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From Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEM), Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy
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2022/21: On the impact of serial dependence on penalized regression methods Downloads
Simone Tonini, Francesca Chiaromonte and Alessandro Giovannelli
2022/20: The Zombification of the Economy? Assessing the Effectiveness of French Government Support During COVID-19 Lockdown Downloads
Mattia Guerini, Lionel Nesta, Xavier Ragot and Stefano Schiavo
2022/19: Toxic pollution and labour markets: uncovering Europe's left-behind places Downloads
Charlotte Bez and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2022/18: A Numerical Revolution: The diffusion of practical mathematics and the growth of pre-modern European economies Downloads
Raffaele Danna, Martina Iori and Andrea Mina
2022/17: Quantifying knowledge spillovers from advances in negative emissions technologies Downloads
Giorgio Tripodi, Francesco Lamperti, Roberto Mavilia, Andrea Mina, Francesca Chiaromonte and Fabrizio Lillo
2022/16: The North-South divide: sources of divergence, policies for convergence Downloads
Lucrezia Fanti, Marcelo Pereira and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2022/15: E pluribus, quaedam. Gross domestic product out of a dashboard of indicators Downloads
Mattia Guerini, Fabio Vanni and Mauro Napoletano
2022/14: Approximations and Inference for Nonparametric Production Frontiers Downloads
Cinzia Daraio and Leopold Simar
2022/13: Economic impacts of natural hazards and complexity science: a critical review Downloads
Matteo Coronese and Davide Luzzati
2022/12: Patent disputes as emerging barriers to technology entry? Empirical evidence from patent opposition Downloads
Arianna Martinelli, Julia Mazzei and Daniele Moschella
2022/11: The labour share along global value chains. Perspectives and evidence from sectoral interdependence Downloads
Federico Riccio, Lorenzo Cresti and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2022/10: Knowing brown and inventing green? Incremental and radical innovative activities in the automotive sector Downloads
Julia Mazzei, Tommaso Rughi and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2022/09: On the evolutionary stability of the sentiment investor Downloads
Andrea Antico, Giulio Bottazzi and Daniele Giachini
2022/08: Using the Leiden Rankings as a Heuristics: Evidence from Italian universities in the European landscape Downloads
Cinzia Daraio, Simone Di Leo and Loet Leydesdorff
2022/07: Venture capital investments through the lens of network and functional data analysis Downloads
Christian Esposito, Marco Gortan, Lorenzo Testa, Francesca Chiaromonte, Giorgio Fagiolo, Andrea Mina and Giulio Rossetti
2022/06: Reconstructing Income Inequality in Italy: New Evidence and Tax Policy Implications from Distributional National Accounts Downloads
Demetrio Guzzardi, Elisa Palagi, Andrea Roventini and Alessandro Santoro
2022/05: Technological interdependencies and employment changes in European industries Downloads
Lorenzo Cresti, Giovanni Dosi and Giorgio Fagiolo
2022/04: A regional Input-Output model of the Covid-19 crisis in Italy: decomposing demand and supply factors Downloads
Severin Reissl, Alessandro Caiani, Francesco Lamperti, Tommaso Ferraresi and Leonardo Ghezzi
2022/03: Digitalization, copyright and innovation in the creative industries: an agent-based model Downloads
Arianna Martinelli, Alessandro Nuvolari, Elisa Palagi and Emanuele Russo
2022/02: Strategically biased learning in market interactions Downloads
Giulio Bottazzi and Daniele Giachini
2022/01: Specialize or diversify? And in What? Trade composition, quality of specialization and persistent growth Downloads
Giovanni Dosi, Federico Riccio and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2021/48: Firm responses to the pandemic crisis: sticky capabilites and widespread restructuring Downloads
Stefano Costa, Stefano De Santis, Giovanni Dosi, Roberto Monducci, Angelica Sbardella and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2021/47: Italian firms in times of troubles: Covid-19 pandemic as a test of structural solidity Downloads
Stefano Costa, Federico Sallusti, Claudio Vicarelli and Davide Zurlo
2021/46: A Parsimonious Macroeconomic ABM for Labor Market Regulations Downloads
Caner Ates and Dietmar Maringer
2021/45: Mesoscopic Structure of the Stock Market and Portfolio Optimization Downloads
Sebastiano Michele Zema, Giorgio Fagiolo, Tiziano Squartini and Diego Garlaschelli
2021/44: Coping with increasing tides: technological change, agglomeration dynamics and climate hazards in an agent-based evolutionary model Downloads
Alessandro Taberna, Tatiana Filatova, Andrea Roventini and Francesco Lamperti
2021/43: Labour-saving automation and occupational exposure: a text-similarity measure Downloads
Fabio Montobbio, Jacopo Staccioli, Maria Enrica Virgillito and Marco Vivarelli
2021/42: On Some Problems of Using the Human Development Index in Economic History Downloads
Nicola Amendola, Giacomo Gabbuti and Giovanni Vecchi
2021/41: The direction of technical change in AI and the trajectory effects of government funding Downloads
Martina Iori, Arianna Martinelli and Andrea Mina
2021/40: Innovation pattern heterogeneity: A data-driven retrieval of the firms' approaches to innovation Downloads
Marco Capasso and Marina Rybalka
2021/39: How should evaluation be? Is a good evaluation of research also just? Towards the implementation of good evaluation Downloads
Cinzia Daraio and Alessio Vaccari
2021/38: Towards the factory 4.0? Convergence and divergence of lean models in Italian automotive plants Downloads
Angelo Moro and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2021/37: Do patents really foster innovation in the pharmaceutical sector? Results from an evolutionary, agent-based model Downloads
Giovanni Dosi, Elisa Palagi, Andrea Roventini and Emanuele Russo
2021/36: Innovation, asymmetric information and the capital structure of new firms Downloads
Jonathan Taglialatela and Andrea Mina
2021/35: AgriLOVE: agriculture, land-use and technical change in an evolutionary, agent-based model Downloads
Matteo Coronese, Martina Occelli, Francesco Lamperti and Andrea Roventini
2021/34: The interdisciplinarity dilemma: public versus private interests Downloads
Magda Fontana, Martina Iori, Valerio Leone Sciabolazza and Daniel de Souza
2021/33: Monopoly Capitalism in the Digital Era Downloads
Andrea Coveri, Claudio Cozza and Dario Guarascio
2021/32: Automation and labor market polarization in an evolutionary model with heterogeneous workers Downloads
Florent Bordot and André Lorentz
2021/31: Regional technological capabilities and Green opportunities in Europe Downloads
Nicolò Barbieri, Davide Consoli, Lorenzo Napolitano, François Perruchas, Emanuele Pugliese and Angelica Sbardella
2021/30: Behind the Italian Regional Divide: An Economic Fitness and Complexity Perspective Downloads
Angelica Sbardella, Andrea Zaccaria, Luciano Pietronero and Pasquale Scaramozzino
2021/29: Vanishing social classes? Facts and figures of the Italian labour market Downloads
Armanda Cetrulo, Angelica Sbardella and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2021/28: Autonomy and control in mass remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Evidence from a cross-professional and cross-national analysis Downloads
Marta Fana, Francesco Sabato Massimo and Angelo Moro
2021/27: International Trade and Technological Competition in Markets with Dynamic Increasing Returns Downloads
Luca Fontanelli, Mattia Guerini and Mauro Napoletano
2021/26: Big pharma and monopoly capitalism: A long-term view Downloads
Giovanni Dosi, Luigi Marengo, Jacopo Staccioli and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2021/25: For whom the bell tolls: the firm-level effects of automation on wage and gender inequality Downloads
Giacomo Domini, Marco Grazzi, Daniele Moschella and Tania Treibich
2021/24: A multiscale network-based model of contagion dynamics: heterogeneity, spatial distancing and vaccination Downloads
Maira Aguiar, Giovanni Dosi, Damian A. Knopoff and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2021/23: An agent-based model of trickle-up growth and income inequality Downloads
Elisa Palagi, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini and Jean-Luc Gaffard
2021/22: Factoring in the micro: a transaction-level dynamic factor approach to the decomposition of export volatility Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi, Angelo Cuzzola, Marco Grazzi and Daniele Moschella
2021/21: From organizational capabilities to corporate performances: at the roots of productivity slowdown Downloads
Stefano Costa, Stefano De Santis, Giovanni Dosi, Roberto Monducci, Angelica Sbardella and Maria Enrica Virgillito
2021/20: Do Energy Efficiency Improvements Reduce Energy Use? Empirical Evidence on the Economy-Wide Rebound Effect in Europe and the United States Downloads
Anne Berner, Stephan Bruns, Alessio Moneta and David Stern
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