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Volume 75, issue 7, 2023

Asymmetric Cold War Trade: Romania and the Generalized System of Preferences (1968–1979) pp. 1069-1093 Downloads
Elena Dragomir
Tribal Politics in the Balkans: Elections and Nation-Building in Montenegro pp. 1094-1120 Downloads
Nemanja Batrićević
The European Commission Against Gazprom: The Geo-Economic Conflict Over the Gas Market Regime in Europe pp. 1121-1144 Downloads
Nikita Odintsov
The West in Russian Discourses of Sovereignty During the 2014 Ukraine Crisis: Between ‘Compatriot Protection’ and ‘Non-Interference’ pp. 1145-1169 Downloads
Kalina Zhekova
Rent Distribution Modes in Azerbaijan and Belarus: Implications for the Opposition pp. 1170-1193 Downloads
Leila Alieva and Alexei Pikulik
Skyrise, Smog and Seismic Menace. In the El Dorado of Bishkek's Elite Housing pp. 1194-1221 Downloads
David Leupold
Spatial Revolution. Architecture and Planning in the Early Soviet Union pp. 1222-1223 Downloads
Sofia Borushkina
Imagining the World from Behind the Iron Curtain. Youth and the Global Sixties in Poland pp. 1223-1225 Downloads
Johana Kłusek
The Symbolic State. Minority Recognition, Majority Backlash, and Secession in Multinational Countries pp. 1225-1226 Downloads
Patrizia John
Church Reckoning with Communism in Post-1989 Romania pp. 1226-1228 Downloads
Dragoș Șamșudean
The Sources of Russian Foreign Policy Assertiveness pp. 1228-1229 Downloads
Zerrin Torun
Black Garden Aflame. The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict in the Soviet and Russian Press pp. 1230-1231 Downloads
Vicken Cheterian
Political Opposition in Authoritarianism. Exit, Voice and Loyalty in Kazakhstan pp. 1231-1233 Downloads
Heiko Pleines
Modernity, Development and Decolonization of Knowledge in Central Asia. Kazakhstan as a Foreign Aid Provider pp. 1233-1234 Downloads
Lamine Balde
Hostile Forces. How the Chinese Communist Party Resists International Pressure on Human Rights pp. 1234-1236 Downloads
Christelle Genoud
Memories of Tiananmen. Politics and Processes of Collective Remembering in Hong Kong, 1989–2019 pp. 1236-1238 Downloads
Andrew M. Law
Books Received pp. 1239-1239 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 75, issue 6, 2023

‘We Have Conversations’: The Gangster as Actor and Agent in Russian Foreign Policy pp. 907-924 Downloads
Mark Galeotti
Church and State in a Time of Crisis: The Belarusian Orthodox Church’s Response to the 2020 Elections and Political Protests pp. 925-946 Downloads
Sergei A. Mudrov
Community of Fate? Visegrád Cooperation Viewed from Bratislava and Prague pp. 947-971 Downloads
Pavlína Janebová and Vít Hloušek
Explaining Russia’s Inertia in the Azerbaijan–Armenia Dispute: Reward and Punishment in an Asymmetric Alliance pp. 972-988 Downloads
Cenap Çakmak and M. Cüneyt Özşahin
Reforming Housing and Utilities Services in Russia: Obstacles to Making Residents and Agencies Play by the New Rules pp. 989-1013 Downloads
Jørn Holm-Hansen and Radik Sadykov
Like Cooking Plov with Hoja Nasreddin: Recalculating Financial Transfers to Tajikistan, 1971–1989 pp. 1014-1040 Downloads
Isaac Mckean Scarborough
Whither Family History? The View from Russian/Soviet History pp. 1041-1047 Downloads
Orel Beilinson
The Future of the Soviet Past. The Politics of History in Putin’s Russia pp. 1048-1049 Downloads
Jón Ólafsson
The Political Economy of Eastern Europe 30 Years into the ‘Transition’. New Left Perspectives from the Region pp. 1049-1051 Downloads
Nina Krienke
Fluid Russia. Between the Global and the National in the Post-Soviet Era pp. 1051-1053 Downloads
Maria Chiara Franceschelli
Lakes and Empires in Macedonian History. Contesting the Waters pp. 1053-1054 Downloads
Jonathan Parker
Klimat. Russia in the Age of Climate Change pp. 1054-1055 Downloads
Franco Galdini
Digital Activism in Russia. The Communication Tactics of Political Outsiders pp. 1056-1057 Downloads
Sven Daniel Wolfe
Russia, Chechnya, and the West, 2000–2006 pp. 1057-1059 Downloads
Rick Fawn
Galvanizing Nostalgia? Indigeneity and Sovereignty in Siberia pp. 1059-1060 Downloads
Aleksandr Korobeinikov
Stalin’s Library. A Dictator and His Books pp. 1061-1063 Downloads
William A. Clark
Reenacting the Enemy. Collective Memory Construction in Russian and US Media pp. 1063-1065 Downloads
Tingting Hu
Books Received pp. 1066-1067 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 75, issue 5, 2023

The Queer Life of Lieutenant Petrenko: The KGB and Male Homosexuality in the Ukrainian SSR of the 1960s pp. 721-741 Downloads
Rustam Alexander
The Transversal Political Logic of Populism: Framing the ‘Refugee Crisis’ in Slovenian Parliamentary Debates pp. 742-768 Downloads
Mojca Pajnik and Emanuela Fabijan
‘A Defender of Christendom’? The Inner Logic of Hungary’s Humanitarian Aid Policy pp. 769-795 Downloads
Beata Paragi
Trusting the Untrustworthy: An Exploration of Attitudes Towards the Populist Government in Poland Using Survey Data pp. 796-819 Downloads
Paulina Lenik
Coordinated Voting Against the Autocracy: The Case of the ‘Smart Vote’ Strategy in Russia pp. 820-841 Downloads
Mikhail Turchenko and Grigorii V. Golosov
Strategic Comrades? Russian and Chinese Media Representations of NATO pp. 842-864 Downloads
Lutgard Lams, Hedwig de Smaele, Fien De Coninck, Charlotte Lippens and Lisbeth Smeyers
Voting from Abroad in the Postcommunist World: Elections and Labour Migration in Kyrgyzstan pp. 865-888 Downloads
Eugene Huskey
The Soviet Passport. The History, Nature and Uses of the Internal Passport in the USSR pp. 889-890 Downloads
Lidia Kuzemska
State Laughter. Stalinism, Populism, and Origins of Soviet Culture pp. 890-892 Downloads
Yejun Zou
Dynamics of an Authoritarian System. Hungary, 2010–2021 pp. 892-893 Downloads
Sabrina P. Ramet
White But Not Quite. Central Europe’s Illiberal Revolt pp. 893-895 Downloads
Krzysztof Jaskulowski
Party Politics in Russia and Ukraine. Electoral System Change in Diverging Regimes pp. 895-896 Downloads
Ivan Sumaneev
The Cinema of Soviet Kazakhstan 1925–1991. An Uneasy Legacy pp. 896-898 Downloads
Rico Isaacs
Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Central Asia pp. 898-899 Downloads
Fiona Katherine Smith
The China-led Belt and Road Initiative and its Reflections. The Crisis of Hegemony and Changing Global Orders pp. 900-901 Downloads
Laurids S. Lauridsen
China’s Leaders. From Mao to Now pp. 901-903 Downloads
Zerrin Torun
Made in China. Wuhan, Covid and the Quest for Biotech Supremacy pp. 903-904 Downloads
Kristy Bryant
Books Received pp. 905-906 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 75, issue 4, 2023

Electoral Campaigns in Times of Lockdown: Post-Soviet Experiences pp. 545-563 Downloads
Victoria Leukavets, Andrey Makarychev and Giorgi Beridze
Conflicts and Shifts in the Kremlin’s Political Discourse since the Start of the Putin Presidency (2000–2019) pp. 564-582 Downloads
Martin Mölder and Eiki Berg
China's Normative Power in Central and Eastern Europe: ‘16/17 + 1’ Cooperation as a Tale of Unfulfilled Expectations pp. 583-605 Downloads
Jeremy Garlick and Fangxing Qin
Neoliberalism Ingrained. The Rise and Consolidation of Neoliberalism in Estonia pp. 606-624 Downloads
Robert Mikecz
There Is No Free Lunch: The Cost of Informal Networking for Entrepreneurs in Southeast Europe pp. 625-648 Downloads
Alena Ledeneva and Adnan Efendic
Opportunities Matter: The Evolution of Far-Right Protest in Georgia pp. 649-674 Downloads
Tamta Gelashvili
A Return to Prometheanism: The Space of Opinion on Polish–Russian Relations in Postcommunist Poland pp. 675-699 Downloads
Andrzej Turkowski
Global Easts. Remembering, Imagining, Mobilizing pp. 700-701 Downloads
Nigel Swain
Regional Security Governance in Post-Soviet Eurasia. The History and Effectiveness of the Collective Security Treaty Organization pp. 702-703 Downloads
Ekaterina Muslimova
Meanwhile, In Russia … Russian Internet Memes and Viral Video pp. 703-705 Downloads
Jonathan Z. Ludwig
Conflict Areas in the Caucasus and Central Asia pp. 705-706 Downloads
Patrick Hein
A Taste for Oppression. A Political Ethnography of Everyday Life in Belarus pp. 706-708 Downloads
Anna Shadrina
Post-Soviet Secessionism. Nation-Building and State-Failure after Communism pp. 708-709 Downloads
Ohannes Geukjian
Greece and the New Balkans. Themes and Histories pp. 710-710 Downloads
Sabrina P. Ramet
The Spectre of War. International Communism and the Origins of World War II pp. 711-712 Downloads
Michael Jabara Carley
The Culture of Samizdat. Literature and Underground Networks in the Late Soviet Union pp. 712-714 Downloads
Margarita Pavlova
Black Earth, White Bread. A Technopolitical History of Russian Agriculture and Food pp. 714-716 Downloads
Alexander Vorbrugg
Soviet Nightingales. Care under Communism pp. 716-718 Downloads
Garret J. McDonald
Books Received pp. 719-719 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 75, issue 3, 2023

‘Every Log a Blow to the Enemy!’ Women in the Soviet Wartime Timber Industry, 1941–1945 pp. 373-398 Downloads
Roger D. Markwick
To Comply or Evade? Direct Taxes, Private Entrepreneurship and the Institutionalisation of Informal Practices in Hungary, 1945–1956 pp. 399-421 Downloads
Szinan Radi
Dimensions of Social Cohesion in a Transitional Society: The Case of Ukraine pp. 422-445 Downloads
Aadne Aasland, Olga Filippova and Oleksandra Deineko
Back to ‘Traditional’ Family Values? Trends in Gender Ideologies in Russia, 1994–2012 pp. 446-467 Downloads
Daria Ukhova
The Construction of Masculinity in Dagestani Male Youth Communities pp. 468-490 Downloads
Sviatoslav Poliakov
Tourism, Memory Production and Contested Ethnic Hierarchies in Post-Soviet Almaty pp. 491-508 Downloads
Guzel Yusupova and Alena Pfoser
Beyond the Coffee Cup: The Functions of Cafés in Bishkek pp. 509-524 Downloads
Paulina Simkin and Matthias Schmidt
Comrade Kerensky. The Revolution against the Monarchy and the Formation of the Cult of ‘The Leader of the People’ (March–June 1917) pp. 525-526 Downloads
Samantha Lomb
A Loss. The Story of a Dead Soldier Told by His Sister pp. 526-528 Downloads
George O. Liber
The Shortest History of the Soviet Union pp. 528-529 Downloads
Jonathan Z. Ludwig
Blood of Others. Stalin’s Crimean Atrocity and the Poetics of Solidarity pp. 529-531 Downloads
Filiz Tutku Aydın
A Neglected Right. Prospects for the Protection of the Right to be Elected in Bosnia and Herzegovina pp. 531-532 Downloads
Davide Denti
Central & East European Politics. Changes and Challenges pp. 532-534 Downloads
Philipp Köker
The Scent of Empires. Chanel No. 5 and Red Moscow pp. 534-536 Downloads
Natalia Kovalyova
The Russian Orthodox Community in Hong Kong. Religion, Ethnicity, and Intercultural Relations pp. 536-537 Downloads
Filiz Coban Oran
The Making of Eurasia. Competition and Cooperation Between China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Russia pp. 537-539 Downloads
Oksana Morgunova (Petrunko) and Nurzhan Ismagulov Nurlankeldiuly
The World According to China pp. 539-540 Downloads
Mahmoud Javadi
China Unbound. A New World Disorder pp. 540-541 Downloads
Preksha Shree Chhetri
Books Received pp. 542-543 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 75, issue 2, 2023

Welfare Reforms in Post-Soviet States: Current Issues and Research Highlights pp. 173-185 Downloads
Linda J. Cook and Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova
Deaf Youth in Contemporary Russia: Barriers to Inclusion in Education and the Labour Market pp. 186-207 Downloads
Nikita Bolshakov and Charlie Walker
Communicating the Social Responsibility of Big Business in Russia: Assessing How Large Companies Report Their Engagement in Social Welfare for People with Disabilities pp. 208-231 Downloads
Christian Fröhlich, Viktoria Antonova and Anna Sinelnikova
A Critical Analysis of the Disability Movement in Kyrgyzstan: Trying To Be Heard pp. 232-251 Downloads
Rakhat Orozova, Alfiya Battalova and Nina Bagdasarova
The Fragmented Deinstitutionalisation of Russian Child Welfare pp. 252-270 Downloads
Meri Kulmala, Anna Tarasenko, Maija Jäppinen and Anna Pivovarova
Multicultural Ideology in the Hidden Curriculum of Schoolbooks for Migrant Children pp. 271-289 Downloads
Maria Kozlova and Tatiana Ryabichenko
‘Dignified Ageing’: Entrepreneurs of Long-Term Care Reform in Russia pp. 290-308 Downloads
Aliia Nizamova and Elena Zdravomyslova
Active Ageing and Social Services: The Paradox of Empowerment in Russia pp. 309-329 Downloads
Daria Prisiazhniuk and Arturs Holavins
Healthcare in Russia and Latvia: Revealing Public Attitudes and Institutional Prerequisites pp. 330-348 Downloads
Daria Salnikova
Welfare in Russia and Eurasia in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 349-365 Downloads
Charlie Walker
List of Contributors pp. 366-371 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 75, issue 1, 2023

The End of Adaptive Authoritarianism in Belarus? pp. 1-27 Downloads
Stephen Hall
From Monopsony to Monopoly: Russia’s Opening to China as a Stabilising Factor in the Eurasian Energy Trade pp. 28-46 Downloads
Stylianos A. Sotiriou
All Rise for the Leaders? Leader Characteristics and the Personalisation of Electoral Politics in Central and Eastern European Democracies pp. 47-72 Downloads
Andrei GheorghiȚă and Mircea ComȘa
The Myth of the Great Patriotic War in Kaliningrad Oblast’ pp. 73-87 Downloads
Monika Wójcik-Żołądek
Identity and Trust in Bosnia & Hercegovina: Redrawing Broader Boundaries Through Meaningful Experiences pp. 88-109 Downloads
Geneviève Parent
Economic Growth and the Feminisation of Political Science in Kazakhstan: A Leaky Pipeline? pp. 110-130 Downloads
Adil Rodionov, Zhaxylyk Sabitov, Jason Gainous, Kevin M. Wagner, Amanzhol Bekmagambetov and Kamilya Rodionova
Revisiting the ‘Transcaspian Episode’: British Intervention and Turkmen Statehood, 1918–1919 pp. 131-153 Downloads
Alun Thomas
Ukrainian Dissidents. An Anthology of Texts pp. 154-155 Downloads
Taras Kuzio
Ukraine vs. Darkness. Undiplomatic Thoughts pp. 155-157 Downloads
Louise Amoris
Central Peripheries. Nationhood in Central Asia pp. 157-159 Downloads
V. Vijaya Chamundeswari
Defending the Faith. The Russian Orthodox Church and the Demise of Religious Pluralism pp. 159-160 Downloads
Dragoș Șamșudean
The Dynamics of Russia’s Geopolitics. Remaking the Global Order pp. 161-162 Downloads
Iren Marinova
Russian Energy Chains. The Remaking of Technopolitics from Siberia to Ukraine to the European Union pp. 162-164 Downloads
Andrei Belyi
The Alphabet of Discord. The Ideologization of Writing Systems on the Balkans since the Breakup of Multiethnic Empires pp. 164-165 Downloads
Victoria Clement
Public Policy and Politics in Georgia. Lessons from Post-Soviet Transition pp. 166-167 Downloads
Levan Kakhishvili
Mobilizing in Uncertainty. Collective Identities and War in Abkhazia pp. 167-169 Downloads
Vassily A. Klimentov
China’s Civilian Army. The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy pp. 169-170 Downloads
Falk Hartig
Books Received pp. 171-172 Downloads
The Editors
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