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Volume 11, issue 3, 1989

Financial markets and the political structure of the enterprise pp. 311-322 Downloads
Herbert Gintis
Industry growth accounts and production functions when techniques are idiosyncratic pp. 323-341 Downloads
Richard Nelson
The organization of work: The emergence of the factory revisited pp. 343-358 Downloads
Rick Szostak
More laboratory evidence on the disparity between willingness to pay and compensation demanded pp. 359-379 Downloads
David Harless
Producers' markets: A model of oligopoly with sales costs pp. 381-398 Downloads
Daniel Friedman
The main bank system and corporate monitoring and control in Japan pp. 399-422 Downloads
Paul Sheard
Price leadership with incomplete information pp. 423-429 Downloads
Richard S. Higgins, William Shughart and Robert Tollison
Bandwagons and the threat of chaos: Interpersonal effects revisited pp. 431-442 Downloads
Laurence Iannaccone
Herman Wold on optimal properties of exponentially weighed forecasts pp. 443-446 Downloads
Harald Lang
Investment choices in industry: Constance E. Heifat,(MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1988) pp. x + 189, $25.00 pp. 447-449 Downloads
David Teece
A theory of efficient cooperation and competition: Lester Telser,(Cambridge University Press, New York, 1987) pp. xii + 306, $37.50 pp. 449-450 Downloads
Martin Shubik
Understanding technical change as an evolutionary process: Richard R. Nelson,(North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1987) pp. xii + 125, $37.50 pp. 450-453 Downloads
W Steinmueller
Organizational capital: The path to higher productivity and well-being: John F. Tomer,(Praeger, New York, 1987) pp. xi + 188, $35.00 pp. 453-455 Downloads
Jay B. Barney

Volume 11, issue 2, 1989

Have your lawyer call my lawyer: Bilateral delegation in bargaining situations pp. 159-174 Downloads
Stephen Jones
Efficient status seeking: Externalities, and the evolution of status games pp. 175-190 Downloads
Roger Congleton
Resource coordination and transaction costs: A framework for analyzing the firm/market boundary pp. 191-212 Downloads
Lee Alston and William Gillespie
Decentralization, aggregation, control loss and costs in a hierarchical model of the firm pp. 213-236 Downloads
Michael Keren and David Levhari
Power steering the Canadian automotive industry: The 1965 Canada-USA auto pact and political exchange pp. 237-251 Downloads
Keith Acheson
Investment choices in the petroleum industry pp. 253-283 Downloads
Constance E. Helfat
Advance delivery contracts, revenue pools and price discrimination pp. 285-291 Downloads
Abraham Hollander and Clive Fraser
More on military `tactics' pp. 293-296 Downloads
William C. Mitchell
Evolutionary epistemology, rationality, and the sociology of knowledge: Gerard Radnitzky and W.W. Bartley, III, eds, open court publishing co., La Salle, IL, 1987) pp. xiv+475, $14.95 pp. 297-302 Downloads
Ann E. Cudd
Collective decision-making: An economic outlook: Shmuel Nitzan and Jacob Paroush, Cambridge university press, Cambridge, 1986) pp. x+132, $34.50 pp. 302-303 Downloads
Guillermo Owen
The firm and the market: Studies on multinational enterprise and the scope of the firm: Mark Casson, (MIT press, Cambridge, Ma, 1987) pp. xii+283, $27.50 pp. 303-306 Downloads
William Adams
The sources of innovation: Eric von Hippel, Oxford university press, London and New York, 1988) pp. 232, $27.00 pp. 306-309 Downloads
Cristiano Antonelli

Volume 11, issue 1, 1989

Ownership structures of foreign subsidiaries: Theory and evidence pp. 1-25 Downloads
Benjamin Gomes-Casseres
Producer's dilemma experiments pp. 27-46 Downloads
Steve Beckman
A model of target inventory and markup with empirical testing using automobile industry data pp. 47-74 Downloads
Catherine Langlois
The new institutional economics and a model of contract pp. 75-89 Downloads
Jim Leitzel
The equilibrium vector of pairwise-bargained agency contracts with diverse actors and principals owning a fixed resource pp. 91-114 Downloads
Pinhas Zusman and Clive Bell
Monitoring and additional wages in labour extraction pp. 115-125 Downloads
Mahmood Arai
Are all tastes constant and identical?: A critique of Stigler and Becker pp. 127-135 Downloads
Tyler Cowen
A `fair share' model of public good provision pp. 137-147 Downloads
Douglas J. Young
Crisis and Leviathan: Critical episodes in the growth of American government: Robert Higgs, (Oxford University Press, New York, 1987) pp. xix+350, $27.95 pp. 150-152 Downloads
Susan Rose-Ackerman
Markets or governments: Choosing between imperfect alternatives: Charles Wolf Jr., (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1988) pp. xv+220, $18.95 pp. 152-154 Downloads
Frederic L. Pryor
The nature and logic of capitalism: Robert L. Heilbroner, (Norton, New York, 1985) pp. 225, $15.95 pp. 154-156 Downloads
Phyllis Deane
Market structure and technological change: William L. Baldwin and John T. Scott, (Harwood, New York, 1987) pp. viii+ 170, $32.00 pp. 156-157 Downloads
Morton . Kamien

Volume 10, issue 4, 1988

Cutting the cake with a stranger: Egoism and altruism with imperfect information pp. 377-388 Downloads
Henri Loubergé and Harris Schlesinger
Aspiration level effects: An empirical investigation pp. 389-400 Downloads
Stephen J. Mezias
Employee opportunism and redundancy in firms pp. 401-414 Downloads
Jonathan S. Feinstein and Jeremy Stein
Participation, decision aggregation and internal information gathering in organizational decision making pp. 415-431 Downloads
Mark Gradstein and Shmuel Nitzan
Crime or punishment?: Enforcement of the NCAA football cartel pp. 433-451 Downloads
Arthur Fleisher, William Shughart, Robert Tollison and Brian L. Goff
The new industrial organization: Market forces and strategic behavior: Alexis Jacquemin, (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1987) pp. xii+217, $27.50 (cloth), $12.50 (paper) pp. 453-457 Downloads
Douglas West
Mobilizing invisible assets: Hiroyuki Itami with Thomas W. Roehl, (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1987) pp. xi+186, $20.00 pp. 457-459 Downloads
Ward Hanson
Profits in the long run: Dennis C. Mueller, (Cambridge University Press, New York, 1986) pp. xii+378, $47.50 pp. 459-462 Downloads
Masao Nakamura

Volume 10, issue 3, 1988

The necessity of delaying economic adjustment pp. 255-286 Downloads
Ronald A. Heiner
The life cycle of worker-owned firms in market economies: A theoretical analysis pp. 287-313 Downloads
Avner Ben-Ner
Evolution in economic games pp. 315-338 Downloads
Robert G. Hansen and William F. Samuelson
Technology and Oliver Williamson's transaction cost economics pp. 339-353 Downloads
Ernest J. Englander
Technology and transaction cost economics: A reply pp. 355-363 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
The standard of living: The Tanner lectures: Amartya Sen, Cambridge, 1985, edited by Geoffrey Hawthorn. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987), pp. xiv + 125, $25.00 pp. 365-368 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
Mergers, sell-offs, and economic efficiency: David J. Ravenscraft and F.M. Scherer, (Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, 1987), pp. xiii + 290, $32.95 (cloth), $12.95 (paper) pp. 368-372 Downloads
Dennis C. Mueller
Economic behaviour in adversity: Jack Hirshleifer, (University of Chicago Press, 1987) pp. ix + 310, $35.00 pp. 372-375 Downloads
Roger L. Faith

Volume 10, issue 2, 1988

The tenacious past: Theories of personal and collective conservatism pp. 143-171 Downloads
Timur Kuran
Throwing good money after bad?: Nuclear power plant investment decisions and the relevance of sunk costs pp. 173-199 Downloads
Werner F. M. De Bondt and Anil K. Makhija
Organizational failures and wage determination: A historical case study pp. 201-224 Downloads
William A. Sundstrom
Word-of-mouth reputations in auto insurance markets pp. 225-234 Downloads
Lawrence A. Berger
Live and let live type behavior in a multi-market setting with demand fluctuations pp. 235-244 Downloads
D. Kantarelis and E. C. H. Veendorp
Analyses of Industrial Structure -- A Putty-Clay Approach, the Industrial Institute for Economic and Social Research: Finn R. Forsund and Lennart Hjalmarsson, (Almqvist & Wicksell International, Stockholm, 1987), pp. viii + 321, SEK 240 pp. 245-248 Downloads
Börje Johansson
Methods of dynamic economics: John Hicks, (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1985), pp. vii + 173, $34.50 (cloth), $15.95 (paper) pp. 248-251 Downloads
Mauro L. Baranzini
Stabilizing an unstable economy: Hyman P. Minsky, (A Twentieth Century Fund Report, Yale University Press, New Haven and London), pp. xiv + 353, $35.00 (cloth), $14.95 (paper) pp. 251-253 Downloads
Alessandro Vercelli

Volume 10, issue 1, 1988

The transactional structure of the firm: A comparative survey pp. 1-28 Downloads
Beth V. Yarbrough and Robert M. Yarbrough
The necessity of imperfect decisions pp. 29-55 Downloads
Ronald A. Heiner
Unilateral disclosure of private information by a regulated firm pp. 57-82 Downloads
John Kambhu
Caring and family income pp. 83-98 Downloads
Charlotte Phelps
Opportunism, incentives, and the m-form hypothesis: A laboratory study pp. 99-119 Downloads
Richard M. Burton and Borge Obel
A note on price rigidity: Pledging stable prices under sluggish information diffusion and costly search pp. 121-131 Downloads
Kiyohiko G. Nishimura
How institutions think: Mary Douglas, (Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, 1986) pp. xi + 139, $10.95 paper pp. 133-136 Downloads
Richard Nelson
Money capital in the theory of the firm: A preliminary analysis: Douglas Vickers, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1987) pp. x + 244, $34.50 pp. 136-138 Downloads
Brian Loasby
Knowledge and class: A Marxian critique of political economy: Stephen A. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff, (University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1987) pp. vii + 352, $32.50 pp. 139-141 Downloads
Donna L. Doane
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