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Volume 62, issue 4, 2007

The ecology of collective action: A public goods and sanctions experiment with controlled group formation pp. 495-521 Downloads
Umut Ones and Louis Putterman
The demand for punishment pp. 522-542 Downloads
Jeffrey Carpenter
Crime, punishment, and background risks pp. 543-555 Downloads
W.Henry Chiu and Paul Madden
Time-preference and commitment pp. 556-578 Downloads
Gerhard Sorger
Policy makers, advisers, and reputation pp. 579-590 Downloads
Phongthorn Wrasai and Otto Swank
How effective is advice from interested parties?: An experimental test using a pure coordination game pp. 591-604 Downloads
Kuang, Xi (Jason), Roberto Weber and Jason Dana
Signaling and screening of workers' motivation pp. 605-624 Downloads
Josse Delfgaauw and Robert Dur
Estimating bounded rationality and pricing performance uncertainty pp. 625-639 Downloads
C. Nicholas McKinney and John B. Van Huyck
The effect of financial hedging on the incentives for corporate diversification: The role of stakeholder firm-specific investments pp. 640-656 Downloads
Sonya Lim and Heli Wang
On the incentives to increase input efficiency under monopoly trade unions pp. 657-669 Downloads
Tapan Biswas and Jolian McHardy
Having more potential raiders weakens the takeover threat pp. 670-685 Downloads
Linda A. Toolsema

Volume 62, issue 3, 2007

Preface pp. 323-(null) Downloads
Gian-Italo Bischi, Michael Kopel and Akio Matsumoto
Homoclinic tangles in a Kaldor-like business cycle model pp. 324-347 Downloads
Anna Agliari, Roberto Dieci and Laura Gardini
Harvesting dynamics in protected and unprotected areas pp. 348-370 Downloads
Gian-Italo Bischi and Fabio Lamantia
Oligopoly games with Local Monopolistic Approximation pp. 371-388 Downloads
Gian-Italo Bischi, Ahmad Naimzada and Lucia Sbragia
Distributional dynamics of cautious economic adjustment processes pp. 389-407 Downloads
Weihong Huang and Yang Zhang
Heterogeneous expectations and speculative behavior in a dynamic multi-asset framework pp. 408-427 Downloads
Carl Chiarella, Roberto Dieci and Xuezhong He
Monetary policy and economic fluctuations in a sticky-price model pp. 428-439 Downloads
Hiroyuki Yoshida
Dynamic analysis of policy lag in a Keynes-Goodwin model: Stability, instability, cycles and chaos pp. 441-469 Downloads
Hiroyuki Yoshida and Toichiro Asada
Neoclassical labour market dynamics, chaos and the real wage Phillips curve pp. 470-483 Downloads
Luciano Fanti and Piero Manfredi
Engineering trouble: a review essay pp. 484-493 Downloads
Bradley W. Bateman

Volume 62, issue 2, 2007

Subjectivism, social structure and the possibility of socio-economic order: The case of Ludwig Lachmann pp. 167-186 Downloads
Paul Lewis and Jochen Runde
The sociology of groups and the economics of incentives: Theory and evidence on compensation systems pp. 187-214 Downloads
William E. Encinosa , Martin Gaynor and James Rebitzer
The system dynamics of collective knowledge: From gradualism and saltationism to punctuated change pp. 215-236 Downloads
Cristiano Antonelli
Social attitudes, labor law, and union organizing: Toward a new economics of union density pp. 237-254 Downloads
Thomas Palley and Robert M. LaJeunesse
Do you trust your brethren?: Eliciting trust attitudes and trust behavior in a Tanzanian congregation pp. 255-271 Downloads
Anders J. Danielson and Hakan Holm
Traditional trust measurement and the risk confound: An experiment in rural Paraguay pp. 272-292 Downloads
Laura Schechter
Self-centered and other-regarding behavior in the solidarity game pp. 293-303 Downloads
Susanne Buchner, Giorgio Coricelli and Ben Greiner
Disposition, history and contributions in public goods experiments pp. 304-315 Downloads
Anna Gunnthorsdottir, Daniel Houser and Kevin McCabe
Cash and alternate methods of accounting in an experimental game pp. 316-321 Downloads
Sara J. Solnick

Volume 62, issue 1, 2007

Leading for the long term pp. 1-19 Downloads
Benjamin Hermalin
Institutional choice versus communication in social dilemmas--An experimental approach pp. 20-36 Downloads
Ivo Bischoff
Entrepreneurial learning and the existence of credit markets pp. 37-46 Downloads
Simon Parker
Market structure and Schumpeterian growth pp. 47-62 Downloads
Val Lambson and Kerk Phillips
The organization of R&D and environmental policy pp. 63-75 Downloads
Joanna Poyago-Theotoky
Optimal technology policy under asymmetric information in a research joint venture pp. 76-97 Downloads
M. Pilar Socorro
Equilibrium selection and bounded rationality in symmetric normal-form games pp. 98-119 Downloads
Ernan Haruvy and Dale Stahl
Evolutionary modeling of time-use vectors pp. 120-143 Downloads
Ilan Fischer and Oriel Sullivan
A theory of jump bidding in ascending auctions pp. 144-164 Downloads
R. Isaac, Tim Salmon and Arthur Zillante

Volume 61, issue 4, 2006

Introduction pp. 521-524 Downloads
Christophe Deissenberg and Giulia Iori
Systemic risk on the interbank market pp. 525-542 Downloads
Giulia Iori, Saqib Jafarey and Francisco G. Padilla
Financial fragility and economic fluctuations pp. 543-561 Downloads
Serena Sordi and Alessandro Vercelli
Modeling a large population of traders: Mimesis and stability pp. 562-576 Downloads
Ahmet Omurtag and Lawrence Sirovich
The continuous time random walk formalism in financial markets pp. 577-598 Downloads
Jaume Masoliver, Miquel Montero, Josep Perelló and George H. Weiss
Technical trading in the Santa Fe Institute Artificial Stock Market revisited pp. 599-616 Downloads
Norman Ehrentreich
On the behavior of proposers in ultimatum games pp. 617-631 Downloads
Thomas Brenner and Nicolaas Vriend
Social learning in market games pp. 632-652 Downloads
Carlo Altavilla, Luigi Luini and Patrizia Sbriglia
The real communication network behind the formal chart: Community structure in organizations pp. 653-667 Downloads
R. Guimera, L. Danon, A. Diaz-Guilera, F. Giralt and A. Arenas
Organizational performance in hierarchies and communities of practice pp. 668-690 Downloads
Olivier Dupouet and Murat Yildizoglu
Protection and social order pp. 691-709 Downloads
Allen Wilhite
Innovation waves, self-organized criticality and technological convergence pp. 710-728 Downloads
Rainer Andergassen, Franco Nardini and Massimo Ricottilli
Complex dynamical behaviour in economic production networks pp. 729-749 Downloads
A. Ponzi, A. Yasutomi and K. Kaneko
An analysis of the cobweb model with boundedly rational heterogeneous producers pp. 750-768 Downloads
Carl Chiarella, Xuezhong He, Hing Hung and Peiyuan Zhu
Statistical dynamics in a chaotic Cournot model with complementary goods pp. 769-783 Downloads
Akio Matsumoto and Yasuo Nonaka
The complex dynamics of financially constrained heterogeneous firms pp. 784-803 Downloads
Anna Agliari, Domenico Delli Gatti, Mauro Gallegati and Stefano Lenci

Volume 61, issue 3, 2006

Strategic outsourcing revisited pp. 325-338 Downloads
Stefan Buehler and Justus Haucap
Strategic asymmetry pp. 339-350 Downloads
Mihkel M. Tombak
Screening budgets pp. 351-374 Downloads
Alexander Wagner, Nolan H. Miller and Richard Zeckhauser
Time is money--Time pressure, incentives, and the quality of decision-making pp. 375-392 Downloads
Martin Kocher and Matthias Sutter
Drift effect under timing without observability: Experimental evidence pp. 393-414 Downloads
Mauro Caminati, Alessandro Innocenti and Roberto Ricciuti
Do forward markets enhance competition?: Experimental evidence pp. 415-431 Downloads
Chloe Le Coq and Henrik Orzen
Uncertainty, irreversibility, and the likelihood of entry: An empirical assessment of the option to defer pp. 432-452 Downloads
Timothy B. Folta, Douglas R. Johnson and O'Brien, Jonathan
Confidence interval estimation tasks and the economics of overconfidence pp. 453-470 Downloads
David Cesarini, Orjan Sandewall and Magnus Johannesson
Why stable fiat money hyperinflates: Results from an experimental economy pp. 471-486 Downloads
Cary Deck, Kevin McCabe and David Porter
The Coase theorem in tenant protection pp. 487-503 Downloads
Kiyoshi Otani
A comment on Sen's `Sraffa, Wittgenstein, and Gramsci' pp. 504-512 Downloads
Ajit Sinha
M. Benoit and R.L. Hudson, The (Mis)Behavior of Markets: A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward, Basic Books, New York (2004) (xxiv + 328 pp., $27.50, ISBN 0-465-04355-0) pp. 513-515 Downloads
Costas Vorlow
D. Colander, R.E. Prasch and F.A. Sheth, Editors, Race, Liberalism, and Economics, The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor (2004) (334 + x pp., index, $65.00, ISBN 0-472-11356-9) pp. 515-519 Downloads
Andrew Farrant

Volume 61, issue 2, 2006

Editorial pp. 145-148 Downloads
Ragnar Arnason, Fridrik Baldursson and Jon Thor Sturluson
The value-added of laboratory experiments for the study of institutions and common-pool resources pp. 149-163 Downloads
Elinor Ostrom
The effect of initial lease periods on price discovery in laboratory tradable fishing allowance markets pp. 164-180 Downloads
Christopher M. Anderson and Jon G. Sutinen
Income distribution preferences and regulatory change in social dilemmas pp. 181-198 Downloads
Laurie T. Johnson, Elisabet Rutstrom and J. Gregory George
Emissions variability in tradable permit markets with imperfect enforcement and banking pp. 199-216 Downloads
Timothy Cason and Lata Gangadharan
Direct and market effects of enforcing emissions trading programs: An experimental analysis pp. 217-233 Downloads
James Murphy and John Stranlund
Decision making in patchy resource environments: Spatial misperception of bioeconomic models pp. 234-254 Downloads
Kurt E. Schnier and Christopher M. Anderson
All-pay auctions--an experimental study pp. 255-275 Downloads
Uri Gneezy and Rann Smorodinsky
Caps on bidding in all-pay auctions: Comments on the experiments of A. Rapoport and W. Amaldoss pp. 276-283 Downloads
Emmanuel Dechenaux, Dan Kovenock and Volodymyr Lugovskyy
Auctions for government securities: A laboratory comparison of uniform, discriminatory and Spanish designs pp. 284-303 Downloads
Klaus Abbink, Jordi Brandts and Paul Pezanis-Christou
Multi-unit auctions: A comparison of static and dynamic mechanisms pp. 304-323 Downloads
Alejandro Manelli, Martin Sefton and Benjamin S. Wilner

Volume 61, issue 1, 2006

Why we need a generalized Darwinism, and why generalized Darwinism is not enough pp. 1-19 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson and Thorbjorn Knudsen
Other-regarding preferences: Egalitarian warm glow, empathy, and group size pp. 20-41 Downloads
Dale Stahl and Ernan Haruvy
Generosity, anonymity, gender pp. 42-49 Downloads
Martin Dufwenberg and Astri Muren
Gender composition in teams pp. 50-54 Downloads
Martin Dufwenberg and Astri Muren
The sexual harassment of female active-duty personnel: Effects on job satisfaction and intentions to remain in the military pp. 55-80 Downloads
Heather Antecol and Deborah Cobb-Clark
The importance of faith: Tax morale and religiosity pp. 81-109 Downloads
Benno Torgler
Price discrimination and social welfare with correlated demand pp. 110-122 Downloads
Mahmudul Anam and Shin-Hwan Chiang
Rosenberg's "learning by using" and technology diffusion pp. 123-144 Downloads
Toshihiko Mukoyama
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