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Volume 59, issue 4, 2018

Upper bounds on the rate of convergence for constant retrial rate queueing model with two servers pp. 1271-1282 Downloads
Yacov Satin, Evsey Morozov, Ruslana Nekrasova, Alexander Zeifman, Ksenia Kiseleva, Anna Sinitcina, Alexander Sipin, Galina Shilova and Irina Gudkova
Block tensor train decomposition for missing data estimation pp. 1283-1305 Downloads
Namgil Lee and Jong-Min Kim
A web-based tool for designing experimental studies to detect hormesis and estimate the threshold dose pp. 1307-1324 Downloads
Víctor Casero-Alonso, Andrey Pepelyshev and Weng K. Wong
Approximations of the boundary crossing probabilities for the maximum of moving weighted sums pp. 1325-1337 Downloads
Jack Noonan and Anatoly Zhigljavsky
Effective coefficients in the electromagnetic logging problem with log-normal distribution, multiscale conductivity and permittivity pp. 1339-1350 Downloads
Olga N. Soboleva, Mikhail I. Epov and Ekaterina P. Kurochkina
Analytic moment and Laplace transform formulae for the quasi-stationary distribution of the Shiryaev diffusion on an interval pp. 1351-1377 Downloads
Aleksey S. Polunchenko and Andrey Pepelyshev
Testing for serial independence in vector autoregressive models pp. 1379-1410 Downloads
Simos G. Meintanis, Joseph Ngatchou-Wandji and James Allison
Simulated variogram-based error inspection of manufactured parts pp. 1411-1423 Downloads
Grazia Vicario and Giovanni Pistone
Excess of locally D-optimal designs for Cobb–Douglas model pp. 1425-1439 Downloads
Yu. D. Grigoriev, V. B. Melas and P. V. Shpilev
Shrinkage for covariance estimation: asymptotics, confidence intervals, bounds and applications in sensor monitoring and finance pp. 1441-1462 Downloads
Ansgar Steland
Analysis of loss systems with overlapping resource requirements pp. 1463-1470 Downloads
Konstantin Samouylov and Yuliya Gaidamaka
Monte Carlo simulation of the joint non-Gaussian periodically correlated time-series of air temperature and relative humidity pp. 1471-1481 Downloads
Nina Kargapolova, Elena Khlebnikova and Vasily Ogorodnikov
Multivariate small sample tests for two-way designs with applications to industrial statistics pp. 1483-1503 Downloads
Rosa Arboretti, Riccardo Ceccato, Livio Corain, Fabrizio Ronchi and Luigi Salmaso
Stochastic models for forward systems of nonlinear parabolic equations pp. 1505-1519 Downloads
Yana Belopolskaya
Stochastic models of atmospheric clouds structure pp. 1521-1532 Downloads
Vasily A. Ogorodnikov, Evgeniya G. Kablukova and Sergei M. Prigarin
On Markovian modelling of arrival processes pp. 1533-1540 Downloads
Gely Basharin, Valeriy Naumov and Konstantin Samouylov
On the evaluation of spatial–angular distributions of polarization characteristics of scattered radiation pp. 1541-1557 Downloads
Natalya Tracheva and Sergey Ukhinov
Nonparametric estimators of probability characteristics using unbiased prior conditions pp. 1559-1575 Downloads
Yury G. Dmitriev and Gennady M. Koshkin
On steady state probabilities of renewable system with Marshal–Olkin failure model pp. 1577-1588 Downloads
V. Rykov
Quantile regression in varying-coefficient models: non-crossing quantile curves and heteroscedasticity pp. 1589-1621 Downloads
Y. Andriyana, I. Gijbels and A. Verhasselt
Minimax test for fuzzy hypotheses pp. 1623-1648 Downloads
Abbas Parchami, S. Mahmoud Taheri, Reinhard Viertl and Mashaallah Mashinchi
A variance bound for unbiased estimation in inverse sampling without replacement pp. 1649-1655 Downloads
Mohammad Mohammadi

Volume 59, issue 3, 2018

Exact test of goodness of fit for binomial distribution pp. 851-860 Downloads
Benchong Li and Liya Fu
A new reliability measure in ranked set sampling pp. 861-891 Downloads
M. Mahdizadeh and Ehsan Zamanzade
Least squares estimator for $$\alpha $$ α -sub-fractional bridges pp. 893-912 Downloads
Nenghui Kuang and Bingquan Liu
Applications of hyperellipsoidal prediction regions pp. 913-931 Downloads
David J. Olive
Control charts for the coefficient of variation pp. 933-955 Downloads
Baocai Guo and Bing Xing Wang
Two step estimations for a single-index varying-coefficient model with longitudinal data pp. 957-983 Downloads
Chaohui Guo, Hu Yang and Jing Lv
A flexible shrinkage operator for fussy grouped variable selection pp. 985-1008 Downloads
Xiaoli Gao
A note on estimating the conditional expectation under censoring and association: strong uniform consistency pp. 1009-1030 Downloads
Nassira Menni and Abdelkader Tatachak
The impact of estimation uncertainty on covariate effects in nonlinear models pp. 1031-1042 Downloads
Ivan Jeliazkov and Angela Vossmeyer
Fourier inference for stochastic volatility models with heavy-tailed innovations pp. 1043-1060 Downloads
Bruno Ebner, Bernhard Klar and Simos G. Meintanis
Chernoff distance for conditionally specified models pp. 1061-1083 Downloads
Amit Ghosh and Chanchal Kundu
Some nonparametric tests of perfect judgment ranking for judgment post stratification pp. 1085-1100 Downloads
Ehsan Zamanzade and Michael Vock
Two competing linear random-effects models and their connections pp. 1101-1115 Downloads
Changli Lu, Yuqin Sun and Yongge Tian
A note on the consistency for the estimators of semiparametric regression model pp. 1117-1130 Downloads
Yi Wu and Xuejun Wang
An integer-valued threshold autoregressive process based on negative binomial thinning pp. 1131-1160 Downloads
Kai Yang, Dehui Wang, Boting Jia and Han Li
Classical and Bayesian estimation of reliability in a multicomponent stress–strength model based on a general class of inverse exponentiated distributions pp. 1161-1192 Downloads
Fatih Kızılaslan
The best linear unbiased estimator in a singular linear regression model pp. 1193-1204 Downloads
Jibo Wu and Chaolin Liu
Towards a better understanding of the dual representation of phi divergences pp. 1205-1253 Downloads
Diaa Al Mohamad
Optimal designs with string property under asymmetric errors and SLS estimation pp. 1255-1268 Downloads
S. Huda and Rahul Mukerjee
Arup Bose (2018): patterned random matrices, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 291 pp. + XXI, Hardcover, $129.95, ISBN: 978-1138591462 pp. 1269-1270 Downloads
Jiang Hu

Volume 59, issue 2, 2018

Partitioning estimation of local variance based on nearest neighbors under censoring pp. 423-447 Downloads
Paola Gloria Ferrario
Complete consistency of estimators for regression models based on extended negatively dependent errors pp. 449-465 Downloads
Wenzhi Yang, Haiyun Xu, Ling Chen and Shuhe Hu
Likelihood and Bayesian estimation of $$P(Y{ pp. 467-485 Downloads
Francesca Condino, Filippo Domma and Giovanni Latorre
Statistical inference for heteroscedastic semi-varying coefficient EV models under restricted condition pp. 487-511 Downloads
Jianhong Shi and Fanrong Zhao
k-Boxplots for mixture data pp. 513-528 Downloads
Najla M. Qarmalah, Jochen Einbeck and Frank P. A. Coolen
Local influence for Liu estimators in semiparametric linear models pp. 529-544 Downloads
Hadi Emami
Distribution under elliptical symmetry of a distance-based multivariate coefficient of variation pp. 545-579 Downloads
S. Aerts, G. Haesbroeck and C. Ruwet
Generalized p value tests for variance components in a class of linear mixed models pp. 581-604 Downloads
Liwen Xu, Hongxia Guo and Shenghua Yu
Prediction of future generalized order statistics based on exponential distribution with random sample size pp. 605-631 Downloads
H. M. Barakat, E. M. Nigm, Magdy E. El-Adll and M. Yusuf
Sparse factor regression via penalized maximum likelihood estimation pp. 633-662 Downloads
Kei Hirose and Miyuki Imada
Sequential monitoring of portfolio betas pp. 663-684 Downloads
Vasyl Golosnoy
Quantile regression and its empirical likelihood with missing response at random pp. 685-707 Downloads
Yu Shen and Han-Ying Liang
The weighted ridge estimator in stochastic restricted linear measurement error models pp. 709-723 Downloads
F. Ghapani, A. R. Rasekh and B. Babadi
Estimation of parameters of Weibull–Gamma distribution based on progressively censored data pp. 725-757 Downloads
Rashad M. EL-Sagheer
Statistical inference based on Lindley record data pp. 759-779 Downloads
A. Asgharzadeh, A. Fallah, M. Z. Raqab and R. Valiollahi
Distribution-free comparisons of residual lifetimes of coherent systems based on copula properties pp. 781-800 Downloads
Jorge Navarro
Incoherent dose-escalation in phase I trials using the escalation with overdose control approach pp. 801-811 Downloads
Graham M. Wheeler
Regression estimation by local polynomial fitting for multivariate data streams pp. 813-843 Downloads
Aboubacar Amiri and Baba Thiam
Lyle D. Broemeling: Bayesian inference for stochastic processes pp. 845-846 Downloads
Miroslav M. Ristić
Thomas Rahlf: Data Visualisation with R pp. 847-848 Downloads
Marc Hüsch
Roger Koenker, Victor Chernozhukov, Huming He and Limin Peng (2017): Handbook of Quantile Regression pp. 849-850 Downloads
David Giles

Volume 59, issue 1, 2018

Distributional expansions on extremes from skew-normal distribution under power normalization pp. 1-20 Downloads
Sha Jiang, Tingting Li and Xin Liao
Estimating the parameters of an inverse Weibull distribution under progressive type-I interval censoring pp. 21-56 Downloads
Sukhdev Singh and Yogesh Mani Tripathi
Characterizations of the geometric distribution via residual lifetime pp. 57-73 Downloads
Nan-Cheng Su and Wan-Ping Hung
SYMARMA: a new dynamic model for temporal data on conditional symmetric distribution pp. 75-97 Downloads
Vinicius Q. S. Maior and Francisco José A. Cysneiros
The local asymptotic estimation for the supremum of a random walk with generalized strong subexponential summands pp. 99-126 Downloads
Yuebao Wang, Hui Xu, Dongya Cheng and Changjun Yu
The selection of the number of terms in an orthogonal series cumulative function estimator pp. 127-152 Downloads
Nora Saadi, Smail Adjabi and Ali Gannoun
Selected statistical methods of data analysis for multivariate functional data pp. 153-182 Downloads
Tomasz Górecki, Mirosław Krzyśko, Łukasz Waszak and Waldemar Wołyński
Estimating moments of a selected Pareto population under asymmetric scale invariant loss function pp. 183-198 Downloads
Riyadh Rustam Al-Mosawi and Shahjahan Khan
On stochastic comparisons for population age and remaining lifetime pp. 199-213 Downloads
Ji Hwan Cha and Maxim Finkelstein
Bias-corrected quantile regression estimation of censored regression models pp. 215-247 Downloads
P. Čížek and S. Sadikoglu
Joint distributions of numbers of runs of specified lengths on directed trees pp. 249-269 Downloads
Kiyoshi Inoue and Sigeo Aki
Linear mixed model with Laplace distribution (LLMM) pp. 271-289 Downloads
Fulya Gokalp Yavuz and Olcay Arslan
Randomized response techniques for a multi-level attribute using a single sensitive question pp. 291-306 Downloads
Shu-Hui Hsieh, Shen-Ming Lee and Su-Hao Tu
Estimation of reliability in a multicomponent stress–strength model based on a bivariate Kumaraswamy distribution pp. 307-340 Downloads
Fatih Kızılaslan and Mustafa Nadar
Multinomial interpoint distances pp. 341-360 Downloads
Reza Modarres
Global sensitivity analysis: a generalized, unbiased and optimal estimator of total-effect variance pp. 361-386 Downloads
Matieyendou Lamboni
Monitoring the ratio of population means of a bivariate normal distribution using CUSUM type control charts pp. 387-413 Downloads
Kim Phuc Tran, Philippe Castagliola and Giovanni Celano
Claus Weihs, Dietmar Jannach, Igor Vatolkin and Günter Rudolph (eds.), Music Data Analysis: Foundations and Applications, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2016, 676 pp., $89.95, ISBN 9781498719568 pp. 415-416 Downloads
Ricardo Maronna
Wayne A. Woodward, Henry L. Gray and Alan C. Elliott (2017): Applied Time Series Analysis with R, Second Edition, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 618 pp., $109.95, ISBN 9781498734226 pp. 417-418 Downloads
Uwe Hassler
Jelke Bethlehem (2017): Understanding Public Opinion Polls, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 286 pp. + xii, $59.95, ISBN: 978-1498769747 pp. 419-420 Downloads
Peter Hackl
Christophe Ley and Thomas Verdebout (2017): Modern Directional Statistics, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 176 pp.+ xiv, $99.95, ISBN: 978-1498706643 pp. 421-422 Downloads
Shuangzhe Liu
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