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1990 - 2019

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Volume 30, issue 10, 2019

Improved phase-field-based lattice Boltzmann models with a filtered collision operator pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hiroshi Otomo, Raoyang Zhang and Hudong Chen
Landau levels in wrinkled and rippled graphene sheets pp. 1-10 Downloads
Kyriakos Flouris, Miller Mendoza Jimenez and Hans J. Herrmann
Validity of the molecular-dynamics-lattice-gas global equilibrium distribution function pp. 1-9 Downloads
M. Reza Parsa, Aleksandra Pachalieva and Alexander J. Wagner
Comparison between isothermal collision-streaming and finite-difference lattice Boltzmann models pp. 1-14 Downloads
G. Negro, S. Busuioc, V. E. Ambruş, G. Gonnella, A. Lamura and V. Sofonea
Solvent-induced depletion interactions in multiparticle collision dynamic simulations pp. 1-13 Downloads
Martin Wagner and Marisol Ripoll
Dynamically asymmetric and bicontinuous morphologies in active emulsions pp. 1-8 Downloads
Livio Nicola Carenza, Giuseppe Gonnella, Antonio Lamura and Giuseppe Negro
Disordered interfaces in soft fluids with suspended colloids pp. 1-8 Downloads
A. Tiribocchi, M. Lauricella, A. Montessori, S. Melchionna and S. Succi
Simulating anisotropic flows with isotropic lattice models via coordinate and velocity transformation pp. 1-16 Downloads
Zimeng Wang and Junfeng Zhang
Simulating blood rheology across scales: A hybrid LB-particle approach pp. 1-16 Downloads
Giacomo Falcucci, Marco Lauricella, Paolo Decuzzi, Simone Melchionna and Sauro Succi

Volume 30, issue 09, 2019

Numerical simulation of sediment transport in a U-shaped channel with lateral intake: Effects of intake position and diversion angle pp. 1-26 Downloads
Keivan Tavakoli, Hossien Montaseri, Pourya Omidvar and Stefania Evangelista
Network generation and evolution based on spatial and opinion dynamics components pp. 1-16 Downloads
André C. R. Martins
Fast time series detrending with applications to heart rate variability analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
M. Andrecut
An improved clustering method for uncertain system pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jingjing Ye, Keping Li and Jing Li
Structural and numerical analysis of an implicit logarithmic scheme for diffusion equations with nonlinear reaction pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jorge E. Macías-Díaz and Bilge İnan
Multi-switching combination synchronization of spatiotemporal coupled chaotic systems with complexities pp. 1-14 Downloads
Hao Zhang, Xingyuan Wang, Jun Zhang and Pengfei Yan
Car-following model based delay feedback control method with the gyroidal road pp. 1-14 Downloads
Cong Zhai and Weitiao Wu
Numerical experiments for long nonlinear internal waves via Gardner equation with dual-power law nonlinearity pp. 1-18 Downloads
Turgut Ak
Cascading failure in multilayer network with asymmetric dependence group pp. 1-15 Downloads
Mo Chen, Mei Song, Min Zhang, Lei Jin and Xiangyang Gong
Direct numerical simulation of decaying homogeneous isotropic turbulence — numerical experiments on stability, consistency and accuracy of distinct lattice Boltzmann methods pp. 1-29 Downloads
Marc Haussmann, Stephan Simonis, Hermann Nirschl and Mathias J. Krause
The influence of oblivion-recall mechanism and loss-interest mechanism on the spread of rumors in complex networks pp. 1-21 Downloads
Wang Jing, Li Min, Wang Ya-Qi, Zhou Zi-Chen and Zhang Li-Qiong
Measuring intrinsic significance of community structure pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jiarong Xie, Mingwei Du, Zengru Di, Huaiwei Zhu, Ying Fan and Yanqing Hu
Performance evaluation of hybrid modulation techniques for high speed radio over fiber communication system pp. 1-12 Downloads
R. Shantha Selva Kumari and K. Seyatha
Link failure in wheel type networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
Esin Yiğit and Zeynep Nihan Berberler

Volume 30, issue 08, 2019

Character networks and book genre classification pp. 1-13 Downloads
Adriano J. Holanda, Mariane Matias, Sueli M. S. P. Ferreira, Gisele M. L. Benevides and Osame Kinouchi
Metallization and superconductivity in potassium-doped methane pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jia-Xing Han, Han Zhang and Guo-Hua Zhong
Species differentiation in Axelrod’s model pp. 1-13 Downloads
Sandro M. Reia, Gustavo D. M. Madeira, João P. Fiorelli and Ubiraci P. C. Neves
Unsteady state fluid structure of two-sided nonfacing lid-driven cavity induced by a semicircle at different radii sizes and velocity ratios pp. 1-33 Downloads
Basma Souayeh, Fayçal Hammami, Najib Hdhiri and Huda Alfannakh
Electromagnetic radiation modulates synchronization in cortical neurons of Macaque brain pp. 1-22 Downloads
Mary Vinaya and Rose P. Ignatius
Hypernetwork models based on random hypergraphs pp. 1-15 Downloads
Feng Hu, Jin-Li Guo, Fa-Xu Li and Hai-Xing Zhao
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of dynamics of droplet impact on inclined walls pp. 1-15 Downloads
Batool Hoseinpour, Ali Sarreshtehdari and Hamid Reza Ashorynejad
The average weighted receiving time with weight-dependent walk on a family of double-weighted polymer networks pp. 1-18 Downloads
Fei Zhang, Dandan Ye, Changling Han, Wei Chen and Yingze Zhang
A P system for hierarchical clustering pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ping Guo, Wenjie Jiang and Yuchi Liu
Promising thermoelectric materials of Cu3VX4 (X=S, Se, Te): A Cu-V-X framework plus void tunnels pp. 1-21 Downloads
Xiao-Peng Liu, Zhen-Zhen Feng, Shu-Ping Guo, Yi Xia and Yongsheng Zhang
Simulation of queuing time in crowd evacuation by discrete time loss queuing method pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jun Hu, Zhongwen Li, Lei You, Hong Zhang, Juan Wei and Mei Li
Improved efficient queue resource reallocation strategy for traffic dynamics on scale-free networks pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jinlong Ma, Huiling Wang, Xiangyang Xu, Weizhan Han, Congwen Duan and Zhaohui Qi
Efficient space virtualization for the Hoshen–Kopelman algorithm pp. 1-20 Downloads
M. Kotwica, P. Gronek and K. Malarz
Train delay propagation under random interference on high-speed rail network pp. 1-20 Downloads
Ziyan Feng, Chengxuan Cao and Yutong Liu

Volume 30, issue 07, 2019

An introduction to the special issue pp. 1-1 Downloads
Gang Yan, Tao Jia and Linyuan Lü
Projective synchronization via adaptive pinning control for fractional-order complex network with time-varying coupling strength pp. 1-12 Downloads
Darui Zhu, Rui Wang, Chongxin Liu and Jiandong Duan
University ranking based on faculty hiring network with minimum weighted violation rankings pp. 1-12 Downloads
Liqian Lang, Yan Wang, Qinghua Chen and Tao Zheng
Coevolution of synchronization and cooperation in real networks pp. 1-11 Downloads
Mingyang Zhou, Xiaoyu Li, Wenman Xiong and Hao Liao
Identifying multiple vulnerable areas of infrastructure network under global connectivity measure pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ke Wang, Yong Li and Jun Wu
An effective similarity measure based on kernel spectral method for complex networks pp. 1-21 Downloads
Longjie Li, Lu Wang, Shenshen Bai, Shiyu Fang, Jianjun Cheng and Xiaoyun Chen
Quantifying the noise in bursty gene expression under regulation by small RNAs pp. 1-14 Downloads
Shigang Qiu and Tao Jia
An extended clustering method using H-index and minimum distance for searching multiple key spreaders pp. 1-14 Downloads
Pingle Yang, Xin Liu and Guiqiong Xu
Predicting human contacts through alternating direction method of multipliers pp. 1-18 Downloads
Chunlin Huang and Dongbo Bu
Analyzing the driving and dragging force in China’s inter-provincial migration flows pp. 1-19 Downloads
Xiaomeng Li, Siyu Huang and Qinghua Chen
Neighbors-based divisive algorithm for hierarchical analysis in networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Junhai Luo, Lei Ye and Xiaoting He
The economic restructuring under new industry: A model for leapfrogging development and the shift of leadership pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jun-Ying Cui, Xiao-Pu Han and Linyuan Lü
Research on interpersonal relationship network of pyramid scheme organization based on social network: A case study pp. 1-15 Downloads
Pihu Feng, Zaiwu Gong and Duoyong Sun
Network analysis of coal mine hazards based on text mining and link prediction pp. 1-22 Downloads
Ze Wang, Huajiao Li and Renwu Tang
Multi-message topic dissemination probabilistic model with memory attenuation based on Social–Messages Network pp. 1-16 Downloads
Ruiqi Yang, Dingding Han and Jianghai Qian
Distributed impulsive consensus of nonlinear multi-agent systems with input saturation pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xiaolu Liu, Duxin Chen and Yan-Wu Wang
The cross-networks impact analysis and assessment in multilayer interdependent networks: A case study of critical infrastructures pp. 1-13 Downloads
Fang Zhou, Yanchao Du, Yongbo Yuan and Mingyuan Zhang
Multi-priority routing algorithm based on source node importance in complex networks pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yu Bai, Ding-Ding Han and Ming Tang

Volume 30, issue 06, 2019

Detecting communities from networks using an improved self-organizing map pp. 1-22 Downloads
Jianjun Cheng, Shiyan Zhao, Haijuan Yang, Jingming Zhang, Xing Su and Xiaoyun Chen
A phase-field-based lattice Boltzmann method for moving contact line problems on curved stationary boundaries in two dimensions pp. 1-26 Downloads
Weifeng Zhao
Paradox of integration — Dynamics of two-dimensional status pp. 1-16 Downloads
K. Malarz and K. Kułakowski
MHD nanofluid heat transfer between a stretching sheet and a porous surface using neural network approach pp. 1-16 Downloads
Yuancheng Geng, A. Hassanvand, Mostafa Monfared and Rasoul Moradi
Optimization of traffic intersection using connected vehicles pp. 1-13 Downloads
R. Marzoug, B. Castillo Téllez, M. Castillo Téllez, G. A. Mejía Pérez, A. Bassam and O. Oubram
How the node’s vital and tie strength effect rumor spreading on social network pp. 1-13 Downloads
Liang’an Huo, Tingting Lin, Chen Liu and Xing Fang
A novel node gravitation-based label propagation algorithm for community detection pp. 1-19 Downloads
Mengjia Shen and Zhixin Ma
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of particle-laden flows using an improved curved boundary condition pp. 1-21 Downloads
Shasha Liu, Taotao Zhou, Shi Tao, Zhibin Wu and Guang Yang
An adaptive discrete particle swarm optimization for influence maximization based on network community structure pp. 1-21 Downloads
Jianxin Tang, Ruisheng Zhang, Yabing Yao, Zhili Zhao, Baoqiang Chai and Huan Li
Computational investigation on the effects of rib on the slug flow phenomenon; using OpenFOAM pp. 1-12 Downloads
Behrouz Aghebatie and Khosrow Hosseini

Volume 30, issue 05, 2019

Quantum-like signal-tuned approach to V1 modeling pp. 1-31 Downloads
José R. A. Torreão and Marcos S. Amaral
Numerical simulation of motion characteristics of flexible fresh tea leaf in Poiseuille shear flow via combined immersed boundary–lattice Boltzmann method pp. 1-19 Downloads
Rongyang Wang, Yikun Wei, Chuanyu Wu, Liang Sun and Wenguang Zheng
Exploiting ergodicity of the logistic map using deep-zoom to improve security of chaos-based cryptosystems pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jeaneth Machicao, Marcela Alves, Murilo S. Baptista and Odemir M. Bruno
Empirical analysis of the user reputation and clustering property for user-object bipartite networks pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xiao-Lu Liu, Shu-Wei Jia and Yan Gu
Spectral properties of the respiratory signal during sleep apnea events: Obtrusive and unobtrusive measurements pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jordi Ramírez-Elías, Miguel Ramírez-Elías, Jesús Acosta-Elías, Guadalupe Dorantes-Méndez, Alfonso Alba, Martin O. Mendez, Guillermina Guerrero-Mora, Juha M. Kortelainen and Mirja Tenhunen
The study of traffic flow model based on cellular automata and Naive Bayes pp. 1-16 Downloads
Hong Zhang, Juan Wei, Xiaoling Gao and Jun Hu
Statistics of the efficiency in community detection by most similar node pairs pp. 1-10 Downloads
YunFeng Chang, Feng Gao, ZhiWei Zhang, ZhiYang Liu, Yi Li and YuDong Zhang
Optimization of the electric field calculation for a rod-shaped conductor in a uniform electric field pp. 1-10 Downloads
Juan Wu, Xin Gao and Yikai Ma
Minimum-energy distribution of point charges confined to a square pp. 1-27 Downloads
Hüseyin Oymak and Abdulwahhab Alkuwafi
Multiscale weighted Rényi entropy causality plane for financial time series pp. 1-23 Downloads
Jing Gao and Pengjian Shang

Volume 30, issue 04, 2019

Role of radiation in heat transfer from nanoparticles to gas media in photothermal measurements pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qing Xi, Yunyun Li, Jun Zhou, Baowen Li and Jun Liu
FluidC+: A novel community detection algorithm based on fluid propagation pp. 1-17 Downloads
Jinfang Sheng, Kai Wang, Zejun Sun, Jie Hu, Bin Wang and Aman Ullah
Periodic orbit scar in wavepacket propagation pp. 1-17 Downloads
Mitsuyoshi Tomiya, Shoichi Sakamoto and Eric J. Heller
Performance of a hybrid computational scheme on traveling waves and its dynamic transition for Gilson–Pickering equation pp. 1-17 Downloads
Turgut Ak, Asit Saha and Sharanjeet Dhawan
Game theory modeling for vehicle–pedestrian interactions and simulation based on cellular automata pp. 1-21 Downloads
WenJing Wu, RunChao Chen, Hongfei Jia, Yongxing Li and ZhiKang Liang
Modeling memory and learning with molecular dynamics pp. 1-12 Downloads
Libo Zhao, Yitong Chen and Shan Wang
Kinetic theory-based force analysis in lattice Boltzmann equation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Lin Zheng, Song Zheng and Qinglan Zhai
A cluster controller for transition matrix calculations pp. 1-11 Downloads
David Yevick and Yong Hwan Lee
Nonlinear monotonic volatility duration and matching energy of random exclusion financial dynamics pp. 1-19 Downloads
Yani Xing and Jun Wang
Pedestrian choice behavior analysis and simulation of ticket gate machine in rail transit station pp. 1-18 Downloads
Yongxing Li, David Z.W. Wang, Yanyan Chen, Chengcheng Song, Hongfei Jia and Yu Lin

Volume 30, issue 02n03, 2019

Percolation of a random network by statistical physics method pp. 1-17 Downloads
Hai Lin and Jingcheng Wang
Noise in gene expression may be a choice of cellular system pp. 1-17 Downloads
Rajesh Karmakar
Evaluation of second-order correlations adjusted with simulated annealing on physical properties of unidirectional nonoverlapping fiber-reinforced materials (UD Composites) pp. 1-14 Downloads
L. Lakhal, Y. Brunet and T. Kanit
Flow and heat transfer simulation with a thermal large eddy lattice Boltzmann method in an annular gap with an inner rotating cylinder pp. 1-25 Downloads
Maximilian Gaedtke, Tabitha Hoffmann, Volkmar Reinhardt, Gudrun Thäter, Hermann Nirschl and Mathias J. Krause
Prediction of wake structure and aerodynamic characteristics of flow around square cylinders at different arrangements pp. 1-29 Downloads
Salwa Fezai, Fakher Oueslati, Nader Ben-Cheikh and Brahim Ben-Beya
Multiresolution community detection in weighted complex networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Hao Long and Xiao-Wei Liu
Numerical mesoscopic method for transportation of H2O-based nanofluid through a porous channel considering Lorentz forces pp. 1-13 Downloads
M. Sheikholeslami, M. Barzegar Gerdroodbary, Rasoul Moradi, Ahmad Shafee and Zhixiong Li
Simulation of separating pedestrian flow in T-shaped passage based on guide sign considering unbalanced flow pp. 1-16 Downloads
Yongxing Li, David Z.W. Wang, Yan Wang, Yanyan Chen, Meng Meng and Hongfei Jia
Evolutionary dilemma game for conflict resolution at unsignalized traffic intersection pp. 1-16 Downloads
Saif Islam Bouderba and Najem Moussa
A new type of finite difference WENO schemes for Hamilton–Jacobi equations pp. 1-16 Downloads
Xiaohan Cheng, Jianhu Feng, Supei Zheng and Xueli Song

Volume 30, issue 01, 2019

Joint effect of individual’s memory and attractiveness in temporal network on spreading dynamics pp. 1-13 Downloads
Mei Yang, Bing Wang and Yuexing Han
Numerical computation of natural convection inside a curved-shape nanofluid-filled enclosure with nonuniform heating of the bottom wall pp. 1-23 Downloads
Abdellaziz Yahiaoui, Mahfoud Djezzar and Hassane Naji
Development of Knudsen thermal force for mass analysis of CH4/He gas mixture pp. 1-16 Downloads
Mostafa Barzegar Gerdroodbary, D. D. Ganji, Mohammad Taeibi-Rahni, B. Pruiti and Rasoul Moradi
A two-fluid model for gas-particle turbulent flows based on the probability density function approach pp. 1-16 Downloads
Lu Wang and Jiangrong Xu
A package for the computational analysis of complex biophysical signals pp. 1-21 Downloads
J. A. Guerrero and Jorge E. Macías-Díaz
The trapping problem and the average shortest weighted path of the weighted pseudofractal scale-free networks pp. 1-17 Downloads
Meifeng Dai, Changxi Dai, Huiling Wu, Xianbin Wu, Wenjing Feng and Weiyi Su
The adsorption and diffusion theoretical investigations of H on LaFeO3(010) surface with an O vacancy pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jiajia Fan, Yuhong Chen, Jing Wang, Tingting Liu, Meiling Zhang, Lihua Yuan and Cairong Zhang
Two-dimensional numerical modeling of sediment transport in a dam reservoir to analyze the feasibility of a water intake pp. 1-12 Downloads
My. M. Charafi
Transition matrix cluster algorithms pp. 1-12 Downloads
David Yevick and Yong Hwan Lee
Seed selection for technology innovation diffusion in complex networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
Shibo Wang, Jinlou Zhao and Jiannan Yu
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