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16-05: Information Cascades with Informative Ratings: An Experimental Test Downloads
Paul Healy, John Conlon and Yeochang Yoon
16-04: Incentives in Experiments with Objective Lotteries Downloads
Paul Healy, Yaron Azrieli and Christopher Chambers
16-03: Incentives in Experiments: A Theoretical Analysis Downloads
Paul Healy, Yaron Azrieli and Christopher Chambers
16-02: Separated Decisions Downloads
Paul Healy and Alexander Brown
16-01: Revealed Indifference: Using Response Times to Infer Preferences Downloads
Arkady Konovalov and Ian Krajbich
15-01: Developmental Origins of Cardiovascular Disease: Understanding High Mortality Rates in the American South Downloads
Richard Steckel and Garrett T. Senney
14-02: Dynamic Selection and Distributional Bounds on Search Costs in Dynamic Unit-Demand Models Downloads
Jason Blevins and Garrett T. Senney
14-01: Structural Estimation of Sequential Games of Complete Information Downloads
Jason Blevins
13-02: Non-Standard Rates of Convergence of Criterion-Function-Based Set Estimators Downloads
Jason Blevins
13-01: Identifying Restrictions for Finite Parameter Continuous Time Models with Discrete Time Data Downloads
Jason Blevins
12-03: Fixed Effects Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Flexibly Parametric Proportional Hazard Model with an Application to Job Exits Downloads
Audrey Light and Yoshiaki Omori
12-02: Determinants of Long-Term Unions: Who Survives the “Seven Year Itch”? Downloads
Audrey Light and Yoshiaki Omori
12-01: Can Long-Term Cohabiting and Marital Unions be Incentivized? Downloads
Audrey Light and Yoshiaki Omori
11-02: Employer Learning and the “Importance” of Skills Downloads
Audrey Light and Andrew McGee
11-01: Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Estimating Dynamic Microeconomic Models Downloads
Jason Blevins
10-02: Nonparametric Identification of Dynamic Games with Discrete and Continuous Choices Downloads
Jason Blevins
10-01: The Lasting Impact of Mothers’ Fetal Malnutrition on Their Offspring: Evidence from the China Great Leap Forward Famine Downloads
Seonghoon Kim, Quheng Deng, Belton Fleisher and Shi Li
09-08: Economic Incentives and Family Formation Downloads
Audrey Light and Yoshiaki Omori
09-07: Are Patent Laws Harmful to Developing Countries? Evidence from China Downloads
Belton Fleisher and Mi Zhou
09-06: News Shocks and Learning-by-doing Downloads
Hammad Qureshi
09-05: The Evolution of an Industrial Cluster in China Downloads
Belton Fleisher, Dinghuan Hu, William McGuire and Xiaobo Zhang
09-04: The China Great Leap Forward Famine: The Lasting Impact of Mothers’ Fetal Malnutrition on Their Offspring Downloads
Belton Fleisher and Seonghoon Kim
09-03: Purchasing Power Parity and the Taylor Rule Downloads
Masao Ogaki and Hyeongwoo Kim
09-02: Access to Higher Education and Inequality: The Chinese Experiment Downloads
Belton Fleisher, Xiaojun Wang, Haizheng Li and Shi Li
09-01: Human Capital, Economic Growth, and Regional Inequality in China Downloads
Belton Fleisher, Haizheng Li and Min Qiang (Kent) Zhao
08-02: Explosive Roots in Level Vector Autoregressive Models Downloads
Hammad Qureshi
07-06: Divorce as Risky Behavior Downloads
Audrey Light and Taehyun Ahn
07-05: Long-run real exchange rate changes and the properties of the variance of k-differences Downloads
Masao Ogaki and Sungwook Park
07-04: Language, Agglomeration, and Hispanic Homeownership Downloads
Donald Haurin and Stuart Rosenthal
07-03: House Price Changes and Idiosyncratic Risk: The Impact of Property Characteristics Downloads
Steven Bourassa, Donald Haurin, Jessica Haurin, Martin Hoesli and Jian Sun
07-02: Homeownership Gaps Among Low-Income and Minority Households Downloads
Donald Haurin, Christopher Herbert and Stuart Rosenthal
07-01: The Influence of Household Formation on Homeownership Rates across Time and Race Downloads
Donald Haurin and Stuart Rosenthal
06-02: Time Allocation and Selling Mechanisms in Outcry Auctions Downloads
Lucia Dunn, Stephen Cosslett and Tasneem Chipty
06-01: Credit Card Debt and Consumption: Evidence from Household-Level Data Downloads
Lucia Dunn and Tufan Ekici
05-01: Issues Facing the Japanese Labor Market Downloads
Masanori Hashimoto and Yoshio Higuchi
04-09: The 1979 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth is among the few surveys to provide multiple reports on respondents’ race and ethnicity. Respondents were initially classified as Hispanic, black, or “other” on the basis of data collected during 1978 screener interviews. Respondents subsequently self-reported their “origin or descent” in 1979, and their race and Hispanic origin in 2002; the latter questions conform to the federal standards adopted in 1997 and used in the 2000 census. We uses these data to (a) assess the size and nature of the multiracial population, (b) measure the degree of consistency among these alternative race-related variables, and (c) devise a number of alternative race/ethnicity taxonomies and determine which does the best job of explaining variation in log-wages. A key finding is that the explanatory power of race and ethnicity variables improves considerably when we cross-classify respondents by race and Hispanic origin. Little information is lost when multiracial respondents are assigned to one of their reported race categories because they make up only 1.3% of the sample Downloads
Audrey Light and Alita Nandi
04-08: Do Banks Use Private Information from Consumer Accounts? Evidence of Relationship Lending in Credit Card Interest Rate Heterogeneity Downloads
Sougata Kerr, Lucia Dunn and Stephen Cosslett
04-07: An Empirical Investigation of Collateral and Sorting in the HELOC Market Downloads
Lucia Dunn and Shubhasis Dey
04-06: Money Demand in Japan and the Liquidity Trap Downloads
Youngsoo Bae, Vikas Kakkar and Masao Ogaki
04-05: Consumer Lines of Credit: The Choice Between Credit Cards and Helocs Downloads
Lucia Dunn and Shubhasis Dey
04-04: An Index to Track Credit Card Debt and Predict Consumption Downloads
Lucia Dunn, Tufan Ekici, Paul J. Lavrakas and Jeffery A. Stec
04-03: Turns in Consumer Confidence: An Information Advantage Linked To Manufacturing Downloads
Lucia Dunn and Ida Mirzaie
04-02: Dynamic Seemingly Unrelated Cointegrating Regression Downloads
Masao Ogaki, Nelson Mark and Donggyu Sul
04-01: A Spurious Regression Approach to Estimating Structural Parameters Downloads
Masao Ogaki, Ling Hu and Chi-Young Choi
03-07: The Risk-Neutral Measure and Option Pricing under Log-Stable Uncertainty Downloads
J. Huston McCulloch
03-06: Living Arrangements, Employment Status, and the Economic Well-Being of Mothers: Evidence from Brazil, Chile and the United States Downloads
Audrey Light and Manuelita Ureta
03-05: Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of Censored and Truncated Regressions via a Smoothed Self-Consistency Equation Downloads
Stephen R. Cosslett
03-04: Gender Differences in the Marriage and Cohabitation Income Premium Downloads
Audrey Light
03-03: Endogenous Entry in First-Price Private Value Auctions: the Self-Selection Effect Downloads
Svetlana Pevnitskaya
03-02: Who Receives the College Wage Premium? Assessing the Labor Market Returns to Degrees and College Transfer Patterns Downloads
Audrey Light and Wayne Strayer
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