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Volume 60, issue 5, 2017

Letter from the Editor pp. 401-404 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
A ‘High-Pressure Economy’ Can Boost Productivity pp. 405-423 Downloads
Josh Bivens
How Exceptional Is the U.S. Social Welfare System? pp. 424-440 Downloads
Thomas L. Hungerford
Cultural and Structural Perspectives on Poverty pp. 441-448 Downloads
Mildred Rein
Political Education for a Fairer Economy pp. 449-454 Downloads
Herbert J. Gans
Africa and Europe: Toward a New Beginning pp. 455-489 Downloads
Roland Benedikter
The Science and Politics of Global Warming pp. 490-492 Downloads
Mike Sharpe

Volume 60, issue 4, 2017

Letter from the Editor pp. 325-326 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
Job Collapse on the Road to New Athens pp. 327-346 Downloads
Amitai Etzioni
Politics, Not Economics, Ultimately Drives Inequality pp. 347-367 Downloads
Jon D. Wisman
Trump’s Neocon Neoliberalism Camouflaged with Anti-Globalization Circus pp. 368-374 Downloads
Thomas Palley
The European Union at 60: Why There Is Hope pp. 375-385 Downloads
Roland Benedikter and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski
Paying for the Trump Wall Boondoggle pp. 386-396 Downloads
Bob Carbaugh and Toni Sipic
Jobs for Factory Workers? pp. 397-399 Downloads
Mike Sharpe

Volume 60, issue 3, 2017

Letter from the Editor pp. 225-227 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
Public Opinion and Trump’s Jobs and Trade Policies pp. 228-244 Downloads
Robert J. Blendon, Logan S. Casey and John M. Benson
The Clear and Present Threat to Social Security and Medicare pp. 245-267 Downloads
Nancy J. Altman and Eric R. Kingson
How to Protect Work and Wages in America pp. 268-278 Downloads
Andrew Stettner
The Natural Rights We Must Protect pp. 279-286 Downloads
Richard Parker
The Century’s Giant: An Obituary of Economist Kenneth Arrow pp. 287-293 Downloads
Gavin Wright
Europe’s Refugee and Migrant Crisis: Economic and Political Ambivalences pp. 294-320 Downloads
Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski and Roland Benedikter
The Future of Humanity pp. 321-324 Downloads
Mike Sharpe

Volume 60, issue 2, 2017

Letter from the Editor pp. 101-103 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
Trumponomics: Should We Just Say “No”? pp. 104-121 Downloads
Gerald Epstein
The Many Consequences of Repealing Obamacare pp. 122-140 Downloads
Merrill Goozner
Financial Transactions Taxes: Potential Revenue and Economic Implications pp. 141-170 Downloads
Dean Baker
On the Labor Theory of Property: Is the Problem Distribution or Predistribution? pp. 171-188 Downloads
David Ellerman
The Greek Crisis: A Gandhian Perspective pp. 189-222 Downloads
Arvind Ashta and Christine Sinapi
The Story of President Donald Strump pp. 223-224 Downloads
Mike Sharpe

Volume 60, issue 1, 2017

Letter from the Editor pp. 1-3 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
Private Debt and Public Debility pp. 4-26 Downloads
Daniel Alpert and Robert Hockett
The “Natural” Interest Rate and Secular Stagnation: Loanable Funds Macro Models Don't Fit Today’s Institutions or Data pp. 27-39 Downloads
Lance Taylor
Building Middle-Class Wealth Through Unions pp. 40-50 Downloads
Christian E. Weller, David Madland and Alex Rowell
Proposals for International Tax Reform: Problem or Opportunity? pp. 51-55 Downloads
Reuven S. Avi-Yonah
Innovative Financing for Infrastructure (and Climate Change): Savings Surpluses for Investment Deficits pp. 56-82 Downloads
Akbar Noman
The Ethics of Offshoring pp. 83-97 Downloads
William A. Douglas
World War II on the Home Front pp. 98-100 Downloads
Mike Sharpe

Volume 59, issue 6, 2016

The Public Bank Movement: A Response to Local Economic Development and Infrastructure Needs in Three U.S. States pp. 461-479 Downloads
Deborah M. Figart and Mariam Majd
Iceland’s New Constitution Is Not Solely a Local Concern pp. 480-490 Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
Another Road to Serfdom pp. 491-518 Downloads
John Komlos
Barack Obama Reconsidered Again pp. 519-521 Downloads
Mike Sharpe
Editorial Board EOV pp. ebi-ebi Downloads
The Editors

Volume 59, issue 5, 2016

Letter from the Editor pp. 369-371 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
Reinvigorate Apprenticeships in America to Expand Good Jobs and Reduce Inequality pp. 372-389 Downloads
Robert I. Lerman
Making Apprenticeships Profitable for Firms and Apprentices: The Swiss Model pp. 390-404 Downloads
Samuel Muehlemann
Apprenticeship in Canada: An Increasingly Viable Pathway? pp. 405-421 Downloads
Morley Gunderson and Harry Krashinsky
The Growth of Apprenticeship in England: Doubts Beneath the Numbers pp. 422-433 Downloads
Alison Fuller
Trafficking of Women and Girls for Sex Trade from Nepal to India pp. 434-458 Downloads
Siddhartha Sarkar
Invest in Infrastructure pp. 459-460 Downloads
Mike Sharpe

Volume 59, issue 4, 2016

Letter from the Editor pp. 261-264 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
The U.S. Economy Can Grow Faster pp. 265-278 Downloads
Josh Bivens
We’re Not Broke: America’s Real Spending Problem and How to Fix It pp. 279-297 Downloads
Thomas L. Hungerford
‘The People’s Budget’: Analysis of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget for Fiscal Year 2017 pp. 298-326 Downloads
Hunter Blair
Cyclical Misconceptions Driving Policy Mistakes: Keys to the Productivity Puzzle pp. 327-344 Downloads
Anirvan Banerji and Lakshman Achuthan
The IMF’s Lost Influence in the 21st Century and Its Implications pp. 345-360 Downloads
Mark Weisbrot
The National Economy and Mainstream Economics: A Sociologist’s Take on the Economy and Mainstream Economics pp. 361-365 Downloads
Herbert J. Gans
Inferior People pp. 366-367 Downloads
Mike Sharpe

Volume 59, issue 3, 2016

Letter from the Editor pp. 155-156 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
Can We Develop Enough Skills for a Robust Manufacturing Industry? pp. 157-177 Downloads
Robert I. Lerman
The Triple Challenge for Europe: The Economy, Climate Change, and Governance pp. 178-204 Downloads
Jan Fagerberg, Staffan Laestadius and Ben R. Martin
“Keep It in the Ground.” The Paris Agreement and the Renewal of the Energy Economy: Toward an Alternative Future for Globalized Resource Policy? pp. 205-222 Downloads
Roland Benedikter, Kjell Kühne, Ariane Benedikter and Giovanni Atzeni
Back to the Future of Economics pp. 223-233 Downloads
James Cicarelli and Andy Kubis
The Second Ukrainian Transition: From Oligarch Economy to a Sustainable Development Model pp. 234-257 Downloads
Pasquale Tridico and Iryna Zhak
Obama Reconsidered pp. 258-259 Downloads
Mike Sharpe
Corrigendum pp. 260-260 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 59, issue 2, 2016

Letter from the Editor pp. 63-64 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
Innovative Enterprise or Sweatshop Economics?: In Search of Foundations of Economic Analysis pp. 65-114 Downloads
William Lazonick
Does Full Employment Cause Inflation? pp. 115-119 Downloads
William A. Douglas
The Future of Resources pp. 120-125 Downloads
Roland Benedikter
Falling Short: The Roots of the Coming U.S. Retirement Crisis pp. 126-147 Downloads
Charles Ellis, Alicia Munnell and Andrew Eschtruth
Reducing Economic Inequality: A Bottom-Up Approach pp. 148-152 Downloads
Herbert J. Gans
The Decline of Unions, the Rise of Inequality pp. 153-154 Downloads
Mike Sharpe

Volume 59, issue 1, 2016

Letter from the Editor pp. 1-3 Downloads
Jeff Madrick
Income Inequality: The Public and the Partisan Divide pp. 4-11 Downloads
Robert J. Blendon and John M. Benson
Keynes’s Early Work on Monetary Policy pp. 12-21 Downloads
Eric Rauchway
Beyond Bancor pp. 22-34 Downloads
Perry Mehrling
The End of Laissez-Faire, the End of History, and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions pp. 35-46 Downloads
Ravi Kanbur
“Transhumanism”: A New Global Political Trend? pp. 47-59 Downloads
Roland Benedikter and Katja Siepmann
The United States Past and Present: The Battle Between Private and Public Interests and What Might Happen in the Future pp. 60-61 Downloads
Mike Sharpe
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