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Rethinking Social Action. Core Values in Practice, vol 1

Edited by Camelia Ignatescu (), Antonio Sandu () and Tomita Ciulei ()

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Abstract: Vol 1 (2017) Proceedings Volume: Rethinking Social Action. Core Values in Practice; Vol 1 (2017); ISSN (print): 2601 – 2510; ISSN (on-line): 2601 – 2529; ISSN–L: 2601 – 2510; ISBN print: 978-1-910129-13-5; ISBN on-line: 978-1-910129-14-2; DOI:; Conference: 8th LUMEN International Scientific Conference Rethinking Social Action. Core Values in Practice | RSACVP 2017 | 6-9 April 2017 | Suceava – Romania; Dates: 6-9 April 2017 | Location: Suceava, Romania

Keywords: Rethinking; Social; Action; Core Values; Practice (search for similar items in EconPapers)
JEL-codes: A3 I2 I3 M0 (search for similar items in EconPapers)
Date: 2017
Edition: 1
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Chapters in this book:

Ch 01 Studiu Privind Cresterea Interesului Elevilor de Scoala Generala Pentru Educatie Fizica prin Activitatile Curriculare si Extracurriculare , pp 09-58 Downloads
Gabriela Macsim
Ch 02 Exemple si Contraexemple Privind Convergenta Sirurilor De Numere Reale , pp 59-108 Downloads
Daniela A. Margarit (Codrescu)
Ch 03 Estetica Personajului din Teatrul Camilpetrescian , pp 109-178 Downloads
Alina-Valentina Nichiforel (Onofrei)
Ch 04 Rolul Experimentului Virtual in Procesul de Instruire. Studiu comparativ , pp 179-228 Downloads
Lacramioara M. Iani (Stoica)
Ch 5 The Influence of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Philosophy on Peter Singer’s Ethics , pp 44-51 Downloads
Mihai Androne
Ch 6 Considerations on the Insolvency Proceedings for Individuals in Romania , pp 52-66 Downloads
Irina Apetrei
Ch 7 TAE BO – Form of Gym , pp 67-74 Downloads
Silviu Andrei Badea
Ch 8 Teaching in Architecture Studios: Poetic Simplicity , pp 75-91 Downloads
LetiÅ£ia Bä‚rbuicä‚
Ch 9 The Impact of Health Indicators on Economic Development and Social Wealth , pp 92-102 Downloads
Celia Dana Besciu and Armenia Androniceanu
Ch 10 The Many Facets of the Romanian Conceptual Art , pp 103-110 Downloads
Smaranda Bostan and Maria BILAÅžEVSCHI
Ch 11 An Innovative Model for Science Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development based on Exploiting Multimedia and Web 2.0 Applications in Education , pp 111-118 Downloads
Iulian Brezeanu, Lucia Pascale and Pompiliu Alexandru
Ch 12 Social Adjustment in Organizational Environment , pp 119-131 Downloads
Mariana Floricica Cä‚lin
Ch 13 Implementation of a Pedagogic Work Culture Development Model in Students with Special Educational Needs , pp 132-146 Downloads
Viorica Cerneavschi and Valentina Stratan
Ch 14 The Transition from Dependency to Autonomy of Children with Down Syndrome through Development of Motor Skills in Gymnastic Exercises , pp 147-158 Downloads
Bianca Chera-Ferrario and Camelia Voicu
Ch 15 Study Regarding the Motives of Children Participation in Sport Activities , pp 159-168 Downloads
Dana Maria Ciocan, Alexandra Milon and Gabriel MAREÅž
Ch 16 Inheritance – between the Bible and the Civil Code , pp 169-175 Downloads
Liviu-Bogdan Ciucä‚
Ch 17 Dependent Activities vs. Independent Activities in Application of VAT Rate to Individuals , pp 176-185 Downloads
Marta – Claudia Cliza
Ch 18 Causes of Poverty – What Do the Poor Think? Poverty Attribution and Its Behavioural Effects , pp 186-197 Downloads
Silvia Cojanu and Cristina Stroe
Ch 19 Competitiveness Analysis of the Romanian Economy , pp 198-209 Downloads
Adriana DIMA (girneata) and Monica Nedelcu
Ch 20 Sacred Art, a Core Value in the Cultural-Artistic Rethinking and Visual Practice , pp 210-219 Downloads
Georgeta MeriÅŸor Dominte, Marina Vraciu, Bogdan Cojocea and Stelian Onica
Ch 21 Truth and Error in the Dispute between Hobbes and Descartes on Meditations on First Philosophy , pp 220-229 Downloads
Marius Dumitrescu
Ch 22 Metaphorical Perceptions of Turkish EFL Students about Themselves: The Sample of Kafkas University , pp 230-242 Downloads
Gencer Elkilic
Ch 23 Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Vagus Nerve Stimulation in the Treatment of Heart Failure , pp 243-256 Downloads
Cristina Furnica, Raluca Ozana Chistol, Mihaela Grecu, Mihaela Tomaziu-Todosia and Grigore Tinica
Ch 24 Applying the Multidimensional Theory for the Romanian Political Parties in Austrian Bucovina (Last Decade of 19th Century – Second Decade of 20th Century) , pp 257-269 Downloads
Vlad Gafiå¢a
Ch 25 The New Regulation of Public-Private Partnership Contract in Romanian Legislation. Critical Analysis , pp 270-283 Downloads
Simona Petrina Gavrilä‚ and Åžtefania Cristina Miricä‚
Ch 26 Contemporary Ecclesial Priorities of Social Involvement. A Romanian Orthodox Perspective , pp 284-296 Downloads
Ionut Adrian Ghibanu
Ch 27 Students’ Perception Concerning Gender Equality as a Strong Responsible Research and Innovation Dimension , pp 297-307 Downloads
Gabriel Gorghiu, Ana Maria Aurelia Petrescu, Laura Monica Gorghiu and Crinela Dumitrescu
Ch 28 Bringing RRI in Science Lessons - Challenges and Benefits for Students in Learning Process , pp 308-317 Downloads
Laura Monica Gorghiu, Mihai Bizoi, Ana Maria Aurelia Petrescu and Gabriel Gorghiu
Ch 29 The Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian Economic Diplomacy in the Context of EU-USA Bilateral Negotiations , pp 318-329 Downloads
Ioana Gutu
Ch 30 The TTIP and Its Potential Effects over the Labor Force in the European Union , pp 330-339 Downloads
Ioana Gutu
Ch 31 The ‘Fallen Woman’ Motif in Two Plays by Oscar Wilde , pp 340-352 Downloads
Nicoleta-Mariana Iftimie
Ch 32 Kosovo Conflict and its Impact on European Security and Stability , pp 353-363 Downloads
Raluca Iulia Iulian
Ch 33 Homo Pulsator, or an Outline for a Phenomenology of Beating , pp 364-374 Downloads
Ivan Ivlampie
Ch 34 Ethical Egoism, a Failure of Moral Theories , pp 375-384 Downloads
Viviana Ivlampie
Ch 35 The Relationship between Adolescents’ Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence , pp 385-393 Downloads
Emil Lazä‚r
Ch 36 Institutions of Central Government. Substantiation of Their Activity in Romania , pp 394-403 Downloads
Oana Elena Lenå¢a and Anca Ciursä‚
Ch 37 Influence of Body Mass Index over the Youngsters’ Motion , pp 404-412 Downloads
Nicoleta Leonte, Ofelia Popescu, Adrian Pricop and Iancu Rä‚chitä‚
Ch 38 Evaluation of Music Education: Musical Competences and Self-confidence in Teaching , pp 413-423 Downloads
Stefanija LESHKOVA Zelenkovska and Aida Islam
Ch 39 The Early Maladaptive Cognitive Schemas and Personality Traits in Emerging Adulthood , pp 424-437 Downloads
Violeta Lungu and Mihaela Stomff
Ch 40 The Pseudo Knowledges of Intercultural Communication , pp 438-447 Downloads
Daniela Macovei
Ch 41 Promoting Interactive Knowledge to Students in Non-formal Education Activities Dedicated to Solar Energy Processes , pp 448-458 Downloads
Gabriela Mä‚ntescu, Gabriel Gorghiu and Gabriel State
Ch 42 Correctness of Syllogistic Reasoning , pp 459-469 Downloads
Mircea Adrian Marica
Ch 43 Achievements and Prospects of the Absorption of Structural and Cohesion Funds under the Impact of Global Crises , pp 470-482 Downloads
Camelia Nicoleta Medeleanu and Mihaela Dana Ignat
Ch 44 A New Approach Integrated for Optimizing the Materials Flow in Production , pp 483-495 Downloads
Lucia-Violeta Melnic, Gabriela Ianculescu and Andrei-Marian Gurau
Ch 45 Alienation and Anomie – the Perverse Effects of Social Empowerment , pp 496-507 Downloads
Rarita Mihail
Ch 46 Indicators of Motivation and Satisfaction on Students’ Activities , pp 508-521 Downloads
Simona Mina
Ch 47 Sport in the Lives of the Artists , pp 522-526 Downloads
Raluca Minea
Ch 48 Tolerance as Core Value and Communication Principle , pp 527-538 Downloads
Elina Minnullina and Zhanna Vavilova
Ch 49 The Extraterrestrial Environment – an Axiological Perspective , pp 539-547 Downloads
Lucian MOCREI Rebrean
Ch 50 Aspects of Applied Ethics in the Spiritual Autobiographies from the Orthodox Space in the 19thand 20th Centuries , pp 548-557 Downloads
Iuliu-Marius Morariu
Ch 51 Improvement of Coordination Abilities through Dancesport among Middle Schoolers , pp 558-565 Downloads
Cristina Elena Moraru
Ch 52 The Human Body - Between Past and Present, the New Self and Body-Self , pp 558-565 Downloads
Constantin Pehoiu and Cristian Florian Savu
Ch 53 A Few Considerations Concerning Latin And Slavic Influences On The Development Of Noun Inflection In Contemporary Romanian , pp 578-586 Downloads
Cipriana-Elena Peica
Ch 54 Verbal Clichés and Their Use in Everyday Speech – a Few Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic Considerations , pp 587-596 Downloads
Cipriana-Elena Peica
Ch 55 Relationship between Self-Actualization and Loneliness in Young Adults , pp 597-610 Downloads
Carolina Perjan, Sergiu Sanduleac and Victoria Plä‚mä‚dealä‚
Ch 56 Formative Valences of Presentation Graphics Software between Myth and Reality , pp 611-622 Downloads
Ana-Maria Aurelia Petrescu, Gabriel Gorghiu, Ioana Stä‚ncescu and Laura Monica Gorghiu
Ch 57 Olympic Games in Time of Cold War , pp 623-632 Downloads
Cristiana Lucretia Pop
Ch 58 Analysis of the Influence of Sensorimotor Coordination Development on Floor Acrobatic Training in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics , pp 633-643 Downloads
Vladimir Potop and Ion Carp
Ch 59 Educational Responsibility in Efficient Implementation of European Policy Concerning the Energy Market , pp 644-654 Downloads
Victorita Radulescu
Ch 60 Policy and Improper Management of the Dams realized by Local Materials with Possible Risk in Exploitation , pp 655-664 Downloads
Victorita Radulescu
Ch 61 The Impact of Social Media Engagement Metrics on Purchase Intention: A Study on Brand Fan Page Followers , pp 665-681 Downloads
Zoha Rahman, Suberamanian and Moghavvemi
Ch 62 The Convertor Status of Article of Case and Number in the Romanian Language , pp 682-694 Downloads
Diana-Maria Roman
Ch 63 The Flective-Relateme of the Determinative Article Type in the Romanian Language , pp 695-708 Downloads
Diana-Maria Roman
Ch 64 An Alternative to Post-Humanism: Neo-Humanism. The Argument of Consciousness Singularity , pp 709-718 Downloads
Viorel Rotilä‚
Ch 65 Social Effects of Consciousness Theory: Redefining Responsibility according to the existence of the Free Will , pp 719-729 Downloads
Viorel Rotilä‚
Ch 66 Analysis of a Major Inequity in the Budgetary Wage System: Gerontocracy. Arguments and Solutions , pp 730-739 Downloads
Viorel Rotilä‚ and Lidia Celmare
Ch 67 An Analysis of Public Pay Policy from the Perspective of Ethical and Legal Principles. Case Study: Draft Law on Public Employees’ Pay , pp 740-746 Downloads
Viorel Rotilä‚ and Traian Palade
Ch 68 Volunteering: Interest or Altruism? , pp 747-754 Downloads
Delia Elena Rusu
Ch 69 The Educational Failure in an International School , pp 755-760 Downloads
Claudia Salceanu and Raluca-Silvia Matei
Ch 70 Farm-based Education: A Comparative Study of Romania and Ukraine , pp 761-771 Downloads
Elena-Mirela Samfira, Hasan Arslan and Viktor Vus
Ch 71 Gender Differences in Teenagers’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward Sciences , pp 772-785 Downloads
Elena Ancuţa Santi and Gabriel Gorghiu
Ch 72 The Relationship of Body Composition and Aerobic Exercise Capacity , pp 786-794 Downloads
Cristian Florian Savu, Constantin Pehoiu and Silviu Andrei Badea
Ch 73 The Evolution of Regional Disparities in the Central and Eastern European Countries of European Union , pp 795-807 Downloads
Adrian Liviu Scutariu
Ch 74 Deconstructing Roth’s The Plot against America: The Making of the President Donald Trump , pp 808-819 Downloads
Majid Shirvani
Ch 75 “Yes They Can?†- An Empirical Study on the Effect of Slogans in Brand Awareness , pp 820-831 Downloads
Paulo Silveira, Susana GALVÃO and Graça Penteado
Ch 76 The Institutions of Public Administration of Child’s Protection of the Republic of Moldova , pp 832-844 Downloads
Andrei Smochinä‚ and Tatiana FOCÅžA
Ch 77 Students’ Perceptions Concerning their Involvement in Sciences Lessons Learning Activities , pp 845-854 Downloads
Ioana Stä‚ncescu, Ana Maria Aurelia Petrescu and LuminiÅ£a Mihaela Drä‚ghicescu
Ch 78 The Self-Efficacy of the Emerging Adult, Student or Graduate , pp 855-863 Downloads
Mihaela Stomff and Dan Vasiliu
Ch 79 Incidence of Poverty among Large Households and the Alleviating Effects of the Guaranteed Minimum Income in Romania , pp 864-875 Downloads
Cristina Stroe and Silvia-Florina Cojanu
Ch 80 The Development of the Innovative Potential in the Academic Environment of the Republic of Moldova - a Wish or a Necessity? , pp 876-888 Downloads
Alina Suslenco
Ch 81 Consideration regarding the celebration of Dragobete and Saint Valentine in the Oltenia region , pp 876-888 Downloads
Bianca-Mădălina Teodorescu, Oprea-Valentin BUÅžU and Răzvan-Alexandru Cä‚lin
Ch 82 Defensive Medicine: Myths and Realities , pp 898-910 Downloads
Grigore Tinica, Mihaela Tomaziu-Todosia, Gabriel-Catalin Tomaziu-Todosia, Raluca Ozana Chistol, Diana Bulgaru-Iliescu and Cristina Furnica
Ch 83 Romanian Constitutional Court Decision of Relevance in the Field of Medical Law , pp 911-918 Downloads
Elena Toader and Cristina TEODORA Pop
Ch 84 A Simplified Approach to Soft System Design: Adapting Soft System Methodology , pp 919-930 Downloads
Lukas Valek
Ch 85 Reintegration of Schizophrenia Diagnosed Patients in Social Environment through Art Therapy- A Pilot Study , pp 931-942 Downloads
Octavian Vasiliu
Ch 86 Improving Quality of Life in Caregivers of Alzheimer Dementia Patients- A Stepwise Approach , pp 943-958 Downloads
Octavian Vasiliu
Ch 87 Social Factors for Major Depressive Disorder Negative Prognosis in Young Patients , pp 959-967 Downloads
Octavian Vasiliu
Ch 88 The Influence of Immanuel Kant’s Scientific Researches on the Causes of Natural Disasters in the Process of Secularization in the 18th Century , pp 968-976 Downloads
Elena Velescu
Ch 89 Relevant Aspects regarding Personal Data Protection in the Romanian Constitutional Case-Law , pp 977-991 Downloads
Crina Mihaela Verga
Ch 90 The Symbolic Significance of Architecture , pp 992-1006 Downloads
Inna A. Vershinina and Artemiy R. Kurbanov
Ch 91 Perceptions and Attitudes of Turkish Youth Studying at Hungarian Universities – A Quantitative and Qualitative Approach , pp 1007-1015 Downloads
Abdulkerim Yavuzaslan

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