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2014 - 2018

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Volume 5, issue 1, 2018

The Impact of Removing Tax Preferences for US Oil and Natural Gas Production: Measuring Tax Subsidies by an Equivalent Price Impact Approach pp. 1 - 37 Downloads
Gilbert E. Metcalf
When Externalities Are Taxed: The Effects and Incidence of Pennsylvania’s Impact Fee on Shale Gas Wells pp. 107 - 153 Downloads
Katie Jo Black, Shawn J. McCoy and Jeremy Weber
Trade and the Risk of Renewable-Resource Collapse pp. 155 - 206 Downloads
Johan Gars and Daniel Spiro
Information Provision, Market Incentives, and Household Electricity Consumption: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Deployment pp. 207 - 231 Downloads
Steve Martin and Nicholas Rivers
Development in a Dual Economy: The Importance of Resource-Use Regulation pp. 233 - 263 Downloads
Frederik Noack, Marie-Catherine Riekhof and Martin Quaas
Water Storage Capacity versus Water Use Efficiency: Substitutes or Complements? pp. 265 - 299 Downloads
Yang Xie and David Zilberman
Location, Location, Location: The Variable Value of Renewable Energy and Demand-Side Efficiency Resources pp. 39 - 75 Downloads
Duncan S. Callaway, Meredith Fowlie and Gavin McCormick
Temperature and Human Capital in the Short and Long Run pp. 77 - 105 Downloads
Joshua Graff Zivin, Solomon M. Hsiang and Matthew Neidell

Volume 4, issue S1, 2017

Risk Preferences and Compliance in Recreational Fisheries pp. S1 - S35 Downloads
Jorge Holzer and Kenneth McConnell
Should We Give Up after Solyndra? Optimal Technology R&D Portfolios under Uncertainty pp. S123 - S151 Downloads
Mort Webster, Karen Fisher-Vanden, David Popp and Nidhi Santen
Overlapping Environmental Policies and the Impact on Pollution pp. S153 - S199 Downloads
Kevin Novan
Energy Efficiency and Emissions Intensity Standards pp. S201 - S226 Downloads
Harrison Fell, Daniel Kaffine and Daniel Steinberg
Thresholds, Perverse Incentives, and Preemptive Conservation of Endangered Species pp. S227 - S259 Downloads
Christian Langpap and JunJie Wu
Do Nonprofits Encourage Environmental Compliance? pp. S261 - S288 Downloads
Laura Grant and Katherine K. Grooms
Defaults in Green Electricity Markets: Preference Match Not Guaranteed pp. S37 - S84 Downloads
Claus Ghesla
Private Net Benefits of Residential Solar PV: The Role of Electricity Tariffs, Tax Incentives, and Rebates pp. S85 - S122 Downloads
Severin Borenstein

Volume 4, issue 4, 2017

The Social Costs of Environmental Goods Provision: A Cautionary Guide to the Revealed-Preference Approach pp. 1025 - 1052 Downloads
Cloé Garnache and Pierre R. Mérel
Some Like It (Less) Hot: Extracting Trade-Off Measures for Physically Coupled Amenities pp. 1053 - 1079 Downloads
H. Allen Klaiber, Joshua K. Abbott and V. Kerry Smith
The Pass-Through of RIN Prices to Wholesale and Retail Fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard pp. 1081 - 1119 Downloads
Christopher R. Knittel, Ben S. Meiselman and James H. Stock
Optimal Management of Ecosystem Services with Pollution Traps: The Lake Model Revisited pp. 1121 - 1154 Downloads
Dieter Grass, Anastasios Xepapadeas and Aart de Zeeuw
The Dynamic Relationship between Temperature and Morbidity pp. 1155 - 1198 Downloads
Corey White
Quota Markets and Technological Change pp. 1199 - 1228 Downloads
Giulia Lechthaler-Felber and Frank C. Krysiak
Environmental and Technology Policy Options in the Electricity Sector: Are We Deploying Too Many? pp. 959 - 984 Downloads
Carolyn Fischer, Louis Preonas and Richard G. Newell
Responding to a Groundwater Crisis: The Effects of Self-Imposed Economic Incentives pp. 985 - 1023 Downloads
Steven M. Smith, Krister Andersson, Kelsey C. Cody, Michael Cox and Darren Ficklin

Volume 4, issue 3, 2017

Fuel Prices, New Vehicle Fuel Economy, and Implications for Attribute-Based Standards pp. 659 - 700 Downloads
Benjamin Leard, Joshua Linn and Virginia McConnell
Carbon Dating: When Is It Beneficial to Link ETSs? pp. 701 - 730 Downloads
Baran Doda and Luca Taschini
Ethanol-Blended Gasoline Policy and Ozone Pollution in Sao Paulo pp. 731 - 794 Downloads
Alberto Salvo and Yi Wang
Heterogeneous Local Spillovers from Protected Areas in Costa Rica pp. 795 - 820 Downloads
Juan Robalino, Alexander Pfaff and Laura Villalobos
Traffic Congestion, Ambient Air Pollution, and Health: Evidence from Driving Restrictions in Beijing pp. 821 - 856 Downloads
Nan Zhong, Jing Cao and Yuzhu Wang
Rethinking Trade Exposure: The Incidence of Environmental Charges in the Nitrogenous Fertilizer Industry pp. 857 - 894 Downloads
James Bushnell and Jacob Humber
An Alternative Base Case for Modeling Trade and the Global Environment pp. 895 - 925 Downloads
James Markusen
Trade Liberalization, Transboundary Pollution, and Market Size pp. 927 - 957 Downloads
Rikard Forslid, Toshihiro Okubo and Mark Sanctuary
Introduction pp. iii - iii Downloads
Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Don Fullerton, Sheila M. Olmstead and Christopher Timmins

Volume 4, issue 2, 2017

Contemporary Guidance for Stated Preference Studies pp. 319 - 405 Downloads
Robert Johnston, Kevin Boyle, Wiktor Adamowicz, Jeffrey Bennett, Roy Brouwer, Trudy Cameron, W. Michael Hanemann, Nick Hanley, Mandy Ryan, Riccardo Scarpa, Roger Tourangeau and Christian Vossler
Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the “Rights to Fish”: The Effects of Catch Shares on Fishermen’s Days at Sea pp. 407 - 445 Downloads
Lily Hsueh
Energy Production and Health Externalities: Evidence from Oil Refinery Strikes in France pp. 447 - 477 Downloads
Emmanuelle Lavaine and Matthew Neidell
The Dollars and Sense of Ballot Propositions: Estimating Willingness to Pay for Public Goods Using Aggregate Voting Data pp. 479 - 503 Downloads
Jesse Burkhardt and Nathan Chan
Gray Matters: Fetal Pollution Exposure and Human Capital Formation pp. 505 - 542 Downloads
Prashant Bharadwaj, Matthew Gibson, Joshua Graff Zivin and Christopher Neilson
Hypothetical Bias Mitigation Techniques in Choice Experiments: Do Cheap Talk and Honesty Priming Effects Fade with Repeated Choices? pp. 543 - 573 Downloads
Gregory Howard, Brian Roe, Erik C. Nisbet and Jay F. Martin
The Effect of Leaded Aviation Gasoline on Blood Lead in Children pp. 575 - 610 Downloads
Sammy Zahran, Terrence Iverson, Shawn P. McElmurry and Stephan Weiler
Probabilistic Stabilization Targets pp. 611 - 657 Downloads
Luke G. Fitzpatrick and David Kelly

Volume 4, issue 1, 2017

Resource Cursed or Policy Cursed? US Regulation of Conflict Minerals and Violence in the Congo pp. 1 - 49 Downloads
Dominic Parker and Bryan Vadheim
Longer-Run Evidence on Whether Building Energy Codes Reduce Residential Energy Consumption pp. 135 - 153 Downloads
Matthew J. Kotchen
Decomposing US Water Withdrawal since 1950 pp. 155 - 196 Downloads
Peter Debaere and Amanda Kurzendoerfer
The Value of Brownfield Remediation pp. 197 - 241 Downloads
Kevin Haninger, Lala Ma and Christopher Timmins
Public Policy and the Private Provision of Public Goods under Heterogeneous Preferences pp. 243 - 280 Downloads
Mark Jacobsen, Jacob LaRiviere and Michael Price
Panel Data Designs and Estimators as Substitutes for Randomized Controlled Trials in the Evaluation of Public Programs pp. 281 - 317 Downloads
Paul J. Ferraro and Juan Jose Miranda
Can Green Car Taxes Restore Efficiency? Evidence from the Japanese New Car Market pp. 51 - 87 Downloads
Yoshifumi Konishi and Meng Zhao
The Market for Electric Vehicles: Indirect Network Effects and Policy Design pp. 89 - 133 Downloads
Shanjun Li, Lang Tong, Jianwei Xing and Yiyi Zhou

Volume 3, issue 4, 2016

Bioeconomics of Managed Relocation pp. 1023 - 1059 Downloads
David M. Kling, James Sanchirico and James E. Wilen
Unconventional Shale Gas Development, Risk Perceptions, and Averting Behavior: Evidence from Bottled Water Purchases pp. 779 - 817 Downloads
Douglas H. Wrenn, Henry Klaiber and Edward C. Jaenicke
Can Electricity Pricing Save India’s Groundwater? Field Evidence from a Novel Policy Mechanism in Gujarat pp. 819 - 855 Downloads
Ram Fishman, Upmanu Lall, Vijay Modi and Nikunj Parekh
Pass-Through of CO2 Emission Costs to Hourly Electricity Prices in Germany pp. 857 - 891 Downloads
Beat Hintermann
Climate Policies with Private Information: The Case for Unilateral Action pp. 893 - 916 Downloads
Carsten Helm and Franz Wirl
Climate Policy and Innovation in the Absence of Commitment pp. 917 - 955 Downloads
Ashokankur Datta and E. Somanathan
Destructive Intergenerational Altruism pp. 957 - 984 Downloads
Geir Asheim and Frikk Nesje
Opposing Irreversibilities and Tipping Point Uncertainty pp. 985 - 1022 Downloads
Charles Sims and David Finnoff

Volume 3, issue 3, 2016

Do Social Norms Matter to Energy-Saving Behavior? Endogenous Social and Correlated Effects pp. 525 - 553 Downloads
Toshi Arimura, Hajime Katayama and Mari Sakudo
Risk and Adaptation: Evidence from Global Hurricane Damages and Fatalities pp. 555 - 587 Downloads
Laura A. Bakkensen and Robert Mendelsohn
Does Better Information Lead to Better Choices? Evidence from Energy-Efficiency Labels pp. 589 - 625 Downloads
Lucas Davis and Gilbert Metcalf
The Clean Air Act Watch List: An Enforcement and Compliance Natural Experiment pp. 627 - 665 Downloads
Mary Evans
Air Pollution and Procyclical Mortality pp. 667 - 706 Downloads
Garth Heutel and Christopher Ruhm
Does Federal Crop Insurance Make Environmental Externalities from Agriculture Worse? pp. 707 - 742 Downloads
Jeremy Weber, Nigel Key and Erik O’Donoghue
Measuring Welfare Losses from Urban Water Supply Disruptions pp. 743 - 778 Downloads
Steven Buck, Maximilian Auffhammer, Stephen Hamilton and David Sunding

Volume 3, issue 2, 2016

Intergenerational Games with Dynamic Externalities and Climate Change Experiments pp. 247 - 281 Downloads
Katerina Sherstyuk, Nori Tarui, Majah-Leah Ravago and Tatsuyoshi Saijo
Credit Constraints, Technology Upgrading, and the Environment pp. 283 - 319 Downloads
Dana Andersen
Disgust, Shame, and Soapy Water: Tests of Novel Interventions to Promote Safe Water and Hygiene pp. 321 - 359 Downloads
Raymond Guiteras, David Levine, Stephen P. Luby, Thomas H. Polley, Kaniz Khatun-e-Jannat and Leanne Unicomb
Incidence, Environmental, and Welfare Effects of Distortionary Subsidies pp. 361 - 415 Downloads
Garth Heutel and David Kelly
Environmental Migration and Labor Markets in Nepal pp. 417 - 452 Downloads
Jean-François Maystadt, Valerie Mueller and Ashwini Sebastian
What Lies Beneath? Aquifer Heterogeneity and the Economics of Groundwater Management pp. 453 - 491 Downloads
Eric Edwards
Intergenerational Inequality Aversion, Growth, and the Role of Damages: Occam's Rule for the Global Carbon Tax pp. 493 - 522 Downloads
Armon Rezai and Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg

Volume 3, issue 1, 2016

Common Property Resources and New Entrants: Uncovering the Bias and Effects of New Users pp. 1 - 36 Downloads
Steven Smith
Understanding the Decline in the Price of Oil since June 2014 pp. 131 - 158 Downloads
Christiane Baumeister and Lutz Kilian
The Impact of Team Inspections on Enforcement and Deterrence pp. 159 - 204 Downloads
Lucija Muehlenbachs, Stefan Staubli and Mark Cohen
Climate Amenities, Climate Change, and American Quality of Life pp. 205 - 246 Downloads
David Albouy, Walter Graf, Ryan Kellogg and Hendrik Wolff
Do Environmental Messages Work on the Poor? Experimental Evidence from Brazilian Favelas pp. 37 - 83 Downloads
Chantal Toledo
Spaces for Agreement: A Theory of Time-Stochastic Dominance and an Application to Climate Change pp. 85 - 130 Downloads
Simon Dietz and Nicoleta Matei
AERE Outstanding Dissertation Award Winner Downloads
Daniel Phaneuf
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