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1969 - 2017

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Volume 49, issue 3, 2017

Crisis in the European Union: Introduction to the Special Issue pp. 337-342 Downloads
Brigitte Bechtold, Davide Gualerzi, Dorene Isenberg and Paddy Quick
Intra-eurozone Payments Imbalances: Implications for the TARGET2 Payments System pp. 343-357 Downloads
Bill Lucarelli
Disciplining Greece: Crisis Management and Its Discontents pp. 358-374 Downloads
Steven Panageotou
Euro-Dependence—A Peripheral Look beyond the Monetary Union: A Proposal of Reform of the TARGET2 pp. 375-393 Downloads
Juan Barredo-Zuriarrain, Ricardo Molero-Simarro and Alejandro Quesada-Solana
Crisis in the Eurozone: Austerity and Economic Transformation pp. 394-409 Downloads
Davide Gualerzi
Neoliberalism, Profitability, and the Crisis in the Eurozone pp. 410-429 Downloads
Antônio Albano de Freitas
Political Economy of Banking and Debt Crisis in the EU: Rising Financialization and its Ramifications pp. 430-455 Downloads
Kristijan Kotarski and Luka Brkic
Cooperatives as Transitional Economics pp. 456-476 Downloads
Greg Sharzer
Environmental Sustainability in a Sraffian Framework pp. 477-488 Downloads
Robin Hahnel
Worldview Matters pp. 489-494 Downloads
Maarten de Kadt
Book Review: The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature and the Pursuit of Social Justice pp. 495-498 Downloads
Rojhat B. Avsar
Book Review: Southern Insurgency: The Coming of the Global Working Class pp. 498-500 Downloads
Jackie DiSalvo
Books Received (Current as of Summer 2017) pp. 501-503 Downloads

Volume 49, issue 2, 2017

The Viability of Cooperatives: The Fall of the Mondragon Cooperative Fagor pp. 181-197 Downloads
Anjel Errasti, Ignacio Bretos and Aitziber Nunez
Crisis in Venezuela, or the Bolivarian Dilemma: To Revolutionize or to Perish? A Kaleckian Interpretation pp. 198-218 Downloads
Roberto Lampa
Growth, Employment, and Income Distribution in Argentina, 1990-2010 pp. 219-232 Downloads
Juan Eduardo Santarcangelo
Wanted: A Pollution Damage Revealing Mechanism pp. 233-246 Downloads
Robin Hahnel
Uncertainty and Contradiction: An Essay on the Business Cycle pp. 247-264 Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
The Distribution of Power and the Inflation-Unemployment Relationship in the United States: A Post-Keynesian Approach pp. 265-285 Downloads
Leonardo Vera
Industrial Seigniorage: The Other Face of Competition pp. 286-302 Downloads
Jordan Melmiès
Growth Accounting of the Value Composition of Capital and the Rate of Profit in the U.S. Economy: A Note Stimulated by Zarembka’s Findings pp. 303-312 Downloads
Lefteris Tsoulfidis
Book Review: The Political Economy of Development: The World Bank, Neoliberalism and Development Research pp. 313-315 Downloads
Heath Prince
Book Review: The Fracturing of the American Corporate Elite pp. 315-318 Downloads
Thomas Weisskopf
Book Review: Global Capitalism: Selected Essays pp. 318-320 Downloads
William K. Tabb
Book Review: The Great Transformation of Japanese Capitalism pp. 321-323 Downloads
Hiroko Takeda
Book Review: What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution pp. 323-326 Downloads
Amanda Page-Hoongrajok
Book Review: A World to Build: New Paths toward Twenty-First Century Socialism pp. 327-329 Downloads
Robin Hahnel

Volume 49, issue 1, 2017

Revaluing Low-Wage Work pp. 5-29 Downloads
Bruce Pietrykowski
Job Quality Complexities pp. 30-53 Downloads
Leanne Roncolato and John Willoughby
(Re)claiming Space by Urban Commons pp. 54-66 Downloads
Zofia Å Apniewska
On the Possibility of a “Soviet of Technicians†pp. 67-82 Downloads
Ahmet Öncü
Economic Stages and Anti-imperialism in Theory and Practice pp. 83-99 Downloads
Ricardo R. Fuentes-Ramírez
Polanyi and Foucault on the Issue of Market in Classical Political Economy pp. 100-113 Downloads
Danielle Guizzo and Iara Vigo de Lima
A Capital Invariant Solution to the Marxian Transformation Problem pp. 114-124 Downloads
Gabriel Montes-Rojas
A Tale of Three Theorems pp. 125-132 Downloads
Robin Hahnel
Production Relations in Agrarian Capitalist Development pp. 133-147 Downloads
Gilbert L. Skillman
Fred Lee, the Industrial Workers of the World, and Heterodox Economics pp. 148-152 Downloads
John F. Henry
Book Review: Subprime Cities: The Political Economy of Mortgage Markets pp. 153-156 Downloads
Jared M. Ragusett
Book Review: The Aggregate Production Function and the Measurement of Technical Change, ‘Not Even Wrong’ pp. 156-158 Downloads
Thomas Lambert
Book Review: No War for Oil – US Dependency and the Middle East pp. 158-161 Downloads
Cyrus Bina
Homo Economicus, Moral Sentiments, and the Challenges of Individualism pp. 162-167 Downloads
George Lafferty
List of Reviewers 2016 pp. 168-169 Downloads

Volume 48, issue 4, 2016

The Upward Redistribution of Income pp. 529-543 Downloads
Dean Baker
The Neoliberal Restructuring of Agriculture and Food in Greece pp. 544-552 Downloads
Charalampos Konstantinidis
Reprimarization pp. 553-561 Downloads
Paul Cooney
DisORIENT pp. 562-568 Downloads
Matías Vernengo and David Fields
Third World Alternatives for Building Post-capitalist Worlds pp. 569-576 Downloads
David Barkin and Blanca Lemus
Kalecki and the Determinants of the Profit Rate in the United States pp. 577-587 Downloads
Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell
Neoliberalism and the Formation of the English Premier League pp. 588-594 Downloads
Anirban Karak
Foreign Private Capital-Led Growth pp. 595-602 Downloads
Mehmet Ufuk Tutan and Al Campbell
Modes of Production and Household Production pp. 603-609 Downloads
Paddy Quick
Egypt’s Neoliberal Reforms and the Moral Economy of Bread pp. 610-632 Downloads
Sabine Frerichs
Does Shareholder Value Orientation or Financial Market Liberalization Slow Down Korean Real Investment? pp. 633-660 Downloads
Hwan-Joo Seo, Han Sung Kim and Joonil Kim
Understanding Land Reform in Ghana pp. 661-680 Downloads
Franklin Obeng-Odoom
Book Review: Oiling the Urban Economy: Land, Labour, Capital, and the State in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana pp. 681-684 Downloads
Chibuzo N. Nwoke
Books Received (Current as of Winter 2017) pp. 685-687 Downloads

Volume 48, issue 3, 2016

Can Public Policies Bring about the Democratization of the Outsourcing of Household Tasks? pp. 365-393 Downloads
François-Xavier Devetter
The Transformation of Values into Prices of Production in Marx’s Scheme of Expanded Reproduction pp. 394-416 Downloads
Emilio Díaz and Francisco Velasco
Janus Ante Portas pp. 417-437 Downloads
Urban Sušnik
Absolute Advantage and International Trade pp. 438-451 Downloads
Stergios A. Seretis and Persefoni Tsaliki
Immanent Critique, Enabling Myths, and the Neoliberal Narrative pp. 452-466 Downloads
Mary V. Wrenn
From Heterodox Political Economy to Generalized Darwinism pp. 467-484 Downloads
George Liagouras
The Political Economy Landscape pp. 485-493 Downloads
Sara Cantillon

Volume 48, issue 2, 2016

Minsky’s Analysis of Capitalist Development pp. 201-216 Downloads
Samba Diop
Greening the Economy or Economizing the Green Project? When Environmental Concerns Are Turned into a Means to Save the Market pp. 217-234 Downloads
Anneleen Kenis and Matthias Lievens
Bioenergy as an Empty Signifier pp. 235-251 Downloads
Magdalena Kuchler and Johan Hedrén
Consumer Credit as an Aspect of Everyday Life of Workers in Developing Countries pp. 252-268 Downloads
Elif Karacimen
Industrial Trajectory and Economic Development pp. 269-286 Downloads
Jose Raimundo Trindade, Paul Cooney and Wesley Pereira de Oliveira
Korea’s Post-1997 Restructuring pp. 287-309 Downloads
Hyeng-Joon Park
Accounting for Inequality pp. 310-321 Downloads
Charles Reitz
Book Review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century pp. 322-324 Downloads
Charles Andrews
Book Review: Challenging the Orthodoxy: Reflections on Frank Stilwell’s Contribution to Political Economics pp. 324-327 Downloads
Stuart Birks
Book Review: Principles of Macroeconomics – Activist vs. Austerity Policies pp. 327-330 Downloads
Luis Brunstein
Book Review: Beyond Marx: Theorizing the Global Relations of the Twenty-first Century pp. 330-333 Downloads
Sibyl Italia Pineda Salazar
Book Review: Never Let a Serious Crisis Go To Waste, How Neoliberalism Survived the Financial Crisis pp. 333-335 Downloads
Sam Pryke
Book Review: From Austerity to Prosperity: The Public Bank Solution pp. 336-338 Downloads
David Gleicher
Book Review: Reclaiming Public Ownership: Making Space for Economic Democracy pp. 339-341 Downloads
Sacha Dierckx
Book Review: The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries pp. 342-344 Downloads
Eugene Coyle
Book Review: The Coming of Age of Information Technologies and the Path of Transformational Growth pp. 344-345 Downloads
George Argyrous
Two Views on Urban Revolution pp. 346-350 Downloads
Maarten de Kadt
Corrigendum pp. 351-351 Downloads
Erratum pp. 352-352 Downloads

Volume 48, issue 1, 2016

Property in the Commons pp. 9-19 Downloads
Franklin Obeng-Odoom
Species Commodification pp. 20-35 Downloads
Giles Austen, Sarah M. Jennings and Jeffrey M. Dambacher
Rethinking the Factors of Production for a World of Common Ownership and Sustainability pp. 36-52 Downloads
Molly Scott Cato and Peter North
The Car and the Commons pp. 53-65 Downloads
Daniel Newman
Exploring Commons Theory for Principles of a Socialist Governmentality pp. 66-80 Downloads
Danijela Dolenec and Mislav Žitko
Acequias as Commons pp. 81-92 Downloads
Christopher Gunn
Commons-creating Society pp. 93-110 Downloads
Johannes Euler
Technology and Property pp. 111-126 Downloads
William M. Dugger
Commons and the Public Domain pp. 127-139 Downloads
Antoine Dolcerocca and Benjamin Coriat
Knowledge Economy and the Commons pp. 140-157 Downloads
Alfredo Macias Vazquez and Pablo Alonso Gonzalez
The Tragedy of the Anticommons in Knowledge pp. 158-175 Downloads
Yi Zhou
Primitive Accumulation in the Cultural Commons pp. 176-188 Downloads
Zoe Sherman
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