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Volume 50, issue 4, 2006

Theoretical calculations of the high-pressure phases of ZnF 2 and CdF 2 pp. 521-526 Downloads
Wu X. and Wu Z.
Exact solution of the one-dimensional spin- $\frac{\mathsf 3}{\mathsf 2}$ Ising model in magnetic field pp. 527-539 Downloads
Avella A. and Mancini F.
Monte Carlo study of 2D generalized XY-models pp. 541-548 Downloads
A.S. Mól L., R. Pereira A., Chamati H. and Romano S.
Determination of the interactions in confined macroscopic Wigner islands: theory and experiments pp. 549-557 Downloads
Galatola P., Coupier G., Saint Jean M., Fournier J.-B. and Guthmann C.
Flux trapping in a macroscopic cylinderical hole drilled in Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O pp. 565-569 Downloads
Kiliç A., Kiliç K., Yetiş H., Olutaş M., Altinkok A., Sözeri H. and Çetin O.
A travelling cluster approximation for lattice fermions strongly coupled to classical degrees of freedom pp. 571-579 Downloads
Kumar S. and Majumdar P.
Physical properties of magnetic grains dispersed in anisotropic media pp. 581-585 Downloads
L. Dantas A., S. Carriço A. and S. Almeida N.
Intrinsic tunnelling effects in self-doped La 0.89 MnO 3 single crystals pp. 587-592 Downloads
Markovich V., Jung G., Belogolovskii M., Yuzhelevski Y., Gorodetsky G. and Ya. M. Mukovskii
High-frequency dynamics of Co/Fe multilayers with stripe domains pp. 593-602 Downloads
Vukadinovic N., Labrune M. and Ben Youssef J.
Statistical mechanics and Vlasov equation allow for a simplified Hamiltonian description of Single-Pass Free Electron Laser saturated dynamics pp. 603-611 Downloads
Antoniazzi A., Elskens Y., Fanelli D. and Ruffo S.
Mathematical glimpse on the Y chromosome degeneration pp. 613-615 Downloads
P. Lobo M.
Modeling network growth with assortative mixing pp. 617-630 Downloads
P. Quayle A., S. Siddiqui A. and J.M. Jones S.
Numerical studies of gravity destabilized percolation in 2D porous media pp. 631-637 Downloads
Bo Z., Loggia D., Xiaorong L., Vasseur G. and Ping H.
Magnetic field generation by convective flows in a plane layer pp. 639-652 Downloads
M. Podvigina O.
Fixation of advantageous mutations in an off-equilibrium population pp. 653-657 Downloads
F.F. Raposo O., A. W.S. de Almeida, J.F. Souza A. and R.A. Campos P.
Modeling the net flows of U.S. mutual funds with stochastic catastrophe theory pp. 659-669 Downloads
Clark A.

Volume 50, issue 3, 2006

Modeling the emission red-shift in amorphous semiconductors and in organic-inorganic hybrids using extended multiple trapping pp. 371-378 Downloads
A. Sá Ferreira R., L. Ferreira A. and D. Carlos L.
Coherent control of stimulated emission inside one dimensional photonic crystals: strong coupling regime pp. 379-391 Downloads
Settimi A., Severini S., Sibilia C., Bertolotti M., Napoli A. and Messina A.
Dynamics of topological solitons in two-dimensional ferromagnets pp. 393-402 Downloads
D. Sheka D., Schuster C., A. Ivanov B. and G. Mertens F.
Longitudinal-optical phonon hole-plasmon coupled modes in heavily doped p-type GaSb:Zn epitaxial films pp. 403-410 Downloads
G. Hu Z., B.M. Rinzan M., G.U. Perera A., Paltiel Y., Raizman A., Sher A. and Zhu M.
Luminescence of a semiconductor quantum dot system pp. 411-418 Downloads
Baer N., Gies C., Wiersig J. and Jahnke F.
Quantum signatures in the dynamics of two dipole-dipole interacting soft dimers pp. 419-423 Downloads
Napoli A., Messina A., Cusati T. and Draganescu G.
Magnetic properties, Mössbauer effect and first principle calculations study of laves phase HfFe 2 pp. 425-430 Downloads
Belošević-Čavor J., Koteski V., Novaković N., Concas G., Congiu F. and Spano G.
Random field Ising model and community structure in complex networks pp. 431-437 Downloads
Son S.-W., Jeong H. and D. Noh J.
Phase diagrams of spin-1 Ising model with bilinear and quadrupolar interactions under magnetic field. Two-particle cluster approximation pp. 439-443 Downloads
R. Levitskii R., R. Baran O. and M. Lisnii B.
Some quasi-periodic solutions to the Kadometsev-Petviashvili and modified Kadometsev-Petviashvili equations pp. 445-452 Downloads
Chen J. and Geng X.
Superalgebras for three interacting particles in an external magnetic field pp. 453-457 Downloads
Sadeghi J.
The carrier “antibinding” in quantum dots: a charge separation effect pp. 459-464 Downloads
Combescot M. and Dupertuis M.-A.
Voltage and temperature dependence of current noise in double-barrier normal-superconducting structures pp. 465-474 Downloads
Bignon G., Pistolesi F. and Houzet M.
Angular dependence of tunneling magnetoresistance in magnetic semiconductor heterostructures pp. 475-481 Downloads
A. Shokri A.
Pure spin currents generation in magnetic tunnel junctions by means of adiabatic quantum pumping pp. 483-489 Downloads
Romeo F. and Citro R.
Viscoelastic properties of multiwalled carbon nanotube solutions pp. 491-496 Downloads
Echeverría I. and Urbina A.
The 5f localization/delocalization in square and hexagonal americium monolayers: a FP-LAPW electronic structure study pp. 497-503 Downloads
Gao D. and K. Ray A.
Time evolution of non-lethal infectious diseases: a semi-continuous approach pp. 505-511 Downloads
Noviello A., Romeo F. and R. De Luca
Dynamic domain networks pp. 513-520 Downloads
N. Kuperman M., Ballard M. and Laguna F.

Volume 50, issue 1, 2006

Modern Problems in Complexity pp. 1-1 Downloads
Carbone A., A. Hertz J., Kaniadakis G. and Lissia M.
Two generalizations of the Boltzmann equation pp. 3-6 Downloads
S. Biró T. and Kaniadakis G.
Extended Gaussian ensemble or q-statistics in hadronic production processes? pp. 7-10 Downloads
Osada T., V. Utyuzh O., Wilk G. and Wodarczyk Z.
Fusion reactions in plasmas as probe of the high-momentum tail of particle distributions pp. 11-15 Downloads
Coraddu M., Lissia M., Mezzorani G. and Quarati P.
Potential symmetry and invariant solutions of Fokker-Planck equation in cylindrical coordinates related to magnetic field diffusion in magnetohydrodynamics including the Hall current pp. 17-21 Downloads
H. Khater A., K. Callebaut D. and N. Abdelhameed T.
Nonextensive interpretation of radiative recombination in electron cooling pp. 23-26 Downloads
Maero G., Quarati P. and Ferro F.
The topological non-connectivity threshold in quantum long-range interacting spin systems pp. 27-31 Downloads
Borgonovi F., L. Celardo G. and Trasarti-Battistoni R.
Critical exponents for the long-range Ising chain using a transfer matrix approach pp. 33-37 Downloads
F.S. Andrade R. and T.R. Pinho S.
A new comprehensive study of the 3D random-field Ising model via sampling the density of states in dominant energy subspaces pp. 39-43 Downloads
G. Fytas N. and Malakis A.
Effect of weak disorder on the ground state of uniaxial dipolar spin systems in the upper critical dimension pp. 45-50 Downloads
V. Klopper A., K. Rößler U. and L. Stamps R.
Applications of correlation inequalities to low density graphical codes pp. 51-55 Downloads
Macris N.
A definition of metastability for Markov processes with detailed balance pp. 57-61 Downloads
Leyvraz F., Larralde H. and P. Sanders D.
Monte Carlo studies of the square Ising model with next-nearest-neighbor interactions pp. 63-67 Downloads
Malakis A., Kalozoumis P. and Tyraskis N.
The Topological Nonconnectivity Threshold and magnetic phase transitions in classical anisotropic long-range interacting spin systems pp. 69-72 Downloads
Trasarti-Battistoni R., Borgonovi F. and L. Celardo G.
Spectral density method in quantum nonextensive thermostatistics and magnetic systems with long-range interactions pp. 73-76 Downloads
Cavallo A., Cosenza F. and L. De Cesare
f -γ current fluctuations in organic semiconductors: evidence for percolation pp. 77-81 Downloads
Carbone A., K. Kotowska B. and Kotowski D.
A discrete nonlinear mass transfer equation with applications in solid-state sintering of ceramic materials pp. 83-87 Downloads
T. Hristopulos D., Leonidakis L. and Tsetsekou A.
A kinetic approach to the calculation of surface tension of a spherical drop pp. 89-93 Downloads
Molinari V., Mostacci D. and Premuda M.
Distribution of return intervals of extreme events pp. 95-98 Downloads
Pennetta C.
Physical meaning and measurement of the entropic parameter q in an inhomogeneous magnetic systems pp. 99-103 Downloads
S. Reis M., S. Amaral V., S. Sarthour R. and S. Oliveira I.
Long-range order and dynamic structure factor of a nematic under a thermal gradient pp. 105-110 Downloads
F. Rodríguez R. and Híjar H.
Polydispersity effects in the dynamics and stability of bubbling flows pp. 111-115 Downloads
Salinas-Rodríguez E., F. Rodríguez R., M. Zamora J. and Soria A.
Avalanches and Self-Organized Criticality in superconductors pp. 117-122 Downloads
J. Wijngaarden R., S. Welling M., M. Aegerter C. and Menghini M.
A precursor of market crashes: Empirical laws of Japan's internet bubble pp. 123-127 Downloads
Taisei Kaizoji
Analysis of binarized high frequency financial data pp. 129-131 Downloads
Sazuka N.
Persistence in financial markets pp. 133-136 Downloads
Jain S. and Buckley P.
Characteristic time scales of tick quotes on foreign currency markets: an empirical study and agent-based model pp. 137-140 Downloads
Sato A.-H.
Leptokurtic portfolio theory pp. 141-145 Downloads
Kitt R. and Kalda J.
Small scale behavior of financial data pp. 147-151 Downloads
P. Nawroth A. and Peinke J.
Micro-economic analysis of the physical constrained markets: game theory application to competitive electricity markets pp. 153-160 Downloads
Bompard E., C. Ma Y. and Elena Ragazzi
An econophysics approach to analyse uncertainty in financial markets: an application to the Portuguese stock market pp. 161-164 Downloads
Andreia Dionisio, Menezes R. and A. Mendes D.
On statistical properties of traded volume in financial markets pp. 165-168 Downloads
J. de Souza, G. Moyano L. and M. Duarte Queirós S.
Compromise and synchronization in opinion dynamics pp. 169-176 Downloads
Pluchino A., Latora V. and Rapisarda A.
Pair approximation models for disease spread pp. 177-181 Downloads
Benoit J., Nunes A. and Telo da Gama M.
On the genre-fication of music: a percolation approach pp. 183-188 Downloads
Lambiotte R. and Marcel Ausloos
Asymptotic regime in N random interacting species pp. 189-194 Downloads
Fiasconaro A., Valenti D. and Spagnolo B.
Bonabeau model on a fully connected graph pp. 195-198 Downloads
Malarz K., Stauffer D. and Kułakowski K.
Moment equations for a spatially extended system of two competing species pp. 199-203 Downloads
Valenti D., Schimansky-Geier L., Sailer X. and Spagnolo B.
Epidemics in small world networks pp. 205-208 Downloads
Telo da Gama M.M. and Nunes A.
Effects of population mixing on the spread of SIR epidemics pp. 209-214 Downloads
Fukś H., T. Lawniczak A. and Duchesne R.
A selfsimilar behavior of the urban structure in the spatially inhomogeneous model pp. 215-220 Downloads
Y. Echkina E., I. Inovenkov O. and P. Kostomarov D.
The backbone of a city pp. 221-225 Downloads
Scellato S., Cardillo A., Latora V. and Porta S.
Role of connectivity in congestion and decongestion in a communication network pp. 227-230 Downloads
Gupte N. and K. Singh B.
Network traffic behaviour near phase transition point pp. 231-236 Downloads
T. Lawniczak A. and Tang X.
A generalized approach to complex networks pp. 237-242 Downloads
da F. Costa L. and E.C. da Rocha L.
Olami-Feder-Christensen model on different networks pp. 243-247 Downloads
Caruso F., Latora V., Pluchino A., Rapisarda A. and Tadić B.
Modeling the Internet pp. 249-254 Downloads
Ángeles Serrano M., Boguñá M. and Díaz-Guilera A.
Statistical indicators of collective behavior and functional clusters in gene networks of yeast pp. 255-258 Downloads
Živković J., Tadić B., Wick N. and Thurner S.
Non-extensive trends in the size distribution of coding and non-coding DNA sequences in the human genome pp. 259-264 Downloads
Th. Oikonomou and Provata A.
Unfolding designable structures pp. 265-269 Downloads
L. Dias C. and Grant M.
Avalanche dynamics of idealized neuron function in the brain on an uncorrelated random scale-free network pp. 271-275 Downloads
E. Lee K. and W. Lee J.
Evolving Stochastic Learning Algorithm based on Tsallis entropic index pp. 277-283 Downloads
D. Anastasiadis A. and D. Magoulas G.
Gravitational structure formation, the cosmological problem and statistical physics pp. 285-289 Downloads
Pietronero L. and Sylos Labini F.
q-deformed Fermions pp. 291-294 Downloads
Narayana Swamy P.
Dissociative attachment of an electron to a molecule: kinetic theory pp. 295-298 Downloads
Rossani A. and M. Scarfone A.
Diffusion in flashing periodic potentials pp. 299-303 Downloads
Spagnolo B. and Dubkov A.
Lyapunov modes and time-correlation functions for two-dimensional systems pp. 305-309 Downloads
Taniguchi T. and P. Morriss G.
Application of large deviation theory to the mean-field $\boldsymbol{\varphi}^\mathsf{4}$ -model pp. 311-314 Downloads
Hahn I. and Kastner M.
Symplectic integration approach for metastable systems pp. 315-320 Downloads
Klotins E.
Modulational instability in asymmetric coupled wave functions pp. 321-325 Downloads
Kourakis I. and K. Shukla P.
Monte Carlo simulations of bosonic reaction-diffusion systems and comparison to Langevin equation description pp. 327-332 Downloads
Su-Chan Park
Statistical theory of spectra: statistical moments as descriptors in the theory of molecular similarity pp. 333-338 Downloads
Bielińska-Wąż D., Wąż P. and C. Basak S.
Marked signal improvement by stochastic resonance for aperiodic signals in the double-well system pp. 339-344 Downloads
Mingesz R., Gingl Z. and Makra P.
Statistical-mechanical description of classical test-particle dynamics in the presence of an external force field: modelling noise and damping from first principles pp. 345-349 Downloads
Kourakis I. and P. Grecos A.
Classical q-deformed dynamics pp. 351-354 Downloads
Lavagno A., M. Scarfone A. and Narayana Swamy P.
Numerical study of the oscillatory convergence to the attractor at the edge of chaos pp. 355-359 Downloads
Tonelli R. and Coraddu M.
Maxwell-Jüttner distributions in relativistic molecular dynamics pp. 361-365 Downloads
Aliano A., Rondoni L. and P. Morriss G.
Thermoeconomic analysis of an irreversible Stirling heat pump cycle pp. 367-369 Downloads
Lucia U. and Gervino G.
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