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Volume 59, issue 6, 2022

Tactics of resistance and post-conflict judicial independence pp. 779-793 Downloads
Jessica Maves Braithwaite, Joseph M Cox and Margaret Farry
High-risk participation: Demanding peace and justice amid criminal violence pp. 794-809 Downloads
Sandra Ley
Does legal aid improve access to justice in ‘fragile’ settings? Evidence from Burundi pp. 810-827 Downloads
Imane Chaara, Jean-Benoît Falisse and Julien Moriceau
Coup d’état and a democratic signal: The connection between protests and coups after the Cold War pp. 828-843 Downloads
Taku Yukawa, Kaoru Hidaka, Kaori Kushima and Masafumi Fujita
Strongmen cry too: The effect of aerial bombing on voting for the incumbent in competitive autocracies pp. 844-859 Downloads
Milos Popovic
State weakness and support for ethnic violence in Southern Kyrgyzstan pp. 860-875 Downloads
Konstantin Ash
Updating nonviolent campaigns: Introducing NAVCO 2.1 pp. 876-889 Downloads
Erica Chenoweth and Christopher Wiley Shay
The causes and consequences of fisheries conflict around the Horn of Africa pp. 890-902 Downloads
Colleen Devlin, Sarah M Glaser, Joshua E Lambert and Ciera Villegas
Introducing MACEDA: New micro-data on an indigenous self-determination conflict pp. 903-912 Downloads
Pedro Cayul, Alejandro Corvalan, Dany Jaimovich and Matteo Pazzona
CORRIGENDUM to ‘How (wo)men rebel: Exploring the effect of gender equality on nonviolent and armed conflict onset’ pp. 913-915 Downloads

Volume 59, issue 5, 2022

Stopping state repression: An examination of spells pp. 633-647 Downloads
Christian Davenport and Benjamin J Appel
Oil discoveries, civil war, and preventive state repression pp. 648-662 Downloads
Peter D Carey, Curtis Bell, Emily Hencken Ritter and Scott Wolford
Don’t turn around, der Kommissar’s in town: Political officers and coups d’état in authoritarian regimes pp. 663-678 Downloads
Austin S Matthews
Re-examining women leaders and military spending pp. 679-693 Downloads
Ulkar Imamverdiyeva and Patrick E Shea
The moral foundations of restraint: Partisanship, military training, and norms of civilian protection pp. 694-709 Downloads
Andrew M Bell, Thomas Gift and Jonathan Monten
Explaining the timeliness of implementation of truth commission recommendations pp. 710-726 Downloads
Héctor Centeno Martín, Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm, Ana Belén Nieto-Librero and Dylan Wright
Take a chance: Trust-building across identity groups pp. 727-741 Downloads
Yoshiko M Herrera and Andrew H Kydd
The self-enforcing dynamics of crime and protection pp. 742-755 Downloads
Eva Kløve and Halvor Mehlum
Introducing a new dataset on Designated Terrorist Organizations (DTO) pp. 756-766 Downloads
Yasutaka Tominaga, Chia-yi Lee and Mengting Lyu
Introducing the Government-Sponsored Mass Expulsion Dataset pp. 767-776 Downloads
Meghan Garrity

Volume 59, issue 4, 2022

The drawbacks of drones: The effects of UAVs on escalation and instability in Pakistan pp. 463-477 Downloads
Erik Gartzke and James Igoe Walsh
Blowback or overblown? Why civilians under threat support invasive foreign intervention pp. 478-494 Downloads
Austin J Knuppe
A theory of social programs, legitimacy, and citizen cooperation with the state pp. 495-507 Downloads
Abraham Aldama
Central banks and civil war termination pp. 508-525 Downloads
Ana Carolina Garriga
The two faces of power-sharing pp. 526-542 Downloads
Andreas Juon and Daniel Bochsler
Diverse neighbors and post-conflict recovery at the village level: Evidence from Iraq after ISIL pp. 543-561 Downloads
Lloyd Lyall
Explaining intentional cultural destruction in the Syrian Civil War pp. 562-576 Downloads
Luis Felipe Mantilla and Zorana Knezevic
Did Egypt’s post-uprising crime wave increase support for authoritarian rule? pp. 577-592 Downloads
Caroline Abadeer, Alexandra Domike Blackman, Lisa Blaydes and Scott Williamson
Organized violence 1989–2021 and drone warfare pp. 593-610 Downloads
Shawn Davies, Therése Pettersson and Magnus Öberg
Repertoires of conflict-related sexual violence: Introducing the RSVAC data package pp. 611-621 Downloads
Logan Dumaine, Ragnhild Nordås, Maria Gargiulo and Elisabeth Jean Wood
What is rebel governance? Introducing a new dataset on rebel institutions, 1945–2012 pp. 622-630 Downloads
Karen E Albert

Volume 59, issue 3, 2022

Terrorism and emergency constitutions in the Muslim world pp. 305-318 Downloads
Christian Bjørnskov and Stefan Voigt
Greed, grievance, or graduates? Why do men rebel? pp. 319-336 Downloads
Brandon Ives and Jori Breslawski
Adjustments to gang exposure in early adolescence pp. 337-352 Downloads
Krzysztof Krakowski
How war-related deprivation affects political participation: Evidence from education loss in Liberia pp. 353-366 Downloads
Shelley X Liu
Perceived threats and the trade-off between security and human rights pp. 367-381 Downloads
Scott Radnitz
Democracy, reputation for resolve, and civil conflict pp. 382-394 Downloads
Casey Crisman-Cox
Identity threats and ideas of superiority as drivers of religious violence? Evidence from a survey experiment in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania pp. 395-408 Downloads
Matthias Basedau, Simone Gobien and Lisa Hoffmann
Cheap talk or costly commitment? Leader statements and the implementation of civil war peace agreements pp. 409-424 Downloads
Alyssa K Prorok and Deniz Cil
Linking Ethnic Data from Africa (LEDA) pp. 425-435 Downloads
Carl Müller-Crepon, Yannick Pengl and Nils-Christian Bormann
Examining the ‘age of apology’: Insights from the Political Apology database pp. 436-448 Downloads
Marieke Zoodsma and Juliette Schaafsma
Introducing the Anatomy of Resistance Campaigns (ARC) dataset pp. 449-460 Downloads
Charles Butcher, Jessica Maves Braithwaite, Jonathan Pinckney, Eirin Haugseth, Ingrid Vik Bakken and Marius Swane Wishman

Volume 59, issue 2, 2022

Emerging diasporas: Exploring mobilization outside the homeland pp. 107-121 Downloads
Connor Kopchick, Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham, Erin K Jenne and Stephen Saideman
Is governmental and societal discrimination against Muslim minorities behind foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq? pp. 122-135 Downloads
Meirav Mishali-Ram and Jonathan Fox
Supporting rebels and hosting refugees: Explaining the variation in refugee flows in civil conflicts pp. 136-149 Downloads
Oguzhan Turkoglu
The effectiveness of mediation and peacekeeping for ending conflict pp. 150-165 Downloads
Govinda Clayton and Han Dorussen
Denial and punishment in war pp. 166-179 Downloads
Keisuke Nakao
Combatant socialization and norms of restraint: Examining officer training at the US Military Academy and Army ROTC pp. 180-196 Downloads
Andrew Bell
Latent territorial threat and democratic regime reversals pp. 197-212 Downloads
Johannes Karreth, Jaroslav Tir and Douglas M Gibler
Interventions and repression following civil conflict pp. 213-228 Downloads
Naji Bsisu and Amanda Murdie
Electoral support and militants’ targeting strategies pp. 229-241 Downloads
Deniz Aksoy and David Carlson
Local ethno-political polarization and election violence in majoritarian vs. proportional systems pp. 242-258 Downloads
Carl Müller-Crepon
The global economic burden of violent conflict pp. 259-276 Downloads
Olaf de Groot, Carlos Bozzoli, Anousheh Alamir and Tilman Brück
Introducing Regular Turnover Details, 1960–2015: A dataset on world leaders’ legal removal from office pp. 277-285 Downloads
Amanda A Licht
Tracking the rise of United States foreign military training: IMTAD-USA, a new dataset and research agenda pp. 286-296 Downloads
Theodore McLauchlin, Lee JM Seymour and Simon Pierre Boulanger Martel
The Nils Petter Gleditsch JPR article of the Year Award 2021 goes to Alison Heslin pp. 297-297 Downloads
The JPR Best Visualization Award 2021 goes to Gaku Ito pp. 298-298 Downloads
2021 reviewers pp. 299-301 Downloads

Volume 59, issue 1, 2022

Disaster diplomacy: The intricate links between disaster and conflict pp. 3-11 Downloads
Gina Yannitell Reinhardt and Carmela Lutmar
Disasters and the dynamics of interstate rivalry pp. 12-27 Downloads
Bomi K Lee, Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, Cody J Schmidt and Yufan Yang
When do natural disasters lead to negotiations in a civil war? pp. 28-42 Downloads
Stephen Nemeth and Brian Lai
Disasters and civilian victimization: Exploring the dynamic effect in Africa, 1997–2017 pp. 43-57 Downloads
Roos Haer and Babak RezaeeDaryakenari
Disasters and intergroup peace in sub-Saharan Africa pp. 58-72 Downloads
Eunbin Chung and Inbok Rhee
Windows of repression: Using COVID-19 policies against political dissidents? pp. 73-89 Downloads
Joan Barceló, Robert Kubinec, Cindy Cheng, Tiril Høye Rahn and Luca Messerschmidt
COVID-19, state capacity, and political violence by non-state actors pp. 90-104 Downloads
Britt Koehnlein and Ore Koren
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