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The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

1998 - 2014

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Volume 60, issue 4, 2007

Confined Ge–Pt states in self-organized Pt nanowire arrays on Ge(001) pp. 409-411 Downloads
U. Schwingenschlögl and C. Schuster
Time dependent local field distribution and metastable states in the SK-spin-glass pp. 413-422 Downloads
H. Horner
Mechanisms of amorphization-induced swelling in silicon carbide: the molecular dynamics answer pp. 423-433 Downloads
M. Bertolus, F. Ribeiro and M. Defranceschi
Structural properties of zinc-blende GaxIn1-xN: ab initio calculations pp. 435-438 Downloads
S. Saib, N. Bouarissa, P. Rodríguez-Hernández and A. Muñoz
Dynamical behavior of electron transport in AlGaAs/GaAs double-barrier structures under a high-frequency radiation field pp. 439-446 Downloads
Z. H. Dai, J. Ni, Y. M. Sun and W. T. Wang
Fluid-fluid interaction during miscible and immiscible displacement under ultrasonic waves pp. 447-462 Downloads
T. Hamida and T. Babadagli
First-principles study of the optical properties of PbFX (X=Cl, Br, I) compounds in its matlockite-type structure pp. 463-468 Downloads
A. H. Reshak, Z. Charifi and H. Baaziz
Polymer and surface roughness effects on the drag crisis for falling spheres pp. 469-476 Downloads
N. Lyotard, W. L. Shew, L. Bocquet and J.-F. Pinton
A first principles study of cubic IrO2 polymorph pp. 477-481 Downloads
E. Deligoz, K. Colakoglu and Y. O. Ciftci
Wavelet transform modulus maxima based fractal correlation analysis pp. 483-491 Downloads
D. C. Lin and A. Sharif
Scaling and self-similarity in Pb1-xFexS nanoparticle films pp. 493-498 Downloads
V. Banerjee
Configurations and observables in an Ising model with heat flow pp. 499-506 Downloads
E. Agliari, M. Casartelli and A. Vezzani
Propagation of travelling waves in sub-excitable systems driven by noise and periodic forcing pp. 507-513 Downloads
F. N. Si, Q. X. Liu, J. Z. Zhang and L. Q. Zhou
Bounding the quality of stochastic oscillations in population models pp. 515-520 Downloads
S. Risau-Gusman and G. Abramson
Accelerating networks: Effects of preferential connections pp. 521-528 Downloads
Y.-P. Jeon and B. J. McCoy
Agreement dynamics of finite-memory language games on networks pp. 529-536 Downloads
W. X. Wang, B. Y. Lin, C. L. Tang and G. R. Chen

Volume 60, issue 3, 2007

High resolution diffraction and small angle scattering neutron investigations of LaCo0.5Mn0.5O3+ δ: effect of oxygen content pp. 273-279 Downloads
D. V. Karpinsky, I. O. Troyanchuk, A. P. Sazonov, O. A. Savelieva and A. Heinemann
Triplet pairing states with equal spins in ferromagnet/superconductor heterojunctions for noncollinear magnetizations pp. 281-287 Downloads
Z. P. Niu, Z. M. Zheng and D. Y. Xing
The Girardeau's fermion-boson procedure in the light of the composite-boson many-body theory pp. 289-303 Downloads
M. Combescot
Structural and optical properties of vanadium and hafnium nitride nanoscale films: effect of stoichiometry pp. 305-312 Downloads
H. Gueddaoui, S. Maabed, G. Schmerber, M. Guemmaz and J. C. Parlebas
One-dimensional Anderson model with dichotomic correlation pp. 313-318 Downloads
T. Kaya
Variable-range hopping in Fe70Pt30 catalyzed multi-walled carbon nanotubes film pp. 319-324 Downloads
M. Aggarwal, S. Khan, M. Husain, T. C. Ming, M. Y. Tsai, T. P. Perng and Z. H. Khan
Hydrodynamics of a rotating torus pp. 325-336 Downloads
R. M. Thaokar, H. Schiessel and I. M. Kulic
Eddy diffusivity in convective hydromagnetic systems pp. 337-351 Downloads
M. Baptista, S. M.A. Gama and V. A. Zheligovsky
Critical temperature for first-order phase transitions in confined systems pp. 353-362 Downloads
C. A. Linhares, A. P.C. Malbouisson, Y. W. Milla and I. Roditi
Stability of two-dimensional, controlled, Bose-Einstein coherent states pp. 363-368 Downloads
D. Jovanović and R. Fedele
”Illusion of control” in Time-Horizon Minority and Parrondo Games pp. 369-384 Downloads
J. B. Satinover and D. Sornette
From short to fat tails in financial markets: a unified description pp. 385-389 Downloads
A. A.G. Cortines, R. Riera and C. Anteneodo
Drift reversal in asymmetric coevolutionary conflicts: influence of microscopic processes and population size pp. 391-399 Downloads
Jens Christian Claussen
The second law of thermodynamics in the quantum Brownian oscillator at an arbitrary temperature pp. 401-408 Downloads
I. Kim and G. Mahler

Volume 60, issue 2, 2007

Kinetic exchange models for income and wealth distributions pp. 135-149 Downloads
A. Chatterjee and B. K. Chakrabarti
The impact of renormalization group theory on magnetism pp. 151-159 Downloads
U. Köbler and A. Hoser
Magneto-electronic properties of the AA- and ABC-stacked graphites pp. 161-169 Downloads
C. L. Lu, C. P. Chang and M. F. Lin
Dispersion and thermal resistivity in silicon nanofilms by molecular dynamics pp. 171-179 Downloads
P. Heino
S-matrix poles close to thresholds in confined geometries pp. 181-185 Downloads
G. Cattapan and P. Lotti
Mean-free path effects in magnetoresistance of ferromagnetic nanocontacts pp. 187-192 Downloads
A. N. Useinov, L. R. Tagirov, R. G. Deminov, Y. Zhou and G. Pan
Quantum tomography with wavelet transform in Banach space on homogeneous space pp. 193-201 Downloads
M. Mirzaee, M. Rezaei and M. A. Jafarizadeh
A data-analysis method for identifying differential effects of time-delayed feedback forces and periodic driving forces in stochastic systems pp. 203-215 Downloads
A. Wilmer, T. D. Frank, P. J. Beek and R. Friedrich
Role models for complex networks pp. 217-224 Downloads
J. Reichardt and Douglas R. White
Synchronization, zero-resistance states and rotating Wigner crystal pp. 225-229 Downloads
A. D. Chepelianskii, A. S. Pikovsky and D. L. Shepelyansky
Finding community structures in complex networks using mixed integer optimisation pp. 231-239 Downloads
G. Xu, S. Tsoka and L. G. Papageorgiou
Statistical equilibrium in simple exchange games II. The redistribution game pp. 241-246 Downloads
U. Garibaldi, Enrico Scalas and P. Viarengo
Inevitable self-similar topology of binary trees and their diverse hierarchical density pp. 247-258 Downloads
K. Paik and P. Kumar
Incompatibility networks as models of scale-free small-world graphs pp. 259-264 Downloads
Zhongzhi Zhang, Shuigeng Zhou, Tao Zou, Lichao Chen and Jihong Guan
Are all highly liquid securities within the same class? pp. 265-269 Downloads
S. M.D. Queirós
Statistical equilibrium in simple exchange games I pp. 271-272 Downloads
Enrico Scalas, U. Garibaldi and S. Donadio

Volume 60, issue 1, 2007

Control of the boiling crisis: analysis of a model system pp. 1-8 Downloads
A. Pumir, V. V. Barelko and E. V. Buryak
Trap-recharging waves versus damped, forced charge-density oscillations in hexagonal silicon carbide pp. 9-14 Downloads
M. Lemmer, B. Hilling, M. Wöhlecke, M. Imlau, A. A. Lebedev, V. V. Bryksin and M. P. Petrov
Transient domain wall displacement under spin-polarized current pulses pp. 15-27 Downloads
A. Thiaville, Y. Nakatani, F. Piéchon, J. Miltat and T. Ono
Charge and spin density response functions of the clean two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba spin-orbit coupling at finite momenta and frequencies pp. 29-43 Downloads
M. Pletyukhov and S. Konschuh
Electron transport in double-walled carbon nanotubes pp. 45-50 Downloads
T. S. Li, C. H. Lee and Fengfeng Lin
Fano resonances in stubbed quantum waveguides with impurities pp. 51-60 Downloads
G. Cattapan and P. Lotti
Pseudo spin-valves with Al or Nb as spacer layer: GMR and search for spin switch behaviour pp. 61-66 Downloads
F. Russo, G. Carapella, V. Granata, N. Martucciello and G. Costabile
Decomposition of the Fock space in two-dimensional triangle and honeycomb lattice systems pp. 67-73 Downloads
B. Kim and M.-H. Chung
Elastic and brittle properties of the B2-MgRE (RE=Sc, Y, Ce, Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er) intermetallics pp. 75-81 Downloads
Yangru Wu and Wuyang Hu
Deterministic modularity optimization pp. 83-88 Downloads
S. Lehmann and L. K. Hansen
Optimal synchronizability of networks pp. 89-95 Downloads
B. Wang, T. Zhou, Z. L. Xiu and B. J. Kim
Dimer percolation and jamming on simple cubic lattice pp. 97-100 Downloads
Y. Y. Tarasevich and V. A. Cherkasova
Correlation and volatility in an Indian stock market: A random matrix approach pp. 101-109 Downloads
Varsha Kulkarni and Nivedita Deo
Inefficiency in Latin-American market indices pp. 111-121 Downloads
L. Zunino, Benjamin Miranda Tabak, D. G. Pérez, M. Garavaglia and O. A. Rosso
Dynamic exploration of networks: from general principles to the traceroute process pp. 123-133 Downloads
L. Dall'Asta
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