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The European Physical Journal B: Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

1998 - 2017

Current editor(s): P. Hänggi and Angel Rubio

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Volume 52, issue 4, 2006

Structural and magneto-transport characterization of Co 2 Cr x Fe 1-x Al Heusler alloy films pp. 445-451 Downloads
A. D. Rata, H. Braak, D. E. Bürgler, S. Cramm and C. M. Schneider
Poole-Frenkel conduction in Al/ZrO 2 /SiO 2 /Si structures pp. 453-457 Downloads
P. V. Aleskandrova, V. K. Gueorguiev, Tz. E. Ivanov and J. B. Koprinarova
Critical-state effects on microwave losses in type-II superconductors pp. 459-463 Downloads
M. Bonura, E. Di Gennaro, A. Agliolo Gallitto and M. Li Vigni
Conduction in magnesium phthalocyanine thin films with aluminium electrodes pp. 465-468 Downloads
A. C. Varghese and C. S. Menon
Transport through a double barrier in Large Radius Carbon Nanotubes with a transverse magnetic field pp. 469-476 Downloads
S. Bellucci and P. Onorato
Isotropic and anisotropic physical properties of quasicrystals pp. 477-481 Downloads
P. Gong, C.-Z. Hu, X. Zhou, L. Miao and X. Wang
Cyclotron resonance of a polaron in a realistic heterojunction and its pressure effect pp. 483-491 Downloads
X. L. Yu and S. L. Ban
Weak chaos and metastability in a symplectic system of many long-range-coupled standard maps pp. 493-500 Downloads
L. G. Moyano, A. P. Majtey and C. Tsallis
Reciprocating nanoengine pp. 501-505 Downloads
Yu. A. Makhnovskii, V. M. Rozenbaum, D.-Y. Yang, S. H. Lin and T. Y. Tsong
Behavior of a wetting phase near a solid boundary: vapor near a weakly attractive surface pp. 507-519 Downloads
A. Oleinikova, I. Brovchenko and A. Geiger
The spin-2 antiferromagnet on the Bethe lattice pp. 521-529 Downloads
A. Erdinç, O. Canko and E. Albayrak
Extended morphometric analysis of neuronal cells with Minkowski valuations pp. 531-546 Downloads
C. Beisbart, M. S. Barbosa, H. Wagner and L. da F. Costa
Spin-orbit berry phase in a quantum loop pp. 547-555 Downloads
M. P. Trushin and A. L. Chudnovskiy
Determination of cross over effects in lattice models from the local height difference distribution pp. 557-562 Downloads
S. V. Ghaisas
Network robustness to targeted attacks. The interplay of expansibility and degree distribution pp. 563-574 Downloads
E. Estrada
Note from the Publishers pp. 575-575 Downloads
The Publishers and W.H. Abd. Majid

Volume 52, issue 3, 2006

Entanglement and transport through correlated quantum dot pp. 291-296 Downloads
A. Rycerz
Ferromagnetic resonance in arrays of highly anisotropic nanoparticles pp. 297-303 Downloads
A. Butera
Tunneling magnetoresistance in small dot arrays with perpendicular anisotropy pp. 305-309 Downloads
L. F. Zhang, C. Xu, P. M. Hui and Y. Q. Ma
Effects of a cap layer on built-in electric fields of Al x Ga 1-x N/GaN heterostructures non-destructively probed by Franz-Keldysh oscillations pp. 311-314 Downloads
H. Takeuchi, Y. Yamamoto, Y. Kamo, T. Oku and M. Nakayama
Flow equations for the one-dimensional Kondo lattice model: static and dynamic ground state properties pp. 315-327 Downloads
T. Sommer
Charge carriers bulk recombination instead of electroplex emission after their tunneling through hole-blocking layer in OLEDs pp. 329-332 Downloads
S. Y. Yang, D. Liu, Y. Jiang, F. Teng, Z. Xu, Y. Hou and X. R. Xu
Quantum controlled phase gate and cluster states generation via two superconducting quantum interference devices in a cavity pp. 333-336 Downloads
Z.-Y. Xue, G. Zhang, P. Dong, Y.-M. Yi and Z.-L. Cao
Field-induced confinement in (TMTSF) 2 ClO 4 under accurately aligned magnetic fields pp. 337-343 Downloads
N. Joo, P. Auban-Senzier, C. R. Pasquier, S. Yonezawa, R. Higashinaka, Y. Maeno, S. Haddad, S. Charfi-Kaddour, M. Héritier, K. Bechgaard and D. Jérome
Valence transition in the periodic Anderson model pp. 345-353 Downloads
A. Hübsch and K. W. Becker
Influence of high energy electron irradiation on the characteristics of polysilicon thin film transistors pp. 355-359 Downloads
P. V. Aleksandrova, V. K. Gueorguiev, Tz. E. Ivanov and S. Kaschieva
Colossal magnetostriction effect in HoMn 2 O 5 pp. 361-364 Downloads
I. Radulov, V. I. Nizhankovskii, V. Lovchinov, D. Dimitrov and A. Apostolov
On the resistance of an infinite square network of identical resistors – Theoretical and experimental comparison pp. 365-370 Downloads
J. H. Asad, A. Sakaji, R. S. Hijjawi and J. M. Khalifeh
Neutron diffraction study of the magnetic structure of Na 2 RuO 4 pp. 371-376 Downloads
K. M. Mogare, D. V. Sheptyakov, R. Bircher, H.-U. Güdel and M. Jansen
Beam splitter for spin waves in quantum spin network pp. 377-381 Downloads
S. Yang, Z. Song and C. P. Sun
Magnetization, vortex state and specific heat in the superconducting state of RuSr 2 GdCu 2 O 8 pp. 383-388 Downloads
T. P. Papageorgiou, E. Casini, H. F. Braun, T. Herrmannsdörfer, A. D. Bianchi and J. Wosnitza
Microwave control of directed transport in asymmetric antidot structures pp. 389-396 Downloads
A. D. Chepelianskii
Nuclear magnetic resonance study of ultrananocrystalline diamonds pp. 397-402 Downloads
A. M. Panich, A. I. Shames, H.-M. Vieth, E. Ōsawa, M. Takahashi and A. Ya. Vul'
Detecting a true quantum pump effect pp. 403-410 Downloads
C. Benjamin
Influence of inter-dot Coulomb repulsion and exchange interactions on conductance through double quantum dot pp. 411-419 Downloads
G. Michałek and B. R. Bułka
Multiple scattering investigation of the 1T-TaS 2 surface termination pp. 421-426 Downloads
L. Despont, F. Clerc, M. G. Garnier, H. Berger, L. Forró and P. Aebi
How human drivers control their vehicle pp. 427-431 Downloads
P. Wagner
Jeans type instability for a chemotactic model of cellular aggregation pp. 433-443 Downloads
P. H. Chavanis

Volume 52, issue 2, 2006

A new handshaking of Tight-Binding and Molecular Dynamics in multi-scale simulation pp. 155-162 Downloads
L. S. Pan, X. H. Wu, D. Xu, C. Lu and H. P. Lee
Molecular Dynamics as a tool to interpret macroscopic amorphization-induced swelling in silicon carbide pp. 163-170 Downloads
F. Ribeiro, E. Castelier, M. Bertolus and M. Defranceschi
The exciton many-body theory extended to any kind of composite bosons pp. 181-189 Downloads
M. Combescot, O. Betbeder-Matibet and F. Dubin
Dielectric catastrophe at the magnetic field induced insulator to metal transition in Pr 1-x Ca x MnO 3 (x = 0.30, 0.37) crystals pp. 199-203 Downloads
B. Kundys, N. Bellido, C. Martin and Ch. Simon
Bias voltage and temperature dependence of magneto-electric properties in double-barrier magnetic tunnel junction with amorphous Co-Fe-B electrodes pp. 205-208 Downloads
Z. M. Zeng, Y. Wang, X. F. Han, W. S. Zhan and Z. Zhang
Antiferromagnetic Ising spin glass competing with BCS pairing interaction in a transverse field pp. 209-218 Downloads
S. G. Magalhães, F. M. Zimmer, C. J. Kipper and E. J. Calegari
Aging of the field-induced asymmetry in a disordered ferroelectric pp. 219-225 Downloads
B. Bonello, P. Doussineau, V. Dupuis and A. Levelut
The possible origin of incommensurate spin textures in HTSC pp. 227-231 Downloads
K. V. Mitsen and O. M. Ivanenko
Tails of the dynamical structure factor of 1D spinless fermions beyond the Tomonaga approximation pp. 233-244 Downloads
S. Teber
Influence of the electric characteristics of II–VI semiconductor material on the electroluminescence of lanthanide complex pp. 245-248 Downloads
F.-J. Zhang, Z. Xu, Y.-G. Lv, J.-C. Zhang, S. L. Zhao, J.-Z. Huang, Y. Wang, G.-C. Yuan, D.-W. Zhao and X.-R. Xu
Stochastic resonance: influence of a f -κ noise spectrum pp. 249-253 Downloads
M. A. Fuentes and H. S. Wio
The equivalent potential of water molecules for electronic structure of cysteine pp. 255-263 Downloads
X.-M. Wang, H.-P. Zheng and C.-J. Li
Phase structure of intrinsic curvature models on dynamically triangulated disk with fixed boundary length pp. 265-273 Downloads
H. Koibuchi
Applications of the expanded basis method to study the behavior of light in a two-dimensional photonic crystal slab pp. 275-280 Downloads
L.-M. Zhao and B.-Y. Gu

Volume 52, issue 1, 2006

Control of extraordinary light transmission through perforated metal films using liquid crystals pp. 1-7 Downloads
Y. M. Strelniker, D. Stroud and A. O. Voznesenskaya
Critical temperature and interface transparency of N/S/N triple layers: theory and experiment pp. 9-14 Downloads
V. N. Kushnir, S. L. Prischepa, C. Cirillo and C. Attanasio
Study of temperature dependent atomic correlations in MgB 2 pp. 15-21 Downloads
G. Campi, E. Cappelluti, Th. Proffen, X. Qiu, E. S. Bozin, S. J.L. Billinge, S. Agrestini, N. L. Saini and A. Bianconi
Universal low-temperature behavior of frustrated quantum antiferromagnets in the vicinity of the saturation field pp. 23-36 Downloads
O. Derzhko and J. Richter
Omnidirectional zero- $\bar {\mathsf n}$ gap in symmetrical Fibonacci sequences composed of positive and negative refractive index materials pp. 37-40 Downloads
H. Y. Zhang, Y. P. Zhang, T. Y. Shang, Y. Zheng, G. J. Ren, Pusci Wang and J. Q. Yao
Optical properties of ZnO related to the dc sputtering power pp. 41-46 Downloads
A. Ahmad and A. Alsaad
Curious behaviour of the diffusion coefficient and friction force for the strongly inhomogeneous HMF model pp. 47-59 Downloads
P. H. Chavanis
Relaxation of a test particle in systems with long-range interactions: diffusion coefficient and dynamical friction pp. 61-82 Downloads
P. H. Chavanis
Driven lattice gas with nearest-neighbor exclusion: shear-like drive pp. 83-90 Downloads
F. Q. Potiguar and R. Dickman
Dynamical invariants in the deterministic fixed-energy sandpile pp. 91-105 Downloads
M. Casartelli, L. Dall'Asta, A. Vezzani and P. Vivo
Fractal formations in the Lattice Limit Cycle model pp. 107-111 Downloads
G. A. Tsekouras and A. Provata
Boltzmann-Gibbs thermal equilibrium distribution for classical systems and Newton law: a computational discussion pp. 113-117 Downloads
F. Baldovin, L. G. Moyano and C. Tsallis
Numerical entropy and phason elastic constants of plane random tilings with any 2D-fold symmetry pp. 119-123 Downloads
N. Destainville
A multichannel shot noise approach to describe synaptic background activity in neurons pp. 125-132 Downloads
M. Rudolph and A. Destexhe
Electronic structure and g factors of narrow-gap zinc-blende nanowires and nanorods pp. 133-142 Downloads
X. W. Zhang, Y. H. Zhu and J. B. Xia
Surface state on first-order ferroelectrics pp. 143-150 Downloads
J. Osman, D. R. Tilley, R. Teh, Y. Ishibashi, M. N.A. Halif and K.-H. Chew
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