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The European Physical Journal B: Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

1998 - 2017

Current editor(s): P. Hänggi and Angel Rubio

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Volume 43, issue 4, 2005

Quantum diffusion: effect of defect-localized phonon dynamics pp. 431-438 Downloads
V. Hizhnyakov and G. Benedek
First-principles study of the optical properties of pure α-Al2O3 and La aluminates pp. 439-444 Downloads
S. M. Hosseini, H. A. Rahnamaye Aliabad and A. Kompany
Structurally asymmetric d.c. SQUID’s in the presence of coupling energy inhomogeneity of the junctions studied by means of the reduced two-junction interferometer model pp. 445-452 Downloads
R. De Luca and F. Romeo
Phonon vibrational frequencies and elastic properties of solid SrFCl. An ab initio study pp. 453-461 Downloads
P. Labéguerie, F. Pascale, M. Mérawa, C. Zicovich-Wilson, N. Makhouki and R. Dovesi
Resonant valence-band photoemission spectroscopy on the Fe62Ni20Cr18 alloy pp. 463-470 Downloads
V. Formoso, G. Chiarello, R. G. Agostino, L. Papagno, E. Colavita, L. Floreano, R. Gotter, A. Morgante, A. Santaniello and A. Verdini
Non-quasiparticle states in the core level spectra of ferromagnetic semiconductors and half-metallic ferromagnets pp. 479-487 Downloads
V. Yu. Irkhin and M. I. Katsnelson
Energy relaxation in disordered charge and spin density waves pp. 489-501 Downloads
R. Mélin, K. Biljaković and J. C. Lasjaunias
Perspectives in the characteristics and applications of Tauc-Lorentz dielectric function model pp. 503-507 Downloads
Hao Chen and W. Z. Shen
Magnetism of mixed valence (LaSr) hexaferrites pp. 509-515 Downloads
P. Novák, K. Knížek, M. Küpferling, R. Grössinger and M. W. Pieper
Directed polymer – directed percolation transition: the strong disorder case pp. 517-520 Downloads
E. Perlsman and S. Havlin
Dissipated work in driven harmonic diffusive systems: General solution and application to stretching Rouse polymers pp. 521-527 Downloads
T. Speck and U. Seifert
Mesoscopic full counting statistics and exclusion models pp. 529-541 Downloads
P.-E. Roche, B. Derrida and B. Douçot
Simple model for a quantum wire III. Transmission in finite samples with correlated disorder pp. 543-548 Downloads
J. M. Cerveró and A. Rodríguez
A quantum mechanically study of silicon nanograins with an aluminum overlayer: structural properties and electronic charge pp. 549-555 Downloads
A. M. Mazzone
Anisotropic conductance of Pb–induced chain structures on Si(557) in the monolayer regime pp. 557-564 Downloads
C. Tegenkamp, Z. Kallassy, H.-L. Günter, V. Zielasek and H. Pfnür
Controlling traffic jams by a feedback signal pp. 565-572 Downloads
X. Zhao and Z. Gao
Identifying the ultrametricity of time series pp. 573-579 Downloads
F. Murtagh

Volume 43, issue 3, 2005

The effect of iron doping in La0.8Sr0.2Fe0.05Co0.95O3-δ perovskite pp. 297-303 Downloads
Z. Németh, Z. Klencsár, E. Kuzmann, Z. Homonnay, A. Vértes, J. M. Grenèche, B. Lackner, K. Kellner, G. Gritzner, J. Hakl, K. Vad, S. Mészáros and L. Kerekes
Electrical and magnetic properties of Gd(Ba2-xLax)Cu3O7+δ pp. 305-318 Downloads
M. Mirzadeh and M. Akhavan
Fermion kinetics in the Falicov-Kimball limit of the three-band Emery model pp. 319-331 Downloads
D. K. Sunko
The investigation of the magnetodielectric effect in multiferroic ferroelectromagnets pp. 333-338 Downloads
Q. Jiang and S. J. Gong
Polaron properties in ternary group-III nitride mixed crystals pp. 339-345 Downloads
Z. W. Yan, S. L. Ban and X. X. Liang
The H+ related defects involved in domain reversal for both near-stoichiometric and heavily Mg-doped lithium niobate crystals pp. 347-353 Downloads
W. Yan, Y. Kong, L. Shi, J. Yao, S. Chen, L. Sun, D. Zhao, J. Xu and G. Zhang
A molecular dynamics investigation of dynamical heterogeneity in supercooled water pp. 355-362 Downloads
V. Teboul, S. Maabou, L. C. Fai and A. Monteil
Dimer site-bond percolation on a square lattice pp. 363-368 Downloads
M. Dolz, F. Nieto and A. J. Ramirez-Pastor
Self organized scale-free networks from merging and regeneration pp. 369-372 Downloads
B. J. Kim, A. Trusina, P. Minnhagen and K. Sneppen
Ground-state correlations and finite temperature properties of the transverse Ising model pp. 373-378 Downloads
J. W. Kim, S. J. Lee, T. W. Kang and M. L. Ristig
Acoustic radiation force due to incident plane-progressive waves on coated spheres immersed in ideal fluids pp. 379-386 Downloads
F. G. Mitri
Integrable spin-boson interaction in the Tavis-Cummings model from a generic boundary twist pp. 387-391 Downloads
L. Amico and K. Hikami
Quantum interference in nanotube electron waveguides pp. 399-403 Downloads
Linfeng Yang, Jiangwei Chen, Huatong Yang and Jinming Dong
Interaction effects on persistent current of ballistic cylindrical nanostructures pp. 405-419 Downloads
S. Pleutin
Spin-polarized transport through a coupled double-dot pp. 421-427 Downloads
Hui Yu and J.-Q. Liang

Volume 43, issue 2, 2005

Magnetic structure of the spin-1/2 layer compound NaNiO2 pp. 159-162 Downloads
C. Darie, P. Bordet, S. de Brion, M. Holzapfel, O. Isnard, A. Lecchi, J. E. Lorenzo and E. Suard
Diagram technique for finding of vertex functions in the Landau theory of heteropolymer liquids pp. 251-269 Downloads
M. A. Aliev and S. I. Kuchanov

Volume 43, issue 1, 2005

Optoelectronic properties of zinc blende ZnSSe and ZnBeTe alloys pp. 3-9 Downloads
S. Abdi-Ben Nasrallah, S. Ben Afia, H. Belmabrouk and M. Said
Dispersion of incoherent spectral features in systems with strong electron-phonon coupling pp. 11-18 Downloads
O. Rösch and O. Gunnarsson

Volume 42, issue 4, 2004

A super-Ohmic energy absorption in driven quantum chaotic systems pp. 457-460 Downloads
A. Ossipov, D. M. Basko and V. E. Kravtsov
Phonon spectra and heat capacity of Li2B4O7 and LiB3O5 crystals pp. 461-466 Downloads
V. V. Maslyuk, T. Bredow and H. Pfnür
Dynamics of self-localized excitations in a polyacene chain pp. 467-475 Downloads
Z. An and C. Q. Wu
The optimum elastic wave band gaps in three dimensional phononic crystals with local resonance pp. 477-482 Downloads
Xin Zhang, Zhengyou Liu and Youyan Liu
Epitaxial growth of solution deposited YBa2Cu3O7-δ films pp. 483-490 Downloads
O. F. Göbel, X. Du, T. Hibma, I. von Lampe, F. Zygalsky and U. Steiner
Detection of early stage damage in carbon fiber reinforced polymers for aeronautical applications using an HTS SQUID magnetometer pp. 491-496 Downloads
C. Bonavolontà, G. Peluso, G. P. Pepe and M. Valentino
Effect of potantiostatic waveforms on properties of electrodeposited NiFe alloy films pp. 497-501 Downloads
H. Kockar, M. Alper and H. Topcu
Electronic structure in finite-length deformed metallic carbon nanotubes pp. 503-508 Downloads
Hui Jiang, Wei Bu, Jie Jiang and Jinming Dong
Excitons dressed by a sea of excitons pp. 509-528 Downloads
M. Combescot and O. Betbeder-Matibet
The phase diagram of the multi-dimensional Anderson localization via analytic determination of Lyapunov exponents pp. 529-542 Downloads
V. N. Kuzovkov and W. von Niessen
Kovacs effect in facilitated spin models of strong and fragile glasses pp. 543-548 Downloads
J. J. Arenzon and M. Sellitto
Anisotropic field dependence of the magnetic transition in Cu2Te2O5Br2 pp. 549-553 Downloads
A. V. Sologubenko, R. Dell’Amore, H. R. Ott and P. Millet
Heat conductivity in small quantum systems: Kubo formula in Liouville space pp. 555-559 Downloads
M. Michel, J. Gemmer and G. Mahler
Phase transition of surface models with intrinsic curvature pp. 561-566 Downloads
H. Koibuchi, N. Kusano, A. Nidaira, Z. Sasaki and K. Suzuki
The effect of shear in self-assembled fluids: The large-N limit pp. 567-571 Downloads
N. P. Rapapa and N. B. Maliehe
An analytical approach to neuronal connectivity pp. 573-580 Downloads
L. da F. Costa and M. S. Barbosa
Traveling–stripe forcing of oblique rolls in anisotropic systems pp. 591-600 Downloads
S. Schuler, M. Hammele and W. Zimmermann

Volume 42, issue 3, 2004

On the stability of hole crystals in layered cuprates pp. 305-308 Downloads
G. Rastelli, S. Fratini and P. Quémerais
Flux dynamics, superconducting, and normal state properties of Gd(Ba $\mathsf{_{2-x}}$ Pr $\mathsf{_{x}}$ )Cu $\mathsf{_{3}}$ O $\mathsf{_{7 + \delta}}$ pp. 321-336 Downloads
M. Mohammadizadeh and M. Akhavan
The Gutzwiller wave function as a disentanglement prescription pp. 337-344 Downloads
D. Sunko
Interaction between concentric tubes in DWCNTs pp. 345-350 Downloads
R. Pfeiffer, Ch Kramberger, F. Simon, H. Kuzmany, V. Popov and H. Kataura
Electronic structure of wurtzite and zinc-blende AlN pp. 351-359 Downloads
P. Jonnard, N. Capron, F. Semond, J. Massies, E. Martinez-Guerrero and H. Mariette
A sub-atomic microscope, superfocusing in channeling and close encounter atomic and nuclear reactions pp. 361-365 Downloads
Yu Demkov and J. Meyer
‘Giant’ normal state magnetoresistances of Bi $\mathsf{_{2}}$ Sr $\mathsf{_{2}}$ CaCu $\mathsf{_{2}}$ O $\mathsf{_{8 + \delta}}$ pp. 367-371 Downloads
V. Zavaritsky, J. Vanacken, V. Moshchalkov and A. Alexandrov
Diffraction study of the piezoelectric properties of low quartz pp. 373-380 Downloads
R. Guillot, P. Fertey, N. Hansen, P. Allé, E. Elkaím and C. Lecomte
Diffusion of solitons in anisotropic Heisenberg models pp. 381-390 Downloads
C. Schuster, M. Meister and F. Mertens
Decoupling-coupling of rotations as a mechanism of glass transition pp. 391-396 Downloads
A. Díaz-Sánchez
Two-cycles in spin-systems: sequential versus synchronous updating in multi-state Ising-type ferromagnets pp. 397-406 Downloads
D. Bollé and J. Busquets Blanco
Local waiting times in critical systems pp. 407-414 Downloads
L. Laurson and M. Alava
Solvable multi-species reaction-diffusion processes, including the extended drop-push model pp. 415-422 Downloads
M. Alimohammadi
Stability analysis of fronts in a tristable reaction-diffusion system pp. 423-429 Downloads
E. Zemskov and K. Kassner
Scaling properties of the Penna model pp. 431-434 Downloads
E. Brigatti, J. Sá Martins and I. Roditi
Defects in nanocrystalline SnO $\mathsf{_{2}}$ studied by Tight Binding pp. 435-440 Downloads
A. Mazzone and V. Morandi
(2 + 1) dimensional Hărăgus-Courcelle-Il’ichev model for the liquid surface waves in the presence of sea ice or surface tension: Bäcklund transformation, exact solutions and possibly observable effects pp. 441-450 Downloads
Bo Tian and Yi-Tian Gao

Volume 42, issue 2, 2004

Dynamics of polaron in a polymer chain with impurities pp. 157-163 Downloads
Y. Yan, Z. An and C. Wu
Dielectric resonance, local field distribution, and optical response in 3D resonant composites pp. 165-173 Downloads
B. Dai, Y. Gu, C. Li and Q.-H. Gong
Light-polarization and intensity dependence of higher-order nonlinearities in excitonic FWM signals pp. 175-180 Downloads
M. Buck, L. Wischmeier, S. Schumacher, G. Czycholl, F. Jahnke, T. Voss, I. Rückmann and J. Gutowski
Design of omnidirectional asymmetrical high reflectors for optical telecommunication wavelengths pp. 181-186 Downloads
J. Zaghdoudi, M. Kanzari and B. Rezig
Temperature and voltage dependence of magnetic barrier junctions with a nonmagnetic spacer pp. 187-191 Downloads
A. Shokri and A. Saffarzadeh
Magnetic texturing of xenon-ion irradiated nickel films pp. 193-204 Downloads
K. Zhang, K. Lieb, G. Müller, P. Schaaf, M. Uhrmacher and M. Münzenberg
Temperature and field dependence of the magnetic properties of Nd $\mathsf{_{2-x}}$ Ce $\mathsf{_{x}}$ CuO $\mathsf{_4}$ pp. 205-217 Downloads
T. Chatterji, K. Siemensmeyer, S. Welzel and W. Caliebe
Electronic structure and magnetic properties of RMnX (R=Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Y; X=Si, Ge) studied by KKR method pp. 219-230 Downloads
V. Klosek, J. Toboła, A. Verniére, S. Kaprzyk and B. Malaman
Coulomb effects in semiconductor quantum dots pp. 231-237 Downloads
N. Baer, P. Gartner and F. Jahnke
Inhomogeneous current distribution in wide high-temperature superconducting small-angle grain boundaries pp. 239-245 Downloads
K. Guth, V. Born and Ch Jooss
Lattice vibrations of armchair carbon nanotubes: phonons, soliton deformations and lattice discreteness effects pp. 247-253 Downloads
A. Dikandé
Energy and power fluctuations in vibrated granular gases pp. 255-261 Downloads
S. Aumaítre, J. Farago, S. Fauve and S. Namara
Effects of the screening breakdown in the diffusion-limited aggregation model pp. 263-269 Downloads
S. Ferreira
Entropy production in the cyclic lattice Lotka-Volterra model pp. 271-277 Downloads
C. Anteneodo
Delocalization due to correlations in two-dimensional disordered systems pp. 279-284 Downloads
G. Vasseur and D. Weinmann
Coherent mesoscopic transport through a quantum dot-carbon nanotube system under two-photon irradiation pp. 285-292 Downloads
Li-Na Zhao and Hong-Kang Zhao
Hollywood blockbusters and long-tailed distributions pp. 293-296 Downloads
Sitabhra Sinha and S. Raghavendra
An $\mathsf{\epsilon}$ -expansion for small-world networks pp. 297-301 Downloads
M. Hastings

Volume 42, issue 1, 2004

On the diffraction pattern of C $\mathsf{_{60}}$ peapods pp. 31-45 Downloads
J. Cambedouzou, V. Pichot, S. Rols, P. Launois, P. Petit, R. Klement, H. Kataura and R. Almairac
Microcavity strongly doped with CdSe nanocrystals pp. 47-50 Downloads
S. Rabaste, J. Bellessa, C. Bonnand, J. Plenet and L. Spanhel
Influence of oxygen vacancies on the magnetic and electrical properties of La $\mathsf{_{1-x}}$ Sr $\mathsf{_{x}}$ MnO $\mathsf{_{3-x/2}}$ manganites pp. 51-61 Downloads
S. Trukhanov, L. Lobanovski, M. Bushinsky, V. Khomchenko, N. Pushkarev, I. Troyanchuk, A. Maignan, D. Flahaut, H. Szymczak and R. Szymczak
The trion: two electrons plus one hole versus one electron plus one exciton pp. 63-83 Downloads
M. Combescot, O. Betbeder-Matibet and F. Dubin
Quasicrystalline order in binary dipolar systems pp. 85-94 Downloads
F. Scheffler, P. Maass, J. Roth and H. Stark
Dynamical two electron states in a Hubbard-Davydov model pp. 95-102 Downloads
L. Cruzeiro, J. Eilbeck, J. Marín and F. Russell
Thermal diffusion of envelope solitons on anharmonic atomic chains pp. 103-112 Downloads
C. Brunhuber, F. Mertens and Y. Gaididei
An analytical study of substrate current in submicron MOS devices pp. 113-117 Downloads
G. Vaidyanaath G. and A. Singh
Efficiency and robustness in ant networks of galleries pp. 123-129 Downloads
J. Buhl, J. Gautrais, R. Solé, P. Kuntz, S. Valverde, J. Deneubourg and G. Theraulaz
Non-concave fundamental diagrams and phase transitions in a stochastic traffic cellular automaton pp. 131-140 Downloads
S. Maerivoet and B. Moor
Partial derivative approach for option pricing in a simple stochastic volatility model pp. 141-153 Downloads
Miquel Montero
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