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Volume 5, issue 3, 2009

Introduction: The Kauffman Foundation Conference on Intellectual Property and Innovation pp. 1 Downloads
Gerrit De Geest
Does Intellectual Monopoly Help Innovation? pp. 2 Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
A Cautious Defense of Intellectual Oligopoly With Fringe Competition pp. 3 Downloads
Mark A. Lemley
Evaluating the Economic Performance of Property Systems pp. 4 Downloads
James Bessen
Copyright Abolition and Attribution pp. 5 Downloads
Ben Depoorter, Adam Holland and Elizabeth Somerstein
A Rhetorical Response to Boldrin & Levine: Against Intellectual (Property) Extremism pp. 6 Downloads
Charles McManis
Watt, Again? Boldrin and Levine Still Exaggerate the Adverse Effect of Patents on the Progress of Steam Power pp. 7 Downloads
George A. Selgin and John Lovick Turner
Responding to the Challenges of “Against Intellectual Monopoly†pp. 8 Downloads
Liza S. Vertinsky
A Recommendation on How to Intelligently Approach Emerging Problems in Intellectual Property Systems pp. 9 Downloads
Douglass C. North

Volume 5, issue 2, 2009

Money Laundering - A Newly Emerging Topic on the International Agenda pp. 1 Downloads
Brigitte Unger
Measuring Global Money Laundering: "The Walker Gravity Model" pp. 2 Downloads
John Walker and Brigitte Unger
Trade-Based Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing pp. 3 Downloads
John S. Zdanowicz
Money Laundering in a Microfounded Dynamic Model: Simulations for the U.S. and the EU-15 Economies pp. 4 Downloads
Michele Bagella, Francesco Busato and Amedeo Argentiero
The Economics of Crime and Money Laundering: Does Anti-Money Laundering Policy Reduce Crime? pp. 5 Downloads
Joras Ferwerda
The Risk-Based Approach in the New European Anti-Money Laundering Legislation: A Law and Economics View pp. 6 Downloads
Lucia Dalla Pellegrina and Donato Masciandaro
How to Dodge Drowning in Data? Rule- and Risk-Based Anti Money Laundering Policies Compared pp. 7 Downloads
Brigitte Unger and Frans van Waarden

Volume 5, issue 1, 2009

Macroeconomic Instability and Corporate Failure: The Role of the Legal System pp. 1 Downloads
Arnab Bhattacharjee, Christopher Higson, Sean Holly and Paul Kattuman
Prevention of Crime and the Optimal Standard of Proof in Criminal Law pp. 2 Downloads
Henrik Dan Lando
Does a Rise in Maximal Fines Increase or Decrease the Optimal Level of Deterrence? pp. 3 Downloads
Avraham D. Tabbach
Benchmarks and Economic Analysis pp. 4 Downloads
Bingyuan Hsiung
Pass a Law, Any Law, Fast! State Legislative Responses to the Kelo Backlash pp. 5 Downloads
Edward J. Lopez, R. Todd Jewell and Noel D. Campbell
The Problem of Shared Social Cost pp. 6 Downloads
Alan C. Marco, Adon S. Van Woerden and Robert M. Woodward
A Cost of Tax Planning pp. 7 Downloads
Yoram Margalioth, Eyal Sulganik, Rafael Eldor and Yoseph Edrey
Never Two Without Three: Commons, Anticommons and Semicommons pp. 8 Downloads
Enrico Bertacchini, Jef P.B. De Mot and Ben Depoorter
Unavoidable Accident pp. 9 Downloads
Mark F. Grady
Protecting Private Property with Constitutional Judicial Review: A Social Welfare Approach pp. 10 Downloads
Peter Z. Grossman and Daniel H. Cole
Measuring Criminal Spillovers: Evidence from Three Strikes pp. 11 Downloads
Alexander Tabarrok and Eric Helland
Corruption on the Court: The Causes and Social Consequences of Point-Shaving in NCAA Basketball pp. 12 Downloads
Yang-Ming Chang and Shane Dustin Sanders
Valuation of Quality of Life Losses Associated with Nonfatal Injury: Insights from Jury Verdict Data pp. 13 Downloads
Deborah Vaughn Aiken and William W. Zamula
Belief in a Just World, Blaming the Victim, and Hate Crime Statutes pp. 14 Downloads
Dhammika Dharmapala, Nuno Garoupa and Richard H. McAdams
Do Citizens Know Whether Their State Has Decriminalized Marijuana? Assessing the Perceptual Component of Deterrence Theory pp. 15 Downloads
Robert MacCoun, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Jamie Chriqui, Katherine Harris and Peter Reuter
The Structure of Incremental Liability Rules pp. 16 Downloads
Satish Kumar Jain
Firms’ Motivations for Environmental Overcompliance pp. 17 Downloads
JunJie Wu and Teresa M. Wirkkala
Contingent Fees, Signaling and Settlement Authority pp. 18 Downloads
Shmuel Leshem
Rethinking the Economic Model of Deterrence: How Insights from Empirical Social Science Could Affect Policies Towards Crime and Punishment pp. 19 Downloads
Erik J. Girvan
Crime, Business Conduct and Investment Decisions: Enterprise Survey Evidence from 34 Countries in Europe and Asia pp. 20 Downloads
Libor Krkoska and Katrin Robeck
Additive and Non-Additive Risk Factors in Multiple Causation pp. 21 Downloads
Ben C.J. van Velthoven and Peter W. van Wijck
The Devil Made Me Do It: The Corporate Purchase of Insurance pp. 22 Downloads
Victor P. Goldberg
Factors Affecting the Length of Time a Jury Deliberates: Case Characteristics and Jury Composition pp. 23 Downloads
Thomas L. Brunell, Chetan Dave and Nicholas C. Morgan
Hybrid Licensing of Product Innovations pp. 24 Downloads
Elisabetta Ottoz and Franco Cugno
The Effect of Endogenous Right-to-Work Laws on Business and Economic Conditions in the United States: A Multivariate Approach pp. 25 Downloads
Lonnie Kent Stevans
The Choice in the Lawmaking Process: Legal Transplants vs. Indigenous Law pp. 26 Downloads
Peter Grajzl and Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl
Building Encroachments pp. 27 Downloads
Matteo Rizzolli
Reporter's Privilege and Incentives to Leak pp. 28 Downloads
Ido Baum, Eberhard Feess and Ansgar Wohlschlegel
Decision Analysis on Whether to Accept a Remittitur pp. 29 Downloads
Joseph B. Kadane
Deterrence in Rank-Order Tournaments pp. 30 Downloads
Phil Curry and Steeve Mongrain
Self-Defeating Subsidiarity pp. 31 Downloads
Emanuela Carbonara, Barbara Luppi and Francesco Parisi
Do Broader Eminent Domain Powers Increase Government Size? pp. 32 Downloads
Geoffrey K. Turnbull and Robert Francis Salvino

Volume 4, issue 3, 2008

Introduction: Symposium on Social Norms, Self-Interest and Legal Compliance, Jerusalem, May 2007 pp. 1 Downloads
Yuval Feldman and Ben Depoorter
Distinguishing Spurious and Real Peer Effects: Evidence from Artificial Societies, Small-Group Experiments, and Real Schoolyards pp. 2 Downloads
Robert MacCoun, Philip J Cook, Clara Muschkin and Jacob Vigdor
Social Norms and the Law: Why Peoples Obey the Law pp. 3 Downloads
Amir N. Licht
The Constructive Value of Overconfidence pp. 4 Downloads
Keren Shapira-Ettinger and Ron A. Shapira
Lawmakers as Norm Entrepreneurs pp. 5 Downloads
Emanuela Carbonara, Francesco Parisi and Georg von Wangenheim
Psychology and Institutional Design pp. 6 Downloads
Tom Tyler
The Misperception of Norms: The Psychology of Bias and the Economics of Equilibrium pp. 7 Downloads
Robert D. Cooter, Michal Feldman and Yuval Feldman

Volume 4, issue 2, 2008

Twenty-Third Annual Conference of the European Association of Law & Economics, Madrid, Spain pp. 1 Downloads
Nuno Garoupa and Hans-Bernd Schäfer
Emissions Trading and the Polluter-Pays Principle: Do Polluters Pay under Grandfathering? pp. 2 Downloads
Edwin Woerdman, Alessandra Arcuri and Stefano Clò
The Demographics of Tort Reform pp. 3 Downloads
Paul H. Rubin and Joanna M. Shepherd
Corporate Architecture and Limited Liability pp. 4 Downloads
Oscar Couwenberg
When Less Liability Leads to More Care: Adverse Effects of Liability Regimes in Multitask Principal Agent Settings pp. 5 Downloads
Martina C. Samwer
Judges’ Cognition and Market Order pp. 6 Downloads
Benito Arruñada and Veneta Andonova

Volume 4, issue 1, 2008

Paying the Price for Being Caught: The Economics of Manifest and Non-Manifest Theft in Roman Law pp. 1 Downloads
Nuno Garoupa and Fernando Gomez
Measuring Skill in Games with Random Payoffs: Evaluating Legality pp. 2 Downloads
Steven Heubeck
Timing of Crime, Learning and Sanction pp. 3 Downloads
Christian At and Nathalie Chappe
Controlling Avoidance: Ex Ante Regulation Versus Ex Post Punishment pp. 4 Downloads
Avraham D. Tabbach and Jacob Nussim
Damages for Breach of Contract, Impossibility of Performance and Legal Enforceability pp. 5 Downloads
German Coloma
Social Norms, Self-Interest and Ambiguity of Legal Norms: An Experimental Analysis of the Rule vs. Standard Dilemma pp. 6 Downloads
Yuval Feldman and Alon Harel
Frischmann’s View of “Toward a Theory of Property Rights†pp. 7 Downloads
Harold Demsetz
Causation and Incentives to Choose Levels of Care and Activity Under the Negligence Rule pp. 8 Downloads
Avraham D. Tabbach
A Positive Theory of Strict Liability pp. 9 Downloads
Keith N. Hylton
Theory Meets Practice: Barriers to Entry in Merger Analysis pp. 10 Downloads
Malcolm B. Coate
Expert Testimony, Daubert, and the Determination of Damages pp. 11 Downloads
David Cooper and Jonathan T. Tomlin
Split-Estate Negotiations: The Case of Coal-Bed Methane pp. 12 Downloads
Hayley H. Chouinard and Christina Steinhoff
Attorneys' Compensation in Litigation with Bilateral Delegation pp. 13 Downloads
Kyung Hwan Baik
The Paradox of Expected Punishment: Legal and Economic Factors Determining Success and Failure in the Fight against Organized Crime pp. 14 Downloads
Edgardo Buscaglia
The Biasing Effects of Memory Distortions on the Process of Legal Decision-Making pp. 15 Downloads
Diego Nocetti
Transaction Costs, Neighborhood Effects, and the Diffusion of the Uniform Sales Act, 1906-47 pp. 16 Downloads
Donald J. Smythe
A Note on the Social versus Private Value of Suits when Care is Bilateral pp. 17 Downloads
Thomas Miceli
The Hidden Bias of the Vienna Convention on the International Law of Treaties pp. 18 Downloads
Vincy Fon and Francesco Parisi
Differential Victimization: Efficiency and Fairness Justifications for the Felony Murder Rule pp. 19 Downloads
Nuno Garoupa and Jonathan Klick
Underpricing of IPOs and Legal Frameworks Around the World pp. 20 Downloads
Peter-Jan Engelen and Marc van Essen
Damages or Reinstatement: Incentives and Remedies for Unjust Dismissal pp. 21 Downloads
Kyota Eguchi
Jury Verdicts in Drunken Driving Cases pp. 22 Downloads
Stan V. Smith, Eduard Zaloshnja, Ted Miller, David A. Smith and Rebecca S. Spicer
The Market for Lawyers and Social Capital: Are Informal Rules a Substitute for Formal Ones? pp. 23 Downloads
Eiji Yamamura
Competition and Unitization in Oil Extraction: A Tale of Two Tragedies pp. 24 Downloads
Vijay Mohan and Prateek Goorha
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