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From Economic Policy Research Unit (EPRU), University of Copenhagen. Department of Economics
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96-21: Logic of Aid in an Intertemporal Setting
Slobodan Djajic, Sajal Lahiri and Pascalis Raimondos
96-20: Transfer and the Intertemporal Terms of Trade
Slobodan Djajic, Sajal Lahiri and Pascalis Raimondos
96-19: Job Security Policies and Trade union Behaviour in an Open Economy
Ole Risager and Jan Rose Sørensen
96-18: Wage Rigidity, Monetary Integration and Fiscal Stabilisation in Europe
Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen
96-17: The Coordination of Capital Income and Profit Taxation with Cross-Ownership of Firms
Harry Huizinga and Søren Nielsen
96-16: Dynamic Effects of an Anticipated Switch from Destination- to Origin-Based Commodity Taxation
Andreas Haufler and Søren Nielsen
96-15: International Welfare Effects from Country-Specific R&D Subsidies
Anders Sørensen
96-14: Policy Rules for Exploitation of Renewable Resources: A Macroeconomic Perspective
Tryggvi Herbertsson and Anders Sørensen
96-13: Is Intervention a Signal of Future Monetary Policy? Evidence from the Federal Funds Futures Market
Rasmus Fatum and Michael Hutchison
96-12: Central Bank Institutional Design and the Output Cost of Disinflation: Did the 1989 New Zealand Reserve Bank Act Affect the Inflation-Output Tradeoff?
Michael Hutchison and Carl Walsh
96-11: Exchange Rates, Non-Traded Goods and the Terms-of-Trade: An Empirical Application for New Zealand
Eric Hansen and Michael Hutchison
96-10: The 'German View', Fiscal Consolidation and Consumption Booms: Empirical Evidence from Denmark
U. Michael Bergman and Michael Hutchison
96-09: How Does Uncertainty About Future Fiscal Policy Affect Current Macroeconomic Variables?
Neil Rankin
96-08: Macroeconomic Policy and Exchange Rate Policy Management in a Small Dependent Economy: Estimating the Effects of Currency Devaluation in Jordan
Ole Risager and William G. Tyler
96-07: Political Competition and Polarization
Christian Schultz
96-06: Announcements and Credibility of Monetary Policy
Christian Schultz
96-05: Industrialization and Factor Accumulation
Anders Sørensen
96-04: Growth Enhancing Policies in a Small Open Economy
Anders Sørensen
96-03: Market Access and Welfare Effects of Free Trade Areas without Rules of Origin
Jiandong Ju and Kala Krishna
96-02: Transferable Licenses vs. Nontransferable Licences: What is the Difference?
Kala Krishna and Ling Hui Tan
96-01: A Simple Model of Raiding Opportunities and Unemployment
Torben Tranaes
95-22: Intertemporal Aspects of Fiscal Policy in Denmark
Svend E. Hougaard Jensen and Bernd Raffelhüschen
95-21: Progressive Taxation, Wages and Activity in a Small Open Economy
Claus Thustrup Hansen, Lars Haagen Pedersen and Torsten Sloek
95-20: Progressive Taxation and Wage Setting: Some Evidence for Denmark
Ben Lockwood, Torsten Sloek and Torben Tranaes
95-19: Welfare Effects of Investment Incentive Policies: A Quantitative Assessment
Hans Fehr
95-18: Housing Markets and Vacant Land
Christian Keuschnigg and S›ren Bo Nielsen
95-17: The Proscpects for EMU by 1999 - and Reflections on Arrangements for the Outsiders
Niels Thygesen
95-16: On the Effects of Trade Policy Reform: The Case of Jordan
Ole Risager
95-15: Consumption Taxes: Some Fundamental Transition Issues
David Bradford
95-14: Environmental Taxes, International Capital Mobility and Inefficient Tax Systems: Tax Burden vs. Tax Shifting
Ruud de Mooij and Lans Bovenberg
95-13: Public Good Provision and the Welfare Effects of Indirect Tax Harmonisation
Sajal Lahiri and Pascalis Raimondos
95-12: Debt Reduction, Wage Formation and Intergenerational Welfare
Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen
95-11: Private Investment and Endogenous Fiscal Policy. Theory and Evidence from UK and USA
Saqib Jafarey, Yannis Kaskarelis and Apostolis Philippopoulos
95-10: Commodity Tax Harmonisation with Public Goods - an Alternative Perspective
Ben Lockwood
95-09: Capital Income and Profits Taxation with Foreign Ownerwhip of Firms
Harry Huizinga and Soeren Bo Nielsen
95-08: Patterns of Tax Arbitrage and Decentralized Tax Autonomy
Bernd Genser
95-07: Environmental Policy and Sustainable Economic Growth - an endogenous growth perspective
Sjak Smulders
95-06: The Role of Second-Best Theory in Public Economics
Robin Boadway
95-05: Changing Views of the Corporate Income Tax
Peter Birch Soerensen
95-04: Channels of Interstate Risksharing: US 1963-1990
Bent E. Soerensen, Pierfederico Asdrubali and Oved Yosha
95-03: Towards a Theory of Socially Valuable Imitation with Implications for Technology Policy
Vesa Kanniainen and Rune Stenbacka
95-02: Withholding Taxes and Country-Specific Shocks
Soeren Bo Nielsen
95-01: On Financial Adjustment and Investment Booms: Lessons from Tax Reforms
Vesa Kanniainen and Jan Södersten
94-14: Market Segmentation and Effective Demand Shortage in a World with Dynamic Optimization
Yoshiyasu Ono
94-13: Consumer Services, Employment and the Informal Economy
Niels Kleis Frederiksen, Peter Hansen, Henrik Jacobsen and Peter Birch Soerensen
94-12: Competition for Aid and Trade Policy
Sajal Lahiri and Pascalis Raimondos
94-11: On the Optimality of the Nordic System of Dual Income Taxation
Peter Birch Soerensen and Soeren Bo Nielsen
94-10: Taxation, Pollution, Unemployment and Growth: Could there be a "Triple Dividend" from a Green Tax Reform?
Peter Birch Soerensen, Lars Haagen Pedersen and Soeren Bo Nielsen
94-09: Public Choice of an Education System and its Implications for Growth and Income Distribution
Mark Gradstein and Moshe Justman
94-08: Tying of Aid to Trade Policy Reform and Welfare
Sajal Lahiri and Pascalis Raimondos
94-07: Welfare-Improving Debt Policy under Monopolistic Competition
Partha Sen
94-06: Fiscal Policy, Public Debt Stabilzation and Politics: Theory and evidence from the US and UK
Ben Lockwood, Apostolis Philippopoulos and Andy Snell
94-05: Is There Anything Wrong with Tied-Aid?
Sajal Lahiri and Pascalis Raimondos
94-04: Illegal Immigration and Resource Allocation
Slobodan Djajic
94-03: The Economic and Welfare Effects of Taxing Foreign Assets
Ed W.M.T. Westerhout
94-02: Optimal Taxation of Intangible Capital
Kaare P. Hagen and Vesa Kanniainen
94-01: Reinforcing Stage Two in the EMU Process Downloads
Niels Thygesen
93-09: A Model of the ERM Crisis
Gulcin Ozkan and Alan Sutherland
93-08: Strategic Trade Policy and Integration
Wilhelm Kohler
93-07: From the Global Income Tax To the Dual Income Tax: Recent Tax Reforms in The Nordic Countries Downloads
Peter Birch Soerensen
93-06: Why is There Corporate Taxation in a Small Open Economy? The Role of Transfer Pricing and Income Shifting
Roger Gordon and Jeffrey Mackie-Mason
93-05: The Political Economy of Stopping High Inflation
Martin Paldam
93-04: Federal Fiscal Constitutions. Part I: Risk Sharing and Moral Hazard
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
93-03: Debt, Deficits and Transition to EMU: A Small Country Analysis
Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen and Lars Grue Jensen
93-02: Indirect Taxation in an Integrated Europe. Is there a Way of Avoiding Trade Distortions Without Sacrificing National Tax Autonomy?
Bernd Genser, Andreas Haufler and Peter Birch Soerensen
93-01: Tax Reform, Welfare, and Intergenerational Redistribution - An Intertemporal Simulation Approach
Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen, Soeren Bo Nielsen, Lars Haagen Petersen and Peter Birch Soerensen
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