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Volume 23, issue 2, 2023

ginteff: A generalized command for computing interaction effects pp. 301-335 Downloads
Marius Radean
Color palettes for Stata graphics: An update pp. 336-385 Downloads
Ben Jann
lgrgtest: Lagrange multiplier test after constrained maximum-likelihood estimation pp. 386-401 Downloads
Harald Tauchmann
posw: A command for the stepwise Neyman-orthogonal estimator pp. 402-417 Downloads
David M. Drukker and Di Liu
A Lagrange multiplier test for the mean stationarity assumption in dynamic panel-data models pp. 418-437 Downloads
Laura Magazzini and Giorgio Calzolari
xtnumfac: A battery of estimators for the number of common factors in time series and panel-data models pp. 438-454 Downloads
Jan Ditzen and Simon Reese
Visualizing uncertainty in a two-dimensional estimate using confidence and comparison regions pp. 455-490 Downloads
Maren Eckert and Werner Vach
Pseudo-observations in a multistate setting pp. 491-517 Downloads
Morten Overgaard, Per Kragh Andersen and Erik Thorlund Parner
Simultaneous tests and confidence bands for Stata estimation commands pp. 518-544 Downloads
David M. Drukker
Reporting empirical results to.docx files pp. 545-577 Downloads
Yuan Xue, Chuntao Li and Haitao Si
Consistent subsets: Computing the Houtman–Maks index in Stata pp. 578-588 Downloads
Marcos Demetry and Per Hjertstrand
Stata tip 152: if and if: When to use the if qualifier and when to use the if command pp. 589-594 Downloads
Nicholas Cox and Clyde B. Schechter
Software updates pp. 595-596

Volume 23, issue 1, 2023

artcat: Sample-size calculation for an ordered categorical outcome pp. 3-23 Downloads
Ian R. White, Ella Marley-Zagar, Tim P. Morris, Mahesh K. B. Parmar, Patrick Royston and Abdel G. Babiker
artbin: Extended sample size for randomized trials with binary outcomes pp. 24-52 Downloads
Ella Marley-Zagar, Ian R. White, Patrick Royston, Friederike M.-S. Barthel, Mahesh K. B. Parmar and Abdel G. Babiker
Finite mixture models for linked survey and administrative data: Estimation and postestimation pp. 53-85 Downloads
Stephen P. Jenkins and Fernando Rios-Avila
robustpf: A command for robust estimation of production functions pp. 86-96 Downloads
Yingyao Hu, Guofang Huang and Yuya Sasaki
Extended biasplot command to assess bias, precision, and agreement in method comparison studies pp. 97-118 Downloads
Patrick Taffé, Mingkai Peng, Vicki Stagg and Tyler Williamson
acreg: Arbitrary correlation regression pp. 119-147 Downloads
Fabrizio Colella, Rafael Lalive, Seyhun Orcan Sakalli and Mathias Thoenig
statacons: An SCons-based build tool for Stata pp. 148-196 Downloads
Raymond Guiteras, Ahnjeong Kim, Brian Quistorff and Clayson Shumway
Two-tier stochastic frontier analysis using Stata pp. 197-220 Downloads
Yujun Lian, Chang Liu and Christopher F. Parmeter
Improved tests for Granger noncausality in panel data pp. 230-242 Downloads
Jiaqi Xiao, Artūras Juodis, Yiannis Karavias, Vasilis Sarafidis and Jan Ditzen
Uniform nonparametric inference for spatially dependent panel data: The xtnpsreg command pp. 243-264 Downloads
Jia Li, Zhipeng Liao and Wenyu Zhou
A note on creating inset plots using graph twoway pp. 265-275 Downloads
Matthew Tibbles and Eric Melse
Stata tip 149: Weighted estimation of fixed-effects and first-differences models pp. 276-280 Downloads
John Gardner
Stata tip 150: When is it appropriate to xtset a panel dataset with panelvar only? pp. 281-292 Downloads
Carlo Lazzaro
Stata tip 151: Puzzling out some logical operators pp. 293-297 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Software updates pp. 298-299

Volume 22, issue 4, 2022

The Stata Journal Editors’ Prize 2022: Christopher F. Baum pp. 727-733 Downloads
Nicholas Cox and Stephen Jenkins
Endogenous models of binary choice outcomes: Copula-based maximum-likelihood estimation and treatment effects pp. 734-771 Downloads
Takuya Hasebe
Machine learning using Stata/Python pp. 772-810 Downloads
Giovanni Cerulli
power swgee: GEE-based power calculations in stepped wedge cluster randomized trials pp. 811-841 Downloads
John A. Gallis, Xueqi Wang, Paul J. Rathouz, John S. Preisser, Fan Li and Elizabeth L. Turner
rcm: A command for the regression control method pp. 842-883 Downloads
Guanpeng Yan and Qiang Chen
qpair: A command for analyzing paired Q-sorts in Q-methodology pp. 884-907 Downloads
Noori Akhtar-Danesh and Stephen C. Wingreen
crtrest: A command for ratio estimators of intervention effects on event rates in cluster randomized trials pp. 908-923 Downloads
Xiangmei Ma and Yin Bun Cheung
Conditional evaluation of predictive models: The cspa command pp. 924-940 Downloads
Jia Li, Zhipeng Liao, Rogier Quaedvlieg and Wenyu Zhou
portfolio: A command for conducting portfolio analysis in Stata pp. 941-957 Downloads
Hongbing Zhu and Lihua Yang
printcase: A command for visualizing single observations pp. 958-968 Downloads
Max D. Weinreb and Jenny Trinitapoli
Estimating the risk of events with stprisk pp. 969-974 Downloads
Matteo Bottai
Speaking Stata: Automating axis labels: Nice numbers and transformed scales pp. 975-995 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Stata tip 147: Porting downloaded packages between machines pp. 996-997 Downloads
Roger Newson
Stata tip 148: Searching for words within strings pp. 998-1003 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Software updates pp. 1004
Cumulative author index, volumes 1-22 Downloads
Christopher Baum

Volume 22, issue 3, 2022

ivcrc: An instrumental-variables estimator for the correlated random-coefficients model pp. 469-495 Downloads
David Benson, Matthew Masten and Alexander Torgovitsky
A Stata implementation of second-generation p-values pp. 496-520 Downloads
Sven-Kristjan Bormann
Computing decomposable multigroup indices of segregation pp. 521-556 Downloads
Daniel Guinea-Martin and Ricardo Mora Villarrubia
A mixture of ordered probit models with endogenous switching between two latent classes pp. 557-596 Downloads
Jochem Huismans, Jan Willem Nijenhuis and Andrei Sirchenko
Bunching estimation of elasticities using Stata pp. 597-624 Downloads
Marinho Bertanha, Andrew McCallum, Alexis Payne and Nathan Seegert
graphiclasso: Graphical lasso for learning sparse inverse-covariance matrices pp. 625-642 Downloads
Aramayis Dallakyan
Panel stochastic frontier models with endogeneity pp. 643-663 Downloads
Mustafa Karakaplan
Panel unit-root tests with structural breaks pp. 664-678 Downloads
Pengyu Chen, Yiannis Karavias and Elias Tzavalis
Flexible parametric survival analysis with multiple timescales: Estimation and implementation using stmt pp. 679-701 Downloads
Hannah Bower, Therese M.-L. Andersson, Michael J. Crowther and Paul C. Lambert
The inverse hyperbolic sine transformation and retransformed marginal effects pp. 702-712 Downloads
Edward Norton
xtusreg: Software for dynamic panel regression under irregular time spacing pp. 713-724 Downloads
Yuya Sasaki and Yi Xin
Software updates pp. 725

Volume 22, issue 2, 2022

Peter Anthony Lachenbruch (1937–2021) pp. 241-242 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
uirt: A command for unidimensional IRT modeling pp. 243-268 Downloads
Bartosz Kondratek
kpsstest: A command that implements the Kwiatkowski, Phillips, Schmidt, and Shin test with sample-specific critical values and reports p-values pp. 269-292 Downloads
Ali Kagalwala
Fitting spatial autoregressive logit and probit models using Stata: The spatbinary command pp. 293-318 Downloads
Daniele Spinelli
Testing axioms of revealed preference in Stata pp. 319-343 Downloads
Marcos Demetry, Per Hjertstrand and Matthew Polisson
Average treatment effect estimates robust to the “limited overlap” problem: robustate pp. 344-354 Downloads
Yuya Sasaki and Takuya Ura
Testing for time-varying Granger causality pp. 355-378 Downloads
Christopher Baum, Stan Hurn, Kenneth Lindsay and Jesus Otero
Smoothed instrumental variables quantile regression pp. 379-403 Downloads
David Kaplan
Estimating the complier average causal effect via a latent class approach using gsem pp. 404-415 Downloads
Patricio Troncoso and Ana Morales-Gómez
Interactively building table reports with basetable pp. 416-429 Downloads
Niels Henrik Bruun
Binned scatterplots with marginal histograms: binscatterhist pp. 430-445 Downloads
Matteo Pinna
Speaking Stata: The largest five-—A tale of tail values pp. 446-459 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Stata tip 146: Using margins after a Poisson regression model to estimate the number of events prevented by an intervention pp. 460-464 Downloads
Milena Falcaro, Roger Newson and Peter Sasieni
Erratum: Speaking Stata 145: Numbering weeks within months pp. 465-466 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Software updates pp. 467

Volume 22, issue 1, 2022

Simulating time-to-event data from parametric distributions, custom distributions, competing-risks models, and general multistate models pp. 3-24 Downloads
Michael J. Crowther
A toolbox for measuring heterogeneity and efficiency using zonotopes pp. 25-59 Downloads
Marco Cococcioni, Marco Grazzi, Le Li and Federico Ponchio
Interpreting logit models pp. 60-76 Downloads
Luca J. Uberti
Computing the fragility index for randomized trials and meta-analyses using Stata pp. 77-88 Downloads
Ariel Linden
Travel distance and travel time using Stata: New features and major improvements in georoute pp. 89-102 Downloads
Sylvain Weber, Martin Péclat and August Warren
Measuring technical efficiency and total factor productivity change with undesirable outputs in Stata pp. 103-124 Downloads
Daoping Wang, Kerui Du and Ning Zhang
Binary contrasts for unordered polytomous regressors pp. 125-133 Downloads
Jeremy Freese and Sasha Johfre
Effect sizes for contrasts of estimated marginal effects pp. 134-157 Downloads
Brian P. Shaw
Analyzing coarsened categorical data with or without probabilistic information pp. 158-194 Downloads
Werner Vach, Cornelia Alder and Jorge Rivera
Fitting mixture models for feeling and uncertainty for rating data analysis pp. 195-223 Downloads
Giovanni Cerulli, Rosaria Simone, Francesca Di Iorio, Domenico Piccolo and Christopher Baum
Stata tip 145: Numbering weeks within months pp. 224-230 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Erratum: A comprehensive set of postestimation measures to enrich interrupted time-series analysis pp. 231-233 Downloads
Ariel Linden
Erratum: Unit-root tests for explosive behavior pp. 234-237 Downloads
Christopher Baum and Jesus Otero
Software updates pp. 238-241
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