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Volume 43, issue 3, 1988

Federal Government Budget Deficits and Interest Rates: An Empirical Analysis for the United States, 1955-1984 pp. 337-48
Richard Cebula
The Role of Tax-Deductible Saving in the Transition from a Progressive Income Tax to a Progressive Consumption Tax pp. 349-72
Michael J Daly, Gary J Lastman and Fadle Naquib
The Effect of Temporal Aggregation on the Test of Wagner's Law pp. 373-87
DeLorme, Charles D,, Phillip Cartwright and Elke Kespohl
Tax Evasion and Equity: A Theoretical Analysis pp. 388-95
Josef Falkinger
Public Spending and Deficits: Evidence from a Developing Economy pp. 396-402
Ashfaque H Khan
Public Debt Policy and Management in Nigeria 1965-1983: A Critical Appraisal pp. 403-13
David Okon Mbat
The Incidence of Corporate Income Tax under Variable Returns to Scale pp. 414-24
Amar K Parai
Fiscal Policy and Labor Supply pp. 425-39
Beniamino Quintieri and Furio Rosati
A Simple Theoretical Model of the Fungibility Hypothesis pp. 440-44
Yasuhiro Tsukahara
On the Uncertain Fiscal Policy Effects in a Simple Open-Economy Macro Model pp. 445-65
Howell Zee
Merit Goods and Public Choice: The Case of Higher Education--Comment pp. 466-70
Hirofumi Shibata
Merit Goods and Public Choice: The Case of Higher Education--Reply pp. 471-72
F J Arcelus and A L Levine

Volume 43, issue 2, 1988

The Incidence of the U.S. Corporation Income Tax: An Old Problem Revisited pp. 165-94
Marian Krzyzaniak and Sharokh Bastani
Intergenerational Discount Rates in Long-term Plan Evaluation pp. 195-211
Peter Nijkamp and Jan Rouwendal
Project Evaluation and the Shadow Wage: Accounting for Regional Disparities and Inequality pp. 212-22
Kaushik Basu
Debt Servicing Costs and the Growth of Public Expenditure pp. 223-35
Norman Gemmell
The Decomposition of Progressivity Indices with Applications to the Greek Taxation System pp. 236-47
John (Ioannis) Loizides
Excise Tax Evasion: A Welfare cum Crime Theoretic Analysis pp. 248-60
Arvind Panagariya and A V L Narayana
A Multicountry Perspective on Causality between Government Revenue and Government Expenditure pp. 261-70
Rati Ram
Explaining International Differences in Public Expenditure: An Empirical Study pp. 271-94
Peter G Saunders
Evidence about Debt Equivalence from the Local Public Sector pp. 295-309
Donald Vitaliano
Tax Aversion, Optimal Tax Rates, and Indexation pp. 310-25
Roger Waud
Optimal Lifetime Consumption Paths under Equal Yield Income and Consumption Taxes: Correction and Extension pp. 326-27
Karl W Roskamp

Volume 43, issue 1, 1988

Distribution of Benefits from Government Services: Horizontal Equity pp. 1-18
Carl S Shoup
Tax Reform in Developing Countries: Issues, Policies, and Information Gaps pp. 19-38
Arvind Virmani
Federal Categorical Grants-in-Aid and State-Local Government Expenditures pp. 39-55
Roger H Bezdek and Jonathan D Jones
Public Good Provision under Uncertainty pp. 56-66
Thomas R Dalton
Income Tax Policies and the Labor Supply of Female Secondary Income Earners pp. 67-78
Chuen-Mei Fan
Optimal Intervention in the Presence of "Categorical Equity" Objectives pp. 79-95
Jose M Gonzalez-Paramo and De-Piao Tang
Fiscal Dependence on Trade Taxes and Economic Development: A Case Study of Pakistan pp. 96-112
Ashfaque H Khan
A History of the U.S. Federal Budget and Fiscal Policy pp. 113-37
David M Kiefer
Tax Evasion and Tax Collections: An Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply Analysis pp. 138-46
Ching-chong Lai and Wen-Ya Chang
Taxpayer Noncompliance and Attribution Theory: An Experimental Vignette Approach pp. 147-56
Quint Thurman

Volume 42, issue 3, 1987

The Erosion of the Different Tax Bases pp. 341-56
Ali Bayar and Max Frank
Income Tax Evasion and the Tax Schedule: Some Experimental Results pp. 357-83
Jonathan C Baldry
The Technology of Pollution Avoidance by Firms pp. 384-94
Robert E Kohn
The Compliance Costs of Taxes on Businesses and Individuals: A Review of the Evidence pp. 395-414
Francois Vaillancourt
L'existence du phenomene fiscal dans les regimes de type sovietique. (The Existence of the Fiscal Phenomenon in Soviet Type Systems. With English summary.) pp. 415-30
Mounir Baccouche
Measures of Tax Progressivity and Redistribution Effect: A Comment pp. 431-34
Nanak Kakwani
Measuring Global Tax Progressivity as Weighted Deviations from Proportional Tax: A Comment pp. 435-37
Pak-Wai Liu
Difficulties in the Measurement of Tax Progressivity: Further Analysis pp. 438-45
John P Formby, W. James Smith and Paul D Thistle
Redistributive Effects of Tax Progressivity: A Reply pp. 446-47
Wilhelm Pfahler
On the Independence of Financing Methods and Redistributive Aspects of Public Pensions: A Comment pp. 448-53
Evert Van Imhoff
On the Independence of Financing Methods and Redistributive Aspects of Pension Schemes: A Reply pp. 454-56
H A A Verbon

Volume 42, issue 2, 1987

Controlling the Welfare State: A Case Study of Retrenchment in the Netherlands pp. 165-80
Dirk J Wolfson
Performance Budgeting in India pp. 181-92
Peter N Dean
A Flow-of-Funds Framework for Evaluating the Behaviours of Fiscal and Monetary Authorities Using Nigerian Data pp. 193-213
Matthew O Odedokun
Changes in Tax Progression and Labour Supply under Wage Rate Uncertainty pp. 214-26
Erkki Koskela
The Second-Best Lump-Sum Taxation of Observable Characteristics pp. 227-35
John Bennett
Economies of City Size in a Price Searcher Model of Local Government pp. 236-49
Rodolfo A Gonzalez and Stephen L Mehay
A Diagrammatic Approach to Optimal Commodity Taxation pp. 250-63
Christopher Heady
Taxation, Savings, and Portfolio Choice in a Continuous Time Model pp. 264-82
Jonathan Hamilton
Government Debt and Growth in Public Spending pp. 283-91
Ilde Rizzo and Alan Peacock
Government Debt and Growth in Public Spending: A Reply [Economics of Representative Democracy: A Model of Skewed Representation] pp. 292-96
Hirofumi Shibata and Yoko Kimura
Fiscal Dependence on Trade Taxes and Economic Development: An Econometric Investigation pp. 297-308
T Hitiris and A J Weekes
Further Econometric Analysis of the Relationship between Fiscal Dependence on Trade Taxes and Economic Development [A Statistical Analysis of Fiscal Dependence on Trade Taxes and Economic Development] pp. 309-19
Sir David Greenaway and David Sapsford
A Development Gains Tax Will Accelerate the Time of Development unless There Is Also a Tax on Redevelopment [The Neutrality of a Development Gains Tax] pp. 320-24
B L Bentick
The Effect of a Development Gains Tax on the Timing of Development [The Neutrality of a Development Gains Tax ]. Development unless There Is Also a Tax on Redevelopment] pp. 325-31
A W Evans
Patinkin on a Money-Financed Increase in Government Expenditures: What Happened to Seigniorage? pp. 332-35
Cecil Bohanon and T Norman Van Cott

Volume 42, issue 1, 1987

Redistributive Effects of Tax Progressivity: Evaluating a General Class of Aggregate Measures pp. 1-31
Wilhelm Pfahler
Optimal Lifetime Consumption Paths under Equal Yield Income and Consumption Taxes pp. 32-41
Karl W Roskamp
Quantitative Estimates of Canadian Fiscal Policy 1970-1983 pp. 42-64
Douglas C A Curtis
Government Deficits, Crowding Out, and Inflation: Some International Evidence pp. 65-84
Basil A Dalamagas
Market Vote Trading and Efficient Public Choice pp. 85-104
Daniel P Hewitt
An Application of Attribution Theory in Taxpayer Noncompliance Research pp. 105-18
Peggy A Hite
A Determination of the Opportunity Costs of Government Projects: A Neo-classical versus a Keynesian Approach pp. 119-36
Andries Nentjes and Thijs Zuidema
"Political Distortions" and the Relevance of Second and Third-Best Theories pp. 137-45
Yew-Kwang Ng
Further Perspectives on the Theory of Second-Best pp. 146-51
Michael McKee and Edwin G West
The Role of Economists and Third-Best Policies pp. 152-55
Yew-Kwang Ng
Wealth Effects and Fiscal Policy in the Context of a Flexible Price Level--A Comment pp. 156-59
Fiorella Padoa Schioppa
Wealth Effects and Fiscal Policy in the Context of a Flexible Price Level--A Reply pp. 160-63
Yasuo Kofuji
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