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The Historical Epistemology of Economics:: An Invitation , pp 3-9 Downloads
Till Düppe and Harro Maas
The Shaping of Public Economic Discourse in Postwar America: The 1947 Meat Shortage and Franco Modigliani’s Meat Plan , pp 3-42 Downloads
Michele Alacevich, Pier Asso and Sebastiano Nerozzi
Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Question in the History of Economic Thought: An Introductory Note , pp 3-14 Downloads
Luca Michelini and Terenzio Maccabelli
Introduction , pp 3-11 Downloads
Marina Bianchi and Maurizio Franzini
Introduction to a Symposium on Austrian Economics in the Immediate Postwar Period , pp 3-7 Downloads
Scott Scheall
The: Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft: (Austrian Economic Association) in the Interwar Period and beyond , pp 9-43 Downloads
Hansjörg Klausinger
Physiocracy as an Eighteenth-Century Science , pp 11-34 Downloads
Loïc Charles and Christine Théré
Albert O. Hirschman and the Rise and Decline of Development Economics , pp 13-39 Downloads
Michele Alacevich
Capitalism and Judaism in Werner Sombart: A Contribution to the Analysis of Capitalist Rationality and its Limits , pp 15-38 Downloads
Vitantonio Gioia
Engines of Discovery:: Jevons and Marshall on the Methods of Graphs and Diagrams , pp 35-61 Downloads
Hsiang-Ke Chao and Harro Maas
Maffeo Pantaleoni: Fomentor of the Anti-Semitic Press Campaign , pp 39-62 Downloads
Luca Michelini
In Praise of Small: Albert O. Hirschman and the Question of Scale , pp 41-61 Downloads
Jeremy Adelman
The “Subtle Processes of Economic Reasoning”: Marshall, Becker, and Theorizing about Economic Man and Other-Regarding Behavior , pp 43-73 Downloads
Steven Medema
The Moral Scholar and the A-Moral Scientist: The Responsibility of the Social Scientist in Austrian Economics before and after the Migration , pp 45-71 Downloads
Erwin Dekker
The Contemporary Significance of a Dissenter: Albert O. Hirschman’s Idea of Development , pp 63-90 Downloads
Andrea Ginzburg
Thorstein Veblen on the Intellectual Pre-eminence of Jews: Beyond the Myth of Veblen’s ‘Social Marginality’ , pp 63-81 Downloads
Tiziana Foresti
Political Infrastructures for Economic Knowledge:: The American Military Administration of Germany and its View of the German Economy, 1945–1947 , pp 63-83 Downloads
Tobias Vogelgsang
The Nature of the Market in Mises and Weber , pp 73-91 Downloads
Solomon Stein and Virgil Storr
Bounded Rationality and Bounded Individuality , pp 75-93 Downloads
John Davis
Zionism, Fascism, Racial Laws: The Case of Gino Arias: The abbreviations that follow will be adopted: AAG (Archive of the Academy of Georgofili, conserved at the Academy itself), AAL (Achille Loria’s archive, conserved at the State Archives of Turin), ACS (Central Archives of the State, conserved in Rome), AGA (Gino Arias’s archive, temporarily conserved at the chair of History of Economic Thought at the University of Florence), AJM (Jacopo Mazzei’s archive, conserved at his heirs’ place), RDL. (Royal Decree Law) , pp 83-125 Downloads
Omar Ottonelli
Gérard Debreu’s Values:: Axioms and Anecdotes , pp 85-111 Downloads
Till Düppe
Models and Misperceptions: Chenery, Hirschman and Tinbergen on Development Planning , pp 91-99 Downloads
Neil De Marchi
“Un-Austrian” Austrians? Haberler, Machlup, and Morgenstern, and the Post-Emigration Elaboration of Austrian Economics , pp 93-124 Downloads
Janek Wasserman
American Institutionalism after 1945 , pp 95-123 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
Albert O. Hirschman and the Structuralist–Monetarist Debate in Latin America , pp 101-122 Downloads
Ana Maria Bianchi
Historical Epistemology and the History of Economics:: Views Through the Lens of Practice , pp 113-145 Downloads
Thomas A. Stapleford
Homo Politicus: Reflections on: The Passions and the Interests , pp 123-137 Downloads
Ruth W. Grant
The Genealogy of the Labor Hoarding Concept , pp 125-161 Downloads
Jeff Biddle
Systems, Structural Properties and Levels of Organisation: The Influence of Ludwig Von Bertalanffy on the Work of F.A. Hayek , pp 125-159 Downloads
Paul Lewis
Pareto-Optimality or Pareto-Efficiency: Same Concept, Different Names? An Analysis Over a Century of Economic Literature , pp 129-145 Downloads
Irène Berthonnet and Thomas Delclite
Shifting Values: Private Concerns versus Public Action , pp 139-160 Downloads
Marina Bianchi
Ordo and European Competition Law , pp 147-157 Downloads
Flavio Felice and Massimiliano Vatiero
On the “Value Paradox” in Art Economics , pp 149-175 Downloads
Cameron Weber
The German Edition of Keynes’s General Theory: Controversies on the Preface , pp 159-166 Downloads
Harald Hagemann
The Road to Servomechanisms: The Influence of Cybernetics on Hayek from: The Sensory Order: to the Social Order , pp 161-198 Downloads
Gabriel Oliva
“Good and Bad” (not “Good or Bad”): Albert O. Hirschman as a Behavioral Economist , pp 161-174 Downloads
Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap
What to Tell a Graduate Course in Macroeconomics about Keynes , pp 163-178 Downloads
Robert W. Dimand
Statistical Economic Balances in Unbalanced Times.: The Balance of the National Economy of the USSR, 1923: –: 24:: Pavel Illich Popov’s Contribution , pp 167-216 Downloads
Amanar Akhabbar
Spanning Exit and Voice: Albert Hirschman’s Contribution to Political Science , pp 175-196 Downloads
Peter John and Keith Dowding
Some Notes on Cournot and the Bargaining Problem , pp 179-189 Downloads
Marc Nerlove and Null Null
Malthus, Utopians, and Economists , pp 179-207 Downloads
J. Daniel Hammond
Efficient Institutions: The Role of Exit and Voice , pp 197-215 Downloads
Maurizio Franzini
The History of a Tradition: Austrian Economics from 1871 to 2016 , pp 199-243 Downloads
Peter J. Boettke, Christopher J. Coyne and Patrick Newman
On John Maynard Keynes’s Anti-Semitism Once Again: A Documentary Note , pp 211-229 Downloads
Luca Fiorito
Studying the Balance of the National Economy: An Introduction (A Translation) , pp 217-295 Downloads
Pavel Illich Popov and Amanar Akhabbar
Robert Franklin Hoxie: The Contributions of a Neglected Chicago Economist , pp 219-304 Downloads
Charles R. McCann and Vibha Kapuria-Foreman
The Great Depression of 1873–1896 and Price Fluctuations: British Forerunners of the Long Waves Perspective , pp 247-292 Downloads
Daniele Besomi
No Place For Law and Economics: The Controversy over Railroad Regulation before the Hepburn Act , pp 293-338 Downloads
Nicola Giocoli
Ohlin on the Great Depression: Ten Newspaper Articles 1929–1935 , pp 299-348 Downloads
Benny Carlson and Lars Jonung
The Mises-Knight Theory of Uncertainty and Its Implications for Entrepreneurship, Equilibrium, and the Theory of the Firm , pp 305-336 Downloads
Per Bylund and G. P. Manish
The Road Less Traveled: Monetary Disequilibrium, Austrian Capital Theory, and the “Keynesian Diversion” , pp 337-363 Downloads
Scott Burns
Towards a Rational Reconstruction of Pigou’s ‘Theory of Unemployment’ , pp 339-356 Downloads
Massimo Di Matteo
Romance or No Romance? Adam Smith and David Hume in James Buchanan’s “Politics without Romance” , pp 357-372 Downloads
Andrew Farrant and Maria Pia Paganelli
J. M. Keynes’s Lectures on Fisher in 1909 , pp 367-401 Downloads
Carlo Cristiano
‘The Cause of Ye Wast of the Silver or Bullion of England’: A New Document from Thomas Mun’s Age , pp 375-401 Downloads
Salim Rashid
Review of the New English Translation of Heinrich von Stackelberg (1934, 2011): Market Structure and Equilibrium:, Translated by Damien Bazin (Scientific Director), Lynn Urch and Rowland Hill, Berlin, Springer, 2011 , pp 405-411 Downloads
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