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Volume 26, issue 1, 2021

Flexible Modeling of Variable Asymmetries in Cross-Covariance Functions for Multivariate Random Fields pp. 1-22 Downloads
Ghulam A. Qadir, Carolina Euán and Ying Sun
Statistical Downscaling with Spatial Misalignment: Application to Wildland Fire $$\hbox {PM}_{2.5}$$ PM 2.5 Concentration Forecasting pp. 23-44 Downloads
Suman Majumder, Yawen Guan, Brian J. Reich, Susan O’Neill and Ana G. Rappold
Nonparametric Bayesian Functional Meta-Regression: Applications in Environmental Epidemiology pp. 45-70 Downloads
Jaeeun Yu, Jinsu Park, Taeryon Choi, Masahiro Hashizume, Yoonhee Kim, Yasushi Honda and Yeonseung Chung
A Generic Method for Estimating and Smoothing Multispecies Biodiversity Indicators Using Intermittent Data pp. 71-89 Downloads
Stephen N. Freeman, Nicholas J. B. Isaac, Panagiotis Besbeas, Emily B. Dennis and Byron J. T. Morgan
Bias Correction in Estimating Proportions by Imperfect Pooled Testing pp. 90-104 Downloads
Graham Hepworth and Brad J. Biggerstaff
Spatial Sampling Design Using Generalized Neyman–Scott Process pp. 105-127 Downloads
Sze Him Leung, Ji Meng Loh, Chun Yip Yau and Zhengyuan Zhu
Reproducible Research with R and RStudio (3rd Edition) by Christopher Gandrud pp. 128-129 Downloads
Richard Glennie

Volume 25, issue 4, 2020

Hierarchical Modeling of Structural Coefficients for Heterogeneous Networks with an Application to Animal Production Systems pp. 1-22 Downloads
K. Chitakasempornkul, G. J. M. Rosa, A. Jager and N. M. Bello
Guest Editors’ Introduction to the Special Issue on “Recent Advances in Design and Analysis of Experiments and Observational Studies in Agriculture” pp. 453-456 Downloads
Hans-Peter Piepho, Robert J. Tempelman and Emlyn R. Williams
History of the Statistical Design of Agricultural Experiments pp. 457-486 Downloads
L. Rob Verdooren
Substitutes for the Non-existent Square Lattice Designs for 36 Varieties pp. 487-499 Downloads
R. A. Bailey, Peter J. Cameron, L. H. Soicher and E. R. Williams
Multi-level Block Designs for Comparative Experiments pp. 500-522 Downloads
Rodney N. Edmondson
Do Spatial Designs Outperform Classic Experimental Designs? pp. 523-552 Downloads
Raegan Hoefler, Pablo González-Barrios, Madhav Bhatta, Jose A. R. Nunes, Ines Berro, Rafael S. Nalin, Alejandra Borges, Eduardo Covarrubias, Luis Diaz-Garcia, Martin Quincke and Lucia Gutierrez
The Design of Early-Stage Plant Breeding Trials Using Genetic Relatedness pp. 553-578 Downloads
Brian R. Cullis, Alison B. Smith, Nicole A. Cocks and David G. Butler
Optimization of Selective Phenotyping and Population Design for Genomic Prediction pp. 579-600 Downloads
Nicolas Heslot and Vitaliy Feoktistov
Optimal Design of Experiments for Hybrid Nonlinear Models, with Applications to Extended Michaelis–Menten Kinetics pp. 601-616 Downloads
Yuanzhi Huang, Steven G. Gilmour, Kalliopi Mylona and Peter Goos
Pseudo-Likelihood or Quadrature? What We Thought We Knew, What We Think We Know, and What We Are Still Trying to Figure Out pp. 639-656 Downloads
Walt Stroup and Elizabeth Claassen
Modeling Crop Phenology in the US Corn Belt Using Spatially Referenced SMOS Satellite Data pp. 657-675 Downloads
Colin Lewis-Beck, Zhengyuan Zhu, Victoria Walker and Brian Hornbuckle
Linear Variance, P-splines and Neighbour Differences for Spatial Adjustment in Field Trials: How are they Related? pp. 676-698 Downloads
Martin P. Boer, Hans-Peter Piepho and Emlyn R. Williams
Adjusting for Spatial Effects in Genomic Prediction pp. 699-718 Downloads
Xiaojun Mao, Somak Dutta, Raymond K. W. Wong and Dan Nettleton

Volume 25, issue 3, 2020

Robust Nonparametric Regression for Heavy-Tailed Data pp. 277-291 Downloads
Ferdos Gorji and Mina Aminghafari
Estimating Changes in the Observed Relationship Between Humidity and Temperature Using Noncrossing Quantile Smoothing Splines pp. 292-314 Downloads
Karen A. McKinnon and Andrew Poppick
A Distance-based Method for Spatial Prediction in the Presence of Trend pp. 315-338 Downloads
Carlos E. Melo, Jorge Mateu and Oscar O. Melo
Systematic Statistical Analysis of Microbial Data from Dilution Series pp. 339-364 Downloads
J. Andrés Christen and Albert E. Parker
A Bayesian Markov Model with Pólya-Gamma Sampling for Estimating Individual Behavior Transition Probabilities from Accelerometer Classifications pp. 365-382 Downloads
Toryn L. J. Schafer, Christopher K. Wikle, Jay A. VonBank, Bart M. Ballard and Mitch D. Weegman
Vecchia Approximations of Gaussian-Process Predictions pp. 383-414 Downloads
Matthias Katzfuss, Joseph Guinness, Wenlong Gong and Daniel Zilber
A Nonstationary Spatial Covariance Model for Processes Driven by Point Sources pp. 415-430 Downloads
Joshua L. Warren
Spatial Spread Sampling Using Weakly Associated Vectors pp. 431-451 Downloads
Raphaël Jauslin and Yves Tillé

Volume 25, issue 2, 2020

Estimating Reproduction and Survival of Unmarked Juveniles Using Aerial Images and Marked Adults pp. 133-147 Downloads
Perry J. Williams, Cody Schroeder and Pat Jackson
Statistical Development of Animal Density Estimation Using Random Encounter Modelling pp. 148-167 Downloads
N. O. A. S. Jourdain, D. J. Cole, M. S. Ridout and J. Marcus Rowcliffe
Sampling Strategies to Estimate Deer Density by Drive Counts pp. 168-185 Downloads
Lorenzo Fattorini, Alberto Meriggi, Enrico Merli and Paolo Varuzza
Modeling Partially Surveyed Point Process Data: Inferring Spatial Point Intensity of Geomagnetic Anomalies pp. 186-205 Downloads
Kenneth A. Flagg, Andrew Hoegh and John J. Borkowski
Estimation in Complex Sampling Designs Based on Resampling Methods pp. 206-228 Downloads
Bardia Panahbehagh
Projecting Flood-Inducing Precipitation with a Bayesian Analogue Model pp. 229-249 Downloads
Gregory P. Bopp, Benjamin A. Shaby, Chris E. Forest and Alfonso Mejía
Obtaining a Balanced Area Sample for the Bureau of Land Management Rangeland Survey pp. 250-275 Downloads
Cindy L. Yu, Jie Li, Michael G. Karl and Todd J. Krueger
Correction to: Understanding the Stochastic Partial Differential Equation Approach to Smoothing pp. 276-276 Downloads
David L. Miller, Richard Glennie and Andrew E. Seaton

Volume 25, issue 1, 2020

Understanding the Stochastic Partial Differential Equation Approach to Smoothing pp. 1-16 Downloads
David L. Miller, Richard Glennie and Andrew E. Seaton
A Review of Statistics in Palaeoenvironmental Research pp. 17-31 Downloads
Maarten Blaauw, J. Andrés Christen and Marco Antonio Aquino-López
Modelling the Clustering of Extreme Events for Short-Term Risk Assessment pp. 32-53 Downloads
Ross Towe, Jonathan Tawn, Emma Eastoe and Rob Lamb
Distributions of Human Exposure to Ozone During Commuting Hours in Connecticut Using the Cellular Device Network pp. 54-73 Downloads
Owais Gilani, Simon Urbanek and Michael J. Kane
A Multiscale Spatially Varying Coefficient Model for Regional Analysis of Topsoil Geochemistry pp. 74-89 Downloads
Keunseo Kim, Hyojoong Kim, Vinnam Kim and Heeyoung Kim
Efficient Modelling of Presence-Only Species Data via Local Background Sampling pp. 90-111 Downloads
Jeffrey Daniel, Julie Horrocks and Gary J. Umphrey
Right-Censored Mixed Poisson Count Models with Detection Times pp. 112-132 Downloads
Wen-Han Hwang, Rachel V. Blakey and Jakub Stoklosa

Volume 24, issue 4, 2019

Exploration and Inference in Spatial Extremes Using Empirical Basis Functions pp. 555-572 Downloads
Samuel A. Morris, Brian J. Reich and Emeric Thibaud
Estimation of Factor Analytic Mixed Models for the Analysis of Multi-treatment Multi-environment Trial Data pp. 573-588 Downloads
Alison B. Smith, Lauren M. Borg, Beverley J. Gogel and Brian R. Cullis
A Dynamic Individual-Based Model for High-Resolution Ant Interactions pp. 589-609 Downloads
Nathan B. Wikle, Ephraim M. Hanks and David P. Hughes
Comparing Coefficients Across Subpopulations in Gaussian Mixture Regression Models pp. 610-633 Downloads
Shin-Fu Tsai
Spatiotemporal Lagged Models for Variable Rate Irrigation in Agriculture pp. 634-650 Downloads
Sierra Pugh, Matthew J. Heaton, Jeff Svedin and Neil Hansen
The Conditionally Autoregressive Hidden Markov Model (CarHMM): Inferring Behavioural States from Animal Tracking Data Exhibiting Conditional Autocorrelation pp. 651-668 Downloads
Ethan Lawler, Kim Whoriskey, William H. Aeberhard, Chris Field and Joanna Mills Flemming
A Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Statistical Model Motivated by Glaciology pp. 669-692 Downloads
Giri Gopalan, Birgir Hrafnkelsson, Christopher K. Wikle, Håvard Rue, Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, Alexander H. Jarosch and Finnur Pálsson
Post-stratified Probability-Proportional-to-Size Sampling from Stratified Populations pp. 693-718 Downloads
Omer Ozturk
A Mixture Model Approach for Compositional Data: Inferring Land-Use Influence on Point-Referenced Water Quality Measurements pp. 719-739 Downloads
Adrien Ickowicz, Jessica Ford and Keith Hayes

Volume 24, issue 3, 2019

Guest Editors’ Introduction to the Special Issue on “Climate and the Earth System” pp. 395-397 Downloads
Dorit Hammerling and Brian J. Reich
A Case Study Competition Among Methods for Analyzing Large Spatial Data pp. 398-425 Downloads
Matthew J. Heaton, Abhirup Datta, Andrew O. Finley, Reinhard Furrer, Joseph Guinness, Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, Florian Gerber, Robert B. Gramacy, Dorit Hammerling, Matthias Katzfuss, Finn Lindgren, Douglas W. Nychka, Furong Sun and Andrew Zammit-Mangion
Improved Return Level Estimation via a Weighted Likelihood, Latent Spatial Extremes Model pp. 426-443 Downloads
Joshua Hewitt, Miranda J. Fix, Jennifer A. Hoeting and Daniel S. Cooley
Computer Model Calibration Based on Image Warping Metrics: An Application for Sea Ice Deformation pp. 444-463 Downloads
Yawen Guan, Christian Sampson, J. Derek Tucker, Won Chang, Anirban Mondal, Murali Haran and Deborah Sulsky
A Multivariate Global Spatiotemporal Stochastic Generator for Climate Ensembles pp. 464-483 Downloads
Matthew Edwards, Stefano Castruccio and Dorit Hammerling
New Exploratory Tools for Extremal Dependence: $$\chi $$ χ Networks and Annual Extremal Networks pp. 484-501 Downloads
Whitney K. Huang, Daniel S. Cooley, Imme Ebert-Uphoff, Chen Chen and Snigdhansu Chatterjee
A Parametric Approach to Unmixing Remote Sensing Crop Growth Signatures pp. 502-516 Downloads
Colin Lewis-Beck, Zhengyuan Zhu, Anirban Mondal, Joon Jin Song, Jonathan Hobbs, Brian Hornbuckle and Jason Patton
A Spliced Gamma-Generalized Pareto Model for Short-Term Extreme Wind Speed Probabilistic Forecasting pp. 517-534 Downloads
Daniela Castro-Camilo, Raphaël Huser and Håvard Rue
Efficient Reconstructions of Common Era Climate via Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations pp. 535-554 Downloads
Luis A. Barboza, Julien Emile-Geay, Bo Li and Wan He

Volume 24, issue 2, 2019

Comparison of Deep Neural Networks and Deep Hierarchical Models for Spatio-Temporal Data pp. 175-203 Downloads
Christopher K. Wikle
Efficient Sequential Monte Carlo Algorithms for Integrated Population Models pp. 204-224 Downloads
Axel Finke, Ruth King, Alexandros Beskos and Petros Dellaportas
Multivariate Bioclimatic Indices Modelling: A Coregionalised Approach pp. 225-244 Downloads
Xavier Barber, David Conesa, Antonio López-Quílez and Javier Morales
Spatiotemporal Balanced Sampling Design for Longitudinal Area Surveys pp. 245-263 Downloads
Zhonglei Wang and Zhengyuan Zhu
Computation of Lacunarity from Covariance of Spatial Binary Maps pp. 264-288 Downloads
Kassel Hingee, Adrian Baddeley, Peter Caccetta and Gopalan Nair
Hypothesis Tests for Principal Component Analysis When Variables are Standardized pp. 289-308 Downloads
Johannes Forkman, Julie Josse and Hans-Peter Piepho
Post-processing Multiensemble Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts Through an Exchangeable Normal-Gamma Model and Its Tobit Extension pp. 309-345 Downloads
Marie Courbariaux, Pierre Barbillon, Luc Perreault and Éric Parent
Quasi-beta Longitudinal Regression Model Applied to Water Quality Index Data pp. 346-368 Downloads
Ricardo Rasmussen Petterle, Wagner Hugo Bonat and Cassius Tadeu Scarpin
Modelling Spatio-Temporal Variation in Sparse Rainfall Data Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Regression Model pp. 369-393 Downloads
Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay, Joseph O. Ogutu, Gundula Bartzke, Holly T. Dublin and Hans-Peter Piepho

Volume 24, issue 1, 2019

Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models for Estimation of Phenological Events from Remote Sensing Data pp. 1-25 Downloads
Margaret Johnson, Petruţa C. Caragea, Wendy Meiring, C. Jeganathan and Peter M. Atkinson
Developing Integer Calibration Weights for Census of Agriculture pp. 26-48 Downloads
Luca Sartore, Kelly Toppin, Linda Young and Clifford Spiegelman
Non-Gaussian Covariate-Dependent Spatial Measurement Error Model for Analyzing Big Spatial Data pp. 49-72 Downloads
Vahid Tadayon and Abdolrahman Rasekh
Extreme Value-Based Methods for Modeling Elk Yearly Movements pp. 73-91 Downloads
Dhanushi A. Wijeyakulasuriya, Ephraim M. Hanks, Benjamin A. Shaby and Paul C. Cross
Insights of Global Sensitivity Analysis in Biological Models with Dependent Parameters pp. 92-111 Downloads
Julien Sainte-Marie and Paul-Henry Cournède
Modeling and Prediction of Multiple Correlated Functional Outcomes pp. 112-129 Downloads
Jiguo Cao, Kunlaya Soiaporn, Raymond J. Carroll and David Ruppert
Emulated Multivariate Global Sensitivity Analysis for Complex Computer Models Applied to Agricultural Simulators pp. 130-153 Downloads
Daniel W. Gladish, Ross Darnell, Peter J. Thorburn and Bhakti Haldankar
Estimation of Population Size When Capture Probability Depends on Individual States pp. 154-172 Downloads
Hannah Worthington, Rachel S. McCrea, Ruth King and Richard A. Griffiths
Review of Bayesian Regression Modelling with INLA by Xiaofeng Wang, Yu Ryan Yue, and Julian J. Faraway pp. 173-174 Downloads
Kathryn Morrison
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