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1995 - 2020

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Volume 29, issue 1, 2020

The search environment is not (always) benign: reassessing the risks of organizational search pp. 1-23 Downloads
Samuel C MacAulay, John Steen and Tim Kastelle
The effect of entrepreneurial origin on firms’ performance: the case of Portuguese academic spinoffs pp. 25-42 Downloads
Natália Barbosa and Ana Paula Faria
Lenders’ selection capabilities, patent quality, and the outcome of patent-backed loans pp. 43-60 Downloads
Federico Caviggioli, Giuseppe Scellato and Elisa Ughetto
Explaining and predicting the impact of authors within a community: an assessment of the bibliometric literature and application of machine learning pp. 61-80 Downloads
Sen Chai, Alexander D’Amour and Lee Fleming
March-ing toward organizational economics pp. 89-94 Downloads
Robert Gibbons
Organizational politics and complexity: Coase vs. Arrow, March, and Simon pp. 95-104 Downloads
Luigi Marengo
Division of roles and endogenous specialization pp. 105-124 Downloads
Michael Christensen and Thorbjørn Knudsen
Relining the garbage can of organizational decision-making: modeling the arrival of problems and solutions as queues pp. 125-142 Downloads
Peter W Glynn, Henrich R Greve and Hayagreeva Rao
Organizations, ambiguity, and conflict: introduction to the special issue in honor of James G. March pp. 143-149 Downloads
Daniel A Levinthal and Luigi Marengo
Organizational perspectives on the maneuver warfare movement in the United States Marine Corps: insights from the work of James G. March pp. 143-162 Downloads
Mie Augier and Sean F X Barrett
Foolishness without consequence? From physical to virtual modeling in the history of military aircraft development at Saab pp. 163-181 Downloads
Marie Bengtsson, Cecilia Enberg and Fredrik Tell
Revisiting the competency trap pp. 183-205 Downloads
Jerker Denrell and Gaël Le Mens
Exploring exploration: the role of affective states as forces that hinder change pp. 207-223 Downloads
Stefano Brusoni, Daniella Laureiro-Martínez, Nicola Canessa and Maurizio Zollo
March and the pursuit of organizational intelligence: the interplay between procedural rationality and sensible foolishness pp. 225-239 Downloads
William Ocasio, Luke Rhee and Dylan Boynton

Volume 28, issue 6, 2019

Sources of innovation and innovation type: firm-level evidence from the United States pp. 1365-1379 Downloads
Mehmet Akif Demircioglu, David B Audretsch and Timothy F Slaper
Industry evolution in Varieties of Capitalism: a comparison of the Danish and US wind turbine industries pp. 1381-1403 Downloads
Max-Peter Menzel and Johannes Kammer
Gazelles and muppets in the city: risk sharing and firm growth quantiles in a junior stock market pp. 1405-1427 Downloads
Cosimo Abbate and Alessandro Sapio
Market adjacency and competing technologies: evidence from the flat panel display industry pp. 1429-1447 Downloads
Derek Lehmberg, Charles Dhanaraj and Rod White
All that glitters is not gold: the returns of educational credentials at different stages of industrial and organizational evolution pp. 1449-1471 Downloads
Olga M Khessina and Jonathan Jaffee
Local product space and firm-level churning in exported products pp. 1473-1496 Downloads
Cilem Selin Hazir, Flora Bellone and Cyrielle Gaglio
R&D offshoring and home industry productivity pp. 1497-1513 Downloads
Gaétan de Rassenfosse and Russell Thomson
Dispersion and volatility of TFPQ and TFPR: findings from three service industries pp. 1515-1531 Downloads
Masayuki Morikawa
Imprints from idea origin on innovation and the development environment pp. 1533-1553 Downloads
Isabel Maria Bodas Freitas and Cornelia Lawson
When Linder meets Hirschman: inter-industry linkages and global value chains in business services pp. 1555-1586 Downloads
Javier Lopez Gonzalez, Valentina Meliciani and Maria Savona
Competition, self-organization, and social scaling—accounting for the observed distributions of Tobin’s q pp. 1587-1610 Downloads
Paulo L dos Santos and Ellis Scharfenaker
The impact of the scope of technological search on path-dependence in export specialization: evidence for European countries pp. 1611-1635 Downloads
Andreas Reinstaller and Peter Reschenhofer
Start-ups, job creation, and founder characteristics pp. 1637-1672 Downloads
J. David Brown, John S Earle, Mee Jung Kim and Kyung Min Lee
Structural change and relative demand for skilled workers: new evidence from the US manufacturing pp. 1673-1696 Downloads
Aekapol Chongvilaivan and Jung Hur

Volume 28, issue 5, 2019

Architectural knowledge generation: evidence from a field study pp. 977-1009 Downloads
Simge Tuna, Stefano Brusoni and Anja Schulze
Benefiting from modularity within and across firm boundaries pp. 1011-1028 Downloads
Richard Tee
“Breaking the mirror”: interface innovation and market capture by Japanese professional camera firms, 1955–1974 pp. 1029-1056 Downloads
Paul Windrum, Michelle Haynes and Peter Thompson
Multinationalization and the scope of innovation pp. 1057-1077 Downloads
Sasan Bakhtiari, Antonio Minniti and Alireza Naghavi
The impact of the financial crisis on capital investments in innovative firms pp. 1079-1099 Downloads
Marek Giebel and Kornelius Kraft
Never change a winning routine? How performance feedback affects routine change pp. 1101-1124 Downloads
Patrick J Oehler, Jutta Stumpf-Wollersheim and Isabell M Welpe
Origins and pathways of innovation in the third industrial revolution1 pp. 1125-1148 Downloads
Josef Taalbi
Toward a dynamic capabilities scale: measuring organizational sensing, seizing, and transforming capacities pp. 1149-1172 Downloads
Barbara Kump, Alexander Engelmann, Alexander Kessler and Christina Schweiger
The influence of managerial attention on the deployment of dynamic capability: a case study of Internet platform firms in China pp. 1173-1192 Downloads
Jing Zeng and David Mackay
Family firms, performance-related pay, and the great crisis: evidence from the Italian case pp. 1193-1225 Downloads
Fabrizio Pompei, Mirella Damiani and Andrea Ricci
Which governance of university–industry interactions increases the value of industrial inventions? pp. 1227-1256 Downloads
Claudio Fassio, Aldo Geuna and Federica Rossi
The export additionality of innovation policy pp. 1257-1277 Downloads
Mark Freel, Rebecca Liu and Christian Rammer
Does green corporate investment crowd out other business investment? pp. 1279-1295 Downloads
John P. Weche
Is there a risk of growing fast? The relationship between organic employment growth and firm exit pp. 1297-1320 Downloads
Haibo Zhou and Peter van der Zwan
The patent paradox in crowdfunding: an empirical analysis of Kickstarter data pp. 1321-1341 Downloads
Azzurra Meoli, Federico Munari and James Bort
Impacts of diffusion policy: determinants of early smart meter diffusion in the US electric power industry pp. 1343-1363 Downloads
Derek Ryan Strong

Volume 28, issue 4, 2019

Inequality, financialization, and the US current account deficit pp. 707-724 Downloads
Maria N Ivanova
Alliance management knowledge and alliance performance: unveiling the moderating role of the dedicated alliance function pp. 725-752 Downloads
Angeloantonio Russo and Clodia Vurro
Vertical relatedness and services outsourcing: a firm-level analysis pp. 753-771 Downloads
Giulio Cainelli, Roberto Ganau and Donato Iacobucci
Licensing decision: a rent dissipation lens applied to product market competition, openness to external knowledge and exogenous sunk costs pp. 773-792 Downloads
Solon Moreira, Goretti Cabaleiro and Toke Reichstein
The demand-pull effect of public procurement on innovation and industrial renewal pp. 793-815 Downloads
Francesco Crespi and Dario Guarascio
New developments in innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems pp. 817-826 Downloads
Maryann Feldman, Donald Siegel and Mike Wright
Gimme shelter or fade away: the impact of regional entrepreneurial ecosystem quality on venture survival pp. 827-854 Downloads
Siddharth Vedula and Phillip H Kim
Fostering the growth of student start-ups from university accelerators: an entrepreneurial ecosystem perspective pp. 855-873 Downloads
Shiri M Breznitz and Qiantao Zhang
Regional entrepreneurial ecosystems in China pp. 875-897 Downloads
Yanzhao Lai and Nicholas S Vonortas
The tortoise, the hare, and the hybrid: effects of prior employment on the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem pp. 899-920 Downloads
Mary Donegan, Allison Forbes, Paige Clayton, Alyse Polly, Maryann Feldman and Nichola Lowe
Universities and innovation ecosystems: a dynamic capabilities perspective pp. 921-939 Downloads
Sohvi Heaton, Donald Siegel and David J Teece
Entrepreneurial dynamism and the built environment in the evolution of university entrepreneurial ecosystems pp. 941-959 Downloads
David Johnson, Adam J Bock and Gerard George
Accelerators and intra-ecosystem variety: how entrepreneurial agency influences venture development in a time-compressed support program pp. 961-975 Downloads
Fei Qin, Mike Wright and Jian Gao

Volume 28, issue 3, 2019

Exploiting the control revolution by means of digitalization: value creation, value capture, and downstream movements pp. 423-436 Downloads
Joakim Björkdahl and Magnus Holmén
Who is in and who is out? Integration of technological knowledge in the multinational corporation pp. 437-457 Downloads
Katarina Blomkvist, Philip Kappen and Ivo Zander
A trick of the tail: the role of social networks in shaping distributional properties of experience-good markets pp. 459-475 Downloads
Zakaria Babutsidze and Marco Valente
To be (routine) or not to be (routine), that is the question: a cross-country task-based answer† pp. 477-501 Downloads
Luca Marcolin, Sebastien Miroudot and Mariagrazia Squicciarini
Innovation, competition and sectoral evolution: an introduction to the special section on Industrial Dynamics pp. 503-510 Downloads
Franco Malerba and Gary P Pisano
Evolutionary chimeras: a Woesian perspective of radical innovation pp. 511-528 Downloads
Giuseppe Carignani, Gino Cattani and Giusi Zaina
Linking vertically related industries: entry by employee spinouts across industry boundaries pp. 529-550 Downloads
Pamela Adams, Roberto Fontana and Franco Malerba
Situating the construct of lean start-up: adjacent conversations and possible future directions pp. 551-564 Downloads
Andrea Contigiani and Daniel A Levinthal
Good times, bad times: innovation and survival over the business cycle pp. 565-587 Downloads
Elena Cefis and Orietta Marsili
Replicator dynamics in value chains: explaining some puzzles of market selection pp. 589-611 Downloads
Uwe Cantner, Ivan Savin and Simone Vannuccini
The spatial evolution of the Italian motorcycle industry (1893–1993): Klepper’s heritage theory revisited pp. 613-634 Downloads
Andrea Morrison and Ron Boschma
Aggregate fluctuations and the distribution of firm growth rates pp. 635-656 Downloads
Giulio Bottazzi, Le Li and Angelo Secchi
Is there a role for patents in the financing of new innovative firms? pp. 657-680 Downloads
Bronwyn Hall
Manager remuneration, share buybacks, and firm performance pp. 681-706 Downloads
Herbert Dawid, Philipp Harting and Sander van der Hoog

Volume 28, issue 2, 2019

Does regulation of basic broadband networks affect the adoption of new fiber-based broadband services? pp. 219-240 Downloads
Wolfgang Briglauer and Carlo Cambini
Is there a causal effect of concentration on persistent profitability differentials? pp. 241-257 Downloads
Jan Keil
Spinoffs in context: entry and performance across different industries pp. 259-282 Downloads
Gianluca Capone, Franco Malerba and Luigi Orsenigo
Introduction: Nathan Rosenberg as a founding father of the economics of innovation pp. 283-288 Downloads
David C Mowery, Franco Malerba, Giovanni Dosi and David J Teece
A theory of the US innovation ecosystem: evolution and the social value of diversity pp. 289-307 Downloads
Ashish Arora, Sharon Belenzon and Andrea Patacconi
Patent management by universities: evidence from Italian academic inventions pp. 309-330 Downloads
Valerio Sterzi, Michele Pezzoni and Francesco Lissoni
Technological change in ICT in light of ideas first learned about the machine tool industry pp. 331-349 Downloads
Timothy Bresnahan
Specializing in general purpose technologies as a firm long-term strategy pp. 351-364 Downloads
Raffaele Conti, Alfonso Gambardella and Elena Novelli
Diffusing new technology without dissipating rents: some historical case studies of knowledge sharing pp. 365-388 Downloads
James Bessen and Alessandro Nuvolari
Control versus execution: endogenous appropriability and entrepreneurial strategy pp. 389-408 Downloads
Kenny Ching, Joshua Gans and Scott Stern
Roundtable discussion Nathan Rosenberg Memorial Issue pp. 409-417 Downloads
David J Teece
Response to comments on Toward a Prescriptive Theory of Dynamic Capabilities pp. 419-421 Downloads
Gary P Pisano

Volume 28, issue 1, 2019

History, Co-Evolution and Economic Growth pp. 1-44 Downloads
Chris Freeman
Innovation and employment: an introduction pp. 45-49 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi and Pierre Mohnen
What drives labor market polarization in advanced countries? The role of China and technology pp. 51-77 Downloads
Koen Breemersch, Joze Damijan and Jozef Konings
Technological catching-up, sales dynamics, and employment growth: evidence from China’s manufacturing pp. 79-107 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi and Xiaodan Yu
Does innovation stimulate employment? Evidence from China, France, Germany, and The Netherlands pp. 109-121 Downloads
Jun Hou, Can Huang, Georg Licht, Jacques Mairesse, Pierre Mohnen, Benoît Mulkay, Bettina Peters, Yilin Wu, Yanyun Zhao and Feng Zhen
Impacts of innovation, export, and other factors on firm employment growth in Chinese manufacturing industries pp. 123-138 Downloads
Jacques Mairesse and Yilin Wu
Effects of innovation on employment in Latin America pp. 139-159 Downloads
Gustavo Crespi, Ezequiel Tacsir and Mariano Pereira
The effects of innovation on employment in developing countries: evidence from enterprise surveys pp. 161-176 Downloads
Xavier Cirera and Leonard Sabetti
Technological innovation and the distribution of employment growth: a firm-level analysis pp. 177-202 Downloads
Flavio Calvino
R&D, embodied technological change, and employment: evidence from Italian microdata pp. 203-218 Downloads
Laura Barbieri, Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli
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