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Volume 33, issue 12, 1987

What is an Application and When is Theory a Waste of Time? pp. 1511-1522 Downloads
Martin Shubik
A Heuristic Approach to Product Design pp. 1523-1533 Downloads
Rajeev Kohli and Ramesh Krishnamurti
Strategy Maps: A Spatial Representation of Intra-Industry Competitive Strategy pp. 1534-1551 Downloads
Diana L. Day, Wayne S. DeSarbo and Terence A. Oliva
Tests of the Efficiency of Racetrack Betting Using Bookmaker Odds pp. 1552-1562 Downloads
Ron Bird and Michael McCrae
Dynamic Patent Races with Risky Choices pp. 1563-1571 Downloads
Jaesun Park
Testing Behavioral Simulation Models by Direct Experiment pp. 1572-1592 Downloads
John D. Sterman
A Bicriteria Mathematical Programming Model for Nutrition Planning in Developing Nations pp. 1593-1601 Downloads
Harold P. Benson and Thomas L. Morin
The Optimal Treatment Strategy---A Patient's Perspective pp. 1602-1612 Downloads
A. Mehrez and A. Gafni
Multi-Item, One-Warehouse, Multi-Retailer Distribution Systems pp. 1613-1621 Downloads
John A. Muckstadt and Robin O. Roundy
Optimal Use and the Value of Water Resources in Electricity Generation pp. 1622-1634 Downloads
Prodromos G. Efthymoglou
Note---Comment on: A Generalized Quantity Discount Pricing Model to Increase Supplier's Profits pp. 1635-1636 Downloads
S. K. Goyal

Volume 33, issue 11, 1987

Lottery Dependent Utility pp. 1367-1382 Downloads
Joao L. Becker and Rakesh K. Sarin
The Theory of Ratio Scale Estimation: Saaty's Analytic Hierarchy Process pp. 1383-1403 Downloads
Patrick T. Harker and Luis G. Vargas
Managerial Perspectives on Risk and Risk Taking pp. 1404-1418 Downloads
James G. March and Zur Shapira
R&D Management and Corporate Financial Policy pp. 1419-1427 Downloads
John B. Guerard, Jr., Alden S. Bean and Steven Andrews
Efficient Market Adjustment of Odds Prices to Reflect Track Biases pp. 1428-1439 Downloads
Brian R. Canfield, Bruce C. Fauman and William T. Ziemba
Optimal Group Maintenance Policies with Continuous and Periodic Inspections pp. 1440-1452 Downloads
David Assaf and Jevaveerasingam Shanthikumar
A Network Decomposition Approach for Approximating the Steady-State Behavior of Markovian Multi-Echelon Reparable Item Inventory Systems pp. 1453-1468 Downloads
Donald Gross, Leonidas C. Kioussis and Douglas R. Miller
Design and Operation of a Multicommodity Production/Distribution System Using Primal Goal Decomposition pp. 1469-1480 Downloads
Gerald G. Brown, Glenn W. Graves and Maria D. Honczarenko
On Optimal Competitive Contracting pp. 1481-1488 Downloads
Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans
Competitive Procurement Under Demand Uncertainty pp. 1489-1500 Downloads
Kofi O. Nti
Note---Analyzing Total Factor Productivity with ROI as a Criterion pp. 1501-1505 Downloads
David M. Miller
About Authors pp. 1507-1509 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 10, 1987

From EOQ Towards ZI pp. 1209-1223 Downloads
Willard I. Zangwill
Note---Response to "Use of Sample Information in Stochastic Recourse and Chance-Constrained Programming Models": On the "Bayesability" of CCP's pp. 1224-1228 Downloads
Irving H. LaValle
Note---Response pp. 1229-1231 Downloads
Ravi Jagannathan
Note---Blau's Dilemma Revisited pp. 1232-1237 Downloads
Robert F. Nau
Portfolio Analysis with Partial Information: The Case of Grouped Data pp. 1238-1246 Downloads
Edwin J. Elton and Martin J. Gruber
Pricing Policies for Quantity Discounts pp. 1247-1252 Downloads
Maqbool Dada and K. N. Srikanth
A Model for Relating Advertising Media Exposures to Purchase Incidence Behavior Patterns pp. 1253-1266 Downloads
Fred S. Zufryden
An Empirical Evaluation of Alternative Forecasting Combinations pp. 1267-1276 Downloads
Thomas D. Russell and Everett E. Adam, Jr.
Warnings of Malfunction: The Decision to Inspect and Maintain Production Processes on Schedule or on Demand pp. 1277-1290 Downloads
M. E. Paté-Cornell, H. L. Lee and G. Tagaras
Setup Reduction and Increased Effective Capacity pp. 1291-1301 Downloads
Anne M. Spence and Evan L. Porteus
A Multi-Echelon Inventory Model for Repairable Items with Emergency Lateral Transshipments pp. 1302-1316 Downloads
Hau L. Lee
Modeling Coordination in Organizations and Markets pp. 1317-1332 Downloads
Thomas W. Malone
A Dynamic Planning Technique for Continuous Activities Under Multiple Resource Constraints pp. 1333-1347 Downloads
Mufit Ozden
Consumer Protection Laws: Violator Detection and Enforcement Strategy pp. 1348-1356 Downloads
Priscilla A. Labarbera and Edward L. Melnick
Reply---An Answer to Sasieni's Question on PERT Times pp. 1357-1359 Downloads
T. K. Littlefield, Jr. and P. H. Randolph
Reply---A Note on PERT Assumptions pp. 1360-1360 Downloads
Charles Gallagher
Note---The Bierman-Hausman Credit Granting Model: A Note pp. 1361-1362 Downloads
Venkat Srinivasan and Yong H. Kim
About Authors pp. 1363-1365 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 9, 1987

A Diffusion Theory Model of Adoption and Substitution for Successive Generations of High-Technology Products pp. 1069-1086 Downloads
John A. Norton and Frank M. Bass
Risk and the Relationship Among Strategy, Organizational Processes, and Performance pp. 1087-1101 Downloads
David B. Jemison
Strategic Group Formation and Performance: The Case of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry, 1963--1982 pp. 1102-1124 Downloads
Karel O. Cool and Dan Schendel
Simultaneous Determination of Production Cycle and Inspection Schedules in a Production System pp. 1125-1136 Downloads
Hau L. Lee and Meir J. Rosenblatt
Freezing the Master Production Schedule Under Rolling Planning Horizons pp. 1137-1149 Downloads
V. Sridharan, William L. Berry and V. Udayabhanu
Eliminating Inventory in a Series Facility Production System pp. 1150-1164 Downloads
Willard I. Zangwill
Reducing the Congestion in a Class of Job Shops pp. 1165-1172 Downloads
David Yao and S. C. Kim
Optimal Server Allocation in a System of Multi-Server Stations pp. 1173-1180 Downloads
Jevaveerasingam Shanthikumar and David Yao
Developing Competitive Strategies for Buyer-Supplier Negotiations pp. 1181-1191 Downloads
Jonathan F. Bard
Simulating GI/G/k Queues in Heavy Traffic pp. 1192-1199 Downloads
Do Le Minh
A Study of Graphical and Tabular Displays and Their Interaction with Environmental Complexity pp. 1200-1204 Downloads
William Remus
About Authors pp. 1205-1207 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 8, 1987

A Model for Predicting Frequencies of Random Events pp. 947-954 Downloads
Donald Rosenfield
A Class of Utility Functions Containing all the Common Utility Functions pp. 955-964 Downloads
Patrick L. Brockett and Linda L. Golden
Estimating Utility Functions in the Presence of Response Error pp. 965-980 Downloads
Kathryn Blackmond Laskey and Gregory W. Fischer
Marketing-Production Decisions in an Industrial Channel of Distribution pp. 981-1000 Downloads
Jehoshua Eliashberg and Richard Steinberg
Parallel Machine Scheduling: Processing Rates Dependent on Number of Jobs in Operation pp. 1001-1009 Downloads
Moshe Dror, Helman I. Stern and Jan Karel Lenstra
An Optimal Design Problem for Limited Processor Sharing Systems pp. 1010-1019 Downloads
Genji Yamazaki and Hirotaka Sakasegawa
A Layout Planning System with Multiple Criteria and a Variable Domain Representation pp. 1020-1034 Downloads
F. Robert Jacobs
Priority Rules for Job Shops with Weighted Tardiness Costs pp. 1035-1047 Downloads
Ari P. J. Vepsalainen and Thomas E. Morton
Asymmetric Players and Bargaining for Profit Shares in Natural Resource Development pp. 1048-1057 Downloads
G. Anandalingam
Does Cheaper, Faster, or Better Imply Sooner in the Timing of Innovation Decisions? pp. 1058-1064 Downloads
Steven A. Lippman and Kevin F. McCardle
Note---Comment on "The Dynamics of Plant Layout" pp. 1065-1065 Downloads
Rajan Batta
About Authors pp. 1066-1068 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 7, 1987

An Optimization Based Integrated Short-Term Refined Petroleum Product Planning System pp. 813-830 Downloads
Darwin Klingman, Nancy Phillips, David Steiger, Ross Wirth, Rema Padman and R. Krishnan
An Integer Programming Approach and Implementation for an Electric Utility Capacity Planning Problem with Renewable Energy Sources pp. 831-847 Downloads
Hanif D. Sherali, Konstantin Staschus and Jorge M. Huacuz
Multiperiod Financial Planning pp. 848-875 Downloads
David P. Brown
Performance Evaluation of State-Owned Enterprises in Theory and Practice pp. 876-893 Downloads
Ravi Ramamurti
Minimizing Mean Squared Deviation of Completion Times About a Common Due Date pp. 894-906 Downloads
Uttarayan Bagchi, Robert S. Sullivan and Yih-Long Chang
A Heuristic Procedure for the Layout of a Large Number of Facilities pp. 907-915 Downloads
Zvi Drezner
Discounted and Per Unit Costs of Product Warranty pp. 916-930 Downloads
John W. Mamer
Approximation of the Overflow Process from a G/M/N/K Queueing System pp. 931-938 Downloads
Behnam Pourbabai
Note---A Note on Computing Optimal Control Limits for GI/M/1 Queueing Systems pp. 939-943 Downloads
Martin L. Puterman and Lyn C. Thomas
About Authors pp. 944-945 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 6, 1987

Planning System Success: A Conceptualization and an Operational Model pp. 687-705 Downloads
N. Venkatraman and Vasudevan Ramanujam
Entry and Learning pp. 706-724 Downloads
Timothy M. Devinney
Consensus Forecasts of Corporate Earnings: Analysts' Forecasts and Time Series Methods pp. 725-738 Downloads
Robert Conroy and Robert Harris
A Predictive Method of Teacher's Structure in China's University (1985--2000) pp. 739-749 Downloads
Chen Ling and Pen Guozhong
The Optimality of (s, S) Policies for a Stochastic Inventory Problem with Proportional and Lump-Sum Penalty Cost pp. 750-755 Downloads
Yash Aneja and A. Hamid Noori
Inventory Policies Under Various Optimizing Criteria and Variable Markup Rates pp. 756-762 Downloads
F. J. Arcelus and G. Srinivasan
On Optimal Reservation Prices in Auctions pp. 763-770 Downloads
Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans
A Mathematical Model of Dental Caries Used to Evaluate the Benefits of Alternative Frequencies of Bitewing Radiographs pp. 771-783 Downloads
Michael Shwartz, Joseph S. Pliskin, Hans-Göran Gröndahl and Joseph Boffa
Batching to Minimize Flow Times on One Machine pp. 784-799 Downloads
Gregory Dobson, Uday S. Karmarkar and Jeffrey L. Rummel
A Constrained Capital Budgeting Problem with Applications to Repair Kit Selection pp. 800-806 Downloads
John W. Mamer and Andrew W. Shogan
Note---Does Rolling Back Decision Trees Really Require the Independence Axiom? pp. 807-809 Downloads
Gordon B. Hazen
About Authors pp. 810-812 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 5, 1987

An Introduction to Structured Modeling pp. 547-588 Downloads
Arthur M. Geoffrion
A Foundation for the Study of Group Decision Support Systems pp. 589-609 Downloads
Gerardine DeSanctis and R. Brent Gallupe
PAM---A Practitioner's Approach to Modeling pp. 610-625 Downloads
James S. Welch, Jr.
Cost Allocation and Opportunity Costs pp. 626-639 Downloads
Bruce L. Miller and A. G. Buckman
Ordinal Time Series Methodology for Industry and Competitive Analysis pp. 640-661 Downloads
Timothy W. Ruefli and Chester L. Wilson
Optimal Average Cost Policies for the Two-Terminal Shuttle pp. 662-669 Downloads
Rajat K. Deb and Charles P. Schmidt
Nonorthogonal Two-Dimensional Cutting Patterns pp. 670-684 Downloads
A. H. G. Rinnooy Kan, J. R. De Wit and R. Th. Wijmenga
About Authors pp. 685-686 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 4, 1987

A Mathematical Programming Approach to a Deterministic Kanban System pp. 427-441 Downloads
Gabriel R. Bitran and Li Chang
Comparing Hierarchical and Nonhierarchical Weighting Methods for Eliciting Multiattribute Value Models pp. 442-450 Downloads
William G. Stillwell, Detlof von Winterfeldt and Richard S. John
Diffusion and Advertising: The German Telephone Campaign pp. 451-466 Downloads
Hermann Simon and Karl-Heinz Sebastian
A Game-Theoretic Model of Corporate Takeovers by Major Stockholders pp. 467-483 Downloads
Imelda Yeung Powers
A Stochastic Dynamic Nash Game Analysis of Policies for Managing the Strategic Petroleum Reserves of Consuming Nations pp. 484-499 Downloads
Frederic H. Murphy, Michael Toman and Howard J. Weiss
A Sequential Model of R&D Investment Over an Unbounded Time Horizon pp. 500-508 Downloads
Wallace J. Hopp
Manufacturing Strategy, Environmental Uncertainty and Performance: A Path Analytic Model pp. 509-524 Downloads
Paul M. Swamidass and William T. Newell
An Approach for Confirmatory Measurement and Structural Equation Modeling of Organizational Properties pp. 525-541 Downloads
James C. Anderson
Notes--Discovering Personal Probabilities When Utility Functions are Unknown pp. 542-544 Downloads
Franklin Allen
About Authors pp. 545-546 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 3, 1987

The Efficiency of the Simplex Method: A Survey pp. 301-334 Downloads
Ron Shamir
Scheduling Ocean Transportation of Crude Oil pp. 335-346 Downloads
Gerald G. Brown, Glenn W. Graves and David Ronen
On the Evaluation of Compound Options pp. 347-355 Downloads
Michael J. P. Selby and Stewart D. Hodges
Combination of Forecasts: An Extension pp. 356-372 Downloads
Sunil Gupta and Peter C. Wilton
Combining Overlapping Information pp. 373-380 Downloads
Robert T. Clemen
The Financing Threshold Effect on Success and Failure of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Start-Ups pp. 381-394 Downloads
Edward B. Roberts and Oscar Hauptman
Analyzing Tenant Assignment Policies pp. 395-408 Downloads
Edward H. Kaplan
Lot Sizes, Lead Times and In-Process Inventories pp. 409-418 Downloads
Uday S. Karmarkar
Note---Lot-Sizing and Sequencing Delays pp. 419-423 Downloads
Uday S. Karmarkar
About Authors pp. 424-425 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 2, 1987

Cognitive Process as a Basis for MIS and DSS Design pp. 139-148 Downloads
Arkalgud Ramaprasad
A Semi-Markov Model for Primary Health Care Manpower Supply Prediction pp. 149-160 Downloads
Vandan Trivedi, Ira Moscovice, Richard Bass and John Brooks
Uncertainty, Competition, and the Adoption of New Technology pp. 161-177 Downloads
John W. Mamer and Kevin F. McCardle
The Effect of Business Interdependencies on Product R&D-Intensive Business Performance pp. 178-197 Downloads
Mel Horwitch and Raymond A. Thietart
Preferences for Proxy Attributes pp. 198-214 Downloads
Gregory W. Fischer, Nirmala Damodaran, Kathryn B. Laskey and David Lincoln
Analysis of a Two-Echelon Inventory Control System with Complete Redistribution pp. 215-227 Downloads
H. Jönsson and E. A. Silver
The Structure of Equilibria in Market Share Attraction Models pp. 228-243 Downloads
George E. Monahan
Institutionalization of a Management Science Innovation in Police Departments pp. 244-252 Downloads
Michael W. Lawless
Application of Game Theoretic Analysis to a Problem in Demography pp. 253-257 Downloads
Guillermo Owen
Strategy, Strategy Making, and Performance---An Empirical Investigation pp. 258-269 Downloads
Eli Segev
Simulating the Response of a Small Open Politico-Economic System to International Crises: The Case of Switzerland pp. 270-287 Downloads
Urs Luterbacher, T. Michael Clarke, Pierre Allan and Nicolas Kessler
Note---A Re-Examination of the Results of Hogarth and Makridakis' "The Value of Decision Making in a Complex Environment: An Experimental Approach" pp. 288-296 Downloads
William T. Ross
About Authors pp. 297-299 Downloads

Volume 33, issue 1, 1987

Counting Your Customers: Who-Are They and What Will They Do Next? pp. 1-24 Downloads
David C. Schmittlein, Donald G. Morrison and Richard Colombo
Cash Transfer Scheduling for Concentrating Noncentral Receipts pp. 25-38 Downloads
M. Anvari
Kanban, MRP, and Shaping the Manufacturing Environment pp. 39-57 Downloads
Lee J. Krajewski, Barry E. King, Larry P. Ritzman and Danny S. Wong
An Algorithm for Technology Choice in Local Area Network Design pp. 58-72 Downloads
Ann S. Marucheck and Joanne M. Sulek
A Methodology for Determining a Hospital's Expected Costs for Changes in Patient Load and Service Mix pp. 73-85 Downloads
Peter Duchessi
The Multilocation Multiperiod Inventory Problem: Bounds and Approximations pp. 86-94 Downloads
Uday S. Karmarkar
Setting Planned Leadtimes in Serial Production Systems with Tardiness Costs pp. 95-106 Downloads
Candace Arai Yano
Adaptive Coordination of a Learning Team pp. 107-123 Downloads
Pertti H. Lounamaa and James G. March
Price Indexes for R and D Inputs, 1969--1983 pp. 124-129 Downloads
Edwin Mansfield
Errata & Comments--Departmental Editor's Introduction pp. 130-130 Downloads
Leroy B. Schwarz
Comment on "A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Joint Replenishment Under General Order Cost Functions" pp. 131-133 Downloads
Maurice Queyranne
Comment on "A Dynamic Programming Approach for Joint Replenishment Under General Order Cost Functions" pp. 133-135 Downloads
S. K. Goyal
About Authors pp. 136-137 Downloads
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