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Volume 65, issue 1, 2021

Does Affirmative Action Worsen Bureaucratic Performance? Evidence from the Indian Administrative Service pp. 5-20 Downloads
Rikhil Bhavnani and Alexander Lee
Policy Diffusion: The Issue‐Definition Stage pp. 21-35 Downloads
Fabrizio Gilardi, Charles R. Shipan and Bruno Wüest
Pleasing the Principal: U.S. Influence in World Bank Policymaking pp. 36-51 Downloads
Richard Clark and Lindsay R. Dolan
The Real Winner's Curse pp. 52-68 Downloads
Leopoldo Fergusson, Pablo Querubin, Nelson A. Ruiz and Juan Vargas
Supply Chain Linkages and the Extended Carbon Coalition pp. 69-87 Downloads
Jared Cory, Michael Lerner and Iain Osgood
Helping Friends or Influencing Foes: Electoral and Policy Effects of Campaign Finance Contributions pp. 88-100 Downloads
Keith E. Schnakenberg and Ian R. Turner
Elite Interactions and Voters’ Perceptions of Parties’ Policy Positions pp. 101-114 Downloads
James Adams, Simon Weschle and Christopher Wlezien
Trade and Political Fragmentation on the Silk Roads: The Economic Effects of Historical Exchange between China and the Muslim East pp. 115-132 Downloads
Lisa Blaydes and Christopher Paik
Partisan Gaps in Political Information and Information‐Seeking Behavior: Motivated Reasoning or Cheerleading? pp. 133-147 Downloads
Erik Peterson and Shanto Iyengar
Misgovernance and Human Rights: The Case of Illegal Detention without Intent pp. 148-165 Downloads
Tara Slough and Christopher Fariss
Risk and Trouble: Adam Smith on Profit and the Protagonists of Capitalism pp. 166-179 Downloads
Roni Hirsch
What Motivates Reasoning? A Theory of Goal‐Dependent Political Evaluation pp. 180-196 Downloads
Eric Groenendyk and Yanna Krupnikov
Political Scandal: A Theory pp. 197-209 Downloads
Wioletta Dziuda and William G. Howell
Fault Lines: The Effects of Bureaucratic Power on Electoral Accountability pp. 210-224 Downloads
Lucy Martin and Pia J. Raffler
Labor Unions and White Racial Politics pp. 225-240 Downloads
Paul Frymer and Jacob M. Grumbach
State Visits and Leader Survival pp. 241-256 Downloads
Matt Malis and Alastair Smith

Volume 64, issue 4, 2020

Effectiveness of Connected Legislators pp. 739-756 Downloads
Marco Battaglini, Valerio Leone Sciabolazza and Eleonora Patacchini
Do Gender Quotas Hurt Less Privileged Groups? Evidence from India pp. 757-772 Downloads
Varun Karekurve‐Ramachandra and Alexander Lee
Winning Hearts and Minds in Civil Wars: Governance, Leadership Change, and Support for Violent Groups in Iraq pp. 773-790 Downloads
Christoph Mikulaschek, Saurabh Pant and Beza Tesfaye
Why Underachievers Dominate Secret Police Organizations: Evidence from Autocratic Argentina pp. 791-806 Downloads
Adam Scharpf and Christian Gläßel
Electoral Institutions and Electoral Cycles in Investment Incentives: A Field Experiment on Over 3,000 U.S. Municipalities* pp. 807-822 Downloads
Nathan M. Jensen, Michael G. Findley and Daniel L. Nielson
Equity and Political Economy in Thomas Hobbes pp. 823-835 Downloads
Lee Ward
When Do Campaign Effects Persist for Years? Evidence from a Natural Experiment pp. 836-851 Downloads
Kai Jäger
Policy Inventing and Borrowing among State Legislatures pp. 852-868 Downloads
Srinivas C. Parinandi
Victorian Voting: The Origins of Party Orientation and Class Alignment pp. 869-886 Downloads
Torun Dewan, Jaakko Meriläinen and Janne Tukiainen
Adjusting for Confounding with Text Matching pp. 887-903 Downloads
Margaret E. Roberts, Brandon M. Stewart and Richard A. Nielsen
The Political Consequences of External Economic Shocks: Evidence from Poland pp. 904-920 Downloads
John Ahlquist, Mark Copelovitch and Stefanie Walter
Does Public Opinion Affect Political Speech? pp. 921-937 Downloads
Anselm Hager and Hanno Hilbig
Persuasive Lobbying with Allied Legislators pp. 938-951 Downloads
Emiel Awad
How Weakly Institutionalized Parties Monitor Brokers in Developing Democracies: Evidence from Postconflict Liberia pp. 952-967 Downloads
Jeremy Bowles, Horacio Larreguy and Shelley Liu
The Dynamic American Dream pp. 968-981 Downloads
Jennifer Wolak and David A. M. Peterson
If They Endorse It, I Can't Trust It: How Outgroup Leader Endorsements Undercut Public Support for Civil War Peace Settlements pp. 982-1000 Downloads
Nicholas Haas and Prabin B. Khadka
Literacy and State–Society Interactions in Nineteenth‐Century France pp. 1001-1016 Downloads
Nan Zhang and Melissa M. Lee
I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends: Leveraging Campaign Resources to Maximize Congressional Power pp. 1017-1033 Downloads
Janet M. Box‐Steffensmeier, Benjamin W. Campbell, Andrew W. Podob and Seth J. Walker
Observed without Sympathy: Adam Smith on Inequality and Spectatorship pp. 1034-1046 Downloads
Kristen R. Collins
Erratum: “The Economic Consequences of Partisanship in a Polarized Era” pp. 1047-1049 Downloads
Christopher McConnell, Yotam Margalit, Neil Malhotra and Matthew Levendusky

Volume 64, issue 3, 2020

Can Terrorism Abroad Influence Migration Attitudes at Home? pp. 437-451 Downloads
Tobias Böhmelt, Vincenzo Bove and Enzo Nussio
Party Sub‐Brands and American Party Factions pp. 452-470 Downloads
Andrew J. Clarke
Cultivating Clients: Reputation, Responsiveness, and Ethnic Indifference in India's Slums pp. 471-487 Downloads
Adam Michael Auerbach and Tariq Thachil
Repression Technology: Internet Accessibility and State Violence pp. 488-503 Downloads
Anita R. Gohdes
Happiness and Voting: Evidence from Four Decades of Elections in Europe pp. 504-518 Downloads
George Ward
A Choice‐Based Measure of Issue Importance in the Electorate pp. 519-535 Downloads
Chris Hanretty, Benjamin E. Lauderdale and Nick Vivyan
It Takes a Village: Peer Effects and Externalities in Technology Adoption pp. 536-553 Downloads
Romain Ferrali, Guy Grossman, Melina R. Platas and Jonathan Rodden
Political Conflict over Time pp. 554-568 Downloads
William Howell, Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
The Policy Basis of Measured Partisan Animosity in the United States pp. 569-586 Downloads
Lilla V. Orr and Gregory A. Huber
Donors, Primary Elections, and Polarization in the United States pp. 587-602 Downloads
Jordan Kujala
Universal Love or One True Religion? Experimental Evidence of the Ambivalent Effect of Religious Ideas on Altruism and Discrimination pp. 603-620 Downloads
Lisa Hoffmann, Matthias Basedau, Simone Gobien and Sebastian Prediger
A Public Ethics of Care for Policy Implementation pp. 621-633 Downloads
Daniel Engster
Policymaking with Multiple Agencies pp. 634-648 Downloads
Peter Bils
Moderation and Competence: How a Party's Ideological Position Shapes Its Valence Reputation pp. 649-663 Downloads
Robert Johns and Ann‐Kristin Kölln
Bureaucratic Responsiveness to LGBT Americans pp. 664-681 Downloads
Kenneth Lowande and Andrew Proctor
Sometimes Less Is More: Censorship, News Falsification, and Disapproval in 1989 East Germany pp. 682-698 Downloads
Christian Gläßel and Katrin Paula
Identity as Dependent Variable: How Americans Shift Their Identities to Align with Their Politics pp. 699-716 Downloads
Patrick J. Egan
At‐Large Elections and Minority Representation in Local Government pp. 717-733 Downloads
Carolyn Abott and Asya Magazinnik

Volume 64, issue 2, 2020

Unprincipled Principals: Co‐opted Bureaucrats and Corruption in Ghana pp. 209-222 Downloads
Sarah Brierley
When Do Displaced Persons Return? Postwar Migration among Christians in Mount Lebanon pp. 223-239 Downloads
Kara Ross Camarena and Nils Hägerdal
Online Tallies and the Context of Politics: How Online Tallies Make Dominant Candidates Appear Competent in Contexts of Conflict pp. 240-255 Downloads
Lasse Laustsen and Michael Bang Petersen
Land Reform and Civil Conflict: Theory and Evidence from Peru pp. 256-274 Downloads
Michael Albertus
Beyond the Unit Root Question: Uncertainty and Inference pp. 275-292 Downloads
Clayton Webb, Suzanna Linn and Matthew J. Lebo
For Safety or Profit? How Science Serves the Strategic Interests of Private Actors pp. 293-308 Downloads
Rebecca L. Perlman
Flexibility or Stability? Analyzing Proposals to Reform the Separation of Powers pp. 309-324 Downloads
Gleason Judd and Lawrence S. Rothenberg
Coalition Government, Legislative Institutions, and Public Policy in Parliamentary Democracies pp. 325-340 Downloads
Lanny W. Martin and Georg Vanberg
The Mobilizing Effect of Parties' Moral Rhetoric pp. 341-355 Downloads
Jae‐Hee Jung
Crashing the Party? Elites, Outsiders, and Elections pp. 356-370 Downloads
Peter Buisseret and Richard Van Weelden
Ideological Competition and Conflict in the Judicial Hierarchy pp. 371-384 Downloads
Joshua A. Strayhorn
Democracy's Pin Factory: Issue Specialization, the Division of Cognitive Labor, and Epistemic Performance pp. 385-397 Downloads
Kevin J. Elliott
Strategic Candidate Entry and Congressional Elections in the Era of Fox News pp. 398-415 Downloads
Kevin Arceneaux, Johanna Dunaway, Martin Johnson and Ryan J. Vander Wielen
When Do Leaders Free‐Ride? Business Experience and Contributions to Collective Defense pp. 416-431 Downloads
Matthew Fuhrmann

Volume 64, issue 1, 2020

More Effective Than We Thought: Accounting for Legislative Hitchhikers Reveals a More Inclusive and Productive Lawmaking Process pp. 5-18 Downloads
Andreu Casas, Matthew J. Denny and John Wilkerson
The Moderating Effect of Debates on Political Attitudes pp. 19-37 Downloads
Sarah Brierley, Eric Kramon and George Kwaku Ofosu
Offsetting Uncertainty: Reassurance with Two‐Sided Incomplete Information pp. 38-51 Downloads
Kyle Haynes and Brandon K. Yoder
Women's Authority in Patriarchal Social Movements: The Case of Female Salafi Preachers pp. 52-66 Downloads
Richard A. Nielsen
The Declining Value of Revolving‐Door Lobbyists: Evidence from the American States pp. 67-81 Downloads
James M. Strickland
The Well‐Ordered Society under Crisis: A Formal Analysis of Public Reason vs. Convergence Discourse pp. 82-101 Downloads
Hun Chung
Measuring Trade Profile with Granular Product‐Level Data pp. 102-117 Downloads
In Song Kim, Steven Liao and Kosuke Imai
Does Public Support Help Democracy Survive? pp. 118-134 Downloads
Christopher Claassen
The Incidental Pundit: Who Talks Politics with Whom, and Why? pp. 135-151 Downloads
William Minozzi, Hyunjin Song, David M. J. Lazer, Michael A. Neblo and Katherine Ognyanova
The Political Importance of Financial Performance pp. 152-168 Downloads
Amy Pond and Christina Zafeiridou
Does the @realDonaldTrump Really Matter to Financial Markets? pp. 169-190 Downloads
Allyson L. Benton and Andrew Q. Philips
Cosmopolitan Patriotism as a Civic Ideal pp. 191-203 Downloads
Lior Erez and Cécile Laborde
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