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Volume 26, issue 12, 1980

Communications pp. 1189-1197 Downloads
Evaluating and Improving Resource Allocation for Navy Recruiting pp. 1198-1210 Downloads
Richard C. Morey and John M. McCann
A New Specification of the Multichain Policy Iteration Algorithm in Undiscounted Markov Renewal Programs pp. 1211-1217 Downloads
Federgruen A. and Spreen D.
On Comparison of Cash Flow Streams pp. 1218-1226 Downloads
J. Landau H.
Priority Update Intervals and Anomalies in Dynamic Ratio Type Job Shop Scheduling Rules pp. 1227-1237 Downloads
Nabil R. Adam and Julius Surkis
Managerial Risk Preferences for Below-Target Returns pp. 1238-1249 Downloads
Dan J. Laughhunn, John W. Payne and Roy Crum
Scheduling Jobs Subject to Nonhomogeneous Poisson Shocks pp. 1250-1257 Downloads
Michael L. Pinedo and Sheldon M. Ross
Optimal Multi-Level Lot Sizing for Requirements Planning Systems pp. 1258-1271 Downloads
Earle Steinberg and Albert Napier H.
Note---Sensitivity Analysis in Leontief Substitution Systems pp. 1272-1280 Downloads
Gary J. Koehler and Andrew B. Whinston
Note---Disutility as a Probability: An Interpretation of Weighted Informational Measures pp. 1281-1284 Downloads
Henri Theil
Erratum to "The Adoption Time Period for Some Transportation Innovations" pp. 1285-1286 Downloads
John E. Ettlie

Volume 26, issue 11, 1980

External Communication and Project Performance: An Investigation into the Role of Gatekeepers pp. 1071-1085 Downloads
Michael L. Tushman and Ralph Katz
Manpower Flows and the Innovation Process pp. 1086-1095 Downloads
John E. Ettlie
A Mixed-Integer Programming Approach to Air Cargo Fleet Planning pp. 1096-1107 Downloads
Roy E. Marsten and Michael R. Muller
Sample vs. Population Mean-Variance Efficient Portfolios pp. 1108-1116 Downloads
Haim Levy and Yoram Kroll
The Bargain Value Model and a Comparison of Managerial Implications with the Linear Learning Model pp. 1117-1130 Downloads
John W. Keon
Performance-Based Incentive Plans pp. 1131-1144 Downloads
Rakesh K. Sarin and Robert L. Winkler
Formulating Blood Rotation Policies with Multiple Objectives pp. 1145-1157 Downloads
Kenneth E. Kendall and Sang M. Lee
The Demand for a Risky Asset pp. 1158-1165 Downloads
Kira D. and T. Ziemba W.
Automatic Identification of Generalized Upper Bounds in Large-Scale Optimization Models pp. 1166-1184 Downloads
Gerald G. Brown and David S. Thomen
Note---On "A New Look at Production Switching Heuristics for the Aggregate Planning Problem" pp. 1185-1186 Downloads
Roger C. Vergin
About Authors pp. 1187-1188 Downloads

Volume 26, issue 10, 1980

A Quasi-Empirical Mapping of Optimal Scale of Enterprise pp. 963-981 Downloads
John W. Sutherland
The Impact of the Mode of Information Presentation on Learning and Performance pp. 982-993 Downloads
Henry C. Lucas and Norman R. Nielsen
Models for Affirmative Action Planning and Evaluation pp. 994-1006 Downloads
David S. P. Hopkins
Problems in Predicting New Product Growth for Consumer Durables pp. 1007-1020 Downloads
Roger M. Heeler and Thomas P. Hustad
Managerial Response to Technological Innovation in Public Sector Organizations pp. 1021-1030 Downloads
Irwin Feller
Long-Term Dependence and Least Squares Regression in Investment Analysis pp. 1031-1038 Downloads
Myron T. Greene and Bruce D. Fielitz
Translation of Gambles and Aspiration Level Effects in Risky Choice Behavior pp. 1039-1060 Downloads
John W. Payne, Dan J. Laughhunn and Roy Crum
Note---Planning for Industrial Estate Development in a Developing Economy pp. 1061-1067 Downloads
O. Fong C.
About Authors pp. 1068-1069 Downloads

Volume 26, issue 9, 1980

Review of Data Related to Energy Use in Residential and Commercial Buildings pp. 857-870 Downloads
Eric Hirst
Diagnostic Analysis of a Production and Distribution System pp. 871-889 Downloads
Arnoldo C. Hax, Nicolas S. Majluf and Mark Pendrock
Optimal Resource Allocation Between Spot and Package Demands pp. 890-900 Downloads
Yoram Kinberg, Ambar G. Rao and Ephraim F. Sudit
Expected Utility and the Truncated Normal Distribution pp. 901-909 Downloads
Norgaard R. and Killeen T.
A Framework for Research in Computer-Based Management Information Systems pp. 910-934 Downloads
Blake Ives, Scott Hamilton and Gordon B. Davis
Multiple-Object, Discriminatory Auctions with Bidding Constraints: A Game-Theoretic Analysis pp. 935-946 Downloads
Thomas R. Palfrey
Note---On the Marginal Benefit of Adding Servers to G/GI/m Queues pp. 946-951 Downloads
Richard R. Weber
Note---Simple Inequalities for Multiserver Queues pp. 951-956 Downloads
Matthew J. Sobel
Note---Comments on a Queueing Inequality pp. 956-959 Downloads
Daniel P. Heyman
About Authors pp. 960-961 Downloads

Volume 26, issue 8, 1980

Invited Note---Some References for the Ellipsoid Algorithm pp. 747-749 Downloads
Philip Wolfe
An Evaluation of the Initial Year of Zero-Base Budgeting in the Federal Government pp. 750-772 Downloads
Virendra S. Sherlekar and Burton V. Dean
A Goal Programming Model for Planning Officer Accessions pp. 773-783 Downloads
S. Bres E., Burns D., Charnes A. and W. Cooper W.
Finding All Solutions for a Class of Parametric Quadratic Integer Programming Problems pp. 784-795 Downloads
D. McBride R. and S. Yormark J.
Optimal Sizing of Records Used to Store Messages of Various Lengths pp. 796-809 Downloads
Ranel E. Erickson and Hanan Luss
A Comparison of Optimal and Adaptive Decision Mechanisms in an Organizational Setting pp. 810-822 Downloads
Edwin H. Neave and Edward R. Petersen
Accounting Applications---Introduction pp. 823-825 Downloads
Joshua Ronen
An Activity Analysis Approach to Unit Costing with Multiple Interactive Products pp. 826-839 Downloads
Hiroyuki Itami and Robert S. Kaplan
Variance Analysis Procedures as Motivational Devices pp. 840-848 Downloads
Stanley Baiman and Joel S. Demski
Note---Optimal Inventories Based on Job Completion Rate for Repairs Requiring Multiple Items pp. 849-854 Downloads
Stephen A. Smith, John C. Chambers and Eli Shlifer
Management Science Update Column---"Multicommodity Distribution System Design by Benders Decomposition" pp. 855-856 Downloads
M. Geoffrion A. and W. Graves G.

Volume 26, issue 7, 1980

Marketing Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process pp. 641-658 Downloads
Yoram Wind and Thomas L. Saaty
Modeling and Resolution of the Medium Term Energy Generation Planning Problem for a Large Hydro-Electric System pp. 659-668 Downloads
Melville A. Hanscom, Louis Lafond, Leon Lasdon and Gaston Pronovost
Deterministic Production Planning: Algorithms and Complexity pp. 669-679 Downloads
Florian M., K. Lenstra J. and H. G. Rinnooy Kan A.
The Effects of Promotion by Seniority in Growth-Constrained Organizations pp. 680-693 Downloads
Robert E. Stanford
Linear Multiple Objective Problems with Interval Coefficients pp. 694-706 Downloads
Gabriel R. Bitran
A Decision Analysis Model for a Serious Medical Problem pp. 707-718 Downloads
Daniel Peña Sanchez de Rivera
A Boolean Approach to Interactive Program Planning pp. 719-735 Downloads
George Abonyi and Nigel Howard
Some New Branching and Bounding Criteria for the Asymmetric Travelling Salesman Problem pp. 736-743 Downloads
Giorgio Carpaneto and Paolo Toth
About Authors pp. 744-745 Downloads

Volume 26, issue 6, 1980

Exceptional Paper---A Theory of the U.S. Treasury Market Equilibrium pp. 539-569 Downloads
John Y. Barry and Herbert F. Ayres
Humans vs. Computer Algorithms for the Plant Layout Problem pp. 570-574 Downloads
Thomas W. Trybus and Lewis D. Hopkins
An Information Processing Model of Organizational Perception, Strategy and Choice pp. 575-592 Downloads
Francis D. Tuggle and Donald Gerwin
Solution of Spatial Equilibrium Problems with Benders Decomposition pp. 593-605 Downloads
Joseph Polito, Bruce A. McCarl and Thomas L. Morin
The Relationship between Attributes, Brand Preference, and Choice: A Stochastic View pp. 606-619 Downloads
Jean-Marie Blin and Joe A. Dodson
Assessment of Simple Joint Time/Risk Preference Functions pp. 620-632 Downloads
Stephen M. Barrager
Note---A Node Elimination Procedure for Townsend's Algorithm for Solving the Single Machine Quadratic Penalty Function Scheduling Problem pp. 633-636 Downloads
C. Bagga P. and R. Kalra K.
About Authors pp. 637-638 Downloads
Management Science Update Column--Production Smoothing with Finite Horizons pp. 639-640 Downloads
John R. Hall, Jr. (Editor)

Volume 26, issue 5, 1980

Testing for Vision Loss in Glaucoma Suspects pp. 439-450 Downloads
Peter Kolesar
PBDS: A Decision Support System for Regional Blood Management pp. 451-463 Downloads
Gregory P. Prastacos and Eric Brodheim
The Diffusion of an Administrative Innovation pp. 464-470 Downloads
David J. Teece
Estimation of a Longitudinal Model to Decompose the Effects of an Advertising Stimulus on Family Consumption pp. 471-482 Downloads
Russell S. Winer
Are Multi-Echelon Inventory Methods Worth Implementing in Systems with Low-Demand-Rate Items? pp. 483-494 Downloads
John A. Muckstadt and Joseph Thomas L.
Solving Large-Scale Symmetric Travelling Salesman Problems to Optimality pp. 495-509 Downloads
Harlan Crowder and Manfred W. Padberg
A Land Management Model Using Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition pp. 510-523 Downloads
Nazareth L.
A Mathematical Programming Approach to Beef Feedlot Optimization pp. 524-535 Downloads
John J. Glen
About Authors pp. 536-537 Downloads

Volume 26, issue 4, 1980

Utility Functions for Equity and Public Risk pp. 345-353 Downloads
Ralph L. Keeney
Scheduling of Network Television Programs pp. 354-370 Downloads
Jeffrey H. Horen
The Influence of Decision Style on Decision Making Behavior pp. 371-386 Downloads
John C. Henderson and Paul C. Nutt
On Committee Decision Making: A Game Theoretical Approach pp. 387-400 Downloads
Prakash P. Shenoy
The Efficiency of the Price, Budget, and Mixed Approaches Under Varying a Priori Information Levels for Decentralized Planning pp. 401-417 Downloads
Richard M. Burton and Börge Obel
Communications---Rand-HUD Fire Models pp. 418-422 Downloads
Rodrick Wallace and Deborah Wallace
Response to Communication on Rand-HUD Fire Models pp. 422-432 Downloads
Jan Chaiken, Edward Ignall, Peter Kolesar and Warren Walker
Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility pp. 432-433 Downloads
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Car Pool Systems pp. 433-434 Downloads
Stephen L. Robinson
Reply to Robinson pp. 434-434 Downloads
Nathaniel H. Leff
Erratum to "On a Production Allocation and Distribution Problem" pp. 435-436 Downloads
Thomas G. Mairs, Glenn W. Wakefield, Ellis L. Johnson and Kurt Spielberg
About Authors pp. 437-437 Downloads
Management Science Update Column--Bulk-Arrival Queues with State-Dependent Service Times pp. 438-438 Downloads
John R. Hall, Jr. (Editor)

Volume 26, issue 3, 1980

Turnpike Horizons for Production Planning pp. 229-241 Downloads
Gerald L. Thompson and Suresh P. Sethi
Integer Programming Models for Sales Resource Allocation pp. 242-260 Downloads
Andris A. Zoltners and Prabhakant Sinha
A Competitive Scenario Modeling System pp. 261-273 Downloads
Biplab K. Dutta and William R. King
A Lagrangean Relaxation Algorithm for the Two Duty Period Scheduling Problem pp. 274-281 Downloads
Fred Shepardson and Roy E. Marsten
An Implicit Enumeration Algorithm for Quadratic Integer Programming pp. 282-296 Downloads
D. McBride R. and S. Yormark J.
An Economics Approach to Modeling the Productivity of Computer Systems pp. 297-311 Downloads
Charles H. Kriebei and Artur Raviv
Implicit Intransitivity Under Majority Rule with Mixed Motions pp. 312-321 Downloads
Merrill M. Flood
Structure in 5's: A Synthesis of the Research on Organization Design pp. 322-341 Downloads
Henry Mintzberg
Erratum to "Planning Horizon Procedures for Machine Replacement Models" pp. 342-342 Downloads
Suresh P. Sethi and Suresh Chand
Erratum to "Optimal Pilfering Policies for Dynamic Continuous Thieves" pp. 342-342 Downloads
Suresh P. Sethi
About Authors pp. 343-344 Downloads

Volume 26, issue 2, 1980

State of the Art---Auctions and Bidding Models: A Survey pp. 119-142 Downloads
Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans
A Stochastic Constrained Optimization Model for Determining Commercial Fishing Seasons pp. 143-154 Downloads
Norman Gaither
First-Offer Bargains pp. 155-164 Downloads
William Samuelson
An Analysis of Utilization Differences for Scientific and Technical Information pp. 165-179 Downloads
Arthur Gerstenfeld and Paul Berger
On the Design of Incentives in Business Firms---A Survey of Some Research pp. 180-201 Downloads
Peter Jennergren L.
Scheduling Jobs on Two Facilities to Minimize Makespan pp. 202-214 Downloads
L. Bulfin R. and G. Parker R.
Note---On "A Parsimonious Description of the Hendry System" pp. 215-226 Downloads
Joel R. Rubinson, Wilfried R. Vanhonacker and Frank M. Bass
About Authors pp. 227-227 Downloads

Volume 26, issue 1, 1980

Worst-Case Analysis of Heuristic Algorithms pp. 1-17 Downloads
Marshall L. Fisher
A Coverage Function for Interval Estimators of Simulation Response pp. 18-27 Downloads
Lee W. Schruben
Technological Forecasting---An Overview pp. 28-33 Downloads
Joseph P. Martino
Simple Ranking Methods for Allocation of One Resource pp. 34-43 Downloads
Paul H. Zipkin
R&D Project Planning with Q-GERT Network Modeling and Simulation pp. 44-59 Downloads
Bernard W. Taylor and Laurence J. Moore
Consumer Preference Judgments: An Exposition with Empirical Applications pp. 60-77 Downloads
Jehoshua Eliashberg
A Longitudinal Model to Decompose the Effects of an Advertising Stimulus on Family Consumption pp. 78-85 Downloads
Russell S. Winer
Pivot and Complement--A Heuristic for 0-1 Programming pp. 86-96 Downloads
Egon Balas and Clarence H. Martin
Note---A Comment on "Modeling the Marketing Mix Decision for Industrial Products" pp. 97-101 Downloads
Paul W. Farris and Robert D. Buzzell
Reply to Farris and Buzzell's Comment on ADVISOR 2 Paper pp. 101-105 Downloads
Gary L. Lilien
Note---Analysis of Time Series with Calendar Effects pp. 106-112 Downloads
Lon-Mu Liu
Note---The Single Facility Minimax Distance Problem Under Stochastic Location of Demand pp. 113-115 Downloads
Robert Carbone and Abraham Mehrez
About Authors pp. 116-117 Downloads
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