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2014 - 2024

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Volume 11, issue 4, 2024

A Unifying Algebra of Green Consumption Technologies pp. 797 - 825 Downloads
Nathan W. Chan
Burden Sharing and Self-Enforcing Climate Agreements pp. 827 - 852 Downloads
Shuichi Ohori and Katsunori Ohta
International Climate Agreements under the Threat of Solar Geoengineering pp. 853 - 886 Downloads
David M. McEvoy, Matthew McGinty, Todd Cherry and Stephan Kroll
Positive Rainfall Shocks, Overoptimism, and Agricultural Inefficiency in China pp. 887 - 919 Downloads
Kaixing Huang, Jingyuan Guo and Da Zhao
Air Pollution, Cognitive Performance, and the Role of Task Proficiency pp. 921 - 958 Downloads
Benjamin Krebs and Simon Luechinger
Spatial Microsimulation of Carbon Tax Incidence: An Application to Washington State pp. 959 - 997 Downloads
Nathan W. Chan and Susan Stratton Sayre
When Do Environmental Externalities Have Electoral Consequences? Evidence from Fracking pp. 999 - 1029 Downloads
Judson Boomhower
Revealed Preferences from Voluntary Contributions pp. 1031 - 1063 Downloads
Zhenshan Chen and Stephen K. Swallow

Volume 11, issue 3, 2024

Local Adaptation and Unintended Coastal Vulnerability: The Effect of Beach Nourishment on Residential Development in North Carolina pp. 523 - 548 Downloads
Xiaoyu Li, Sathya Gopalakrishnan and H. Allen Klaiber
Do Financial Markets Respond to Green Opportunities? pp. 549 - 576 Downloads
Tobias Kruse, Myra Mohnen and Misato Sato
The Welfare Costs of Job Loss and Decarbonization: Evidence from Germany’s Coal Phaseout pp. 577 - 611 Downloads
Luke Haywood, Markus Janser and Nicolas Koch
Spillovers to Manufacturing Plants from Multimillion Dollar Plantations: Evidence from the Indonesian Palm Oil Boom pp. 613 - 656 Downloads
Sebastian Kraus, Robert Heilmayr and Nicolas Koch
The Fertility Consequences of Air Pollution in China pp. 657 - 688 Downloads
Xuwen Gao, Ran Song and Christopher Timmins
Property Rights to the World’s (Linear) Ocean Fisheries in Customary International Law pp. 689 - 718 Downloads
Scott Barrett
Public Pressure and the Heterogeneous Effects of Voluntary Pollution Abatement pp. 719 - 754 Downloads
Ruohao Zhang and Neha Khanna
Counterfactual Modeling of Multispecies Fisheries Outcomes under Market-Based Regulation pp. 755 - 796 Downloads
Anna Birkenbach, Min-Yang Lee and Martin D. Smith

Volume 11, issue 2, 2024

The Economic Cost of Groundwater Depletion in the High Plains Aquifer pp. 253 - 285 Downloads
Gabriela Perez-Quesada, Nathan Hendricks and David R. Steward
Does the National Flood Insurance Program Drive Migration to Higher Risk Areas? pp. 287 - 318 Downloads
Abigail Peralta and Jonathan B. Scott
Quantifying Heterogeneity in the Price Elasticity of Residential Natural Gas pp. 319 - 357 Downloads
Edward Rubin and Maximilian Auffhammer
California’s Cap-and-Trade Program and Emission Leakage in the Western Interconnection: Comparing Econometric and Partial Equilibrium Model Estimates pp. 359 - 402 Downloads
Chiara Lo Prete, Ashish Tyagi and Qingyu Xu
Environmental Recovery after the Dust Bowl: Implications of Land Policies in the Great Plains pp. 403 - 449 Downloads
Aparna Howlader
Confounding Adaptation in Perennial Climate Damages: A Unified Statistical Approach for Brazilian Coffee pp. 451 - 486 Downloads
James A. Rising
Hazardous Waste and Home Values: An Analysis of Treatment and Disposal Sites in the United States pp. 487 - 521 Downloads
Dennis Guignet and Christoph Nolte

Volume 11, issue 1, 2024

Unemployment, Labor Mobility, and Climate Policy pp. 1 - 40 Downloads
Kenneth Castellanos and Garth Heutel
The Effect of Income on Vehicle Demand: Evidence from China’s New Vehicle Market pp. 41 - 73 Downloads
Joshua Linn and Chang Shen
Temperature and Low-Stakes Cognitive Performance pp. 75 - 96 Downloads
Xin Zhang, Xi Chen and Xiaobo Zhang
Pigouvian Policies under Behavioral Motives pp. 97 - 135 Downloads
Nathan Chan
California’s GHG Cap-and-Trade Program and the Equity of Air Toxic Releases pp. 137 - 170 Downloads
Glenn Sheriff
Input Efficiency as a Solution to Externalities and Resource Scarcity: A Randomized Controlled Trial pp. 171 - 211 Downloads
Francisco Alpizar, María Bernedo Del Carpio and Paul Ferraro
Climate Finance Intermediation: Interest Spread Effects in a Climate Policy Model pp. 213 - 251 Downloads
Kai Lessmann and Matthias Kalkuhl

Volume 10, issue 6, 2023

Adaptation Infrastructure and Its Effects on Property Values in the Face of Climate Risk pp. 1405 - 1438 Downloads
David Kelly and Renato Molina
The Price of Indoor Air Pollution: Evidence from Risk Maps and the Housing Market pp. 1439 - 1473 Downloads
Edward Pinchbeck, Sefi Roth, Nikodem Szumilo and Enrico Vanino
Water in Scarcity, Women in Peril pp. 1475 - 1513 Downloads
Sheetal Sekhri and Md Amzad Hossain
Impact of Climate Change on Crop Pests and Diseases: Ensemble Modeling of Time-Varying Weather Effects pp. 1515 - 1543 Downloads
Kentaro Kawasaki
Paper Water, Wet Water, and the Recognition of Indigenous Property Rights pp. 1545 - 1579 Downloads
Leslie Sanchez, Bryan Leonard and Eric C. Edwards
Monitoring Technologies, Environmental Performance, and Health Outcomes: Evidence from China pp. 1581 - 1622 Downloads
Zhilin Hu, Haoyang Li, Liguo Lin, Wei Sun and Maigeng Zhou
The Hidden Cost of Bananas: The Effects of Pesticides on Newborns’ Health pp. 1623 - 1663 Downloads
Joan Calzada, Meritxell Gisbert and Bernard Moscoso
Endogenous Risk and Habitat Loss from Climate Change: An Application to Seal Management after the November Rain pp. 1665 - 1688 Downloads
Richard D. Horan, Charles Sims and David Finnoff

Volume 10, issue 5, 2023

Governing Climate Geoengineering: Side Payments Are Not Enough pp. 1149 - 1177 Downloads
Riccardo Ghidoni, Anna Lou Abatayo, Valentina Bosetti, Marco Casari and Massimo Tavoni
One-to-Many Matching with Complementary Preferences: An Empirical Study of Market Concentration in Natural Gas Leasing pp. 1179 - 1229 Downloads
Ashley Vissing
RCTs against the Machine: Can Machine Learning Prediction Methods Recover Experimental Treatment Effects? pp. 1231 - 1264 Downloads
Brian Prest, Casey Wichman and Karen Palmer
Clean Air and Cognitive Productivity: Effect and Adaptation pp. 1265 - 1308 Downloads
Nikolai Cook, Anthony Heyes and Nicholas Rivers
Does Environmental Regulation Matter for Income Inequality? New Evidence from Chinese Communities pp. 1309 - 1334 Downloads
Bihong Huang and Ying Yao
Remotely Incorrect? Accounting for Nonclassical Measurement Error in Satellite Data on Deforestation pp. 1335 - 1367 Downloads
Jennifer Alix-García and Daniel L. Millimet
Economic Policy and Technology Choice of Heterogeneous Producers pp. 1369 - 1404 Downloads
Michael Hübler and Gregor Schwerhoff

Volume 10, issue 4, 2023

The Ambiguity of Fishing for Fun pp. 865 - 901 Downloads
Jorge Holzer and Kenneth McConnell
Can Pigou at the Polls Stop Us Melting the Poles? pp. 903 - 945 Downloads
Soren Anderson, Ioana Marinescu and Boris Shor
Compliance and Truthfulness: Leveraging Peer Information with Competitive Audit Mechanisms pp. 947 - 979 Downloads
Timo Goeschl, Andreas Oestreich and Alice Solda
Investment versus Output Subsidies: Implications of Alternative Incentives for Wind Energy pp. 981 - 1018 Downloads
Joseph E. Aldy, Todd Gerarden and Richard L. Sweeney
Are Electric Cars and Solar Panels Complements? pp. 1019 - 1057 Downloads
Xueying Lyu
Intensity-Based Rebating of Emission Pricing Revenues pp. 1059 - 1089 Downloads
Christoph Böhringer, Carolyn Fischer and Nicholas Rivers
Climate Policy and Resource Extraction with Variable Markups and Imperfect Substitutes pp. 1091 - 1120 Downloads
Malik Curuk and Suphi Sen
Does the Selective Erasure of Protected Areas Raise Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon? pp. 1121 - 1147 Downloads
Derya Keles, Alexander Pfaff and Michael B. Mascia

Volume 10, issue 3, 2023

Climate Change Impact on Economic Growth: Regional Climate Policy under Cooperation and Noncooperation pp. 569 - 605 Downloads
Yongyang Cai, William Brock and Anastasios Xepapadeas
The Costs and Environmental Justice Concerns of NIMBY in Solid Waste Disposal pp. 607 - 654 Downloads
Phuong Ho
How Does Mandatory Energy Efficiency Disclosure Affect Housing Prices? pp. 655 - 686 Downloads
Alecia Cassidy
Using Targeting to Optimize Program Design: Evidence from an Energy Conservation Experiment pp. 687 - 716 Downloads
Todd Gerarden and Muxi Yang
Who Values Future Energy Savings? Evidence from American Drivers pp. 717 - 751 Downloads
Arik Levinson and Lutz Sager
Climate-Related Natural Disasters and Voting Behavior: Evidence from Environmental Legislation in the US Senate pp. 753 - 786 Downloads
Robert Elliott, Viet Nguyen-Tien, Eric A. Strobl and Thomas Tveit
Does Information Disclosure Reduce Drinking Water Violations in the United States? pp. 787 - 818 Downloads
Jonathan Baker, Lori Bennear and Sheila Olmstead
Substituting Clean for Dirty Energy: A Bottom-Up Analysis pp. 819 - 863 Downloads
Fabian Stöckl and Alexander Zerrahn

Volume 10, issue 2, 2023

Investment Incentives in Tradable Emissions Markets with Price Floors pp. 283 - 314 Downloads
Timothy Cason, John K. Stranlund and Frans de Vries
Open Space in US Urban Areas: Where Might There Be Too Much or Too Little of a Good Thing? pp. 315 - 352 Downloads
JunJie Wu, Jialing Yu and Walid Oueslati
Management of Timber and Nontimber Forest Products: Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment in Benin, West Africa pp. 353 - 387 Downloads
Lauriane S. Yehouenou, Stephen N. Morgan and Kelly A. Grogan
Do Payments for Environmental Services Affect Forest Access and Social Preferences in the Long Run? Experimental Evidence from Uganda pp. 389 - 412 Downloads
Tobias Vorlaufer, Joost de Laat and Stefanie Engel
Revisiting the Gap between the Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept for Public Goods pp. 413 - 445 Downloads
Christian Vossler, Stéphane Bergeron, Maurice Doyon and Daniel Rondeau
Air Quality Impacts of Shale Gas Development in Pennsylvania pp. 447 - 486 Downloads
Ruohao Zhang, Huan Li, Neha Khanna, Alan J. Krupnick, Elaine Hill and Daniel M. Sullivan
Distributional Benefits of Rooftop Solar Capacity pp. 487 - 523 Downloads
Travis E. Dauwalter and Robert Harris
Weathering an Unexpected Financial Shock: The Role of Federal Disaster Assistance on Household Finance and Business Survival pp. 525 - 567 Downloads
Justin Gallagher, Daniel Hartley and Shawn Rohlin

Volume 10, issue 1, 2023

Environmental Regulation and Product Attributes: The Case of European Passenger Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards pp. 1 - 32 Downloads
Yujie Lin and Joshua Linn
Participation and Duration of Environmental Agreements: Investment Lags Matter pp. 33 - 53 Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Gilbert Kollenbach
Does Energy Star Certification Reduce Energy Use in Commercial Buildings? pp. 55 - 93 Downloads
Becka Brolinson, Karen Palmer and Margaret Walls
Success, Failure, and Information: How Households Respond to Energy Conservation Goals pp. 95 - 120 Downloads
Alastair Fraser
“Stepping Down the Ladder”: The Impacts of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Removal in a Developing Country pp. 121 - 158 Downloads
Hannes Greve and Jann Lay
Clean Water and Infant Health: Evidence from Piped Water Provision in China pp. 159 - 193 Downloads
Maoyong Fan and Guojun He
(Mis)allocation of Renewable Energy Sources pp. 195 - 229 Downloads
Stefan Lamp and Mario Samano
Full-Information Selection Bias Correction for Discrete Choice Models with Observation-Conditional Regressors pp. 231 - 261 Downloads
Y. Allen Chen, Alan C. Haynie and Christopher M. Anderson
Correcting Estimates of Electric Vehicle Emissions Abatement: Implications for Climate Policy pp. 263 - 282 Downloads
Erich J. Muehlegger and David Rapson
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