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The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

1998 - 2014

Current editor(s): L. Colombo, P. Hänggi, A. Loidl and F. Schweitzer

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Volume 44, issue 4, 2005

Electron quasi-confined-optical-phonon interactions in wurtzite GaN/AlN quantum wells pp. 401-413 Downloads
Li L., Liu D. and Shi J.-J.
Signatures of polaron formation in systems with local and non-local electron-phonon couplings pp. 415-421 Downloads
Piegari E., A. Perroni C. and Cataudella V.
Dynamic transition and hysteresis scaling in Heisenberg ferromagnet pp. 423-430 Downloads
Zhigao Huang, Fengming Zhang, Zhigao Chen and Youwei Du
Spectroscopic ellipsometric evidence of the solid-state reactions in Ni/Si multilayered films, induced by ion-beam mixing and thermal annealing pp. 431-438 Downloads
P. Lee Y., V. Kudryavtsev Y., N. Makogon Y., P. Pavlova E. and Y. Rhee J.
The antiferromagnetic/paramagnetic transition in mixed-spin compounds R2BaNiO5 pp. 439-445 Downloads
V. Alvarez J. and Valentí R.
EPR study of Mn2+ doped nanocrystalline PbF2 pp. 447-454 Downloads
Thangadurai P., Ramasamy S., K. Kundu T. and T. Manoharan P.
Zero field Wigner crystal pp. 455-467 Downloads
Chitra R. and Giamarchi T.
EPR spectrum via entangled states for an exchange-coupled dimer of single-molecule magnets pp. 469-479 Downloads
Xu Chang-Tan and Liang J.-Q.
Optical nonlinearity enhancement of compositionally graded films pp. 481-486 Downloads
Lei Gao
Magnetization reversal in exchange biased Co/CoO patterns pp. 491-500 Downloads
Popova E., Loosvelt H., Gierlings M., H.A. Leunissen L., Jonckheere R., C. Van Haesendonck and Temst K.
Some properties of frustrated spin systems: extensions and applications of Lieb-Schupp approach pp. 501-507 Downloads
Wojtkiewicz J.
Thermodynamics and phase transitions in dissipative and active Morse chains pp. 509-519 Downloads
P. Chetverikov A., Ebeling W. and G. Velarde M.
Specific heat of quantum elastic systems pinned by disorder pp. 521-534 Downloads
Schehr G., Giamarchi T. and Le Doussal P.
New localized structures of a (2+1)-dimensional system obtained by variable separation approach pp. 543-550 Downloads
Cheng-lin Bai and Hong Zhao
Relaxation of the Mo(112) and W(112) surfaces pp. 551-555 Downloads
N. Yakovkin I.
Isotropic ferromagnetic resonance field shift in as-prepared permalloy/FeMn bilayers pp. 557-562 Downloads
J. Yuan S., X. Sui Y. and M. Zhou S.

Volume 44, issue 3, 2005

Metal-insulator transition in the quarter-filled frustrated checkerboard lattice pp. 265-276 Downloads
Z. Zhang Y., Minh-Tien Tran, Yushankhai V. and Thalmeier P.
Temperature-dependent scaling of pinning force data in Bi-based high-Tc superconductors pp. 277-280 Downloads
R. Koblischka M. and Sosnowski J.
Efficiency of the microcanonical over-relaxation algorithm for vector spins analyzing first and second order transitions pp. 309-315 Downloads
Kanki K., Loison D. and D. Schotte K.
Comparing extremal and thermal explorations of energy landscapes pp. 317-326 Downloads
Boettcher S. and Sibani P.
Metastable states and T=0 hysteresis in the random-field Ising model on random graphs pp. 327-343 Downloads
Detcheverry F., L. Rosinberg M. and Tarjus G.
Surface critical behavior of fluids: Lennard-Jones fluid near a weakly attractive substrate pp. 345-358 Downloads
Brovchenko I., Geiger A. and Oleinikova A.
Entanglement of two-qutrit system pp. 359-364 Downloads
Guo-Qiang Zhu, Xuean Zhao and You-Quan Li
Numerical study of the temperature and porosity effects on the fracture propagation in a 2D network of elastic bonds pp. 365-372 Downloads
Auradou H., Zei M. and Bouchaud E.
Proximity effect gaps in S/N/FI structures pp. 373-380 Downloads
Huertas-Hernando D. and Yu. V. Nazarov
Interfacial properties in solid-stabilized emulsions pp. 381-393 Downloads
Arditty S., Schmitt V., Lequeux F. and Leal-Calderon F.
The turbulent dynamo as an instability in a noisy medium pp. 395-400 Downloads
Leprovost N. and Dubrulle B.

Volume 44, issue 2, 2005

A theoretical study of tunnelling conductance in ferromagnet/ PrOs4Sb12 junctions pp. 137-143 Downloads
Guo-Ya Sun, Hai Lin, Y. Zeng M., Yu-Hua Wen and Chen-Xu Wu
First principles studies of the dependence of magnetism on the crystal phase in 4d and 5d late transition metals pp. 145-167 Downloads
Hüger E. and Osuch K.
Quantum fluctuations in low-dimensional easy-plane spin models pp. 169-174 Downloads
S.T. Pires A. and E. Gouvêa M.
Anisotropy of the upper critical field in MgB2: the two-gap Ginzburg-Landau theory pp. 183-188 Downloads
H. Dao V. and E. Zhitomirsky M.
Transitions to the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov phases at low temperature in two dimensions pp. 189-202 Downloads
Combescot R. and Mora C.
Energetic and electronic structure of BC2N compounds pp. 203-207 Downloads
Azevedo S.
Electronic and magnetic properties of a hexanuclear ferric wheel pp. 209-215 Downloads
Nieber H., Doll K. and Zwicknagl G.
Hund’s coupling and the metal-insulator transition in the two-band Hubbard model pp. 217-224 Downloads
Th. Pruschke and Bulla R.
Ratchet potential in d.c. SQUID’s and reduced two-junction interferometer models pp. 225-227 Downloads
Romeo F. and R. De Luca
Stability analysis of coupled map lattices at locally unstable fixed points pp. 229-239 Downloads
Atmanspacher H., Filk T. and Scheingraber H.
Analytic solution of a static scale-free network model pp. 241-248 Downloads
Catanzaro M. and Pastor-Satorras R.
The variation of Zipf’s law in human language pp. 249-257 Downloads
Ferrer i Cancho R.
Transition from coherent rotation to curling mode reversal process in ferromagnetic nanowires pp. 259-264 Downloads
Goolaup S., Singh N., O. Adeyeye A., Ng V. and B.A. Jalil M.

Volume 44, issue 1, 2005

Depolarized light scattering study of glycerol pp. 3-14 Downloads
Brodin A. and A. Rössler E.
Polaronic correction to the first excited electronic energy level in an anisotropic semiconductor quantum dot pp. 15-20 Downloads
H. Feng D., Z. Xu Z., Q. Jia T., X. Li X., B. Li C., Y. Sun H. and Z. Xu S.
A self-consistent TB-LMTO-augmented space recursion method for disordered binary alloys pp. 21-32 Downloads
Chakrabarti A. and Mookerjee A.
On the origin of reentrance in 2D Josephson junction arrays pp. 33-39 Downloads
M. Araujo-Moreira F., Maluf W. and Sergeenkov S.
Rainbows in transmission of high energy protons through carbon nanotubes pp. 41-45 Downloads
Petrović S., Borka D. and Nešković N.
Charge gaps and quasiparticle bands of the ionic Hubbard model pp. 47-55 Downloads
Jabben T., Grewe N. and B. Anders F.
The influence of the second harmonic in the current-phase relation on the voltage-current characteristic of high TC DC SQUID pp. 57-62 Downloads
Ya. S. Greenberg, L. Novikov I., Schultze V. and Meyer H.-G.
Long-lived states of oscillator chains with dynamical traps pp. 63-70 Downloads
A. Lubashevsky I., Mahnke R., Hajimahmoodzadeh M. and Katsnelson A.
Theoretical calculation of the acoustic radiation force acting on elastic and viscoelastic cylinders placed in a plane standing or quasistanding wave field pp. 71-78 Downloads
G. Mitri F.
A deterministic model of competitive cluster growth: glassy dynamics, metastability and pattern formation pp. 79-92 Downloads
M. Luck J. and Mehta A.
Mesoscopic spin-flip transport through a quantum dot system responded by ac magnetic fields pp. 93-100 Downloads
Hong-Kang Zhao and Jian Wang
Phase-field simulations for evaporation with convection in liquid-vapor systems pp. 101-108 Downloads
Borcia R. and Bestehorn M.
Economic demography in fuzzy spatial dilemmas and power laws pp. 109-113 Downloads
Fort H. and Pérez N.
Scale-invariant statistics of period in directed earthquake network pp. 115-117 Downloads
Abe S. and Suzuki N.
Complex grid computing pp. 119-128 Downloads
da Fontoura Costa L, Travieso G. and A. Ruggiero C.
Spatial snowdrift game with myopic agents pp. 129-135 Downloads
Sysi-Aho M., Saramäki J., Kertész J. and Kaski K.
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