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99-04: Two-Level Lot Sizing Models for an Unreliable Production Facility: Case of Finite Horizon and Single Demand
M.E. Hafsi
99-03: Throughput Modeling of Ethical Issues
Dr. W. Rogers
99-02: Duality for Equilibrium Problems under General Monotonicity
Igor Konnov and S. Schaible
99-01: An Extension of Pseudolinear Functions and Variational Inequality Problems
M. Bianchi and S. Schaible
98-05: Duality for Equilibrium Problems
Igor Konnov and S. Schaible
97-10: Foreign Ownership Restrictions and Equity price Premiums: Explaining the High Cost of International Diversification
W. Bailey, C.Y. Peter and K. Jun-Koo
97-09: Asymmetric Price Distribution and Bid-Ask Quotes in the stock options Market
K. Chan and C.Y. Peter
97-08: The Role of Public University Presidents in the Development Process
E. James
97-05: Incentives and Yield Management in Improving Productivity of Manufacturing Facilities
A.A. Elimam and B.M. Dodin
96-27: Reputation Barriers, Marketing Capacities, and Japaneses Investors' Choice of Entry Strategy Into the US
C. Shih-fen and Zeng Ming
96-26: Geographic Information Systems and Marketing Education: Issues, Challenges & Solutions
S. Erevelles, E. Rolland, C. Huntley, C. Chih-Fen and V. Horton
96-25: Tabu Search in Audit Scheduling
B. Dodin, A.A. Elimam and E. Rolland
96-24: Why Firms Issue Convertible Bonds: The Matching of Financial and real Investment Options
D. Mayers
96-20: A Theory of Dysempowerment
K. Kane and K. Montgomery
96-19: Understanding Acquisition Performance: The Role of Transfer Effects
J. Haleblian and S. Finklestein
96-15: On the Choice of Insurance Distribution Systems
K.W. Joong, D. Mayers and C.V. Smith
96-13: Guaranty Funds and Risktaking: Evidence from the Insurance Industry
D. Mayers, S.J. Lee and C.W. Smith
96-09: Audit Scheduling with Overlapping Activities and Sequence Dependent Setup Costs
D. Bajis and A.A. Elimam
96-08: Integrated Project Scheduling and Material Planning with Variable Activity Duration and Rewards
D. Bajis and A.A. Elimam
96-02: A New Algorithm for Generalized Franctional Programs
B.A. Frenck, J.B. Schaible and S. Zhang
96-1: The Pricing of Time-Varing Beta
Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera
95-12: On the Structure of Simple Preference-Based Choice Functions
P.K. Pattanaik and Kunal Sengupta
95-11: On the Robustness of Cointegration Tests when Series Are Fractionally Integrated
Tae Hwy Lee and Jesus Gonzalo
95-8: Optimal Taxation of Capital Incoem in a growth Model with Monopoly Profits
G. Jang-Ting and J.K. Lansing
95-1: A Note on Adaptation in Garch Models
Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera
95-1a: On preference and Freedom
P.K. Pattanaik and Yongsheng Xu
92-45: Libertarian Collective Decision-Making: A New Framework
M. Van Hees
92-44: Higher Order Moments of Econometric Estimators and test Statistics Under Non-Normality: A unified Approach
Aman Ullah and V.K. Srivastava
92-43: Wages and the Intensity of Labor Effort: Efficiency Wages Versus Compensating Payments
David Fairris and Lee Alston
92-42: "Chinese Earnings-Age Profile: A Nonparametric Analysis
Aman Ullah and R. Basu
92-41: Performance Properties of Classical in Inverse Calibration Estimators
V.K. Srivastava and Aman Ullah
92-40: Joseph Schumpeter: A Frustrated 'Creditist'
J.S. Earley
92-39: Is the Labor Market the Same as 100 Years Ago?" New, Suggestive Evidence on Long-Term Change in Labor Market Outcomes From the Depression of 1893- 94
S.B. Carter and R. Sutch
92-38: Land Reform Through Tax reform
M. Gaffney
92-36: Confidence Sets Centered at James-Stein Estimators--A Surprise Concerning the Unknown Variance Case
Aman Ullah and J.T. Hwang
92-35: The Exact Density of Nonparametric Regression Estimators: Fixed Design Case
Aman Ullah
92-34: General Nonparametric Regression Estimation and Testing in Econometrics
Aman Ullah and Hrishikesh Vinod
92-33: Agriculture, Savings, and Growth: Conjonctures on the California and Mediterranean Experiences
S.B. Carter, R.L. Ranson and R. Sutch
92-22: The Political economy of Marx's Theory of the Falling rate of Profit: Methodological Considerations
S. Cullenberg
92-18: A Choice-Theoretic Rationalisation of the Permanent Income Hypothsis
Charles Blackorby and R.R. Russell
92-17: Social Welfare and Public Budgeting
Charles Blackorby and R.R. Russell
92-15: On the Observational Equivalence of Models with Infinitely Lived Agents and Models with Overlaping Generations
Charles Blackorby and R.R. Russell
92-14: Samuelson's Shibboleth Revisited: proportional Budgeting Among Agents and Rank-Two Demand Systems
Charles Blackorby and R.R. Russell
92-13: Socialism's Burden: Towards a Thin Definition of Socialism
S. Cullenberg
92-12: Optimal Inventory Policies when the Demand Distribution is not Known
C.E. Larson, Lars Olson and S. Sharma
92-8: Savings, Finance and Interest Rates: An Empirical Consideration of Some Basic Keynesian Propositions
R. Pollin and C. Justice
92-7: Money Supply Endogeneity: What Are the Questions and why Do they Matter?
R. Pollin
92-4: Control and Inefficiency in Capitalist Production: The Role of Institutions
David Fairris
92-2: The State, Human Development abd the Economics of Cocaine: The Case of Bolivia
K. Griffin
92-1: Friction in Economics
K. Griffin
90-17: The Classical Theme of Division of Labor in Nash Effort Games
Y. Lin
90-16: On the Inverse Moments of Non-Central Wishart Matrix
Aman Ullah
90-10: Irreversibility and the Behavior of Aggregate Stochastic Growth Models
J.P.J. Dow and Lars Olson
90-9: On the Estimation of Residual Variance in Nonparametric Regression
Aman Ullah and V.Z. Walsh
90-8: Continuity of Cost and Distance Functions
R.R. Russel
90-6: Continuity of Measures of Technical Efficiency
R.R. Russel
90-1: On the Observational Equivalence of Models with Infinity Lived Agnts and Models with Overlapping Generations
R.R. Russel and Charles Blackorby
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