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1998 - 2015

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Volume 24, issue 1, 2015

A Simulation-Based Approach for Teaching the Systems Perspective of Strategic Performance Management pp. 1-26 Downloads
Carlos Capelo, Ana Lopes and Ana Mata
Using Group Work to Develop Intercultural Skills in the Accounting Curriculum in Australia pp. 27-40 Downloads
Anne Daly, Simon Hoy, Mark Hughes, Jesmin Islam and Anita S. Mak
Continuing Professional Development in the Accounting Profession: Practices and Perceptions from the Asia Pacific Region pp. 41-56 Downloads
Paul De Lange, Beverley Jackling and Themin Suwardy
Regression Analysis: Instructional Resource for Cost/Managerial Accounting pp. 57-73 Downloads
David E. Stout

Volume 23, issue 6, 2014

Understanding Factors Leading to Participation in Supplemental Instruction Programs in Introductory Accounting Courses pp. 507-526 Downloads
James Goldstein, Paul Sauer and Joseph O'Donnell
Bridging the Gap: Engaging in Scholarship with Accountancy Employers to Enhance Understanding of Skills Development and Employability pp. 527-541 Downloads
Rob Jones
Assessment in Higher Education: The Potential for a Community of Practice to Improve Inter-marker Reliability pp. 542-561 Downloads
Ian P. Herbert, John Joyce and Trevor Hassall
Challenges Facing Professional Accounting Education in a Commercialised Education Sector pp. 562-581 Downloads
Christine Yap, Suzanne Ryan and Jackie Yong
The Goal Project: A Group Assignment to Encourage Creative Thinking, Leadership Abilities and Communication Skills pp. 582-594 Downloads
Patricia Lee Huff

Volume 23, issue 5, 2014

Measuring the Academic Self-Efficacy of First-year Accounting Students pp. 407-423 Downloads
Marann Byrne, Barbara Flood and Julie Griffin
Formative Feedback through Summative Tutorial-based Assessments: The Relationship to Student Performance pp. 424-442 Downloads
Luckmika Perera, Hoa Nguyen and Kim Watty
Student Workload and Assessment: Strategies to Manage Expectations and Inform Curriculum Development pp. 443-466 Downloads
Glennda Scully and Rosemary Kerr
Student Views on Assessment Activities: Perspectives from their Experience on an Undergraduate Programme pp. 467-482 Downloads
Margaret Healy, Maeve McCutcheon and John Doran
On Double-Entry Bookkeeping: The Mathematical Treatment pp. 483-501 Downloads
David Ellerman
Sharing Stories among Teachers pp. 502-505 Downloads
Rachael Hains-Wesson and Lisa Curran

Volume 23, issue 4, 2014

Harnessing Facebook for Student Engagement in Accounting Education: Guiding Principles for Accounting Students and Educators pp. 295-321 Downloads
Gerard Stone, Brenton Andrew Fiedler and Chris Kandunias
Drivers of Teaching Effectiveness: Views from Accounting Educator Exemplars in Australia pp. 322-342 Downloads
Donald E. Wygal, Kim Watty and David E. Stout
Beyond Gender Performance in Accounting: Does Personality Distinction Matter? pp. 343-361 Downloads
Lars Fallan and Leiv Opstad
Ethics Education in the Australian Accounting Curriculum: A Longitudinal Study Examining Barriers and Enablers pp. 362-382 Downloads
Steven Dellaportas, Sutharson Kanapathippillai, Arifur Khan and Philomena Leung
Misconduct versus Misunderstood? Scaffolding Education and Learning pp. 383-385 Downloads
Belinda Luke
Shareowners' Equity at Campbell Soup: How can Equity be Negative? pp. 386-405 Downloads
Mary Beth Mohrman and Pamela S. Stuerke

Volume 23, issue 3, 2014

The 'Individualised Accounting Questions' Technique: Using Excel to Generate Quantitative Exercises for Large Classes with Unique Individual Answers pp. 193-202 Downloads
Matthias Nnadi and Mike Rosser
The Growth in International Enrolments in Accounting: Implications for an Established Nexus between Education and Migration pp. 203-224 Downloads
Dimuthu Ekanayake and Beverley Jackling
Self- and Peer-Assessment: Evidence from the Accounting and Finance Discipline pp. 225-243 Downloads
Omaima A. G. Hassan, Alison Fox and Gwen Hannah
Determinants of Student Attitudes toward Team Exams pp. 244-257 Downloads
Bruce A. Reinig, Ira Horowitz and Gene Whittenburg
Incorporating Mind Maps into Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: My Experience as an International University Lecturer pp. 258-261 Downloads
Xin Guo
Corporate Associate Partnerships: Practitioners' Involvement in the Delivery of an Auditing Course Based on a Case-Study: A Teaching Resource pp. 262-276 Downloads
Richard Slack, Jan Loughran and Kirsty Abrahams
Bank Runs and the Accounting for Illiquid Assets in Financial Institutions pp. 277-294 Downloads
Anthony Meder, Steven T. Schwartz, Mark Wu and Richard A. Young

Volume 23, issue 2, 2014

Communication in Accounting Education pp. 115-118 Downloads
F. Elizabeth Gray and Lynn Hamilton
The Communication Skills of Accountants: What we Know and the Gaps in our Knowledge pp. 119-134 Downloads
Harshini P. Siriwardane and Chris H. Durden
'Lights, Camera, Action!' Video Technology and Students' Perceptions of Oral Communication in Accounting Education pp. 135-154 Downloads
Craig Cameron and Jennifer Dickfos
A Business Communication Module for an MBA Managerial Accounting Course: A Teaching Note pp. 155-173 Downloads
David E. Stout
Effects of Interspersed versus Summary Feedback on the Quality of Students' Case Report Revisions pp. 174-190 Downloads
Fred Phillips and Susan Wolcott

Volume 23, issue 1, 2014

The Work-related Attitudes of Australian Accounting Academics pp. 1-21 Downloads
Aleksandra Pop-Vasileva, Kevin Baird and Bill Blair
Impact of Formulas, Language and Instruction on Student Performance on Cost-Volume-Profit Problems pp. 22-41 Downloads
Benny G. Johnson and Carol Springer Sargent
The Effects of Different Teaching Approaches in Introductory Financial Accounting pp. 42-53 Downloads
Bea Chiang, Hossein Nouri and Subarna Samanta
The Rigour of IFRS Education in the USA: Analysis, Reflection and Innovativeness pp. 54-70 Downloads
Aldys Tan, Bikram Chatterjee and Susan Bolt
Work All Day, Study at Night: The Interactive Evening Lecture to Invigorate Working Students pp. 71-74 Downloads
Gerard Stone
Pack-and-Go Delivery Service: A Multi-Component Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Learning Resource pp. 75-94 Downloads
David E. Stout
Kiondo Bag Boutique: A Serial Case for Introductory Financial Accounting pp. 95-113 Downloads
Harshini P. Siriwardane

Volume 22, issue 6, 2013

Prominent Themes in Accounting Education Scholarship pp. 507-509 Downloads
Brendan O'Connell and Paul de Lange
The Global Challenge for Accounting Education pp. 510-521 Downloads
Christine Helliar
Fit for Purpose: A Framework for Developing and Assessing Complex Graduate Attributes in a Changing Higher Education Environment pp. 522-543 Downloads
Samantha Sin and Nicholas McGuigan
Accounting Students in an Australian University Improve their Writing: But How Did it Happen? pp. 544-562 Downloads
Gillian Dale-Jones, Phil Hancock and Keith Willey
Accounting Students' Reflections on a Course to Enhance their Interpersonal Skills pp. 563-581 Downloads
Lyn Daff
The Experience of Deep Learning by Accounting Students pp. 582-604 Downloads
Martin Turner and Rachel Baskerville
Professional Accounting Body Affiliation: Shifting Priorities in the Transition from Student to Practitioner pp. 605-617 Downloads
Shannon Sidaway, Paul de Lange, Frederique Bouilheres and Alan Sangster

Volume 22, issue 5, 2013

Supporting Students' Learning: The Use of Formative Online Assessments pp. 425-444 Downloads
Sandra Einig
Perceptions of the Usefulness of Virtual Learning Environments in Accounting Education: A Comparative Evaluation of Undergraduate Accounting Students in Spain and England pp. 445-466 Downloads
Rosario López Gavira and Kamil Omoteso
Accounting Students' Feedback on Feedback in Australian Universities: They're Less Than Impressed pp. 467-488 Downloads
Kim Watty, Paul de Lange, Rodney Carr, Brendan O'Connell, Bryan Howieson and Ben Jacobsen
Using Classroom Layout to Help Reduce Students' Apprehension and Increase Communication pp. 489-491 Downloads
Kirsten Rae and John Sands
Research Report Summaries from Round 2 of the IAAER/ACCA Awards Grants for Research to Inform the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) pp. 492-493 Downloads
Peter Wolnizer
A Framework of Best Practice of Continuing Professional Development for the Accounting Profession pp. 494-497 Downloads
Paul de Lange, Beverley Jackling and Ilias G. Basioudis
Ontology-based e-Assessment for Accounting Education pp. 498-501 Downloads
Kate Litherland, Patrick Carmichael and Agustina Martínez-García
Developing a Global Model of Accounting Education and Examining IES Compliance in Australia, Japan, and Sri Lanka pp. 502-506 Downloads
Kim Watty, Satoshi Sugahara, Nadana Abayadeera and Luckmika Perera

Volume 22, issue 4, 2013

Sustainability and Accounting Education pp. 303-307 Downloads
Maria Cadiz Dyball and Ian Thomson
Sustainability + Accounting Education: The Elephant in the Classroom pp. 308-332 Downloads
Rob Gray
A Commentary on 'Sustainability and Accounting Education: The Elephant in the Classroom' pp. 333-335 Downloads
Matias Laine
Utopia' and 'Passion': A Commentary on 'Sustainability and Accounting Education: The Elephant in the Classroom pp. 336-339 Downloads
Massimo Contrafatto
Integrated Reporting: A Review of Developments and their Implications for the Accounting Curriculum pp. 340-356 Downloads
Gareth Owen
A Commentary on 'Integrated Reporting: A Review of Developments and their Implications for the Accounting Curriculum' pp. 357-359 Downloads
Nancy Kamp-Roelands
A Commentary on 'Integrated Reporting: A Review of Developments and their Implications for the Accounting Curriculum' pp. 360-362 Downloads
Carmen Correa Ruiz
A Rejoinder to Commentaries on 'Integrated Reporting: A Review of Developments and their Implications for the Accounting Curriculum' pp. 363-365 Downloads
Gareth Owen
Rhetoric or Reality? Do Accounting Education and Experience Increase Weighting on Environmental Performance in a Balanced Scorecard? pp. 366-381 Downloads
Monte Wynder, Kai-Uwe Wellner and Karin Reinhard
A Commentary on 'Rhetoric or Reality? Do Accounting Education and Experience Increase Weighting on Environmental Performance in a Balanced Scorecard?' pp. 382-384 Downloads
Carlos Larrinaga
Sustainability Education and Accounting Experience. What Motivates Higher Valuation of Environmental Performance? pp. 385-387 Downloads
Stefan Schaltegger
Will Rhetoric ever Become Reality? A Rejoinder to Larrinaga and Schaltegger pp. 388-390 Downloads
Monte Wynder
Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights and Business Schools' Responsibility to Teach It: Incorporating Human Rights into the Sustainability Agenda pp. 391-412 Downloads
Ken McPhail
A Commentary on 'Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights and Business Schools' Responsibility to Teach It' pp. 413-417 Downloads
Jeff Everett
Incorporating Human Rights into the Sustainability Agenda pp. 418-420 Downloads
Jane Andrew
A Rejoinder to Commentaries on 'Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights and Business Schools' Responsibility to Teach It' pp. 421-424 Downloads
Ken McPhail

Volume 22, issue 3, 2013

Discourse Surrounding the International Education Standards for Professional Accountants (IES): A Content Analysis Approach pp. 213-232 Downloads
Satoshi Sugahara and Rachel Wilson
An Exploratory Study on Cognitive Skills and Topics Focused in Learning Objectives of Finance Modules: A UK Perspective pp. 233-247 Downloads
Geeta Lakshmi
A-Level Subject Choice, Systematic Bias and University Performance in the UK: The Case of Accounting pp. 248-267 Downloads
N. Rowbottom
The Implementation of IAS 16 and IAS 41 at Andrew Peller Limited pp. 268-281 Downloads
Pascale Lapointe-Antunes and James Moore
Bright Pharmaceuticals SE: Accounting for a Business Combination under IFRS 3 pp. 282-294 Downloads
Dominic Detzen, Sebastian Hoffmann and Henning Zülch
The Experience of an International University Teacher in Australia pp. 295-298 Downloads
Nadana Abayadeera
Why do Students Choose not to Follow All Instructions when Completing Assessment Tasks? pp. 299-301 Downloads
Wendy Fleet

Volume 22, issue 2, 2013

Using Digital Storytelling to Engage Student Learning pp. 109-124 Downloads
Themin Suwardy, Gary Pan and Poh-Sun Seow
Students' Perceptions of a Scaffolded Approach to Learning Financial Planning: An Empirical Study pp. 125-146 Downloads
Michelle Cull and Glenda Davis
The Impact of a Flexible Assessment System on Students' Motivation, Performance and Attitude pp. 147-167 Downloads
Parunchana Pacharn, Darlene Bay and Sandra Felton
Developing Accounting Students' Listening Skills: Barriers, Opportunities and an Integrated Stakeholder Approach pp. 168-192 Downloads
Gerard Stone, Margaret Lightbody and Rob Whait
The Approaches to Studying of Portuguese Students of Introductory Accounting pp. 193-210 Downloads
Cláudia Teixeira, Delfina Gomes and Janete Borges

Volume 22, issue 1, 2013

A Framework for the Pedagogy of Accounting Ethics pp. 1-17 Downloads
Barbara Apostolou, Richard B. Dull and Lydia L. F. Schleifer
Celebrating 20 Years of Publication of Accounting Education: an international journal: 1992--2011 pp. 18-43 Downloads
Beverley Jackling, Riccardo Natoli, Siti Nuryanah and Dimuthu Ekanayake
Developing Learning Objectives for Accounting Ethics Using Bloom's Taxonomy pp. 44-65 Downloads
Linda A. Kidwell, Dann G. Fisher, Robert L. Braun and Diane L. Swanson
Firm or Faculty? Evidence on Characteristics of German-speaking Accounting PhD Students and their Career Preferences pp. 66-84 Downloads
Markus Grottke, Christoph Pelger and Claudia Schmiedeberg
Students' Perceptions of the Introduction of a Blended Learning Environment: An Exploratory Case Study pp. 85-99 Downloads
Julia Osgerby
It's All in the Planning pp. 101-104 Downloads
Rhonda Ryan
The Experience of Substituting for a Colleague pp. 105-107 Downloads
Robert Bloom
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