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Volume 7, issue 6, 2009

Shocks, Stocks, and Socks: Smoothing Consumption Over a Temporary Income Loss pp. 1169-1192 Downloads
Martin Browning and Thomas Crossley
Price Dispersion with Directed Search pp. 1193-1224 Downloads
Gabriele Camera and Cemil Selcuk
Unemployment Insurance in Europe: Unemployment Duration and Subsequent Employment Stability pp. 1225-1260 Downloads
Konstantinos Tatsiramos
The Organization of the Innovation Industry: Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, and Oligopolists pp. 1261-1290 Downloads
Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson
Linguistic Diversity and Redistribution pp. 1291-1318 Downloads
Klaus Desmet, Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín and Shlomo Weber
The Private and Fiscal Returns to Schooling in the European Union pp. 1319-1360 Downloads
Angel de La Fuente and Juan F Jimeno
The Impact of Income Shocks on Health: Evidence from Cohort Data pp. 1361-1399 Downloads
Jerome Adda, James Banks and Hans-Martin von Gaudecker
Modeling the Birth and Death of Cartels with an Application to Evaluating Competition Policy pp. 1400-1435 Downloads
Joseph E. Harrington and Myong-Hun Chang
Democratic Mechanisms pp. 1436-1469 Downloads
Hans Gersbach

Volume 7, issue 5, 2009

Youth Unemployment and Crime in France pp. 909-938 Downloads
Denis Fougere, Francis Kramarz and Julien Pouget
Credit, Wages, and Bankruptcy Laws pp. 939-973 Downloads
Bruno Biais and Thomas Mariotti
Does High Cost of Mortgage Debt Explain Why Young Adults Live with Their Parents? pp. 974-1010 Downloads
Nuno Martins and Ernesto Villanueva
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: A "New" Perspective on Protectionism pp. 1011-1041 Downloads
Arnaud Costinot
Can Uncertainty Alleviate the Commons Problem? pp. 1042-1067 Downloads
Yann Bramoullé and Nicolas Treich
Who Is Against a Common Market? pp. 1068-1100 Downloads
Giovanni Facchini and Cecilia Testa
The Role of Context and Team Play in Cross-Game Learning pp. 1101-1139 Downloads
David Cooper and John Kagel
Income and Wealth Concentration in Spain from a Historical and Fiscal Perspective pp. 1140-1167 Downloads
Facundo Alvaredo and Emmanuel Saez

Volume 7, issue 4, 2009

Volatility Accounting: A Production Perspective on Increased Economic Stability pp. 671-696 Downloads
Kevin Stiroh
What Explains The Great Moderation in the U.S.? A Structural Analysis pp. 697-721 Downloads
Fabio Canova
The Time-Series Properties of Aggregate Consumption: Implications for the Costs of Fluctuations pp. 722-753 Downloads
Ricardo Reis
The Effect of Plant Downsizing on Disability Pension Utilization pp. 754-785 Downloads
Mari Rege, Kjetil Telle and Mark Votruba
Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Footloose or Evolving Relationship? pp. 786-830 Downloads
Lucio Sarno and Giorgio Valente
Is Transparency About Central Bank Plans Desirable? pp. 831-857 Downloads
Anne Sibert
New Evidence on the Interest Rate Effects of Budget Deficits and Debt pp. 858-885 Downloads
Thomas Laubach
Deception and Misreporting in a Social Program pp. 886-908 Downloads
Cesar Martinelli and Susan Parker

Volume 7, issue 2-3, 2009

On The Economics and Biology of Trust pp. 235-266 Downloads
Ernst Fehr
Behavioral Welfare Economics pp. 267-319 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim
The Economics and Psychology of Inequality and Human DEvelopment pp. 320-364 Downloads
Flavio Cunha and James Heckman
Behaviorally Optimal Auction Design: Examples and Observations pp. 377-387 Downloads
Vincent Crawford, Tamar Kugler, Zvika Neeman and Ady Pauzner
Studying Learning in Games Using Eye-Tracking pp. 388-398 Downloads
Daniel T. Knoepfle, Joseph Wang and Colin F. Camerer
Consumer Protection and the Incentive to Become Informed pp. 399-410 Downloads
Mark Armstrong, John Vickers and Jidong Zhou
Inattentive Consumers and Product Quality pp. 411-422 Downloads
Mark Armstrong and Yongmin Chen
Futile Attempts at Self-Control pp. 423-434 Downloads
Paul Heidhues and Botond Kőszegi
Getting Prices Right: The Impact of the Market Information Service in Uganda pp. 435-445 Downloads
Jakob Svensson and David Yanagizawa-Drott
The Strategic Determinants of U.S. Human Rights Reporting: Evidence from The Cold War pp. 446-457 Downloads
Nancy Qian and David Yanagizawa-Drott
Television and Divorce: Evidence from Brazilian Novelas pp. 458-468 Downloads
Alberto Chong and Eliana La Ferrara
Can Traditional Theories of Structural Change Fit The Data? pp. 469-477 Downloads
Francisco Buera and Joseph Kaboski
Structural Change in an Interdependent World: A Global View of Manufacturing Decline pp. 478-486 Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
Children, Education, Labor, and Land: In The Long Run and Short Run pp. 487-497 Downloads
Talia Bar and Kaushik Basu
Child Labor and Schooling in A Globalizing World: Some Evidence from Urban India pp. 498-507 Downloads
Eric Edmonds, Nina Pavcnik and Petia Topalova
International Labor Standards and the Political Economy of Child-Labor Regulation pp. 508-518 Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Fabrizio Zilibotti
Economic Satisfaction and Income Rank in Small Neighbourhoods pp. 519-527 Downloads
Andrew Clark, Nicolai Kristensen and Niels Westergård-Nielsen
Imitative Obesity and Relative Utility pp. 528-538 Downloads
David Blanchflower, Andrew Oswald and Bert Van Landeghem
Happiness, Unhappiness, and Suicide: An Empirical Assessment pp. 539-549 Downloads
Mary Daly and Daniel Wilson
Gift Exchange in The Workplace: Money or Attention? pp. 550-560 Downloads
Robert Dur
Contracts, Reference Points, and Competition-Behavioral Effects of The Fundamental Transformation pp. 561-572 Downloads
Ernst Fehr, Oliver Hart and Christian Zehnder
Worker Self-Selection and the Profits from Cooperation pp. 573-582 Downloads
Michael Kosfeld and Ferdinand von Siemens
Active Labor Market Policy Effects in a Dynamic Setting pp. 595-605 Downloads
Bruno Crépon, Marc Ferracci, Gregory Jolivet and Gerard van den Berg
The Effect of Active Labor Market Programs on Not-Yet Treated Unemployed Individuals pp. 606-616 Downloads
Gerard van den Berg, Annette Bergemann and Marco Caliendo
Heritability of Overconfidence pp. 617-627 Downloads
David Cesarini, Magnus Johannesson, Paul Lichtenstein and Björn Wallace
The Allocation of Time in Decision-Making pp. 628-637 Downloads
Christopher F. Chabris, David Laibson, Carrie L. Morris, Jonathon P. Schuldt and Dmitry Taubinsky
Initial Risk Matrix, Home Resources, Ability Development, and Children's Achievement pp. 638-648 Downloads
Dorothea Blomeyer, Katja Coneus, Manfred Laucht and Friedhelm Pfeiffer
Gender Differences in Risk Aversion and Ambiguity Aversion pp. 649-658 Downloads
Lex Borghans, Bart Golsteyn, James Heckman and Huub Meijers
Psychological and Biological Foundations of Time Preference pp. 659-669 Downloads
Michael Daly, Liam Delaney and Colm Harmon

Volume 7, issue 1, 2009

Complementarities and Information: An Introduction pp. 1-10 Downloads
Douglas Gale and Xavier Vives
Policy with Dispersed Information pp. 11-60 Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Alessandro Pavan
Information Acquisition in Interdependent Value Actions pp. 61-89 Downloads
Dirk Bergemann, Xianwen Shi and Juuso Välimäki
Complementarities, Multiplicity, and Supply Information pp. 90-115 Downloads
Jayant Ganguli and Liyan Yang
Information Gathering in Organizations: Equilibrium, Welfare, and Optimal Network Structure pp. 116-161 Downloads
Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Joan de Martí Beltran
Information Sharing in Common Agency: When is Transparency Good? pp. 162-187 Downloads
Norbert Maier and Marco Ottaviani
Competing with Menus of Tariff Options pp. 188-205 Downloads
Eugenio Miravete
Herd Behavior in Financial Markets: An Experiment with Financial Market Professionals pp. 206-233 Downloads
Marco Cipriani and Antonio Guarino
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