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The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

1998 - 2014

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Volume 35, issue 4, 2003

Electron velocity in superlattices pp. 443-447 Downloads
U. Merc, C. Pacher, M. Topic, F. Smole and E. Gornik
Hyperfine interaction of the 5 $\mathsf{d}$ impurities in hexagonal Co pp. 449-463 Downloads
G. Seewald, B. Hinfurtner, E. Zech, E. Hagn, A. Burchard, D. Forkel-Wirth and R. Eder
On $\mathsf{c=1}$ critical phases in anisotropic spin-1 chains pp. 465-473 Downloads
C. Degli Esposti Boschi, E. Ercolessi, F. Ortolani and M. Roncaglia
Superconductivity in the doped “pseudo-ladder” compound CaCu $_\mathsf{2}$ O $_\mathsf{3}$ pp. 475-480 Downloads
N. Plakida, A. Vladimirov and S.-L. Drechsler
Effects of vacuum annealing on the transport property of La $\mathsf{_{0.67}}$ Sr $\mathsf{_{0.33}}$ MnO $\mathsf{_{3-\delta}}$ films pp. 481-491 Downloads
J. Sun, H. Yeung, H. Wong, T. Zhu and B. Shen
Large-amplitude behavior of the Grinfeld instability: a variational approach pp. 493-504 Downloads
P. Kohlert, K. Kassner and C. Misbah
Mean-field solution of the parity-conserving kinetic phase transition in one dimension pp. 505-511 Downloads
D. Zhong, D. ben-Avraham and M. Muñoz
Multiscale self-organized criticality and powerful X-ray flares pp. 513-515 Downloads
A. Bershadskii and K. Sreenivasan
Ag deposited onto the (100) surface in silicon studied by Density Functional Theory and Classical Molecular Dynamics pp. 517-524 Downloads
A. Mazzone
Elastic properties of a cellular dissipative structure pp. 525-530 Downloads
P. Brunet, J.-M. Flesselles and L. Limat
Nonlinear effects and shock formation in the focusing of a spherical acoustic wave pp. 531-549 Downloads
C. Appert, C. Tenaud, X. Chavanne, S. Balibar, F. Caupin and D. d’Humiéres
Medial surfaces of hyperbolic structures pp. 551-564 Downloads
G. Schröder, S. Ramsden, A. Christy and S. Hyde
A minimal dissipation type-based classification in irreversible thermodynamics and microeconomics pp. 565-570 Downloads
A. Tsirlin, V. Kazakov and N. Kolinko

Volume 35, issue 3, 2003

On the scattering of sound by a magnetic field in a MHD fluid pp. 291-294 Downloads
F. Pétrélis and F. Lund
Nonlinear properties of ferromagnetic La $\mathsf{_{1-x}}$ Ca $\mathsf{_{x}}$ MnO $\mathsf{_3}$ single crystals pp. 295-300 Downloads
V. Markovich, Y. Yuzhelevski, G. Gorodetsky, G. Jung, C. Beek and Ya Mukovskii
The high-pressure phase sequence in nanocrystalline zirconia pp. 301-309 Downloads
P. Bouvier, V. Dmitriev and G. Lucazeau
Crystallographic and magnetic structure of ZnV $\mathsf{_2}$ O $\mathsf{_4}$ pp. 311-316 Downloads
M. Reehuis, A. Krimmel, N. Büttgen, A. Loidl and A. Prokofiev
A magnetic study of the one dimensional Sr $\mathsf{_{3}}$ NiIrO $\mathsf{_{6}}$ compound pp. 317-323 Downloads
D. Flahaut, S. Hébert, A. Maignan, V. Hardy, C. Martin, M. Hervieu, M. Costes, B. Raquet and J. Broto
Precursor diamagnetism above the superconducting transition in YNi $_\mathsf{2}$ B $_\mathsf{2}$ C pp. 325-329 Downloads
A. Lascialfari, T. Mishonov, A. Rigamonti, I. Zucca, G. Behr, W. Loser and S. Drechsler
New insight on spin polarized current injection in high-T $\mathsf{_c}$ cuprate/manganite devices pp. 331-337 Downloads
J. Dumont, M. Moragués, B. Leridon, J. Lesueur and J. Contour
NQR study of phase transitions in CH $\mathsf{_3}$ HgX (X=Cl, Br, I) pp. 339-348 Downloads
J. Pirnat, J. Luznik, J. Seliger, Z. Trontelj and D. Kirin
Electronic structure and photoemission studies on Kondo semimetal U $\mathsf{_2}$ Ru $\mathsf{_2}$ Sn pp. 349-355 Downloads
G. Chelkowska, J. Morkowski, A. Szajek, J. Stepien-Damm and R. Troc
Electron spin resonance studies on quantum tunneling in spinel ferrite nanoparticles pp. 357-364 Downloads
C. Hsieh and J. Lue
DMRG studies on interchain coupling model for quasi-one-dimensional organic magnet pp. 365-370 Downloads
K. Yao, Q. Liu, Z. Liu, X. Liu and G. Sun
Study by X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy of a Dy@C $_{\mathsf{82}}$ single crystal pp. 371-375 Downloads
T. Wågberg, P. Launois, R. Moret, H. Huang, S. Yang, I. Li and Z. Tang
Asymmetric evolving random networks pp. 377-389 Downloads
S. Coulomb and Michal Bauer
Some features of the conditional ${\mathsf q}$ -entropies of composite quantum systems pp. 391-398 Downloads
J. Batle, A. Plastino, M. Casas and A. Plastino
A column of grains in the jamming limit: glassy dynamics in the compaction process pp. 399-411 Downloads
J. Luck and A. Mehta
Full counting statistics of a general quantum mechanical variable pp. 413-420 Downloads
Yu Nazarov and M. Kindermann
Short-distance wavefunction statistics in one-dimensional Anderson localization pp. 421-427 Downloads
H. Schomerus and M. Titov
Anisotropic effects in surface acoustic wave propagation from a point source in a crystal pp. 429-439 Downloads
A. Maznev, A. Lomonosov, P. Hess and Al Kolomenskii

Volume 35, issue 2, 2003

Analytical and numerical treatment of the Mott-Hubbard insulator in infinite dimensions pp. 155-175 Downloads
M. Eastwood, F. Gebhard, E. Kalinowski, S. Nishimoto and R. Noack
Charge instabilities in strongly correlated bilayer systems pp. 177-189 Downloads
G. Seibold
Sample dependence of anisotropy and restriction of electron-spin diffusion in the quasi-one dimensional organic conductor (fluoranthene) $\mathsf{_2}$ PF $\mathsf{_6}$ pp. 191-199 Downloads
T. Wokrina, J. Gmeiner, N. Kaplan and E. Dormann
Dynamical phase transition in two-dimensional fully frustrated Josephson junction arrays with resistively shunted junction dynamics pp. 201-207 Downloads
M.-B. Luo and Q.-H. Chen
Far-infrared probe of size dispersion and population fluctuations in doped self-assembled quantum dots pp. 209-216 Downloads
J. Isaia, L. Vaulchier, S. Hameau, R. Ferreira, Y. Guldner, E. Deleporte, J. Zeman, V. Thierry-Mieg and J. Gérard
Electronic structure and linear optical properties of Sr $\mathsf{_{2}}$ CuO $\mathsf{_{2}}$ Cl $\mathsf{_{2}}$ studied from the first principles calculation pp. 217-221 Downloads
Yungho Weng, X. Wan, J. Zhou and J. Dong
Dynamical CPA approach to an itinerant fermionic spin glass model pp. 223-232 Downloads
M. Bechmann and R. Oppermann
Electro-reflectance spectra of blue bronze pp. 233-238 Downloads
R. Rai, V. Bondarenko and J. Brill
Phase behavior and collective excitations of the Morse ring chain pp. 239-253 Downloads
A. Chetverikov and J. Dunkel
Relaxation into equilibrium under pure Schrödinger dynamics pp. 255-259 Downloads
P. Borowski, J. Gemmer and G. Mahler
Conditions for the existence of interface spin waves in a biferromagnetic interface pp. 261-266 Downloads
G. Yun and X. Liang
Laser diffraction by periodic dynamic patterns in anisotropic fluids pp. 267-278 Downloads
T. John, U. Behn and R. Stannarius
Analytical results for the Sznajd model of opinion formation pp. 279-288 Downloads
F. Slanina and H. Lavicka

Volume 35, issue 1, 2003

Dynamic susceptibility of reentrant Fe-rich inhomogeneous amorphous alloys pp. 3-12 Downloads
F. Barquín, J. Sal, P. Gorria, J. Garitaonandia and J. Barandiarán
A model Hamiltonian for MgB $\mathsf{_{2}}$ which takes into account its unusual phononic features pp. 13-20 Downloads
M. Acquarone and L. Romanó
Recursion method and one-hole spectral function of the Majumdar-Ghosh model pp. 21-31 Downloads
R. Kuzian, R. Hayn and J. Richter
Specific heat behavior of high temperature superconductors in the pseudogap regime pp. 33-39 Downloads
I. Tifrea and C. Moca
Effect of electron-phonon interaction on surface states in zinc-blende GaN, AlN, and InN under pressure pp. 41-47 Downloads
Z. Yan, S. Ban and X. Liang
Growth atomic mechanisms of pulsed laser deposited La modified- $\mathsf{PbTiO_3}$ perovskites pp. 49-55 Downloads
E. Vasco, C. Polop and C. Ocal
Hund’s rule magnetism in C $\mathsf{_{60}}$ ions? pp. 57-68 Downloads
M. Lüders, N. Manini, P. Gattari and E. Tosatti
Effects of magnetic impurity Co on stripe phase of (Bi/Tl) $_\mathsf2$ (Sr/Ba) $_\mathsf2$ CaCu $_\mathsf2$ O $_\mathsf{8+\delta}$ superconductors pp. 69-75 Downloads
A. Poddar and B. Chattopadhyay
Density and current response functions in strongly disordered electron systems: diffusion, electrical conductivity and Einstein relation pp. 77-91 Downloads
V. Janiš, J. Kolorenc and V. Špicka
Dynamical exchange effects in the dielectric function of the two-dimensional electron gas pp. 93-101 Downloads
K. Hameeuw, F. Brosens and J. Devreese
The “quasiparticle” peak in the angular resolved spectrum of the superconducting underdoped Bi $\mathsf{_2}$ Sr $\mathsf{_2}$ CaCu $\mathsf{_2}$ O $\mathsf{_8}$ pp. 103-110 Downloads
A. Rozhkov
Thermostatistics of the g-on gas pp. 111-116 Downloads
F. Büyükkiliç, H. Uncu and D. Demirhan
Phase transitions in unstable cancer cell populations pp. 117-123 Downloads
R. Solé
Adsorption of oxygen on Si(100) steps: a study at semiempirical level pp. 125-132 Downloads
A. Mazzone
Turbulent thermal convection in a closed domain: viscous boundary layer and mean flow effects pp. 133-141 Downloads
R. Verzicco
Dynamics of multi-frequency minority games pp. 143-152 Downloads
A. Martino
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