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Volume 29, issue 5, 2018

Responsible sharing of articles published in Behavioral Ecology pp. 1003-1003 Downloads
Leigh W Simmons
Dear enemies or nasty neighbors? Causes and consequences of variation in the responses of group-living species to territorial intrusions pp. 1004-1013 Downloads
Charlotte Christensen and Andrew N Radford
Where, who, and when? Key drivers of territorial responses: a comment on Christensen and Radford pp. 1014-1014 Downloads
Peter K McGregor and Mark A Bee
Criteria for studies of dear enemy and nasty neighbor effects: a comment on Christensen and Radford pp. 1015-1016 Downloads
Judy A Stamps
Dynamic conflict among heterogeneous groups: a comment on Christensen and Radford pp. 1016-1017 Downloads
Faye J Thompson and Michael A Cant
Mating and/or social system to explain territorial responses: a comment on Christensen and Radford pp. 1017-1018 Downloads
Bart Kranstauber and Marta B Manser
The importance of understanding costs and benefits: a comment on Christensen and Radford pp. 1018-1019 Downloads
Amanda R Ridley and Melanie O Mirville
Variation in group territorial behavior: a response to comments on Christensen and Radford pp. 1019-1020 Downloads
Andrew N Radford and Charlotte Christensen
Internal acoustic structuring in pied babbler recruitment cries specifies the form of recruitment pp. 1021-1030 Downloads
Sabrina Engesser, Amanda R Ridley, Marta B Manser, Andri Manser and Simon W Townsend
High male density favors maintenance over reproduction in a butterfly pp. 1031-1037 Downloads
Rina Geiger, Michaël Beaulieu, Kristin Franke and Klaus Fischer
Nest defensibility decreases home-range size in central place foragers pp. 1038-1045 Downloads
Thomas K Lameris, Joel S Brown, Erik Kleyheeg, Patrick A Jansen and Frank van Langevelde
Context-specific learning and its implications for social learning pp. 1046-1055 Downloads
Noa Truskanov, Rimon Shy and Arnon Lotem
Female ornamentation is associated with elevated aggression and testosterone in a tropical songbird pp. 1056-1066 Downloads
Erik D Enbody, Jordan Boersma, Hubert Schwabl and Jordan Karubian
Competition decreases with relatedness and lek size in mole crickets: a role for kin selection? pp. 1067-1074 Downloads
Kit T Keane, Warren Booth, Daniel R Howard, Timothy M J Golden and Peggy S M Hill
A chorus of color: hierarchical and graded information content of rapid color change signals in chameleons pp. 1075-1087 Downloads
Russell A Ligon and Kevin J McGraw
Let the most motivated win: resource value components affect contest outcome in a parasitoid wasp pp. 1088-1095 Downloads
Anthony G E Mathiron, Patrice Pottier and Marlène Goubault
Sexual selection across sensory modalities: female choice of male behavioral and gustatory displays pp. 1096-1104 Downloads
Jacob D Berson and Leigh W Simmons
Organization enhances collective vigilance in the hovering guards of Tetragonisca angustula bees pp. 1105-1112 Downloads
Kyle Shackleton, Denise A Alves and Francis L W Ratnieks
Quick-change artists: male guppies pay no cost to repeatedly adjust their sexual strategies pp. 1113-1123 Downloads
Martina Magris, Gianluca Chimetto, Sofia Rizzi and Andrea Pilastro
Vegetation structure mediates a shift in predator avoidance behavior in a range-edge population pp. 1124-1131 Downloads
Cora A Johnston and Rachel S Smith
Larval pheromones act as colony-wide regulators of collective foraging behavior in honeybees pp. 1132-1141 Downloads
R Ma, G Villar, C M Grozinger and J Rangel
No evidence for parent–offspring competition in the burying beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides pp. 1142-1149 Downloads
Francesca E Gray, Jon Richardson, Tom Ratz and Per T Smiseth
Mate-copying for a costly variant in Drosophila melanogaster females pp. 1150-1156 Downloads
Sabine Nöbel, Etienne Danchin and Guillaume Isabel
Body stores persist as fitness correlate in a long-distance migrant released from food constraints pp. 1157-1166 Downloads
Adriaan M Dokter, Wimke Fokkema, Steven K Bekker, Willem Bouten, Barwolt S Ebbinge, Gerard Müskens, Han Olff, Henk P van der Jeugd and Bart A Nolet
Genomic analysis of MHC-based mate choice in the monogamous California mouse pp. 1167-1180 Downloads
Jesyka Meléndez-Rosa, Ke Bi and Eileen A Lacey
Effects of experimental anthropogenic noise on avian settlement patterns and reproductive success pp. 1181-1189 Downloads
Allison S Injaian, Lauren Y Poon and Gail L Patricelli
Experimental cross-fostering of eggs reveals effects of territory quality on reproductive allocation pp. 1190-1198 Downloads
Dylan M Poorboy, E Keith Bowers, Scott K Sakaluk and Charles F Thompson

Volume 29, issue 4, 2018

When should receivers follow multiple signal components? A closer look at the “flag” model pp. e6-e8 Downloads
Tom N Sherratt and Øistein H Holen
Reply to Sherratt and Holen: Goldilocks and the half-empty glass pp. e9-e10 Downloads
David W Stephens
On the role of male competition in speciation: a review and research agenda pp. 783-797 Downloads
Robin M Tinghitella, Alycia C R Lackey, Michael Martin, Peter D Dijkstra, Jonathan P Drury, Robert Heathcote, Jason Keagy, Elizabeth S C Scordato and Alexandra M Tyers
The research bias is unfortunate but also unsurprising: a comment on Tinghitella et al pp. 798-798 Downloads
Erin L McCullough and Douglas J Emlen
What is the role of competition among pairs in speciation?: a comment on Tinghitella et al pp. 799-799 Downloads
Topi K Lehtonen
Sperm competition, sexual conflict, and speciation: a comment on Tinghitella et al pp. 800-800 Downloads
Leigh W Simmons
When does male competition foster speciation?: a comment on Tinghitella et al pp. 801-802 Downloads
Janette W Boughman
Divergence is not speciation, or why we need females: a comment on Tinghitella et al pp. 801-801 Downloads
Emily R Burdfield-Steel and David M Shuker
A major player need not be the only player in speciation: a response to comments on Tinghitella et al pp. 802-803 Downloads
Robin M Tinghitella, Alycia C R Lackey, Michael D Martin, Peter D Dijkstra, Jonathan P Drury, Robert J P Heathcote, Jason Keagy, Elizabeth S C Scordato and Alexandra M Tyers
Macronutrient signature of dietary generalism in an ecologically diverse primate in the wild pp. 804-813 Downloads
Zhen-Wei Cui, Zhen-Long Wang, Qi Shao, David Raubenheimer and Ji-Qi Lu
The influence of environmental variance on the evolution of signaling behavior pp. 814-820 Downloads
Cody Koykka and Geoff Wild
Song recognition and heterospecific associations between 2 fairy-wren species (Maluridae) pp. 821-832 Downloads
Allison E Johnson, Christina Masco and Stephen Pruett-Jones
Odor alters color preference in a foraging jumping spider pp. 833-839 Downloads
Michael E Vickers and Lisa A Taylor
Elevation-related difference in serial reversal learning ability in a nonscatter hoarding passerine pp. 840-847 Downloads
Ethan Hermer, Maxime Cauchoix, Alexis S Chaine and Julie Morand-Ferron
Aggressive spiders make the wrong decision in a difficult task pp. 848-854 Downloads
Chia-chen Chang, Zhi Yun Lim, Danielle A Klomp, Yusoff Norma-Rashid and Daiqin Li
Does the presence of an odd individual affect group choice? pp. 855-861 Downloads
Fausto G Quattrini, Redouan Bshary and Dominique G Roche
Niche separation, ontogeny, and heterospecific alarm responses in centrarchid sunfish pp. 862-868 Downloads
Jigang Xia, Chris K Elvidge and Steven J Cooke
Social context alters host behavior and infection risk pp. 869-875 Downloads
Carl N Keiser, Volker H W Rudolf, Elizabeth Sartain, Emma R Every and Julia B Saltz
Are females in good condition better able to cope with costly males? pp. 876-884 Downloads
Maider Iglesias-Carrasco, Michael D Jennions, Susanne R K Zajitschek and Megan L Head
Statistically testing the role of individual learning and decision-making in trapline foraging pp. 885-893 Downloads
Carolyn A Ayers, Paul R Armsworth and Berry J Brosi
Coloration of chicks modulates costly interactions among family members pp. 894-903 Downloads
Judith Morales and Alberto Velando
Does multiple paternity explain phenotypic variation among offspring in wild boar? pp. 904-909 Downloads
Marlène Gamelon, Thibault Gayet, Eric Baubet, Sébastien Devillard, Ludovic Say, Serge Brandt, Christophe Pélabon and Bernt-Erik Sæther
Evidence for personality conformity, not social niche specialization in social jays pp. 910-917 Downloads
Kelsey McCune, Piotr Jablonski, Sang-im Lee and Renee Ha
Males mate with multiple females to increase offspring numbers in a nursery web spider pp. 918-924 Downloads
Alissa G Anderson, Eileen A Hebets, Bridget M Bickner and J Colton Watts
Can mixed singing facilitate coexistence of closely related nightingale species? pp. 925-932 Downloads
Abel Souriau, Hana Kohoutová, Jiří Reif, Jana Vokurková, Adam Petrusek, Radka Reifová and Tereza Petrusková
Plover parents care more for young of the opposite sex pp. 933-938 Downloads
Daniel Lees, Craig D H Sherman, Kristal Kostoglou, Laura X L Tan, Grainne S Maguire, Peter Dann and Michael A Weston
The costs of kleptoparasitism: a study of mixed-species seabird breeding colonies pp. 939-947 Downloads
Davide Gaglio, Richard B Sherley, Timothée R Cook, Peter G Ryan and Tom Flower
Bidirectionality of hormone-behavior relationships and satellite-caller dynamics in green treefrogs pp. 948-957 Downloads
Sarah P Crocker-Buta and Christopher J Leary
Habitat geometry and limited perceptual range affect habitat choice of a trap-building predator pp. 958-964 Downloads
Noa Katz and Inon Scharf
Thick eggshells of brood parasitic cowbirds protect their eggs and damage host eggs during laying pp. 965-973 Downloads
Analía V López, Vanina D Fiorini, Kevin Ellison and Brian D Peer
Context-dependent costs and benefits of a heterospecific nesting association pp. 974-983 Downloads
Rose J Swift, Amanda D Rodewald and Nathan R Senner
Risk of cache pilferage determines hoarding behavior of rodents and seed fate pp. 984-991 Downloads
Lin Cao, Bo Wang, Chuan Yan, Zhenyu Wang, Hongmao Zhang, Yuanzhao Geng, Jin Chen and Zhibin Zhang
Viability selection by invertebrate predators in the polyphenic black scavenger fly Sepsis thoracica pp. 992-1000 Downloads
Juan Pablo Busso and Wolf U Blanckenhorn
Corrigendum: Reply to Sherratt and Holen: Goldilocks and the half-empty glass pp. 1001-1001 Downloads
David W Stephens

Volume 29, issue 3, 2018

Can hosts tolerate avian brood parasites? An appraisal of mechanisms pp. 509-519 Downloads
Jesús M Avilés
Applying the framework and concepts of parasitology to avian brood parasitism: a comment on Avilés pp. 520-527 Downloads
Mikus Abolins-Abols and Mark E Hauber
Tolerance to brood parasitism: a comment on Avilés pp. 521-521 Downloads
Juan J Soler
Conspecific brood parasites can also help us understand the evolution of tolerance: a comment on Avilés pp. 522-523 Downloads
Bruce E Lyon, John M Eadie and Daizaburo Shizuka
Tolerance in hosts of brood parasites: a comment on Avilés pp. 523-524 Downloads
Iliana Medina and Naomi E Langmore
The reliability of current evidence on tolerance by hosts of brood parasites and suggestions for studying it: a comment on Avilés pp. 524-525 Downloads
Manuel Soler
When resistance is futile - tolerance in avian brood parasite hosts: a comment on Avilés pp. 525-526 Downloads
Justin A Welbergen
Integrating mechanisms in the study of tolerance to brood parasites: a response to comments on Avilés pp. 526-527 Downloads
Jesús M Avilés
Flash behavior increases prey survival pp. 528-533 Downloads
Karl Loeffler-Henry, Changku Kang, Yolanda Yip, Tim Caro and Thomas N Sherratt
Roads elicit negative movement and habitat-selection responses by wolverines (Gulo gulo luscus) pp. 534-542 Downloads
Matthew A Scrafford, Tal Avgar, Rick Heeres and Mark S Boyce
Male mate choice based on female coloration in a lizard: the role of a juvenile trait pp. 543-552 Downloads
Josabel Belliure, Belén Fresnillo and José J Cuervo
Dominant and subordinate outside options alter help and eviction in a pay-to-stay negotiation model pp. 553-562 Downloads
Jennifer K Hellmann and Ian M Hamilton
Isolation rearing does not constrain social plasticity in a family-living lizard pp. 563-573 Downloads
Julia L Riley, Côme Guidou, Caroline Fryns, Johann Mourier, Stephan T Leu, Daniel W A Noble, Richard W Byrne and Martin J Whiting
Social and ecological drivers of reproductive seasonality in geladas pp. 574-588 Downloads
Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson, Noah Snyder-Mackler, Amy Lu, Thore J Bergman and Jacinta C Beehner
A marker of biological ageing predicts adult risk preference in European starlings, Sturnus vulgaris pp. 589-597 Downloads
Clare Andrews, Daniel Nettle, Sophie Reichert, Tom Bedford, Pat Monaghan and Melissa Bateson
Modeling nonhuman conventions: the behavioral ecology of arbitrary action pp. 598-608 Downloads
David W Stephens and Virginia K Heinen
Social interactions predict genetic diversification: an experimental manipulation in shorebirds pp. 609-618 Downloads
Charles Cunningham, Jorge E Parra, Lucy Coals, Marcela Beltrán, Sama Zefania and Tamás Székely
Body condition and food shapes group dispersal but not solitary dispersal in a social spider pp. 619-627 Downloads
Bharat Parthasarathy and Hema Somanathan
Highly masculinized and younger males attain higher reproductive success in a social rodent pp. 628-636 Downloads
Loreto A Correa, Cecilia León, Juan Ramírez-Estrada, Álvaro Ly-Prieto, Sebastián Abades, XLoren D Hayes, Mauricio Soto-Gamboa and Luis A Ebensperger
Two ways to display: male hummingbirds show different color-display tactics based on sun orientation pp. 637-648 Downloads
Richard K Simpson and Kevin J McGraw
Comparing colors using visual models pp. 649-659 Downloads
Rafael Maia and Thomas E White
Lion population dynamics: do nomadic males matter? pp. 660-666 Downloads
Natalia Borrego, Arpat Ozgul, Rob Slotow and Craig Packer
American black bears perceive the risks of crossing roads pp. 667-675 Downloads
Mark A Ditmer, Spencer J Rettler, John R Fieberg, Paul A Iaizzo, Timothy G Laske, Karen V Noyce and David L Garshelis
Evolution of patterned plumage as a sexual signal in estrildid finches pp. 676-685 Downloads
Masayo Soma and László Zsolt Garamszegi
Salamander climbing behavior varies among species and is correlated with community composition pp. 686-682 Downloads
Tori D Mezebish, August Blackman and Alexander J Novarro
Olfactory cues of habitats facilitate learning about landscapes of fear pp. 693-700 Downloads
Matthew D Mitchell, Adam L Crane, Kevin R Bairos-Novak, Maud C O Ferrari and Douglas P Chivers
Parental response to intruder females altered by ornamentation and mate quality in a biparental fish pp. 701-710 Downloads
Ashley R Robart and Barry Sinervo
Immigrant song: males and females learn songs after dispersal in a tropical bird pp. 711-723 Downloads
Brendan A Graham, Daniel D Heath, Ryan P Walter and Daniel J Mennill
Evidence for nonconsumptive effects from a large predator in an ungulate prey? pp. 724-735 Downloads
Benedikt Gehr, Elizabeth J Hofer, Andreas Ryser, Eric Vimercati, Kristina Vogt and Lukas F Keller
Odor is linked to adrenocortical function and male ornament size in a colonial seabird pp. 736-744 Downloads
Hector D DouglasIII, Alexander S Kitaysky and Evgenia V Kitaiskaia
Mechanisms of reciprocity and diversity in social networks: a modeling and comparative approach pp. 745-760 Downloads
Ivan Puga-Gonzalez, Julia Ostner, Oliver Schülke, Sebastian Sosa, Bernard Thierry and Cedric Sueur
Threat sensitive adjustment of aggression by males and females in a biparental cichlid pp. 761-768 Downloads
Will Sowersby, Topi K Lehtonen and Bob B M Wong
Disruptive sexual selection on male body size in the polyphenic black scavenger fly Sepsis thoracica pp. 769-777 Downloads
Juan Pablo Busso and Wolf U Blanckenhorn
Corrigendum: Women’s emotional and sexual attraction to men across the menstrual cycle pp. 779-779 Downloads
Rei Shimoda, Anne CampbellDeceased and Robert A Barton
Corrigendum: Body condition and food shapes group dispersal but not solitary dispersal in a social spider pp. 780-780 Downloads
Bharat Parthasarathy and Hema Somanathan
Erratum to: ‘Dominant and subordinate outside options alter help and eviction in a pay-to-stay negotiation model’ by Jennifer K. Hellmann and Ian M. Hamilton pp. 781-781 Downloads
Jennifer K Hellmann and Ian M Hamilton

Volume 29, issue 2, 2018

Chromatic and achromatic vision: parameter choice and limitations for reliable model predictions pp. 273-282 Downloads
Peter Olsson, Olle Lind, Almut Kelber and Leigh Simmons
Principles and application of the receptor noise model of color discrimination: a comment on Olsson et al pp. 283-284 Downloads
Daniel Osorio, Misha Vorobyev and Leigh Simmons
Opening the “black box” of modeling animal color vision: a comment on Olsson et al pp. 284-284 Downloads
Devi Stuart-Fox and Leigh Simmons
Receptor noise models: time to consider alternatives?: a comment on Olsson et al pp. 284-285 Downloads
Trevor Price, Kristina Fialko and Leigh Simmons
Color discrimination is not just limited by photoreceptor noise: a comment on Olsson et al pp. 285-286 Downloads
Vera Vasas, Joanna S Brebner, Lars Chittka and Leigh Simmons
Do not be distracted by pretty colors: a comment on Olsson et al pp. 286-287 Downloads
Justin Marshall and Leigh Simmons
Models for a colorful reality?: a response to comments on Olsson et al pp. 287-288 Downloads
Peter Olsson, Olle Lind, Almut Kelber and Leigh Simmons
Pervasive indirect genetic effects on behavioral development in polymorphic eastern mosquitofish pp. 289-300 Downloads
Brittany Kraft, Valerie A Lemakos, Joseph Travis, Kimberly A Hughes and John FitzpatrickHandling Editor
Nest predation risk explains variation in avian clutch size pp. 301-311 Downloads
Kristen G Dillon, Courtney J Conway and John SkelhornHandling Editor
Personality remains: no effect of 3-week social status experience on personality in male fowl pp. 312-320 Downloads
Anna Favati, Eva Udén, Olof Leimar, Hanne Løvlie and Jonathan PruittHandling Editor
Despite reproductive interference, the net outcome of reproductive interactions among spider mite species is not necessarily costly pp. 321-327 Downloads
Salomé H Clemente, Inês Santos, Rita Ponce, Leonor R Rodrigues, Susana A M Varela, Sara Magalhães and Luke HolmanHandling Editor
Host provisioning behavior favors mimetic begging calls in a brood-parasitic cowbird pp. 328-332 Downloads
Cynthia A Ursino, Ros Gloag, Juan C Reboreda, María C De Mársico and Naomi LangmoreHandling Editor
Effects of female reproductive competition on birth rate and reproductive scheduling in a historical human population pp. 333-341 Downloads
Jenni E Pettay, Mirkka Lahdenperä, Anna Rotkirch, Virpi Lummaa and Jonathan PruittHandling Editor
Division of labor as a bipartite network pp. 342-352 Downloads
Cristian Pasquaretta, Raphaël Jeanson and Luke HolmanHandling Editor
Impacts of mussel invasions on the prey preference of two native predators pp. 353-359 Downloads
Lisa Skein, Tamara B Robinson, Mhairi E Alexander and Andrea GriffinHandling Editor
A context-dependent induction of natal habitat preference in a generalist herbivorous insect pp. 360-367 Downloads
Patrick Lhomme, David Carrasco, Mattias Larsson, Bill Hansson, Peter Anderson and Dan PapajHandling Editor
Primates adjust movement strategies due to changing food availability pp. 368-376 Downloads
Rafael Reyna-Hurtado, Julie A Teichroeb, Tyler R Bonnell, Raul Uriel Hernández-Sarabia, Sofia M Vickers, Juan Carlos Serio-Silva, Pascale Sicotte, Colin A Chapman and David StephensHandling Editor
Sexual segregation in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins is driven by female avoidance of males pp. 377-386 Downloads
Allison A Galezo, Ewa Krzyszczyk, Janet Mann and Louise BarrettHandling Editor
Host species of a sexual-parasite do not differentiate between clones of Amazon mollies pp. 387-392 Downloads
Amber M Makowicz, Darrshini S Muthurajah, Ingo Schlupp and John FitzpatrickHandling Editor
Spontaneous nongenetic variation of group size creates cheater-free groups of social microbes pp. 393-403 Downloads
Michaela Amherd, Gregory J Velicer, Olaya Rendueles and Luke HolmanHandling Editor
Positioning behavior according to individual color variation improves camouflage in novel habitats pp. 404-410 Downloads
Adrián Baños-Villalba, David P Quevedo, Pim Edelaar and John SkelhornHandling Editor
Multimodal coordination enhances the responses to an avian duet pp. 411-417 Downloads
Paweł Ręk and Bob WongHandling Editor
Temporal migration patterns and mating tactics influence size-assortative mating in Rana temporaria pp. 418-428 Downloads
Carolin Dittrich, Ariel Rodríguez, Ori Segev, Sanja Drakulić, Heike Feldhaar, Miguel Vences, Mark-Oliver Rödel and Michael TaborskyHandling Editor
Differential persistence favors habitat preferences that determine the distribution of a reef fish pp. 429-439 Downloads
John E Majoris, Cassidy C D’Aloia, Robin K Francis, Peter M Buston and Michael TaborskyHandling Editor
Adult social environment alters female reproductive investment in the cricket Gryllus firmus pp. 440-447 Downloads
Lauren P Conroy, Derek A Roff and Michael TaborskyHandling Editor
Dominance and the initiation of group feeding events: the modifying effect of sociality pp. 448-458 Downloads
Julian C Evans, Teri B Jones, Julie Morand-Ferron and Jonathan PruittHandling Editor
Plumage color manipulation has no effect on social dominance or fitness in zebra finches pp. 459-467 Downloads
Sofia Jerónimo, Mehdi Khadraoui, Daiping Wang, Katrin Martin, John A Lesku, Kylie A Robert, Emmi Schlicht, Wolfgang Forstmeier, Bart Kempenaers and Naomi LangmoreHandling Editor
Direct fitness benefits and kinship of social foraging groups in an Old World tropical babbler pp. 468-478 Downloads
Sara A Kaiser, Thomas E Martin, Juan C Oteyza, Connor Armstad, Robert C Fleischer and Michael TaborskyHandling Editor
Maternal programming of offspring antipredator behavior in a seabird pp. 479-485 Downloads
Judith Morales, Alberto Lucas, Alberto Velando and John SkelhornHandling Editor
Specialization and accuracy of host-searching butterflies in complex and simple environments pp. 486-495 Downloads
Meredith K Steck, Emilie C Snell-Rood and Dan PapajHandling Editor
Phenotypic traits and resource quality as factors affecting male reproductive success in a toadfish pp. 496-507 Downloads
Aneesh P H Bose, Karen M Cogliati, Nick Luymes, Andrew H Bass, Margaret A Marchaterre, Joseph A Sisneros, Benjamin M Bolker, Sigal Balshine and Michael TaborskyHandling Editor

Volume 29, issue 1, 2018

Indirect genetic effects in behavioral ecology: does behavior play a special role in evolution? pp. 1-11 Downloads
Nathan W Bailey, Lucas Marie-Orleach, Allen J Moore and Leigh SimmonsEditor-in-Chief
Misinterpreting “cost” in the classification of animal teaching pp. e1-e2 Downloads
Maximilian Benjamin Louis Cordony and Leigh SimmonsEditor-in-Chief
Teaching behavior is responsive and costly in fairy-wrens though the time course needs to be defined pp. e3-e4 Downloads
Sonia Kleindorfer, Mark E Hauber, Diane Colombelli-Négrel and Leigh SimmonsEditor-in-Chief
Corrigendum: Social conflict and costs of cooperation in meerkats are reflected in measures of stress hormones pp. e5-e5 Downloads
Ben Dantzer, Nigel C Bennett and Tim H Clutton-Brock
Indirect genetic effects—everything is special, everything is important: a comment on Bailey et al pp. 12-18 Downloads
Francisco Garcia-Gonzalez and Leigh SimmonsEditor-in-Chief
The challenge of estimating indirect genetic effects on behavior: a comment on Bailey et al pp. 13-14 Downloads
Loeske E B Kruuk, Alastair J Wilson and Leigh SimmonsEditor-in-Chief
Are indirect genetic effects in behavioral ecology important? A comment on Bailey et al pp. 14-15 Downloads
Derek A Roff and Leigh SimmonsEditor-in-Chief
“Why” and “How” behavior evolves: a comment on Bailey et al pp. 15-16 Downloads
Ben J M Jarrett, Rebecca M Kilner and Leigh SimmonsEditor-in-Chief
Allowing nature to be nurture: a comment on Bailey et al pp. 16-17 Downloads
Stephen F Chenoweth, John Hunt and Leigh SimmonsEditor-in-Chief
If everything is special, is anything special? A response to comments on Bailey et al pp. 17-18 Downloads
Nathan W Bailey, Lucas Marie-Orleach, Allen J Moore and Leigh SimmonsForum Editor
Do wild ungulates experience higher stress with humans than with large carnivores? pp. 19-30 Downloads
Adam Zbyryt, Jakub W Bubnicki, Dries P J Kuijper, Martin Dehnhard, Marcin Churski, XKrzysztof Schmidt and Bob WongHandling Editor
Boldness-aggression syndromes can reduce population density: behavior and demographic heterogeneity pp. 31-41 Downloads
Bruce E Kendall, Gordon A Fox, Joseph P Stover and Shinichi NakagawaHandling Editor
Species divergence in offspring begging and parental provisioning is linked to nutritional dependency pp. 42-50 Downloads
Alexandra Capodeanu-Nägler, Anne-Katrin Eggert, Heiko Vogel, Scott K Sakaluk, Sandra Steiger and Luke HolmanHandling Editor
Women’s emotional and sexual attraction to men across the menstrual cycle pp. 51-59 Downloads
Rei Shimoda, Anne CampbellDeceased, Robert A Barton and Louise BarrettHandling Editor
A game-theoretical model of kleptoparasitic behavior in an urban gull (Laridae) population pp. 60-78 Downloads
Robert Spencer, Mark Broom and David StephensHandling Editor
Body size and evolution of motion dazzle coloration in lizards pp. 79-86 Downloads
Gopal Murali, Ullasa Kodandaramaiah and John FitzpatrickHandling Editor
Discrimination of signal carotenoid content using multidimensional chromatic information pp. 87-92 Downloads
Thomas W Pike and Anna LindholmHandling Editor
Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer) social dynamics in a flood-pulsed environment pp. 93-105 Downloads
Emily Bennitt, Mpaphi Casper Bonyongo, Stephen Harris and Louise BarrettHandling Editor
Parental investment in Tibetan populations does not reflect stated cultural norms pp. 101-116 Downloads
Juan Du, Ruth Mace and Louise BarrettHandling Editor
Evaluation of sex differences in the stopover behavior and postdeparture movements of wood-warblers pp. 117-127 Downloads
Yolanda E Morbey, Christopher G Guglielmo, Philip D Taylor, Ivan Maggini, Jessica Deakin, Stuart A Mackenzie, J Morgan Brown, Lin Zhao and David StephensHandling Editor
Surrounding pathogens shape maternal egg care but not egg production in the European earwig pp. 128-136 Downloads
Janina M C Diehl, Joël Meunier and Luke HolmanDr.Handling Editor
Nest material preferences by spotless starlings pp. 137-144 Downloads
Cristina Ruiz-Castellano, Gustavo Tomás, Magdalena Ruiz-Rodríguez, Juan J Soler and Michael TaborskyHandling Editor
Group size differences may mask underlying similarities in social structure: a comparison of female elephant societies pp. 145-159 Downloads
S Nandini, P Keerthipriya, T N C Vidya and Louise BarrettHandling Editor
The influence of wind selectivity on migratory behavioral strategies pp. 160-168 Downloads
Jennifer D McCabe, Brian J Olsen, Bipush Osti, Peter O Koons and David StephensHandling Editor
Joint care can outweigh costs of nonkin competition in communal breeders pp. 169-178 Downloads
Kat Bebbington, Eleanor A Fairfield, Lewis G Spurgin, Sjouke A Kingma, Hannah Dugdale, Jan Komdeur, David S Richardson and Anna LindholmHandling Editor
Shelter availability mediates decorating in the majoid crab, Camposcia retusa pp. 179-185 Downloads
Rohan M Brooker, Enid C Muñoz Ruiz, Tiffany L Sih, Danielle L Dixson and Luke HolmanHandling Editor
Foraging bumblebees use social cues more when the task is difficult pp. 186-192 Downloads
David Baracchi, Vera Vasas, Soha Jamshed Iqbal, Sylvain Alem and Dan PapajHandling Editor
Rate maximization and hyperbolic discounting in human experiential intertemporal decision making pp. 193-203 Downloads
Maayke Suzanne Seinstra, Manuela Sellitto, Tobias Kalenscher and David StephensHandling Editor
The price of insurance: costs and benefits of worker production in a facultatively social bee pp. 204-211 Downloads
Wyatt A Shell, Sandra M Rehan and Luke HolmanHandling Editor
Signaler and receiver boldness influence response to alarm calls in eastern chipmunks pp. 212-220 Downloads
Charline Couchoux, Jeanne Clermont, Dany Garant, Denis Réale and Jonathan PruittHandling Editor
Task-dependent workload adjustment of female breeders in a cooperatively breeding fish pp. 221-229 Downloads
Hirokazu Tanaka, Joachim G Frommen, Leif Engqvist, Masanori Kohda and Michael TaborskyHandling Editor
Fledgling adoption in European Blackbirds: an unrecognized phenomenon in a well-known species pp. 230-235 Downloads
Dariusz Wysocki, Marta Cholewa, Łukasz Jankowiak and Andrea GriffinHandling Editor
Predictable males and unpredictable females: repeatability of sociability in eastern water dragons pp. 236-243 Downloads
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