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The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

1998 - 2015

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Volume 41, issue 4, 2004

Insulating surface layer on single crystal K $\mathsf{_{3}}\mathsf{C}\mathsf{_{60}}$ pp. 435-438 Downloads
Schiessling J., Kjeldgaard L., Käämbre T., Marenne I., Qian L., O’Shea J., Schnadt J., Garnier M., Nordlund D., Nagasono M., Glover C., Rubensson J.-E., Mårtensson N., Rudolf P., Nordgren J. and Brühwiler P.
Interplay between structural and magnetic properties of Lu $\mathsf{_{2}}$ Fe $\mathsf{_{17}}$ at high pressure pp. 445-449 Downloads
Kozlenko D., Glazkov V., Savenko B. and Voronin V.
Long-wavelength nonpolar phonons in semiconductor heterostructures pp. 451-456 Downloads
León-Pérez F. and Pérez-Alvarez R.
Aging, rejuvenation, and memory effects in short-range Ising spin glass: Cu $\mathsf{_{0.5}}$ Co $\mathsf{_{0.5}}$ Cl $\mathsf{_{2}}$ -FeCl $\mathsf{_{3}}$ graphite bi-intercalation compound pp. 457-470 Downloads
Suzuki M. and Suzuki I.
The electronic contribution to the specific heat of NdBa $\mathsf{_2}\mathsf{Cu_3}\mathsf{O_{6 + x}}$ pp. 471-478 Downloads
Tutsch U., Schweiss P., Wühl H., Obst B. and Th Wolf
Formation of silver particles and silver oxide plume nanocomposites upon pulsed-laser induced liquid-solid interface reaction pp. 479-483 Downloads
Liu Q., Wang C. and Yang G.
Quantitative analysis of gold nanoparticles from synchrotron data by means of least-squares techniques pp. 485-493 Downloads
Cervellino A., Giannini C., Guagliardi A. and Zanchet D.
Modulational instability on triangular dynamical lattices with long-range interactions and dispersion pp. 495-501 Downloads
Stepić M., Maluckov A., Lj Hadžievski, Chen F., Runde D. and Kip D.
Investigation of quantum phase transitions using multi-target DMRG methods pp. 503-516 Downloads
Degli Esposti Boschi C. and Ortolani F.
Amorphous to polycrystalline transition in Co $\mathsf{_x}$ Si $\mathsf{_{1-x}}$ alloy thin films pp. 517-524 Downloads
Vélez M., Mény C., Valvidares S., Diaz J., Morales R., Alvarez-Prado L., Panissod P. and Alameda J.
Dynamical solutions of a quantum Heisenberg spin glass model pp. 525-533 Downloads
Bechmann M. and Oppermann R.
Charge separation in liquids pp. 549-556 Downloads
Mikhelashvili M. and Agam O.
What are spin currents in Heisenberg magnets? pp. 557-560 Downloads
Schütz F., Kopietz P. and Kollar M.
Magnetic field rotation in the screw gallium flow pp. 561-568 Downloads
Noskov V., Denisov S., Frick P., Khripchenko S., Sokoloff D. and Stepanov R.
Dynamics of the tuning process between singers pp. 569-573 Downloads
Urteaga R. and Bolcatto P.

Volume 41, issue 3, 2004

A potential model for single crystals of the Li $_\mathsf{2}$ O-B $_\mathsf{2}$ O $_\mathsf{3}$ system based on non-equivalence of boron atoms pp. 281-287 Downloads
Maslyuk V., Bredow T. and Pfnür H.
Specific heat of magnetic Ce alloys within a two-component model pp. 289-294 Downloads
Lobos A., Aligia A. and Sereni J.
Influence of the Coulomb parameter U on partial densities of states of CuGeO $_\mathsf{3}$: comparison with X-ray spectral data pp. 295-300 Downloads
Galakhov A., Galakhov V., Anisimov V., Kurmaev E., Sokolov A., Gridneva L., Maltsev V., Leonyuk L., Moewes A., Bartkowski S., Neumann M. and Nordgren J.
Temperature stable low loss ceramic dielectrics in (1-x)ZnAl $\mathsf{_{2}}$ O $\mathsf{_{4}}$ -xTiO $\mathsf{_{2}}$ system for microwave substrate applications pp. 301-306 Downloads
Surendran K., Santha N., Mohanan P. and Sebastian M.
Diamagnetic properties of metamaterials: a magnetostatic analogy pp. 307-312 Downloads
Shamonina E. and Solymar L.
Microwave properties of Ba $\mathsf{_{0.6}}$ K $\mathsf{_{0.4}}$ BiO $\mathsf{_3}$ crystals pp. 313-318 Downloads
Fricano S., Bonura M., Agliolo Gallitto A., Vigni M., Klinkova L. and Barkovskii N.
Evolution of the initially ordered structure in a magnetic fluid film during a thermal cycle pp. 319-323 Downloads
Ke Y., Yang S., Horng H., Chin-Yih Hong and Yang H.
Roles of interfaces in nanostructured silicon luminescence pp. 325-332 Downloads
Ternon C., Dufour C., Gourbilleau F. and Rizk R.
Dependence of the average to-node distance on the node degree for random graphs and growing networks pp. 333-336 Downloads
Malarz K. and Kułakowski K.
Hopf bifurcation and chaos in a single inertial neuron model with time delay pp. 337-343 Downloads
Chunguang Li, Guangrong Chen, Xiaofeng Liao and Juebang Yu
A parsimonious and universal description of turbulent velocity increments pp. 345-363 Downloads
Barndorff-Nielsen O., Blæsild P. and Schmiegel J.
Large deviations in spin-glass ground-state energies pp. 365-375 Downloads
Andreanov A., Barbieri F. and Martin O.
An extension to the Wheeler phase-field model to allow decoupling of the capillary and kinetic anisotropies pp. 377-382 Downloads
Mullis A.
Enthalpy relaxation of polymers: comparing the predictive power of two configurational entropy models extending the AGV approach pp. 383-393 Downloads
Andreozzi L., Faetti M., Zulli F. and Giordano M.
Interaction between free boundaries and domain walls in ferroelastics pp. 413-420 Downloads
Conti S. and Weikard U.
The influence of aggressive drivers on the properties of a stochastic traffic model pp. 421-431 Downloads
Moussa N.

Volume 41, issue 2, 2004

The Hubbard model with intersite interaction within the Composite Operator Method pp. 149-162 Downloads
Avella A. and Mancini F.
Formation of polaron clusters pp. 163-170 Downloads
Perroni C., Iadonisi G. and Mukhomorov V.
Microwave propagation in two dimensional structures using lossy cylindrical glass rods pp. 177-184 Downloads
Nagesh E., Santosh Babu G., Subramanian V., Sivasubramanian V. and Murthy V.
On the Meissner effect in a superconductor with 4-fermion attraction pp. 185-195 Downloads
Tarasewicz P.
Polaron cross-overs and d-wave superconductivity in Hubbard-Holstein model pp. 197-200 Downloads
Ramakumar R. and Das A.
Ba $\mathsf{_{0.1}}$ Sr $\mathsf{_{0.9}}$ TiO $\mathsf{_{3}}$ -BaTi $\mathsf{_{4}}$ O $\mathsf{_{9}}$ composite thin films with improved microwave dielectric properties pp. 201-205 Downloads
Yan L., Chen L., Tan C., Ong C., Md. Anisur Rahman and Osipowicz T.
Modelling one-dimensional driven diffusive systems by the Zero-Range Process pp. 223-230 Downloads
Evans M., Levine E., Mohanty P. and Mukamel D.
Test of universality in the Ising spin glass using high temperature graph expansion pp. 231-254 Downloads
Daboul D., Chang I. and Aharony A.
Problems with fitting to the power-law distribution pp. 255-258 Downloads
Morris Goldstein, S. Morris and G. Yen
Stochastic analysis of different rough surfaces pp. 259-277 Downloads
Waechter M., Riess F., Th. Schimmel, Wendt U. and Peinke J.

Volume 41, issue 1, 2004

Influence of growth mode on stoichiometry in epitaxial calcium ruthenate thin films pp. 3-9 Downloads
Scotti di Uccio U., Bevilacqua F., Condorelli G., Mascolo G., Ricci F. and Miletto Granozio F.
Real space renormalization group with effective interactions: applications to 2-D spin lattices pp. 11-21 Downloads
Hajj M., Guihéry N., Malrieu J.-P. and Bocquillon B.
Local structure around Ce in the Nd $\mathsf{_{2-x}}$ Ce $\mathsf{_{x}}$ CuO $\mathsf{_{4\pm \delta}}$ superconductor probed by EXAFS pp. 31-42 Downloads
Ghigna P., Spinolo G., Santacroce E., Colonna S., Mobilio S., Scavini M. and Bianchi R.
On-line monitoring of Au nanoparticles formation by optical spectroscopy pp. 43-48 Downloads
Salvati R., Longo A., Carotenuto G., Nicolais L., Nicola S. and Pepe G.
Kramers-Kronig relations and sum rules of negative refractive index media pp. 61-65 Downloads
Peiponen K.-E., Lucarini V., Vartiainen E. and Saarinen J.
A scheme for secure direct communication using EPR pairs and teleportation pp. 75-78 Downloads
Yan F. and Zhang X.
The stationary properties and the state transition of the tumor cell growth mode pp. 107-112 Downloads
Mei D., Xie C. and Zhang L.
Investigation of a protein complex network pp. 113-121 Downloads
Mashaghi A., Ramezanpour A. and Karimipour V.
Localized spin modes on the insulating antiferromagnetic stepped surface model pp. 123-133 Downloads
Tamine M.
Stability of oscillatory flows past compliant surfaces pp. 135-145 Downloads
Thaokar R. and Kumaran V.
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