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2016 - 2020

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Volume 9, issue 4, 2019

The Legal Environment and Regional Activity pp. 295-303 Downloads
V. N. Leksin and B. N. Porfiriev
Structural Transformations of the Municipal Space: Substantiation of Expediency and Evaluation of Efficiency pp. 304-310 Downloads
A. N. Shvetsov
Approaches to Identifying the Periphery and Peripheralization in the Space of Modern Russia pp. 311-317 Downloads
A. A. Anokhin and V. Yu. Kuzin
Territorial Structure of the Russian Digital Economy: Preliminary Delimitation of Smart Urban Agglomerations and Regions pp. 318-328 Downloads
V. I. Blanutsa
Old-Developed Regions of the Russian Center in the Shadow of the Moscow Capital Region pp. 329-339 Downloads
T. G. Nefedova
Regional Investment Policy: How to Overcome the Path Dependence pp. 340-349 Downloads
A. N. Pilyasov
Territorial Mobility of the Russian Population in the Context of Social Dynamics pp. 350-358 Downloads
Tatyana Maleva and A. Ya. Burdyak
People and Money: Incomes, Consumption, and Financial Behavior of the Population of Russian Regions in 2000–2017 pp. 359-369 Downloads
N. V. Zubarevich and S. G. Safronov
Largest Urban Agglomerations and Forms of Settlement Pattern at the Supra-Agglomeration Level in Russia pp. 370-382 Downloads
E. V. Antonov and A. G. Makhrova
The Moscow Social Space: Features and Structure pp. 383-395 Downloads
O. I. Vendina, A. N. Panin and V. S. Tikunov
Coastal Cities and Agglomerations in the Innovative Space of Western Russia pp. 396-405 Downloads
S. S. Lachininskii, A. S. Mikhaylov, D. N. Samusenko, A. A. Mikhaylova and I. S. Sorokin

Volume 9, issue 3, 2019

Migration and Investment Activity of Residents of Russian Cities in the Housing Market of Moscow Agglomeration pp. 213-224 Downloads
N. K. Kurichev and E. K Kuricheva
Transformation of Urban Spatiotemporal Systems: the Influence of Retail on the Post-Socialist Large Housing Estates Areas in Leningrad–St. Petersburg in 1989–2016 pp. 225-235 Downloads
K. E. Aksenov
Assessment of the Potential of Municipal Solid Waste Processing in Siberian Regions pp. 236-244 Downloads
V. M. Gilmundinov and T. O. Tagaeva
Formation of Conditions for a Strategic Alliance of Extractive Companies for Implementation of Gas Chemical Cluster Projects in Russia’s East pp. 245-255 Downloads
E. O. Grechina, N. I. Plyaskina and V. N. Kharitonova
Main Spatial Trends in the Development of Network Food Trade in Russia in 2000–2017 pp. 256-266 Downloads
K. V. Baranov and S. G. Safronov
Spatial Differentiation of the Standard of Living in the Population as a Representation of Disproportions in Socioeconomic Development: A Case Study of Belgorod Oblast pp. 267-277 Downloads
N. V. Chugunova and N. V. Likhnevskaya
Territorial Structure and Organization of Agriculture in Tyumen Oblast in 1973 and 2014: Comparative Analysis pp. 278-287 Downloads
A. V. Sheludkov
Compensation of Damage to Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of Yakutia from Industrial Development of the Territory pp. 288-294 Downloads
T. N. Gavrilyeva, S. I. Boyakova, N. P. Yakovleva and R. I. Bochoeva

Volume 9, issue 2, 2019

Studying the Economy of Siberia: Continuity and Integrity pp. 107-117 Downloads
Valeriy Kryukov
Interlevel Financial Flows in the Budget System of the Russian Federation pp. 118-125 Downloads
V. I. Klistorin
Theoretical Arguments versus Empirical Evidence in Strategic Planning pp. 126-136 Downloads
L. V. Mel’nikova
Siberia from the Standpoint of Human Development pp. 137-145 Downloads
Z. I. Kalugina
Development of High-Tech Business in Siberia: Constraints and Prospects pp. 146-154 Downloads
N. A. Kravchenko, S. A. Kuznetsova, A. T. Yusupova, S. R. Khalimova and N. P. Baldina
Spatial Development Strategy of Russia: Expectations and Realities pp. 155-163 Downloads
Viacheslav Seliverstov, L. V. Melnikova, Evgeniya Kolomak, Valeriy Kryukov, V. I. Suslov and N. I. Suslov
Migration of the Elderly Population in Russia (According to the 2010 Population Census) pp. 164-172 Downloads
L. B. Karachurina and K. A. Ivanova
Methodological Aspects of Studying Labor Commuting pp. 173-180 Downloads
A. N. Bochkarev
Cluster-Based Differentiation of the Socioeconomic Development Level for Municipal Units in the Steppe Regions of European Russia pp. 181-192 Downloads
A. A. Chibilev, V. P. Petrishchev, P. A. Kosykh, S. V. Levykin and E. Kuznetsova
The Post-Industrial Landscapes of Central Urals, Russia: Heritage Value, Tourist Potential, and Unrealized Opportunities pp. 193-203 Downloads
E. Givental, A. V. Stepanov, M. Yu. Ilyushkina and A. S. Burnasov
Air Quality in Russian Cities for 1991–2016 pp. 204-212 Downloads
N. N. Klyuev

Volume 9, issue 1, 2019

Urbanization and Seasonal Deurbanization in Modern Russia pp. 1-11 Downloads
T. G. Nefedova and A. I. Treivish
Regional Capitals of Russia and Their Suburbs: Specifics of the Migration Balance pp. 12-22 Downloads
Nikita Mkrtchyan
Economic and Demographic Dynamics of Settlements in Leningrad Oblast: Influence of Transborder Clustering Factors pp. 23-31 Downloads
A. G. Druzhinin, S. S. Lachininskii and A. V. Shendrik
Territorial Gradients of Socioeconomic Development of Russia’s Borderland pp. 32-43 Downloads
M. V. Zotova, V. A. Kolosov, A. A. Gritsenko, A. B. Sebentsov and M. S. Karpenko
Altai Krai under Conditions of Economic Instability: Key Trends and Features of Development pp. 44-52 Downloads
A. Ya. Trotskovskii and Yu. A. Perekarenkova
Multiscale Analysis of the Dynamics in Reindeer Herding in Arctic Regions: Geographical Shifts and Intraregional and Local Differences pp. 53-65 Downloads
E. V. Antonov, T. V. Litvinenko and V. N. Nuvano
Shadow Economy in the Countryside of Russian Regions pp. 66-77 Downloads
A. P. Kireenko and Ekaterina Nevzorova
Migration of Rural Youth in Altai Krai As an Agrarian Region pp. 78-88 Downloads
A. M. Sergienko and O. A. Snegireva
Assessment of the Prospects for Mongolian Transit As an Integral Part of the Belt and Road Initiative pp. 89-96 Downloads
V. Yu. Malov
Regional Information Flows: Existing and New Approaches to Geographical Study pp. 97-106 Downloads
V. I. Blanutsa and K. A. Cherepanov

Volume 8, issue 4, 2018

Districting As a Way of Possessing Space pp. 301-307 Downloads
B. B. Rodoman
Population Dynamics of Centers and Secondary Cities of Russia’s Regions: Trends Towards Polycentricity? pp. 308-321 Downloads
L. B. Karachurina
Regional Differentiation of Buyers’ Activity in the Primary Housing Market of the Moscow Agglomeration pp. 322-333 Downloads
N. K. Kurichev and E. K. Kuricheva
Factors of Growth in Russian Regions: Adapting to New Realities pp. 334-344 Downloads
N. N. Mikheeva
Role of Siberia in Russia’s Spatial Development and Its Positioning in the Strategy for Spatial Development of the Russian Federation pp. 345-353 Downloads
V. V. Kuleshov and Viacheslav Seliverstov
Assessing the Impact of External Effects on Trade in the Regions of the Siberian Federal District pp. 354-363 Downloads
G. D. Kovaleva and A. V. Kostin
Subsidiary Household Farming in Russian Regions in the Late 20th–Early 21st Centuries pp. 364-374 Downloads
A. I. Alekseev and S. G. Safronov
Problems of Development of Nonstandard Employment in Rural Areas of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast pp. 375-385 Downloads
I. V. Kalinina and S. A. Solovchenkov
Dachas in the Suburbs of Perm: History, Territorial Organization, and Regional Features pp. 386-394 Downloads
I. O. Shchepetkova
Muscovites and Newcomers: Strategies for Mutual Adaptation pp. 395-403 Downloads
O. I. Vendina

Volume 8, issue 3, 2018

A New Interdisciplinary Scientific Field: Arctic Regional Science pp. 215-224 Downloads
N. Yu. Zamyatina and A. N. Pilyasov
The Moscow Suburbs: Specifics and Spatial Development of Rural Areas pp. 225-237 Downloads
T. G. Nefedova
Trends in the Development of the New Moscow Sector of the Metropolitan Agglomeration pp. 238-247 Downloads
A. G. Makhrova and P. L. Kirillov
Spatial Dynamics of the Oil and Gas Field Services Sector: Global Trends and Lessons for Russia pp. 248-257 Downloads
Valeriy Kryukov and A. N. Tokarev
Reindustrialization of the Rural Economy in Zabaikalskii Krai: Pitfalls and Possibilities pp. 258-268 Downloads
T. Yu. Bogomolova, O. P. Fadeeva, L. M. Faleychik and K. V. Shvorina
Structural Shifts in the Foreign Trade of Border Regions of Russia and Belarus in the Context of Political and Economic Challenges of the 2010s pp. 269-280 Downloads
K. A. Morachevskaya, A. N. Shavel’ and A. S. Zinovyev
Impact of Climate Change on the Subjective Well-Being of Households in Russia pp. 281-288 Downloads
G. M. Mkrtchyan, I. Yu. Blam, S. Yu. Kovalev and Yu. O. Tsvelodub
Assessment of Landscape Functions of Abandoned Lands to Develop a Scenario for Their Future Use (a Case Study of the Meshchera Lowland) pp. 289-299 Downloads
K. N. Diakonov and T. I. Kharitonova

Volume 8, issue 2, 2018

The Russian Phenomenon of Megalopolis-Type Cities pp. 133-140 Downloads
V. N. Leksin and B. N. Porfiriev
Concentration of the Population and the Economy in the Capitals of Post-Soviet Countries pp. 141-150 Downloads
N. V. Zubarevich
A Big City as an Independent Central Place System, a Case Study of Moscow pp. 151-157 Downloads
P. P. Em
Migration Processes in Cities of the Russian North in the 1990s–2010s pp. 158-168 Downloads
E. A. Denisov
Fertility Rates in Russian Regions: Convergence or Divergence pp. 169-177 Downloads
A. L. Sinitsa
Real and Nominal Numbers of Rural Settlements in Present-Day Russia and Its Regions pp. 178-183 Downloads
A. A. Tkachenko
Siberian Federal District: What Impedes Economic Growth? pp. 184-192 Downloads
V. G. Basareva and N. N. Mikheeva
Evaluation of the Public Efficiency of an Infrastructure Project: a Case Study of the Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean-2 Oil Pipeline pp. 193-203 Downloads
O. I. Gulakova, Yu. S. Ershov, N. M. Ibragimov and T. S. Novikova
Impact of Warming on Discomfort of Vital Activity of Russia’s Population pp. 204-213 Downloads
A. N. Zolotokrylin, V. V. Vinogradova and I. A. Sokolov

Volume 8, issue 1, 2018

Relationship of Housing Construction in the Moscow Urban Agglomeration and Migration to the Metropolitan Area pp. 1-15 Downloads
N. K. Kurichev and E. K. Kuricheva
Demographic and Economic Asymmetry of Urban Development in the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East in 1991–2014 pp. 16-33 Downloads
E. V. Antonov
Fluctuations in the Relative Dynamics of Development of Russia’s Regional Centers in 2003–2013 pp. 34-45 Downloads
B. S. Zhikharevich and O. V. Rusetskaya
Population Dynamics in Towns of Leningrad Oblast: Effects of the Crisis of 2014–2016 pp. 46-57 Downloads
D. V. Zhitin and A. V. Shendrik
Factors of Spatial Mobility in Russia pp. 58-66 Downloads
T. Yu. Cherkashina
Spatial Structure of Passenger Air Services in European Russia pp. 67-83 Downloads
A. S. Neretin
Interrelation of R&D, Knowledge Spillovers, and Dynamics of the Economic Growth of Russian Regions pp. 84-91 Downloads
Maria Kaneva and G. A. Untura
Key Problems in the Development of the Power of Siberia Project pp. 92-100 Downloads
A. E. Kontorovich, L. V. Eder, I. V. Filimonova and S. M. Nikitenko
Peculiarities of Applying the Inclusive Development Concept for Resource Regions pp. 101-109 Downloads
A. Ye. Sevastyanova, A. N. Tokarev and V. V. Shmat
Strategic Planning and Strategic Errors: Russian Realities and Trends pp. 110-120 Downloads
Viacheslav Seliverstov
Transformation of Institutions Governing Traditional Nature Management (a Case Study of the Udege People of the Bikin River Basin) pp. 121-131 Downloads
A. V. Bocharnikova
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