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Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research & Developments (JMERD)

2018 - 2019

Current editor(s): Distinguished Prof. T M Indra Mahlia

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Volume 42, issue 3, 2019

Performance Evolution Of An Improved Solar Thermal Hot Air Heating System For Drying Ground-Nut pp. 01-05 Downloads
Agarwal A., Seretse O.M., Letsatsi M.T., Maele L.T. and Koketso D.
Drop Test Simulation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Modular Pontoon Unit pp. 06-09 Downloads
Nikolay E. Razinkin, Nina I. Voronova, Yaroslav D. Podlesnikov and Sergey N. Danilov
Influence Of The Human-Machine Systems (HMS) Operation Mode On The Increase Of Grain-Harvesting Aggregates Productivity pp. 10-14 Downloads
Igor E. Lipkovich., Irina V. Egorova, Nadezhda V. Petrenko and Anna S. Gayda
Effective Technologies Of Dissolution Of Organic Deposits In The Bottomhole Zone Of Oil Wells Registration Form pp. 15-18 Downloads
Dairabay Zh. Abdeli., Bae Wisap and Bakytzhan R. Taubayev
Computer With Changeable Architecture pp. 19-23 Downloads
Valery A. Konyavsky and Gennady V. Ross
Development Of Effective Technology Of Deep Water Treatment From Suspended Solid Particles For Formation Pressure Maintenance At The Oil Fields pp. 24-29 Downloads
Dayrabay Zh. Abdeli, Wisup Bae, Assel B. Seiden and Adi Novriansyah
The Influence Of Nano Particles Additive On Tribological Properties Of Aa2024-T4 Coated With Tin Or Sin Thin Films pp. 30-34 Downloads
Nasri S. M. Namer, Sami Ali Nama, Q. T. Medina and Marwan T. Mezher
Review Of Hydrogen Fuel For Internal Combustion Engines pp. 35-46 Downloads
M. Faizal, L. S. Chuah, C. Lee, A. Hameed, J. Lee and M. Shankar
Investigation On The Mechanical Properties Of Pla & Its Composite Fabricated Through Advanced Fusion Plastic Modelling pp. 47-54 Downloads
K.G. Jaya Christiyan, U. Chandrasekhar and K. Venkateswarlu
Applying Photoelasticity With Optical Magnification Method To Increase Precision Of Determining Fringe Order Under Monochromatic Light pp. 55-61 Downloads
M.B.h Sitorus, Melvin Emil Simanjuntak, Agus Sigit Pramono., Henry Lumbantoruan, Udur January Hutabarat, B. Ginting, Piktor Tarigan and Teng Sutrisno
Assessment Of Engineering Speciality Teaching In The Period Of Integration pp. 62-65 Downloads
Nguyen Thi Xuan Huong and Bui Thi Dieu Thuy
Investigating The Performance Of Electromagnetic Pump Fabricated Using Tool Based Micromachining Setup For Microdelivery Of Fluid pp. 66-70 Downloads
Veeresha, R.k, Shilpa, M.K., Muralidhara, Rathnamala Rao and Nithin Kumar
A Study On The Factors Affecting The Flare Of The Weld When Welding The Steel Wire pp. 71-75 Downloads
Minh Quang Chau
Improved The Adaptation For Three Phase Active Filter Under Non-IdealLoad Using Sample Current Control pp. 76-80 Downloads
Huynh Le Minh Thien, Nguyen Xuan Tien, Tran Thanh Vu and Ho Van Cuu
Effect Of Different Quenching Media On Mechanical Properties Of Aisi 1018 Low Carbon Steel pp. 81-83 Downloads
Sarah Jalal Mosa
Influence Of Vibrations During Directional Solidification On Microstructure, Hardness And Strength Of Al-Si-Graphite Fg Composite pp. 84-86 Downloads
Ramesh Babu N, Ramesh Mr and Kiran Aithal S
Testing And Analysing The Grinding Uniformity Of Polymer Products pp. 87-90 Downloads
Josef Flizikowski, Ali Al-Zubied, Zoalfokkar Kareem Alobad and I. A. C. Abar
A Numerical Study Of The Turbulence Model Influence On A Savonius Wind Turbine Performance By Means Of Moving Mesh pp. 91-93 Downloads
Nopem Ariwiyono, Priyo A. Setiawan, Adi W. Husodo, Arief Subekti, Anda I. Juniani, Subagio So’im, Projek P. S. Lukitadi, Rini Indarti and Fais Hamzah
Pseudo Elastic Methods For Damage Assessment Of Composite Tubes pp. 94-101 Downloads
Venkateswarlu Gattineni and Venukumar Nathi
Influence Of Heat Treatment And Deformation On The Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Cu-Ni-Sn Alloy pp. 102-105 Downloads
Nguyen Duong Nam
Effect Of Anisotropic Material On The Geometric Non-Linear Performance Analysis Of Smart Laminated Composite Plate Integrated With Distributed Afc Patches pp. 106-109 Downloads
Srinivas M Prabhu, NithinKumar, Ashok M H, VishwanathKhadakbhavi and Santosh Nandurkar
Mixing In Turbulent Coaxial Jet pp. 110-119 Downloads
Safer Nabil Belkacem. and Beghidja Abdelhadi
. Using Brass Foil Interlayer To Improve The Resistance Spot Welding AA5451 With Apply Taguchi Method pp. 120-124 Downloads
Osamah Sabah Barrak, Mohammed Helan Sar, Mursal Luaibi Saad, Abbas Khammass Hussein and Sabah Khammass Hussein
Study Of Fracture Behaviour Of Composite Laminate With Central Circular Crack Exposed To Thermo-Mechanical Loading With Temperature Rise pp. 125-132 Downloads
V.V.Venu Madhav, A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta and P. Rakesh
Effect Of Cross Flow On Mass Suction In A Straight Louvered Funnel pp. 133-139 Downloads
Avik Bhattacharya and A Madhusudan Achari

Volume 42, issue 2, 2019

Integration Of Teamwork Skills In Teaching In Order To Meet The Learning Outcomes In The Cdio Syllabus: Application To Technology And Engineering pp. 1-5 Downloads
Diep Thi Ngoc Hoang and Thu Thi Anh Do
Algorithm Determine Trust Value To The Distributed Information Systems Elements pp. 6-9 Downloads
Aleksei A. Sychugov, Elvir M. Akhmetshin, Vyacheslav M. Grishin, Raisa N. Shpakova and Andrei V. Plotnikov
Parallel Programming Models For Calculating The Physical Characteristics Of Composites pp. 10-13 Downloads
Gulmira Baenova, Ainur Zhumadillayeva and Xiaoguang Yue
Network Intrusions Detection And Prevention Method Using A Team Of Intelligent Agents pp. 14-17 Downloads
Aleksei A. Sychugov, Vasiliy Yu. Meltsov, Alexey S. Kuvaev and Vyacheslav M. Grishin
A Research On Marine Diesel Engine Speed Controller By Fuzzy Logic Control Theory Based On Experimental Investigation pp. 18-26 Downloads
Tien Anh Tran and Gaoussou Haidara
Automation Of Calculations Of Technical Characteristics Of Manometric Tubular Springs pp. 27-29 Downloads
Sergey P. Pirogov and Aleksandr Yu. Chuba
Optimization Of Technological Transport Sets Using Anylogic Simulation Environment pp. 41-43 Downloads
Vladimir I. Bauer, Artem V. Bazanov, Evgeniy S. Kozin, Vasiliy M. Nemkov and Aleksandr A. Mukhortov
Energy And Exergy Analysis Of A Solar Photovoltaic Performance In Baghdad pp. 44-49 Downloads
Fadhil Abdulrazzaq Kareem, Doaa Zaid Khalaf, Noor Samir Lafta and Yasser Abdul Lateef
Investigation Of Wireless Channels According To The Standard 802.11 In The Frequency Range Of 5 Ghz For Two Subscribers pp. 50-57 Downloads
Dmytro V. Mykhalevskiy and Oksana S. Horodetska
Accurate Characterization Of Cracks In Beam-Like Structures Using Square Of Curvature Mode Shape: Without Baseline Data pp. 58-66 Downloads
L Ramesh and Putti Srinivasa Rao
Perception Towards Industry Based Capacity Building In Instructors To Enhance Quality Approach In Engineering pp. 67-71 Downloads
Agarwal A, Seretse O. M. and Letsatsi M.t
A Study Of Phase Transformation In Shape Memory Alloy Cual9fe4 pp. 72-75 Downloads
Nguyen Duong Nam, Vu Anh Tuan, Nguyen Hai Yen, Dao Van Lap and Pham Mai Khanh
Calculation Of Cylindrical Products Made Of Composite Materials Using Wrap Technology pp. 76-78 Downloads
Tran Thi Thanh Van, Tran Ngoc Thanh, Phạm Ngoc Vuong and Nguyen Duong Nam
Design And Fabrication Of Distillation Equipment Of Fresh Water From The Seawater By The Use Of The Waste Heat From Diesel Engines pp. 79-83 Downloads
Van Vang Le and Lan Huong Nguyen
Influence Of Nickel On The Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Aluminum Copper Alloy pp. 84-86 Downloads
Vu Anh Tuan Tuan, Nguyen Duong Nam, Pham Ngoc Vuong, Mai Van Thi and Pham Mai Khanh
Correlation Of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient In The Three Zones Of Wire And Tube Condenser pp. 87-97 Downloads
Van Viet Pham
Study On The Breakdown Of Milling Balls Made Of 13%Cr White Cast-Iron Working In Strong Abrasive And Clash Conditions pp. 98-100 Downloads
Hoang Thi Ngoc Quyen, Nguyen Hong Hai, Vu Viet Quyen, Nguyen Van Bach and Nguyen Duong Nam
Experimental Investigation Of The Effect Of Baffle Cut Shape On Shell Side Pressure Drop In Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger pp. 101-105 Downloads
Mahmud H. Ali
Drop Test Simulation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Modular Pontoon Unit pp. 106-110 Downloads
F. Zakki, A. Windyandari, Q. T. Medina and I. A. C. Abar

Volume 42, issue 1, 2019

A Brief Review Of Technology Solutions On Fuel Injection System Of Diesel Engine To Increase The Power And Reduce Environmental Pollution pp. 1-9 Downloads
Van Viet Pham and Duc Thiep Cao
The Bus Transportation Issue And People Satisfaction With Public Transport In Ho Chi Minh City pp. 10-16 Downloads
Xuan Phuong Nguyen
Control Gas Nitriding Process: A Review pp. 17-25 Downloads
Nguyen Duong Nam, Nguyen Anh Xuan Xuan, Nguyen Van Bach, Le Thi Nhung and Le Thi Chieu
Drag Investigation Around A Cylinder And Symmetric Airfoil In Tandem With Different Gaps And Angles Of Attack pp. 26-33 Downloads
Humam M. Salih and Mustafa A. Abdulhussain
Multi Response Optimization Of Edm Process Parameters For Inconel X-750 Using Moora pp. 30-40 Downloads
Shaik Khadar Basha, M.V. Jagannadha Raju, M.V. Jagannadha Raju and Murahari Kolli
The Heat Efficiency Of Residential Buildings In Libya pp. 34-41 Downloads
Budhi Muliawan Suyitno, Amar Abobkr Amar Ahmeda, La Ode Mohamad Firman, Nely Toding Bunga, Erlanda Augupta Pane and Ismail
Performance Of Low-Cost Dual Circuit Solar Assisted Cabinet Dryer For Green Banana pp. 42-45 Downloads
Cresencio P. Genobiagon Jr and Feliciano B. Alagao
Production And Mechanical Properties Of Al 6063/B4c Composites pp. 46-49 Downloads
M. Venkatesulu and K. Rama Kotaiah
Learning Outcomes For Training Program By Cdio Approach Applied To Mechanical Industry 4.0 pp. 50-55 Downloads
Tien Quoc Le, Diep Thi Ngoc Hoang and Thu Thi Anh Do
Design A Technical Process Of Thermal Spray Applied To The Crankshaft Rehabilitation Of Ship pp. 56-60 Downloads
V.v Le, D.n Nguyen, T.T.v Tran and V.b Nguyen
Design And Analysis Of Pneumatic Bag Air Jack pp. 61-63 Downloads
Timur Choban Khidir, Bilal Mohammed Qasim and Ayaz Aydin Abduljabbar
Research And Calculation Of The Biogas Fuel Supply System For A Small Marine Diesel Engine pp. 64-70 Downloads
Van Hai Nguyen, Duc Thiep Cao and Thi Hien Do
Development Orientation For Higher Education Training Programme Of Mechanical Engineering In Industrial Revolution 4.0: A Perspective In Vietnam pp. 71-73 Downloads
Thi Lan Anh Vu and Tien Quoc Le
Nonlinear Buckling Analysis Of A Cylindrical Shell Structures pp. 74-80 Downloads
Hung Chien Do
Proposal Of Some Advanced Technology Methods In The Assembly Of The Shaft System - Main Engine On The Small Cargo Ships pp. 81-84 Downloads
Quoc Viet Pham and Van Hai Nguyen
Influence Of Size And Weight Fraction Of Carbon Nanotube On Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion Of Al-Cnt Metal Matrix pp. 85-89 Downloads
Pothamsetty Kasi V Rao and B. Raghu Kumar
Computational Study Of Flow Characteristics Over High Lift Airfoil At Various Angles Of Attack pp. 90-95 Downloads
Ali H. Mutaib, Amjed AL-Khateeb, Mohammed K. Khashan and Furkan Kamil
Correlation Of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient In The Three Zones Of Wire And Tube Condenser pp. 96-103 Downloads
Anh Tuan Hoang
A Study Of Emission & Performance Characteristics Of Diesel Engine Run By Dual Fuel (Bio Diesel + Acetylene Gas) pp. 104-108 Downloads
R. Sasikumar and G. Sankaranarayanan
Efficient Modelling and Simulation Of Wind Power Using Online Sequential Learning Algorithm For Feed Forward Networks pp. 109-115 Downloads
Rashmi P. Shetty, A. Sathyabhama and Srinivasa Pai P.
The Effect Of Adding Candlenut Shell Into The Low-Rank Coal On Combustion Performance pp. 116-121 Downloads
Daud Patabang, Effendy Arif, Jalaluddin and Nasruddin Aziz
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