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Volume 63, issue 2, 2019

The Disclosure Dilemma: Nuclear Intelligence and International Organizations pp. 269-285 Downloads
Allison Carnegie and Austin Carson
Skill Specificity and Attitudes toward Immigration pp. 286-304 Downloads
Sergi Pardos‐Prado and Carla Xena
The Effectiveness of a Racialized Counterstrategy pp. 305-322 Downloads
Antoine J. Banks and Heather M. Hicks
Urbanization Patterns, Information Diffusion, and Female Voting in Rural Paraguay pp. 323-341 Downloads
Alberto Chong, Gianmarco León‐Ciliotta, Vivian Roza, Martín Valdivia and Gabriela Vega
Preventing Prevention pp. 342-352 Downloads
Sean Gailmard and John W. Patty
How Government Reactions to Violence Worsen Social Welfare: Evidence from Peru pp. 353-367 Downloads
Renard Sexton, Rachel L. Wellhausen and Michael G. Findley
Of Two Minds, But One Heart: A Good “Gut” Feeling Moderates the Effect of Ambivalence on Attitude Formation and Turnout pp. 368-384 Downloads
Eric Groenendyk
Norms versus Action: Why Voters Fail to Sanction Malfeasance in Brazil pp. 385-400 Downloads
Taylor C. Boas, F. Daniel Hidalgo and Marcus André Melo
Responsiveness without Representation: Evidence from Minimum Wage Laws in U.S. States pp. 401-410 Downloads
Gabor Simonovits, Andrew M. Guess and Jonathan Nagler
Violence, Nonviolence, and the Effects of International Human Rights Law pp. 411-426 Downloads
Yonatan Lupu and Geoffrey P. R. Wallace
Strategic Spending: Does Politics Influence Election Administration Expenditure? pp. 427-438 Downloads
Zachary Mohr, JoEllen V. Pope, Martha E. Kropf and Mary Jo Shepherd
Exemplary Lives and the Normative Theory of Culture pp. 439-451 Downloads
Jeffrey Church
Do Social Rights Affect Social Outcomes? pp. 452-466 Downloads
Christian Bjørnskov and Jacob Mchangama
When Should We Use Unit Fixed Effects Regression Models for Causal Inference with Longitudinal Data? pp. 467-490 Downloads
Kosuke Imai and In Song Kim
Measuring and Explaining Political Sophistication through Textual Complexity pp. 491-508 Downloads
Kenneth Benoit, Kevin Munger and Arthur Spirling

Volume 63, issue 1, 2019

Racial or Spatial Voting? The Effects of Candidate Ethnicity and Ethnic Group Endorsements in Local Elections pp. 5-20 Downloads
Cheryl Boudreau, Christopher S. Elmendorf and Scott A. MacKenzie
Public‐Sector Unions and the Size of Government pp. 21-36 Downloads
Agustina Paglayan
Compulsory Voting and Parties’ Vote‐Seeking Strategies pp. 37-52 Downloads
Shane P. Singh
Hawks, Doves, and Peace: An Experimental Approach pp. 53-66 Downloads
Michaela Mattes and Jessica L. P. Weeks
The Anti‐Democrat Diploma: How High School Education Decreases Support for the Democratic Party pp. 67-83 Downloads
John Marshall
Power Sharing: Institutions, Behavior, and Peace pp. 84-100 Downloads
Nils‐Christian Bormann, Lars‐Erik Cederman, Scott Gates, Benjamin A. T. Graham, Simon Hug, Kaare W. Strøm and Julian Wucherpfennig
The Distinctive Value of Elections and the Case for Compulsory Voting pp. 101-112 Downloads
Emilee Booth Chapman
All Male Panels? Representation and Democratic Legitimacy pp. 113-129 Downloads
Amanda Clayton, Diana Z. O'Brien and Jennifer M. Piscopo
Retrenchment as a Screening Mechanism: Power Shifts, Strategic Withdrawal, and Credible Signals pp. 130-145 Downloads
Brandon K. Yoder
Building Cooperation among Groups in Conflict: An Experiment on Intersectarian Cooperation in Lebanon pp. 146-162 Downloads
Han Il Chang and Leonid Peisakhin
Cue‐Taking in Congress: Interest Group Signals from Dear Colleague Letters pp. 163-180 Downloads
Janet M. Box‐Steffensmeier, Dino P. Christenson and Alison W. Craig
Priorities for Preventive Action: Explaining Americans’ Divergent Reactions to 100 Public Risks pp. 181-196 Downloads
Jeffrey A. Friedman
Territorial Representation and the Opinion–Policy Linkage: Evidence from the European Union pp. 197-211 Downloads
Christopher Wratil
Predispositions and the Political Behavior of American Economic Elites: Evidence from Technology Entrepreneurs pp. 212-233 Downloads
David E. Broockman, Gregory Ferenstein and Neil Malhotra
No Harm in Checking: Using Factual Manipulation Checks to Assess Attentiveness in Experiments pp. 234-249 Downloads
John V. Kane and Jason Barabas
Lost in Aggregation: Improving Event Analysis with Report‐Level Data pp. 250-264 Downloads
Scott J. Cook and Nils B. Weidmann

Volume 62, issue 4, 2018

Prejudice, Strategic Discrimination, and the Electoral Connection: Evidence from a Pair of Field Experiments in Brazil pp. 781-795 Downloads
Amanda Driscoll, Gabriel Cepaluni, Feliciano de Sá Guimarães and Paolo Spada
Targeting Ordinary Voters or Political Elites? Why Pork Is Distributed Along Partisan Lines in India pp. 796-812 Downloads
Anjali Thomas Bohlken
The Two Income‐Participation Gaps pp. 813-829 Downloads
Christopher Ojeda
Inferring Roll‐Call Scores from Campaign Contributions Using Supervised Machine Learning pp. 830-848 Downloads
Adam Bonica
When Toleration Becomes a Vice: Naming Aristotle's Third Unnamed Virtue pp. 849-860 Downloads
Richard Avramenko and Michael Promisel
Coalitional Instability and the Three‐Fifths Compromise pp. 861-872 Downloads
Gordon Ballingrud and Keith L. Dougherty
Narcissism and Political Orientations pp. 873-888 Downloads
Peter K. Hatemi and Zoltán Fazekas
Remittances and Protest in Dictatorships pp. 889-904 Downloads
Abel Escribà‐Folch, Covadonga Meseguer and Joseph Wright
Cooperative Autocracies: Leader Survival, Creditworthiness, and Bilateral Investment Treaties pp. 905-921 Downloads
Eric Arias, James R. Hollyer and B. Peter Rosendorff
The Persistent Effect of U.S. Civil Rights Protests on Political Attitudes pp. 922-935 Downloads
Soumyajit Mazumder
The Trade Origins of Economic Nationalism: Import Competition and Voting Behavior in Western Europe pp. 936-953 Downloads
Italo Colantone and Piero Stanig
Economic Foundations of the Territorial State System pp. 954-966 Downloads
Avidit Acharya and Alexander Lee
Ethnic Parties, Ethnic Tensions? Results of an Original Election Panel Study pp. 967-981 Downloads
Anaïd Flesken
Making Bureaucracy Work: Patronage Networks, Performance Incentives, and Economic Development in China pp. 982-999 Downloads
Junyan Jiang
An Equivalence Approach to Balance and Placebo Tests pp. 1000-1013 Downloads
Erin Hartman and F. Daniel Hidalgo
Erratum to “Cardinals or Clerics: Congressional Committees and the Distribution of Pork” American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 60, No. 3, July 2016, Pp. 692–708 pp. 1014-1016 Downloads
Christopher R. Berry and Anthony Fowler

Volume 62, issue 3, 2018

International Constraints and Electoral Decisions: Does the Room to Maneuver Attenuate Economic Voting? pp. 519-534 Downloads
Spyros Kosmidis
Electoral Effects of Biased Media: Russian Television in Ukraine pp. 535-550 Downloads
Leonid Peisakhin and Arturas Rozenas
Putting Politics First: The Impact of Politics on American Religious and Secular Orientations pp. 551-565 Downloads
David E. Campbell, Geoffrey C. Layman, John C. Green and Nathanael G. Sumaktoyo
Audience Costs and the Dynamics of War and Peace pp. 566-580 Downloads
Casey Crisman‐Cox and Michael Gibilisco
Born Weak, Growing Strong: Anti‐Government Protests as a Signal of Rebel Strength in the Context of Civil Wars pp. 581-596 Downloads
Bahar Leventoğlu and Nils W. Metternich
Encouraging Political Voices of Underrepresented Citizens through Coproduction: Evidence from a Randomized Field Trial pp. 597-609 Downloads
Morten Hjortskov, Simon Calmar Andersen and Morten Jakobsen
When Common Identities Decrease Trust: An Experimental Study of Partisan Women pp. 610-622 Downloads
Samara Klar
Legislative Capacity and Credit Risk pp. 623-636 Downloads
David Fortunato and Ian R. Turner
Election Timing, Electorate Composition, and Policy Outcomes: Evidence from School Districts pp. 637-651 Downloads
Vladimir Kogan, Stéphane Lavertu and Zachary Peskowitz
Is There More Violence in the Middle? pp. 652-667 Downloads
Zachary M. Jones and Yonatan Lupu
Credible Commitment in Covert Affairs pp. 668-681 Downloads
William Spaniel and Michael Poznansky
Enough and as Good: A Formal Model of Lockean First Appropriation pp. 682-694 Downloads
Brian Kogelmann and Benjamin G. Ogden
Does Compliance Pay? Social Standards and Firm‐Level Trade pp. 695-711 Downloads
Greg Distelhorst and Richard M. Locke
Chains of Love? Global Production and the Firm‐Level Diffusion of Labor Standards pp. 712-728 Downloads
Edmund J. Malesky and Layna Mosley
Tree‐Based Models for Political Science Data pp. 729-744 Downloads
Jacob M. Montgomery and Santiago Olivella
Analyzing Computational Models pp. 745-759 Downloads
David A. Siegel
How Conditioning on Posttreatment Variables Can Ruin Your Experiment and What to Do about It pp. 760-775 Downloads
Jacob M. Montgomery, Brendan Nyhan and Michelle Torres

Volume 62, issue 2, 2018

Gender, Political Knowledge, and Descriptive Representation: The Impact of Long‐Term Socialization pp. 249-265 Downloads
Ruth Dassonneville and Ian McAllister
Disgust, Anxiety, and Political Learning in the Face of Threat pp. 266-279 Downloads
Scott Clifford and Jennifer Jerit
Issue Voting as a Constrained Choice Problem pp. 280-295 Downloads
Mert Moral and Andrei Zhirnov
The Who, When, and Where of Executive Nominations: Integrating Agency Independence and Appointee Ideology pp. 296-311 Downloads
Gary E. Hollibaugh and Lawrence S. Rothenberg
Bankrolling Repression? Modeling Third‐Party Influence on Protests and Repression pp. 312-324 Downloads
Olga V. Chyzh and Elena Labzina
Leader Influence and Reputation Formation in World Politics pp. 325-339 Downloads
Jonathan Renshon, Allan Dafoe and Paul Huth
Making Austerity Popular: The Media and Mass Attitudes toward Fiscal Policy pp. 340-354 Downloads
Lucy Barnes and Timothy Hicks
Defending the Realm: The Appointment of Female Defense Ministers Worldwide pp. 355-368 Downloads
Tiffany D. Barnes and Diana Z. O'Brien
Prominent Role Models: High‐Profile Female Politicians and the Emergence of Women as Candidates for Public Office pp. 369-381 Downloads
Christina Ladam, Jeffrey J. Harden and Jason H. Windett
The Popularity Costs of Economic Crisis under Electoral Authoritarianism: Evidence from Russia pp. 382-397 Downloads
Bryn Rosenfeld
Political Stability in the Open Society pp. 398-409 Downloads
John Thrasher and Kevin Vallier
Economic Voting in Latin America: Rules and Responsibility pp. 410-423 Downloads
Melody E. Valdini and Michael S. Lewis‐Beck
The Public Cost of Unilateral Action pp. 424-440 Downloads
Andrew Reeves and Jon C. Rogowski
Sectarian Framing in the Syrian Civil War pp. 441-455 Downloads
Daniel Corstange and Erin A. York
Partisan Elites as Culprits? How Party Cues Shape Partisan Perceptual Gaps pp. 456-469 Downloads
Martin Bisgaard and Rune Slothuus
The Conditional Nature of Political Risk: How Home Institutions Influence the Location of Foreign Direct Investment pp. 470-485 Downloads
Quintin H. Beazer and Daniel J. Blake
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Leaders, Exile, and the Dilemmas of International Justice pp. 486-498 Downloads
Daniel Krcmaric
Tell Me Who Is Your Leader, and I Will Tell You Who You Are: Foreign Leaders’ Perceived Personality and Public Attitudes toward Their Countries and Citizenry pp. 499-514 Downloads
Meital Balmas

Volume 62, issue 1, 2018

The Economic Consequences of Partisanship in a Polarized Era pp. 5-18 Downloads
Christopher McConnell, Yotam Margalit, Neil Malhotra and Matthew Levendusky
Elite Influence? Religion and the Electoral Success of the Nazis pp. 19-36 Downloads
Jörg Spenkuch and Philipp Tillmann
Learning about Voter Rationality pp. 37-54 Downloads
Scott Ashworth, Ethan Bueno de Mesquita and Amanda Friedenberg
How the Public Defines Terrorism pp. 55-71 Downloads
Connor Huff and Joshua D. Kertzer
Injustice Abroad, Authority at Home? Democracy, Systemic Effects, and Global Wrongs pp. 72-83 Downloads
Shmuel Nili
Disloyal Brokers and Weak Parties pp. 84-98 Downloads
Lucas M. Novaes
No Need to Watch: How the Effects of Partisan Media Can Spread via Interpersonal Discussions pp. 99-112 Downloads
James N. Druckman, Matthew S. Levendusky and Audrey McLain
Making Washington Work: Legislative Entrepreneurship and the Personal Vote from the Gilded Age to the Great Depression pp. 113-131 Downloads
Charles J. Finocchiaro and Scott A. MacKenzie
How Do Interest Groups Seek Access to Committees? pp. 132-147 Downloads
Alexander Fouirnaies and Andrew B. Hall
The Election Monitor's Curse pp. 148-160 Downloads
Zhaotian Luo and Arturas Rozenas
Reconsidering the Role of Politics in Leaving Religion: The Importance of Affiliation pp. 161-175 Downloads
Paul A. Djupe, Jacob R. Neiheisel and Anand E. Sokhey
When Are Agenda Setters Valuable? pp. 176-191 Downloads
Alexander Fouirnaies
Paths of Recruitment: Rational Social Prospecting in Petition Canvassing pp. 192-209 Downloads
Clayton Nall, Benjamin Schneer and Daniel Carpenter
Regression Discontinuity Designs Based on Population Thresholds: Pitfalls and Solutions pp. 210-229 Downloads
Andrew C. Eggers, Ronny Freier, Veronica Grembi and Tommaso Nannicini
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too? Cointegration and Dynamic Inference from Autoregressive Distributed Lag Models pp. 230-244 Downloads
Andrew Q. Philips
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