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The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

1998 - 2015

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Volume 40, issue 4, 2004

Collective phenomena in mesoscopic systems pp. 355-355 Downloads
Guinea F. and Vicent J.
Current fluctuation spectrum in dissipative solid-state qubits pp. 357-363 Downloads
Aguado R. and Brandes T.
Effect of topology on the transport properties of two interacting dots pp. 365-369 Downloads
Apel V., Davidovich M., Anda E., Chiappe G. and Busser C.
First principles simulations of the magnetic and structural properties of Iron pp. 371-377 Downloads
García-Suárez V., Newman C., Lambert C., Pruneda J. and Ferrer J.
Observing the lateral confinement of surface state electrons in room temperature stable metallic nanostructures pp. 415-419 Downloads
Calleja F., Hinarejos J., A. Vázquez de Parga and Miranda R.
Dynamics of the first-order magnetostructural transition in Gd 5 (Si x Ge 1-x ) 4 pp. 427-431 Downloads
Casanova F., Labarta A., Batlle X., Vives E., Marcos J., Mañosa L. and Planes A.
Emission wavelength engineering of InAs/InP(001) quantum wires pp. 433-437 Downloads
Fuster D., González L., González Y., Martínez-Pastor J., Ben T., Ponce A. and Molina S.
High-field interlayer tunnelling transport in layered cuprates: Uncovering the pseudogap state pp. 445-452 Downloads
Krusin-Elbaum L. and Shibauchi T.
Mechanisms of periodic pinning in superconducting thin films pp. 459-462 Downloads
Montero M., Stoll O. and Ivan Schuller
Magnetization reversal measurements in mesoscopic amorphous magnets by magneto-optical Kerr effect pp. 463-470 Downloads
Morales R., Martín J., Vélez M. and Alameda J.
On the use of STM superconducting tips at very low temperatures pp. 483-488 Downloads
Rodrigo J., Suderow H. and Vieira S.
Defects in graphite may be magnetic and magnetostrictive as revealed by scanning tunneling microscopy pp. 499-504 Downloads
Wang H., Papageorgopoulos A. and Garcia N.

Volume 40, issue 3, 2004

Optical evidence for the proximity to a spin-density-wave metallic state in $\mathsf{Na_{0.7}CoO_2}$ pp. 231-234 Downloads
Caimi G., Degiorgi L., Berger H., Barisic N., Forró L. and Bussy F.
Neutron scattering study of PbMg $_{\mathsf{1/3}}$ Ta $_{\mathsf{2/3}}$ O $_{\mathsf 3}$ and BaMg $_{\mathsf{1/3}}$ Ta $_{\mathsf{2/3}}$ O $_{\mathsf 3}$ complex perovskites pp. 235-241 Downloads
Gvasaliya S., Roessli B., Sheptyakov D., Lushnikov S. and Shaplygina T.
Ab-initio calculation of the metal-insulator transition in sodium rings and chains and in mixed sodium-lithium systems pp. 243-250 Downloads
Alsheimer W. and Paulus B.
On the relationship between the temperature and the geometry of the two-dimensional superconducting system pp. 251-258 Downloads
Gusin P. and Warczewski J.
Magnetocaloric effect in transition metals based compounds: a theoretical approach pp. 259-264 Downloads
Oliveira N.
Temperature dependence of exchange bias and coercivity in ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayers pp. 265-271 Downloads
Jing-guo Hu, Guojun Jin, An Hu and Yu-qiang Ma
Enhancement of stability in randomly switching potential with metastable state pp. 273-281 Downloads
Spagnolo B., Dubkov A. and Agudov N.
Off-equilibrium fluctuation-dissipation relation in a spin glass pp. 283-294 Downloads
Hérisson D. and Ocio M.
On a dynamical-like replica-symmetry-breaking scheme for the spin glass pp. 295-299 Downloads
Dominicis C. and Brézin E.
Active thermal convection in vibrofluidized granular systems pp. 301-304 Downloads
Guoqing Miao, Kai Huang, Yi Yun and Rongjue Wei
Study of a monomer-monomer reaction system with short-range repulsive interactions pp. 305-312 Downloads
Sanservino M., López A., Albano E. and Monetti R.
Subcritical behavior in the alternating supercritical Domany-Kinzel dynamics pp. 313-319 Downloads
Masuda N. and Konno N.
Engineering quantum decoherence of charge qubit via a nanomechanical resonator pp. 321-326 Downloads
Wang Y., Gao Y. and Sun C.
Influence of evaporation on Bénard-Marangoni instability in a liquid-gas bilayer with a deformable interface pp. 327-335 Downloads
Moussy C., Lebon G. and Margerit J.
Electronic structures and bonding of oxygen on plutonium layers pp. 337-346 Downloads
Huda M. and Ray A.
Conditional dynamics driving financial markets pp. 347-352 Downloads
Boguñá M. and Jaume Masoliver

Volume 40, issue 2, 2004

Chebyshev expansion approach to the AC conductivity of the Anderson model pp. 125-128 Downloads
Weisse A.
Electrical resistivity in the ferromagnetic metallic state of La-Ca-MnO $\mathsf{_{3}}$: Role of electron-phonon interaction pp. 129-136 Downloads
Varshney D. and Kaurav N.
Interpreting remanence isotherms: a Preisach-based study pp. 145-151 Downloads
Roshko R. and Viddal C.

Volume 40, issue 1, 2004

Suppression of superconductivity by non-magnetic disorder in the organic superconductor $\mathsf{(TMTSF)_{2}(ClO_{4})_{(1-x)}(ReO_{4})_{x}}$ pp. 43-48 Downloads
Joo N., Auban-Senzier P., Pasquier C., Monod P., Jérome D. and Bechgaard K.
An investigation of string-like cooperative motion in a strong network glass-former pp. 49-54 Downloads
Teboul V., Monteil A., Fai L., Kerrache A. and Maabou S.
On the number of contacts of two polymer chains situated on fractal structures pp. 55-61 Downloads
Miljković V., Živić I. and Milošević S.
Adsorption and localization of random copolymers subject to a force: The Morita approximation pp. 63-71 Downloads
Iliev G., Orlandini E. and Whittington S.
Transition to hexagonal pattern under the variation of intrinsic length scales of a reaction diffusion system pp. 73-77 Downloads
Sienkiewicz J. and Bhattacharyay A.
Path integral computation of phonon anharmonicity pp. 79-86 Downloads
Zoli M.
Calculation of tunnel splitting in a biaxial spin particle with an applied magnetic field pp. 87-92 Downloads
Bin Zhou, Shun-Qing Shen and Jiu-Qing Liang
Mesoscopic transport through toroidal carbon nanotubes threaded with a THz magnetic flux pp. 93-102 Downloads
Zhao H.-K. and Wang J.

Volume 39, issue 4, 2004

Oscillator strength calculations in color centers of diamond and the role of spin pp. 441-446 Downloads
Mehdi Heidari Saani, Mohammad Vesaghi and Keivan Esfarjani
Stabilization of magnetic polarons in antiferromagnetic semiconductors by extended spin distortions pp. 447-451 Downloads
Castro J., González I. and Baldomir D.
The influence of deposition parameters on production of soft Fe $\mathsf{_{81}}$ Co $\mathsf{_{13.5}}$ Si $\mathsf{_{3.5}}$ C $\mathsf{_{2}}$ and Fe $\mathsf{_{67}}$ Co $\mathsf{_{18}}$ Si $\mathsf{_{1}}$ B $\mathsf{_{14}}$ films pp. 453-457 Downloads
Kockar H.
Breakdown of the Wiedemann-Franz law in strongly-coupled electron-phonon system, application to the cuprates pp. 459-468 Downloads
Lee K., Alexandrov A. and Liang W.
Effect of orbital currents on the restricted optical conductivity sum rule pp. 469-473 Downloads
Benfatto L., Sharapov S. and Beck H.
Splitting rules for the 2nd hierarchy structure of the electronic spectra of 2D FC(n) quasicrystals pp. 475-481 Downloads
Feng Li and Xiangbo Yang
Ultrafast creation and annihilation of space-charge domains in a semiconductor superlattice observed by use of Terahertz fields pp. 483-489 Downloads
Klappenberger F., Alekseev K., Renk K., Scheuerer R., Schomburg E., Allen S., Ramian G., Scott J., Kovsh A., Ustinov V. and Zhukov A.
Breakdown of universality in directed spiral percolation pp. 513-519 Downloads
Sinha S. and Santra S.
Sympatric speciation in an age-structured population living on a lattice pp. 521-525 Downloads
Sousa A.

Volume 39, issue 3, 2004

Quantitative expression of the spin gap via bosonization for a dimerized spin-1/2 chain pp. 335-339 Downloads
Orignac E.
The extended third-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation and Galilean transformation pp. 341-350 Downloads
Karpman V.
Improvement of signal transmission through spike-timing-dependent plasticity in neural networks pp. 351-356 Downloads
Wang S., Xu J., Liu F. and Wang W.
Kinetic barriers in RNA unzipping pp. 357-363 Downloads
Imparato A. and Peliti L.
2D hyperbolic groups induce three-periodic Euclidean reticulations pp. 365-375 Downloads
Robins V., Ramsden S. and Hyde S.
Orientation dependence of proximity effect in ferromagnet/ $\mathsf{d}$ -wave superconductor junctions pp. 377-384 Downloads
Yang L., Zheng Z., Yu H., Sun G. and Xing D.

Volume 39, issue 1, 2004

Constant pressure reactive molecular dynamics simulations of phase transitions under pressure: The graphite to diamond conversion revisited pp. 41-47 Downloads
Zipoli F., Bernasconi M. and Martoňák R.
Non-Heisenberg two-dimensional ferromagnet in an external magnetic field pp. 49-54 Downloads
Yu Fridman, Kozhemyako O. and Eingorn B.
Pairing of bosons in the condensed state of the boson-fermion model pp. 55-60 Downloads
Alexandrov A.
Torsional stiffness of viscoelastic spheres in contact pp. 77-85 Downloads
Dintwa E., Zeebroeck M., Tijskens E. and Ramon H.
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