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Volume 33, issue 3-4, 1998

Stabilizing chaos in a dynamic macroeconomic model pp. 313-332 Downloads
Leo Kaas
On the consistency of backward-looking expectations: The case of the cobweb pp. 333-362 Downloads
Cars Hommes
Imperfect foresight and chaos: an example of a self-fulfilling mistake pp. 363-383 Downloads
Gerhard Sorger
The chaotic duopolists revisited pp. 385-394 Downloads
T. Puu
Stability and complex dynamics in a discrete tatonnement model pp. 395-410 Downloads
Jacob Goeree, Cars Hommes and Claus Weddepohl
A note on controlling a chaotic tatonnement pp. 411-420 Downloads
Venkatesh Bala, Mukul Majumdar and Tapan Mitra
On the relationship between discounting and complicated behavior in dynamic optimization models pp. 421-434 Downloads
Tapan Mitra
Periodic and chaotic programs of intertemporal optimization models with non-concave net benefit function pp. 435-447 Downloads
Michael Kopel, Herbert Dawid and G. Feichtinger
Thompson metric, contraction property and differentiability of policy functions pp. 449-466 Downloads
Luigi Montrucchio
The role of capital depreciation in multi-sectoral models pp. 467-479 Downloads
Gary Baierla, Kazuo Nishimura and Makoto Yano
Non-linear structure of a Metzlerian inventory cycle model pp. 481-492 Downloads
Akio Matsumoto
Is the monopolist the friend of the conservationist? Two remarks on the Hotelling-Solow paradox pp. 493-505 Downloads
Seiichi Katayama and Fumio Abe
A dynamic equilibrium model of durable goods monopoly pp. 507-520 Downloads
Koji Shimomura
Indeterminacy and endogenous fluctuations in two-sector growth models with externalities pp. 521-542 Downloads
Alain Venditti
Transitional dynamics of economic integration and endogenous growth pp. 543-555 Downloads
Harutaka Takahashi and Tomoya Sakagami
Some results on the Markov equilibria of a class of homogeneous differential games pp. 557-566 Downloads
Ngo Long and Koji Shimomura

Volume 33, issue 2, 1998

The socio-economic dynamics of speculative markets: interacting agents, chaos, and the fat tails of return distributions pp. 143-165 Downloads
Thomas Lux
The disposition effect in securities trading: an experimental analysis pp. 167-184 Downloads
Martin Weber and Colin F. Camerer
Tests of market outcomes with asymmetric valuations of gains and losses: Smaller gains, fewer trades, and less value pp. 185-193 Downloads
Bernhard F. J. Borges and Jack Knetsch
Social network utility and the economics of risk: the case of HIV pp. 195-205 Downloads
David C. Bell, Alan J. Richard, Isaac D. Montoya, William N. Elwood, Soumen N. Goush and Benjamin N. Matta
Perceiving and managing business risks: differences between entrepreneurs and bankers pp. 207-225 Downloads
D. K. Sarasvathy, Herbert Simon and Lester Lave
Personality attributes and optimal hierarchical compensation gradients pp. 227-240 Downloads
Shin-Hwan Chiang and Michael Gort
Product risk sharing by warranties in a monopoly market with risk-averse consumers pp. 241-257 Downloads
Anette Boom
Experimental evidence on the importance of competing for profits on forecasting accuracy pp. 259-269 Downloads
Paul M. Brown
The meeting place problem: Salience and search pp. 271-283 Downloads
Simon Grant and John Quiggin
Testing risk aversion and nonexpected utility theories pp. 285-302 Downloads
Edna Loehman
Heterodox Economic Theories: True or False?: Fred Moseley, Ed., (Edward Elgar, Aldershot, UK, 1995) pp. 136+subject and name indices pp. 303-307 Downloads
James Devine
Information Space: by Max H. Boisot, (Routledge, London and New York, 1995) pp. xiii+550. ISBN 0-415-11490-X pp. 307-309 Downloads
Stephen J. Guastello
Private Truths, Public Lies: The Social Consequences of Preference Falsification: Timur Kuran, (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1995) pp. 309-311 Downloads
Eric Rasmusen

Volume 33, issue 1, 1997

Some empirical evidence on property rights of first peoples pp. 1-22 Downloads
C. Leigh Anderson and Eugene Swimmer
Credible threats in extortion pp. 23-39 Downloads
Kai Konrad and Stergios Skaperdas
Efficiency wages, managerial discretion, and the fear of bankruptcy pp. 41-59 Downloads
Noel Gaston
Market behavior in the presence of costly, imperfect information: Experimental evidence pp. 61-74 Downloads
Lucy Ackert, Bryan K. Church and Mohamed Shehata
The governance problem, asset specificity and corporate financing decisions pp. 75-90 Downloads
G. Marc Choate
Small firms, borrowing constraints, and reputation pp. 91-105 Downloads
Cesar Martinelli
Firm size and market behavior: A theory of their relationship pp. 107-120 Downloads
Julian L. Simon
Collusive behavior with heterogeneous firms pp. 121-136 Downloads
Frank Verboven
Innovation and Industry Evolution: David B. Audretsch, (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1995) pp.205, Index, $35 pp. 137-139 Downloads
Ashish Arora
The Technological Transformation of Japan: From the Seventeenth to the Twenty-first Century: Tessa Morris-Suzuki, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1994), pp. v+304 pp. 139-142 Downloads
Maria Papadakis

Volume 32, issue 4, 1997

Adaptive behavior and coordination failure pp. 483-503 Downloads
John van Huyck, Joseph P. Cook and Raymond Battalio
Altruism and fairness in a public pension system pp. 505-518 Downloads
Eline van der Heijden, Jan Nelissen and Harrie A. A. Verbon
The two faces of learning by cooperating: The evolution and stability of inter-firm agreements in the European electronics industry pp. 519-537 Downloads
Antoine Bureth, Sandrine Wolff and Antonello Zanfei
The choice of organizational form in strategic contexts pp. 539-546 Downloads
Anindya Sen and Soumyen Sikdar
Managerial turnover and the theory of short-termism pp. 547-557 Downloads
Thomas Palley
The value of public information in commodity futures markets pp. 559-570 Downloads
Philip Garcia, Scott Irwin, Raymond M. Leuthold and Li Yang
A re-examination of the Fiorina-Plott and Eavey voting experiments: How much do cardinal payoffs influence outcomes? pp. 571-589 Downloads
Eric Grelak and Kenneth Koford
Costly offers and the equilibration properties of the multiple unit double auction under conditions of unpredictable shifts of demand and supply pp. 591-612 Downloads
Julian C. Jamison and Charles Plott
Cooperation in a modified version of the finitely repeated prisoners' dilemma game pp. 613-619 Downloads
Maarten Janssen, Joeri Gorter and Sjoerd van de Meerendonk
Efficiency and equilibria in complementary teams: A comment pp. 621-623 Downloads
Jeffrey Kline

Volume 32, issue 3, 1997

Snobs, bandwagons, and the origin of social customs in consumer behavior pp. 333-347 Downloads
Giacomo Corneo and Olivier Jeanne
Equity theory and the voluntary provision of public goods pp. 349-364 Downloads
Kenneth Chan, Robert Godby, Stuart Mestelman and Andrew Muller
The rationality of splitting equally pp. 365-381 Downloads
Gary Bolton
Self-interest and equity in a bargaining tournament with non-linear payoffs pp. 383-394 Downloads
Jason Shogren
Maximisation and melioration as alternative forms of firm behavior pp. 395-411 Downloads
Lynn Mainwaring
A behavioral model of bank asset management pp. 413-431 Downloads
David A. Walker
Rational expectations and tax policy: Experimental market evidence pp. 433-455 Downloads
Charles W. Swenson
Co-specific investments, hold-up and self-enforcing contracts pp. 457-470 Downloads
P. A. Koss and B. Eaton
Economic choice theory: Experiments with animals: John H. Kagel, Raymond C. Battalio, Leonard Green (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1995) pp. 230, $49.95 pp. 471-472 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
Firms, contracts, and financial structure: Oliver Hart (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1995) pp. viii + 228 pp. 472-476 Downloads
Joanne Doyle
Evolutionary concepts in contemporary economics: Richard England, ed. (the University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1994) pp. xiii + 255, $42.50 pp. 476-480 Downloads
Michael J. Everett

Volume 32, issue 2, 1997

Transaction costs and partnerships: The case of rock bands pp. 171-183 Downloads
Samuel Cameron and Alan Collins
Economics and the architecture of popular music pp. 185-205 Downloads
W. Crain and Robert Tollison
Product variety and market structure: A new measure and a simple test pp. 207-214 Downloads
Peter J. Alexander
The medieval church and rents from marriage market regulations pp. 215-245 Downloads
Audrey B. Davidson and Robert Ekelund
Economic institutions and individual ethics: A study of consumer attitudes toward insurance fraud pp. 247-265 Downloads
Sharon Tennyson
Interest groups, selective incentives, cleverness, history and emotion: The case of the American Soybean Association pp. 267-285 Downloads
Allan Schmid and David Soroko
Costly transfer institutions and the core in an overlapping generations model pp. 287-300 Downloads
Merwan Engineer, Joan Esteban and József Sákovics
Group utility in the micro motivation of collective action: The case of membership in the AARP pp. 301-320 Downloads
Dipak K. Gupta, C. Richard Hofstetter and Terry F. Buss
Theory of production: A long-period analysis: Heinz D. Kurz and Neri Salvadori, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995) pp xx+571, 59.95 pp. 321-324 Downloads
Duncan Foley
Evolutionary economics: Post-schumpeterian contributions: Esben Sloth Andersen, (Pinter publishers, London, 1994) pp. v+238 pp. 324-326 Downloads
Neil B. Niman
Finance, Investment and Macroeconomics:The Neoclassical and a post Keynesian Solution: Myron J. Gordon, (Edward Elgar Publishing Company, Hants, United Kingdom, 1994), pp. xiv + 240, $67.95. Chapters 4 and 5 are co-authored by Trevor Chamberlain pp. 326-331 Downloads
George M. Frankfurter

Volume 32, issue 1, 1997

Learning of equilibria by a population with minimal information pp. 1-18 Downloads
Herbert Dawid
Complex bubble persistence in closed-end country funds pp. 19-37 Downloads
Ehsan Ahmed, Roger Koppl, Barkley Rosser and Mark V. White
The effects of nonstationarities on performance in call markets pp. 39-54 Downloads
Douglas Davis and Arlington Williams
A multi-sector inventory model pp. 55-87 Downloads
Donald S. Allen
Forecasters as imperfect information processors: Experimental and survey evidence pp. 89-100 Downloads
Steven Beckman and David Downs
Clustered volatility in multiagent dynamics pp. 101-118 Downloads
Michael Youssefmir and Bernardo A. Huberman
Decentralization and the coordination problem pp. 119-135 Downloads
Jörg Oechssler
Expected and realized income changes: Evidence from the Dutch socio-economic panel pp. 137-154 Downloads
Marcel Das and Arthur van Soest
The Rebel's dilemma: Mark Lichbach, (University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1995), pp. xxii + 504, $45.00 pp. 155-157 Downloads
Daniel Sutter
Industrial concentration and economic inequality essays in honour of Peter Hart Edward Elgar: Mark Casson and John Creedy (eds), Aldershot pp. xix+235, $69.95 pp. 157-159 Downloads
Paul Auerbach
Innovation, Economics & Evolution: Peter Hall, (Harvester Wheatsheaf, New York, 1994), pp. xi+418, $41.95 pp. 159-161 Downloads
Thomas R. Iosso
Regional advantage: Culture and competition in silicon valley and route 128: AnnaLee Saxenian, (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1994) pp. 226, $24.95 pp. 161-163 Downloads
Linda Harris Dobkins
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