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Volume 86, issue 2, 2019

Editor's Report pp. 367-370 Downloads
Charles Courtemanche
The Dozen Things Experimental Economists Should Do (More of) pp. 371-432 Downloads
Eszter Czibor, David Jimenez‐Gomez and John List
Hierarchy Leadership and Social Distance in Charitable Giving pp. 433-458 Downloads
Jipeng Zhang and Huan Xie
Does Generation Matter to Entrepreneurship? Four Generations of Entrepreneurs pp. 459-477 Downloads
Ting Zhang and Zoltan Acs
An Honest Day's Pay: Cooperation among Entrepreneurs vs. Students, and Linkages to Real‐World Business Success pp. 478-502 Downloads
Mongoljin Batsaikhan and Louis Putterman
Assessing the Efficacy of Consumer Boycotts of U.S. Target Firms: A Shareholder Wealth Analysis pp. 503-529 Downloads
Kasaundra M. Tomlin
Identification of Job Lock and Inefficient Labor Market Mobility pp. 530-547 Downloads
Tim Bersak
How Do Local Labor Markets and Human Capital Affect Employment Outcomes after Job Loss? pp. 548-572 Downloads
Ken Ueda
Cross‐Country Evidence on Labor Market Institutions and Young Adult Employment through the Financial Crisis pp. 573-612 Downloads
Jeffrey Clemens
The Effects of Differential Income Replacement and Mortality on U.S. Social Security Redistribution pp. 613-637 Downloads
Li Tan and Cory Koedel
Appeals to Social Norms and Taxpayer Compliance pp. 638-666 Downloads
James Alm, William D. Schulze, Carrie von Bose and Jubo Yan
The Law of 1/n Revisited: Distributive Politics, Legislature Size, and the Costs of Collective Action pp. 667-690 Downloads
George R. Crowley
Global Innovative R&D Offshoring with Heterogeneous Labor: The Role of IPR‐Protection on Technology Transfer and the Brain Drain Effect pp. 691-725 Downloads
Zachary Cohle
The Impact of Self‐Perceived Relative Income on Life Satisfaction: Evidence from British Panel Data pp. 726-745 Downloads
Han Yu
Surviving the Famine Unscathed? An Analysis of the Long‐Term Health Effects of the Great Chinese Famine pp. 746-772 Downloads
Wenli Cheng and Hui Shi
So Many Hospitals, So Little Information: How Hospital Value‐Based Purchasing Is a Game of Chance pp. 773-799 Downloads
Andrew Friedson, William Horrace and Allison F. Marier
Heading for the Hills? Effects of Community Flood Management on Local Adaptation to Flood Risks pp. 800-822 Downloads
Douglas S. Noonan and Xian Liu
Overlapping Marathons: What Happens to Female Pace When Men Catch Up? pp. 823-838 Downloads
Erica G. Birk, Logan M. Lee and Glen R. Waddell

Volume 86, issue 1, 2019

My Last Editor's Report pp. 3-4 Downloads
Laura Razzolini
Laura Razzolini and the Modernization of the Southern Economic Journal pp. 5-6 Downloads
Jonathan Hamilton
Editor's Report pp. 7-8 Downloads
Charles Courtemanche
Food Access, Program Participation, and Health: Research Using FoodAPS pp. 9-17 Downloads
Marianne Bitler and Christian Gregory
SNAP and Paycheck Cycles pp. 18-48 Downloads
Timothy K. M. Beatty, Marianne Bitler, Xinzhe Huang Cheng and Cynthia van der Werf
Does School Lunch Fill the “SNAP Gap” at the End of the Month? pp. 49-82 Downloads
Agustina Laurito and Amy Schwartz
WIC Participation and Relative Quality of Household Food Purchases: Evidence from FoodAPS pp. 83-105 Downloads
Di Fang, Michael R. Thomsen, Rodolfo Nayga and Aaron M. Novotny
The Contribution of the School Environment to the Overall Food Environment Experienced by Children pp. 106-123 Downloads
David Frisvold and Joseph Price
Investigating Treatment Effects of Participating Jointly in SNAP and WIC when the Treatment Is Validated Only for SNAP pp. 124-155 Downloads
Helen H. Jensen, Brent Kreider and Oleksandr Zhylyevskyy
The Effect of SNAP and School Food Programs on Food Security, Diet Quality, and Food Spending: Sensitivity to Program Reporting Error pp. 156-201 Downloads
Kyung Min Kang and Robert Moffitt
Estimating the Associations between SNAP and Food Insecurity, Obesity, and Food Purchases with Imperfect Administrative Measures of Participation pp. 202-228 Downloads
Charles Courtemanche, Augustine Denteh and Rusty Tchernis
Misreporting of Government Transfers: How Important Are Survey Design and Geography? pp. 230-253 Downloads
Bruce D. Meyer and Nikolas Mittag
Higher Wages, Less Gym Time? The Effects of Minimum Wages on Time Use pp. 253-270 Downloads
Otto Lenhart
Perverse Incentives? Labor Market Regulation and Performance in the Public Sector pp. 271-285 Downloads
Alberto Chong and Angelo Cozzubo
Terror per Capita pp. 286-304 Downloads
Michael Jetter and David Stadelmann
Negotiating with Terrorists: The Costs of Compliance pp. 305-317 Downloads
Kerim Arin, Eberhard Feess, Torben Kuhlenkasper and Otto F. M. Reich
Crime Watch: Hurricanes and Illegal Activities pp. 318-338 Downloads
Nekeisha Spencer and Eric Strobl
Product Scope and Productivity: Evidence from India's Product Reservation Policy pp. 339-362 Downloads
Ishani Tewari and Joshua Wilde

Volume 85, issue 4, 2019

Shackling the Identification Police? pp. 1016-1026 Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
Economics, Insurance, and Flood Hazards pp. 1027-1031 Downloads
Jamie Kruse and Jacob Hochard
Flood Fatalities in the United States: The Roles of Socioeconomic Factors and the National Flood Insurance Program pp. 1032-1057 Downloads
Jungmin Lim and Mark Skidmore
Flood Insurance and Risk Reduction: Market Penetration, Coverage, and Mitigation in Coastal North Carolina pp. 1058-1082 Downloads
Mona Ahmadiani, Susana Ferreira and Craig E. Landry
Climate Forecasts and Flood Mitigation pp. 1083-1107 Downloads
Charles Sims and Sarah E. Null
Measuring Heterogeneous Price Effects for Home Acquisition Programs in At‐Risk Regions pp. 1108-1131 Downloads
Eugene Frimpong, Jamie Kruse, Gregory Howard, Rachel Davidson, Joseph Trainor and Linda Nozick
Flood Risk and Salience: New Evidence from the Sunshine State pp. 1132-1158 Downloads
Laura A. Bakkensen, Xiaozhou Ding and Lala Ma
Capitalization of Flood Insurance and Risk Perceptions in Housing Prices: An Empirical Agent‐Based Model Approach pp. 1159-1179 Downloads
Koen de Koning, Tatiana Filatova and Okmyung Bin
Reasonable and Risk‐Based? Replacing NFIP Generally Subsidized Rates with a Means‐Tested Subsidy pp. 1180-1195 Downloads
Benjamin Miller, Lloyd Dixon and Noreen Clancy
Worthiness versus Self‐Interest in Charitable Giving: Evidence from a Low‐Income, Minority Neighborhood pp. 1196-1216 Downloads
Natalia Candelo Londono, Angela C. M. de Oliveira and Catherine Eckel
Dual Job Holding and the Gig Economy: Allocation of Effort across Primary and Gig Jobs pp. 1217-1242 Downloads
Meriem Hodge Doucette and W. David Bradford
Cultural Baggage: Do Immigrants Import Corruption? pp. 1243-1261 Downloads
Jamie Bologna Pavlik, Estefania Lujan Padilla and Benjamin Powell
The Role of TTIP on the Environment pp. 1262-1285 Downloads
Dhimitri Qirjo and Razvan Pascalau
Were Nineteenth‐Century Industrial Workers Permanent Income Savers? pp. 1286-1310 Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn

Volume 85, issue 3, 2019

An Analysis of Dynamic Price Discrimination in Airlines pp. 639-662 Downloads
Diego Escobari, Nicholas Rupp and Joseph Meskey
An Experimental Study of Public Information in the Asymmetric Partnership Game pp. 663-690 Downloads
Andrew Kloosterman
What Should (Knightian) Economists Do? James M. Buchanan's 1980 Visit to Chile pp. 691-714 Downloads
Andrew Farrant
James M. Buchanan and the Political Economy of Desegregation pp. 715-741 Downloads
Phillip W. Magness, Art Carden and Vincent Geloso
Employer‐Sponsored Health Insurance and the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from the Employer Mandate pp. 742-765 Downloads
Conor Lennon
Do Air Quality Alerts Affect Household Migration? pp. 766-795 Downloads
Bongkyun Kim
How to Compete? Cournot versus Bertrand in a Vertical Structure with an Integrated Input Supplier pp. 796-820 Downloads
Luciano Fanti and Marcella Scrimitore
“Crime” on the Field pp. 821-864 Downloads
Carl Kitchens, Matthew Makofske and Le Wang
The Effects of Competition on Prescription Payments in Retail Pharmacy Markets pp. 865-898 Downloads
Jihui Chen
Job Security and Risk‐Taking: Theory and Evidence From Professional Football pp. 899-918 Downloads
Peter Slade and Tor Tolhurst
Social Stigma and Asset Value pp. 919-938 Downloads
Patrick Gourley
Graduated Punishments in Public Good Games pp. 939-959 Downloads
Allard van der Made
Measuring the Accuracy of Federal Reserve Forecasts pp. 960-984 Downloads
Lillian R. Gaeto and Sandeep Mazumder
Firm Heterogeneity and Export Pricing in India pp. 985-1004 Downloads
Michael A. Anderson, Martin H. Davies, José E. Signoret and Stephen L. S. Smith

Volume 85, issue 2, 2018

Editor's Report pp. 309-312 Downloads
Laura Razzolini
Risk Preferences, Time Preferences, and Smoking Behavior pp. 313-348 Downloads
Glenn W. Harrison, Andre Hofmeyr, Don Ross and J. Todd Swarthout
When It Rains, It Pours: Under What Circumstances Does Job Loss Lead to Divorce pp. 349-377 Downloads
Melissa Ruby Banzhaf
Macroeconomics with Endogenous Markups and Optimal Taxation pp. 378-406 Downloads
Federico Etro
The Effect of the Fed's Large‐Scale Asset Purchases on Inflationary Expectations pp. 407-423 Downloads
Willem Thorbecke
The Chain Effect of an Antidumping Policy pp. 424-440 Downloads
Kuo‐Feng Kao and Chao‐Cheng Mai
Educational mismatch and the earnings distribution pp. 441-456 Downloads
Keith Bender and Kristen Roche
Investment in Outside Options as Opportunistic Behavior: An Experimental Investigation pp. 457-484 Downloads
Hodaka Morita and Maroš Servátka
What Happens to the Employers Involved in Mass Layoffs? pp. 485-507 Downloads
Elizabeth Handwerker and Lowell Mason
Open Borders for Business? Causes and Consequences of the Regulation of Foreign Entry pp. 508-536 Downloads
Lewis Davis and Claudia Williamson
Give Me Liberty, or I Will Produce Underground: Effects of Economic Freedom on the Shadow Economy pp. 537-562 Downloads
Aziz N. Berdiev, James Saunoris and Friedrich Schneider
Do Negative Random Shocks Affect Trust and Trustworthiness? pp. 563-579 Downloads
Hernán Bejarano, Joris Gillet and Ismael Rodriguez‐Lara
Household Informedness and Long‐Run Inflation Expectations: Experimental Evidence pp. 580-598 Downloads
Carola Binder and Alex Rodrigue
Pre‐Play Learning and the Preference Reversal Phenomenon pp. 599-615 Downloads
Younjun Kim and Elizabeth Hoffman
Requiring Versus Recommending Preparation Before Class: Does It Matter? pp. 616-631 Downloads
Martin Andersen, Dora Gicheva and Jeffrey Sarbaum

Volume 85, issue 1, 2018

In honor of Michael Grossman pp. 3-5 Downloads
Sara Markowitz and Robert Kaestner
Evolution of the Infant Health Production Function pp. 6-47 Downloads
Hope Corman, Dhaval Dave and Nancy E. Reichman
An Assessment of the Forward‐Looking Hypothesis of the Demand for Cigarettes pp. 48-70 Downloads
Robert Kaestner and Kevin Callison
Education and family health care spending pp. 71-92 Downloads
Alan C. Monheit and Irina B. Grafova
Unemployment and Health Behaviors over the Business Cycle: A Longitudinal View pp. 93-120 Downloads
Gregory Colman and Dhaval Dave
Earnings Gaps for Conspicuous Characteristics: Evidence from Indonesia pp. 121-141 Downloads
Md Nazmul Ahsan and Inas Kelly
Effect of Stress on Later‐Life Health: Evidence from the Vietnam War Draft pp. 142-165 Downloads
Daniel Grossman, John Cawley and Damien de Walque
Present and Future of the European Union and EMU pp. 166-169 Downloads
Silvia Fedeli
Public budgetary rules and GDP growth: An empirical study on OECD and twelve european countries pp. 170-188 Downloads
Elton Beqiraj, Silvia Fedeli and Francesco Forte
Sustainability and comovement of government debt in EMU Countries: A panel data analysis pp. 189-202 Downloads
Gordon L. Brady and Cosimo Magazzino
Economic Fluctuations in the U.S. and Euro Area: Quantifying the Contribution of Technical Change pp. 203-216 Downloads
Marco Di Pietro and Enrico Saltari
Cooperative Monetary and Fiscal Policies in the Euro Area pp. 217-234 Downloads
Willi Semmler and Alexander Haider
On the trade, growth, and welfare effects of intellectual property rights protection pp. 235-254 Downloads
Yuki Saito
Why factors facilitating collusion may not predict cartel occurrence — experimental evidence pp. 255-275 Downloads
Miguel Fonseca, Yan Li and Hans‐Theo Normann
Assessing the effects of the Mexican Drug War on economic growth: An empirical analysis pp. 276-303 Downloads
Germà Bel and Maximilian Holst
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