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Volume 47, issue 1, 2019

Closing the Gold Window: The End of Bretton Woods as a Contingency Plan pp. 3-22 Downloads
Christoffer J. P. Zoeller
Thinking about Thinking about Comparative Political Economy: From Macro to Micro and Back pp. 23-54 Downloads
Herman Mark Schwartz and Bent Sofus Tranøy
Conquest and Conflict: The Colonial Roots of Maoist Violence in India pp. 55-86 Downloads
Ajay Verghese and Emmanuel Teitelbaum
Discrimination and Policies of Immigrant Selection in Liberal States pp. 87-116 Downloads
Antje Ellermann and Agustín Goenaga
Japan’s Ambivalent Pursuit of Shareholder Capitalism pp. 117-144 Downloads
Steven K. Vogel

Volume 46, issue 4, 2018

Counting Caste: Censuses, Politics, and Castelessness in India pp. 455-484 Downloads
Trina Vithayathil
Rethinking Favela Governance: Nonviolent Politics in Rio de Janeiro’s Gang Territories pp. 485-512 Downloads
Anjuli N. Fahlberg
Rape as a Practice of War: Toward a Typology of Political Violence pp. 513-537 Downloads
Elisabeth Jean Wood
Accommodation or Extraction? Employers, the State, and the Joint Production of Active Labor Market Policy pp. 539-569 Downloads
Axel Cronert
The Regulatory Road to Reform: Bureaucratic Activism, Agency Advocacy, and Medicaid Expansion within the Delegated Welfare State pp. 571-601 Downloads
Josh Pacewicz

Volume 46, issue 3, 2018

Preface to the Special Issue* pp. 299-301 Downloads
John Gastil and Erik Olin Wright
Legislature by Lot: Envisioning Sortition within a Bicameral System* pp. 303-330 Downloads
John Gastil and Erik Olin Wright
Postscript to Gastil and Wright: The Anticapitalist Argument for Sortition* pp. 331-335 Downloads
Erik Olin Wright
From Deliberative to Radical Democracy? Sortition and Politics in the Twenty-First Century* pp. 337-357 Downloads
Yves Sintomer
Random Assemblies for Lawmaking? Prospects and Limits* pp. 359-379 Downloads
James S. Fishkin
Intercameral Relations in a Bicameral Elected and Sortition Legislature* pp. 381-400 Downloads
Pierre-Étienne Vandamme, Vincent Jacquet, Christoph Niessen, John Pitseys and Min Reuchamps
Should Democracy Work through Elections or Sortition?* pp. 401-417 Downloads
Tom Malleson
Sortition, Rotation, and Mandate: Conditions for Political Equality and Deliberative Reasoning* pp. 419-434 Downloads
David Owen and Graham Smith
Why Hybrid Bicameralism Is Not Right for Sortition* pp. 435-451 Downloads
Terrill Bouricius

Volume 46, issue 2, 2018

Cohort Change in Political Gender Gaps in Europe and Canada: The Role of Modernization pp. 135-175 Downloads
Rosalind Shorrocks
More Mortgages, More Homes? The Effect of Housing Financialization on Homeownership in Historical Perspective pp. 177-203 Downloads
Sebastian Kohl
Social Solidarity for All? Trade Union Strategies, Labor Market Dualization, and the Welfare State in Italy and South Korea pp. 205-233 Downloads
Niccolo Durazzi, Timo Fleckenstein and Soohyun Christine Lee
Islam and the Spirits of Capitalism: Competing Articulations of the Islamic Economy pp. 235-264 Downloads
Aisalkyn Botoeva
Building the Problem-Solving State: Bridging Networks and Experiments in the US Advisory Specialist Group in World War II pp. 265-294 Downloads
Gerald Berk

Volume 46, issue 1, 2018

Capital Strikes as a Corporate Political Strategy: The Structural Power of Business in the Obama Era pp. 3-28 Downloads
Kevin A. Young, Tarun Banerjee and Michael Schwartz
Bridging Art and Bureaucracy: Marginalization, State-Society Relations, and Cultural Policy in Brazil pp. 29-51 Downloads
Anne Gillman
The Politics of Hidden Policy: Feedback Effects and the Charitable Contributions Deduction pp. 53-80 Downloads
Kelly L. Russell
No Money, No Representation: A Case Study of Zeguo Town in China pp. 81-99 Downloads
Jing Ye
Service Cynicism: How Civic Disengagement Develops pp. 101-129 Downloads
Tony Cheng and Shelley Liu

Volume 45, issue 4, 2017

No Exit: Social Reproduction in an Era of Rising Income Inequality pp. 471-503 Downloads
Lindsay B. Flynn and Herman Mark Schwartz
The State’s Role in Globalization: Korea’s Experience from a Comparative Perspective pp. 505-531 Downloads
Kyung Mi Kim and Hyeong-Ki Kwon
Labor and Domination: Worker Control in a Chinese Factory pp. 533-557 Downloads
Kaxton Siu
Dualization as Destiny? The Political Economy of the German Minimum Wage Reform pp. 559-584 Downloads
Paul Marx and Peter Starke
Digital Capitalism and the End of Politics: The Case of the Italian Five Star Movement pp. 585-609 Downloads
Loris Caruso

Volume 45, issue 3, 2017

Global Finance, Labor Politics, and the Political Economy of Housing Prices pp. 327-358 Downloads
Alison Johnston and Aidan Regan
Enforcing Labor Standards in Partnership with Civil Society: Can Co-enforcement Succeed Where the State Alone Has Failed? pp. 359-388 Downloads
Janice Fine
The Political Power of Finance: The Institute of International Finance in the Greek Debt Crisis pp. 389-413 Downloads
Manolis Kalaitzake
Who Pays for the Next Wave? The American Welfare State and Responsibility for Flood Risk pp. 415-440 Downloads
Rebecca Elliott
Testing the Great Lakes Compact: Administrative Politics and the Challenge of Environmental Adaptation pp. 441-466 Downloads
Ben Merriman

Volume 45, issue 2, 2017

The Comparative Politics of Colonialism and Its Legacies: An Introduction* pp. 159-172 Downloads
Alexander De Juan and Jan Henryk Pierskalla
Redistributive Colonialism: The Long Term Legacy of International Conflict in India* pp. 173-224 Downloads
Alexander Lee
Colonial Legacy of Gender Inequality: Christian Missionaries in German East Africa* pp. 225-268 Downloads
Max Montgomery
Constructing the State: Macro Strategies, Micro Incentives, and the Creation of Police Forces in Colonial Namibia* pp. 269-299 Downloads
Alexander De Juan, Fabian Krautwald and Jan Henryk Pierskalla
Persistence or Reversal of Fortune? Early State Inheritance and the Legacies of Colonial Rule* pp. 301-324 Downloads
Roberto Stefan Foa

Volume 45, issue 1, 2017

Greater State Capacity, Lesser Stateness pp. 3-34 Downloads
Eduardo Dargent, Andreas E. Feldmann and Juan Pablo Luna
The Influence of Inequality on Welfare Generosity pp. 35-66 Downloads
Lyle Scruggs and Thomas J. Hayes
Origins of Informal Coercion in China pp. 67-89 Downloads
Xi Chen
Reorganizing Popular Sector Incorporation pp. 91-122 Downloads
Eduardo Silva
Land Institutions and Chinese Political Economy pp. 123-153 Downloads
Meg Elizabeth Rithmire

Volume 44, issue 4, 2016

Group Lending, Joint Liability, and Social Capital pp. 459-497 Downloads
Antara Haldar and Joseph Stiglitz
Syria’s Passage to Conflict pp. 499-523 Downloads
Shamel Azmeh
The Rational Basis of Irrational Politics pp. 525-550 Downloads
John D. Kincaid
Sumptuary Labor pp. 551-572 Downloads
Jeffrey J. Sallaz and Chi Phoenix Wang
Privatizing Participation? The Impact of Private Welfare Provision on Democratic Accountability pp. 573-613 Downloads
Jane Gingrich and Sara Watson

Volume 44, issue 3, 2016

Winner-Take-All Politics in Europe? European Inequality in Comparative Perspective* pp. 335-343 Downloads
Jonathan Hopkin and Julia Lynch
Organized Combat or Structural Advantage? The Politics of Inequality and the Winner-Take-All Economy in the United Kingdom* pp. 345-371 Downloads
Jonathan Hopkin and Kate Alexander Shaw
Politics in the Interest of Capital pp. 373-391 Downloads
Cornelia Woll
The Euro’s “Winner-Take-All†Political Economy pp. 393-422 Downloads
Matthias Matthijs
Commandeering Crisis pp. 423-453 Downloads
John W. Cioffi and Kenneth A. Dubin

Volume 44, issue 2, 2016

Rethinking Comparative Political Economy pp. 175-207 Downloads
Lucio Baccaro and Jonas Pontusson
Growth Models, Varieties of Capitalism, and Macroeconomics* pp. 209-226 Downloads
David Hope and David Soskice
Economic Prosperity Is in High Demand* pp. 227-235 Downloads
Cathie Jo Martin
Varieties of Capitalism Theory pp. 237-241 Downloads
Michael J. Piore
Varieties of Varieties pp. 243-247 Downloads
Wolfgang Streeck
After Dodd-Frank pp. 249-280 Downloads
J. Nicholas Ziegler and John T. Woolley
Walking the Line pp. 281-304 Downloads
Monica Prasad, Steve G. Hoffman and Kieran Bezila
Religious Authorities in the Military and Civilian Control pp. 305-332 Downloads
Yagil Levy

Volume 44, issue 1, 2016

The Contradictory Logics of Financialization pp. 3-13 Downloads
Fred Block
Beyond the Minsky and Polanyi Moments pp. 15-43 Downloads
KurtuluÅŸ Gemici
The New Urban Fiscal Crisis pp. 45-80 Downloads
L. Owen Kirkpatrick
Governing by Panic pp. 81-116 Downloads
David M. Woodruff
Institutions and Inequality in Liberalizing Markets pp. 117-142 Downloads
Chiara Benassi, Virginia Doellgast and Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt
Between Collective Action and Individual Appropriation pp. 143-171 Downloads
Françoise Montambeault and Camille Goirand
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