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The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

1998 - 2015

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Volume 51, issue 4, 2006

Second- to first-order transition in two coupled antiferromagnetic rings pp. 473-476 Downloads
F. Li P., G. Chen Y. and Chen H.
General spectral function expressions of a 1D correlated model pp. 477-499 Downloads
M.P. Carmelo J. and Penc K.
Fabrication and magnetic behaviour of 2D ordered Fe/SiO 2 nanodots array pp. 501-506 Downloads
Liu W., Zhong W., J. Qiu L., Y. Lü L. and W. Du Y.
High-temperature behaviour of average structure and vibrational density of states in the ternary superionic compound AgCuSe pp. 507-512 Downloads
M. Trots D., N. Skomorokhov A., Knapp M. and Fuess H.
Spin-Hall transport in a two-dimensional electron system with magnetic impurities pp. 513-516 Downloads
Liu P. and Xiong S.-J.
Near-T c second-harmonic emission in high-density bulk MgB 2 at microwave frequency pp. 537-542 Downloads
Agliolo Gallitto A., Bonsignore G., Giunchi G. and Li Vigni M.
Dynamics of congestion transition triggered by multiple walkers on complex networks pp. 543-547 Downloads
Lin H. and Wu C.-X.
Monte Carlo simulations of parapatric speciation pp. 563-570 Downloads
Schwämmle V., O. Sousa A. and S. M. de Oliveira
Electronic instabilities in 3D arrays of small-diameter (3, 3) carbon nanotubes pp. 571-581 Downloads
González J. and Perfetto E.
Acoustic phonon dynamics in strained cubic and hexagonal GaN/Al 2 O 3 superlattices pp. 583-591 Downloads
D. Sesion P., L. Albuquerque E., S. Vasconcelos M., W. Mauriz P. and N. Freire V.
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of hydrated and dehydrated silica micro-spheres under an electric bias pp. 593-600 Downloads
P. Pang C. and T. Lue J.
Investment strategies and hidden variables pp. 601-608 Downloads
Filippo Petroni and Serva M.

Volume 51, issue 3, 2006

O1s and Mn2p NEXAFS on single-layered La 1-x Sr 1+x MnO 4: crystal field effect versus orbital coupling mechanism pp. 315-319 Downloads
Merz M., Reutler P., Büchner B., Arena D., Dvorak J., U. Idzerda Y., Tokumitsu S. and Schuppler S.
Effects of the Si-nanocluster size on the sensitizing role towards Er ions pp. 341-344 Downloads
Gourbilleau F., Rizk R., Dufour C. and Madelon R.
Modification of instability processes by multiplicative noises pp. 357-362 Downloads
Pétrélis F. and Aumaître S.
Braid theory and Zipf-Mandelbrot relation used in microparticle dynamics pp. 363-371 Downloads
K. de Lange Kristiansen, Helgesen G. and T. Skjeltorp A.
Correlated noises in an absorptive optical bistable model pp. 373-376 Downloads
Ai B.-Q., Zheng H. and Liu L.-G.
Energy fluctuations in vibrated and driven granular gases pp. 377-387 Downloads
Visco P., Puglisi A., Barrat A., F. van Wijland and Trizac E.
Tunability of the Kondo effect in an asymmetrically tunnel coupled quantum dot pp. 413-419 Downloads
Quirion D., Weis J. and Klaus v. Klitzing
Directed transport in quantum Hall bilayers pp. 421-424 Downloads
Khomeriki R., Tkeshelashvili L., Buishvili T. and Sh. Revishvili
Van Kampen's expansion approach in an opinion formation model pp. 435-442 Downloads
M. S. de la Lama, G. Szendro I., R. Iglesias J. and S. Wio H.
Renormalization of branching models of triggered seismicity from total to observable seismicity pp. 443-459 Downloads
Saichev A. and Sornette D.

Volume 51, issue 2, 2006

Zitterbewegung, chirality, and minimal conductivity in graphene pp. 157-160 Downloads
I. Katsnelson M.
A g Raman modes of RBCO (R=Gd, Pr) by density functional theory approach pp. 161-165 Downloads
Khosroabadi H., Tavana A. and Akhavan M.
Far-infrared optical properties of YVO 4 single crystal pp. 167-171 Downloads
Z. Bi C., Y. Ma J., Yan J., Fang X., Z. Yao D., R. Zhao B. and G. Qiu X.
Magnetic properties and 119 Sn hyperfine interaction parameters of LiMn 6 Sn 6 pp. 173-180 Downloads
Mazet T., Ihou-Mouko H., F. Marêché J. and Malaman B.
Analytical approach to the quantum-phase transition in the one-dimensional spinless Holstein model pp. 181-187 Downloads
Sykora S., Hübsch A. and W. Becker K.
Construction of localized basis for dynamical mean field theory pp. 189-193 Downloads
Paul I. and Kotliar G.
Kinetic Monte Carlo and density functional study of hydrogen enhanced dislocation glide in silicon pp. 195-208 Downloads
Scarle S. and P. Ewels C.
Fine structure effects and phase transition of Xe nanocrystals in Si pp. 209-213 Downloads
Faraci G., R. Pennisi A. and Zontone F.
Ab initio correlation approach to a ferric wheel-like molecular cluster pp. 215-221 Downloads
Nieber H., Doll K. and Zwicknagl G.
Multidimensional infinitely divisible cascades pp. 229-243 Downloads
Chainais P.
Nonequilibrium critical behavior of a species coexistence model pp. 245-255 Downloads
Reinhardt H., Böhm F., Drossel B. and Hinrichsen H.
Thermal critical behavior and universality aspects of the three-dimensional random-field Ising model pp. 257-266 Downloads
Malakis A. and G. Fytas N.
Coulomb blockade without potential barriers pp. 267-275 Downloads
Vasseur G., Weinmann D. and A. Jalabert R.
Thermoelectric effects in superconducting nanostructures pp. 285-292 Downloads
L. Gurevich V., I. Kozub V. and L. Shelankov A.
Core level spectroscopy and RHEED analysis of KGd 0.95 Nd 0.05 (WO 4 ) 2 surface pp. 293-300 Downloads
V. Atuchin V., G. Kesler V., Yu. Maklakova N., D. Pokrovsky L. and V. Sheglov D.

Volume 51, issue 1, 2006

Giant anisotropic magneto-resistance in ferromagnetic atomic contacts pp. 1-4 Downloads
Viret M., Gabureac M., Ott F., Fermon C., Barreteau C., Autes G. and Guirado-Lopez R.
Cyclic hydrocarbons: nanoscopic (π)-SQUIDs? pp. 5-15 Downloads
Himmerich M., P. G.J. van Dongen and M. Noack R.
Effect of nitrogen concentration on the electronic and vibrational properties of zinc-blende InN x P 1-x (x > 0.01) pp. 17-23 Downloads
Debbichi M., Ben Fredj A., Bhouri A., Bouarissa N. and Said M.
Entanglement between nuclear spin and field mode in GaAs semiconductors pp. 25-27 Downloads
Chen G., He M.-M., Li J.-Q. and Liang J.-Q.
Experimental study of electron-phonon properties in ZrB 2 pp. 29-40 Downloads
Forzani E. and Winzer K.
Triplet superconductivity in a 1D itinerant electron system with transverse spin anisotropy pp. 41-51 Downloads
Dziurzik C., I. Japaridze G., Schadschneider A., Titvinidze I. and Zittartz J.
Pressure dependence of the Shubnikov-de Haas oscillation spectrum of $\beta''$ -(BEDT-TTF) 4 (NH 4 )[ Cr(C 2 O 4 ) 3 ].DMF pp. 53-60 Downloads
Vignolles D., N. Laukhin V., Audouard A., Nardone M., G. Prokhorova T., B. Yagubskii E. and Canadell E.
Effects of size and surface anisotropy on thermal magnetization and hysteresis in the magnetic clusters pp. 65-73 Downloads
Huang Z., Chen Z., Li S., Feng Q., Zhang F. and Du Y.
Electronic and optical properties of Cd 1-x Zn x S nanocrystals pp. 75-78 Downloads
Safta N., Sakly A., Mejri H. and Bouazra Y.
Activation energy in La 0.7 Ca 0.3 MnO 3 /YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7-δ / La 0.7 Ca 0.3 MnO 3 superconducting trilayers pp. 79-85 Downloads
Salvato M., Bobba F., Calabrese G., Cirillo C., M. Cucolo A., A. De Santis, Vecchione A. and Attanasio C.
Nonlinear excitations and electric transport in dissipative Morse-Toda lattices pp. 87-99 Downloads
P. Chetverikov A., Ebeling W. and G. Velarde M.
Phase diagrams of Ising fluids with Yukawa-Lennard-Jones interactions from an integral equation approach pp. 101-110 Downloads
P. Omelyan I., Fenz W., Folk R. and M. Mryglod I.
Cooperative motions in a finite size model of liquid silica: an anomalous behavior pp. 111-118 Downloads
Teboul V.
Breather trapping and breather transmission in a DNA model with an interface pp. 119-130 Downloads
Alvarez A., R. Romero F., F.R. Archilla J., Cuevas J. and V. Larsen P.
Thickness dependent structural and magnetic properties of ultra-thin Fe/Al structures pp. 131-136 Downloads
Brajpuriya R., Tripathi S., Sharma A., Shripathi T. and M. Chaudhari S.
Dry microfoams: formation and flow in a confined channel pp. 137-143 Downloads
Raven J.-P., Marmottant P. and Graner F.
Size matters: some stylized facts of the stock market revisited pp. 145-154 Downloads
Eisler Z. and Kertész J.
Role of connectivity in congestion and decongestion in a communication network pp. 155-155 Downloads
Gupte N. and K. Singh B.
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