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1992 - 2021

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Volume 10, issue 2, 2001

Management Strategies of Venture Capital Funded Firms pp. 129-141 Downloads
K. Ramachandran
Venture Capitalists' Insight, or the Ability to Describe the Formal Rules of Business Evaluation? pp. 143-159 Downloads
Hernan Riquelme
Family Enterprises and Business Partnerships: Rural Entrepreneurs in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia pp. 165-189 Downloads
Mario Rutten
Terrorism and Rural Entrepreneurship in Punjab pp. 191-208 Downloads
Gurpreet Bal and Paramjit S. Judge
What Role does Bargaining Power Play in Participation of Women? A Case Study of Rural Pakistan pp. 209-221 Downloads
Katinka Weinberger
Book Reviews: Patrick Heller, The Labor of Development: Workers and the Trans formation of Capitalism in Kerala, India, Ithaca & London: Cornell University Press, 1999, pp. 277 pp. 223-227 Downloads
Dikshit Sinha
Book Reviews: John T. Mentzer (ed.), Supply Chain Management, New Delhi: Res ponse Books, 2001, pp. 524 pp. 227-230 Downloads
R. Balakrishnan
Book Reviews: D.B.N. Murthy, Managing Quality: A Practical Guide to Customer Satisfaction, Response Books, New Delhi, 1999, pp. 226 pp. 230-235 Downloads
A.K. Srivastava
Book Reviews: P.S. Palande, Coping with Liberalisation: The Industry's Response to New Competition, New Delhi: Response Books, 2000, pp. 377 pp. 235-237 Downloads
Umesh Menon
Book Reviews: Reidar Dale, Evaluation Frameworks for Development Programmes and Projects, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1998, pp. 151 pp. 237-240 Downloads
Naresh Singh
Book Reviews: K.G. Karmakar, Rural Credit and Self-Help Groups: Micro-finance Needs and Concepts in India, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1999, pp. 375 pp. 240-242 Downloads
Naresh Singh
Bengt, Johannisson and Morten, Huse, 'Recruiting Outside Board Members in the Small Family Business: An Ideological Challenge', Entrepreneurship & Regional Development: An International Journal, vol. 12, no. 4 (October-December 2000), pp. 353-78 pp. 243-245 Downloads
Klaas, Brian S., John McClendon and Thomas W. Gainey, 'Managing HR in the Small and Medium Enterprise: The Impact of Professional Employer Organizations', Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, vol. 25, no. 1 (Fall 2000), pp. 107-24 pp. 245-247 Downloads
Shepherd, Dean A., Richard Ettenson and Andrew Crouch, 'New Venture Strategy and Profitability: A Venture Capitalists Assess ment', Journal of Business Venture, vol. 15, no. 5/6 (September- November 2000), pp. 449-67 pp. 248-250 Downloads
Pitt Leyland F., and Rushieda Kannemeyer, 'The Role of Adaptation in Microenterprise Development: A Marketing Perspective', Journal of Development Entrepreneurship, vol. 5, no. 2 (August 2000), pp.137-55 pp. 250-252 Downloads
Veliyath, Rajaram and Kannan Ramaswamy, 'Social Embeddedness, Overt and Covert Power, and Their Effects on CEO Pay: An Empirical Examination Among Family Businesses in India', Family Business Review, vol. 13, no. 4 (December 2000), pp.293-311 pp. 252-254 Downloads

Volume 10, issue 1, 2001

Productivity Growth at the Firm Level: with Application to the Chinese Steel Mills pp. 1-16 Downloads
Yanrui Wu
Micro Enterprise Training for Low-Income Women: the Case of the Community Entrepreneurs Programme pp. 17-42 Downloads
Colette Dumas
Promoting African Pioneers in Business: what Makes a Context Conducive to Small-Scale Entrepreneurship? pp. 43-69 Downloads
Stein Kristiansen
Employment, Efficiency and Entrepreneurship in Small Industry: A Study of the Baking Industry in Punjab, India pp. 71-88 Downloads
Sukhpal Singh
Book Reviews: Pushpa Sundar, Beyond Business: From Merchant Charity to Corporate Citizenship: Indian Business Philanthropy through the Ages, New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill, 2000, 393 pp pp. 91-94 Downloads
Mario Rutten
Book Reviews: A.V. Srinivasan (ed.), Managing a Modern Hospital, New Delhi: Response Books, 2000, 404 pp pp. 94-96 Downloads
Brijesh C. Purohit
Book Reviews: A.S. Ramasastri, Quantitative Methods for Valuation of Financial Assets: 100 Questions and Answers, New Delhi: Response Books, 2000, pp. 199 pp. 96-97 Downloads
Umesh Menon
Book Reviews: Nasir Tyabji, Industrializatiort and Innovation: The Indian Experience, New Delhi, Sage Publications, 2000, 162 pp pp. 98-100 Downloads
Mathew J. Manimala
Abstracts pp. 101-127 Downloads

Volume 9, issue 2, 2000

Resourcefulness: A Proximal Conceptualisation of Entrepreneurial Behaviour pp. 135-154 Downloads
Sasi Misra and E. Sendil Kumar
Market for Business Development Services in India: A Study of Calcutta pp. 155-184 Downloads
Dinesh N. Awasthi and Sanjay Pal
Linking Technology Strategy with Human Resource Management for Small Firms pp. 185-198 Downloads
Chung-Chiang Chen
What Brings Entrepreneurial Success in a Developing Region? pp. 199-212 Downloads
N.M. Panda
Book Reviews: Understanding Business Systems in Developing Countries pp. 213-214 Downloads
Gurli Jakobsen and Jens Erik Torp
Book Reviews: J.V. Vilanilam, More Effective Communication: A Manual forProfessionals, New Delhi: Response Books, 2000, pp. 238 pp. 215-217 Downloads
Julie Shah
Book Reviews: Malcolm Harper, Public Services through Private Enterprise: Micro privatisation for Improved Delivery, New Delhi: Vistaar Publications, 2000, pp. 372 pp. 217-221 Downloads
Prabhat K. Labh
Book Reviews: Henry S.R. Kao, Durganand Sinha and Bernhard Wilpert (eds), Management and Cultural Values: The Indigenization of Organizations in Asia, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1999, pp. 336 pp. 221-224 Downloads
Nilanjan Sen Gupta
Book Reviews: Heidi Dahles and Karin Bras, Tourism and Small Entrepreneurs: Development, National Policy, and Entrepreneurial Culture: Indo nesian Cases, New York: Cognizant Communication Corporation, 1999, pp. 165 pp. 224-227 Downloads
K.V.S.M. Krishna
Book Reviews: T. Scarlett Epstein (ed.), A Manual for Culturally-Adapted Social Marketing: Health and Population, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1999,pp.182 pp. 227-230 Downloads
Nabarun Sen Gupta
Abstracts pp. 231-253 Downloads

Volume 9, issue 1, 2000

Entrepreneurial Infrastructure in Singapore: Developing a Model and Mapping Participation pp. 1-33 Downloads
Teck-Meng Tan, Wee-Liang Tan and John E. Young
Implications of Managerial Knowledge Diversity: Some Spanish Evidence pp. 35-48 Downloads
Montserrat Entrialgo, Esteban Fernandez and Camilo J. Vazquez
Impact of Entrepreneurs' Personality Characteristics on Employee Perception of Organisational Climate in Small-Scale Enterprises pp. 49-62 Downloads
Urmi Nanda Biswas
Uncertainty and Planning in Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Small Firms in The South Pacific pp. 63-77 Downloads
Attahir Yusuf
Book Reviews: Philippe Cadene and Mark Holmstrom (eds), Decentralized Production in India: Industrial Districts, Flexible Specialization, and Employ ment, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1998, pp. 416 pp. 81-85 Downloads
Dinesh N. Awasthi
Book Reviews: Mathew J. Manimala, Entrepreneurial Policies and Strategies: The In novator's Choice, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1999, pp. 344 pp. 85-87 Downloads
K.V.S.M. Krishna
Book Reviews: Arun Wakhlu, Managing from the Heart: Unfolding Spirit in People and Organizations, New Delhi: Response Books, 1999, pp. 244 pp. 87-90 Downloads
S.K. Mitra
Book Reviews: B.R. Virmani and Kala Rao, Economic Restructuring, Technology Trans fer and Human Resource Development, second edition, New Delhi: Response Books, 1999, pp. 324 pp. 90-91 Downloads
Nilanjan Sengupta
Book Reviews: Mathew J. Manimala, Entrepreneurship Theory at the Crossroads, New Delhi: Wheeler Publications, 1999, pp. 250 pp. 92-94 Downloads
Vrinda Ramachandran and C. Kondaiah
Abstracts pp. 95-134 Downloads

Volume 8, issue 2, 1999

Racehorses or Rabbits? Are Entrepreneurs a Scarce Resource? pp. 135-145 Downloads
Mark Holmström
Women Entrepreneurs from Southern India: An Exploratory Study pp. 147-163 Downloads
Mallika Das
Promoting Industrial Clusters: Review of Experiences in Europe, East Asia and India pp. 165-193 Downloads
L. Shridharan and Mathew J. Manimala
Psychological Correlates of Entrepreneurial Performance among Women pp. 195-205 Downloads
Rajinder Kaur and Shally Bawa
Panchayat Udyogs in Uttar Pradesh: A Democratic Experiment in Micro Enterprise Development pp. 207-217 Downloads
S.K. Singh
Book Reviews: M. Harper, and G. Finnegan, Value for Money? Impact of Small Enter prise Development, New Delhi: Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. Pvt Ltd, 1998, pp. 130 pp. 221-224 Downloads
Lourdes P. Baptisa
Book Reviews: Prayag Mehta, A Psychological Strategy for Alternative Human Develop ment, New Delhi: Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd, 1998, pp. 252 pp. 224-228 Downloads
Mathew J. Manimala
Book Reviews: S.J. Phansalkar, Making Growth Happen: Learning from First-Gener ation Entrepreneurs, New Delhi: Response Books, 1999, pp. 230 pp. 228-230 Downloads
V. Padmanand
Book Reviews: V.C. Joshi and V.V. Joshi, Managing Indian Banks: The Challenges Ahead, New Delhi: Response Books, 1998, pp. 256 pp. 230-232 Downloads
Umesh Menon
Book Reviews: Rabindra N. Kanungo (ed.), Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Models for Development, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1998, pp. 366 pp. 232-235 Downloads
Sunil Shukla
Book Reviews: Walter Vieira, Successful Selling: Getting Customers to Say 'Yes', New Delhi: Response Books, 1998, pp. 194 pp. 235-238 Downloads
M.A. Suryanarayana
Abstracts pp. 239-258 Downloads

Volume 8, issue 1, 1999

Strategies to Meet Competition: Firm-level Study of Indian Machine Tools Industry pp. 1-24 Downloads
Vinish Kathuria
Impact of Industry Type and Firm Characteristics on Firm-level Financial Performance— Evidence from Indian Industry pp. 25-44 Downloads
G.S. Shergill and M.S. Sarkaria
Tradition and Change: Artisan Producers in Gujarat pp. 45-65 Downloads
R. Parthasarathy
What Young Entrepreneurs Think and Do: A Study of Second-Generation Business Entrepreneurs pp. 67-77 Downloads
Azhar Kazmi
Producers and Markets in Rural Bihar: A Case of Tribal Handicrafts pp. 79-91 Downloads
Sanjay Pal
Book Reviews: Peter Custers, Capital Accumulation and Women's Labour in Asian Economies, New Delhi: Vistaar Publications, 1997, pp. 401 pp. 95-97 Downloads
Gurpreet Bal
Book Reviews: Dorothy P. Moore and E. Holly Buttner, Woman Entrepreneurs: Moving Beyond the Glass Ceiling, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1997, pp. 276 pp. 97-100 Downloads
Gerry Finnegan
Book Reviews: Martin Brendan, In the Public Interest?-Privatisation and Public Sector Reforms, London: Zed Books, 1993, pp. 209 pp. 100-103 Downloads
Ramakant Prusty
Book Reviews: Dean A. Shepherd and Mark Shanley, New Venture Strategy: Timing, Environmental Uncertainty, and Performance, Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 1998, pp. 112 pp. 103-106 Downloads
Kvsm Krishna
Book Reviews: Fritjof Capra and Gunter Pauli (eds), Steering Business Toward Sustainability, New Delhi: Response Books, 1996, pp. 191 pp. 106-108 Downloads
N. Sengupta
Book Reviews: S. Ramnarayan, T.V. Rao, and Kuldeep Singh (eds), Organization Development: Interventions and Strategies, New Delhi: Response Books, 1998, pp. 408 pp. 108-112 Downloads
Sunil Shukla
Abstracts pp. 113-134 Downloads
R.K. Prusty and S. Pal
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