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Volume 51, issue 6, 2014

How Do Working-Age People With Disabilities Spend Their Time? New Evidence From the American Time Use Survey pp. 1977-1998 Downloads
Priyanka Anand and Yonatan Ben-Shalom
Why Do Older People Change Their Ratings of Childhood Health? pp. 1999-2023 Downloads
Mike Vuolo, Kenneth Ferraro, Patricia Morton and Ting-Ying Yang
Why Lifespans Are More Variable Among Blacks Than Among Whites in the United States pp. 2025-2045 Downloads
Glenn Firebaugh, Francesco Acciai, Aggie Noah, Christopher Prather and Claudia Nau
Long-Term Trends in Adult Mortality for U.S. Blacks and Whites: An Examination of Period- and Cohort-Based Changes pp. 2047-2073 Downloads
Ryan Masters, Robert Hummer, Daniel Powers, Audrey Beck, Shih-Fan Lin and Brian Finch
Heterogeneity in Expected Longevities pp. 2075-2102 Downloads
Josep Pijoan-Mas and José-Víctor Ríos-Rull
Direct and Indirect Effects of Unilateral Divorce Law on Marital Stability pp. 2103-2126 Downloads
Thorsten Kneip, Gerrit Bauer and Steffen Reinhold
Sibling Similarity in Family Formation pp. 2127-2154 Downloads
Marcel Raab, Anette Fasang, Aleksi Karhula and Jani Erola
The Effect of Unemployment on Household Composition and Doubling Up pp. 2155-2178 Downloads
Emily Wiemers
Native Out-Migration and Neighborhood Immigration in New Destinations pp. 2179-2202 Downloads
Matthew Hall and Kyle Crowder
Explaining the Decline in Mexico-U.S. Migration: The Effect of the Great Recession pp. 2203-2228 Downloads
Andrés Villarreal
Impact of Migration on Fertility and Abortion: Evidence From the Household and Welfare Study of Accra pp. 2229-2254 Downloads
Slawa Rokicki, Livia Montana and Günther Fink
On the Intended and Unintended Consequences of Enhanced U.S. Border and Interior Immigration Enforcement: Evidence From Mexican Deportees pp. 2255-2279 Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Susan Pozo
Workplace Concentration of Immigrants pp. 2281-2306 Downloads
Fredrik Andersson, Mónica García-Pérez, John Haltiwanger, Kristin McCue and Seth Sanders
Muslim and Hindu Women’s Public and Private Behaviors: Gender, Family, and Communalized Politics in India pp. 2307-2332 Downloads
Sonalde Desai and Gheda Temsah
The Molecular Reinscription of Race: A Comment on “Genetic Bio-Ancestry and Social Construction of Racial Classification in Social Surveys in the Contemporary United States” pp. 2333-2336 Downloads
Reanne Frank
Recognizing a Small Amount of Superficial Genetic Differences Across African, European and Asian Americans Helps Understand Social Construction of Race pp. 2337-2342 Downloads
Guang Guo, Yilan Fu, Hedwig Lee, Tianji Cai, Yi Li and Kathleen Harris
Comment on “The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Different-Sex Marriage: Evidence From the Netherlands” pp. 2343-2347 Downloads
Alexis Dinno
Reply to Comment on “The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Different-Sex Marriage: Evidence From the Netherlands” pp. 2349-2350 Downloads
Mircea Trandafir

Volume 51, issue 5, 2014

Body Size, Skills, and Income: Evidence From 150,000 Teenage Siblings pp. 1573-1596 Downloads
Petter Lundborg, Paul Nystedt and Dan-Olof Rooth
Gender Pay Gap and Employment Sector: Sources of Earnings Disparities in the United States, 1970–2010 pp. 1597-1618 Downloads
Hadas Mandel and Moshe Semyonov
Rethinking the Two-Body Problem: The Segregation of Women Into Geographically Dispersed Occupations pp. 1619-1639 Downloads
Alan Benson
Childhood Income Volatility and Adult Outcomes pp. 1641-1665 Downloads
Bradley Hardy
The Prevalence and Economic Value of Doubling Up pp. 1667-1676 Downloads
Natasha Pilkauskas, Irwin Garfinkel and Sara McLanahan
Debt, Cohabitation, and Marriage in Young Adulthood pp. 1677-1701 Downloads
Fenaba Addo
Beyond Transmission: Intergenerational Patterns of Family Formation Among Middle-Class American Families pp. 1703-1728 Downloads
Anette Fasang and Marcel Raab
Cumulative Structural Disadvantage and Racial Health Disparities: The Pathways of Childhood Socioeconomic Influence pp. 1729-1753 Downloads
Jeremy Pais
Trends in Mortality Decrease and Economic Growth pp. 1755-1773 Downloads
Geng Niu and Bertrand Melenberg
The Effects of Intrauterine Malnutrition on Birth and Fertility Outcomes: Evidence From the 1974 Bangladesh Famine pp. 1775-1796 Downloads
Rey Hernández-Julián, Hani Mansour and Christina Peters
A Cohort Model of Fertility Postponement pp. 1797-1819 Downloads
Joshua Goldstein and Thomas Cassidy
Childbearing Postponement and Child Well-being: A Complex and Varied Relationship? pp. 1821-1841 Downloads
Alice Goisis and Wendy Sigle-Rushton
Happiness: Before and After the Kids pp. 1843-1866 Downloads
Mikko Myrskylä and Rachel Margolis
When Does Time Matter? Maternal Employment, Children’s Time With Parents, and Child Development pp. 1867-1894 Downloads
Amy Hsin and Christina Felfe
Family Size, Cognitive Outcomes, and Familial Interaction in Stable, Two-Parent Families: United States, 1997–2002 pp. 1895-1931 Downloads
John Sandberg and Patrick Rafail
Stochastic Population Forecasting Based on Combinations of Expert Evaluations Within the Bayesian Paradigm pp. 1933-1954 Downloads
Francesco Billari, Rebecca Graziani and Eugenio Melilli
Rural-to-Urban Migration and Sexual Debut in Thailand pp. 1955-1976 Downloads
Philip Anglewicz, Mark VanLandingham and Dusita Phuengsamran

Volume 51, issue 4, 2014

The Consequences of Migration to the United States for Short-Term Changes in the Health of Mexican Immigrants pp. 1159-1173 Downloads
Noreen Goldman, Anne Pebley, Mathew Creighton, Graciela Teruel, Luis Rubalcava and Chang Chung
Slum Residence and Child Health in Developing Countries pp. 1175-1197 Downloads
Günther Fink, Isabel Günther and Kenneth Hill
How Resource Dynamics Explain Accumulating Developmental and Health Disparities for Teen Parents’ Children pp. 1199-1224 Downloads
Stefanie Mollborn, Elizabeth Lawrence, Laurie James-Hawkins and Paula Fomby
Body Weight, Eating Patterns, and Physical Activity: The Role of Education pp. 1225-1249 Downloads
Vincenzo Atella and Joanna Kopinska
Is There a Trade-off Between Parent Care and Self-care? pp. 1251-1270 Downloads
Kanika Arora and Douglas Wolf
The Schooling of Offspring and the Survival of Parents pp. 1271-1293 Downloads
Esther Friedman and Robert Mare
Aging in the Context of Cohort Evolution and Mortality Selection pp. 1295-1317 Downloads
Hui Zheng
Opportunities to Meet: Occupational Education and Marriage Formation in Young Adulthood pp. 1319-1344 Downloads
David McClendon, Janet Kuo and R. Raley
Magic Moment? Maternal Marriage for Children Born Out of Wedlock pp. 1345-1356 Downloads
Christina Gibson-Davis
Can Pro-Marriage Policies Work? An Analysis of Marginal Marriages pp. 1357-1379 Downloads
Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
Who Gets Custody Now? Dramatic Changes in Children’s Living Arrangements After Divorce pp. 1381-1396 Downloads
Maria Cancian, Daniel Meyer, Patricia Brown and Steven Cook
Marital Disruption and Health Insurance pp. 1397-1421 Downloads
H. Peters, Kosali Simon and Jamie Taber
Do Daughters Really Cause Divorce? Stress, Pregnancy, and Family Composition pp. 1423-1449 Downloads
Amar Hamoudi and Jenna Nobles
The Determinants of Low Fertility in India pp. 1451-1475 Downloads
Arunachalam Dharmalingam, Sowmya Rajan and S. Morgan
Power Outages, Power Externalities, and Baby Booms pp. 1477-1500 Downloads
Alfredo Burlando
The Effect of Prenatal Natural Disaster Exposure on School Outcomes pp. 1501-1525 Downloads
Sarah Fuller
The Role of Migration in the Urban Transition: A Demonstration From Albania pp. 1527-1550 Downloads
Mathias Lerch
Measuring Attitudes About Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: The ATT-IPV Scale pp. 1551-1572 Downloads
Kathryn Yount, Kristin VanderEnde, Sarah Zureick-Brown, Hoang Anh, Sidney Schuler and Tran Minh

Volume 51, issue 3, 2014

Redefining Neighborhoods Using Common Destinations: Social Characteristics of Activity Spaces and Home Census Tracts Compared pp. 727-752 Downloads
Malia Jones and Anne Pebley
The Location of Displaced New Orleans Residents in the Year After Hurricane Katrina pp. 753-775 Downloads
Narayan Sastry and Jesse Gregory
Residential Mobility Across Local Areas in the United States and the Geographic Distribution of the Healthy Population pp. 777-809 Downloads
Arline Geronimus, John Bound and Annie Ro
Integrating Space With Place in Health Research: A Multilevel Spatial Investigation Using Child Mortality in 1880 Newark, New Jersey pp. 811-834 Downloads
Hongwei Xu, John Logan and Susan Short
Patterns of Racial and Educational Assortative Mating in Brazil pp. 835-856 Downloads
Aaron Gullickson and Florencia Torche
Testing the Economic Independence Hypothesis: The Effect of an Exogenous Increase in Child Support on Subsequent Marriage and Cohabitation pp. 857-880 Downloads
Maria Cancian and Daniel Meyer
Marriage Duration and Divorce: The Seven-Year Itch or a Lifelong Itch? pp. 881-893 Downloads
Hill Kulu
Home Front: Post-Deployment Mental Health and Divorces pp. 895-916 Downloads
Brighita Negrusa and Sebastian Negrusa
Does Contraceptive Use Always Reduce Breast-feeding? pp. 917-937 Downloads
Seema Jayachandran
The Effect of Anti-Abortion Legislation on Nineteenth Century Fertility pp. 939-948 Downloads
Joanna Lahey
Do Racial Disparities in Private Transfers Help Explain the Racial Wealth Gap? New Evidence From Longitudinal Data pp. 949-974 Downloads
Signe-Mary McKernan, Caroline Ratcliffe, Margaret Simms and Sisi Zhang
Selection, Language Heritage, and the Earnings Trajectories of Black Immigrants in the United States pp. 975-1002 Downloads
Tod Hamilton
Divergence in Age Patterns of Mortality Change Drives International Divergence in Lifespan Inequality pp. 1003-1017 Downloads
Duncan Gillespie, Meredith Trotter and Shripad Tuljapurkar
Skewed Sex Ratios and Criminal Victimization in India pp. 1019-1040 Downloads
Scott South, Katherine Trent and Sunita Bose
Positive, Negative, or Null? The Effects of Maternal Incarceration on Children’s Behavioral Problems pp. 1041-1068 Downloads
Christopher Wildeman and Kristin Turney
Intimate Partner Violence and Women’s Economic and Non-Economic Activities in Minya, Egypt pp. 1069-1099 Downloads
Kathryn Yount, Sarah Zureick-Brown and Rania Salem
More Than One Million New American Indians in 2000: Who Are They? pp. 1101-1130 Downloads
Carolyn Liebler and Timothy Ortyl
Refusal Bias in the Estimation of HIV Prevalence pp. 1131-1157 Downloads
Wendy Janssens, Jacques Gaag, Tobias Rinke de Wit and Zlata Tanović

Volume 51, issue 2, 2014

Polygynous Contexts, Family Structure, and Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 341-366 Downloads
Emily Smith-Greenaway and Jenny Trinitapoli
Saving Babies: The Impact of Public Education Programs on Infant Mortality pp. 367-386 Downloads
Carolyn Moehling and Melissa Thomasson
Reporting Errors in Siblings’ Survival Histories and Their Impact on Adult Mortality Estimates: Results From a Record Linkage Study in Senegal pp. 387-411 Downloads
Stéphane Helleringer, Gilles Pison, Almamy Kanté, Géraldine Duthé and Armelle Andro
Cumulative Childhood Adversity, Educational Attainment, and Active Life Expectancy Among U.S. Adults pp. 413-435 Downloads
Jennifer Montez and Mark Hayward
The Impact of Parental Death on Child Well-being: Evidence From the Indian Ocean Tsunami pp. 437-457 Downloads
Ava Cas, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Wayan Suriastini and Duncan Thomas
Changes in Young Children’s Family Structures and Child Care Arrangements pp. 459-483 Downloads
Robert Crosnoe, Kate Prickett, Chelsea Smith and Shannon Cavanagh
Childbearing Across Partnerships in Australia, the United States, Norway, and Sweden pp. 485-508 Downloads
Elizabeth Thomson, Trude Lappegård, Marcia Carlson, Ann Evans and Edith Gray
Birth Cohort and the Specialization Gap Between Same-Sex and Different-Sex Couples pp. 509-534 Downloads
Lisa Giddings, John Nunley, Alyssa Schneebaum and Joachim Zietz
Fertility Decline, Girls’ Well-being, and Gender Gaps in Children’s Well-being in Poor Countries pp. 535-561 Downloads
Kathryn Yount, Sarah Zureick-Brown, Nafisa Halim and Kayla LaVilla
The Death of Marriage? The Effects of New Forms of Legal Recognition on Marriage Rates in the United States pp. 563-585 Downloads
Marcus Dillender
Breaking Up Is Hard to Count: The Rise of Divorce in the United States, 1980–2010 pp. 587-598 Downloads
Sheela Kennedy and Steven Ruggles
The Effects of Grandparents on Children’s Schooling: Evidence From Rural China pp. 599-617 Downloads
Zhen Zeng and Yu Xie
Does Education Improve Cognitive Performance Four Decades After School Completion? pp. 619-643 Downloads
Nicole Schneeweis, Vegard Skirbekk and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
Factors Shaping Workplace Segregation Between Natives and Immigrants pp. 645-671 Downloads
Magnus Strömgren, Tiit Tammaru, Alexander Danzer, Maarten Ham, Szymon Marcińczak, Olof Stjernström and Urban Lindgren
The Impact of Migration and Remittances on Wealth Accumulation and Distribution in Rural Thailand pp. 673-698 Downloads
Filiz Garip
Recent Trends in Coverage of the Mexican-Born Population of the United States: Results From Applying Multiple Methods Across Time pp. 699-726 Downloads
Jennifer Hook, Frank Bean, James Bachmeier and Catherine Tucker

Volume 51, issue 1, 2014

A Message From the New Editor pp. 1-2 Downloads
Pamela Smock
Culture and Demography: From Reluctant Bedfellows to Committed Partners pp. 3-25 Downloads
Christine Bachrach
Projecting the Effect of Changes in Smoking and Obesity on Future Life Expectancy in the United States pp. 27-49 Downloads
Samuel Preston, Andrew Stokes, Neil Mehta and Bochen Cao
Mortality Deceleration and Mortality Selection: Three Unexpected Implications of a Simple Model pp. 51-71 Downloads
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
Lifespan Variation by Occupational Class: Compression or Stagnation Over Time? pp. 73-95 Downloads
Alyson van Raalte, Pekka Martikainen and Mikko Myrskylä
The Cost of Disability in China pp. 97-118 Downloads
Prashant Loyalka, Lan Liu, Gong Chen and Xiaoying Zheng
Is the Gene-Environment Interaction Paradigm Relevant to Genome-Wide Studies? The Case of Education and Body Mass Index pp. 119-139 Downloads
Jason Boardman, Benjamin Domingue, Casey Blalock, Brett Haberstick, Kathleen Harris and Matthew McQueen
Genetic Bio-Ancestry and Social Construction of Racial Classification in Social Surveys in the Contemporary United States pp. 141-172 Downloads
Guang Guo, Yilan Fu, Hedwig Lee, Tianji Cai, Kathleen Mullan Harris and Yi Li
A Reversal in the Relationship of Human Development With Fertility? pp. 173-184 Downloads
Kenneth Harttgen and Sebastian Vollmer
Coresidence With Husband’s Parents, Labor Supply, and Duration to First Birth pp. 185-204 Downloads
C. Chu, Seik Kim and Wen-Jen Tsay
The Impact of Family Transitions on Child Fostering in Rural Malawi pp. 205-228 Downloads
Monica Grant and Sara Yeatman
Growing Up Together: Cohort Composition and Child Investment pp. 229-255 Downloads
Kelly Jones
Gender, Turning Points, and Boomerangs: Returning Home in Young Adulthood in Great Britain pp. 257-276 Downloads
Juliet Stone, Ann Berrington and Jane Falkingham
Challenges in Measuring the Sequencing of Life Events Among Adolescents in Malawi: A Cautionary Note pp. 277-285 Downloads
Barbara Mensch, Erica Soler-Hampejsek, Christine Kelly, Paul Hewett and Monica Grant
Big Microdata for Population Research pp. 287-297 Downloads
Steven Ruggles
Is the Demographic Dividend an Education Dividend? pp. 299-315 Downloads
Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Wolfgang Lutz and Warren Sanderson
The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Different-Sex Marriage: Evidence From the Netherlands pp. 317-340 Downloads
Mircea Trandafir
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