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Volume 35, issue 3, 1980

The Relative Efficiency of Taxes and Standards pp. 339-43
Joseph Cordes
A General Equilibrium Analysis of Regional Subsidies pp. 344-62
Donald Dewees and Y Kotowitz
Downside Risk in R & D Incentive Contracting pp. 363-71
Devinder Gandhi and Anthony Saunders
The Effect of Matching Grants on Local Authority User Charges pp. 372-79
J G Gibson
The Determination of Equivalence Scales with Respect to Family Size: A Theoretical Reappraisal pp. 380-94
Jack Habib
Fiskalpolitik in einem Mengenrationierungsmodell. (Fiscal Policy in a Quantity-Rationing Model. With English summary.) pp. 395-411
J Heubes
The Choice between Income Tax and Land Tax in Danish Municipalities pp. 412-24
Rolf Norstrand
Demonstration, Income and Displacement Effects as Determinants of Public Sector Expenditure Shares in the Republic of Ireland pp. 425-35
John W O'Hagan
Derivation of Production Functions with the Aid of Bernoulli Method pp. 436-38
J A Roskamp
Excess-Burden and Economic Surplus as Consistent Welfare Indicators pp. 439-49
Elisha A Pazner and Efraim Sadka
Income Effects and Club Size: Some Comments pp. 450-54
Roy D Adams
Law Enforcement Agencies as Multi-Product Firms-A Comment pp. 455-60
D J Pyle and D F Deadman
Law Enforcement Agencies as Multiproduct Firms: Correcting Some Misconceptions pp. 461-63
M N Darrough and J M Heineke
A Note on Bond Finance and Stability in a Simple Income-Expenditure Model [Does Fiscal Policy Matter? The View from the Government Budget Restraint] pp. 464-69
Yeung-Nan Shieh
A Note on Bond Finance and Stability in a Simple Income-Expenditure Model: A Comment [Does Fiscal Policy Matter? The View from the Government Budget Restraint] pp. 470-73
Brian Hillier
Allocative Effects of Inter-Governmental Flows-A Further Comment [The Allocative Effects of Inter-governmental Flows in Less Developed Countries: A Case Study of India] pp. 474-76
Govinda Rao

Volume 35, issue 2, 1980

Inflation, Taxes, and Welfare in LDCs pp. 183-212
George von Furstenberg
Notions of Merit Want pp. 212-26
Arye Hillman
Second Hand Markets and the Private Supply of Excludable Public Goods pp. 227-38
Alfred Endres
Some Long Run Tax Equilibrium Theory: A Generalization pp. 239-49
Massimo Marrelli
Optimal Diversification among Classes for Auditing Income Tax Returns pp. 250-58
Kashi R Balachandran and Mark E Schaefer
Marginal Effective Income Tax Rates with Averaged Capital Gains and Losses pp. 259-68
Roger Nils Folsom and Robert J Rubin
An Analysis of the System of Sales Taxation in the Caribbean Common Market pp. 269-80
Roy T Gobin
Estimating Counterfactual Incomes in Studies of Budget Incidence pp. 291-99
Jacob Meerman and Parthasarathi Shome
The Role of Income in Explaining State-Local Fiscal Decentralization pp. 300-308
John K Mullen
Optimal Tax Evasion: Risk-neutral Behaviour under a Negative Income Tax pp. 309-17
Robert Sproule, David Komus and Eric Tsang
A Note on Relative Price Changes in Cost-Benefit Analysis pp. 318-23
Peter J W N Bird
Crime Prevention, the Police Production Function, and Budgeting-A Comment pp. 324-28
David Pyle
Crime Prevention and Police Production Functions Revisited-A Reply pp. 329-32
Jeffrey I Chapman and Werner Z Hirsch

Volume 35, issue 1, 1980

Liability Rules, Efficiency, and Equity pp. 1-12
Richard A Musgrave and Elisha A Pazner
Depenses fiscales relatives a l'impot sur le revenu des personnes physiques et solutions alternatives pp. 13-32
Max Frank
On the Anatomy of Collective Failure pp. 33-43
Alan Peacock
Determinants of Regional Disparities and the Role of Public Finance pp. 45-71
Dieter Biehl
Zur Theorie des "Staatsversagens." pp. 72-78
Horst Claus Recktenwald
Total Marginal Levies in the Netherlands pp. 79-90
W Drees
A Pure Model of Public Bureaucracy pp. 91-100
Francesco Forte and Alberto di Pierro
Act on Public Finances in Hungary pp. 101-13
Otto Gado
Tax Prices and the Optimal Supply of a Public Good: The Lindahl Solution and Second-Best Ones pp. 114-17
Karl W Roskamp
Die staatliche Pramiierung stabilitatskonformer Lohnpolitik als einkommenspolitisches Instrument pp. 118-34
Rudolf Scheid
Politische Okonomie und institutionelle ordnung der offentlichen Finanzwirtschaft pp. 135-54
Wolfgang Kitterer
Staatlicher Handlungsbedarf bei anhaltender Arbeitslosigkeit-Bemerkungen zu einer anhaltenden Kontroverse pp. 155-75
Ernst-Moritz Lipp

Volume 34, issue 3, 1979

Public Sector Growth: A Real Perspective pp. 313-56
Morris Beck
Fiscal Redistribution and Regional Equality in the Soviet Union pp. 357-74
Echols, John M,
The Revenue Effectiveness of the Ethiopian Coffee Export Taxation pp. 375-83
Teshome Mulat
Empirical Testing of Tax Implications in Williamson Model: A Suggested Approach pp. 384-94
Tapas Sen
A Theory of Group Consumption and Group Formation pp. 395-413
Hirofumi Shibata
Measuring Tax Revenue Centralization in Federal Fiscal Systems: A Case Study of India pp. 414-33
D K Srivastava and Pawan K Aggarwal
Indifference and Demand Revealing Processes pp. 434-42
Wayne K Talley
More on Built-in Flexibility of Taxation pp. 443-51
Suleyman Ozmucur
Tax Avoidance, Progressivity, and Work Effort pp. 452-60
Maurice N Marchon
Tax Avoidance, Progressivity, and Work Effort-A Comment pp. 461-62
Michael G Allingham

Volume 34, issue 2, 1979

A Reconsideration of the Lindahl Model pp. 161-75
Thomas S McCaleb
Law Enforcement Agencies as Multi-Product Firms: An Econometric Investigation of Production Costs pp. 176-95
M N Darrough and J M Heineke
Estimation and Analysis of Turnover Tax in Centrally-Planned Economies with Special Reference to Czechoslovakia pp. 196-224
Zdenek Drabek
Wagner's Law of Public Expenditures: Some Efficient Results for the United States pp. 225-33
Subrahmanyam Ganti and Bharat Kolluri
Matching Grants and Unconditional Grants: The Case with n Goods pp. 234-44
B J Jurion
An Empirical Assessment of Tax Mentality pp. 245-57
Alan Lewis
On the Built-in Flexibility of Taxation and the Deterministic and the Stochastic Stability of Macro-Models under Alternative Expectations Schemes pp. 258-66
David Peel
Frustration on the Commons pp. 267-76
Bruce Yandle
The Incidence of the Value added Tax in a Neoclassical Growth Model pp. 277-92
Chiou-nan Yeh
A Note on the Economics of Public Intermediate Goods pp. 293-99
John McMillan
Public Policies and Migration Patterns in the United States-An Empirical Comment pp. 300-305
Rishi Kumar
Public Policies and Migration Patterns in the United States-Reply and Reformulation pp. 306-08
Richard Cebula and Robert M Kohn

Volume 34, issue 1, 1979

The Differential Incidence of Cash Flow Consumption Base versus Comprehensive Income Tax in a Neoclassical World pp. 1-30
Marian Krzyzaniak
Optimal Economic Growth if Society Derives Direct Benefits from a Capital Stock pp. 31-35
Karl W Roskamp
The "Crowding-Out" of Private Expenditure by Fiscal Actions: An Empirical Investigation pp. 36-50
Philip Arestis
A Cross-section Framework for Estimating Jointly the Extent of Shifting of Sales and Company Income Taxes, with an Application to Kenya pp. 51-68
Robert Brent
A Survey of the Literature on the Migration-Impact of State and Local Government Policies pp. 69-84
Richard Cebula
Measurement of Net Benefits from Public Goods: A New Approach Using Survey Data pp. 85-99
Shlomo Maital
Econometric Testing of the "Displacement Effect" Associated with a "Non-Global" Social Disturbance in India pp. 100-113
P Nagarajan
Ideological Factors, Political Stability, and Tax Revenue Determination-A Case Study of Four States in Indian Federation pp. 114-28
Govinda Rao
Collusive Prices as Rival, Non-excludable Goods: Congruence and Incentives pp. 129-33
Earl R Brubaker
Comment on "Mexican Fiscal Revenue Performance, 1950-77: A Revisit." pp. 134-37
D Sykes Wilford and Walton T Wilford
Public Choice and Public Finance in Hamburg pp. 138-50
Hans M Van de Kar
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