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03-14: On the Optimal Volume of Labor Hoarding Downloads
Yi Wen
03-13r: The Power of Demand: A General Equilibrium Analysis of Multi-Stage-Fabrication Economy with Inventories Downloads
Yi Wen
03-12: Durable Goods Inventories and the Volatility of Production: A Puzzle Downloads
Yi Wen
03-11: Policy Dilemmas for Controlling Child Labor Downloads
Kaushik Basu
03-10: Optimal Exploitation of Renewable Resources under Uncertainty and the Extinction of Species Downloads
Tapan Mitra and Santanu Roy
03-09: Cantor Type Invariant Distributions in the Theory of Optimal Growth under Uncertainty Downloads
Tapan Mitra and Fabio Privileggi
03-08: Understanding the Inventory Cycle: I. Partial Equilibrium Analysis Downloads
Yi Wen
03-07: The Economics and Law of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Downloads
Kaushik Basu
03-06: The Global Child Labor Problem: What Do We Know and What Can We Do? Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Zafiris Tzannatos
03-05: Utilitarianism for Infinite Utility Streams: A New Welfare Criterion and Its Axiomatic Characterization Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Tapan Mitra
03-04: Globalization and the Politics of International Finance: The Stiglitz Verdict Downloads
Kaushik Basu
03-03: Aggregating Infinite Utility Streams with Inter-generational Equity: The Impossibility of Being Paretian Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Tapan Mitra
03-02: Lumpsum versus Non-lumpsum Redistribution: A Second Glance Downloads
Murray Kemp and Henry Wan
03-01: Tariff Reform: Some Pre-strategic Considerations Downloads
Murray Kemp and Henry Wan
02-18: Triadic Power Relations with Production, External Markets and Multiple Agents Downloads
Magnus Hatlebakk
02-17: A Characterization of the Turnpike Property of Optimal Paths in the Aggregative Model of Intertemporal Allocation Downloads
Tapan Mitra
02-16: On Literacy Rankings Downloads
Tapan Mitra
02-15: Should We Be Concerned about the Distribution of Literacy across Households? An Axiomatic Investigation Downloads
Paola Valenti
02-14: What Does It Take to Explain Procyclical Productivity Downloads
Yi Wen
02-13: Strategy for Economic Reform in West Bengal Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee
02-12: Survival under Uncertainty in an Exchange Economy Downloads
Nigar Hashimzade and Mukul Majumdar
02-11: Projection Bias in Predicting Future Utility Downloads
George Loewenstein, Ted O'Donoghue and Matthew Rabin
02-10: Addiction and Present-Biased Preferences Downloads
Ted O'Donoghue and Matthew Rabin
02-09: Procrastination on Long-Term Projects Downloads
Ted O'Donoghue and Matthew Rabin
02-08: Introduction to Sunspots and Lotteries Downloads
Edward Prescott and Karl Shell
02-07: Comparing Sunspot Equilibrium and Lottery Equilibrium Allocations: The Finite Case Downloads
Rodney Garratt, Todd Keister and Karl Shell
02-06: Intertemporal Complementarity and Optimality: A Study of a Two-Dimensional Dynamical System Downloads
Tapan Mitra and Kazuo Nishimura
02-05: Intertemporal Equity and Hartwick's Rules in an Exhaustible Resource Model Downloads
Swapan Dasgupta and Tapan Mitra
02-04: Understanding the Inventory Cycle Downloads
Yi Wen
02-03: Stability in Distribution of Randomly Perturbed Quadratic Maps as Markov Processes Downloads
Rabi Bhattacharya and Mukul Majumdar
02-02: Equilibrium and Uncertainty Downloads
Mukul Majumdar
02-01: Fickle Consumers versus Random Technology: Explaining Domestic and International Comovements Downloads
Yi Wen
01-20: Uniform Working Hours: A Culprit of Structural Unemployment Downloads
Yi Wen, Lijing Zhu and Haoming Liu
01-19: Technology, Employment, and the Business Cycle: Do Technology Shocks Explain Aggregate Fluctuations? Comment Downloads
Yi Wen
01-18: Demand-Driven Business Cycles: Explaining Domestic and International Comovements Downloads
Yi Wen
01-17: Equilibrium Dynamics in a Two-Sector Model with Taxes Downloads
Salvador Ortigueira and Manuel S. Santos
01-16: Unemployment Benefits and the Persistence of European Unemployment Downloads
Salvador Ortigueira
01-15: Testing for Common Deterministic Trend Slopes Downloads
Timothy Vogelsang and Philip Hans Franses
01-14: Spectral Density Bandwidth Choice: Source of Nonmonotonic Power for Tests of a Mean Shift in a Time Series Downloads
Ciprian Crainiceanu and Timothy Vogelsang
01-13: Heteroskedasticity-Autocorrelation Robust Standard Errors Using the Bartlett Kernel without Truncation Downloads
Nicholas Kiefer
01-12: Testing in GMM Models without Truncation Downloads
Timothy Vogelsang
01-11: The Economic Effects of Restrictions on Government Budget Deficits: Imperfect Privte Credit Markets Downloads
Christian Ghiglino and Karl Shell
01-10r: Equilibrium Bank Runs Downloads
James Peck and Karl Shell
01-09r: Indeterminacy, Aggregate Demand, and the Real Business Cycle Downloads
Jess Benhabib and Yi Wen
01-08: Why Does Consumption Lead the Business Cycle? Downloads
Yi Wen
01-07: Granger Causality and Equilibrium Business Cycle Theory Downloads
Yi Wen
01-06: Ranking Investment Projects Downloads
James Foster and Tapan Mitra
01-05: International Credit and Welfare: Some Paradoxical Results with Implications for the Organization of International Lending Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Hodaka Morita
01-04: The Nature of the Steady State in Models of Optimal Growth Under Uncertainty Downloads
Tapan Mitra, Luigi Montrucchio and Fabio Privileggi
01-03: Equilibrium with Heterogeneous Agents in an Intertemporal Model of Consumption and Savings
Subir K. Chakrabarti
01-02: Information Revelation and Collusion in Oligopolies with Unknown Costs
Subir K. Chakrabarti
01-01: Gender and Say: A Model of Household Behavior with Endogenously-Determined Balance of Power Downloads
Kaushik Basu
00-12: Intertemporal Equity and Efficient Allocation of Resources Downloads
Tapan Mitra
00-11: Alternative Labor Retrenchment Laws and Their Effect on Wages and Employment: A Theoretical Investigation with Special Reference to Developing Countries Downloads
Kaushik Basu, Gary Fields and Shub Debgupta
00-10: Unemployment and Wage Rigidity When Labor Supply Is a Household Decision Downloads
Kaushik Basu, Garance Genicot and Joseph Stiglitz
00-09: A New Approach to the Asymptotics of HAC Robust Testing in Econometrics Downloads
Nicholas Kiefer and Timothy Vogelsang
00-08: The Application of Size Robust Trend Analysis to Global Warming Temperature Series Downloads
Thomas Fomby and Timothy Vogelsang
00-07: Forecasting Autoregressive Time Series in the Presence of Deterministic Components Downloads
Serena Ng and Timothy Vogelsang
00-06: RENT: Notes on Efficiency Pricing, Rent Control and Monopolistic Landlords Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Patrick Emerson
00-05: Statistical Manifolds and Separate Inference
Bent Jesper Christensen and Nicholas Kiefer
00-04: The Economics of Tenancy Rent Control Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Patrick Emerson
00-03: Measuring Interest Rates as Determined by Thrift and Productivity Downloads
Woon Gyu Choi and Yi Wen
00-02: Understanding Self-Fulfilling Rational Expectations Equilibria in Real Business Cycle Models Downloads
Yi Wen
00-01: The Business Cycle Effects of Seasonal Shocks Downloads
Yi Wen
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