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2022: Social policy gone bad educationally: unintended peer effects from transferred students Downloads
Christos Genakos and Eleni Kyrkopoulou
2022: A new dataset to study a century of innovation in Europe and in the US Downloads
Antonin Bergeaud and Cyril Verluise
2022: Education inequality Downloads
Jo Blanden, Matthias Doepke and Jan Stuhler
2022: Ask a local: improving the public pricing of land titles in urban Tanzania Downloads
Martina Manara and Tanner Regan
2022: Unravelling deep integration: UK trade in the wake of Brexit Downloads
Rebecca Freeman, Kalina Manova, Thomas Prayer and Thomas Sampson
2022: Pay, productivity and management Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Scott W. Ohlmacher, Cristina J. Tello-Trillo and Melanie Wallskog
2022: The anatomy of a hospital system merger: the patient did not respond well to treatment Downloads
Martin Gaynor, Adam Sacarny, Raffaella Sadun, Chad Syverson and Shruthi Venkatesh
2022: How does working from home during Covid-19 affect what managers do? Evidence from time-use studies Downloads
Andrew L. Kun, Raffaella Sadun, Orit Shaer and Thomaz Teodorovicz
2022: Managing export complexity: the role of service outsourcing Downloads
Giuseppe Berlingieri and Frank Pisch
2022: The world uncertainty index Downloads
Hites Ahir, Nicholas Bloom and Davide Furceri
2022: Multitasking while driving: a time use study of commuting knowledge workers to access current and future uses Downloads
Andrew L. Kun, Raffaella Sadun, Orit Shaer and Thomaz Teodorovicz
2022: The impact of mental health support for the chronically ill on hospital utilisation: evidence from the UK Downloads
Jonathan Gruber, Grace Lordan, Stephen Pilling, Carol Propper and Rob Saunders
2022: Tuition fees and educational attainment Downloads
Jan Bietenbeck, Andreas Leibing, Jan Marcus and Felix Weinhardt
2022: Firms and Inequality Downloads
Jan De Loecker, Tim Obermeier and John Van Reenen
2022: Managerial and financial barriers during the green transition Downloads
Ralph De Haas, Ralf Martin, Mirabelle Muuls and Helena Schweiger
2022: Is online retail killing coffee shops? Estimating the winners and losers of online retail using customer transaction microdata Downloads
Lindsay E. Relihan
2022: A few Euro more: benefit generosity and the optimal path of unemployment benefits Downloads
Anna D'Ambrosio and Vincenzo Scrutinio
2022: Epidemics and rapacity of multinational companies Downloads
Tommaso Sonno and Davide Zufacchi
2022: A policy toolkit to increase research and innovation in the European Union Downloads
Andreas Teichgraeber and John Van Reenen
2022: Working from home and corporate real estate Downloads
Antonin Bergeaud, Jean Benoit Eymeoud, Thomas Garcia and Dorian Henricot
2022: The making of civic virtues: a school-based experiment in three countries Downloads
Simon Briole, Marc Gurgand, Eric Maurin, Sandra McNally, Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela and Daniel Santin
2022: House price expectations Downloads
Niklas Gohl, Peter Haan, Claus Michelsen and Felix Weinhardt
2022: Trade persistence and trader identity - evidence from the demise of the Hanseatic League Downloads
Max Marczinek, Stephan E. Maurer and Ferdinand Rauch
2022: Omnia Juncta in Uno*: foreign powers and trademark protection in Shanghai's concession era Downloads
Laura Alfaro, Cathy Bao, Maggie X. Chen, Junjie Hong and Claudia Steinwender
2022: Technology transfer in global value chains Downloads
Thomas Sampson
2022: Management and misallocation in Mexico Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Leonardo Iacovone, Mariana Pereira-Lopez and John Van Reenen
2022: Expecting Brexit Downloads
Swati Dhingra and Thomas Sampson
2022: Optimal minimum wages Downloads
Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt, Duncan Roth and Tobias Seidel
2022: Local retail prices, product varieties and neighborhood change Downloads
Fernando Borraz, Felipe Carozzi, Nicolás González-Pampillón and Leandro Zipitria
2022: Do well managed firms make better forecasts? Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Takafumi Kawakubo, Charlotte Meng, Paul Mizen, Rebecca Riley, Tatsuro Senga and John Van Reenen
2021: Men are from Mars, and women too: a Bayesian meta-analysis of overconfidence experiments Downloads
Oriana Bandiera, Nidhi Parekh, Barbara Petrongolo and Michelle Rao
2021: The environmental cost of the international job market for economists Downloads
Olivier Chanel, Alberto Prati and Morgan Raux
2021: Product market competition, creative destruction and innovation Downloads
Rachel Griffith and John Van Reenen
2021: Air pollution and innovation Downloads
Felix Bracht and Dennis Verhoeven
2021: Labor unions and the electoral consequences of trade liberalization Downloads
Pedro Molina Ogeda, Emanuel Ornelas and Rodrigo R. Soares
2021: From immediate acceptance to deferred acceptance: effects on school admissions and achievement in England Downloads
Parag A. Pathak, Kevin Ren and Camille Terrier
2021: Population growth, immigration and labour market dynamics Downloads
Michael W. L. Elsby, Jennifer C. Smith and Jonathan Wadsworth
2021: Efficient industrial policy for innovation: standing on the shoulders of hidden giants Downloads
Charlotte Guillard, Ralf Martin, Pierre Mohnen, Catherine Thomas and Dennis Verhoeven
2021: Have productivity and pay decoupled in the UK? Downloads
Andreas Teichgraeber and John Van Reenen
2021: AI-tocracy Downloads
Martin Beraja, Andrew Kao, David Y. Yang and Noam Yuchtman
2021: Strategic confusopoly: evidence from the UK mobile market Downloads
Christos Genakos, Tobias Kretschmer and Ambre Nicolle
2021: "Better the devil you know": are stated preferences over health and happiness determined by how healthy and happy people are? Downloads
Matthew D. Adler, Paul Dolan, Amanda Henwood and Georgios Kavetsos
2021: Do carbon offsets offset carbon? Downloads
Raphael Calel, Jonathan Colmer, Antoine Dechezleprêtre and Matthieu Glachant
2021: Minimum wages and the China syndrome: causal evidence from US local labor markets Downloads
Luke Milsom and Isabelle Roland
2021: Intangibles and industry concentration: supersize me Downloads
Matej Bajgar, Chiara Criscuolo and Jonathan Timmis
2021: Pandemic shock and economic divergence: political economy before and after the black death Downloads
Luis Bosshart and Jeremiah Dittmar
2021: Business groups as knowledge-based hierarchies of firms Downloads
Carlo Altomonte, Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano, Armando Rungi and Tommaso Sonno
2021: Living wages and age discontinuities for low-wage workers Downloads
Nikhil Datta and Stephen Machin
2021: Trade, gravity and aggregation Downloads
Holger Breinlich, Dennis Novy and J.M.C. Santos Silva
2021: The impact of healthcare IT on clinical quality, productivity and workers Downloads
Ari Bronsoler, Joseph Doyle and John Van Reenen
2021: The backlash of globalization Downloads
Italo Colantone, Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano and Piero Stanig
2021: Internet access and its implications for productivity, inequality and resilience Downloads
Jose Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom and Steven Davis
2021: The diffusion of disruptive technologies Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Tarek Alexander Hassan, Aakash Kalyani, Josh Lerner and Ahmed Tahoun
2021: The demand for executive skills Downloads
Joe Fuller, Stephen Hansen, Tejas Ramdas and Raffaella Sadun
2021: Communication within firms: evidence from CEO turnovers Downloads
Stephen Michael Impink, Andrea Prat and Raffaella Sadun
2021: Organizational capacity and profit shifting Downloads
Katarzyna Bilicka and Daniela Scur
2021: Income and the desire to migrate Downloads
Monica Langella and Alan Manning
2021: The donut effect of Covid-19 on cities Downloads
Nicholas Bloom and Arjun Ramani
2021: This time is not so different: income dynamics during the Covid-19 recession Downloads
Brian Bell, Nicholas Bloom and Jack Blundell
2021: Intra-bloc tariffs and preferential margins in trade agreements Downloads
Emanuel Ornelas and Patricia Tovar
2021: Why working from home will stick Downloads
Jose Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom and Steven Davis
2021: What triggers stock market jumps? Downloads
Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom, Steven Davis and Marco Sammon
2021: The impact of Covid-19 on US firms Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Robert S. Fletcher and Ethan Yeh
2021: Opposing firm-level responses to the China shock: horizontal competition versus vertical relationships Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Antonin Bergeaud, Matthieu Lequien, Marc J. Melitz and Thomas Zuber
2021: Voting under threat: evidence from the 2020 French local elections Downloads
Elsa Leromain and Gonzague Vannoorenberghe
2021: Dynamic spatial general equilibrium Downloads
Benny Kleinman, Ernest Liu and Stephen Redding
2021: Technological change and domestic outsourcing Downloads
Antonin Bergeaud, Clement Malgouyres, Clement Mazet-Sonilhac and Sara Signorelli
2021: Firm export responses to tariff hikes Downloads
Facundo Albornoz, Irene Brambilla and Emanuel Ornelas
2021: Micro-geographic property price and rent indices Downloads
Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt, Stephan Heblich and Tobias Seidel
2021: Football, alcohol and domestic abuse Downloads
Ria Ivandic, Tom Kirchmaier and Neus Torres-Blas
2021: The measure of monopsony Downloads
Monica Langella and Alan Manning
2021: Import liberalization as export destruction? Evidence from the United States Downloads
Holger Breinlich, Elsa Leromain, Dennis Novy and Thomas Sampson
2021: Marriage as insurance: job protection and job insecurity in France Downloads
Andrew E. Clark, Conchita D'Ambrosio and Anthony Lepinteur
2021: Trade and innovation Downloads
Marc J. Melitz and Stephen Redding
2021: Machine learning in international trade research - evaluating the impact of trade agreements Downloads
Holger Breinlich, Valentina Corradi, Nadia Rocha, Michele Ruta, J.M.C. Santos Silva and Tom Zylkin
2021: Service offshoring and export experience Downloads
Giuseppe Berlingieri, Luca Marcolin and Emanuel Ornelas
2021: Sequential exporting across countries and products Downloads
Facundo Albornoz, Hector Calvo Pardo, Gregory Corcos and Emanuel Ornelas
2021: Innovation, growth and the transition to net-zero emissions Downloads
Nicholas Stern and Anna Valero
2021: Happy to help: The welfare effects of a nationwide micro-volunteering programme Downloads
Paul Dolan, Christian Krekel, Helen Lee, Claire Marshall, Ganga Shreedhar and Allison Smith
2021: The trade impact of the Covid-19 pandemic Downloads
Xuepeng Liu, Emanuel Ornelas and Huimin Shi
2021: Friday morning fever. Evidence from a randomized experiment on sick leave monitoring in the public sector Downloads
Tito Boeri, Paolo Naticchioni, Vincenzo Scrutinio and Edoardo di Porto
2021: Recidivism and neighborhood institutions: evidence from the rise of the evangelical church in Chile Downloads
Andrés Barrios Fernández and Jorge Garcia-Hombrados
2021: Suburbanization in the United States 1970-2010 Downloads
Stephen Redding
2021: Education and management practices Downloads
Anna Valero
2021: Judge Dread: court severity, repossession risk and demand in mortgage and housing markets Downloads
Piero Montebruno, Olmo Silva and Nikodem Szumilo
2021: Formation of college plans: expected returns, preferences and adjustment process Downloads
Ghazala Azmat and Katja Kaufmann
2021: Education and economic growth Downloads
Anna Valero
2021: Innovation and human capital policy Downloads
John van Reenen
2021: The importance of capital in closing the entrepreneurial gender gap: a longitudinal study of lottery wins Downloads
Sarah Flèche, Anthony Lepinteur and Nattavudh Powdthavee
2021: Take the highway? Paved roads and well-being in Africa Downloads
Andrew Clark, Conchita D'Ambrosio and Elodie Djemaï
2021: Opening up military innovation: causal effects of 'bottom-up' reforms to U.S. defense research Downloads
Sabrina T. Howell, Jason Rathje, John van Reenen and Jun Wong
2021: Remote talks: changes to economics seminars during Covid-19 Downloads
Marcus Biermann
2021: Cities and the sea level Downloads
Yatang Lin, Thomas K.J. McDermott and Guy Michaels
2021: Does growing up in a recession increase compassion? The case of attitudes towards immigration Downloads
Maria Cotofan, Robert Dur and Stephan Meier
2021: Trends in intergenerational home ownership and wealth transmission Downloads
Jo Blanden, Andrew Eyles and Stephen Machin
2021: Data-intensive innovation and the State: evidence from AI firms in China Downloads
Martin Beraja, David Yang and Noam Yuchtman
2021: Globalization, trade imbalances and labor market adjustment Downloads
Rafael Dix-Carneiro, João Paulo Pessoa, Ricardo Reyes-Heroles and Sharon Traiberman
2021: Working life and human capital investment Downloads
Niklas Gohl, Peter Haan, Elisabeth Kurz and Felix Weinhardt
2021: Gravity with granularity Downloads
Holger Breinlich, Harald Fadinger, Volker Nocke and Nicolas Schutz
2021: Non-compete agreements, wages and efficiency: theory and evidence from Brazilian football Downloads
Bernardo Guimaraes, João Paulo Pessoa and Vladimir Ponczek
2021: Wage responses to gender pay gap reporting requirements Downloads
Jack Blundell
2021: Maternal depression and child human capital: a genetic instrumental-variable approach Downloads
Andrew Clark, Conchita D'Ambrosio, Simone Ghislandi, Anthony Lepinteur and Giorgia Menta
2021: Unequal learning and labour market losses in the crisis: consequences for social mobility Downloads
Lee Elliot Major, Andrew Eyles and Stephen Machin
2021: Commuting for crime Downloads
Tom Kirchmaier, Monica Langella and Alan Manning
2021: The true returns to the choice of occupation and education Downloads
Andrew Clark, Maria Cotofan and Richard Layard
2021: Consumption access and agglomeration: evidence from smartphone data Downloads
Yuhei Miyauchi, Kentaro Nakajima and Stephen Redding
2021: The impact of regulation on innovation Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Antonin Bergeaud and John van Reenen
2021: Why have house prices risen so much more than rents in superstar cities? Downloads
Christian Hilber and Andreas Mense
2021: The impact of non-tariff barriers on trade and welfare Downloads
Swati Dhingra, Rebecca Freeman and Hanwei Huang
2021: Worker and firm responses to trade shocks: The UK-China case Downloads
Josh De Lyon and João Paulo Pessoa
2021: Markups, intangible capital and heterogeneous financial frictions Downloads
Carlo Altomonte, Domenico Favoino, Monica Morlacco and Tommaso Sonno
2021: Trade protection along supply chains Downloads
Chad Bown, Paola Conconi, Aksel Erbahar and Lorenzo Trimarchi
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