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From Universiteit van Amsterdam, Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance
Dept. of Economics and Econometrics, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Roetersstraat 11, NL - 1018 WB Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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16-08: Evolutionary Cournot competition with endogenous technology choice: (in)stability and optimal policy Downloads
F. Lamantia, A. Negriu and Jan Tuinstra
16-07: The formation of a core periphery structure in heterogeneous financial networks Downloads
Marco van der Leij, D. in 't Veld and Cars Hommes
16-06: Learning to believe in Simple Equilibria in a Complex OLG Economy - evidence from the lab Downloads
Jasmina Arifovic, Cars Hommes and Isabelle Salle
16-05: Persistence and volatility of Beveridge cycles Downloads
Florian Sniekers
16-04: Is the Market Really a Good Teacher? Downloads
Pascal Seppecher, Isabelle Salle and Dany Lang
16-03: Behavioral Learning Equilibria, Persistence Amplification & Monetary Policy Downloads
Cars Hommes and M. Zhu
16-02: Comparing Density Forecasts in a Risk Management Context Downloads
C.G.H. Diks and H. Fang
16-01: Managing Heterogeneous and Unanchored Expectations: A Monetary Policy Analysis Downloads
Cars Hommes and J. Lustenhouwer
15-12: Can a stochastic cusp catastrophe model explain housing market crashes? Downloads
J. Wang
15-11: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Design at the Zero Lower Bound - Evidence from the Lab Downloads
Cars Hommes, Domenico Massaro and Isabelle Salle
15-10: When Speculators Meet Constructors: Positive and Negative Feedback in Experimental Housing Markets Downloads
Cars Hommes and Te Bao
15-09: Microfoundations for Switching Behavior in Heterogeneous Agent Models: An Experiment Downloads
Mikhail Anufriev, Te Bao and Jan Tuinstra
15-08: Networks of Heterogeneous Expectations in an Asset Pricing Market Downloads
Tomasz Makarewicz
15-07: Simple Forecasting Heuristics that Make us Smart: Evidence from Different Market Experiments Downloads
Mikhail Anufriev, Cars Hommes and Tomasz Makarewicz
15-06: Equilibrium Type of Competition with Horizontal Product Innovation Downloads
A. Negriu
15-05: Path Dependent Coordination of Expectations in Asset Pricing Experiments: a Behavioral Explanation Downloads
Anna Agliari, Cars Hommes and N. Pecora
15-04: Critical Slowing Down as Early Warning Signals for Financial Crises? Downloads
C.G.H. Diks, Cars Hommes and J. Wang
15-03: Inflation Targeting and Liquidity Traps under Endogenous Credibility Downloads
Cars Hommes and J. Lustenhouwer
15-02: Non-Recourse Mortgage and Housing Price Boom, Bust, and Rebound Downloads
Te Bao and L. Ding
15-01: Genetic Algorithm Learning in a New Keynesian Macroeconomic Setup Downloads
Cars Hommes, Tomasz Makarewicz, Domenico Massaro and T. Smits
14-15: Discretionary Authority and Prioritizing in Government Agencies Downloads
M.P. Schinkel, Tóth, L. and Jan Tuinstra
14-14: Booms, busts and behavioural heterogeneity in stock prices Downloads
Cars Hommes and D. in 't Veld
14-13: Identifying Booms and Busts in House Prices under Heterogeneous Expectations Downloads
Wilko Bolt, Maria Demertzis, C.G.H. Diks and Marco van der Leij
14-12: Inflation Targeting, Recursive Inattentiveness and Heterogeneous Beliefs Downloads
Anna Agliari, Domenico Massaro, N. Pecora and A. Spelta
14-11: Persistence and volatility of Beveridge cycles Downloads
Florian Sniekers
14-10: Deleveraging crises and deep recessions: a behavioural approach Downloads
Pascal Seppecher and Isabelle Salle
14-09: Identifying causal relationships in case of non-stationary time series Downloads
A. Papana, K. Kyrtsou, D. Kugiumtzis and C.G.H. Diks
14-08: Assessment of Resampling Methods for Causality Testing Downloads
A. Papana, K. Kyrtsou, D. Kugiumtzis and C.G.H. Diks
14-07: Managing Self-organization of Expectations through Monetary Policy: a Macro Experiment Downloads
Tiziana Assenza, P. Heemeijer, Cars Hommes and Domenico Massaro
14-06: Coexisting stable equilibria under least squares learning Downloads
Dávid Kopányi
14-05: Experiments on Expectations in Macroeconomics and Finance Downloads
Tiziana Assenza, Te Bao, Domenico Massaro and Cars Hommes
14-04: The formation of a core periphery structure in heterogeneous financial networks Downloads
Cars Hommes, D. in 't Veld and Marco van der Leij
14-03: How to boost the production of free services: In search of the holy referee grail Downloads
Marcel Canoy and D. in 't Veld
14-02: The order of buying and selling: Multiple equilibria in the housing market Downloads
Florian Sniekers
14-01: Bubble Formation and (In)efficient Markets in Learning-to-Forecast and -Optimize Experiments Downloads
Te Bao, Cars Hommes and Tomasz Makarewicz
13-19: Reflexivity, Expectations Feedback and Almost Self-fulfilling Equilibria: Economic Theory, Empirical Evidence and Laboratory Experiments Downloads
Cars Hommes
13-18: Innovate or Imitate? Behavioural Technological Change Downloads
Cars Hommes and Paolo Zeppini
13-17: Behaviorally Rational Expectations and Almost Self-Fulfilling Equilibria Downloads
Cars Hommes
13-16: Partial Symbolic Transfer Entropy Downloads
A. Papana, Catherine Kyrtsou, D. Kugiumtzis and Cees Diks
13-15: Nonlinear Granger Causality: Guidelines for Multivariate Analysis Downloads
Cees Diks and Marcin Wolski
13-14: Exploring Nonlinearities in Financial Systemic Risk Downloads
Marcin Wolski
13-13: Price-Quantity Competition under Strategic Uncertainty Downloads
Dávid Kopányi
13-12: Endogenous Beveridge cycles and the volatility of unemployment Downloads
Florian Sniekers
13-11: A Discrete Choice Model of Transitions to Sustainable Technologies Downloads
Paolo Zeppini
13-10: Financial architecture and industrial technology: A co-evolutionary model Downloads
A. Negriu
13-09: Evolution of Reciprocity in Asymmetric International Environmental Negotiations Downloads
A. De Zeeuw and M. Ochea
13-08: Economics of environmental regime shifts Downloads
Florian Wagener
13-07: Expectations in Experiments Downloads
Florian Wagener
13-06: Intertemporal Greenwald-Stiglitz Downloads
Tiziana Assenza and Domenico Delli Gatti
13-05: In Defense of Trusts: R&D Cooperation in Global Perspective Downloads
Jeroen Hinloopen, Grega Smrkolj and Florian Wagener
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