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Volume 16, issue 3, 1991

On the economic rationale for codetermination law pp. 261-281 Downloads
Stephen Smith
Direct foreign investment in the United States pp. 283-293 Downloads
Stephen Martin
Choices involving uncertain probabilities: Tests of generalized utility models pp. 295-317 Downloads
Paul Schoemaker
Negotiating efficient organization forms pp. 319-340 Downloads
Anna Grandori
Optimal executive perquisites pp. 341-345 Downloads
Pamela Clark Brown, Jeffrey Miller and James R. Thornton
Portfolio choice and risk pp. 347-353 Downloads
Jose Encarnacion
A comment on 'evolution in economic games' pp. 355-360 Downloads
John Nachbar
Market volatility: Robert J. Shiller, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1989), pp. xiv + 464, $35.00 pp. 361-364 Downloads
Werner De Bondt
The innovative choice, an economic analysis of the dynamics of technology: Mario Amendola and Jean-Luc Gaffard, Basil Blackwell Ltd., Oxford 1988, pp. viii + 113, $49.50 pp. 364-366 Downloads
Bertram Schefold
Organizational ecology: Michael T. Hannan and John Freeman, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1989), pp. xvi + 366, $29.50 cloth pp. 366-369 Downloads
Art Budros

Volume 16, issue 1-2, 1991

Editorial pp. 1-2 Downloads
R. H. Day and G. Eliasson
Erratic behavior in economic models pp. 3-35 Downloads
Donald G. Saari
Statistical dynamics and economics pp. 37-83 Downloads
Richard H. Day and Giulio Pianigiani
Stochastic behavior of deterministic systems pp. 85-92 Downloads
Lennart Carleson
Loss of stability and emergence of chaos in dynamical systems pp. 93-113 Downloads
Russell A. Johnson
Continuous-time models of chaos in economics pp. 115-151 Downloads
Alfredo Medio
Modeling the experimentally organized economy: Complex dynamics in an empirical micro-macro model of endogenous economic growth pp. 153-182 Downloads
Gunnar Eliasson
Evolution of viable allocations pp. 183-215 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Aubin
Dynamic games in organization theory pp. 217-260 Downloads
Roy Radner

Volume 15, issue 3, 1991

Overlapping generations, intermediation, and the First Welfare Theorem pp. 325-345 Downloads
Mark Pingle and Leigh Tesfatsion
Competition and cooperation in the workplace pp. 347-364 Downloads
Robert Drago and Geoffrey K. Turnbull
The economic role of a work ethic pp. 365-385 Downloads
Roger Congleton
The effects of rent asymmetries in markets characterized by advance production: A comparison of trading institutions pp. 387-405 Downloads
Stuart Mestelman and Douglas Welland
The road to a free economy: Janos Kornai, (Norton, New York, 1990), pp. 224, $16.95 (cloth); $8.95 (paper) pp. 407-410 Downloads
Branko Horvat
The labour market and usiness cycle theories: Piero Ferri and Edward Greenberg, (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1989), pp. X+183, 39 DM (paper) pp. 410-412 Downloads
Ian McDonald
Knowledge and industrial organization: Ake E. Andersson, David F. Batten, and Charlie Karlsson, eds., (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1989) pp. viii + 310, DM 120 paper pp. 412-415 Downloads
William L. Baldwin

Volume 15, issue 2, 1991

The 'storming' pattern of enterprise behavior in a centrally planned economy pp. 173-185 Downloads
Michael Alexeev
Beyond self-interest: A reexamination of neoclassical economics in group settings pp. 187-200 Downloads
Marilyn M. Helms and Ziad Keilany
Structural shifts and the volatility of chaotic markets pp. 201-214 Downloads
Sherrill Shaffer
The role of gender in a non-cooperative game pp. 215-235 Downloads
Charles Mason, Owen R. Phillips and Douglas B. Redington
Cohesiveness, productivity, and wage dispersion pp. 237-255 Downloads
David Levine
Entitlements and distributive equity in cooperative marketing pools pp. 257-278 Downloads
Steven T. Buccola
Tests of the betweenness property in experimental financial choice pp. 279-295 Downloads
Dorla A. Evans, Michael D. Phillips and James Holcomb
Arbitrage, equilibrium and market efficiency: A parable pp. 297-301 Downloads
Clas Wihlborg
Traffic dynamics through human interaction: Reflections on some complex problems pp. 303-311 Downloads
Robert Herman
Allocation of income within the household: Edward P. Lazear and Robert T. Michael, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1988 pp. vii + 220, $34.95 pp. 312-316 Downloads
Alice Nakamura
The economy as an evolving complex system: P.W. Anderson, K.J. Arrow and D. Pines, eds., Addison-Wesley, Redwood City, California, 1988 pp. xvii + 313, $40.95 (cloth, $21.95 (paper) pp. 316-319 Downloads
Gustav Feichtinger
Decision making: Descriptive, normative and prescriptive interactions: David E. Bell, Howard Raiffa and Amos Tversky, eds., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1988 pp. x + 623, $65.00 (cloth), $29.95 (paper) pp. 320-322 Downloads
Robin Gregory

Volume 15, issue 1, 1991

Resource allocation in non-Walrasian environments: Some analytical and simulation results pp. 1-28 Downloads
Venkatesh Bala, Mukul Majumdar and Tapan Mitra
Educational achievement and the cost of bureaucracy pp. 29-45 Downloads
Gary M. Anderson, William Shughart and Robert Tollison
A simple testable model of double auction markets pp. 47-70 Downloads
Daniel Friedman
Diversified expansion by large established firms pp. 71-89 Downloads
Cynthia A. Montgomery and S. Hariharan
The disappearance of polarized altruism pp. 91-113 Downloads
Charlotte Phelps
Fairness and efficiency in a collective enterprise pp. 115-135 Downloads
David Bigman
Adaptation costs, coordination costs and optimal firm size pp. 137-149 Downloads
A. Camacho
A model of quality changes in higher education pp. 151-157 Downloads
David J. Smyth
Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Economics and institutions: A manifesto for a modern institutionalist economics: (Polity Press in association with Basil Blackwell, Cambridge, UK, 1989), pp. xviii + 365, $17.95 (paper) pp. 159-164 Downloads
Gregory Dow
Economic interests and institutions: Daniel W. Bromley, (Basil Blackwell, Cambridge, MA, 1989), pp. vii + 265, $49.95 pp. 164-166 Downloads
Dan Usher
Nuts and bolts for the social sciences: Jon Elster, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1989), pp. viii + 184, $9.95 (paper) pp. 167-169 Downloads
Alan J. MacFadyen

Volume 14, issue 3, 1990

Bulls, bears and market sheep pp. 299-329 Downloads
Richard H. Day and Weihong Huang
Competitive equilibrium convergence in a posted-offer market with extreme earnings inequities pp. 331-352 Downloads
Timothy Cason and Arlington Williams
Decision frames, opportunity and tax evasion: An experimental approach pp. 353-361 Downloads
Henry S. J. Robben, Paul Webley, Henk Elffers and Dick J. Hessing
An economic, organizational and behavioral model of the determinants of CEO tenure pp. 363-379 Downloads
John L. Fizel, Kenneth K. T. Louie and Marc S. Mentzer
Consumer search behavior and sunk costs pp. 381-392 Downloads
Carl A. Kogut
Public employees' preferences and the size of the public sector pp. 393-402 Downloads
Norman Gemmell
An econometric model of a public university's income and enrollments pp. 403-423 Downloads
Stephen A. Hoenack and Daniel J. Pierro
Biased budget forecasts pp. 425-434 Downloads
G. Marc Choate and Fred Thompson
Industrial dynamics: Bo Carlsson, ed., (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 1989), pp. 336, $65.00 pp. 435-439 Downloads
Herbert L. Schuette
The cement of society: A study of social order: Jon Elster, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1989), pp. viii + 311, $44.50 (cloth), $15.95 (paper) pp. 439-441 Downloads
Robert Sugden
Technological and social factors in long term fluctuations.: M. Di Matteo, R. Goodwin and A. Vercelli, eds., Proceedings of an international workshop held in Siena, Italy, December 16-18, 1986. Lecture notes in economics and mathematical systems 321 (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1989) pp. ix + 442, DM 82.00 pp. 441-445 Downloads
Hans-Walter Lorenz

Volume 14, issue 2, 1990

The organization as an adaptive network pp. 159-185 Downloads
Gregory Dow
Prospect theory and the risk-return association: An empirical examination in 85 industries pp. 187-203 Downloads
Avi Fiegenbaum
Output targets, the soft budget constraint and the firm under central planning pp. 205-222 Downloads
Stephen M. Goldfeld and Richard E. Quandt
Incomplete markets, intra-industry firm heterogeneity and investment: The case of uranium exploration pp. 223-248 Downloads
Wesley M. Cohen
Job search and information processing in the presence of nonrational behavior pp. 249-260 Downloads
Richard R. Bryant
Workers' preferences for co-operatives versus private buy-outs pp. 261-283 Downloads
Martin Browning and Wayne Lewchuk
Comment on S. Beckman's 'producer's dilemma experiments' pp. 285-286 Downloads
Joe Oppenheimer
Reply to Joe Oppenheimer pp. 287-287 Downloads
S. Beckman
Cognition in practice: Mind, mathematics and culture in everyday life: Jean Lave (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1988) pp. xv + 214, $14.95 (paper), $49.50 (cloth) pp. 289-291 Downloads
Richard Scaglion
The economics of imperfect information: Louis Phlips (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1988) pp. xiv +281, $14.95 pp. 292-294 Downloads
Charles Lindsey
Continued entrepreneurship and small firm growth: Per Davidsson (The Economic Research Institute, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, 1989) pp. vi + 272, SEK 225 pp. 294-298 Downloads
Lowell Jacobsen

Volume 14, issue 1, 1990

From engineering to microsimulation: An autobiographical reflection pp. 5-27 Downloads
Guy H. Orcutt
The microanalytic approach for modeling national economies pp. 29-41 Downloads
Guy H. Orcutt
Guy H. Orcutt: Contributions to economic statistics pp. 43-51 Downloads
Arnold Zellner
Simulating policy alternatives for long-term care: An example of the Orcutt approach pp. 53-64 Downloads
Alice M. Rivlin
A microsimulated model of inventories in interfirm competition pp. 65-77 Downloads
Barbara R. Bergmann
A conditional analysis of movers' housing responses pp. 79-95 Downloads
James N. Morgan
Alternative approaches to model choice pp. 97-125 Downloads
Alice Nakamura, Masao Nakamura and Harriet Orcutt Duleep
Auction design for composite goods: The natural gas industry pp. 127-149 Downloads
Kevin McCabe, Stephen Rassenti and Vernon Smith
Regulation and markets: Daniel F. Spulber, (The Mit Press, Cambridge, Ma, 1989), pp. xviii + 690, $45.00 pp. 151-155 Downloads
Roger Sherman
Privatization: An economic analysis: John Vickers and George Yarrow, (The Mit Press, Cambridge, MA, 1988), pp. xii + 454, $39.95 pp. 156-157 Downloads
Anthony Boardman
The economics of uncertainty and information: Jean-Jacques Laffont, translated by John P. Bonin and Helene Bonin (The MIT press, Cambridge, Ma, 1989), pp. xi + 289, $27.50 pp. 157-158 Downloads
Bev Dahlby
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