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Volume 38, issue 13, 2001

Intermetropolitan Variation in the Labour Force Participation Rates of White and Black Men in the United States pp. 2327-2348 Downloads
Mark Ellis and John Odland
Persistent Polarisation Post-Apartheid? Progress towards Urban Integration in Cape Town pp. 2349-2377 Downloads
Ivan Turok
Bargaining, Coalitions and Local Expenditure pp. 2379-2391 Downloads
Partha Gangopadhyay and Shyam Nath
The Politics of 'Integrated' Local Policy in England pp. 2393-2413 Downloads
David Valler and David Betteley
The Effects of Region on the Welfare and Monetary Income of Spanish Families pp. 2415-2424 Downloads
Inmaculada García and José Alberto Molina
A Probit Analysis of Development Control: A Hong Kong Case Study of Residential Zones pp. 2425-2437 Downloads
Lawrence W. C. Lai and Winky K. O. Ho
Understanding the Movement of Goods, Not People: Issues, Evidence and Potential pp. 2439-2455 Downloads
Clarence Woudsma
Globalisation, Institutional Structures and Real Estate Markets in Central European Cities pp. 2457-2476 Downloads
Ramin Keivani, Ali Parsa and Stanley McGreal
Multicultural Policy within Local Government in Australia pp. 2477-2494 Downloads
Kevin Dunn, Susan Thompson, Bronwyn Hanna, Peter Murphy and Ian Burnley
Devolution and User Participation in Public Services: How They Work and What They Do pp. 2495-2514 Downloads
Rebecca Tunstall
Does Terror Have an Urban Future? pp. 2515-2533 Downloads
H.V. Savitch and Grigoriy Ardashev
World Cities Revisited: A Comment pp. 2535-2536 Downloads
John Friedmann
Global Cities and Developmentalist States: How to Derail What Could Be an Interesting Debate: A Response to Hill and Kim pp. 2537-2540 Downloads
Saskia Sassen
Reply to Friedmann and Sassen pp. 2541-2542 Downloads
Richard Child Hill and June Woo Kim
Books Received pp. 2561-2562 Downloads

Volume 38, issue 12, 2001

The Significance of Neighbourhood pp. 2103-2110 Downloads
Ade Kearns and Michael Parkinson
On the Nature of Neighbourhood pp. 2111-2124 Downloads
George Galster
Social Cohesion, Social Capital and the Neighbourhood pp. 2125-2143 Downloads
Ray Forrest and Ade Kearns
Social Capital, Gentrification and Neighbourhood Change in London: A Comparison of Three South London Neighbourhoods pp. 2145-2162 Downloads
Tim Butler and Garry Robson
A New Approach to Neighbourhood Renewal in England pp. 2163-2166 Downloads
Moira Wallace
'It's Not Community Round Here, It's Neighbourhood': Neighbourhood Change and Cohesion in Urban Regeneration Policies pp. 2167-2194 Downloads
Richard Meegan and Alison Mitchell
Multiculturalism and Governing Neighbourhoods pp. 2195-2209 Downloads
Judith Allen and Goran Cars
Neighbourhood Governance: Leadership, Trust and Social Capital pp. 2211-2224 Downloads
Derrick Purdue
Civic Culture, Community and Citizen Participation in Contrasting Neighbourhoods pp. 2225-2250 Downloads
Iain Docherty, Robina Goodlad and Ronan Paddison
Identifying Neighbourhood Effects on Social Exclusion pp. 2251-2275 Downloads
Nick Buck
Disentangling Area Effects: Evidence from Deprived and Non-deprived Neighbourhoods pp. 2277-2298 Downloads
Rowland Atkinson and Keith Kintrea
Perceptions of Place and Health in Socially Contrasting Neighbourhoods pp. 2299-2316 Downloads
Anne Ellaway, Sally Macintyre and Ade Kearns

Volume 38, issue 11, 2001

Inclusion or Exclusion? The Role of Housing Subsidies and Benefits pp. 1887-1902 Downloads
John Hills
Immigrant Settlement Patterns in Metropolitan Chicago pp. 1903-1919 Downloads
Bruce Newbold and John Spindler
Modelling High-intensity Crime Areas in English Cities pp. 1921-1941 Downloads
Massimo Craglia, Robert Haining and Paola Signoretta
Ethnic Differences in Urban Neighbour Relations in Israel pp. 1943-1952 Downloads
Gustavo S. Mesch and Orit Manor
Rescuing Aunt Sally: Taking Institutional Theory Seriously in Urban Politics pp. 1953-1971 Downloads
Vivien Lowndes
Historic Preservation and Residential Property Values: An Analysis of Texas Cities pp. 1973-1987 Downloads
Robin M. Leichenko, N. Edward Coulson and David Listokin
Environmental Variables and Real Estate Prices pp. 1989-2000 Downloads
Allan Din, Martin Hoesli and Andre Bender
Begging, Rough Sleeping and Social Exclusion: Implications for Social Policy pp. 2001-2016 Downloads
Catherine Kennedy and Suzanne Fitzpatrick
Full Circle or Spiralling Out of Control? State Violence and the Control of Urbanisation in Papua New Guinea pp. 2017-2036 Downloads
Gina Koczberski, George N. Curry and John Connell
Coase, Spatial Pricing and Self -organising Cities pp. 2037-2054 Downloads
Chris Webster and Fulong Wu
Community Resources and Opportunities in Ethnic Economies: A Case Study of Portuguese and Black Entrepreneurs in Toronto pp. 2055-2078 Downloads
Carlos Teixeira
Books Received pp. 2095-2095 Downloads

Volume 38, issue 10, 2001

The Public Sector and Core-Periphery Models pp. 1639-1649 Downloads
Luis Lanaspa, Fernando Pueyo and Fernando Sanz
Efficient Urbanisation: Economic Performance and the Shape of the Metropolis pp. 1651-1671 Downloads
Robert Cervero
Social Justice, Integrated Development Planning and Post-apartheid Urban Reconstruction pp. 1673-1699 Downloads
Gustav Visser
Seceding from Responsibility? Secession Movements in Los Angeles pp. 1701-1731 Downloads
Julie-Anne Boudreau and Roger Keil
Local Underemployment and the Discouraged Worker Effect pp. 1733-1751 Downloads
Maarten van Ham, Clara H. Mulder and Pieter Hooimeijer
A Hybrid Agglomeration? The Development of a Satellite-Marshallian Industrial District in Vancouver's Film Industry pp. 1753-1775 Downloads
Neil M. Coe
Berlin: Towards a Global City? pp. 1777-1799 Downloads
Stefan Kratke
The Effects of the Crisis of 1994/95 on the Mexican Labour Market: The Case of the City of Puebla pp. 1801-1818 Downloads
Martina Fuchs
City Growth as a Leap-frogging Process: An Application to the Tel-Aviv Metropolis pp. 1819-1839 Downloads
Lucien Benguigui, Daniel Czamanski and Maria Marinov
The Spatial Pattern of Land Values in Jakarta pp. 1841-1857 Downloads
Sun Sheng Han and Ann Basuki
Books Received pp. 1877-1878 Downloads

Volume 38, issue 9, 2001

The Economic Geographies of Manufacturing in Greater Copenhagen: Space, Evolution and Process Variety pp. 1423-1443 Downloads
Lars Winther
A Model of Spatial Patterns across Local Retail Property Markets in Great Britain pp. 1445-1471 Downloads
Catherine Jackson
Assessing Institutional Relations in Development Partnerships: The Land Development Corporation and the Hong Kong Government prior to 1997 pp. 1473-1492 Downloads
David Adams and E.M. Hastings
Spatial Association and Heterogeneity Issues in Land Price Models pp. 1493-1508 Downloads
Antonio Paez, Takashi Uchida and Kazuaki Miyamoto
Home-ownership and Unemployment in the US pp. 1509-1520 Downloads
Richard Green and Patric Hendershott
Can Commutes Be Used to Test the Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis? pp. 1521-1529 Downloads
Kelly DeRango
The Influence of Location on the Use by SMEs of External Advice and Collaboration pp. 1531-1557 Downloads
Robert J. Bennett, Paul J. A. Robson and William J. A. Bratton
Thirty Years On: Gentrification and Class Changeover in Adelaide's Inner Suburbs, 1966-96 pp. 1559-1572 Downloads
Blair Badcock
Energy Trade-offs and Market Responses in Transport and Residential Land-use Patterns: Promoting Sustainable Development Policy pp. 1573-1588 Downloads
J. Cooper, T. Ryley and A. Smyth
Ideologies of `Upgrading' in Singapore Public Housing: Post-modern Style, Globalisation and Class Construction in the Built Environment pp. 1589-1604 Downloads
Robbie B. H. Goh
Books Received pp. 1625-1626 Downloads

Volume 38, issue 8, 2001

UK Local Action Zones and Changing Urban Governance pp. 1215-1232 Downloads
Chris Painter and Emma Clarence
Participation, Empowerment and Sustainability: (How) Do the Links Work? pp. 1233-1251 Downloads
Michal Lyons, Carin Smuts and Anthea Stephens
Globalisation, Regions and the State: Exploring the Limitations of Economic Modernisation through Inward Investment pp. 1253-1272 Downloads
Nicholas Phelps and Mark Tewdwr-Jones
Voucher Recipient Achievement of Improved Housing Conditions in the US: Do Moving Distance and Relocation Services Matter? pp. 1273-1304 Downloads
David P. Varady, Carole C. Walker and Xinhao Wang
Spatial Mismatch and Costly Suburban Commutes: Can Commuting Subsidies Help? pp. 1305-1318 Downloads
Richard W. Martin
Assessing the Option Value of a Publicly Provided Service: The Case of Local Transport pp. 1319-1327 Downloads
Roberto Roson
Determinants of Population Growth in Urban Centres in the Republic of Ireland pp. 1329-1340 Downloads
James M. Lutz
Suburban Growth and Suburbanisation under Central Planning: The Case of Soviet Estonia pp. 1341-1357 Downloads
Tiit Tammaru
Large Metropolises in the Third World: An Explanation pp. 1359-1371 Downloads
Olga Alonso-Villar
Towards Regionally Embedded Innovation Support Systems in South Korea? Case Studies from Kyongbuk-Taegu and Kyonggi pp. 1373-1395 Downloads
Robert Hassink
Books Received pp. 1415-1416 Downloads

Volume 38, issue 7, 2001

Globalising Singapore: Debating Transnational Flows in the City pp. 1025-1044 Downloads
Brenda S. A. Yeoh and T.C. Chang
Administrative Practices in Russia's Housing Allowance Programme pp. 1045-1067 Downloads
Raymond J. Struyk, Alexander S. Puzanov and Anastasia Kolodeznikova
What Makes a Landlord? Ownership of Real Estate by US Households pp. 1069-1081 Downloads
Mark Shroder
Why High-technology Firms Choose to Locate in or near Metropolitan Areas pp. 1083-1101 Downloads
Amnon Frenkel
European Integration and Local Capacities for Manufacturing Adjustment and Change: The Case of Spain pp. 1103-1120 Downloads
F.E. Ian Hamilton and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
Encouraging Walking: The Case of Journey-to-school Trips in Compact Urban Areas pp. 1121-1141 Downloads
Colin Black, Alan Collins and Martin Snell
Malicious Siting or Unrecognised Processes? A Spatio-temporal Analysis of Environmental Conflicts in Tel-Aviv pp. 1143-1159 Downloads
Eran Feitelson
Spatial Mismatch is not Always a Central-city Problem: An Analysis of Commuting Behaviour in Cleveland, Ohio, and its Suburbs pp. 1161-1186 Downloads
Paul D. Gottlieb and Barry Lentnek
Books Received pp. 1201-1204 Downloads

Volume 38, issue 5-6, 2001

Marketing the Urban Experience: Reflections on the Place of Fear in the Promotional Strategies of Belfast, Detroit and Berlin pp. 815-828 Downloads
William J. V. Neill
The Commodification of Policing: Security Networks in the Late Modern City pp. 829-848 Downloads
Tim Newburn
Business, Cities and Fears about Crimes pp. 849-868 Downloads
Michael Levi
Thresholds of Fear: Embracing the Urban Shadow pp. 869-883 Downloads
Nan Ellin
Fear and Everyday Urban Lives pp. 885-898 Downloads
Richard Sparks, Evi Girling and Ian Loader
Gender, Race, Age and Fear in the City pp. 899-913 Downloads
Rachel Pain
The Politics of Urban Crime pp. 915-928 Downloads
Sophie Body-Gendrot
Fearful Communities? pp. 929-939 Downloads
Sandra L. Walklate
Urban Policing and the Fear of Crime pp. 941-957 Downloads
Eli B. Silverman and Jo-Ann Della-Giustina
Crime, Fear and Civil Policing pp. 959-976 Downloads
Les Johnston

Volume 38, issue 4, 2001

The Polycentric Urban Region: Towards a Research Agenda pp. 623-633 Downloads
Robert C. Kloosterman and Sako Musterd
Polynucleated Urban Landscapes pp. 635-655 Downloads
Michael Batty
A Changing Demographic Regime and Evolving Poly centric Urban Regions: Consequences for the Size, Composition and Distribution of City Populations pp. 657-677 Downloads
A.G. Champion
Polycentricity, Households and the Identity of Places pp. 679-696 Downloads
Sako Musterd and Ingrid van Zelm
Central Scotland as a Polycentric Urban Region: Useful Planning Concept or Chimera? pp. 697-715 Downloads
Nick Bailey and Ivan Turok
Clustering of Economic Activities in Polycentric Urban Regions: The Case of the Randstad pp. 717-732 Downloads
Robert C. Kloosterman and Bart Lambregts
How to Proceed from Image and Discourse to Action: As Applied to the Flemish Diamond pp. 733-745 Downloads
Louis Albrechts
Contextualising Regional Identity and Imagination in the Construction of Polycentric Urban Regions: The Cases of the Ruhr Area and the Basque Country pp. 747-767 Downloads
Henk van Houtum and Arnoud Lagendijk
Dealing with Deconcentration: Population Deconcentration and Planning Response in Polynucleated Urban Regions in North-west Europe pp. 769-785 Downloads
Marco Bontje

Volume 38, issue 3, 2001

Metropolitan Development in a Transitional Socialist Economy: Spatial Restructuring in the Pearl River Delta, China pp. 383-406 Downloads
George C. S. Lin
The Social Ecology of the Post-Fordist/Global City? Economic Restructuring and Socio-spatial Polarisation in the Toronto Urban Region pp. 407-447 Downloads
R. Alan Walks
Urban Segregation in Post-apartheid South Africa pp. 449-466 Downloads
A.J. Christopher
Residential Profiles of Surinamese and Moroccans in Amsterdam pp. 467-485 Downloads
Rinus Deurloo and Sako Musterd
The External Effects of Local Attributes on Living Environment in Detached Residential Blocks in Tokyo pp. 487-505 Downloads
Xiaolu Gao and Yasushi Asami
Why Not NIMBY? Reputation, Neighbourhood Organisations and Zoning Boards in a US Midwestern City pp. 507-518 Downloads
Anthony P. Matejczyk
Moving Costs and the Dynamics of Housing Demand pp. 519-533 Downloads
Viggo Nordvik
Intraurban Housing Mobility in a Traditional West African City: Shelter or Business Decision? pp. 535-540 Downloads
Irit Sinai
Career Migration, Self-selection and the Earnings of Married Men and Women in the Netherlands, 1981-93 pp. 541-562 Downloads
Jeroen Smits
The Potential Bias in Producer Service Employment Estimates: The Case of the Canadian Space Economy pp. 563-591 Downloads
C. Michael Wernerheim and Christopher A. Sharpe
Books Received pp. 609-610 Downloads

Volume 38, issue 2, 2001

Barriered and Bounded Places and the Spatialities of Disability pp. 231-237 Downloads
Rob Imrie
The Binary City pp. 239-250 Downloads
David Sibley
Disability and the Open City pp. 251-265 Downloads
Brendan Gleeson
Inclusion in Regeneration: A Place for Disabled People? pp. 267-286 Downloads
Claire Edwards
The Socio-spatial Construction of (In)accessible Public Toilets pp. 287-298 Downloads
Rob Kitchin and Robin Law
Disabling Spatialities and the Regulation of a Visible Secret pp. 299-318 Downloads
Marian Hawkesworth
Better for Everyone? Travel Experiences and Transport Exclusion pp. 319-332 Downloads
Julian Hine and Fiona Mitchell
An Exploration of Disability and the Development Process pp. 333-350 Downloads
Rob Imrie and Peter Hall
The Use of Architects pp. 351-365 Downloads
Jonathan Hill
Assistive Technology and the Barrier-free City: A Case Study from Germany pp. 367-376 Downloads
Peter Neumann and Christoph Uhlenkueken

Volume 38, issue 1, 2001

Reducing Residential Carbon Intensity: The New Role for English Local Authorities pp. 7-21 Downloads
D. McEvoy, D.C. Gibbs and J.W.S. Longhurst
World Cities: A First Multivariate Analysis of their Service Complexes pp. 23-47 Downloads
Peter J. Taylor and D.R.F. Walker
Measuring the Economic Benefits of the Ozone Pollution Control Policy in Seoul: Results of a Contingent Valuation Survey pp. 49-60 Downloads
Seung-Hoon Yoo and Kyung-Suk Chae
Estimating Distance Gradients for Apartment Properties pp. 61-79 Downloads
Bo Söderberg and Christian Janssen
Housing Allowances in the US under Section 8 and in Other Countries: A Canadian Perspective pp. 81-103 Downloads
Marion Steele
The Effects of Neighbourhoods on Size of Social Network of the Elderly and Loneliness: A Multilevel Approach pp. 105-118 Downloads
Peter Moorer and Theo P. B. M. Suurmeijer
Identifying and Measuring Dimensions of Urban Deprivation in Montreal: An Analysis of the 1996 Census Data pp. 119-139 Downloads
Andre Langlois and Peter Kitchen
Testing for Discrimination in Home Insurance: Results from New York City and Phoenix pp. 141-156 Downloads
George Galster, Douglas Wissoker and Wendy Zimmermann
Towards a Regional Strategy: The Role of Regional Headquarters of Foreign Firms in Singapore pp. 157-183 Downloads
Wai Chung Henry Yeung, Jessie Poon and Martin Perry
Growth Clusters in European Cities: An Integral Approach pp. 185-205 Downloads
Leo van den Berg, Erik Braun and Willem van Winden
Books Received pp. 224-224 Downloads
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