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Volume 25, issue 3, 1994

Experimental evidence on players' models of other players pp. 309-327 Downloads
Dale Stahl and Paul Wilson
Expectations formation: Rational or adaptive or...? pp. 329-349 Downloads
John Hey
Learning in common value auctions: Some initial observations pp. 351-372 Downloads
Susan Garvin and John Kagel
The role of envy in ultimatum games pp. 373-389 Downloads
Georg Kirchsteiger
An experimental investigation of transaction costs pp. 391-409 Downloads
Ronald R. King
Learning a mixed strategy equilibrium in the laboratory pp. 411-436 Downloads
Robert Bloomfield
Testing choquet expected utility pp. 437-457 Downloads
Lukas Mangelsdorff and Martin Weber
Individual decision making in an investment setting pp. 459-471 Downloads
Carl A. Kogut and Owen R. Phillips
Exchange rate theory: Chaotic models of foreign exchange markets: Paul De Grauwe, Hans Dewachter, and Mark Embrechts, (Oxford: Blackwell) ISBN# 0-631-18016-8, 1993 pp. 473-475 Downloads
Bruce Mizrach
The future of health policy: Victor Fuchs, (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1993) pp. ix + 255 pp. 475-477 Downloads
Marilyn Moon
Economic theory and natural philosophy: Charles Michael, Andres Clark, with foreword by Robert L. Heilbroner, (Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Brookfield, VT) 1992 pp. 477-480 Downloads
Vardaman R. Smith
The double auction: Institutions, theories and evidence: Daniel Friedman and John Rust, eds., Proceedings Volume XIV Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity (Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1991) pp. xxvi + 429 pp. 480-482 Downloads
Mark Van Boening
Teams, markets and systems: Business innovation and technology: Claudio C. Ciborra, (Cambridge University Press, 1993) pp. ix + 250, $49.95 pp. 482-484 Downloads
Vijay R. Kannan

Volume 25, issue 2, 1994

Learning in a search-for-the-best-alternative experiment pp. 141-165 Downloads
Robert Slonim
Designing organizations for trading pollution rights pp. 167-196 Downloads
John Ledyard and Kristin Szakaly-Moore
An experimental investigation of super majority voting rules: Implications for the financial accounting standards board pp. 197-217 Downloads
Ronald R. King
Transaction cost, institutions, and evolution pp. 219-239 Downloads
Karl Wärneryd
Power seeking managers, profitable dividends and financing decisions pp. 241-255 Downloads
S. A. Ravid and E. F. Sudit
Firm-specific output limits in a posted offer market: Distributive and efficiency effects pp. 257-269 Downloads
Praveen Kujal
An experimental verification of the Lucas 'islands' approach to business cycles pp. 271-280 Downloads
Farrokh K. Langdana
Financial structure and tacit collusion with repeated oligopoly competition pp. 281-292 Downloads
Rune Stenbacka
The rookie draft and competitive balance: The case of professional football pp. 293-298 Downloads
Kevin Grier and Robert Tollison
Paradigms and conventions: Uncertainty, decision making, and entrepreneurship: Young Back Choi (University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1993) pp. ix + 184, $39.50 pp. 299-301 Downloads
Thomas Miceli
Cooperation and governance in international trade: The strategic organizational approach: Beth V. Yarbrough and Robert M. Yarbrough (Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1992), pp. xi + 182, $35.00 pp. 301-303 Downloads
Adam Gifford

Volume 25, issue 1, 1994

On limiting or encouraging rivalry in technical progress: The effect of patent scope decisions pp. 1-24 Downloads
Robert P. Merges and Richard Nelson
The influence of gender on the provision of a public good pp. 25-36 Downloads
Clifford Nowell and Sarah Tinkler
Information processing and organization design pp. 37-51 Downloads
Peter W. Kennedy
The competition for rationed resources pp. 53-71 Downloads
Stephen M. Goldfeld and Richard E. Quandt
Intertemporal trades and problems of self-control pp. 73-91 Downloads
Robert B. Archibald
Common property as an egalitarian share contract pp. 93-108 Downloads
Dean Lueck
Price commitment in search markets pp. 109-120 Downloads
Helmut Bester
Growth deceleration and transaction costs: A note pp. 121-133 Downloads
Frederic L. Pryor
Strategic behavior and the problem of storming in a centrally planned economy pp. 135-138 Downloads
Ruvin Gekker
Strategic behavior and the problem of storming in a centrally planned economy: A reply pp. 139-140 Downloads
Michael Alexeev

Volume 24, issue 3, 1994

Work organization, employment security, and macroeconomic stability pp. 251-271 Downloads
David Levine and Richard J. Parkin
A Keynes-Goodwin model of the business cycle pp. 273-295 Downloads
Reiner Franke and Toichiro Asada
Complex dynamics in a simple macro disequilibrium model pp. 297-313 Downloads
Akio Matsumoto
Dynamics of the cobweb model with adaptive expectations and nonlinear supply and demand pp. 315-335 Downloads
Cars Hommes
Positive feedback trading and diffusion of asset price changes: Evidence from housing transactions pp. 337-355 Downloads
John Clapp and Dogan Tirtiroglu
Multiple equilibria and chaotic tatonnement: Applications of the Yamaguti-Matano theorem pp. 357-362 Downloads
Taisei Kaizouji
Exchange rate speculation and chaos inducing intervention pp. 363-368 Downloads
George G. Szpiro
Co-existence of a limit cycle and an equilibrium in Kaldor's business cycle model and its consequences pp. 369-377 Downloads
Johan Grasman and Jolanda J. Wentzel
Costs and productivity in automobile production: The challenge of Japanese efficiency: Melvyn A. Fuss and Leonard Waverman (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992) pp. 231 + xii, index and bibl pp. 379-382 Downloads
William Wood
Organizational decision making and information: Mairead Browne (Ablex, Norwood, New Jersey, 1993) pp. xiv + 256 pp. 382-384 Downloads
Charles D. Pringle
The economics of cooperation: East Asian development and the case for pro-market intervention: James A. Roumasset and Susan Barr, eds. (Westview, Boulder, CO 1992), pp. vi + 207 pp. 385-387 Downloads
Paul W. Kuznets
Evolution in markets and institutions: Ulrich Witt (Physica-Verlag, Berlin, 1992) 120 pp. with 44 figs pp. 387-389 Downloads
Wei-Bin Zhang
The economics of oligopolistic competition: Robert E. Kuenne (Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge, 1992) pp. xxiii + 492 pp. 390-391 Downloads
Val Lambson

Volume 24, issue 2, 1994

Bureaucrats and Indians: Principal-agent relations and efficient management of tribal forest resources pp. 133-151 Downloads
Matthew B. Krepps and Richard E. Caves
The epidemiology of corporate PAC formation, 1975-1984 pp. 153-168 Downloads
Timothy J. McKeown
Influence activity and executive compensation pp. 169-181 Downloads
Tim Perri
The beliefs of borrowers and lenders and investment decisions pp. 183-194 Downloads
Richard Smith
The fair wage-effort hypothesis: Implications for the distribution of income and dual labor markets pp. 195-205 Downloads
Thomas Palley
The franchise life cycle and the Penrose effect pp. 207-218 Downloads
R. Steve Thompson
A note on small versus large organizations pp. 219-223 Downloads
Chong Ju Choi and Carlo Scarpa
Prospect theory and the risk return association: Another look pp. 225-231 Downloads
Tapen Sinha
Market and non-market hierarchies: Theory of institutional failure: Christos Pitelis, (Blackwells, 1993) pp. 254 pp. 233-236 Downloads
Gerald T. Garvey
The limits of rationality: Karen Schweers Cook and Margaret Levi, eds., (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1990) pp. 246, library hardcover $49.95, paper $19.95 pp. 236-239 Downloads
Kenneth Koford
Experiments in decision, organization and exchange: Richard H. Day and Vernon L. Smith, eds., (North Holland, Amsterdam, 1993) viii + 380 pp pp. 239-241 Downloads
Daniel Friedman
Aggregation: Aggregate production functions and related topics, collected papers by Franklin M. Fisher: Franklin M. Fisher, edited by John Monz (The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA) pp. xxiv-280, $45.00 (cloth) pp. 241-245 Downloads
Marco Lippi and Neri Salvadori
Israel M. Kirzner, the meaning of market process: Essays in the development of modern Austrian economics pp. 245-248 Downloads
Roger Koppi
Fundamentalisms and the state: Rethinking polities, economies, and militance: Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby, eds., (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993) pp. 635, ISBN (cloth) 0-226-50883-8 (dust cover) pp. 248-250 Downloads
Robert E. Looney

Volume 24, issue 1, 1994

Intraorganizational influence relations and the optimality of collective action pp. 1-17 Downloads
Pinhas Zusman and Gordon Rausser
Toward the settlement of the fairness issues in ultimatum games: A bargaining approach pp. 19-34 Downloads
Eythan Weg and Rami Zwick
Toward a non-linear dynamics of technological progress pp. 35-69 Downloads
Robert U. Ayres
Private information and inventive activity pp. 71-90 Downloads
John Weinberg
Evaluating technological information and utilizing it: Scientific knowledge, technological capability, and external linkages in biotechnology pp. 91-114 Downloads
Ashish Arora and Alfonso Gambardella
The dynamics of cities: Ecological determinism, dualism and chaos: Dimitrios S. Dendrinos, (London: Routledge, 1992) pp. 389, index and bibl. $59.95 pp. 115-118 Downloads
Barkley Rosser
Ethics and Economic Theory: Ideas-model-dilemmas: Kurt W. Rothschild, (Hampshire, England: Edward Elgar, 1993) pp. xi+163, $59.95 pp. 118-120 Downloads
Richard L. Lippke
Unions and economic competitiveness: Lawrence Mishel and Paula B. Voos, eds., (M.E. Sharp, Inc., Armonk, NY 1992), pp. 356, $16.95, paper pp. 120-122 Downloads
John L. Conant
Suing for medical malpractice: Frank A. Sloan, Penny B. Githens, Ellen Wright Clayton, Gerald B. Hickson, Douglas A. Gentile, and David F. Partlett, (The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1993)pp. xviii+258 pp. 122-125 Downloads
Thomas Selden
The multinational paradigm: Robert Z. Aliber, (The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1993) pp. 282, $27.50 (cloth) pp. 125-128 Downloads
Thomas P. Murtha
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