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Volume 35, issue 12, 1998

Testing the Turning-point Hypothesis in City-size Distribution: The Israeli Situation Re-examined pp. 2183-2196 Downloads
Shaul Krakover
Independent Technology-based Firms: The Perceived Benefits of a Science Park Location pp. 2197-2219 Downloads
Paul Westhead and Stephen Batstone
When Jobs Move, Do Black and Latino Men Lose? The Effect of Growth in Job Decentralisation on Young Men's Jobless Incidence and Duration pp. 2221-2239 Downloads
Michael A. Stoll
A Quality of Life Based Ranking of Canadian Cities pp. 2241-2251 Downloads
Dimitrios A. Giannias
The Impact of Tourism on Residential Experience in Central-eastern Europe: The Development of a New Legitimation Crisis in the Czech Republic pp. 2253-2275 Downloads
Charlie Cooper and Nigel Morpeth
The Private Finance Initiative and the Changing Governance of the Built Environment pp. 2277-2301 Downloads
Derek Kerr
Beyond the Third World City: The New Urban Geography of South-east Asia pp. 2303-2321 Downloads
H.W. Dick and P.J. Rimmer
Assessing Psychiatric Morbidity from Community Registers: Methods for Bayesian Adjustment pp. 2323-2352 Downloads
Peter Congdon, Alan Smith and Christine Dean
Job Proximity and the Urban Employment Problem: Do Suitable Nearby Jobs Improve Neighbourhood Employment Rates?: A Comment pp. 2353-2357 Downloads
Donald Houston
Job Proximity and the Urban Employment Problem: Do Suitable Nearby Jobs Improve Neighbourhood Employment Rates?: A Reply pp. 2359-2368 Downloads
Daniel Immergluck
Books Received pp. 2389-2392 Downloads

Volume 35, issue 11, 1998

What is a Central City in the United States? Applying a Statistical Technique for Developing Taxonomies pp. 1935-1969 Downloads
Edward W. Hill, John F. Brennan and Harold L. Wolman
Mortgage Lending and Residential Integration in a Hypersegregated MSA: The Case of St Louis pp. 1971-1993 Downloads
Heather I. MacDonald
Poverty and Urban Public Expenditures pp. 1995-2019 Downloads
Janet Rothenberg Pack
Competition and Area Selection in Scotland's New Urban Policy pp. 2021-2061 Downloads
Ivan Turok and Nick Hopkins
Ten Years of the Urban Programme 1981-91: The Impact and Implications of its Assistance to Small Businesses pp. 2063-2083 Downloads
Robert Owen Baldock
Urbanisation and Regional Productivity in Korean Manufacturing pp. 2085-2099 Downloads
Yung Joon Lee and Hyoungsoo Zang
The Effect of Foreign Investment on the Real Estate Industry in China pp. 2101-2110 Downloads
Dianchun Jiang, Jean Jinghan Chen and David Isaac
Affordability, Housing Demand and Housing Policy in Urban India pp. 2111-2129 Downloads
Piyush Tiwari and Jyoti Parikh
Housing and Highway Planning in Israel: An Environmental Debate pp. 2131-2146 Downloads
Deborah F. Shmueli
Books Received pp. 2167-2169 Downloads

Volume 35, issue 10, 1998

Ethnic Segregation in Cities: New Forms and Explanations in a Dynamic World pp. 1631-1656 Downloads
Ronald van Kempen and A. şule Özüekren
South Asian and Caribbean Ethnic Minority Housing Choice in Britain pp. 1657-1680 Downloads
Ceri Peach
Black Minority Ethnic Concentration, Segregation and Dispersal in Britain pp. 1681-1702 Downloads
Deborah Phillips
Black Africans in Great Britain: Spatial Concentration and Segregation pp. 1703-1724 Downloads
Patricia O. Daley
The Settlement Patterns of Developed World Migrants in London pp. 1725-1744 Downloads
Paul White
Ethnic Segregation in Cologne, Germany, 1984-94 pp. 1745-1763 Downloads
Jürgen Friedrichs
Restructuring of Housing and Ethnic Segregation: Recent Developments in Berlin pp. 1765-1789 Downloads
Franz-Josef Kemper
Segregation in Vienna: Impacts of Market Barriers and Rent Regulations pp. 1791-1812 Downloads
Rudolf Giffinger
Ethnic Residential Patterns in Dutch Cities: Backgrounds, Shifts and Consequences pp. 1813-1833 Downloads
Ronald van Kempen and Jan van Weesep
Housing Turks and Moroccans in Brussels and Amsterdam: The Difference between Private and Public Markets pp. 1835-1853 Downloads
Christian Kesteloot and Cees Cortie
In the Margin of the Welfare State: Labour Market Position and Housing Conditions of Undocumented Immigrants in Rotterdam pp. 1855-1868 Downloads
Jack Burgers
Immigration, Spatial Segregation and Housing Segmentation of Immigrants in Metropolitan Stockholm, 1960-95 pp. 1869-1888 Downloads
Robert A. Murdie and Lars-Erik Borgegard
Polarisation, Public Housing and Racial Minorities in US Cities pp. 1889-1911 Downloads
William H. Carter, Michael H. Schill and Susan Wachter

Volume 35, issue 9, 1998

Are Canadian Inner Cities Becoming More Dissimilar? An Analysis of Urban Deprivation Indicators pp. 1423-1438 Downloads
Michael J. Broadway and Gillian Jesty
Urbanisation, Agriculture and Industrialisation in China, 1952-91 pp. 1439-1455 Downloads
Denise Young and Honghai Deng
Explaining Size Differentiation of Business Service Centres pp. 1457-1480 Downloads
Robert J. Bennett and Daniel Graham
A Meta-analytical Evaluation of Sustainable City Initiatives pp. 1481-1500 Downloads
Peter Nijkamp and Gerard Pepping
Developing Indicators to Assess the Potential for Urban Regeneration: Improvements Using the 1991 Census of Population Samples of Anonymised Records pp. 1519-1540 Downloads
Chris Gardiner
Land Conversion at the Urban Fringe: A Comparative Study of Japan, Britain and the Netherlands pp. 1541-1558 Downloads
Hiroshi Mori
Multi-locational Manufacturing Organisations and Plant Closures in Urban Areas pp. 1559-1575 Downloads
J.D. Kirkham and H.D. Watts
Transaction Costs of Allocating Increased Land Value Under Public Leasehold Systems: Hong Kong pp. 1577-1595 Downloads
Yu-Hung Hong
Books Received pp. 1617-1618 Downloads

Volume 35, issue 8, 1998

Territorial Competition and Property Market Process: An Exploratory Analysis pp. 1215-1230 Downloads
Eamonn D'Arcy and Geoffrey Keogh
Predicting the Growth and Filtering of At-risk Housing: Structure Ageing, Poverty and Redlining pp. 1231-1259 Downloads
Harry L. Margulis
Reasons for the Development of 'Islands of Innovation': Evidence from Hertfordshire pp. 1261-1289 Downloads
James Simmie
The Position and Role of Former Public Sector Homes in the Owner-occupied Sector: New Evidence from the Scottish Housing Market pp. 1291-1309 Downloads
Hal Pawson and Craig Watkins
Market-place Trading and the Transformation of Retail Space in the Expanding Latin American City pp. 1311-1333 Downloads
Rosemary D. F. Bromley
Changing a Decision Taken under Uncertainty: The Case of the Criminal's Location Choice pp. 1335-1343 Downloads
Joseph Deutsch and Gil Epstein
An Application of the Frontier Price Concept in Spatial Equilibrium Analysis pp. 1345-1358 Downloads
Toshiharu Ishikawa and Masao Toda
Was There a Social Transformation of Urban Neighbourhoods in the 1980s? A Decade of Worsening Social Conditions in Cleveland, Ohio, USA pp. 1359-1375 Downloads
Julian Chow and Claudia Coulton
Housing Price, Land Supply and Revenue from Land Sales pp. 1377-1392 Downloads
Raymond Y. C. Tse
Books Received pp. 1411-1412 Downloads

Volume 35, issue 7, 1998

Patterns of Metropolitan Development: What Have We Learned? pp. 1019-1035 Downloads
Gregory K. Ingram
Metropolitan and Non-metropolitan Employment Trends in the US: Recent Evidence and Implications pp. 1037-1057 Downloads
Peter Gordon, Harry W. Richardson and Gang Yu
Sub-centring and Commuting: Evidence from the San Francisco Bay Area, 1980-90 pp. 1059-1076 Downloads
Robert Cervero and Kang-Li Wu
Information Technology, Work Patterns and Intra-metropolitan Location: A Case Study pp. 1077-1095 Downloads
Genevieve Giuliano
Spatial Variation in Office Rents within the Atlanta Region pp. 1097-1118 Downloads
Christopher Bollinger, Keith Ihlanfeldt and David R. Bowes
Population Density in Suburban Chicago: A Bid-rent Approach pp. 1119-1130 Downloads
Daniel McMillen and John McDonald
Integration of an Activity-based Model System and a Residential Location Model pp. 1131-1153 Downloads
Moshe Ben-Akiva and John L. Bowman
Can Land-use Policy Really Affect Travel Behaviour? A Study of the Link between Non-work Travel and Land-use Characteristics pp. 1155-1169 Downloads
Marlon Boarnet and Sharon Sarmiento
Economic Theory and the Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis pp. 1171-1185 Downloads
Richard Arnott
Where Youth Live: Economic Effects of Urban Space on Employment Prospects pp. 1187-1205 Downloads
Katherine M. O'Regan and John Quigley

Volume 35, issue 5-6, 1998

Urban Consumption: An Historiographical Note pp. 815-823 Downloads
Steven Miles and Ronan Paddison
Urban Lifestyles: Diversity and Standardisation in Spaces of Consumption pp. 825-839 Downloads
Sharon Zukin
Consumption and the Postmodern City pp. 841-864 Downloads
Derek Wynne, Justin O'Connor and Dianne Phillips
Public and Private Consumption and the City pp. 865-888 Downloads
David B. Clarke and Michael G. Bradford
Cityscapes: Consumption, Masculinities and the Mapping of London since 1950 pp. 889-907 Downloads
Frank Mort
The Flâneur, the City and Virtual Public Life pp. 909-925 Downloads
Mike Featherstone
Consumption, Consumerism and Urban Form: Historical Perspectives pp. 927-951 Downloads
Paul Glennie
Controlling New Retail Spaces: The Impress of Planning Policies in Western Europe pp. 953-979 Downloads
Clifford M. Guy
World Cities, Globalisation and the Spread of Consumerism: A View from Singapore pp. 981-1000 Downloads
Beng-Huat Chua
The Consuming Paradox: A New Research Agenda for Urban Consumption pp. 1001-1008 Downloads
Steven Miles

Volume 35, issue 4, 1998

The Role of Development Agencies in Regional Policy: An Academic and Practitioner Approach pp. 615-626 Downloads
James T. Hughes
Upper-middle-class Influence on Developmental Policy Outcomes: The Case of Transit Infrastructure pp. 627-647 Downloads
Herman L. Boschken
Technology and Industrial Policy for a Metropolis at the Threshold of the Global Economy: The Case of Haifa, Israel pp. 649-662 Downloads
Baruch A. Kipnis
Territorial Competition and Globalisation: Scylla and Charybdis of European Cities pp. 663-685 Downloads
Leslie Budd
First-time Home-ownership in the Family Life Course: A West German-Dutch Comparison pp. 687-713 Downloads
Clara H. Mulder and Michael Wagner
Using Contingent Valuation to Estimate a Neighbourhood's Willingness to Pay to Preserve Undeveloped Urban Land pp. 715-727 Downloads
William S. Breffle, Edward Morey and Tymon S. Lodder
Urban Planning amidst Ethnic Conflict: Jerusalem and Johannesburg pp. 729-750 Downloads
Scott A. Bollens
Revolution, Evolution and Local Government Structure: An Empirical Analysis of London pp. 751-768 Downloads
George A. Boyne and Michael Cole
Supply Chains, Material Linkage and Regional Development: A Comment pp. 769-773 Downloads
Steven Brand
Supply Chains, Material Linkage and Regional Development: A Reply pp. 775-778 Downloads
J. Twomey and Judith M. Tomkins
Books Received pp. 797-798 Downloads
Acknowledgement of Referees, 1997 pp. 799-805 Downloads

Volume 35, issue 3, 1998

Mass Migration and Local Outcomes: Is International Migration to the United States Creating a New Urban Underclass? pp. 371-382 Downloads
William A. V. Clark
Ethnic Clusters in Amsterdam, 1994-96: A Micro-area Analysis pp. 385-396 Downloads
Marinus C. Deurloo and Sako Musterd
Socio-spatial Dynamics: Ethnic Divisions of Mobility and Housing in post-Palme Sweden pp. 397-428 Downloads
Roger Andersson
Globalisation, Social Change and Minorities in Metropolitan Paris: The Emergence of New Class Patterns pp. 429-447 Downloads
Catherine Rhein
Urban Decline and the New Social and Ethnic Divisions in the Core Cities of the Italian Industrial Triangle pp. 449-466 Downloads
Petros Petsimeris
Residential Desegregation in Two South African Cities: A Comparative Study of Bloemfontein and Pietersburg pp. 467-477 Downloads
N.J. Kotze and S.E. Donaldson
Anatomy of a New Ethnic Settlement: The Chinese Ethnoburb in Los Angeles pp. 479-501 Downloads
Wei Li
Rethinking Ethnic Concentration: The Case of Cabramatta, Sydney pp. 503-527 Downloads
Kevin M. Dunn
Geographical Barriers to Employment for American-born and Immigrant Workers pp. 529-545 Downloads
Valerie Preston, S. McLafferty and X.F. Liu
School Segregation: The Case of Amsterdam pp. 547-564 Downloads
Peter Gramberg
Growing Up in Amsterdam: Differentiation and Segregation in Children's Daily Lives pp. 565-581 Downloads
Lia Karsten
Negotiating Public Space: Strategies and Styles of Migrant Female Domestic Workers in Singapore pp. 583-602 Downloads
Brenda S. A. Yeoh and Shirlena Huang

Volume 35, issue 2, 1998

The Enabling Local State and Urban Development: Resources, Rhetoric and Planning in East London pp. 175-191 Downloads
Yvonne Rydin
Why People Move to the 'Sun-belt': A Case Study of Long-distance Migration to the Gold Coast, Australia pp. 193-214 Downloads
Robert J. Stimson and John Minnery
A Synthetic Approach to Estimating the Impacts of Telecommuting on Travel pp. 215-241 Downloads
Patricia Mokhtarian
Noise versus Access: The Impact of an Airport in an Urban Property Market pp. 243-258 Downloads
J. Tomkins, N. Topham, J. Twomey and Ronald Ward
The New Structure of Building Provision and the Transformation of the Urban Landscape in Metropolitan Guangzhou, China pp. 259-283 Downloads
Fulong Wu
The Price of Land for Housing in Trinidad: The Role of Regulatory Constraints and Implications for Affordability pp. 285-299 Downloads
Ayse Pamuk and David E. Dowall
The Private Provision of Urban Infrastructure: Financial Intermediation through Long-term Contracts pp. 301-319 Downloads
Gordon L. Clark and John Evans
Policies to Control Urban Sprawl: Planning Regulations or Changes in the 'Rules of the Game'? pp. 321-340 Downloads
Eran Razin
Books Received pp. 359-360 Downloads

Volume 35, issue 1, 1998

Job Proximity and the Urban Employment Problem: Do Suitable Nearby Jobs Improve Neighbourhood Employment Rates? pp. 7-23 Downloads
Daniel Immergluck
The Effects of Land Policy: Quantity as well as Quality is Important pp. 25-44 Downloads
Barrie Needham and Roelof Verhage
Preference for Product Variety and City Size pp. 45-51 Downloads
Hikaru Ogawa
Public Choice, Pigouvian and Coasian Planning Theory pp. 53-75 Downloads
Christopher J. Webster
Job Access, Commute and Travel Burden among Welfare Recipients pp. 77-93 Downloads
Paul Ong and Evelyn Blumenberg
Measuring Optimal Population Distribution by Agglomeration Economies and Diseconomies: A Case Study of Tokyo pp. 95-112 Downloads
Xiao-Ping Zheng
The Scope for Poverty Alleviation among Elderly Home-owners in the United States through Reverse Mortgages pp. 113-129 Downloads
Nandinee Kutty
Local Economic Development Strategies in an Emerging Democracy: The Case of Durban in South Africa pp. 131-148 Downloads
Brij Maharaj and Kem Ramballi
Books Received pp. 166-168 Downloads
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