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Volume 16, issue 7, 2020

Empirical Analysis on Understanding of Financial Products pp. 1-25 Downloads
Hiroshi Fujiki
Japanese Asset Formation and Financial Literacy pp. 1-19 Downloads
Shizuka Sekita
Design of an Institutional Framework for Asset Formation by the Japanese People and the “Fiduciary Duty” of Financial Business Operators pp. 1-26 Downloads
Nobuko Matsumoto

Volume 16, issue 6, 2020

Relationship between School Attendance Support and Academic Performance:An Analysis of Panel Data from Adachi Ward pp. 1-22 Downloads
Haruko Noguchi, Shun-ichiro Bessho, Koichi Ushijima, Akira Kawamura and Ryuichi Tanaka
Building an Administrative Database of Children pp. 1-20 Downloads
Shun-ichiro Bessho, Haruko Noguchi, Ryuichi Tanaka, Koichi Ushijima and Akira Kawamura
Accountability in Education and Recognition of Bullying: An Analysis of Municipality-Level Data in Tokyo pp. 1-26 Downloads
Ryuichi Tanaka, Shun-ichiro Bessho and Atsuyoshi Morozumi
School Quality and Residential Property Values: A Review of Recent Developments and Applications pp. 1-23 Downloads
Michio Naoi

Volume 16, issue 5, 2020

FTAs in WTO Dispute Settlement pp. 1-18 Downloads
Kenta Hirami
Dynamics Between Multilateralism and Regionalism in Relation to Trade Liberalization and Culture pp. 1-15 Downloads
Satoshi Kodera
Possibility of Developing and Expanding the Regulation of Subsidies through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): ―Analysis Focusing on a Trend in FTAs Concluded by the EU― pp. 1-33 Downloads
Takemasa Sekine
Current State of Diversity and Complexity of Preferential Rules of Origin and Moves toward Convergence: —Role of Multilateral Frameworks in Simplification of Preferential Rules of Origin— pp. 1-39 Downloads
Jitsuya Hasegawa
Various Aspects of Treaty Frameworks Related to Free Trade in the Modern International Community Dynamism of Trade Liberalization Negotiations: —Interaction between Multilateral, Plurilateral, Bilateral and Regional Liberalizations— pp. 1-20 Downloads
Junji Nakagawa
Characteristics of the Process for Securing Compliance with Labour and Environmental Provisions Included in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) pp. 1-34 Downloads
Kohei Akiyama
Procedural and Normative Competition between the WTO’s Dispute Settlement and the Investor-State Arbitration: Focusing on the National Treatment Principle pp. 1-23 Downloads
Tomoko Yamashita

Volume 16, issue 4, 2020

AI/Fintech and Asset Management Businesses pp. 1-28 Downloads
Yasuyuki Kato
FinTech Trends in the United States: Implications for Household Finance pp. 1-32 Downloads
Ross Hikida and Jason Perry
The Macroeconomic Effects of Fintech pp. 1-19 Downloads
Naoyuki Yoshino and Sahoko Kaji
An Overview of Online Alternative Finance pp. 1-19 Downloads
Masahiro Fukuhara
The Latest in Fintech in Japan pp. 1-37 Downloads
Masayori Shoji

Volume 16, issue 3, 2020

The Financial Situation in China: Issues and Challenges pp. 1-29 Downloads
Naito Jiro
Politics under Xi Jinping: Centralization and its Implications pp. 1-21 Downloads
Kazuko Kozima
China’s Unfinished Ownership Reform: Privatization and a Fair and Competitive Environment Remain to be Achieved pp. 1-26 Downloads
Chi Hung Kwan

Volume 16, issue 2, 2020

Factors driving International Capital Flows and the Change after the Global Financial Crisis pp. 163-196 Downloads
Masahiro Inoguchi
Deciding Factors in the Return on Foreign Direct Investment: ―A Comparison between Japan and the United States― pp. 197-222 Downloads
Sanae Ohno and Yui Suzuki
Japanese Companies’ Overseas Business Expansion and Impacts of Changes in Exchange Rate pp. 223-248 Downloads
Eiji Ogawa, Naoki Shinada and Masakazu Sato

Volume 16, issue 1, 2020

Production Networks and Unbundling: Reformulating the Conceptual Framework in Theory, Empirics, and Policy Discussion pp. 1-16 Downloads
Fukunari Kimura
Expansion and Deepening of Production Networks pp. 17-46 Downloads
Ayako Obashi
Production Networks and Less Developed ASEAN Countries’ Export Growth pp. 47-72 Downloads
Misa Okabe
Production Networks and “The Great Convergence” pp. 73-94 Downloads
Tadashi Ito
Production Networks and Technology Transfer: ―Empirical Analysis Based on Survey Data for Companies in Southeast Asia― pp. 95-120 Downloads
Yasushi Ueki
Production Networks and Utilization of Free Trade Agreements by Japanese Subsidiaries in ASEAN pp. 121-134 Downloads
Kazunobu Hayakawa
Further Development of International Production Networks and Job Reallocation in Japan pp. 135-162 Downloads
Mitsuyo Ando

Volume 15, issue 1, 2019

The Effects of Japan’s Unconventional Monetary Policy on Asian Stock Markets pp. 1-20 Downloads
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Effects of Financialization of Energy Markets on International Capital Flows in Emerging Economies pp. 21-34 Downloads
Tokuo Iwaisako and Huan Li
Crude Oil Prices, Capital Flows, and Emerging Economies pp. 35-68 Downloads
Kentaro Iwatsubo and Satoru Ogasawara
The Malaysian Economy after the Global Financial Crisis: International Capital Flows, Exchange Rates, and Policy Responses pp. 69-98 Downloads
So Umezaki
International Capital Flows and Vulnerabilities of the Indonesian Economy pp. 99-120 Downloads
Miki Hamada
China’s Economic Growth and International Capital Flows pp. 121-150 Downloads
Qing-yuan Sui
Spillover Effects of Asian Financial Markets on the Global Markets pp. 151-174 Downloads
Mariko Tanaka and Shin-ichi Fukuda

Volume 14, issue 5, 2018

Quantity and Quality Measures of Financial Development: Implications for Macroeconomic Performance pp. 803-834 Downloads
Hiro Ito and Masahiro Kawai
Integration of Financial Markets in Japan and Asia —Financial Deepening in Asia due to Japanese Banks’ Entry— pp. 835-870 Downloads
Mitsuru Yaguchi, Ayako Yamaguchi and Koji Sakuma
Issues Facing Renminbi Internationalization: Observations from Chinese,regional and global perspectives pp. 871-900 Downloads
Chi Hung Kwan
Aladdin D Rillo
Infrastructure Investment and Finance in Asia pp. 925-954 Downloads
Toshiro Nishizawa
Development of Asian Bond Markets and Challenges: Keys to Market Expansion pp. 955-1000 Downloads
Satoshi Shimizu
Quest for Financial Stability in East Asia: Establishment of an Independent Surveillance Unit “AMRO” and Its Future Challenges pp. 1001-1024 Downloads
Akkharaphol Chabchitrchaidol, Satoshi Nakagawa and Yoichi Nemoto

Volume 14, issue 4, 2018

Macro-model analysis of Japan’s economic and fiscal conditions: Analysis by the Office of Econometric Analysis for Fiscal and Economic Policy, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance pp. 527-540 Downloads
Takahide Koike, Katsuyuki Hasegawa, Takeshi Kogawa, Daisuke Ishikawa and Daizo Kojima
Japan’s Long-Term Care Cost Projections: Comparison with the European Commission Ageing Report pp. 541-562 Downloads
Seika Akemura and Daizo Kojima
What Causes Errors in Projections of Medical and Long-term Care Expenses? pp. 563-584 Downloads
Yuki Demizu, Daizo Kojima and Takahide Koike
The Effects of Capital Taxation Using Dynamic Macro-Econometric Model of the Japanese Economy ―Simulation Analysis Including Households without Financial Assets― pp. 585-612 Downloads
Daisuke Ishikawa, Dun-Yen Wang and Masahiko Nakazawa
Policy Simulation of Government Expenditure and Taxation Based on the DSGE Model pp. 613-640 Downloads
Go Kotera and Saisuke Sakai
Accuracy and speed of the solution methods for sovereign default models: The stable performance of the Tauchen method and cubic spline interpolation pp. 641-662 Downloads
Takefumi Yamazaki
Japan’s Inequality and Redistribution: The Perspectives of Human Capital and Taxation/Social Insurance pp. 663-690 Downloads
Masakazu Kumakura and Daizo Kojima
The Saving Behavior of Elderly People in Japan: Analysis Based on Micro-Data from the National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure pp. 691-730 Downloads
Masahiko Nakazawa, Kazuaki Kikuta and Yasutaka Yoneta
Estimation of Inheritance Taxation Using Micro Data from the National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure pp. 731-764 Downloads
Shun Hioki
The Discrepancy Between the Household Saving Rates in Micro and Macro Statistics: An Adjustment Method pp. 765-776 Downloads
Takashi Unayama and Yasutaka Yoneta
Decomposition Approach on Changes in Redistributive Effects of Taxes and Social Insurance Premiums pp. 777-802 Downloads
Taro Ohno, Takahiro Kodama and Ryutaro Matsumoto

Volume 14, issue 3, 2018

Companies’ Financial Surpluses and Cash/Deposit Holdings pp. 369-396 Downloads
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Corporate Financial Surpluses and Allocation of Internal Cash Flow in Japan: Microdata Analysis by Enterprise Size Based on Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry pp. 397-432 Downloads
Jun-Ichi Nakamura
Analyzing Determinants of Corporate Investment Behavior: Progress in Investment Diversification and Roles of Internal Funds pp. 433-460 Downloads
Masaharu Hanazaki and Tetsuya Hada
Geographical Distribution of Firm Structure and Capital Investment: Cases of Major Japanese Exporters pp. 461-488 Downloads
Satoshi Koibuchi and Mizuki Goto
Entrepreneurship and capital investment: another explanation for the slump in capital investment under deflation pp. 489-510 Downloads
Shin-ichi Fukuda, Munehisa Kasuya and Masayuki Keida
Firms’ Liquidity Assets and Workers’ Claims pp. 511-526 Downloads
Mariko Tanaka

Volume 14, issue 2, 2018

What needs to be done of personal income tax of Japan? A perspective for reform under deflation and aging population pp. 217-244 Downloads
Eiji Tajika and Hiroyuki Yashio
National Burden and Economic Inequality: Micro-Simulation Analysis pp. 245-266 Downloads
Masumi Kawade
Women fs Labor Supply and Taxation?Analysis of the Current Situation Using Data? pp. 267-300 Downloads
Izumi Yokoyama and Naomi Kodama
New Developments in Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Income Tax Policy ?How to Address Income Shifting from Labor to Capital Income Tax Base? pp. 301-324 Downloads
Eiji Tajika and Hiroyuki Yashio
Corporate Tax Incidence: Is Labor Bearing the Burden of Corporate Tax? pp. 325-346 Downloads
Masaki Hotei
Regional Inequality in Fiscal Capacity and Allocation of Tax Sources: Do Local Allocation Taxes Correct the Inequality? pp. 347-368 Downloads
Takeshi Miyazaki

Volume 14, issue 1, 2018

The Analysis on Disparities of Fertility Rate of Japanese Municipalities pp. 1-24 Downloads
Hisakazu Kato
Population Decline, Employment and Prosperity: Setting the Conditions for Quality Job Creation in All Regions of Japan pp. 25-52 Downloads
Sylvain Giguere
Study on Optimal Location of Long-term Care Facilities?Under the Conditions of a Depopulating and Super-aging Society, with Use of GIS (geographical information system) Data: A case example of Niigata City pp. 53-80 Downloads
Kazumasa Oguro and Keisuke Hirakata
Estimates of the Future Number of Companies by Region pp. 81-114 Downloads
Yoshiaki Murakami, Naomi Kodama and Yoshio Higuchi
Development of a Method for Analyzing the Regional Economic Cycle and Case Study ?a New Method for Analyzing Regional Economies in Regional Revitalization? pp. 115-152 Downloads
Kiyoshi Yamasaki, Akiho Sahara and Katsuya Yamada
Key Factors in Determining Internal Migration to Rural Areas and Its Promoting Measures ? A Case Study of Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture pp. 153-176 Downloads
Young-Jun Lee and Hiroaki Sugiura
Aging of Large Cities and Medical and Nursing Care Issues: Estimate of Future Numbers of Doctors and Hospital Beds and Future Facility Capacity Based on Trend Data pp. 177-216 Downloads
Tai Takahashi, Teppei Watanabe and Ryohei Kato
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