue 6, 2016

Strong SOCP Relaxations for the Optimal Power Flow Problem pp. 1177-1196 Downloads
Burak Kocuk, Santanu S. Dey and X. Andy Sun
Revealed Preference Tests of Collectively Rational Consumption Behavior: Formulations and Algorithms pp. 1197-1216 Downloads
Fabrice Talla Nobibon, Laurens Cherchye, Yves Crama, Thomas Demuynck, Bram De Rock and Frits C. R. Spieksma
The Cost of Free Spectrum pp. 1217-1229 Downloads
Thành Nguyen, Hang Zhou, Randall A. Berry, Michael L. Honig and Rakesh Vohra
Optimal Cost-Sharing in General Resource Selection Games pp. 1230-1238 Downloads
Vasilis Gkatzelis, Konstantinos Kollias and Tim Roughgarden
Large-Scale Loan Portfolio Selection pp. 1239-1255 Downloads
Justin A. Sirignano, Gerry Tsoukalas and Kay Giesecke
Patrolling a Border pp. 1256-1269 Downloads
Katerina Papadaki, Steve Alpern, Thomas Lidbetter and Alec Morton
Managing Perishable Inventories in Retailing: Replenishment, Clearance Sales, and Segregation pp. 1270-1284 Downloads
Qing Li, Peiwen Yu and Xiaoli Wu
Repairable Stocking and Expediting in a Fluctuating Demand Environment: Optimal Policy and Heuristics pp. 1285-1301 Downloads
Joachim Arts, Rob Basten and Geert-Jan Van Houtum
Continuous-Review ( R, nQ ) Policies for Inventory Systems with Dual Delivery Modes pp. 1302-1319 Downloads
Sean X. Zhou and Chaolin Yang
Supply Chain Coordination with Multiple Shipments: The Optimal Inventory Subsidizing Contracts pp. 1320-1337 Downloads
Shi Chen, Hau Lee and Kamran Moinzadeh
Knowledge You Can Act on: Optimal Policies for Assembly Systems with Expediting and Advance Demand Information pp. 1338-1371 Downloads
Alexandar Angelus and Özalp Özer
Household-Level Economies of Scale in Transportation pp. 1372-1387 Downloads
John Gunnar Carlsson, Mehdi Behroozi, Raghuveer Devulapalli and Xiangfei Meng
Exact Algorithms for Electric Vehicle-Routing Problems with Time Windows pp. 1388-1405 Downloads
Guy Desaulniers, Fausto Errico, Stefan Irnich and Michael Schneider
Least Squares Approximation to the Distribution of Project Completion Times with Gaussian Uncertainty pp. 1406-1421 Downloads
Zhichao Zheng, Karthik Natarajan and Chung-Piaw Teo
Mitigating Uncertainty via Compromise Decisions in Two-Stage Stochastic Linear Programming: Variance Reduction pp. 1422-1437 Downloads
Suvrajeet Sen and Yifan Liu
Optimal Mechanism Design for a Sequencing Problem with Two-Dimensional Types pp. 1438-1450 Downloads
Ruben Hoeksma and Marc Uetz
Augmented Lagrangian Methods for Solving Optimization Problems with Stochastic-Order Constraints pp. 1451-1465 Downloads
Darinka Dentcheva, Gabriela Martinez and Eli Wolfhagen
On the 2-Club Polytope of Graphs pp. 1466-1481 Downloads
Foad Mahdavi Pajouh, Balabhaskar Balasundaram and Illya V. Hicks
Strong Formulations for Multistage Stochastic Self-Scheduling Unit Commitment pp. 1482-1498 Downloads
Kai Pan and Yongpei Guan
Indifference-Zone-Free Selection of the Best pp. 1499-1514 Downloads
Weiwei Fan, L. Jeff Hong and Barry L. Nelson
On the Convergence Rates of Expected Improvement Methods pp. 1515-1528 Downloads
Ilya O. Ryzhov
Dynamic Stochastic Inventory Management with Reference Price Effects pp. 1529-1536 Downloads
Xin Chen, Peng Hu, Stephen Shum and Yuhan Zhang
Decomposable Markov Decision Processes: A Fluid Optimization Approach pp. 1537-1555 Downloads
Dimitris Bertsimas and Velibor V. Mišić
Optimality Gap of Constant-Order Policies Decays Exponentially in the Lead Time for Lost Sales Models pp. 1556-1565 Downloads
Linwei Xin and David A. Goldberg

Volume 64, issue 5, 2016

Preface to the Special Issue on Systemic Risk: Models and Mechanisms pp. 1053-1055 Downloads
Rama Cont, Darrell Duffie, Paul Glasserman, Chris Rogers and Fernando Vega-Redondo
On the Measurement of Economic Tail Risk pp. 1056-1072 Downloads
Steven Kou and Xianhua Peng
When Micro Prudence Increases Macro Risk: The Destabilizing Effects of Financial Innovation, Leverage, and Diversification pp. 1073-1088 Downloads
Fulvio Corsi, Stefano Marmi and Fabrizio Lillo
An Optimization View of Financial Systemic Risk Modeling: Network Effect and Market Liquidity Effect pp. 1089-1108 Downloads
Nan Chen, Xin Liu and David D. Yao
Inhomogeneous Financial Networks and Contagious Links pp. 1109-1120 Downloads
Hamed Amini and Andreea Minca
Liability Concentration and Systemic Losses in Financial Networks pp. 1121-1134 Downloads
Agostino Capponi, Peng-Chu Chen and David D. Yao
To Fully Net or Not to Net: Adverse Effects of Partial Multilateral Netting pp. 1135-1142 Downloads
Hamed Amini, Damir Filipović and Andreea Minca
Hidden Illiquidity with Multiple Central Counterparties pp. 1143-1158 Downloads
Paul Glasserman, Ciamac C. Moallemi and Kai Yuan
Risk in a Large Claims Insurance Market with Bipartite Graph Structure pp. 1159-1176 Downloads
Oliver Kley, Claudia Klüppelberg and Gesine Reinert

Volume 64, issue 4, 2016

Hierarchical Benders Decomposition for Open-Pit Mine Block Sequencing pp. 771-793 Downloads
Thomas W. M. Vossen, R. Kevin Wood and Alexandra M. Newman
Combining Spot and Futures Markets: A Hybrid Market Approach to Dynamic Spectrum Access pp. 794-821 Downloads
Lin Gao, Biying Shou, Ying-Ju Chen and Jianwei Huang
Efficient Advert Assignment pp. 822-837 Downloads
Frank Kelly, Peter Key and Neil Walton
New Formulations for the Conflict Resolution Problem in the Scheduling of Television Commercials pp. 838-848 Downloads
Giovanni Giallombardo, Houyuan Jiang and Giovanna Miglionico
Tax-Aware Dynamic Asset Allocation pp. 849-866 Downloads
Martin Haugh, Garud Iyengar and Chun Wang
Modeling Load and Overwork Effects in Queueing Systems with Adaptive Service Rates pp. 867-885 Downloads
Mohammad Delasay, Armann Ingolfsson and Bora Kolfal
A Markov Chain Approximation to Choice Modeling pp. 886-905 Downloads
Jose Blanchet, Guillermo Gallego and Vineet Goyal
Exact Analysis of Divergent Inventory Systems with Time-Based Shipment Consolidation and Compound Poisson Demand pp. 906-921 Downloads
Olof Stenius, Ayşe Gönül Karaarslan, Johan Marklund and A. G. de Kok
A Cycle-Based Formulation and Valid Inequalities for DC Power Transmission Problems with Switching pp. 922-938 Downloads
Burak Kocuk, Hyemin Jeon, Santanu S. Dey, Jeff Linderoth, James Luedtke and Xu Andy Sun
Solving Chance-Constrained Optimization Problems with Stochastic Quadratic Inequalities pp. 939-957 Downloads
Miguel Lejeune and François Margot
Statistical Optimization in High Dimensions pp. 958-979 Downloads
Huan Xu, Constantine Caramanis and Shie Mannor
Multistage Robust Mixed-Integer Optimization with Adaptive Partitions pp. 980-998 Downloads
Dimitris Bertsimas and Iain Dunning
Robust Control of Partially Observable Failing Systems pp. 999-1014 Downloads
Michael Jong Kim
Unemployment Risks and Optimal Retirement in an Incomplete Market pp. 1015-1032 Downloads
Alain Bensoussan, Bong-Gyu Jang and Seyoung Park
Routing and Staffing When Servers Are Strategic pp. 1033-1050 Downloads
Ragavendran Gopalakrishnan, Sherwin Doroudi, Amy R. Ward and Adam Wierman

Volume 64, issue 3, 2016

Preface to the Special Issue on Information and Decisions in Social and Economic Networks pp. 561-563 Downloads
Edward Anderson, David Gamarnik, Anton Kleywegt and Asuman Ozdaglar
Preferences, Homophily, and Social Learning pp. 564-584 Downloads
Ilan Lobel and Evan Sadler
The Evolution of Beliefs over Signed Social Networks pp. 585-604 Downloads
Guodong Shi, Alexandre Proutiere, Mikael Johansson, John S. Baras and Karl H. Johansson
Learning to Coordinate in Social Networks pp. 605-621 Downloads
Pooya Molavi, Ceyhun Eksin, Alejandro Ribeiro and Ali Jadbabaie
Technical Note—Coordination with Local Information pp. 622-637 Downloads
Munther A. Dahleh, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, John N. Tsitsiklis and Spyros I. Zoumpoulis
Competitive Equilibria in Two-Sided Matching Markets with General Utility Functions pp. 638-645 Downloads
Saeed Alaei, Kamal Jain and Azarakhsh Malekian
Delay in Trade Networks pp. 646-661 Downloads
Thành Nguyen, Vijay Subramanian and Randall Berry
Online Discrete Optimization in Social Networks in the Presence of Knightian Uncertainty pp. 662-679 Downloads
Maxim Raginsky and Angelia Nedić
Distributed Algorithms for Aggregative Games on Graphs pp. 680-704 Downloads
Jayash Koshal, Angelia Nedić and Uday V. Shanbhag
Competitive Targeted Advertising Over Networks pp. 705-720 Downloads
Kostas Bimpikis, Asuman Ozdaglar and Ercan Yildiz
Targeted Information Release in Social Networks pp. 721-735 Downloads
Junjie Zhou and Ying-Ju Chen
Finding Rumor Sources on Random Trees pp. 736-755 Downloads
Devavrat Shah and Tauhid Zaman
Online Collaborative Filtering on Graphs pp. 756-769 Downloads
Siddhartha Banerjee, Sujay Sanghavi and Sanjay Shakkottai

Volume 64, issue 2, 2016

Optimizing Flow Thinning Protection in Multicommodity Networks with Variable Link Capacity pp. 273-289 Downloads
Michał Pióro, Yoann Fouquet, Dritan Nace and Michael Poss
Technical Note—Intertemporal Price Discrimination via Reference Price Effects pp. 290-296 Downloads
Zizhuo Wang
Handling Discontinuities in Financial Engineering: Good Path Simulation and Smoothing pp. 297-314 Downloads
Xiaoqun Wang
When Is Information Sufficient for Action? Search with Unreliable yet Informative Intelligence pp. 315-328 Downloads
Michael Atkinson, Moshe Kress and Rutger-Jan Lange
Technical Note—Nonlinear Pricing Competition with Private Capacity Information pp. 329-340 Downloads
Hamid Nazerzadeh and Georgia Perakis
Supply Allocation Under Sequential Advance Demand Information pp. 341-361 Downloads
Felix Papier
Technical Note—Nonparametric Data-Driven Algorithms for Multiproduct Inventory Systems with Censored Demand pp. 362-370 Downloads
Cong Shi, Weidong Chen and Izak Duenyas
Inducing Environmental Disclosures: A Dynamic Mechanism Design Approach pp. 371-389 Downloads
Shouqiang Wang, Peng Sun and Francis de Véricourt
Compensating for Dynamic Supply Disruptions: Backup Flexibility Design pp. 390-405 Downloads
Soroush Saghafian and Mark P. Van Oyen
Price and Lead Time Quotation for Contract and Spot Customers pp. 406-415 Downloads
A. Baykal Hafızoğlu, Esma S. Gel and Pınar Keskinocak
Sparse Process Flexibility Designs: Is the Long Chain Really Optimal? pp. 416-431 Downloads
Antoine Désir, Vineet Goyal, Yehua Wei and Jiawei Zhang
Technical Note—Approximation Algorithms for Perishable Inventory Systems with Setup Costs pp. 432-440 Downloads
Huanan Zhang, Cong Shi and Xiuli Chao
Optimal Pricing for a Multinomial Logit Choice Model with Network Effects pp. 441-455 Downloads
Chenhao Du, William L. Cooper and Zizhuo Wang
Erratum—Exact Algorithms for the Clustered Vehicle Routing Problem pp. 456-457 Downloads
Maaike Hoogeboom, Maria Battarra, Güneş Erdoǧan and Daniele Vigo
Supply Chain Management with Online Customer Selection pp. 458-473 Downloads
Adam N. Elmachtoub and Retsef Levi
Robust Optimization of Sums of Piecewise Linear Functions with Application to Inventory Problems pp. 474-494 Downloads
Amir Ardestani-Jaafari and Erick Delage
Simulation of Tempered Stable Lévy Bridges and Its Applications pp. 495-509 Downloads
Kyoung-Kuk Kim and Sojung Kim
Rate-Based Daily Arrival Process Models with Application to Call Centers pp. 510-527 Downloads
Boris N. Oreshkin, Nazim Réegnard and Pierre L’Ecuyer
Rectangular Sets of Probability Measures pp. 528-541 Downloads
Alexander Shapiro
Bayesian Optimization via Simulation with Pairwise Sampling and Correlated Prior Beliefs pp. 542-559 Downloads
Jing Xie, Peter I. Frazier and Stephen E. Chick

Volume 64, issue 1, 2016

Introduction to the OR Forum Article: “An Algorithmic Approach to Linear Regression” pp. 1-1 Downloads
Edieal J. Pinker
OR Forum—An Algorithmic Approach to Linear Regression pp. 2-16 Downloads
Dimitris Bertsimas and Angela King
Critical Review of Pricing Schemes in Markets with Non-Convex Costs pp. 17-31 Downloads
George Liberopoulos and Panagiotis Andrianesis
Multistage Adaptive Robust Optimization for the Unit Commitment Problem pp. 32-51 Downloads
Álvaro Lorca, X. Andy Sun, Eugene Litvinov and Tongxin Zheng
Efficient Feed-In-Tariff Policies for Renewable Energy Technologies pp. 52-66 Downloads
Saed Alizamir, Francis de Véricourt and Peng Sun
The Empirical Implications of Privacy-Aware Choice pp. 67-78 Downloads
Rachel Cummings, Federico Echenique and Adam Wierman
The Exponomial Choice Model: A New Alternative for Assortment and Price Optimization pp. 79-93 Downloads
Aydın Alptekinoğlu and John H. Semple
Technical Note—Impact of Inventory on Quota-Bonus Contracts with Rent Sharing pp. 94-98 Downloads
Tinglong Dai and Kinshuk Jerath
Positive Eigenfunctions of Markovian Pricing Operators: Hansen-Scheinkman Factorization, Ross Recovery, and Long-Term Pricing pp. 99-117 Downloads
Likuan Qin and Vadim Linetsky
Joint Inventory and Markdown Management for Perishable Goods with Strategic Consumer Behavior pp. 118-134 Downloads
Peng Hu, Stephen Shum and Man Yu
Technical Note—Sequential Multiproduct Price Competition in Supply Chain Networks pp. 135-149 Downloads
Awi Federgruen and Ming Hu
Technical Note—Dynamic Pricing with Gain-Seeking Reference Price Effects pp. 150-157 Downloads
Zhenyu Hu, Xin Chen and Peng Hu
Technical Note—A Note on Relaxations of the Choice Network Revenue Management Dynamic Program pp. 158-166 Downloads
Sumit Kunnumkal and Kalyan Talluri
The Newsvendor under Demand Ambiguity: Combining Data with Moment and Tail Information pp. 167-185 Downloads
Soroush Saghafian and Brian Tomlin
Routing Optimization Under Uncertainty pp. 186-200 Downloads
Patrick Jaillet, Jin Qi and Melvyn Sim
Stadium Norm and Douglas-Rachford Splitting: A New Approach to Road Design Optimization pp. 201-218 Downloads
Heinz H. Bauschke, Valentin R. Koch and Hung M. Phan
Near-Optimal Algorithms for the Assortment Planning Problem Under Dynamic Substitution and Stochastic Demand pp. 219-235 Downloads
Vineet Goyal, Retsef Levi and Danny Segev
Marginal Values and Returns to Scale for Nonparametric Production Frontiers pp. 236-250 Downloads
Victor V. Podinovski, Robert G. Chambers, Kazim Baris Atici and Iryna D. Deineko
Contingent Preannounced Pricing Policies with Strategic Consumers pp. 251-272 Downloads
José Correa, Ricardo Montoya and Charles Thraves
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