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1969 - 2024

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Volume 56, issue 2, 2024

The Rise of Guard Labor in the United States: Evidence from Local Labor Markets pp. 185-213 Downloads
Luke Petach and Anastasia Wilson
A Heterodox Approach to Masstige: Brand Fetishism, Corporate Pricing, and Rules of Consumer Choice pp. 214-232 Downloads
Marko Lah and Andrej Sušjan
Clarification and Application of the Category Profit on Alienation pp. 233-246 Downloads
Alper Duman and E. Ahmet Tonak
Unproductive Labor and the Smile Curve pp. 247-266 Downloads
Clair Quentin
A Discussion of Marx’s Account of Technical Progress by Means of Wage Curves and Their Historical Evolution pp. 267-299 Downloads
Michael Gaul
On the Relationship between the Money Rate of Interest and Aggregate Investment Spending pp. 300-318 Downloads
Vedit Ä°nal
Book Review: Pollution Is Colonialism pp. 319-323 Downloads
Michael Keaney
Call for Papers: Special Issue on Climate Change and Capitalism pp. 324-325 Downloads
Abstracts Chinese June 2024 pp. 326-329 Downloads
Abstracts Spanish June 2024 pp. 330-332 Downloads

Volume 56, issue 1, 2024

Imperialism in the Financial Capital Era: Forgotten Contributions from Marxist Dependency Theory pp. 5-22 Downloads
Débora Machado Nunes
Reflections on “Imperialism in the Financial Capital Era: Forgotten Contributions from Marxist Dependency Theory†pp. 23-25 Downloads
Ronald H. Chilcote
Intensification of Labor and the Rate and Form of Exploitation pp. 26-50 Downloads
Deepankar Basu, Cameron Haas and Thanos Moraitis
Gender Wage Gap, Wage-Productivity Decoupling, and the Rate of Profit pp. 51-69 Downloads
Daniel Ossa
Financialization and Militarization: An Empirical Investigation pp. 70-100 Downloads
Pelin Akçagün-Narin and Adem Yavuz Elveren
Refutations of Say’s Law and Dynamics of a Monetary Economy of Production pp. 101-115 Downloads
Edouard Cottin-Euziol and Nicolas Piluso
The Value Form and the Fetishism of the Commodity pp. 116-131 Downloads
Kiyoshi Nagatani
Introduction to the Tributes to Herb Gintis (1940–2023) pp. 132-135 Downloads
Marlene Kim
My Tribute to Herb Gintis pp. 136-139 Downloads
Thomas E. Weisskopf
“Be Serious!â€: In Memoriam Herb Gintis pp. 140-145 Downloads
Arjun Jayadev and Suresh Naidu
Herbert Gintis and the Societal Origins of Preferences: A Personal Memoir pp. 146-151 Downloads
Samuel Bowles
Book Review: Capital Wars: The Rise of Global Liquidity pp. 152-156 Downloads
Michael Keaney
Book Review: Neoliberal Lives: Work, Politics, Nature, and Health in the Contemporary United States pp. 156-158 Downloads
Stephen Pimpare
Book Review: The New Political Economy of Disability: Transnational Networks and Individualized Funding in the Age of Neoliberalism pp. 158-161 Downloads
Ozancan Bozkurt
Books Received (as of March 2024) pp. 162-166 Downloads
List of Reviewers 2023 pp. 167-170 Downloads
Abstracts Chinese pp. 171-175 Downloads
Abstracts Spanish pp. 176-179 Downloads

Volume 55, issue 4, 2023

Black Political Economy, Solidarity Economics, and Liberation: Toward an Economy of Caring and Abundance pp. 525-538 Downloads
Jessica Gordon-Nembhard
Comments on Jessica Gordon-Nembhard’s “Black Political Economy, Solidarity Economics, and Liberation: Toward an Economy of Caring and Abundance†pp. 539-546 Downloads
Linwood Tauheed
The War in Ukraine and the End of the American Financial Order? pp. 547-556 Downloads
Ilene Grabel
Ukraine War: Policy Miscalculations or Contradictions of Capitalism? pp. 557-567 Downloads
Ann E. Davis
Imperialism and the Ukraine War pp. 568-576 Downloads
David M. Kotz
Inequality, Consumption Emulation, and Growth pp. 577-590 Downloads
Carlo D’Ippoliti and Francesco Linguanti
Dynamics of Employment and Accumulation of Capital in Colombia, 1965–2019: An Econometric Analysis pp. 591-604 Downloads
Carlos Duque Garcia
The Gendered Effects of Urban Displacement: Insights from Delhi, India pp. 605-616 Downloads
Arpita Biswas
The Profitability Puzzle of Digital Labor Platforms pp. 617-628 Downloads
Zhongjin Li and Hao Qi
A Feminist Political Economic Analysis of Platform Capitalism in the Care Sector pp. 629-638 Downloads
Paula Rodríguez-Modroño, Astrid Agenjo-Calderón and Purificación López-Igual
The Problem of Gender in Economics pp. 639-650 Downloads
Marlene Kim
The International Monetary System’s Structural Flaws, a Process of Economic Development, and the Job Guarantee pp. 651-659 Downloads
Devin T. Rafferty
Genealogy of Finance: Long-term History and Alternatives pp. 660-669 Downloads
Ann E. Davis
RRPE’s Memorial Symposium on Professor Jim Crotty* Some Reflections on Jim Crotty: His Life and Contributions to Economics pp. 670-678 Downloads
Gerald Epstein and Robert Pollin
The Relevance of Jim Crotty’s Keynes Against Capitalism to Solving Macro economic Problems under Conditions of Class Conflict pp. 679-683 Downloads
Raford Boddy
How Large Is Unemployment and Its Impact on Workers’ Economic Leverage? pp. 684-691 Downloads
Michele I. Naples
“If Keynes Were Alive Today...â€: Reflections on Jim Crotty pp. 692-700 Downloads
Arjun Jayadev and J. W. Mason
James Crotty’s Advice to Koreans pp. 701-706 Downloads
Kang-Kook Lee
A World on Fire: Observations and Speculations in a Crottyian Vein pp. 707-713 Downloads
Ilene Grabel
The Intellectual Odyssey of James R. Crotty: From the War on Vietnam to a Socialist Alternative to Global Capitalism pp. 714-724 Downloads
Özgür Orhangazi and Gary Dymski
Book Reviews: The Myth of Private Equity: An Inside Look at Wall Street’s Transformative Investments pp. 725-728 Downloads
Michael Keaney
Book Reviews: Rentier Capitalism: Who Owns the Economy, and Who Pays for It? pp. 728-732 Downloads
Mark R. S. Howard
Book Reviews: Theory of Crisis pp. 732-735 Downloads
Richard Westra

Volume 55, issue 3, 2023

Hegemony, Quasi-Counterhegemony, and Counterhegemony in Pesticide Use in Latin America With Special Reference to Mexico pp. 373-389 Downloads
Tamar Diana Wilson
Why Has Labor Productivity Slowed Down in the Era of Financialization?: Insights from the Post-Keynesians for the European Union Countries pp. 390-422 Downloads
Ricardo Barradas
The Post-Keynesian Perspective and Policy Recommendations for the Greek Financial Crisis pp. 423-447 Downloads
John Marangos
The “Control Space†of the State: A Key Element to Address the Nature of Money pp. 448-465 Downloads
Eduardo Garzón Espinosa, Esteban Cruz Hidalgo, Bibiana Medialdea García and Carlos Sánchez Mato
Currency Crisis or Overproduction? A Marxian Analysis of the Exchange Rate Peg Collapse in Brazil pp. 466-489 Downloads
Antonio Carneiro de Almeida Júnior
A Model of the Monetary Expression of Labor Time with Non-commodity Money pp. 490-502 Downloads
C. Lin
Book Review: (Re)Discovering Marx pp. 503-508 Downloads
Ronaldo Munck
Book review: Radical Political Economy in a Strange World: Problems and Possibilities pp. 508-515 Downloads
George Lafferty
Book Review: Normalized Financial Wrongdoing: How Re-regulating Markets Created Risks and Fostered Inequality pp. 516-520 Downloads
Michael Keaney

Volume 55, issue 2, 2023

Exploitation of Labor or Exploitation of Commodities? pp. 233-250 Downloads
Deepankar Basu
Productive and Unproductive Sectors’ Interactions in Brazil: A Miyazawa Analysis pp. 251-268 Downloads
Henrique Morrone, Adalmir Antonio Marquetti and Alessandro Donadio Miebach
Four Sides of the Coin: The Interplay of Interests in German and Polish Pension Industries pp. 269-289 Downloads
Anna ZÄ…bkowicz
The Stochastic Model of Technical Change and Profit Rates: Korean Economy (Manufacturing Sector: 1970–2015) pp. 290-308 Downloads
Deokmin Kim
The Greek Crisis Under Structural Constraints pp. 309-332 Downloads
Fusheng Xie, Jiateng Wang and Zhi Li
Searching for the Informal Labor Movement: Theorizing Class and Collective Action among Informal Workers in West Africa pp. 333-352 Downloads
Joshua Lew McDermott
Book Review: The Care Crisis: What Caused It and How Can We End It? pp. 353-355 Downloads
Daniel Hinze
Book Review: Labor in the Age of Finance: Pensions, Politics, and Corporations from Deindustrialization to Dodd-Frank pp. 355-358 Downloads
John Lepley
Book Review: Capitalism for All: Realizing Its Liberal Promise pp. 358-361 Downloads
Henry Maher
Call for Papers for Special Issue: Anti-capitalist Pedagogies and Teaching Radical Economics pp. 362-363 Downloads
Call for Papers: Special Issue on Climate Change and Capitalism pp. 364-365 Downloads

Volume 55, issue 1, 2023

Introduction to the Special Issue of Gender and Radical Political Economics: On the 50th Anniversary of the URPE Women’s Caucus pp. 5-7 Downloads
Jennifer Cohen, Marlene Kim, Sirisha Naidu and Shaianne Osterreich
Gender in Economics Fifty Years Ago and Today: Feminist Economists Speak pp. 8-25 Downloads
Marlene Kim
The Political Economy of Hegemonic Masculinity: Race, Income, and Housework in the United States pp. 26-46 Downloads
Sarah F. Small
Capital, Caste, and Patriarchy: Theory of Marriage Formation in India pp. 47-69 Downloads
Abhilasha Srivastava and John Willoughby
Gender, Social Protection, and Crises of Social Reproduction: Contextualizing NREGA pp. 70-92 Downloads
Smriti Rao and Smita Ramnarain
Circuits of Social Reproduction: Nature, Labor, and Capitalism pp. 93-111 Downloads
Sirisha C. Naidu
The Political Economy of Heteronormativity pp. 112-131 Downloads
Duc Hien Nguyen
Where Exactly Does the Sexist Bias in the Official Measurement of Monetary Poverty in Europe Come From? pp. 132-146 Downloads
Irène Berthonnet
Postconflict Sexual and Reproductive Health and Justice, Gendered Well-being, and Long-term Development pp. 147-165 Downloads
Jennifer C. Olmsted and Caitlin Killian
Free to Choose? The Gendered Impacts of Flexible Working Hours in Brazil pp. 166-186 Downloads
Lygia Sabbag Fares and Ana Luíza Matos de Oliveira
Introduction pp. 187-190 Downloads
Jennifer Cohen
Radical Offspring pp. 191-196 Downloads
Nancy Folbre
Doing Radical Public Policy, Observations from a Feminist Economist pp. 197-207 Downloads
Heidi I. Hartmann
Speaking Truth to Power: A Tale of Two Universities pp. 208-216 Downloads
Drucilla K. Barker
Books Received (as of March 2023) pp. 217-222 Downloads
Fletcher Baragar
Extended Deadline: Call for Papers: Special Issue on COVID and Capitalism pp. 223-224 Downloads
List of Reviewers 2022 pp. 225-228 Downloads
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