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An Adverse Social Welfare Consequence of a Rich-to-Poor Income Transfer: A Relative Deprivation Approach , pp 1-37 Downloads
Oded Stark, Grzegorz Kosiorowski and Marcin Jakubek
Inheritance Taxation: Redistribution and Predistribution , pp 1-13 Downloads
Frank A. Cowell, Dirk Van de gaer and Chang He
Poverty Profiles and Well-Being: Panel Evidence from Germany , pp 1-22 Downloads
Andrew Clark, Conchita D’Ambrosio and Simone Ghislandi
Reference Groups and the Poverty Line: An Axiomatic Approach with an Empirical Illustration , pp 1-27 Downloads
Satya Chakravarty, Nachiketa Chattopadhyay, Joseph Deutsch, Zoya Nissanov and Jacques Silber
The Asset Price Meltdown and Household Wealth over the Great Recession in the United States , pp 1-42 Downloads
Edward N. Wolff
A Note on Progressive Taxation and Inequality Equivalence , pp 15-33 Downloads
Claudio Zoli
Once Poor, Always Poor? Do Initial Conditions Matter? Evidence from the ECHP , pp 23-70 Downloads
Eirini Andriopoulou and Panos Tsakloglou
The Vulnerable Are Not (Necessarily) the Poor , pp 29-57 Downloads
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Income and Wealth Distributions in a Neoclassical Growth Model with s = 1 , pp 35-62 Downloads
Mauro Patrão
The Benchmark of Maximum Relative Bipolarisation , pp 39-50 Downloads
Gaston Yalonetzky
Cross-National Differences in Wealth Portfolios at the Intensive Margin: Is there a Role for Policy? , pp 43-85 Downloads
Karina Doorley and Eva Sierminska
The Necessary Requirement of Median Independence for Relative Bipolarisation Measurement , pp 51-62 Downloads
Gaston Yalonetzky
Effects of Reducing Inequality in Household Education, Health and Access to Credit on Pro-Poor Growth: Evidence from Cameroon , pp 59-82 Downloads
Boniface Ngah Epo and Francis Menjo Baye
Did Poverty Reduction Reach the Poorest of the Poor? Complementary Measures of Poverty and Inequality in the Counting Approach , pp 63-102 Downloads
Suman Seth and Sabina Alkire
Applying the Decomposition of the Foster and Wolfson Bipolarization Index to Earnings Functions , pp 63-88 Downloads
Elena Bárcena-Martin and Jacques Silber
Factors Associated with Poverty and Indigence Mobility in Five Latin American Countries , pp 71-107 Downloads
Luis Beccaria, Roxana Maurizio, Gustavo Vázquez and Manuel Espro
Labor Market Policies, Informal Labor Markets, and Wage Dispersion , pp 83-120 Downloads
Claudia Trentini
The Decomposition of Well-Being Dimensions: An Application to Germany , pp 87-113 Downloads
Jürgen Faik and Uwe Fachinger
The Counting Approach to Multidimensional Food Security Measurement: The Case of Israel , pp 89-108 Downloads
Miri Endeweld and Jacques Silber
Chronic Poverty and Poverty Dynamics: Resolving a Paradox in the Normative Basis for Intertemporal Poverty Measures , pp 103-135 Downloads
Natalie Naïri Quinn
The Contribution of Income Mobility to Economic Insecurity in the US and Spain during the Great Recession , pp 109-152 Downloads
Olga Cantó and David O. Ruiz
The Impact of Education on Income Inequality in Latin America between 2000 and 2010 , pp 109-148 Downloads
Claudia Sámano-Robles
On the Estimation of the Global Income Distribution Using a Parsimonious Approach , pp 115-145 Downloads
Vanesa Jordá, José María Sarabia and Faustino Prieto
The Formal/Informal Employment Earnings Gap: Evidence from Turkey , pp 121-154 Downloads
Aysıt Tansel and Elif Acar
Curbing One’s Consumption and the Impoverishment Process: The Case of Western Asia , pp 137-159 Downloads
Joseph Deutsch, Jacques Silber and Guanghua Wan
Poverty has Declined, but What about the Burden of Non-Extreme Poverty? Generalized Dominance Criteria for Convex Subsets within the Poverty Domain , pp 147-184 Downloads
Florent Bresson
Income Inequality and Inequality of Opportunity in Europe: Are they on the Rise? , pp 149-196 Downloads
Ana Suárez Álvarez and Ana Jesús López Menéndez
The Role of Skills in Understanding Low Income in Canada , pp 153-184 Downloads
Andrew Heisz, Geranda Notten and Jerry Situ
The Role of Minimum Wage and Income Transfer Policies on the Labour Market: The Case of Argentina , pp 155-180 Downloads
Fernando Groisman
Exploring Multidimensional Poverty in China: 2010 to 2014 , pp 161-228 Downloads
Sabina Alkire and Yangyang Shen
Performance and Inequality in Health: A Comparison of Child and Maternal Health across Asia , pp 181-214 Downloads
Bénédicte Apouey and Jacques Silber
Immigrant Child Poverty – The Achilles Heel of the Scandinavian Welfare State , pp 185-219 Downloads
Taryn Ann Galloway, Björn Gustafsson, Peder Pedersen and Torun Österberg
Are Mass Media and ICTs Associated with Inequality and Poverty? , pp 185-216 Downloads
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Macro-Economic Determinants of Cross-Country Differences in Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Disadvantage in Europe , pp 197-217 Downloads
Maria A. Davia and Nuria Legazpe
Parental Incarceration and Social Exclusion: Long-term Implications for the Health and Well-being of Vulnerable Children in the United States , pp 215-234 Downloads
Rosalyn D. Lee, Xiangming Fang and Feijun Luo
Socioeconomic Inequality in Happiness in the United States , pp 217-236 Downloads
Shiyi Chen and Buhong Zheng
Long-Run Factors Influencing Intergenerational Perceived Job Status Mobility , pp 219-246 Downloads
John A. Bishop, Haiyong Liu and Juan Gabriel Rodríguez
Rural Poverty and Ethnicity in China , pp 221-247 Downloads
Carlos Gradín
Immigration and Poverty: The Case of Italy , pp 229-257 Downloads
Romina Gambacorta
Can a Concern for Status Reconcile Diverse Social Welfare Programs? , pp 235-246 Downloads
Oded Stark and Marcin Jakubek
Cross-Country Intergenerational Status Mobility: Is there a Great Gatsby Curve? , pp 237-249 Downloads
John A. Bishop, Haiyong Liu and Juan Rodríguez
Misperceptions: An Analysis of Subjective Economic Inequality , pp 247-281 Downloads
Aboozar Hadavand
How Individuals’ Perceptions of Inequality May Affect Their Perceptions of Corruption: A Challenge to New Democracies , pp 247-270 Downloads
Matthew Loveless
Static and Dynamic Disparities between Monetary and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement: Evidence from Vietnam , pp 249-281 Downloads
Tran Van Q., Sabina Alkire and Stephan Klasen
Perception of Income Inequality: A Multidimensional Scaling Study , pp 251-272 Downloads
Barbara Jancewicz
Own and Sibling Effects of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Theory and Evidence from Cambodia: 1 , pp 259-298 Downloads
Francisco Ferreira, Deon Filmer and Norbert Schady
Tax Evasion and Underground Inequality: A Parametric Analysis , pp 271-305 Downloads
Roberto Fantozzi
Polarization of Time and Income – A Multidimensional Analysis for Germany , pp 273-321 Downloads
Joachim Merz and Bettina Scherg
Hardship, Debt, and Income-Based Poverty Measures in the USA , pp 283-299 Downloads
Kathleen S. Short
Democracy and Equality Preferences , pp 283-297 Downloads
John A. Bishop and Haiyong Liu
Does Inequality Foster or Hinder the Growth of Entrepreneurship in the Long Run? , pp 299-341 Downloads
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero and Luciana Méndez-Errico
Modeling the Joint Distribution of Income and Wealth , pp 301-327 Downloads
Markus Jantti, Eva Sierminska and Philippe Van Kerm
Macroeconomic Determinants of Inequality of Opportunity in the United States: 1970–2009 , pp 307-330 Downloads
Gustavo Marrero and Juan Rodríguez
On the Measurement of Regional Convergence in Inequality and Welfare , pp 323-349 Downloads
Maria Adelaide Duarte, Jacques Silber, João Andrade and Marta Simões
Occupational Choice and Earnings Mobility in the Work Life – Empirical Evidence from Europe and the United States , pp 331-359 Downloads
Veronika V. Eberharter
Regional Income Convergence in Portugal (1991–2002) , pp 351-381 Downloads
Gertrudes Guerreiro
Relative Income Distribution in Six European Countries , pp 361-386 Downloads
Ilaria Petrarca and Roberto Ricciuti
Inequality, Welfare, and Order Statistics , pp 383-399 Downloads
Encarnación M. Parrado-Gallardo, Elena Barcena and Luis J. Imedio-Olmedo
On the Measurement of Intermediate Inequality: A Dominance Criterion for a Ray-Invariant Notion , pp 401-420 Downloads
Francisco Azpitarte and Olga Alonso-Villar
Wage Distributions and the Accounting Period: An Assessment of the Shorrocks Effect , pp 421-447 Downloads
Carsten Schröder
Tournaments and Superstar Models: A Mixture of Two Pareto Distributions , pp 449-479 Downloads
Abdoul Aziz Ndoye and Michel Lubrano
Determinants of Active Income Inequality for Non-Wage Earners in Cameroon , pp 481-501 Downloads
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