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Volume 6, issue 4, 1969

Selectivity Of Migrants To A Metropolis In A Developing Country: A Mexican Case Study pp. 347-357 Downloads
Harley Browning and Waltraut Feindt
Demographic Responses And Population Change pp. 359-381 Downloads
Dov Friedlander
Marriage Patterns And Cumulative Fertility In West Malaysia: 1966–1967 pp. 383-401 Downloads
James Palmore and Ariffin Marzuki
Sample registration in gujarat, india pp. 403-411 Downloads
D. Mehta
Comparison of information on death certificates and matching 1960 census records: age, marital status, race, nativity and country of origin pp. 413-423 Downloads
Thea Hambright
Registration completeness and international comparisons of infant mortality pp. 425-433 Downloads
Helen Chase
Fertility planning status: united states, 1965 pp. 435-444 Downloads
Norman Ryder and Charles Westoff
The prediction of completed fertility pp. 445-454 Downloads
Larry Bumpass and Charles Westoff
Southern Negro Migration: Social And Economic Components Of An Ecological Model pp. 455-471 Downloads
William Stinner and Gordon Jong
Patterns Of Residence In Poona, India, By Caste And Religion: 1822–1965 pp. 473-491 Downloads
Surinder Mehta
Erratum to: The Applicability of the Burgess Zonal Hypothesis to Urban Canada pp. 493-493 Downloads
Avery Guest

Volume 6, issue 3, 1969

The pattern of mortality change in Latin America pp. 223-242 Downloads
Eduardo Arriaga and Kingsley Davis
First-marriage decrement tables by color and sex for the United States in 1958–60 pp. 243-260 Downloads
Walt Saveland and Paul Glick
Age distribution and the stable equivalent pp. 261-269 Downloads
Nathan Keyfitz
The applicability of the burgess zonal hypothesis to urban Canada pp. 271-277 Downloads
Avery Guest
Correlates of divorce in the U.S.S.R pp. 279-286 Downloads
Denis Mazur
On the dependence of age structure on asequence of mortality and fertility schedules: An exposition of a cyclical model of population change pp. 287-299 Downloads
N. Namboodirl
On the theory of stable populations: A new and elementary proof of the theorems under weaker assumptions pp. 301-322 Downloads
David McFarland
Migration between India and Pakistan, 1951–61 pp. 323-334 Downloads
Pravin Visaria
Factors influencing contraception continuation rates: The oral and the intrauterine methods pp. 335-346 Downloads
M. Hall and William Reinke

Volume 6, issue 2, 1969

Natural decrease of population: The current and prospective status of an emergent American phenomenon pp. 91-99 Downloads
Calvin Beale
Some aspects of the use of birth expectations data from sample surveys for population projections pp. 101-115 Downloads
Jacob Siegel and Donald Akers
Segmented generation mortality pp. 117-123 Downloads
Mortimer Spiegelman
Shopping center location and retail store mix in metropolitan areas pp. 125-131 Downloads
John Casparls
Duration of residence and prospective migration: Further evidence pp. 133-140 Downloads
Kenneth Land
Mortality level, desired family size and population increase: Further variations on a basic model pp. 141-149 Downloads
David Heer and Dean Smith
Differentials in divorce in maryland pp. 151-159 Downloads
Ira Rosenwalke
Probability models for family building: An analytical review pp. 161-183 Downloads
Mindel Sheps, Jane Menken and Annette Radick
A discrete-time two-sex age-specific stochastic population program incorporating marriage pp. 185-221 Downloads
J. Pollard

Volume 6, issue 1, 1969

A study on the effectiveness of sterilizations in reducing the birth rate pp. 1-11 Downloads
M. Haynes, George Immerwahr, Aleyamma George and P. Nayar
Note on some problems in interpreting migration data from the 1960 Census of population pp. 13-16 Downloads
Ann Miller
Cohort disaggregation analysis of fertility data from a sample survey pp. 17-26 Downloads
George Myers and Jeffry Gibson
The health of the clergy: A review of demographic literature pp. 27-43 Downloads
Haitung King and John Bailar
Age at marriage as a variable in socio-economic differentials in fertility pp. 45-54 Downloads
Larry Bumpass
Social components of metropolitan population densities pp. 55-74 Downloads
Roy Treadway
Socio-economic correlates of fecundability in a sample of taiwanese women pp. 75-90 Downloads
Anrudh Jain

Volume 5, issue 2, 1968

Progress and problems of world fertility control pp. 539-540 Downloads
Donald Bogue
An overview of the ford foundation’s strategy for population work pp. 541-552 Downloads
Oscar Harkavy, Lyle Saunders and Anna Southam
The population council and the demographic crisis of the less developed world pp. 553-560 Downloads
Frank Notestein
The A.I.D. population and family planning program—goals, scope, and progress pp. 561-573 Downloads
R. Ravenholt
The international planned parenthood federationits role in developing countries pp. 574-577 Downloads
Colville Deverell
Fertility Control In Turkey pp. 578-589 Downloads
Nusret Fişek and Frederic Shorter
Progress and problems of family planning in the United Arab Republic pp. 590-597 Downloads
H. Toppozada
The control of family size in tropical Africa pp. 598-619 Downloads
John Caldwell
Tunisia’s experience in family planning pp. 620-626 Downloads
Warren Povey and George Brown
Moroccan family planning program—Progress and problems pp. 627-631 Downloads
George Brown
Attitudes and practice of contraception in Kenya pp. 632-641 Downloads
Donald Heisel
How India is tackling her population problem pp. 642-650 Downloads
S. Chandrasekhar
The economic commission for Asia and the Far East program to assist fertility control pp. 651-658 Downloads
C. Chandrasekharan
Measurement of family planning progress in Pakistan pp. 659-665 Downloads
Enver Adil
Use of medical-paramedical personnel and traditiokal midwives in the Pakistan Family Planning program pp. 666-678 Downloads
S. Jafarey, J. Ardee and A. Satterthwaite
Within family planning—Korea pp. 679-689 Downloads
John Ross and Oliver Finnigan
Recent change in fertility rates of the Korean population pp. 690-698 Downloads
Lee-Jay Cho and Man Hahm
Trial of a long-acting, injectable contraceptive as a substitute for the IUCD and the pill in a remote region of Thailand pp. 699-701 Downloads
Edwin Mcdaniel
Family planning knowledge, attitudes, and practice in Malaya pp. 702-709 Downloads
Saw Swee-Hock
How are we doing in family planning in India? pp. 710-713 Downloads
S. Agarwala
Studies of fertility and fertility planning in the Philippines pp. 714-731 Downloads
Mercedes Concepcion and Wilhelm Flieger
Recent fertility trends in West Malaysia pp. 732-744 Downloads
Lee Cho, James Palmore and Lyle Saunders
Recent fertility change in Ceylon and prospects for the national family planning program pp. 745-756 Downloads
Nicholas Wright
Motivational aspects of resistance to family planning in an Indian village pp. 757-766 Downloads
Thomas Poffenberger
Manpower and training problems in family planning programs pp. 767-772 Downloads
Donald Rice
India’s new departures in mass motivation for fertility control pp. 773-779 Downloads
Frank Wilder and D. Tyagi
The prospect of family planning in Iran pp. 780-784 Downloads
A. Sardari and R. Keyhan
Progress and problems of family planning in Brazil pp. 800-810 Downloads
Walter Rodrigues
Medellin: A case of strong resistance to birth control pp. 811-826 Downloads
Mario Jaramillo-Gomez
The Colombian program for public education, personnel training and evaluation pp. 827-835 Downloads
Hernån Mendoza-Hoyos
The San Gregorio experimental family planning program: Changes observed in fertility and abortion rates pp. 836-845 Downloads
Anibal Faundes, German Rodriguez-Galant and Onofre Avendano
Opposition to family planning in Latin America: conservative nationalism pp. 846-854 Downloads
J. Mayone Stycos
Fertility decline in puerto rico: Extent and causes pp. 855-865 Downloads
José Vazquez
The Mexican urbanization process and its implications pp. 866-873 Downloads
Luis Otero
Recent population trends and family planning activity in the Caribbean pp. 874-893 Downloads
Jack Harewood
Fertility and the need for family planning among the rural poor in the United States pp. 894-909 Downloads
George Wilber
Family planning programs in the United States pp. 910-923 Downloads
Fredrick Jaffe and Alan Guttmacher
Family planning programs of the office of economic opportunity: Scope, operation,and impact pp. 924-930 Downloads
Gary London
Statistical evaluation of contraceptive methods: Use-effectiveness and extended use-effectiveness pp. 931-940 Downloads
Christopher Tietze and Sarah Lewit
Commercial distribution of contraceptives in beveloping countries: Past, present, and future pp. 941-946 Downloads
Harry Levin
Couple years of protection and births prevented a methodological examination pp. 947-959 Downloads
Lee Bean and William Seltzer
Awareness sources and stages in the adoption of specific contraceptives pp. 960-972 Downloads
James Palmore
A classified international bibliography of family planning research, 1955–68 pp. 973-1001 Downloads
Reuben Hill

Volume 5, issue 1, 1968

The quality of demographic data for nonwhites pp. 1-10 Downloads
Reynolds Farley
Patterns of occupational mobility among Negro men pp. 11-22 Downloads
Otis Duncan
Educational differentials between Negroes and whites in the south pp. 23-33 Downloads
Daniel Price
A set of analytical models for the study of open birth intervals pp. 34-44 Downloads
K. Srinivasan
Social and demographic correlates of contraceptive adoption in a rural area of East Pakistan pp. 45-54 Downloads
John Stoeckel
Women's work participation and fertility in metropolitan areas pp. 55-60 Downloads
O. Collver
Male fertility in New Orleans pp. 61-78 Downloads
Carl Harter
Employment status and retrospective and prospective migration in the United States pp. 79-85 Downloads
George Masnick
Evaluation and adjustment of vital registration data from the compulsory registration areas of Ghana pp. 86-92 Downloads
G. Kpedekpo
Marital characteristics in relation to the rural-urban continuum in taiwan pp. 93-103 Downloads
D. Yuan
Mortality level, desired family size, and population increase pp. 104-121 Downloads
David Heer and Dean Smith
Effects of a family planning program on the fertility of a marginal working-class community in Santiago pp. 122-137 Downloads
Aníbal Faúndes-Latham, Germán Rodríguez-Galant and Onofre Avendaño-Portius
The intermediate variables, social structure, and fertility change: A critique pp. 138-157 Downloads
H. Tien
The evolution of marxist theories of population: Marxism recognizes the population problem pp. 158-173 Downloads
James Brackett
That earlier plague pp. 174-184 Downloads
Josiah Russell
The significance of differences in patterns of mortality for population projections pp. 185-197 Downloads
Kogalur Basavarajappa
Income and differentials in current fertility pp. 198-211 Downloads
Lee-Jay Cho
Recent trends in childspacing among American women pp. 212-225 Downloads
Wilson Grabill and Maria Davidson
The effects of differing trends in fertility and of educational advance on the growth, quality, and turnover of the labor force pp. 226-248 Downloads
Gavin Jones and Paul Gingrich
Retrospective and subsequent metropolitan residential mobility pp. 249-267 Downloads
Maurice Arsdol, Georges Sabagh and Edgar Butler
Prosperity, war, immigration, and “cultural” factors in modeling United States population growth since 1790 pp. 268-305 Downloads
N. Diamantides
Travel, tourism, and migration pp. 306-310 Downloads
Robert Schmitt
A study of age at remarriage: The district of Columbia, 1960–61 pp. 311-317 Downloads
Ruth Loeb
Education differentials in mortality by cause of death: United States, 1960 pp. 318-353 Downloads
Evelyn Kitagawa and Philip Hauser
Concerning an index of mortality pp. 354-361 Downloads
George Hillery and John Saunders
The role of sampling in population censuses: Its effect on timeliness and accuracy pp. 362-373 Downloads
Joseph Waksberg
Sex ratio of registered live births in the united states, 1942–63 pp. 374-381 Downloads
James Tarver and Che-Fu Lee
An elementary approach to the population projection-matrix, to the population reproductive value, and to related topics in the mathematical theory of population growth pp. 382-409 Downloads
Leo Goodman
Estimates of the “true” educational distribution of the adult population of the United States from 1910 to 1960 pp. 410-421 Downloads
Susan Gustavus and Charles Nam
The return from investment in population control in less developed countries pp. 422-432 Downloads
Leonard Bower
Rhythm: A hazardous contraceptive method pp. 433-438 Downloads
Mario Jaramillo-Gomez and Juan Londoño
Stable migration rates from the multiregional growth matrix operator pp. 439-442 Downloads
Leroy Stone
Class, ethnicity, and residence in metropolitan America pp. 443-448 Downloads
Mary Powers
Private sector logistics in population control: A case in Jamaica pp. 449-459 Downloads
John Farley and Harold Leavitt
An analysis of the differences between marriage statistics from registration and those from censuses and surveys pp. 460-474 Downloads
Ellen Jamison and Donald Akers
Accuracy of the housing unit method in preparing population estimates for cities pp. 475-484 Downloads
Donald Starsinic and Meyer Zitter
Evaluation of birth statistics derived retrospectively from fertility histories reported in a national population survey: United States, 1945–64 pp. 485-503 Downloads
Monroe Sirken and Georges Sabagh
some “Marketing correct” recommendations for family planning campaigns pp. 504-507 Downloads
Julian Simon
“Population redistribution and economic growth, United States, 1870-1950,” A Review pp. 508-524 Downloads
Leroy Stone
Mortality in the United States: A review and evaluation of special reports of the national center for health statistics pp. 525-538 Downloads
Mortimer Spiegelman
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