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2016 - 2020

Current editor(s): Vladimir M. Kotlyakov and Vladimir A. Kolosov

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Volume 7, issue 4, 2017

Schematics of Russia’s averaged regions: Modeling attempted “from below” pp. 291-302 Downloads
A. I. Treivish
Diversification of regional economic structure as growth strategy: Pros and cons pp. 303-310 Downloads
N. N. Mikheeva
Twenty-five years of Russia’s post-Soviet agriculture: Geographical trends and contradictions pp. 311-321 Downloads
T. G. Nefedova
Strategic challenges of the development of agriculture in Russia pp. 322-332 Downloads
K. V. Averkieva, A. I. Dan’shin, D. Yu. Zemlyanskii and S. V. Lamanov
Competitive positions of a region in innovative economic development pp. 333-341 Downloads
Yu. A. Fridman, G. N. Rechko and A. G. Pimonov
Reindustrialization of the economies of rural territories (a case study of Novosibirsk oblast) pp. 342-351 Downloads
G. V. Zhdan, I. V. Shchetinina and Yu. P. Voronov
How the proximity of the sea affects development of economy and the settlement pattern in Kaliningrad oblast pp. 352-362 Downloads
G. M. Fedorov, T. Yu. Kuznetsova and V. M. Razumovskii
Regional social assistance systems: Why and how targeting policy is introduced pp. 363-371 Downloads
Tatyana Maleva, E. E. Grishina and Elena Tsatsura
Regional features of the dynamics and structure of terrorist activity in 1970–2012 pp. 372-383 Downloads
I. P. Suprunchuk, V. S. Belozerov and P. M. Polian
Impact of crisis in Russia–Ukraine relations on cross-border interactions in Belgorod oblast pp. 384-394 Downloads
D. V. Zayats, M. V. Zotova, N. L. Turov and M. I. Klyuchnikov
Agrarian nature management in Russian regions: Ecological and resource dissonance pp. 395-401 Downloads
N. N. Klyuev

Volume 7, issue 3, 2017

Organization of systemic monitoring of the macroregions’ development: Case study of the Russian Arctic pp. 189-196 Downloads
V. N. Leksin and B. N. Porfiriev
Concept of proximity: Foreign experience and prospects of application in Russia pp. 197-207 Downloads
N. Yu. Zamyatina and A. N. Pilyasov
Exterritorial and local content of regional development pp. 208-214 Downloads
V. I. Nefedkin
Towards a knowledge economy: the role of innovative projects in the reindustrialization of Novosibirsk oblast pp. 215-224 Downloads
V. V. Kuleshov, G. A. Untura and V. D. Markova
Policy of regional authorities in establishing petrochemical clusters of Eastern Siberia and the Far East pp. 225-236 Downloads
N. I. Plyaskina, V. N. Kharitonova and I. A. Vizhina
Integrated assessment of economic security in a resource region pp. 237-248 Downloads
E. B. Bukharova, S. A. Samusenko and A. R. Semenova
Post-Soviet urban environment: the experience of St. Petersburg pp. 249-258 Downloads
A. A. Anokhin, S. S. Lachininskii, D. V. Zhitin, A. V. Shendrik, N. M. Mezhevich and A. I. Krasnov
Economic and social reforms in the North Caucasus: Goals, limitations, problems, and results pp. 259-270 Downloads
V. A. Kolosov, O. I. Vendina, A. A. Gritsenko, O. B. Glezer, M. V. Zotova, A. B. Sebentsov and A. N. Panin
Environmental and economic factors of regional variation in childhood cancer across Russia pp. 271-276 Downloads
N. A. Malofeevskaya and O. V. Rubtsova
Transformation of the spatial organization of the Karelian Isthmus population 1939–1959 pp. 277-289 Downloads
Yu. A. Stupin

Volume 7, issue 2, 2017

Regional policy of Russia as a geographic task pp. 97-107 Downloads
L. V. Smirnyagin
Growth points or black holes: How efficient are state stimulation tools for territorial development? pp. 108-119 Downloads
A. N. Shvetsov
Trends in the concentration of economic activity and disparities in Russia’s spatial development pp. 120-126 Downloads
Anna Bufetova
Changes in air transport connectivity of Russian cities in 1990–2015 pp. 127-145 Downloads
S. A. Tarkhov
Deformation of the transport price field in Russia (a case study of long-haul passenger flight connections) pp. 146-152 Downloads
E. V. Lyashenko
Relationship between normal and excessive personal income differentiation and regional economic performance indicators pp. 153-161 Downloads
M. Yu. Malkina
New opportunities for regional development: From social tension to social cooperation pp. 162-168 Downloads
N. D. Vavilina and D. A. Kotov
Historic–geographical peculiarities of exploring Russia’s Northern and Arctic territories in the 17th–19th centuries pp. 169-179 Downloads
A. B. Savchenko and A. I. Treivish
Economic and ecological models in Russia’s mining sector pp. 180-187 Downloads
I. P. Glazyrina and S. M. Lavlinskii

Volume 7, issue 1, 2017

Creating the conditions for innovation development of resource-based regions pp. 1-9 Downloads
A. E. Sevastyanova
Regional features of population dynamics in Russia in the post-Soviet period pp. 10-22 Downloads
T. L. Borodina
Housing construction in the Moscow agglomeration: Spatial equilibrium modeling pp. 23-35 Downloads
N. K. Kurichev
Work commuting of the population in the Moscow agglomeration: Estimating commuting flows using mobile operator data pp. 36-44 Downloads
A. G. Makhrova, P. L. Kirillov and A. N. Bochkarev
On the development of structural reform for Russian rail transport pp. 45-52 Downloads
S. A. Bykadorov, E. B. Kibalov and A. A. Kin
Program for Reindustrialization of the Economy of Novosibirsk Oblast: Main outcomes of its development pp. 53-61 Downloads
Viacheslav Seliverstov
Problems of coordinating macroeconomic and regional long-term solutions pp. 62-70 Downloads
S. A. Suspitsyn
Environmental threats to Russian borderlands pp. 71-80 Downloads
N. N. Klyuev
Assessment of the aesthetic landscape properties for managing areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance pp. 81-88 Downloads
E. Yu. Kolbovsky and U. A. Medovikova
Hydro-economic problems of Crimea and their solutions pp. 89-96 Downloads
V. A. Vasilenko

Volume 6, issue 4, 2016

Features of regional economic development in Russia in 1999–2013 pp. 281-291 Downloads
Yu. S. Yershov
Russian agricultural resources and the geography of their use in import-substitution conditions pp. 292-303 Downloads
T. G. Nefedova
Regional disparities in the development of banking institutions pp. 304-313 Downloads
S. D. Ageeva and A. V. Mishura
Chain retailing: Interregional differences and the role of foreign companies in their occurrence pp. 314-322 Downloads
O. V. Kuznetsova
The geoeconomic factor in shaping the spatial pattern of St. Petersburg’s coastal area pp. 323-331 Downloads
S. S. Lachininskii, A. S. Lachininskii and I. V. Semenova
The role of migration in enhancing settlement pattern contrasts at the municipal level in Russia pp. 332-343 Downloads
L. B. Karachurina and Nikita Mkrtchyan
Econometric analysis of factors of internal migration in Russia pp. 344-356 Downloads
Elena Vakulenko
Migration activity and adaptation of Russian regional populations pp. 357-365 Downloads
S. I. Abylkalikov
The ethnic map of Stavropol krai: Space–time dynamics for the last half-century pp. 366-374 Downloads
V. V. Chikhichin and V. S. Belozerov
Evolution of the types of shopping and spatial organization of retail trade in the post-Soviet metropolis pp. 375-386 Downloads
K. E. Aksenov
The barrier function of Russia’s borders pp. 387-397 Downloads
V. A. Kolosov, M. V. Zotova and A. B. Sebentsov

Volume 6, issue 3, 2016

Assessment of diversification in the regional economy (Case study of subjects of the Siberian Federal District) pp. 203-213 Downloads
N. A. Kravchenko
Program for reindustrialization of the Novosibirsk Oblast Economy: Development ideology and main directions of implementation pp. 214-226 Downloads
V. V. Kuleshov and Viacheslav Seliverstov
Russia’s Arctic frontier: Paradoxes of development pp. 227-239 Downloads
A. N. Pilyasov
On state support of the traditional economy of indigenous small-numbered Arctic peoples in Russia pp. 240-243 Downloads
B. V. Lashov
Capital cities and state borders: Spatial relationships and shifts pp. 244-257 Downloads
A. I. Treivish
Russia’s borders with Abkhazia and South Ossetia on four scales: Analysis of the political discourse pp. 258-266 Downloads
T. A. Galkina and F. A. Popov
Municipal strategic planning in Russia in 2010–2014 pp. 267-273 Downloads
B. S. Zhikharevich and T. K. Pribyshin
Economic effects of the disastrous flood in the Russian Far East in 2013 pp. 274-280 Downloads
B. N. Porfiriev

Volume 6, issue 2, 2016

Crises in post-Soviet Russia: Regional projection pp. 95-104 Downloads
N. V. Zubarevich
Comparative analysis of labor productivity in Russian regions pp. 105-114 Downloads
N. N. Mikheeva
Assessment of Russian regions by level of innovative development pp. 115-124 Downloads
S. R. Khalimova
Territorial organization of the population and economy of Russia on the brink of tectonic shifts pp. 125-130 Downloads
V. A. Shuper
Migration attractiveness of cities in the post-Soviet space: A case study of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus pp. 131-143 Downloads
T. G. Nefedova, I. L. Slepukhina and I. Brade
Structural and economic typology of large Russian cities pp. 144-155 Downloads
L. E. Limonov and M. V. Nesena
The city of Kaliningrad: Planning the future and young people’s needs pp. 156-165 Downloads
O. I. Vendina
Geographical features of the foreign electricity trade in the post-Soviet space pp. 166-174 Downloads
A. M. Faddeev
Content and retrospective analysis of regional strategizing in Russia pp. 175-183 Downloads
K. V. Budaeva and V. V. Klimanov
The phenomenon of collective foresight as a byproduct of regional strategic planning pp. 184-192 Downloads
L. V. Mel’nikova
Systematic evaluation of environmental and economic effectiveness of the best available technologies: Regional dimension pp. 193-202 Downloads
N. M. Zhuravel’

Volume 6, issue 1, 2016

Seasonal pulsation of settlement pattern in the Moscow agglomeration under the influence of dacha and work commuting: Approaches to studies and assessment pp. 1-8 Downloads
A. G. Makhrova and P. L. Kirillov
Housing construction dynamics in the 2010s as a factor of transformation of the Moscow agglomeration pp. 9-20 Downloads
E. K. Kuricheva and A. A. Popov
Labor markets and the role of otkhodnichestvo in the employment of rural inhabitants of Russia’s Non-Chernozem Zone pp. 21-31 Downloads
K. V. Averkieva
Regional and settlement aspects in the structure of nonfinancial wealth of Russian Households pp. 32-43 Downloads
T. Yu. Bogomolova and T. Yu. Cherkashina
The difference of food consumption in Russia’s regions pp. 44-52 Downloads
T. E. Blagovestova
Alternatives to transport support for development of Russia’s Arctic shelf pp. 53-58 Downloads
E. B. Kibalov and A. B. Khutoretskii
Russian–Chinese agricultural cooperation in the Russian Far East pp. 59-69 Downloads
S. N. Mishchuk
Innovative territory as a basic element in the spatial structure of the national innovation system pp. 70-79 Downloads
V. V. Ivanov
Determining the direction of improving regional innovation policy pp. 80-86 Downloads
V. I. Suslov, G. V. Bobylev, O. V. Valieva, G. V. Zhdan, N. A. Kravchenko and A. V. Kuznetsov
Transformation of agricultural land use in Russian regions in the course of modern socioeconomic reforms pp. 87-94 Downloads
M. A. Kaz’min
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