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2003 - 2017

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Volume 15, issue 4, 2017

The Embodiment of Power and Visual Dominance Behaviour pp. 228-241 Downloads
Jure Jamnik and Gregor Zvelc
Belief without Representation pp. 242-250 Downloads
Florian Klauser
What Dwells on the Fringe of Awareness pp. 251-259 Downloads
Viktorija Lipic and Urban Kordes
Suspension of Phenomenological Judgement of Scientific Naivety pp. 260-269 Downloads
Janko M. Lozar
Extended Cognition: Feedback Loops and Coupled Systems pp. 270-280 Downloads
Olga Markic

Volume 15, issue 3, 2017

Ranking baltic states researchers pp. 174-179 Downloads
Gyula Mester
Fluid-deposition of rocks is natural model for additive production pp. 180-189 Downloads
Igor Èatiæ, Jasmina Èaloska, Damir Godec, Marijan Kovaèiæ, Ana Pilipoviæ and Karolj Skala
A computational technique to estimate within-host productively infected cell lifetimes in emerging viral infections pp. 190-198 Downloads
Soumya Banerjee
Automated interpretable computational bilogy in the clinic: a framework to predicst disease severity and stratify patients from clinical data pp. 199-208 Downloads
Soumya Banerjee
Predicting the strength ofonline news frames pp. 209-221 Downloads
Hrvoje Jakopoviæ
Autonomous wheeled mobile robot control pp. 222-227 Downloads
Janos Simon

Volume 15, issue 2, 2017

Radiofrequency Identification by using Drones in Railway Accidents and Disaster Situations pp. 114-132 Downloads
Dániel Tokody and Géza Károly Kiss Leizer
An Immune System Inspired Theory for Crime and Violence in Cities pp. 133-143 Downloads
Soumya Banerjee
Conceptual Approach to Utilisation of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Diverse Activities pp. 144-148 Downloads
Jelena Cosic Lesicar
The Process of Handling an Excess of Complex and Interdisciplinary Information in a Decision Support Research Situation pp. 149-156 Downloads
Fredrik Moltu Johnsen
Augmented Reality in Tourism - Research and Applications Overview pp. 157-167 Downloads
Igor Tomicic and Anabel Keckes
Ranking of Croatian Researchers Using Google Scholar Database pp. 168-173 Downloads
Gyula Mester

Volume 15, issue 1, 2017

Short run profit maximization in a convex analysis framework pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ilko Vrankic and Mira Krpan
Evaluating forecasting models for unemployment rates by gender in selected european countries pp. 16-35 Downloads
Ksenija Dumicic, Berislav Zmuk and Anita Ceh Casni
Intensity and structure of research and development in the czech and slovak regions pp. 36-48 Downloads
Viktorie Klimova and Vladimir Zitek
Developing touristic destination: innovation performance issues pp. 49-65 Downloads
Tivadar Mahr
Service quality, students' satisfaction and behavioural intentions in STEM and IC higher education institutions pp. 66-77 Downloads
Dunja Mestrovic
Brand strategies in the era of sustainability pp. 78-88 Downloads
Aleksandar Grubor and Olja Milovanov
Vendor selection and supply quotas determination by using the analytic hierarchy process and a new multi-objective programming method pp. 89-103 Downloads
Tunjo Peric, Zoran Babic and Emina Resic
WEB 2.0 technologies in companies: attitudes of B&H managers pp. 104-113 Downloads
Mirela Mabic and Zdenko Klepic

Volume 14, issue 3, 2016

Inspecting compliance to many rules: an agent-based model pp. 277-295 Downloads
Slaven Smojver
Trust model for social network using singular value decomposition pp. 296-302 Downloads
Davis Bundi Ntwiga, Patrick Weke and Michael Kiura Kirumbu
Employee loyalty: differences between genders and the public and the private sector pp. 303-313 Downloads
Igor Klopotan, Krešimir Buntak and Ivana Drozdek
A roadmap for a computational theory of the value of information in origin of life questions pp. 314-321 Downloads
Soumya Banerjee

Volume 14, issue 2, 2016

Predicting customer churn in banking industry using neural networks pp. 116-124 Downloads
Alisa Bilal Zoric
Modeling information system availability by using bayesian belief network approach pp. 125-138 Downloads
Semir Ibrahimovic and Nijaz Bajgoric
Neuromarketing in market research pp. 139-147 Downloads
Dijana Cosic
Innovation and information technology capability as antecedents of firms' success pp. 148-156 Downloads
Lejla Turulja and Nijaz Bajgoric
Institutions, education and innovation and their impact on economic growth pp. 157-164 Downloads
Miroljub Shukarov and Kristina Mariæ
Impact of commitment to business ethics to nonfinancial business performance pp. 165-181 Downloads
Silvija Vig and Ksenija Dumicic
New standard ISO 9001:2015 and its effect on organisations pp. 188-193 Downloads
Srðan Medic, Biljana Karlovic and Zrinko Cindric
Leadership in migration systems: the case of israel pp. 194-211 Downloads
Ilan Riss
The elusiveness of learner-centred teaching pp. 212-222 Downloads
Ervin Kovacevic and Azamat Akbarov
The development of self structures and active coping pp. 246-252 Downloads
Jasmina Knezevic and Miroslav Knezevic

Volume 14, issue 1, 2016

Rankings scientists, journals and countries using h-index pp. 1-9 Downloads
Gyula Mester
A biologically inspired model of distributed online communication supporting efficient search and diffusion of innovation pp. 10-22 Downloads
Soumya Banerjee
Panel analysis of internet booking of travel and holiday accommodation indicators pp. 23-38 Downloads
Ksenija Dumicic, Berislav Zmuk and Iris Mihajlovic
Do we have proportionate gender in policy making? a study based on key government institutions of saarc region pp. 39-51 Downloads
Ghulam Nabi, Song Wei and Ghulam Ghous
Overview of didactic methodical organization of university teaching by bologna concept of higher education pp. 52-60 Downloads
Nedim Ciric
Simple numerical method for kinetical investigation of planar mechanical systems with two degrees of freedom pp. 61-69 Downloads
Istvan Biro
Bamboo bicycle – past or future? pp. 70-79 Downloads
Frano Penava, Suzana Jakovljevic and Zeljko Alar
Error detection analysis of aircraft information-communication system using information entropy pp. 80-87 Downloads
Erna Fucic
Mathematical modelling of unmanned aerial vehicles with four rotors pp. 88-100 Downloads
Zoran Benic, Petar Piljek and Denis Kotarski
Comparison of composite restoration techniques pp. 101-115 Downloads
Andras Katona and Ibrahim Barrak

Volume 13, issue 4, 2015

Consciousness, mind, and spirit: three levels of human cognition pp. 488-500 Downloads
Andrej Ule
Some reflections on the possibility of naturalizing the mind pp. 501-510 Downloads
Andrej Ule
Mind in nature, nature in mind: a reply to ule pp. 511-524 Downloads
Sebastjan Voros
A better metaphor for understanding consciousness? pp. 525-533 Downloads
Urban Kordes
Naturalism and the experiential perspective pp. 534-539 Downloads
Olga Markic
Representations and inhomogeneous beings pp. 540-547 Downloads
Laszlo Ropolyi
Dispositional beliefs pp. 548-557 Downloads
Matjaz Potrc

Volume 13, issue 3, 2015

A Theory for Complex Systems Social Change: An Application of a General 'Criticality' Model pp. 342-353 Downloads
Ichiro Shimada and Tomio Koyama
The Concept of Free Will as an Infinite Metatheoretic Recursion pp. 354-366 Downloads
Hashim Hanaan and Srikanth Radhakrishna
The Universe is Like a Hollowed Sphere. The Wave Concept of Time pp. 367-372 Downloads
Andrzej W. G³uszak and Franciszek Kluza
The Art of Memory and the Growth of the Scientific Method pp. 373-396 Downloads
Gopal P. Sarma
Reconsidering Written Language pp. 397-404 Downloads
Gopal P. Sarma
The Paradox of Explosive and Gradual Policy Change in Political Revolutionary Times pp. 405-419 Downloads
Michael Givel
Recent Impacts of Selected Development Indicators on Unemployment Rate: Focusing the SEE Countries pp. 420-433 Downloads
Ksenija Dumicic, Vesna Bucevska and Emina Resic
Distance Factors and Croatian Export Obstacles in the EU15: CAGE Approach pp. 434-449 Downloads
Helena Miloloza
The Effect of Shocks: An Empirical Analysis of Ethiopia pp. 450-460 Downloads
Yilebes Addisu Damtie
Study of Stainless Steel Resistance in Conditions of Tribocorrosion Wear pp. 461-471 Downloads
Goran Rozing, Vesna Alar and Vlatko Marušiæ
Comparison of Different Simulations Methods in Case of Service-Providing Companies pp. 472-478 Downloads
Biserka Runje, Elizabeta Krstic Vukelja and Amalija Horvatic
Application of Instrumented Charpy Method in Characterisation of Materials pp. 479-487 Downloads
Zeljko Alar, Davor Mandic, Andrija Dugorepec and Matija Sakoman

Volume 13, issue 2, 2015

Introduction: In Search of Esperanto pp. 182-192 Downloads
Humphrey Tonkin
Language Planning and Planned Languages: How Can Planned Languages Inform Language Planning? pp. 193-199 Downloads
Humphrey Tonkin
How Not to Reinvent the Wheel... The Essential Scholarly Literature in Interlinguistics and Esperantology pp. 200-215 Downloads
Detlev Blanke
Is Scholarly Communication Possible in a So-called "Artificial" Language? pp. 216-235 Downloads
Detlev Blanke and Wera Blanke
Can Complexity be Planned? pp. 236-249 Downloads
Ilona Koutny
Esperanto Phraseology pp. 250-263 Downloads
Sabine Fiedler
Machine Translation as a Complex System: The Role of Esperanto pp. 264-274 Downloads
Federic Gobbo
Grammar: A Complex Structure. A Linguistic Description of Esperanto in Functional Discourse Grammar pp. 275-287 Downloads
Wim Jansen
The Teaching and Learning of Esperanto pp. 288-298 Downloads
Duncan Charters
The Science of Symbiosis and Linguistic Democracy in Early Twentieth-century Japan pp. 299-317 Downloads
Sho Konishi
How Many People Speak Esperanto? Esperanto on the Web pp. 318-321 Downloads
Amri Wandel
Esperanto (s)en perspektivo? Croatian Esperantists on the International Language Esperanto pp. 322-341 Downloads
Krunoslav Puskar

Volume 13, issue 1, 2015

Cloud Robotics Model pp. 1-8 Downloads
Gyula Mester
Moving towards Cloud Security pp. 9-14 Downloads
Edit Szilvia Ruboczki and Zoltán Rajnai
Synopsis of Soft Computing Techniques used in Quadrotor UAV Modelling and Control pp. 15-25 Downloads
Attila Nemes
Cloud Robotics Platforms pp. 26-33 Downloads
Busra Koken
Concepts of the Internet of Things from the Aspect of the Autonomous Mobile Robots pp. 34-40 Downloads
Janos Simon
Motion Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots pp. 41-47 Downloads
Birol Kocaturk
The requirements of the installation of the critical informational infrastructure and its management pp. 48-56 Downloads
Bela Puskas and Zoltán Rajnai
Towards an Agent Based Framework for Modelling Smart Self-Sustainable Systems pp. 57-70 Downloads
Igor Tomièiæ and Markus Schatten
Modular Approach to Designing Computer Cultural Systems: Culture as a Thermodynamic Machine pp. 71-81 Downloads
Leland Gilsen
Social behavior and the superorganism: Implications for disease and stability in complex animal societies and Colony Collapse Disorder in Honeybees pp. 82-98 Downloads
Niccolo Caldararo
Organizing for Emergencies - Issues in Wildfire Fighting in Croatia pp. 99-116 Downloads
Robert Fabac, Davor Djalog and Vinko Zebic
Quality Lessons in Traditional and Electronic Textbook pp. 117-127 Downloads
Snezana Laketa and Darko Drakulic
Assessing Credit Default using Logistic Regression and Multiple Discriminant Analysis: Empirical Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina pp. 128-153 Downloads
Deni Memic
Business Sample Survey Measurement on Statistical Thinking and Methods Adoption: The Case of Croatian Small Enterprises pp. 154-166 Downloads
Berislav Zmuk
Who Creates the Time: Nature or Human? pp. 167-172 Downloads
Sergey B. Kulikov
The current status of the Magnetoplasma compressor device in Belgrade - study of plasma facing materials important for fusion reactors pp. 173-181 Downloads
Nora Trklja
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